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The Future Of Pro Wrestling To 2015

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

The Future 2015

Alright people my plan for this diary is simple. I'm simming through all the years right now. I started in Jan 2005 and currently in September 2005. So its going to take awhile for me to get there.

As I go through I will post what happend in the WWE. I plan to be the WWE if it is even still around in 2015 and if its not I will be another major power house. Currently there is only about 11 federations and I'm using Rave X Lite 1.

I will post what happend during March until August later today. If you wish to have an update on a certain superstar just ask.

I'm going to be uploading some training camps into the game files that way wrestlers will have a chance to progress.



March To August

The wrestling world is booming and the WWE is having many changes. The same main event stars are main eventing each show. But the WWE has opened up to the Cruiserweight Division much more. Rey Jr and Ultimo Dragon had a huge feud that put both of them back on the map and are at their highest in popularity. The feud started in May and lasted until August. Flair also turned on Triple H and Triple H lost the World Heavyweight Title to Chris Jericho at Badd Blood. Since then Triple H has been tagging with Visera. The catch is Triple H most win every single title before he can once again go for the World Heavyweight.

Shawn Michaels has dominated the ring taking the stap off Jericho and also beating the IC Champion Shelton Benjamin. Chris Benoit defected back to Smackdown where he beat current Heavyweight Champion John Bradshaw at Judgment Day. Bradshaw was on his second run losing the title to John Cena at Wrestle Mania 21.

On the Smackdown side of the tag division The Dudley Boys came back and have been feuding with the Undertaker like crazy. Taker has teamed with Al Snow and Chris Benoit winning the tag titles with both only to lose them to the Dudleys. Taker has reborn Paul Bearer who is know in the Undertakers corner at all times.

Eddie Guerrero was crowned United States Champion when he beat former Heavyweight Champion John Cena at Judgment Day. Guerrero has made a name for that belt and is considered a well known belt.

On the Womans side of wrestling Molly Holly with her regrown hair has dominated the womans side of wrestling and beat Trish for the Womans title and then lost it but regained it shortly after.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ


TNA has remained the same. TNA debuted their very own World Title to make the NWA World Title seem a little more bigger. TNA is making some good money and only look better. Kevin Nash is the current head booker of the federation. Jeff Jarrett is the leading NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Raven and Chris Daniels are feuding with Americas Most Wanted and Raven/Daniels are holding the NWA World Tag Titles.

TNA's X division has got a lot better and Jeff Hardy won the championship in their June PPV. Jeff Hardy has been doing very well. The new TNA Champion was crowned also at the TNA June PPV where AJ Styles ended up beating Scott Hall in the tournament final.


ROH has been doing well show wise but has slowly lost money. Is lossing money more and more. ROH has been trying to figure something out to fix the money problem. Colt Cabana won the Pure Wrestling Title and has been running strong until he ran into problems with his knee and went out on injury. The title was vacated and then Trent Acid won the title against Jay Lethal in a tournament final. Trent is the current Pure champion. The ROH Tag Division was doing well when The Briscoe Brothers won the tag titles but Briscoes were picked up by another league and the titles were vacated. Many people are hoping that ROH will pick up some new talent.

In the World Title situation the title has been switched around a couple times already. Matt Stryker ended up pinning Austin Aries in a hour long fight but his title reign ended short when Samoa Joe took back his title and claimed his title reign will go as long as the last one. At the last ppv a gauntlet match occured and Joe lost his title to Tony Devito who then lost it later on that night in the gauntlet to Homicide. Homicide lost the title early on in September to Spanky.


New Federations That Opened

Smokey Mountain Wrestling( Medium)

Value Sports Entertainment (HUGE)

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Rey Mysterio

Rey has been huge these last couple months. After Mania, Rey got a huge push and is living it up. Juniors biggest success latley was the main event feud with Ultimo Dragon where Rey won the Cruiserweight Title twice and Ultimo ended up with it three times. Rey has been main eventing Smackdown with Chris Benoit as of the past couple weeks. From what I've seen he has not done much besides that feud. But is becoming one of the most over wrestlers in the company.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

September 2005

SummerSlam 2005 was huge and it turned out to be the biggest night yet. The first match of the show was champion Chris Benoit defending against John Bradshaw. Benoit retained the title but at the end of the night Eddie Guerrero still had a shot at the title. Eddie Guerrero pinned Bradshaw to become the new Heavyweight Champion. To become a double champion holding the Heavyweight and United States Title.

