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NWA: Total Nonstop Action - From Its Inception!


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A History of the National Wrestling Alliance


On July 14th, the National Wrestling Alliance is formed by Professional Wrestling promoters throughout North America in order to avoid stringent U.S. anti-trust laws. Although run as separate "territories," promoters agree to work with each other under the NWA banner. The first President is P.L. "Pinkie" George, while Orville Brown, the reigning Midwest Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight champion, is recognized as the first NWA World champion, as the MWA is absorbed into the NWA.

On July 20th, Lou Thesz defeats "Wild" Bill Longson in St.Louis to capture the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title.


On November 1st, Orville Brown is injured in an automobile accident and is forced to retire from the ring, thus relinquishing his claim to the title.

On November 25th, the unification match between Orville Brown and Lou Thesz in St. Louis is cancelled.

Two days later (November 27th), the National Wrestling Alliance awards the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to Lou Thesz at its annual convention in St. Louis.

[Note: Over the next few years, Lou Thesz unifies several titles to become the Undisputed World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, as those organizations are absorbed by the NWA.]


On July 27th, Lou Thesz defeats "Gorgeous" George Wagner in Chicago, to merge the old Boston-based American Wrestling Association version of the World title into the NWA World title.


On May 21st, Lou Thesz defeats Baron Michele Leone in Los Angeles, to merge the California version of the world title [also referred to by some historians as the Olympic Auditorium version of the World title] into the NWA World title. The match draws a record $103,277 gate, the first gate of $100,000 or more in U.S. history.


On March 15th, "Whipper" Billy Watson defeats Lou Thesz in Toronto via a count out.

On November 9th, Lou Thesz defeats "Whipper" Billy Watson in St. Louis.


On June 14th, Edouard Carpentier defeats Lou Thesz in Chicago, when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury. The NWA Board of Directors, however, rule that the title cannot change hands through an injury and gives the belt back to Thesz. Despite the reversed decision, Carpentier remains recognized as World champion in both Omaha and Los Angeles by the World Wrestling Association in order to legitimize the lineages of their respective world titles.

On October 7th, Lou Thesz faces Rikidozan, the father of Japanese Professional Wrestling in Tokyo, for the first ever NWA World title match held in Japan. The match ends in a 60-minute time limit draw.

On November 14th, Dick Hutton defeats Lou Thesz in Toronto.


On January 9th, Pat O'Connor defeats Dick Hutton in St. Louis.


On June 30th, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers defeats Pat O'Connor in Chicago's Comiskey Park.


On August 2nd, Bruno Sammartino is awarded the NWA World title after defeating "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in Toronto, Ontario Canada, but refuses to accept the strap because Rogers had wrestled with an injury.


On January 24th, Lou Thesz defeats "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in a one fall contest in Toronto. Promoters in the Northeast U.S., however, refuse to recognize the one-fall decision and form the World Wide Wrestling Federation with Rogers as their first World Heavyweight champion. Rogers would later lose the title to Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden, a rematch of their 1962 Toronto bout. The WWWF would eventually become the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

On February 7th, Lou Thesz defeats "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in a return two out of three falls match in Toronto. The result has largely been forgotten in the annals of wrestling history, primarily because of the result of the first match: which was the creation of the WWWF.


On January 7th, Gene Kiniski defeats Lou Thesz in St. Louis.


On February 11th, Dory Funk Jr. defeats Gene Kiniski in Tampa, Florida, USA. For more information on Dory Funk Jr. check out his "Official" home page at http://www.dory-funk.com.

On December 2nd, Dory Funk Jr. wrestles Antonio Inoki to a 60-minute draw, in the first NWA World title match in Japan in 12 years. Inoki's strong showing makes him a international superstar. (Note: A rematch was never held and video tapes of this bout are still sold in Japan).


On March 24th, Harley Race defeats Dory Funk Jr. in Kansas City.

On July 20th, Jack Brisco defeats Harley Race in Houston.


On December 2nd, Giant Baba defeats Jack Brisco in Kagoshima, Japan.

On December 9th, Jack Brisco defeats Giant Baba in Toyohashi, Japan.


On December 10th, Terry Funk defeats Jack Brisco in Miami.


On February 6th, Harley Race defeats Terry Funk in Toronto.


On January 25th, Harley Race wrestles WWWF Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham to a one-hour draw in a best 2-out-of-3 falls contest in Miami's Orange Bowl, each taking one fall with the third going to a draw. The match includes special guest referees Gorilla Monsoon and Eddie Graham.


On August 21st, Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race in Tampa.

On August 26th, Harley Race defeats Dusty Rhodes in Orlando.

On October 31st, Giant Baba defeats Harley Race in Nagoya, Japan.

On November 7th, Harley Race defeats Giant Baba in Amagasaki, Japan.


On September 4th, Giant Baba defeats Harley Race in Saga, Japan.

On September 9th, Harley Race defeats Giant Baba in Ohtsu, Japan.


On April 27th, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich defeats Harley Race in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

On May 1st, Harley Race defeats "Wildfire" Tommy Rich in Gainsville, Georgia, USA.

On June 21st, Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race in Atlanta.

On September 17th, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City.


