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WWE Post Mania RAW!


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Wrestlemania 21 was a success. Each match was thought out well and people were already lining up for the DVD. In true WWE fashion, a draft was held. Five people traded spots to Smackdown, five to Raw. This is RAW's story, post-mania!

(Nothing new has changed, I'm just doing RAW. I'll try to keep it pretty realistic in true WWE fashion).


Carlito Caribbean Cool

Torrie Wilson

Charlie Haas

Luther Reigns

Kurt Angle

To Smackdown!


Gene Snitsky



Val Venis

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005


It is the RAW after Wrestlemania and newly crowned Heavyweight Champion, Batista, will be in the house with his title! Whether Batista defends the gold remains to be seen, but we do know that a number one contendors match will take place on RAW to challenge Batista for the title at Backlash!

Eric Bischoff is back on RAW full time and promises to make things exciting in the house. He says that he has some business to take care of and will be sure to make things interesting.

Along with that, Trish Stratus will take on Christy Hemme in a rematch from Wrestlemania, Torrie Wilson makes her RAW debut, and Kurt Angle has plans for his big impact! Only on RAW 8/7CST only on Spike TV!

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005


Attendance: 7042

The Champ Is Here!

The brand new World Heavyweight Champion is in the building, sporting his newly one gold. He struts down to the ring with a smile on his face, stopping on each turnbuckle with the title. The red carpet is out for Batista as he takes the mic.

Batista: All around the back I have received praise from all of the people who know how to show respect. All of my old mentors have taken time out of their lives to talk with me. They all seem to ask the same question...[pause]... They ask me, "What does it feel like to Batista Bomb Triple H and cover him for the 1, 2, 3?" You know what it feels like? A million bucks!

In fact, there are only two people backstage who haven't acknowledged the fact that I am the new champion and those people are Ric Flair and Triple H! I don't know if it's pure jealousy but I DEMAND that those two come out here and meet me face to face in the eye!


The Bisch Has Something to Say

Instead of Triple H or Ric Flair coming out to meet Batista's challenge, it is Eric Bischoff, the RAW GM.

Eric Bischoff: Now I know what your all thinking and I agree, it's great to be back full time as the general manager of RAW! [boos] Now Batista, I know you were expecting Triple H out here but I should let you know that 'Aitch is in the back warming up because he is going to fight in the number one contendors match tonight against... RANDY ORTON! [pause] Don't get your panties in a bunch for H not giving to respect to you because after all, he is the 10 time champion!

Now your lucky that I'm giving you the night off, but don't expect it to happen too often. Now go to the back and stop wasting my air time!


Torrie is RAW and Ready

Torrie Wilson appears backstage, talking to none other than Stacy Keibler!

Stacy: Wow, Torrie, can't believe you are on RAW!

Torrie: To be honest, I'm a little glad to be getting away from Smackdown. There were a few problems. I hope the guys over here aren't like Smackdown.

Stacy: Not nearly as bad. You wanna go watch the upcoming women's match?

Torrie: Oh, you know it.


Trish Stratus © .v. Christy Hemme [Women's Championship]

In a rematch of Wrestlemania, where Trish Stratus retained her title against Hemme, we see both women a little banged up. Christy Hemme has a new entrance video and comes to the ring by herself. As the bell rings, Trish takes the easy advantage. Within a minute of the match starting, we see that Tyson Tomko has come into the ring!

Tyson eyes up Christy and pulls her hair. Tomko picks her up while Trish laughs with the belt in her hand. Tomko delivers a huge Spinning Neckbreaker to Hemme, laying her out in the ring!

Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler try to sneak into the ring from behind. They succeed in double clotheslining Trish Stratus down to the canvas! The two try and do the same thing to Tomko. They try to clothesline him but he laughs and turns around with a huge grin on his face. Tyson Tomko grabs both Wilson and Keible by the necks as they scream in pain. Tomko delivers a double modified chokeslam to the both, laying them out beside Hemme. Tyson Tomko picks Trish off the ground and carries her out with the Women's title, laughing at the carnage in the ring that he has caused.


Nothing but Money in the Bank

Eric Bischoff is in his office backstage, going through some paper work. Edge comes into the room where Bischoff looks up.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, what's going on? Congratulations on winning the Money in the Bank match at the PPV two weeks ago. Any idea when you want your title match?

Edge: Not yet Eric, but I'll let you know for sure. I just wanted to congratulate you on being back on RAW full time.

The fans don't believe Edge buttering up to Bischoff and start an explicit "Asshole" chant in the arena. Bischoff seems oblivious to the fans and smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Thanks Edge, that means a lot. You know...[pause]... our Intercontinental chamption doesn't have any work to do tonight. Why do you wrestle him tonight for the gold?

Edge: You got it, I'm on it.

Eric Bischoff: Great! And you just let me know when you want that title shot!


The Masterpiece

One of the newest members of the RAW roster, Chris Masters is out to the ring wearing a robe. He quickly grabs the mic.

Chris Master: Well, the start of another RAW and let me just say that I declare this year the year of the Masterpiece. [boos] It's alright fans, I know you wish you could all be just...like...me, but it just can't be done. My perfect biceps, smooth hair, and unmatchable talent in the ring is just too much for any RAW superstar. I am the PERFECT role model.

The Hurricane's music hits and the hero walks out onto the stage.

The Hurricane: I, your friendly super hero is starting to see a pattern form in the RAW locker room. New guy comes up to RAW and thinks he is the best... WAZUPWITDAT?? I am going to teach you that you are not as masterful as you seem to act.