La Resistance keeps going for the titles but cannot beat Hunter and big Vis.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

October 2005 To Early November

The WWE champions haven't changed besides on the Raw side of things Batista and Ric Flair beat foe Triple H and Big Vis to win the Raw Tag Championships. Right now its more about VSE. VSE is owned by Hulk Hogan and is currently run by Bobby Heenan.

WWE has lost some big names to VSE like The Undertaker who most run as Mean Markus Callway, also Matt Morgan has joined VSE. VSE is currently running only ppv based shows and its once a month but their buy rates are beating out the WWE because of the hype from them.

Christian has made a huge impact on Raw and become one of the most over figures in wrestling.

New Japan lost its biggest star Masahiro Chono to VSE where he is main eventing and captured the VSE World Title but a short time.

VSE Current roster consists of guys like.... Andrew Martin, The New Age Out Laws, Bob Sapp, Americas Most Wanted, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, Kazarian, Bill Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Jushin Thunder Lyger, Justin Credible, Konnan, Low Ki, Masahiro Chono, Mark Callway, Matt Morgan, Michael Shane, New Jack, Sable, Animal, Scott Steiner, Sean Waltman, Steve Corino, Sting, Vader, and many more. Also their top manager is Money Man Ted DiBiase.

VSE is heading to the top. Ring Of Honor is battling to stay alive but the lost of major stars is hurting them. Spanky has been defending ROH World Title every show and is getting very over as a legit Heavyweight Champion. Guerrero keeps his WWE Heavyweight and United States close to him and defends them wisley. Same goes with Rey and the Dudleys who are still reigning champions.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

Early November To End Of 2005

Another year in pro wrestling ends. WWE remains at the top of the world with AAA following. TNA, VSE, and NJPW follow them. WWE remains at the top for another year. Most over superstar is The Rock who is back in the main wrestling spot light and is riding the sucess of his last movie Be Cool which made a cool 275 million. But this is not about the movies.

WWE ended up winning the best match of the year with Triple H Vs The Rock which the critics and fans gave it a overall rating of 100 and the show of the year is the same show that hosted that match which was a Monday Night Raw which took place sometime in October.

All Japan is losing money but they aren't going down without a fight. Signing some big names like D'Lo Brown to head line tours All Japan is having the best shows they have had in a while and can only get better.

AAA is being led into the 10 million dollar range by Juvi Guerrera.

Headbooker and Main Eventer of CZW The Sandman is keeping them afloat and pouring in cash.

New Japan making lots of money and great shows but still is suffering from the lost of Chono. They are producing many great new and up coming stars which could help them in the long run.

Ring Of Honor is not looking good. ROH just took another plunge finacially wise and is looking at their money sources being a little less then 100 thousand. They could go broke if their not careful.

SMW is making some nice cash and is ppv only. Former ROH World Champion Austin Aries is becoming their Franchise Member and leading them into victory.

Stampede Wrestling is doing so well right know they are dominating the Canadian scene. Guys like Harry Smith and Jack Evans are dominating that federation but it helps with Scott D'Amore beings the head booker.

TNA was doing very well until Dixie Carter took their major profeits around 10 million dollars and spent all but only 200 thousand on a brand new movie that is coming out from the studio. The company is very wishy washy now. Jerry Lynn is the break out star there where he won the TNA World Title three times already. AJ Styles is still itching for his big rematch and Jeff Jarrett remains NWA World Champion for over a year and a half.

VSE still picking up former WWE Talent but its mostly right know just trying to create new World Stars. Steve Corino is right know involved in a huge VSE World Title battle with Chono and Hogan. Rumors are going around that Steve Corino could have the biggest year and be 2006 wrestler of the year.