On February 9th, The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeats Ric Flair in Tampa, but returns the belt when asked to indentify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel, as it is ruled by the NWA Board of Directors that a masked man cannot wear the championship. Ric Flair continues to be recognized as the champion.

On July 4th, Ric Flair wrestles World Wrestling Federation (WWF) World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund to a 20-minute double disqualification in Atlanta's Omni.


On June 10th, Harley Race defeats Ric Flair in St. Louis.

On November 24th, Ric Flair defeats Harley Race in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.


On March 21st, Harley Race defeats Ric Flair in Wellington, New Zealand.

On March 23rd, Ric Flair defeats Harley Race in Kallang, Singapore.

On May 6th, Kerry von Erich defeats Ric Flair in Irving, Texas, USA.

On May 24th, Ric Flair defeats Kerry von Erich in Yokosuka, Japan.


On October 2nd, Ric Flair wrestles American Wrestling Association (AWA) World Heavyweight Champion Rick Martel in a title versus title match in Tokyo. The bout ends in a no decision as both champions are counted out of the ring.


On July 25th, Dusty Rhodes defeats Ric Flair in Greensboro.

On August 7th, Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes in St. Louis.


On September 25th, "Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin defeats Ric Flair in Detroit.

On November 26th, Ric Flair defeats Ronnie Garvin in Chicago.


On February 20th, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeats Ric Flair in Chicago.

On May 7th, Ric Flair defeats Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in Nashville.


On July 7th, Sting defeats Ric Flair in Baltimore.


On January 11th, Ric Flair defeats Sting in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. With all but a few of the regional NWA "territories" no longer operating, the title begins to be referred to as the World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight title by WCW television announcers as they make the two names interchangeable.

On March 21st, Tatsumi Fujinami defeats Ric Flair in Tokyo. Although Fujinami is recognized as the only NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the WCW World Heayweight title is given to Flair after the decision was changed by WCW to a disqualification, thus splitting the championship.

On May 19th, Ric Flair defeats Tatsumi Fujinami in St. Petersburg, Florida to re-unify the two belts.

On September 8th, Ric Flair is stripped of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he enters the World Wrestling Federation as the "Real World Champion."


On August 12th, Masahiro Chono defeats Rick Rude in Tokyo during the final match of a tournament to fill the vacant NWA title.


On January 4th, the Great Muta defeats Masahiro Chono in Tokyo.

On February 21st, Barry Windham defeats the Great Muta in Ashville, North Carolina, USA.

On July 18th, Ric Flair defeats Barry Windham in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.

In September, WCW withdraws from the NWA over a dispute revolving around an upcoming Pay-Per-View match between Ric Flair and Rick Rude.

The result has the NWA no longer recognizing Ric Flair as its champion and WCW renaming the title the WCW International title.


Despite all the controversy with WCW in 1993, the NWA continues un-interrupted as a legal entity, but without national television exposure and holds another tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight title on August 27th. Shane Douglas defeats Too Cold Scorpio in the tournament final in Philadelphia but refuses the belt saying the NWA is a dead organization; Eastern Championship Wrestling immediately announces their withdrawal from the NWA and changes their name to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

On November 19th, Chris Candido defeats Tracy Smothers in yet another tournament final in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA to fill the vacant title.


On February 24th, Dan "the Beast" Severn defeats Chris Candido in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA.


On January 5th, NWA President Howard Brody and NWA Executive Vice President Dennis Coralluzzo show up on WWF TV in New Haven, Connecticut to award the NWA North American title to the winner of a match between Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham. It marks the return of the NWA to international television for the first time after a nearly five year absence. Three months later, Dan "the Beast" Severn makes his television debut.


On March 14th, Naoya Ogawa defeats Dan "the Beast" Severn in Yokohama, Japan. The match includes special referee Dory Funk, Jr.

On September 25th, Gary Steele of NWA-UK pinned Naoya Ogawa to win the title in Charlotte, North Carolina in a three-way dance involving Brian Anthony.

On October 2nd, Naoya Ogawa regains the title in Thomaston, Connecticut.


On July 2nd, Naoya Ogawa vacated the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Making it a second time in its history that the NWA World title was vacated.

On September 19th, "Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada defeated Jerry Flynn in a four-man tournament final to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida.

On November 11th, Sabu pinned Mike Rapada to win the title in Tampa, Florida.

On December 22nd, Mike Rapada regained the title from Sabu in Nashville, Tennessee.


On April 24th, "King of Old School" Steve Corino pinned Mike Rapada to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida.

On October 13th, the title was held up against Shin'ya Hashimoto in St. Petersburg, Florida when Corino is unable to continue due to injury.

On December 15th, Shin'ya Hashimoto defeated Steve Corino and Gary Steele in a round-robin tournament to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.


On March 9th, Dan Severn defeated Shin'ya Hashimoto to win the title in Tokyo, Japan.

On May 28th, Dan Severn was stripped by unanimous vote of the NWA Board of Directors for not being able to schedule a title defence on June 2nd in Huntsville, Alabama.