The Hurricane .v. Chris Masters

In a total SQUASH, Chris Masters shows off his impressive talent by first utilizing his quick hands to keep Hurricane down, and then hitting the "Wave of the Future". After each big move, Masters "brushes off the dirt" and taunts the crowd. Masters finishes Hurricane off and does the cocky pin on him to pick up the victory.

After the match, Chris Masters grabs his mic:

Chris Masters: Don't you wanna grow up to be just...like...me?


Shelton Benjamin © .v. Edge [intercontinental Title]

Edge, psyched up after his huge "Money in the Bank" win at Wrestlemania to gain a title shot at any time in the next twelve months is up against Shelton Benjamin, looking stiff but still happy following his loss in the same match as Edge last night. Edge grabs the early lead, even hitting the Edgecution early on in the match. Once the match spills to the outside, Edge loses control after a missing diving clothesline from the ring apron. After nearly getting counted out, Edge falls doom to a huge Superkick from Shelton Benjamin, followed by the T-Bone Suplex pin for the win!

Edge slides out of the ring and into the back. Shelton has no time to celebrate his victory as Christian appears flying down the ramp into the ring. Christian gives a stiff kick to Benjamin, hitting him with the title belt in the middle of the news. Christian does his taunt, yelling at his "peeps" and leaving the ring to start some business with the Intercontinental chamption.


The Gold Medalist is Here!

A familiar entrance theme blares over the PA and KURT ANGLE, who defeated Shawn Michaels and injured him at Wrestlemania comes out onto the ramp. The pyro goes off and Angle comes down to the ring.

Kurt Angle: Now I know what your all thinking and you can just SHUT YOU MOUTH! I don't wanna be here as much as you want me here! You'll just have to put up with me! [boos] Don't boo me! The last person who booed me ended up losing to me at Wrestlemania and where is he now? That's what I thought.

While I am here on RAW however, I'd like to let you all know that the Kurt Angle Challenge makes it's way here next week! That's right, if any of you think that you can beat me right here on RAW, just try and beat me, Olympic Gold Medalist!


Triple H .v. Randy Orton [Number One Contendor Spot]

Triple H and Randy Orton, fomer friends now face off with each other for the rights to fight Batista at the Backlash PPV on May 29th. When these two last met, it was Orton- good guy against H- cerebral assassin. Now it seems more of the battle of two evils! Ric Flair accompanies Triple H down to the ring for this match and carefully stares down Orton when he enters.

About halfway through this matchup, both guys are starting to feel the fatique. Batista quietly makes his way out onto the top ramp wearing his title belt. Flair quickly picks up on Batista's presence and starts to watch him more than the match.

Inside the ring, Triple H reverses an RKO attempt into a knee smash, giving Orton more chops to the chest after that. Orton tries to reverses a backbreaker, but Triple H ducks out, kicks Orton in the gut, PEDIGREE!!! Triple H makes the cover and picks up the victory for the rights to Batista at Backlash!


The Staredown

Orton spills outside of the ring and Batista slowly makes his way down the ramp with the title belt. Batista walks straight past Flair on his way into the ring. Immediately, Batista and Triple H stare each other down, face to face, nose to nose. The two stare at each other with the crowd calling out for the two to start fighting.

It appears that the two aren't going to fight, when Triple H swings his arm for the first punch! Triple H swings but Batista ducks, quickly taking Triple H down with a huge clothesline! Instead of fighting back, Triple H ducks out of the ring and him and Ric Flair back up the ramp with Triple H selling the effects of the Batista clothesline to the end the show.


Current Backlash Card

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista © .v. Triple H

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Hey all, I just got back from the RAW show, it was hot! The crowd was pretty hot and kept chanting "What", even though Austin never did show up.

Dark Matches

Rhyno d. A local jobber

Simon Dean d. Brent Albreight

Heat Tapings

Carlito Cool d. Tom (I didn't here his last name)

Ryan Reeves d. Todd Shane

Matt Hardy d. Charlie Haas

Tajiri and Regal d. La Resistance for the titles

On RAW, Trish Stratus was major friendly with the crowd. During the commercial break after her match, she talked with two girls in the crowd and gave them her armband that she had.

Batista is more over than you would think with that title. He got a big face pop. Triple H is a great heel live and I don't care what any internet fans say, he is a good performer. Kurt Angle was also really great on the mic and plays his character well.

During the Christy/Trish match, the fans got a clear nipple shot from Christy given the suit she was wearing. It was majorly noticeable to anyone who had eyes in the first 10 rows or so. It happened during the middle of the match for about 3 seconds when Trish picks her up for the Spinebuster.

Chris Masters worked extremely well tonight and got the fans in his promo. It's just too bad that The Hurricane was sacrificed for Masters tonight. I'd keep an eye on this guy in the future.

Biggest Pops


Shelton Benjamin


Biggest Boos

Triple H

Kurt Angle

Chris Masters

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One thing that was stupid was you announcing the number one contendor's match on the preview. For all anyone knew, Edge could've wanted to face Batista at Backlash. That's a bit of an error in judgment. You said you wanted to keep things realistic, right? How about having masters use his actual finisher, that Masterlock, the swinging full nelson. Oh and by the way, it's the Angle Invitational, not Challenge. And why is Batista defending the World Title against Carlito when there's a number one contendor and that contendor isn't in action? And how did Carlito get the rights to face Batista? Just something I thought could be cleared up.

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New guy = Big chance, what's the big deal. What did Orton do to deserve a title shot this past week on RAW?

Actually, that was a non-title match. As for the thing about the number one contendor's match and the preview, all I'm saying is that you shouldn't announce something on a preview that will only be officially announced by Bischoff on the actual RAW. For the Masters thing, WWE is pushing him with that move, or else they wouldn't have trademarked the name. He beat a jobber like Richards with it. So why not have him beat someone bigger than Richards, THe Hurricane, with that move?