WWE is bathing in money and liking it. Since early November they have really pushed Christian to a main event status feuding with HBK for the World Title. Christian did capture the IC Championship from Rob Conway who won the vacant title when HBK decided that he only wanted to be responsible for one belt. Christian beat Conway but was later screwed out of the title when HBK cost him the title and Booker T picked up the three count on Christian.

Booker T is currently having a big fued with Shane McMahon who is the current IC Champion. Shane beat Booker T on accident when Booker was knocked out and Shane fell on top of him after being hit with a chair.

It gets better though. Shane who took Vinces place after Vinces injury earlier in the year Shane went on a power hungry trip and stripped HBK of the championship and crowned himself the new Raw World Champion. Many members of the Raw Roster have been attacking Shane night after night trying to end his power reign.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

January 1st To February 11th

VSE keeps stealing talent from the WWE when VSE Stole former Olympic champion Kurt Angle. Angle is a former WWE Heavyweight Champion and now is currently serving as VSE's new number one top star and has a nice feud with Steve Corino and Hulk Hogan.

Last time we told you that Shane McMahon has taken over well there is no new news here. Shane McMahon lost the WWE World Heavyweight Title to the Rock at a New Years Revolution but Shane and his goons took back the title two weeks later on Monday Night Raw. Rocky is said to be unhappy about it and is feuding with Shane and his stable as of now.

The econmy, and industry is current all in the low 30's and is still rumored to be going down.

In good news Christian won the 2006 Royal Rumble.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

February 11th To March 15th

Stampede Wrestling hired a new booker and the new booker is a wrestler that was basically made in that federation. Bret Hart who trained in Stampede his fathers old federation became the head booker in early March and is still keeping their company in the postive numbers and making money.

TNA might of lost lots of money but they are making cash every month now, and it should be in no time before they get back to where they were. Chris Daniels beat Jeff Hardy to win the TNA X Division Title in a Ultimate X match that had Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles in it also. Lynn is also still the TNA World Champion while Dustin Rhodes and DDP are the reigning Tag Team Champions. Jeff Jarrett is still NWA World Champion.

Rikishi from the WWE who wrestles in VSE now under the name The Evil has been doing well. Corino captured the VSE Title and is defending it against Sting and Kurt Angle at the next pay per view.

None of the WWE Titles have changed hands but its rumored that come Wrestle Mania many new champions will be crowned as the 2006 Royal Rumble winner Christian will have his choice on who to face, Guerrero or McMahon.

Current big name free agents are Roddy Piper and Ultimate Warrior. As you can tell many of the top notch wrestlers are holding onto their contracts.

Not many injuries are going on right now but a few names have some major and minor injuries. Chavo Guerrero Jr is sidelined with a broken leg until April 10th. Devon Storm as a broken neck and we won't see him back until July 2007, Don Frye with a bicep tear and will be back March 25th, Raven with a liver infection should be back around March 30th, and William Regal with a broken arm and is do back March 28th.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

March 15th To June 2nd 2006

The world status is very low. North American industry is at 2.6 and still falling while the money level is 2.7 and still falling. US is doomed and wrestlers are staying put.

Ring Of Honor is coming to an end. The major company is 100 thousand in debt and getting deeper. Tony Devito is their current Pure Wrestling champion, tag titles have no holders, and Spanky still remains at the top with the ROH Heavyweight Title.

In May, Arn Anderson signed on with SMW to become their head booker. The company is still going strong and has a building money source.

Frankie Kazarian signed on with Stampede Wrestling and is dominating that federation with manager Bret Hart.

TNA no longer has a head booker, Kevin Nash was fired from his position when the company became very unhappy with him. All the titles remain the same and the company is still making money as Jeff Jarrett will be going into his second year as NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

VSE's head booker Bobby Heenan left and they are still going strong but a new booker will be needed. Many feel that if VSE is to get a TV Show, they will dominate the WWE.

