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X files a question about a few episodes


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I've noticed a few episodes where Scully and Mulder would sometimes use tape and place an X on Mulders window (in his apartment)

What was the purpose of this ?

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I can't be bothered to go hunting through my room to find my X-Files compendium book, but I if I remember rightly, Mulder used to tape an X to the window and then shine a bulb at it, sort of like a bat-signal to attract someone's attention (maybe Deep Throat?). Sorry I can't be more specific, but I'm sure one of the zillions of X-File fansites have the answer.

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It was to basically tell the black guy (mighta been Deep Throat) that he wanted to meet him essentially.

EDIT: Actually, not Deep Throat. I don't know if he even had a name. According to IMDB, his name was simply 'Mr. X'

This dude:


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