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May 9th, 2005


Attendance: 7048

First Class

We fade into this edition of RAW to an unknown figure walking down a hallway. The camera follows this persons feet and they walk down to the hallway, stop, turn the corner and continue. The camera pans up and we see Batista wearing the Heavyweight title over his shoulder. Batista stops at a locker room and admires the sign on the door reading, "Authorized Personnel Only: Heavyweight Champion".

Batista: Ahh, I love first class.

Batista opens the door and walks inside of his first class locker room. The locker room sports a TV to watch the action, a leather chair to sit in, a special shower and change area, along with a hook to hand his title on. Batista hangs the title belt on the hook and sits down in the couch to watch the action as the camera pans out and the RAW intro begins.


The Hightlight Reel

Following the credits to open RAW, we come back to the ring to see the Highlight Reel set up in the ring and Chris Jericho's music playing. Jericho comes down to the ring and admires the set.

Chris Jericho: Welcome... to... RAW... IS... JERICHO! [pop] Another year here on RAW and you know what that means. Another year of the HIGHLIGHT REEL! Lets get right into the show by introducing our first guest. An old friend of mine, lets see what this guy has to say about his actions last week on RAW. Please give a welcome to CHRISTIAN! [boos]

Christian's music comes on and Christian comes out to the ramp wearing a ridiculous pair of glasses. He takes them off and asks the crowd who he should give the glasses too. The crowd simply boos him, but he throws the glasses into the crowd anyway. Christian comes down to the ring and joins Jericho in the ring for the Hightlight Reel.

Chris Jericho: Now Christian, I know what all of these fans here want to know. How do you justify your actions on RAW last week? In fact, lets take a look of that footage on this VERY expensive JERITRON 4000!

The Jeritron shows footage of last week where Christian interferes in the Edge/Shelton Benjamin title match, laying out the champion with the title belt and taunting Benjamin.

Chris Jericho: Now, lets give the floor to Christian. [boos]

Christian: First of all, how are my peeps doing? [boos] You want to know why I attacked Shelton Benjamin last week on RAW? It was insanely obvious that at Wrestlemania, Shelton did nothing but berade me! He was doing nothing but attacking me and I know you don't have the footage of that. How typical of you, never ready. I mean, who else am I supposed to attack? I've beat you a countless number of times and you aren't even good enough to hold that title! I attacked Shelton to send him a message. It's about time we get a real champion in here and no I'm not talking about some idiot who is nothing more than a talk show host! Shelton, I'm coming for yo--

Chris Jericho smacks Christian in the back of the head, obviously pissed off at all of the berading that Christian has done towards him, as well as Shelton. Jericho clotheslines Christian to the ground again as the production crew scrambles to rise the Jeritron into air and out of harms way. Jericho goes for another clothesline, but Christian slides out of the ring and out of harms way.


Tyson Tomko .v. Christy Hemme, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler

I don't know who made this match, but it seems that the beast is going to take on the three beauties. Trish Stratus accompanies Tomko to the ring and laughs when she sees the look on his three opponents faces. The match starts and the three girls quickly hide outside of the ring. Trish Stratus goes over to the three and taunts them with her title belt. Torrie slaps Trish while Hemme gives a spear to her, taking her down. Tomko slides out of the ring and forcibly tosses Keible back into the ring. Hemme and Wilson get into the ring voluntarily and Tomko gets back in to meet them. All of a sudden we hear the familiar sound of shattering glass.



"The Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin runs out to the ring wearing one of his trademark t-shirts. He slides into the ring where Tomko meets him with punches! Austin gets the advantage, throwing Tomko at the ropes. Tomko comes back, STUNNER! Tyson Tomko rolls out of the ring where Trish meets him. Austin stands in the ring with Stacy Keible, Torrie Wilson, and Christy Hemme, grabbing a microphone.

Steve Austin: Now I should open up a can of WHOOP-ASS on the person who thought that putting this match together would be a good time! [what?] Back when I was the general manager this, NUH-UH, didn't happen. [what?] So this is what Stone Cold is going to do. [what?]

May 29th, Backlash, just over two weeks away. I'm gonna put my referees shirt on for that night and take that SLUT (points at Trish) along with her title and put it over my shoulder. I'll then take these other three women, throw them in a ring with her and put the title on the line now can I get a HELL-YEAH? Pass me some beer!

Stone Cold is major over with the fans. He catches a few beers and toasts them with Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Christy Hemme. Trish isn't happy at having to defend her title and her and Tomko leave as we cut to a commercial break.


The Master Plan

Don't you wanna grow up to be just...like...me? Chris Masters is back this week, once again in the ring. He takes a little longer to make his way down to the ring, getting some heat from the crowd.

Chris Masters: Now I know what your thinking. Last weeks demolition of The Hurricane was PERFECT. I mean, I handled myself perfectly, never let him get the upper hand, and look where I am this week. Standing here in the ring teaching you fans what is right and wrong while The Hurricane probably won't be seen on TV for at least three months! Don't sweat it if you aren't just...like...me because there can only be one... Masterpiece. Just like there can only be one Master Plan. I've come out here tonight because Eric Bischoff, our RAW GM is going to send me some real competition. While I doubt it will be anybody as PERFECT as me, I'm ready for you.


Chris Masters .v. Tajiri

Tajiri comes out to the ring followed by fellow Tag Champion, William Regal. The two start brawling and the match begins. Chris Masters makes sure to let the fans know especially when he pulls off a big move, yelling into the crowd or taunting Tajiri. At one point in the match, Tajiri gets Masters in the Tarantula, showing the first sign of weakness from Masters. Masters remains calm until the move is broken. When Tajiri seems to be in the advantage, Masters clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside!