WWE has had some major changes. At Wrestle Mania 22 Chris Benoit and Rey Jr fought in a ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Benoit came out with the victory after hitting Rey with a german suplex from the top rope. Benoit is their current champion. Eddie Guerrero retained the championship agianst Christian, Shane McMahon remains IC Champion, and the Dudley Boys are still going strong beating the Undertaker and Kane to retain the Tag Team Titles. Another big shock is this is the first Wrestle Mania ever or in many years that neither World Title has changed hands. Shane McMahon retained the WWE World Heavyweight Title. WWE is making money but not much. This cold spell is hurting the wrestling world.

Major Free Agents are, Ken Shamrock, Lance Storm, Lex Luger, Roddy Piper, Sid, Terry Funk, the Rock, Ultimate Warrior, Vampiro, and Vince Russo.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

June 6th To July 09th 2006

The world status is rising but everything is still under 10 percent.

Nothing much has changed, WWE is feuding big time with VSE. TNA is out of compition with both as they don't have enough power house wrestlers there.

Pat Patterson was named VSE head booker by Hulk Hogan. Pat has made some more old school moves and Corino and Sting are still feuding for the title.

WWE is also considering bringing back some old schoolers to make the WWE more like home.

TNA's new head booker is none other then former ECW/WCW/WWE talent Raven. Raven who joined TNA within the first six months is one of the most favorite superstars over there. Many think good things will come from his creative direction being there.

Kevin Nash singed on with AJPW and is wrestling against The Great Muta and D'lo Brown for their World Title. Nash is said to be in very good shape and only good things to come from him in the near future.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

July 9th To September 3rd

AJPW is not looking to good. Down to 5 million left in the bank and losing look for AJPW to close down fairly soon.

ROH is coming to a close soon with 700 thousand in debt. Look for many of their stars to join TNA.

Raven and Jeff Jarrett beat Dustin Rhodes and DDP for the NWA World Tag Titles, while Chris Candino beat Jerry Lynn for the TNA World Championship. TNA is making some nice cash.

Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker and Kurt Angle have formed an alliance in the VSE where they won the tag team championships. They call themselves the Power Alliance. Angle just finished his feud with Steve Corino and Corino walked away with the VSE World Title. Callaway returned back at Wrestle Mania for one final apperance.

WWE Summerslam was huge when Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero went at it. Both the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Title were on the line and Chris Benoit walked out with another piece of gold. Benoit beat Guerrero with a diving head butt to win the WWE Heavyweight Title. Guerrero vacated the United States title in August and wrestlers were all over it. Charlie Haas beat Nunzio for the gold and two weeks later Nunzio cheated and picked up the United States Title. The two then met in a steel cage match at Summerslam where Charlie Haas walked out of the cage with the United States Championship once again. The Dudley Boys retained the titles. Molly Holly keeps her reign as Womans Champion going. Shane is still the IC Champion and World Heavyweight Champion after beating Shawn Michaels with the help from World Tag Team Champions Batista and Ric Flair.

Most over wrestler in the world is the Rock. In the USA is D-Von Dudley, Canada is the Rock, Mexico is the Rock, UK is Hulk Hogan, Japan is Hulk Hogan, and the Outback is Rock.

Injuries in the wrestling world are,,,,,,Devon Storm still out with a broken neck. Randy Orton out with a Bicep tear should be back in December, Satoshi Jojima out with a minor knee injury will be back in December and thats it.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

September 3rd To October 7th 2006

NWA TNA crowned a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion when Chris Daniels beat Jeff Jarrett for the title after an hour long cage match battle. This match is being crowned as the best match since Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat wrestled. Also the TNA title has been traded around a lot latley also. Jerry Lynn lost the title to Candino and at the ppv TNA just had the TNA World Title changed and AJ Styles was the new champion. Styles the orignal man to win the belt is rumored to have a long title reign. Some might think that Daniels and AJ will team up or feud against each other with both NWA and TNA World Belts on the line. This make Chris Daniels the only man in NWA History to hold all the NWA Titles at one point or another within a year. Daniels is currently holding the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA TNA X Division title. Was a previous champion with Raven for the NWA Tag Titles and former TNA World Champion.

VSE has not done much as the same champions are still reigning with their belts. VSE has not had any steals but have put on some great shows.