That title defence would have taken centre stage on the debut show of the latest NWA member, NWA: Total Nonstop Action, owned and operated out of Tennessee by Jerry Jarrett. Now however the pay per view event would instead crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. This is the story…………..of Total Nonstop Action.

Credit to the Wrestling Information Archive for the history of the National Wrestling Alliance.

(NOTE: Slightly altered to make the first show June 2nd and not June 19th.)

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Looking forward to this AD, I always get excited by this idea hence there being one of these diaries in my sig. But I'm about as much use at getting past show four on any diary as something that's not very much use.

Will be interesting to see what you go for in this one, as mine is one I'm thinking of continuing at the moment. I'm interested.

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NWATNA: Coronation of a Champion

LIVE from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama on pay per view, the National Wrestling Alliance returns to prominence!

A new NWA World Champion will be crowned live on pay per view in the Gauntlet For The Gold match. The top eight contenders for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship have been selected by the NWA Championship Committee. The eight men have each drawn a number between one and eight. Two men will start, when one is eliminated the next man enters. The match continues on until two men are remaining, at which time the match switches to No DQ and No Count-Out rules. The man left standing after all eight men have entered and seven have been eliminated will be crowned the new NWA World Champion. The lucky eight competitors are; “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock, “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett, “The Next Generation Superstar” Brian Christopher, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall, Vader, Curt Hennig and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.

NWA:TNA is committed to bringing you only the very best wrestling action and to make this promise into an iron clad fact the National Wrestling Alliance has created the X Division. No Weight limits, no gender limits and no time limits in matches. Strictly fast paced, hard hitting action and tonight we see six men in action who will be cornerstones of the Division in the coming months. AJ Styles, “The New F’n Show” Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Sonny Siaki step into the squared circle in a Six Way Scramble Match.

As well as bringing you the very best wrestlers from the United States, NWA:TNA is committed to bringing you the best wrestlers from all over the world and tonight we’ll see six of the best in a special “INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE” match as Excellence Inc. of the USA face The Yung Dragons of Japan and Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm from the United Kingdom. Only one team can leave victorious. Who will win in this three way war? The USA, Japan or the United Kingdom?


See “The Vampire Warrior” Lestat in action against Buff Bagwell and The Pitbulls will be in the house as they take on Danny Doring & Roadkill!

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NWATNA: Coronation of a Champion

user posted image

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to the mainstream tonight, LIVE from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Now we take you to the announce team of Mike Tenay and Don West!

- Gertner Opens The Show –

The very first TNA pay per view opened with Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside. They quickly welcomed us to the show before mentioning the man standing in the ring – Joel Gertner – who was the recipient of a lot of cheers from the crowd. Gertner had a microphone in his hand.

Joel Gertner: NWA: Total Nonstop Action, your eyes do not decieve you, it is indeed I, ‘The Quintessential Studmuffin’, Joel “Every Woman’s Plaything, Be It For Pleasure or Leisure” Gertner, and I come to you this evening, live on pay per view, around the nation. People have come from miles around and paid their hard earned cash, to hear the sweet, sweet melodic sounds of Joel Gertner……

One solitary female(!!) fan lets out a “Whooo!”

Joel Gertner: ……remember the name, you’ll be screaming it later. But for now, I have for you all, a gift, direct from the heart, at a total weight of buff, rough, tough and toned 483lbs, Anthony Durante and Gary Wolfe, The Pitbulls!

From the back came Pitbulls #1 and #2 to a decent pop from the crowd, before a few isolated “E-C-W!” chants started up. The Pitbulls slid into the ring and posed for the crowd as TNA headed to a quick commercial for a “TNA Season Ticket”: Apparantly you can save $35 a month by buying 5 pay per views at once.


Gary Wolfe gained overness, going from 57-58


Total Nonstop Action saw its’ first action as the previously introduced Pitbulls along with Joel Gertner took on Danny Doring & Roadkill who got a “hey, don’t we know you?” reaction upon their entrance. The Pitbulls were treated as the popular faces here as they took full advantage of the power they have to boo and cheer whomever the hell they want before they’re told who to boo and cheer for. Doring & Roadkill fell into a heel role well, Doring playing the sneaky cheat to perfection, only coming into the ring after Roadkill had done some damage to either #1 or #2 and when you see the size difference between Doring and the other three, it’s easy to see why he wanted to have a minimal contribution to this match. In fact it was Doring who was the first to majorly impress as he dodged and ducked the attacks of both Pitbulls before nailing two very nice standing dropkicks. His run of luck continued with a headscissors and a drop toehold, but unfortunately his luck ran out and he got caught by the Pitbulls and absolutely decimated as we saw the Pitbulls of old. Roadkill tried to interfere but he was planted with a spinebuster by #1 for his trouble and this signalled the beginning of the end for the odd couple as Doring was nailed with the Super Bomb onto Roadkill for the 1-2-3! After the bell The Pitbulls celebrated, posing for the crowd, who cheered a little.