While William Regal gives Tajiri some confidence on the outside of the ring, Masters takes the time to once again taunt the crowd and Tajiri. Tajiri comes back into the ring and exchanged punches with Masters. William Regal gets up onto the ring apron to distract the referee. Chris Masters turns around and then back to Tajiri. Tajiri squirts out his green mist but Chris Masters ducks it, nailing Tajiri with huge Low Blow!! Tajiri squeels in pain. William Regal has no choice but to get off the apron, arguing with the referee about the cheating. Chris Masters locks on his FULL NELSON! Tajiri squeels in pain and taps out, conceading the victory to Chris Masters!

After the match, William Regal decides to take matters into his own hands. The crowd sees him placing the brass knuckles onto his hand as he gets into the ring. Chris Masters is oblivious to Regal as he is too busy laughing at Tajiri. William Regal is about to strike his opponent when none other than RHINO jumps through the crowd into the ring. Regal turns to face RHINO and GORE!!!! With the tag champions layed out in the ring, Chris Masters and Rhino celebrate outside of the ring. Chris Masters holds up Rhino's hand and the two leave the mess in the ring together.


Kurt Angle .v. Jobber

Kurt Angle is in the ring for his Kurt Angle Invitational. When Lillian Garcia doesn't introduce himm quite right, Kurt Angle makes her do it again, calling him "King" Kurt Angle. An unknown jobber comes down to the ring to the generic WWE music, looking rather weak. The bell rings and Kurt Angle easily gets control of the match. Following a german suplex off of the middle rope, Kurt Angle slaps on the Ankelock where the jobber taps out rather quickly.

Following the match, Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring when I'm a Sexy Boy blares over the speakers. HBK's music video plays on the titantron but there is silence. You can notice a big frown on Kurt Angle's face as he looks around for Shawn Michaels, suspecting that he may try to come through the crowd. All of a sudden, the music cuts off and the video stops playing. The fans has a mixed reaction at HBK not showing up.


Batista .v. Carlito Caribbean Cool

Carlito Cool comes out the ring for his chance of a lifetime, manager-less, but looking ultra-cool. Batista receives a huge pop as he comes out onto the stage. As the match starts, Batista gets the early advantage due to CCC's nervousness and first match on RAW. By about half-way through when CCC has gotten only two or three moves, the fans start a small chant for him to encourage him. CCC evens the match up with a reversal on a Neckbreaker, taking Batista down and giving him a chance to rest up. The fans reaction quickly changes and they boo him.

Eventually, Carlito's inexperience gets the best of him as he tries to finish Batista off with his Swinging Neckbreaker perhaps a little too quickly. Batista gets out of the move and kicks Carlito in the chest, Batista Bomb!! Batista makes the cover and picks up the win to retain the title.



On cue, Triple H's face appears on the titantron. Batista, who has his title in hand, looks up to see what Triple H and Ric Flair are standing in his furnished locker room, sledgehammer in hand.

Triple H: Wow, nice win Dave, impressive. Nice locker room you have here, bet your pleased with it.

Triple H moves his sledgehammer from hand to hand. Ric Flair sits in Batista leather chair, reclining in it and enjoying himself.

Triple H: Listen up Batista, I'm only going to say this once. You see this locker room? This chair? This TV? This shower? How about this end table? This floor, these walls? These are only YOURS because of ME!

Triple H grips the sledgehammer and puts a whole in the wall of Batista locker room!

Triple H: I made you who you are today you Son of a bitch and this is how you repay me, huh? This is how you give respect to your master? Taking that title away from me and walking around like you own this place?

Triple H swings his sledgehammer again, this time smashing through the wooden end table beside the leather recliner. Ric Flair is now standing up, laughing and cheering on Hunter.

Triple H: You don't own anything! I OWN you! I made you and I can sure as hell destroy you!

Swing! Triple H puts another hole in Batista's wall. Triple H shatters the glass on the shower door, ten on the mirror in the room. Triple H swings the sledgehammer into Batista's leather chair, ripping it to shreds. Triple H smashes the big screen TV in Batista's room.



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Hey, I just got back from the RAW results. The show was pretty packed on the one side but the camera side was pretty bare and tarped off about halfway up. The crowd was pretty hot. It was pretty quiet during the women/Tomko match and people were all going for a bathroom break. Then Stone Cold came out, everybody rushed back. Stone Cold is AWESOME live, very charismtic.

Chris Masters did his best to keep the crowd interested during his promo and made fun of our home teams during the break to gain more heat. Glad to see Rhyno back and in a storyline.

Following the Highlight Reel angle with Jericho and Christian, Lillian Garcia announced to the fans that at Backlash it would be Chris Jericho .v. Christian .v. Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental title. I've noticed that this match has also been announced on the WWE website so there you go.

Triple H came off real great live, very good work at the end of the show. After the camera's stopped running, Triple H was toying with the idea of coming out to fight Batista, but then left with Ric Flair. Lillian thanked the fans for coming, no return date was announced. The only bad part of the show was that we didn't get to see Shelton Benjamin or Randy Orton. Many girls beside me were upset because of that.

Biggest Heat

Triple H

Chris Masters


Biggest Pops

Stone Cold

Rhyno Returning

The Divas

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May 16th

RAW Results

Attendance: 7505

Triple H: I made you who you are today you Son of a bitch and this is how you repay me, huh? This is how you give respect to your master? Taking that title away from me and walking around like you own this place?

Triple H swings his sledgehammer again, this time smashing through the wooden end table beside the leather recliner. Ric Flair is now standing up, laughing and cheering on Hunter.