WWE has had some major changes. Bradshaw beat Chris Benoit for the Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven to become a three time Heavyweight Champion. Shaw is the most overall heel the WWE has to offer. Haas and the United States Title reign ended fast after Al Snow beat him for it. A week later former US Champion Eddie Guerrero came back and was crowned champion. At Unforgiven the two faught and Al Snow walked out two time United States Champion.

Ric Flair is the current most over wrestler in the world.

Retirement month for sure. Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, and Shawn Stasiak are the newest wrestlers to announce their retirements from pro wrestling for good. Tazz and Dreamer have shelled out many WWE matches at House Shows that people do not see or hear about. The new legend list for Wrestle Mania 23 has been announced.

Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Larry Zbysko, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Ray, Sid Vicious, Michael Hayes,

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

October 7th To December 5th 2006

New Japan Pro Wrestling is bathing in cash. Number one Japan promotion with no competition anymore. AJPW might have more stars but they have been losing money each and every month of this year and last year.

ROH hits 900,000 dollars in debt. Company can close down anytime now.

The TNA World Title has been changed hands a couple times now. AJ Styles lost the belt to Johnny Swinger in a huge upset. Ron Killings beat both Styles and Swinger to become the TNA World Champion.

Chris Benoit lost the Cruiserweight Title to Eddie Guerrero after a huge ladder match at WWE NO MERCY. Guerrero and Benoit might be given the match of the year for their efforts. The Dudley Boys had to vacant the tag titles do to injury and new champions were crowned. Mark Jindrak and Johnny Jeter captured the titles first but were defeated at No Mercy by Charlie Haas and Daniel Puder. Only two weeks later in November Mark Henry and Fuanki capture the gold from them. Funaki and Henry are the current champions.

Al Snow lost his US Title to Eddie Guerrero just a week before No Mercy. Well the night after No Mercy on the special edition of Monday Night Smackdown Al Snow captured the title back. That week in wrestling Smackdown was on Raws night and Raw was on Smackdowns. Another big announcement that took place was that Sunday Night Heat was taken off the air. Know wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown that don't make it alot to Raw and Smackdown compete on Velocity.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

December 5th To January 1st 2007

All Japan Pro Wrestling is not looking to good. Right now they are losing money with only around 3 million left and no head booker things don't look great. Most of their titles are vacant.

AAA is doing very well and making lots of cash well above 10 million. Juvi Guerrera proves to be a top notch main eventer for the promotion as he holds their two highest titles. Lady Apache has captured AAA's version of the TV title 13 times.

CZW is making some nice cash and their current main event champion is Dan Maff. The head booker is still The Sandman.

New Japan is making some nice cash every month. Tiger mask just won his 5 IWJP Jr. Heavyweight Title. He is the second most over wrestler there.

Ring Of Honor is on its final stepping stone. Anyday now they could be over. Spanky has been ROH Champion since August 2005.

Smokey Mountain Wrestling is making some nice cash. Dusty Rhodes the owner has yet to make an apperance but former Horsemen Arn Anderson is doing a great job as head booker. Top talent is Mark Sloan who is the World Champion, and their top tag team consists of Austin Aries and Scoot Andrews.

Stampede Wrestling is still alive as Bret Hart keeps the federation alive with some nice money. Their biggest star right now is Frankie Kazarian.

TNA is around 500 thousand after their owner ditched most of it for a movie. TNA is still owned by Jerry Jarrett with Raven head booking it. No new champions have been crowned.

VSE went out with a bang and a new VSE World Champion. The one year long Kurt Angle Vs Steve Corino ended finally when Corino pinned Angle to win the VSE World strap for the third time this year. But the big main event angle that happend was Bill Goldberg spearing down Steve Corino and walking off with the strap.

December 8th was the last time Shane McMahon will be seen in the ring as he was wounded in a car accident. He can move everything in his body but has a familar injury that former WWE superstar Chris Nowinski had. McMahon who these last couple years turned into a great in ring wrestler has announced his retirement. After Shane retired the IC Title went up into a tournament and Tajiri was crowned champion at the December PPV. But the night after Tajiri was screwed by former partner Nick Dinsmore and Christian became IC Champion.