The Pitbulls beat Doring & Roadkill - [83/57/63] - ***

- Lestat Gets Help From Another Absolute Nutjob -

TNA continued along, albeit rather poorly as “The Vampire Warrior” Lestat aka. Gangrel (complete with ‘golden chalice’), took on Buff Bagwell in one on one competition. The first rumours about this show had Bagwell in the Gauntlet For The Gold match, but after the signing of Scott Steiner (who he hates), Bagwell was demoted into this match here. It didn’t do him any good as he and Lestat clusterfucked their way through a dire seven minute affair. Lestat tried his best but Bagwell just didn’t put any effort in, and the result was one blown spot after another, all merging into one big mess of a match. Lestat dominated the majority of the match but still needed some outside assitance to put away Bagwell (no doubt Bagwell demanded he didn’t lose cleanly) as “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell and Slash turned up at ringside and while Mitchell distracted the referee, Slash nailed the Slash and Burn. It was then a simple case of Lestat making the cover to get the 1-2-3 and the win. After the bell all three men drank from the chalice, over the prone carcass of Buff Bagwell. What is the relationship between Lestat, Slash and “The Sinister Minister”?

“The Vampire Warrior” Lestat beat Buff Bagwell - [48/47/42] – ½*

Lestat gained overness, going from 40-41

- Jarrett Arrives -

TNA headed to the parking lot, just in time to see a white Cadillac pull up outside the arena. The driver’s door opens and “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett steps out. He is dressed casually in a white shirt with the top three buttons undone and a pair of jeans. He grabs a bag from the back seat before closing the door and tossing the keys, as if just by habit to the valet – who looks like he’s just come from high school. He starts to head back into the arena but back-pedals back to the valet (and camera).

Jeff Jarrett: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who the hell are you?

Valet: I’m the….the valet, Mr. Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: The valet. Are you even old enough to drive?

Valet: Yes….yes sir, Mr. Jarrett sir.

Jeff Jarrett: Let me get this straight, you are going to valet my car for me?

Valet: Yes sir.

Jeff Jarrett: Read my lips slapnuts, you are not parking my car. You are not touching my car. That Cadillac cost me one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. (Wrestling Mathematics Rule #1: Any price quoted for car/motorcycle/bus/boat etc. should be halved to get true value) I want someone who won’t fall asleep at the wheel because it is past his bedtime to park my car. Now you go and get your manager, and tell him that Jeff Jarrett is telling him to park my car.

The valet just stands looking at Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Well go!

Valet: Yes sir.

The valet rushes off and Jarrett heads into the arena, muttering under his breath something about “kindergarten kids”.


- Three Way Tag Terror -

Back to the ring where we got some more tag team action as Excellence Inc. (Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest) took on The Yung Dragons and Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm in a Tag Team International Challenge. The Dragons played the heels while Fleisch & Storm got a mixed reaction. For the cheap pop Excellence Inc. came out draped in the Stars & Stripes and got a big pop for that, although it is disappointing to see TNA resorting to “these guys are foreign, boo them” logic on their first show. Although, after the initial “hey, he’s got an American flag around his shoulders” pop the crowd died down completely as the three teams went at it in tornado rules. Mike Tenay gave us a little background on all three teams as the match went on; Excellence Inc. mainstays on the west coast and with the Japanese promotions. The Yung Dragons formerly of WCW and Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm, two young up and coming Brits who have faced each other more times than they’ve tagged together. It showed early on as they teased tension between Fleisch and Storm before the two got on the same page and blatantly stole a line from Goldeneye. “For England Jody”, “For England Jonny”. From then on it was all very even, with the Dragons and the Brits taking to the air at every opportunity while Morgan and Modest tried to keep the fight on the ground. Mike Tenay mentioned that Fleisch and Storm are over in the US for a tour of all the major indy promotions before putting over Excellence Inc. who are apparantly “big names out in the Far East.” Sadly for the Dragons he didn’t say anything about them and we soon found out why as they were the first to be eliminated after Jody Fleisch nailed the 720 Phoenix DDT to Kaz Hayashi for the 1-2-3! We were down to the US vs. the UK and neither team wanted to lose as both dug deep for their second and third winds. Both teams looked like they had the match won, first the Brits when Jonny Storm nailed the Wonder-Whirl to Donovan Morgan only for Michael Modest to break it up, and then when Modest in turn nailed Jody Fleisch with the Reality Check, only for it to be broken up by Jonny Storm. In the end, the natives went over, with Donovan Morgan reversing a Rewind Frankensteiner into a Helicopter Bomb for the pinfall. After the bout the four men shook hands for an honourable contest.

Excellence Inc. beat Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm and The Yung Dragons - [91/48/62] - ***¼

- Legends Ceremony -

TNA went to Mike Tenay who left the announce booth and entered the ring with a microphone. He got healthy applause from the crowd as he paced around the ring. Meanwhile behind him, ring workers were setting up four large framed pictures, covered in veil, a table and some plaques.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, will you please join me, in welcoming four true legends in this sport to the NWA:TNA ring!

Some generic music begins to play and the legends make their way out to the ring. First to come through the curtain is Dutch Mantell, and he is soon followed by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Harley Race, bringing up the rear is “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. The four men enter the ring and shake hands with Mike Tenay, who points out a pile of microphones on the table and each man helps himself to one.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, the NWA Hall of Fame inductees for 2002!

Again the fans cheer for the four men, before they settle down and Mike Tenay brings his microphone to his lips.