Triple H: You don't own anything! I OWN you! I made you and I can sure as hell destroy you!

Swing! Triple H puts another hole in Batista's wall. Triple H shatters the glass on the shower door, ten on the mirror in the room. Triple H swings the sledgehammer into Batista's leather chair, ripping it to shreds. Triple H smashes the big screen TV in Batista's room.



Following the opening pyro, we come in to see Triple H and Ric Flair in their locker room. Triple H is taping his fingers up and Ric Flair is in his uniform, getting Triple H pumped up.

Ric Flair: Hunter, you ready boy? You definitely showed Batista last week who the game is and with the WHOOO, 19-time World Champion by your side, that title belt will be around your waist in no time at all.

Triple H: Let me tell you, I am not done with Batista. I will NEVER be done with him until that title belt is back around my waist. I'm sick of hearing Batista this, and The Animal that.

Ric Flair: You have any idea who you are going to pick to face Batista in a match tonight?

Triple H: I know EXACTLY who Batista is going to face tonight. It's someone who is going to get a piece of Batista sooner or later and I--The Game--has made that sooner.

Ric Flair: WHOOOO!


The Master Plan .v. La Resistance

Last week it was revealed that Rhyno had sided with Chris Masters to make "The Master Plan" after Masters defeated Tajiri. If The Master Plan wins this match tonight in their first as a tag team, they will get a tag title shot at Backlash on May 29th.

La Resistance get an early advantage in this match, showing their skill and patience as a tag team. As soon as Rhyno gets the tag to Chris Masters, things turn around when Masters takes out Conway and cheap shots Grenier off of the apron. Sylvain Grenier tries to fight back against Masters, prompting the referee to restrain him. While this is going on, Chris Masters puts Conway in an Arm Wrench, twisting it around. Rhyno runs across the ring and GORE's Conway!! Conway holds his arm in pure agony. Chris Masters goes back on the apron and the referee forgets the fact that Rhyno isn't the legal man. Rob Conway stands up and Rhyno gives him another GORE, pinning him! Grenier tries to break the pin, but Masters is on the ball, cutting him off and locking him quickly into the Masterlock! Rhyno gets the pinfall and Masters tosses Grenier over the top rope!


The Tag Champs in the House

After the match, Masters celebrates with Rhyno, taunting the crowd and yelling how perfect he is. William Regal and Tajiri run down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd noticed quickly that Regal is wearing the brass knuckles.

Regal turns Masters around while Tajiri heads for Rhyno. Regal winds up and tries to hit Masters with the brass knuckles! Masters ducks the knuckles shot while Rhyno ducks the mist from Tajiri! Tajiri nails Regal in the face with the green mist. While Tajiri tries to apologize, Masters hits him with the Wave of the Future, laying him out!

Chris Masters and Rhyno return to the back with a smile on their faces while Tajiri recovers and tries to apologize to Regal.


Maybe You Shouldn't Go There!

The crowd pops as Stacy Keibler is backstage, grabbing herself some juice and cookies from the table. She seems to be in a good mood and greets a few of the backstage workers.

Trish Stratus: Haven't you learnt yet that those things go to your ass? It's starting to be noticeable.

Trish laughs and Stacy sighs as she looks around her shoulder to see Trish wearing her Women's title.

Stacy Keibler: Don't you have any other friends to be with? Or maybe you don't.

Trish Stratus: Just coming to check up on part of my competition at Backlash. Well, if I can actually CALL you competition. Have you ever wrestled before?

Stacy Keibler: If you would weren't so stuck up and one-sided, maybe you'd know.

Trish Stratus: Ha, why don't you just go sleep with Kane? Lita did it, look where she is now. Oh wait, where IS she now?

Stacy is fed up with Trish's insults and slaps her across the face. Trish pounces on her and they spill the juice from the table as they begin a cat fight. Trish takes the cheap shot and pours some juice on Stacy's face and down her shirt.

Christy Hemme and Torrie Wilson come around the corner and pull Trish off of Stacy. The two work Trish over, getting in punches to the gut and taking her down to the ground. Stacy gets revenge by dumping juice on Trish, throwing her Women's title down onto her. The three divas walk off, leaving Trish in a mess.


Batista .v. Edge

Batista doesn't have to wait long to find out her Triple H has picked as an opponent for him. The music of Edge hits and the Money in the Bank winner makes his way out to the ring with speed, hitting Batista with a dropkick early on in the match, following up with a snap suplex and and a facebuster.

Batista soon fights back, capitalizing on a botchd leg drop from the drop rope with a Body Press Slam. After more fighting back and forth, Edge tries taking Batista over the top rope. He fails and Batista lifts him on the apron. Edge tries to choke Batista with the apron, but Batista pull Edge over, making him do a flip and land on his feet. Batista picks up Edge, Batista Bomb! Batista makes the cover in the non-title match to pick up the victory.

After the match, Batista sends a clear sign to Triple H by taunting with the belt and calling The Game on.


The Legend Killer Deserves A Match

Raw GM, Eric Bischoff is on the phone in his locker room. He wraps up his conversation and hangs up the phone to see that Randy Orton is in his office.

Randy Orton: Now Eric, I know that I didn't win my Wrestlemania match against the Undertaker, but you know me! I always have a good explanation. You see, when he set me up for the Tombstone, my arm popped and it felt tingly. If The Undertaker wouldn't have taken a cheap shot on me by popping it out of place when he knew it was already weak, I would have won.

Eric Bischoff: Cut to the chase?

Randy Orton: So, you know me, always looking for a battle. Since I've been off of RAW for a few weeks nursing my arm, there is no time for me to start my own wars.