The SD Tag Titles were soon vacated as Mark Henry went down with a knee injury. Carlito Cool and The Hardcore Kidd picked up the win for the tag titles but lost it to Bill Demott and Lance Cadd. But in a huge suprise at the SD December PPV Ric Flair and Batista showed up and beat them for the tag titles becoming the first ever both brand tag team champions. Flair and Batista show up on every show now. Shane also had to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Title and long time feud The Rock picked up the win to become World Heavyweight Champion once more.

Injured Wrestlers are pretty big right now. Devon Storm who broke his neck two years ago is looking to be back around July this year.

Dlo Brown has a fractured skull and is looking to come back of August 07. Jimmy Rave with herinated disks will come back around June.

Ric Flair is the most over in the world. Ric Flair is the most over in the United States. Rock is most over in Canada. Rock is most over in Mexico. Rock is most over in the UK. The Rock is most over in Japan. And the Rock is most over in the out back.

All Japan Pro Wrestling held the show of the year.

Shane McMahon and The Rock won match of the year.

WWE won Federation of the year.

The Rock won Wrestler of the year.

Steve Corino came in second place

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

January 1st To February 3rd

Kevin Nash was made head booker of AJPW. They are still losing money but that could be because Chuck Palumbo was just crowned Triple Crown title winner.

Ring Of Honor is coming closer each day of going 100 thousand in debt. Around 97 thousand right now, people are still hoping for them to turn around.

TNA owner Dixie steped down from command and sold the company back to Jerry Jarrett for free! He also gave them an extra four million for what he did in the pass. TNA didn't even need the money as they were regaining the money they lost from Dixies poor decisons.

VSE is having some strange feuds right now. The main event feud for the VSE Title is Steve Corino who is the new current champion feuding his title against former WWE superstar Rikishi. Rikshi who owns that name now is trying to embark on his first world title reign.

On the WWE side of things Chris Benoit beat Eddie Guerrero to recapture the Cruiserweight Championship. Former Raw Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Batista have offically defected to Smackdown as they are the current Smackdown Tag Champions.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

February 3rd To March 3rd 2007

In CZW Dan Maff their Heavyweight Champion left the company and then in a one night tournament Wifebeater become the new CZW Heavyweight Champion.

Ring Of Honor looking good? Some say they are looking to head back on track but are still 957 thousand in debt. It increased every month besides for the month of February. We will just keep and eye out for them.

Over at the WWE Brand, Edge beat Christian to become the new IC Champion. This is the first title win for Edge since his last IC reign back in 2004. The winner of the January Royal Rumble Eddie Guerrero will go on to face John Bradshaw in the main event at Wrestle Mania 23.

Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier won the Raw Tag Team titles from the vacancy but lost it two weeks later to a strange team called Charlie Haas and Kane.

Biggest Free Agents Out There: Lance Storm, Roddy Piper, The Rock, Ultimate Warrior

Injured List: Abismo Negro- Broken Neck Do Back March 2008

Chris Benoit- Broken Ankle Do Back March 7th 2007

Devon Storm- Broken Neck Do Back July 2007

D'Lo Brown- Fractured Skull do back June 2007

Jimmy Rave- Herinated Disks do back June 19th 2007

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

March 3rd To April 24th 2007

All Japan Pro Wrestling has just announced that its going on its last million bucks. This could be a sign of another company closing down soon.

Ring Of Honor is still making some money. At the end of March they had to pay off 970 thousand and currently have got it down to 917! Can they stay in major business? Their roster is less then 30 but it has some of the most talented wrestlers. Spanky, ROH World Champion finally left ROH once he decided they were over. Left and vacated the ROH World Title.

Smokey has announced that Arn Anderson is no longer the head booker of the federation. Ripp Rogers has taken control of head booking for the Dusty Rhodes promotion.

In VSE the new VSE World Champion Rikishi will be headlining the next pay per view against Angle. Many think Angle will take the VSE strap and go on to feud with his biggest nemesis and super face Hulk Hogan later this year.