Mike Tenay: “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, let us start with you, a three time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, what is it like, to be back in an NWA ring?

Dusty Rhodes: Well you know Mike Tenaay, I have travelled far and wide, I have rode in luxury and lived in poverty, I have dined with royalty and with servants, and I have wrestled, all over the world, for wrestling fans, like these people here in Huntsville, Alabama.

The fans pop for the mention of their hometown.

Dusty Rhodes: I have wrestled for many promotions, for many titles, against many men, but I have never enjoyed mah liiife, as much as I diiid, when I was in the National Wrestlin’ Alliiiaance. When I was in an NWA ring, wrestling fo’ the NWA fans, I was at my very best, physically and emotionally, and I am glaaad, to see it back.

Mike Tenay: We all are Dusty. But another NWA World Champion, possibly the greatest NWA World Champion of all time, an eight time champion, Harley Race, what are your thoughts on the return of the NWA?

Harley Race: You know, it was many years ago, that I lifted my last NWA Championship, but the passion and the love for this sport, never dies. I have said it before to many people Mike Tenay, but I will say it again here tonight. There isn’t a better place to be than in a wrestling ring, under those bright lights and there isn’t a better ring to be in, than an NWA one.

The crowd cheers at this as well, before starting a “T-N-A!” chant, which carries on for about a minute before Tenay has to ask them to quieten down and he turns to Steamboat.

Mike Tenay: Moving on to you, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, another multiple time NWA World Champion, and a man who many say has been involved in some of the best matches of all time, and indeed in the best match of all time.

Ricky Steamboat: Thank you, thank you Mike Tenay. It is good to see the National Wrestling Alliance back in the mainstream and I am excited as I know you all are, about crowning a new NWA Champion tonight. But I must echo the sentiments of Dusty and Harley, the NWA is the place to be, and it is an honour to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I know these three men feel the same.

Dutch Mantell: What a bunch of bullshit!

Steamboat, Rhodes, Race and Tenay spin rapidly to the quiet Dutch Mantell, who clarifies his statement.

Dutch Mantell: The NWA is a dead organisation.

The crowd boos this defamation of the NWA.

Dutch Mantell: It’s heart stopped beating a long time ago. The moment that some British nobody became the NWA World Champion, the NWA breathed its’ last breath. Total Nonstop Action is just what will be another failed attempt to bring the NWA back to its old place in the world. The so called ‘wrestlers’ in TNA aren’t wrestlers at all. But next week, live on pay per view, I’ll show you all a real wrestler, when my new protégé debuts-

Dusty Rhodes: Now hold on dere!

The crowd cheers for Dusty Rhodes interrupting Mantell’s rant.

Dusty Rhodes: Don’t you never ever badmouth the NWA, not even fo’ a second. Da NWA gave you a life, it gave you a career, it proviiiided fo’ you, and yo’ family Don’t you ever badmouth the tradition and legacy of the NWA, or what it ees at the moment.

Dutch Mantell: Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. Still living off past glories, a has-been, or even a never-was. You really should have learned by now when to shut up Dusty, or was your daddy to busy out servicing women’s pipes to raise you right?!?!

Dusty Rhodes: Now you listen here and you listen good Mantell, I ahm going to giiive you until the count of fiive, to get the hell outta this ring! One……..Two…….Three………Four…

Dutch Mantell: I’m going.

Mantell leaves the ring and the three remaining legends discuss something quickly amongst themselves, before turning as one back towards the aisle where Dutch Mantell is leaving.

Dusty Rhodes: Look at ya runnin’ away Mantell. I knew you had yellow teeth, but ah never figured dat you had a yella belly!

Mantell silently fumes on the stage for a few seconds before the whole ceremony is interrupted by the music and subsequent appearance of “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett who makes his way onto the stage.

Jeff Jarrett: Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. Dutch here, is right. You don’t know when to shut up. Let me make this very clear, not only to you, but to those two slapnuts beside you and that pathetic excuse for an announcer as well. Tonight the NWA begins a new era, when it crowns a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. A new era Dusty, and we don’t want or need your kind here.

Dusty Rhodes: Now-

Jeff Jarrett: NO DUSTY! For once, you can ‘listen here’. I don’t like you, I’ve never liked you, or your little bastard of a son, but for some strange reason, the NWA feels like honouring you tonight, so I’ll let you have that. I’ll let you have your moment in the sun, but that’s all it’ll be, because after tonight, I, “The Chosen One” will be the new NWA World Champion and the new era will start, with “The Chosen One” at the forefront.

Dusty Rhodes: Jeff Jarrett! I will tell you dis right now! If you do fulfil your prophecy, and become NWA World Champion toniiight, them may God have mercy on us all! May God have mercy……on the NWA.

NWA:TNA heads to commercial with an intense staredown between Jarrett and Rhodes.