Eric Bischoff: So..

Randy Orton: So the Legend Killer wants a challenge. [darker voice] And you WILL find me a challenge.

Randy Orton leaves Bischoff in his office.


Christian .v. Chris Jericho (Ref: Shelton Benjamin)

In this unannounced match, Shelton Benjamin has been named the special referee against Christian in Chris Jericho. Lillian Garcia reminds the crowd before the match that these three superstars face off against each other at Backlash for the Intercontinental title.

Shelton plays the fair referee at the beginning, breaking holds and threatening to kick Christian out of the match for using the ropes as leverage on a quick pin. Jericho tries to cheat his way through the match at all, hitting a blatant low blow and not breaking a sleeper hold at the ropes.

At the end of the match, Christian goes for the Unprettier on Chris Jericho, but Jericho reverses it and sends Christian to the ground, WALLS OF JERICHO! Jericho locks in his trademark submission hold and Christian has no choice but to tap out and give the win the Jericho.


Heating Up

Following the match, Jericho motions for Benjamin to hold his hand in the air. Reluctant at first, Benjamin finally gives in and holds Jericho's hand up as the winner of the match. From behind Benjamin comes Christian with a low blow! Jericho pulls Christian off of Shelton to take some shots at the champion himself. While Christian and Jericho aren't working together, they fight to get shots in on the Intercontinental champion until the referees break up the assault.


Kurt Angle .v. Little Billy

Kurt Angle is out for his invitational. Clips are shown from last week when Shawn Michael's entrance theme played but nothing else. Kurt Angle ignores the Titantron while these clips are being played and focuses on "Little Billy", who is coming out to challenge Kurt Angle in his invitational.

The match is short and sweet with Kurt Angle winning after three german suplexes and an Angle Slam.


The Heartbreak Kid

Angle celebrates in the ring as if he has just won an Olympic Gold metal. The music of Shawn Michael's hits once again and Kurt looks around for a sign of the Heartbreak Kid. Suddenly, Michael's appears on the Titantron, smiling at Kurt.

Shawn Michaels: Bet I had you a little worried, didn't I Kurt? Don't worry, I'm not in the arena tonight. I will, however, tell you where I WILL be. I will be at Backlash Kurt. And I will be there to fight YOU.

Kurt Angle: Whoa, Shawn, I don't want a match against you. Wasn't me beating you once already enough?

Shawn Michaels: Whoa, who said anything about a match? I want a fight! A No Holds-Barred Street FIGHT against you Kurt. Are you scared?

Kurt Angle: Why should I have to prove anything to you? I've already won two Gold medals and beat you at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels: Because if you don't fight me, I'll HUNT YOU DOWN, and KICK YOUR ASS.


Triple H .v. Chris Benoit

Ric Flair and Triple H are out for HHH's match against an opponent of Batista's choosing. Before the fans see who HHH's opponent is, Batista comes out to join JR and King and the announce table. The music of Chris Benoit plays and HHH has no reaction to Benoit being his opponent.

HHH and Benoit square off, having wrestled each other many times before. They slam into each other with all they got in an all-out brawl. Triple H throws Benoit over the top rope early on in the match, going outside to meet Benoit by the barrier to the fans. HHH and Benoit trade punches and HHH smacks Benoit into the barrier. Triple H reaches under the ring to pull out a sledgehammer and is about to use it when Benoit ducks, taking out HHH's knee. Benoit gets back into the ring to stop the ten count and continue the match.

As both men wear down, Benoit manages to take HHH down and get to the top rope for his Headbutt. Benoit jumps but HHH moves and Benoit smacks the mat! HHH has his advantage and sets Benoit up for the Pedigree. HHH is about to hit the move when Benoit flips HHH over, locking in the Crippler Crossface!! HHH screams in pain and Ric Flair tries to help him, but the referee restrains him. The referee looks back to see HHH tapping out!!!

Benoit's music hits and he stands to his feet. HHH has a shocked look on his face and can't grasp what has just happened. As Benoit leaves the ring area, Batista stands on the middle of the ramp, shocked himself to see that HHH has lost. RAW goes off the air with the crowd chanting Batista's name, Batista standing on the ramp, and HHH with a shocked look on his face after tapping out to Chris Benoit.


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Raw Notes

Dark Match

MNM (Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro) d. Two Locals


Muhammed Hassan d. Val Venis

Victoria d. Molly Holly

Tajiri d. Snitsky

After Raw

Batista teased coming down the ramp. HHH played off being "shocked" at losing to Benoit for a bit. Batista got into the ring and it looked like a dark handicap match until SHAWN MICHAELS appeared to even out the sides. Batista and Shawn Michaels beat HHH and Ric Flair in about a seven or eight minute match. After that, Lillian thanked the crowd for coming and that was it.

Biggest Pops

Shawn Michaels



Biggest Boos

Triple H



I'd just like to point out as well that during the tag match between The Master Plan and La Resistance, Grenier was visibly heart after the Arm Wrench and Gore from Masters and Rhyno. After the match when the tag champions came out, Grenier kind of rolled out of the ring clutching his arm. The referee checked on him and made the "X" signal off camera to the back. When the show went to commercial break, a few trainers came out from the back to help Grenier to the back.

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May 23rd

RAW Preview

It will only be six days away from Backlash when RAW hits the airwaves this Monday night! Still shocked from his unexpected loss to Chris Benoit on RAW, Triple H will be looking for a fight and RAW GM Eric Bischoff has given it to him. On RAW, Triple H will take on a man who has a few fair victories on him already: Shelton Benjamin! Will Triple H's losing streak continue and more importantly, how will Batista or Christian and Chris Jericho play a part in this match? It is sure to be an all out hell with the The Game and Mr. Benjamin in the ring.