Wrestle Mania 23 was considered the best yet. Chris Benoit retained the Cruiserweight Title against Rey Jr and Paul London in a ladder match! Bradshaw beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the Heavyweight Title. Earlier in March, Christian beat Edge to win the IC title again but The Rock ended up beating Christian for the belt at Wrestle Mania. The Rock beat Shelton Benjamin to retain the World Heavyweight later that night. As we said last time Kane and Haas won the tag titles but shorly after lost it to The Big Show and Gene Snitsky. Well Kane promised to have a partner that has left the Federation for Wrestle Mania and boy was it a suprise. Former 10x Heavyweight Champion Triple H came back from his long term injury to win the tag titles with Kane! Triple H who really left because he got in trouble with his backstage politics and took it so far he tried to get Shawn Michaels fired.

Injured List- Dawn Marie with a Major Concusion will return in May 2008

World Status is all in the 80's and rising!

Major Free Agents: Sting, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, Marcus Baggweell, Piper, Scott Steiner, Warrior

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

April 24th To June 16th 2007

All Japan Pro Wrestling has left then one million dollars to spend. Ever since the Great Muta took over the company from Giant Baba's wife it has gone down hill.

Lady Apache of AAA has captured her 17th championship in the federation. Her and her foe have won the title at least 16 times over a three year spand.

Bryan Danielson jumped ship from Ring Of Honor to NJPW and is becoming NJPWS newest and biggest star. Winning his first ever Jr. Heavyweight Championship in their federation against legend Jr weight Tiger Mask 4.

Ring Of Honor is balancing right now at a debt of 950. Their World title remains vacant but Ace Steel and CM Punk won the ROH Tag Team Championships.

TNA remains making money and keeping their champions very even. No title changes have occured in a very long time which means they are trying to build up their current champions.

The team of Edge and Shawn Michaels beat Kane and Triple H to win the tag team titles.

Free Agents- Chris Jericho, D-Von Dudley, Tenzan, Lance Storm, Marcus Bagwell, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Shane McMahon, Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior

Retirement Announcement for next five years- Antonio Inoki, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Terry Funk, and Vince McMahon all plan on retiring within five years.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

June 16th To July 20th 2007

All Japan Pro Wrestling is officially in debt. They did though hire former WWE European Champion William Regal who is one of their most over superstars now.

NJPW star Bryan Danielson is currently going straight to the top holding the JR Heavyweight and the U-30 Openweight.

Low Ki won the ROH Heavyweight Title in a 32 man tournament. Wrestlers from all over the world were brought in for this including Scott Steiner and Scott Hall who jobbed early on in the tournament to CM Punk and Low Ki.

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Guest 72recreMoreZ

July 20th To September 11th 2007

All Japan Pro Wrestling is 1 million dollars in debt. People think that AJPW will close down before ROH.

CZW no longer a hardcore federation? Thats right folks. CZW got themselves a new booker and its none other then good ole JR.

NJPW number one star is Bryan Danielson. The kid has been on fire ever since steping into their ring. Only has the Jr. Heavyweight but he is one of the longest men to hold onto that belt.

Ring Of Honor is recovering. They are only 800 thousand in debt but they are rebounding back. If they come back it will be huge for them. CM Punk and Chris Sabin are the new ROH Tag Team Champions.

The push of Chris Daniels keeps going as Daniels beat Ron Killings to become the TNA World Champion. Daniels is already the champion of the NWA World Title and X Division. Daniels who's X title reign has lasted over a year where he has been crowned the new Ultimate X legend!

On the Smackdown brand many tag title changes have happend. Flair and Batista lost the titles to the Basham Brothers. The Bashams reign went short when they lost them to Daniel Puder and John Cena. Cena and Puder quickly lost the titles back to Batista and his new partner in crime Mark Henry.

Free Agents: Chris Jericho, D'Von Dudley, Tenzan, Heidreich, Lance Storm, Randy Savage, Piper, Scott Steiner, Shane McMahon, Austin, Warrior

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