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WWII Games


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Day Of Defeat and Battlefield 1942 are the ones I play the most, with Battlefield being my favourite.

Battlefield pic

Battlefield pic1

Day of defeat being a Half Life mod, and Im sure they'll be making a HL2 version of it. I also hear that Call Of Duty is ment to be good.

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Actually, I found it the least entertaining of the MoH games I have played. It has 2 player 'story mode' which is cool, but apart from that it wasn't that good, in my opinion anyway.

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Call of Duty is an amazing FPS that really can give you the feeling of dread, shock and terror that comes along with war.

Hearts Of Iron (haven't played 2 yet) is a fun game that let's you control Germany or any of the other nations, and change history. It has a really in depth tech tree, so you can officially avoid developing the Maus Tank or the Messerschmit jet fighter as a bomber!

Combat Mission : Barborossa To Berlin is a fun strategy game, where you can play the famous battles of the Eastern Front and take control of all the forces, and change history.

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