Last week Trish Stratus was humiliated by her three diva opponents in Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, and Christy Hemme. This week, one of the three divas will be forced to tag wrestle with Trish Stratus against the other two ladies in an all-out ladies war. Who will get the "short end of the stick" and be forced to wrestle with Trish? How will Trish react to her partner and knowing that she has three ladies against her this Sunday at Backlash?

As well, after Randy Orton told Eric Bischoff he could beat anybody Bischoff threw at him, we will find out who the Legend Killer will face this sunday at Backlash. With Orton still nursing a sore arm, how will his condition be this Sunday? Will his opponent be too much of a match for him?

Lastly, Kurt Angle will be in the house for one more Invitational and with Shawn Michaels lurking nearby, how will this play out? Rhyno and Tajiri will also face off in a clash of the former ECW warriors and a possible preview of Backlash this Sunday!

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May 23rd


Attendance: 7508

As both men wear down, Benoit manages to take HHH down and get to the top rope for his Headbutt. Benoit jumps but HHH moves and Benoit smacks the mat! HHH has his advantage and sets Benoit up for the Pedigree. HHH is about to hit the move when Benoit flips HHH over, locking in the Crippler Crossface!! HHH screams in pain and Ric Flair tries to help him, but the referee restrains him. The referee looks back to see HHH tapping out!!!

Benoit's music hits and he stands to his feet. HHH has a shocked look on his face and can't grasp what has just happened. As Benoit leaves the ring area, Batista stands on the middle of the ramp, shocked himself to see that HHH has lost. RAW goes off the air with the crowd chanting Batista's name, Batista standing on the ramp, and HHH with a shocked look on his face after tapping out to Chris Benoit.

The Shortest Straw

Following the opening pyro to start RAW, we come to the backstage area to find Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Christy Hemme, all ready for their tag match coming up. The only problem is that one of the three must tag with Trish Stratus and none of them look too thrilled.

Stacy Keibler: Lets just get this over with.

Torrie Wilson: Agreed/

Christy twists around the four straws in her hand and when she is done, holds out her hand. Torrie picks her straw first and breathes a sigh of relief when it is a long one. Stacy grabs her straw quickly and then looks on in worry as she looks at the shorter straw. Christy opens up her hand and gives a small cheer.

Stacy Keibler: Well, I guess I better be getting out with my "partner".

Torrie Wilson: Sorry, Stace.

Stacy musters out a small smile and the scene cuts.


Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler .v. Torrie Wilson and Christy Hemme

In a preview of this Sunday at Backlash, Stacy Keibler has been forced to tag with Trish Stratus while her two divas face them in a tag match. Trish and Stacy come out first to Trish's theme music. Trish walks noticeably faster than Keibler, forcing her to catch up. In the ring, Trish holds up her title belt and shoots a dirty look at Stacy. Christy and Torrie come out next to Torrie's music, still trying to apologize to Stacy for her getting the short straw.

Trish starts off the match with Christy in a Wrestlemania rematch, quickly taking advantage. Eventually, Christy hits a solid suplex, followed by a standing leg drop to take out Trish. While Torrie and Christy continue to tag off, Trish doesn't allow Stacy to get in the match by not tagging her in. As Torie and Christy continue to work on Trish, Stacy starts to grow impatient. After another tag by Torrie and Christy, Trish takes both of them out with a flying clothesline, giving her the perfect chance for a tag!

As Stacy continues to call for the tag, Trish tries to tell herself that she is fine. Stacy reaches her boiling point and gives up calling for the tag, simply watching the handicap match instead. Trish holds out her hand, finally asking for the tag. Stacy looks like she is about to get into the match, but SLAPS Trish instead! Trish holds her face and turns around, straight into a Chick Kick from Christy. Christy makes the cover and wins the match for her team!

Following the match, Stacy goes over to congratulate her fellow divas and the three leaves the ring together while Trish holds her face and women's title, looking pissed off.


Rhyno .v. Tajiri

In a match of former ECW warriors, Rhyno, accompanied by Chris Masters takes on Tajiri, with Regal. Chris Masters eyes up Regal carefully from opposite sides of the ringside, watching him for anything funny-looking. Rhyno and Tajiri lock up and the crowd is instantly hooked at the match. For a while, Rhyno and Tajiri do nothing but reversing each others moves, knowing each other fairly well. It is only when Tajiri fakes a kick to the head and goes to the knees that he is able to get the advantage.

Masters yells at Rhyno to try and give him encouragement as Tajiri locks in the Tarantula. When Chris Masters gets onto the ring apron momentarily, the referee has to retain him. This distraction gives Rhyno enough time to hit an Arm Breaker, following by a leg drop from the top rope!

Tajiri is down and hurt. Rhyno bangs his foot down on the ring and Tajiri stands up. GORE! Tajiri is layed out and Rhyno gets the cover to get a victory over one-half of the tag champions!


The First Fault in Perfection

Chris Masters comes into the ring to celebrate with his protoge. Regal gets into the ring as well and is fed up with Masters, immediately attacking him. Rhyno pulls Regal off of Master, hitting him with a back suplex. Tajiri recovers and goes to hit Chris Masters with a Stiff Kick but Masters ducks and he hits Rhyno!!

As Chris Masters checks on his partner, Regal manages to slide on the brass knuckles hidden in his knee pad. Masters turns around and gets WHALLOPED with the brass knuckles! Rhyno rolls Chris Masters out of the ring and they retreat to the back with a gash in the nose of Chris Masters.


Don't Complain When You Asked For It...

Eric Bischoff is shown in his locker room. Randy Orton quickly enters.

