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Soul Calibur III


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credit: ign

First Look: Soulcalibur III

Namco announces PlayStation 2 exclusive for the U.S. First trailer, screens, and behind the scenes video inside.

by Jeremy Dunham

March 24, 2005 - Namco Hometek, the American branch of Japanese development and publishing company Namco Ltd, officially announced this morning that the fighting sequel Soulcalibur III would be headed to U.S. shores later this year. Though an exact release date wasn't revealed, the new game is expected to arrive near the end of autumn or beginning of winter 2005.

The surprising twist of this announcement is that Soulcalibur III will be system exclusive to the PlayStation 2, and will not appear on Microsoft's Xbox or Nintendo's GameCube at all (and if it eventually will, nobody at Namco is ready to talk about it). This PS2 exclusivity is definitely great news for the almost 700,000 PS2 owners that bought the second game in 2003, but likely disappointing for the more than one million combined users who purchased Soulcalibur II on other systems.

Full Article here:

Soul Calibur 3

Quite a win for Sony here, but I'm certainly going to miss kicking ass with Link. Oddly enough though, I did buy a controller converter so I could use a PS2 controller while playing SCII on the Cube. Game looks beautiful, but you probably didn't need me to tell you that to know.

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Woah....I guess we won't be seeing no Spawn or Link. But Business is business. I'll pick this one up for sure.

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The game is out, anyone else tried it? It's freakin amazing in comparison to the past Soul Caliburs. The Chronicles of the Sword and Tales of Swords are practically two different games inside one single disc. The create a fighter is great, not as customizible as wrestling games but I guess it's to be expected

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