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That was painful...


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Was just playing a tourney online, I get 2, 6 off suit. I get checked into, and hoping to see a free flop I check as well...that's when one guy goes all in, so I fold...seemed like the right thing to do. 3 more people call the all-in, flop comes and what comes down.





That was just painful...

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If you would have call an all-in with 2 6 off suit and you beat the guy because of that flop....you had better have hoped he wasn't a big man because he would have jumped across the table and beat the hell out of you. I know I would have. :D

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My friend told me that it was statistically proven that 7 and 3 off suit was the worst hand you could start with.

So we play and play until eventually I pull a 7 and 3 and fold immediately bearing in mind his bullshit advice.

Flop: 7,7,3

I was fucking pissed. Last time I take that dick's advice.

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Wanna know something more painful? Playing a game of real money with my mates (£3 buy in) last week. 1st prize would have funded the buying of resident evil 4. Got to 2nd position easily, then heads up, i had a dominant chip lead, and by dominant, i mean 3 more hands the blinds would have ate the other guy up.

Yet, the guy continues to get lucky a couple of times with a few all ins, with the worst hand each time. Then, when i have only a slightly higher amount of chips left, we play a hand slowly, i get three of a kind 5's on the flop, he gets a pair of sevens, i check it, so does he. Some random card came on the turn that didnt make a difference to anyone, yet he goes all in. It was by far the worst all in raise ever, because i knew instantly that he had top pair only, so by this point i basically got over excited thinking i'd won.

Only card he could win with was a 7, only two 7's left in a deck of 44 cards. The bastard got me on the river. :angry:

I'm never gonna get over excited in a game of poker again, i looked like a right tit.

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