- The X Division Turns Up The Heat -

The show came back to the airwaves with the Legends Ceremony set-up removed and Sonny Siaki and Elix Skipper already in the ring. Mike Tenay and Don West quickly discussed the apparent lack of respect shown by Jeff Jarrett before hyping the X Division as “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn joined the other two in the ring. What followed couldn’t win match of the night but it was still a very enjoyable spot-fest which saw all six men get in some good offence and a number of times the crowd popped, even if they then fell back into an almost numbing silence. The first man to get the crowd on their feet was Low Ki, as he simply kicked the living shit out of anything and everything that moved. The only one that didn’t really sell the kicks convincingly (even though they should be real easy to sell, just let the force make you fall) was Sonny Siaki, who just didn’t fit in with any of the others, as all throughout the fans knew he wasn’t up to par with the others in the ring. As such he played a minor role compared to the others, but still found time to fuck up a head-scissors spot with AJ Styles. All six men were involved in the matches major spot, which saw Siaki, Lynn and Daniels decked with a Flying Plancha from Low Ki, only to have them all knocked down by a shooting star press off the top from AJ Styles. To round it off Elix Skipper nailed a Moonsault off the top to the five men. The action continued back inside the ring at a much slower pace, with Lynn and Daniels going through some nice routines, while Skipper and Styles took to flying all over the ring and Low Ki booted the fuck out of Sonny Siaki. This all led to a rollercoaster ending as all six men in turn hit their finisher to another. First Low Ki nailed the Ki Krusher to Styles, Siaki nailed Low Ki with the Siakolyspe Now only to turn round into a Bridge Suplex from Elix Skipper. Lynn broke up the count and nailed Skipper with the Cradle Piledriver only for Christopher Daniels to nail an Angel’s Wings to Jerry Lynn. Siaki by now had recovered and nailed a Spiral Tap off the top to Christopher Daniels, but turned back into a second Ki Krusher from Low Ki and it got the three count! After the bell, Low Ki was congratulated by Lynn, Styles, Skipper and even Siaki, but “The Fallen Angel” didn’t congratulate Ki, instead walking off in a rage.

Low Ki beat AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper & Sonny Siaki by pinfall in an X Division Showcase - [86/53/62] - ***

- Who Will Be The New Champion? -

“THIS IS IT MIKE” screamed Don West into his microphone as TNA reached its main event of the evening – The Gauntlet For The Gold. Before the actual Gauntlet got underway, we got a rundown of the rules:

+ There are eight competitors in the Gauntlet For The Gold

+ Each competitor has drawn a number between one and eight

+ The men who drew numbers one and two will enter the ring.

+ A standard singles match will ensue.

+ When one man is pinned, submits, counted out or disqualified, #3 will enter.

+ A new entrant is legal the moment he enters the ring, through, under or over the ring ropes.

+ This process will continue until only two men remain. At which time the match becomes No Count-Out and No DQ!

+ The man left standing after seven men have been eliminated will be proclaimed the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

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**EDIT** Doh, I'm an idiot, I post this while you must have been posting the show, lmao, I'll go read the show now... **EDIT**

Interesting preview for the first show. Looks like it has a bit of everything which can only make for a good well rounded show.

Nice to see you've done something a little different with the gauntlet for the gold. I genuinely have no idea who you'll have win that one and I could see everyone bar Brian Christopher winning it. Can't say I'm a fan of some of the guys you have in there and I think having that many established past their best on the roster will stifle the chances of new stars coming through but many of those involved could well be in just for the initial show much like people like Rick Steiner, Corino, Konnan were in the real life gauntlet for the gold. Having that many big names on your first show is a big thing though, and very neccessary. TNA would need to get a huge amount of interest for this one and you'd do that with the 8 guys you have involved in that match.

The 6 way X match should be entertaining if you can capture the style and put across the in ring action well. Bit concerned that one 8 man, and one 6 man on the same show is perhaps a bit much. That six man was the sort of match that perhaps could have been given a bit more meaning in a couple of shows time with maybe a title on the line, or a title shot for the winner. Either way it's a way to debut the X division and get people talkin about them.

The International Challenge tag match should hold its own on the card. I'm not a fan of Fleisch & Storm, over rated spot monkeys, but the match has potential and you have plenty of strong lookin teams in your roster to create a decent tag team division. which brings me onto....

The Pitbulls Vs Doring & Roadkill. I hope you try and capture some ECW flavour with this, and it could be pretty good. It ties into what I said about the show having a bit of everything. It seems a well rounded debut show and with varying styles on it, it's the sort of show I know I'd enjoy as a fan.

Vampire Warrior Vs Bagwell. What can I say, it'll suck, but I'm pushing Bagwell myself so I can't complain too much ;)

So predictions....

Gauntlet for the Gold: Really don't know who to go with so the mark in me will say the Franchise just because I'm a fan of his. The idea of Scott Steiner agreeing to job to him after being WCW World Champion prior to being in TNA here is unlikely but it's your game so you could make it believable.

Six Man X Division: Again so tough to call really. Lynn's the only recxognised name in it, but I don't think he'd gain anything from winning it. I'll go with Siaki just to make somethin different from the usual "lets push Styles, Daniels and Low Ki"

International Challenge: Excellence Inc as they're the only team in the match I like.

Lestat Vs Bagwell: Bagwell, I'm no Vampire Warrior fan at all, and I can stand Bagwell more than most

Pitbulls Vs Doring & Roadkill: Pitbulls, would be interesting to see them get a decent push here.