Randy Orton: So Bischoff, who do you have for me to face?

Eric Bischoff: Ugh, Randy I haven't even thought about it.

Randy Orton: What could be more important that finding someone for Randy Orton to beat up?

Eric Bischoff: I tell you what. The first person you see when you walk out of this door you can face in a match at the PPV, ok?

Randy Orton nods and within a few seconds there is a knock on the door. Bischoff shrugs and Orton checks it out. In walks Chris Benoit!


...And Then Start A Fight

Randy Orton starts to shake his head.

Randy Orton: Nuh-uh, you said when I walk out the door. The first person I see then!

Benoit, who instantly knows what Orton is talking about, smirks.

Chris Benoit: Are you still looking for a fight? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, quick bugging the RAW GM, and fight ME?

Orton doesn't say anything, prompting Benoit to get into his face.

Chris Benoit: Did I stutter? Are you afraid of the Crippler?

Randy Orton: It's on.

Benoit and Orton stand face to face in Bischoff's office.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, if you wouldn't mind leaving me alone, I have some very "important" business to handle. Please go on.

Benoit and Orton leave Bischoff's office and split off in opposite directions.


Kurt Angle .v. Flip

Out for another Invitational is Kurt Angle, once again looking solid and ready for a fight. This time his opponent is a 110-pound luchador going by the name of "Flip". To be honest, it looks like Essa Rios' brother.

Kurt Angle quickly takes advantage of the rookie, tearing in to him and beating him up like all of the rest before this young person. Kurt hits a few perfect German Suplexes and a Superplex from the top rope. As the young rookie knows he made a mistake by coming out, Kurt Angle hits him with a knee wrench. Angle gets ready to finish the rookie off when the music of Shawn Michaels hits!! Kurt Angle stops what he is doing to stare up the ramp. Flip tries to beat Angle by attacking him but Angle flips Flip over his back, making him on his stomach in front of Kurt. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and Flip quickly taps out!


Oh No He Didn't!

Kurt goes back to stare at the ramp, where Shawn Michaels' music is still playing. The crowd pops instantly and Shawn Michaels appears in the ring behind Angle! Michaels plays off the crowd and start motioning for the Sweet Chin Music on Angle.

Angle turns around, fed up with looking at the ramp. He walks straight into the Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels! Kurt Angle lays in the middle of the ring and Michaels stands over him while his pyro goes off. Shawn Michaels toys with taking Kurt's Gold medals, putting them around his neck and examining them. Shawn throws them down onto Kurt and picks up the mic in the corner of the ring.

Shawn Michaels: NEVER mess with the Heart....Break....Kid!


Triple H .v. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin is out first with his match against the former World Champion. The announcers mention the fact that Shelton has two wins against Triple H already and has more experience than the last time he faced HHH. Triple H comes out to the ring for the match with Ric Flair at his side, looking pissed off and ready for a fight.

Benjamin seems unaffected of Triple H's menacing look, simply getting ready for the match himself. Triple H circles the young Intercontinental Champion, never taking his eyes of Shelton. As the match starts, Shelton remains calm, reversing a suplex and clothesline attempt from Triple H, hitting him square in the leg with a kick. Triple H charges at Benjamin, diving at his leg. Shelton Benjamin jumps up to avoid the attack, coming down with a quick leg drop on HHH!

Triple H soon gets a quick advantage, but a few reversals by Benjamin and he is on the receiving end again. Ric Flair jumps up onto the ring apron to try and help out The Game. As the referee goes over to argue with Flair, Triple H hits Benjamin with a low blow!

Cue Batista who comes running down the ramp and into the ring. Triple H meets him with punches, but Batista isn't looking for a fair fight, hitting Triple H with the World Heavyweight title belt! The referee turns around and is oblivious to the title shot on Triple H. As the referee now tries to restrain Batista, Christian comes down the ramp. Shelton Benjamin, who is covering HHH but not getting a count is hit in the head by Christian. As those two brawl, Chris Jericho runs into the ring with a chair. SMACK! Jericho hits Christian in the back with a chair, causing him to fall over Benjamin!

With both competitors in the actual match out cold in the ring, the referee doesn't know who to disqualify. Instead, he works on Christian and Chris Jericho who jump to the outside and are fighting. While this is happening Batista and Ric Flair start fighting!

Triple H and Shelton Benjamin both get to their feet. Triple H hits Benjamin in the cut and goes for the Pedigree! Benjamin reverses it into a rollup on HHH! The referee counts, 1, 2, 3!! The crowd goes wild as Triple H looks shocked once again! Shelton Benjamin gets to his feet with his hands in the air!


Pure Chaos

HHH looks shocked as he goes outside the ring to the ring apron. Batista gets into the ring to congratulate the young IC Champion on a win over the The Game. As Batista is holding Shelton's arm in the air, HHH gets back into the ring with a Sledgehammer! Triple H swings and takes Batista out, making him hit the floor.

Benjamin delivers a kick to HHH's head, taking him out and knocking the sledgehammer away! Christian and Chris Jericho get into the ring and start brawling with the champion!

RAW goes off the air as both competitors in the World Heavyweight title match (Batista and Triple H) are out in the ring. Over top of them are the three Intercontinental title competitors, fighting with each other. Pure chaos is in the ring with a sledgehammer, chair, and both title belts lying around. RAW cuts with the WWE logo in the corner.


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FINAL Backlash Card

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista © .v. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © .v. Christian .v. Chris Jericho

Tag Championships

The Master Plan .v. Tajiri and Regal

Women's Title

Trish Stratus .v. Christy Hemme .v. Torrie Wilson .v. Stacy Keibler

Kurt Angle .v. Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton .v. Chris Benoit

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