Opening show predictions to be honest are more based on who I want to win and who I'd push as it's difficult to know how you'll use guys and who you're gonna go with.

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Well, it was a great show to start the diary, but I have a few issues with what you wrote. First of all, it seemed a little too centered around Jeff Jarrett. He was in two out of ring segments, whilst none of the other Gauntlet competitors even got one, and to win the belt he went through three men in succession. If that's not a prelude to the Jeff Jarrett show, I don't know what is, because from the booking, it seemed like he was the only participant with a chance in hell.

The Hall Of Fame segment was good enough, as it helped hype Dusty Rhodes as the old-school hero, Dutch Mantell as an old, disrespectful bastard, and Jarrett as a young, disrespectful bastard. I look forward to seeing who Dutch Mantell debuts as his client, and hopefully Dusty remains involved with this diary in some capacity, whether he debuts his own client to feud with Mantell's, or something else.

I was glad to see the Pitbulls of old back in the ring, knocking the shit out of anything that moved, and I'm always glad to see a well-written Joel Gertner promo. Lestat and Slash as your version of the New Church could work, but I'd rather you pushed Lestat as a singles worker and tagged Slash with somebody else. It was nice to see the Jung Dragons making an appearence, even if they were the first eliminated despite them being the only people the audience had even heard of before, and I'm glad you gave Low Ki the big win instead of that little shit AJ Styles.

All in all, a good first show, with the only problem being your shoving Jeff Jarrett down our throats, which is probably not what Jerry would've wanted, since he would've ended up accused of nepotism an' all. I hope the whole Brian Christopher/Curt Hennig thing goes somewhere, preferably with Hennig beating the shit out of the young Lawler.

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If this seems a little disjointed and random that's because I tend to try to write it as I'm reading the show and stuff, sort of fan's perspective of how I'm enjoying, or not, the show as it progresses.

The opening segment debuting the Pitbulls with Gertner, worked well enough and did its job. I liked the Pitbulls back in the day, looking forward to seeing them.

Pitbulls looked hugely strong in their debut. Not that I disliked them destroying people like that but Doring & Roadkill, I dunno, they're not big names but I'd have liked to see a slightly more competitive match. It's hard for me to take D & R seriously after that match, which might not be a problem if they aren't around much, but any sort of push for them or interesting storyline will take a lot of work to get them going again. Pitbulls looked way dominant and destructive which is always good to see though.

Lestat Vs Bagwell. Horrible match according to the ratings there, and I'm glad you portrayed that in the writing talking about blown spots and Bagwell not putting much effort in. Guess it'll be cool to see Bagwell basically get dropped for being an asshole, or simply jobbed out and complaining about it. Mitchell, Lestat and Slash. Dunno, Lestat sort of does fit what with his gothic vampire thing but I just can't get interested in him, I'm really not a fan. You have a challenge to get me into his character, but it is possible if you do interesting stuff with him.

The Jarrett segment got his character across well. I thought you portrayed him pretty well there. Again, it's one of those nice little segments that you can't do a lot with, but just add a bit to the show and do their job.

I liked the three way international tag match. It was nicely written, had some cool spots in it, and the one team I do like actually won it. The Dragons were the named team going in so having them out first didn't make a great deal of sense to me though. I could imagine the few fans who were into the match just losing interest once those guys were out.

The legends segment. Just one little point, wouldn't the fans have started an "NWA" chant, rather than a "TNA" one when the guys were talking abotu their NWA history. Race, Rhodes, Steamboat all portrayed well. I liked this segment, gave the show a real NWA feel. It's something I'd love to see you stick with, rather than gradually moving further and further from NWA tradition as the real TNA have done. The Rhodes and Mantell stuff should be interesting. You got Mantell over as a big time heel really well in just one segment. I'm already intrigued as to what's happening with him and generally I've rarely given a damn about him in the past.

Jarrett coming out was fine, but as mentioned we've now seen two segments for Jarrett, and nothing for the other guys in the gauntlet. Just a simple interview, or something with a couple of the others would have led me to think at this point thta somebody other than Jarrett was goig to win. Maybe Jarrett getting cut off by one of the other competitors, that sort of thing, just something.

The X division match did a greta job of getting across how good these guys are in the ring. I really didn't know who was going to win unil it was all over. Low Ki winning was interesting, Daniels sulking was too. The obvious winners, Styles, or Lynn, didn't get it and you had the major focus coming out of the match on Low Ki and Daniels which I liked.

Going into the gauntlet I have major concern. Nobody else has been mentioned all show, and not once has the gauntlet really been played and hyped up apart from Jarrett. I'd rather it had been the focus for the show a bit more.

The Gauntlet. Hennig and Christoper. Decent enough start, neither guy I would have expected to win and even moreso now the're starting the match. Hennig won, yay!

I misread the next bit, I thought you said Christopher came out with a wheel chair and I couldn't work out why. Christopher stropping and eliminating Hennig was cool, hope that goes somewhere. Guess my pick the Franchise aint winning it then, he'd neve rlast from here on in.

Vader looked dominant at this point, real monster which is the only way to try and push him. Him going over Franchise made sense. Just one point here, by now I'd have liked to see just one guy maybe win two in a row. So far every person who won a match has lost the following one. Just someone to break that up a little would be good.

Ahh, that's what I wanted, Vader won. Nice. I don't like Scott Steiner, I'm glad he just lost. Steiner lost and in the end looked pretty weak, which I'm really happy about. As the second to last WCW champion (in WCW, as the wWE's whole invasion thing was pants) I think you'd have struggled to get Steiner to job so easily but he did, so I'm not complaining.

Jarrett and Shamrock was nice and told a decent story, I liked the psychology of their match. Just one thing though, if Jarrett's winning this match he's being made to look way too strong in my opinion. He's just gone through Vader (albeit a beaten one) and now Shamrock, and there's more to come. I'm never a huge fan of heels overcoming all the odds like this, especially when they are Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett and Hall again was really well written and the last two matches of thta gauntlet looked really strong. Unfortunately so did Jarrett. His heroics in that match for me would just have been better suited to a big time face, or to create a new star, not for the use of Jarrett.

All in all a really interesting show though. The x division looked hot, the gauntlet made great reading, there's plenty of other little storylines and the fallout from that all will be really interesting. Nice start.

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user posted image


TNA Notes

* Management were unhappy with the performance of Buff Bagwell at the show and are already considering dropping the plans they had for him. Presumably it was an involvement against the new group led by “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell.

* The fans were incredibly responsive to Joel Gertner and The Pitbulls and while no tag team titles have been mentioned yet, it is believed that Tag Champions will be crowned in the next few weeks. Look for more teams to debut soon to expand the division.

* Everyone was extremely happy with the X Division Showcase match at the PPV however were not happy with the work put in by Sonny Siaki. However it is believed that Siaki won’t be steered towards the X Division as TNA officials see him as the next generation of Samoan superstars and their version of The Rock.

* The decision to use Jeff Jarrett in such a prominent role last night, ending with him becoming the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion was explained to the roster as being a purely business decision. Until TNA establishes itself the last thing they need is a champion not tied down to the company. There were many worries that the WWE may steal the champion had it been Scott Hall like the original plans had called for.

* Next week the PPV comes live from ‘The Big One’ in Memphis, Tennessee. This met with some anger in Memphis however with the close friendship between Jarrett and Jerry Lawler there isn’t expected to be any kind of backlash.

* The attendance for ‘Coronation of a Champion’ has been confirmed by TNA as 2,926 which is an incredible number for the first show. TNA management are taking this as proof there is a market for a wrestling alternative out there.

* The Gauntlet For The Gold was found to be the strongest selling point of the pay per view heading into the show, but the same focus group, when questioned after the show put the X Division at the top of the lists of what they enjoyed. It is expected that an X Division Champion will be crowned soon.

* As you all know, this week the WWE trimmed a lot of their OVW development talent. At this time none have signed with TNA however it is expected that one of two talents will be added to the X Division, top of the list is Shannon Moore.

* Right now it is unknown who the mystery client of Dutch Mantell will be with some saying it will be Jerry Tuite (The Wall in WCW) while others are naming Rick Steiner as the culprit.

* As for the other legends, we know something about them too, but we’re not telling” ;-)

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* Right now it is unknown who the mystery client of Dutch Mantell will be with some saying it will be Jerry Tuite (The Wall in WCW) while others are naming Rick Steiner as the culprit.
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What makes you think it's either? I'm guessing ADGray just threw a curveball in there so we'd end up thinking it was one of those two. Since Dutch Mantell's always been saddled with one stereotypical western gimmick or another, I'd love to see somebody from Texas come in and just lariat the hell out of everybody else. Somebody with some good brawling skills, but little charisma... Somebody like Barry Windham perhaps?

You're right, sorry. This isn't 1987.

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What makes you think it's either? I'm guessing ADGray just threw a curveball in there so we'd end up thinking it was one of those two
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NWATNA: A New Era Begins

NWA:TNA comes at you LIVE on pay per view from ‘The Big One’ in Memphis, Tennessee with our second show, dubbed “A New Era Begins”.

Last week on our first pay per view ‘Coronation of a Champion’ we saw “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett come victorious in the Gauntlet for the Gold and become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight the champ is in the house!

In our main event tonight, six of the men we saw last week in the Gauntlet return for a massive six man tag match. On one side stand Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall and Scott Steiner. On the other side stand “The Next Generation Superstar” Brian Christopher, Vader and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. What will happen when these six men collide?

Tonight Dutch Mantell brings his new protégé to TNA. Last week he walked out of his own induction into the NWA Hall of Fame, and claimed that the NWA was a dead organisation. After an open request from the NWA Board of Directors, Norman Smiley has stepped up to defend the honour of the National Wrestling Alliance. But who will he be facing? Tune in to find out!

What about the X Division? Last week we saw six of the best go at it with Low Ki coming out victorious in an X Division Scramble Match. Tonight six more men enter the ring and it’s a truly global affair. Psicosis, Super Crazy, Taka Michinoku, Juventud Guerrera, Joel Maximo and Jose Maximo step into the squared circle, with only one man able to walk out victorious. Who will join Low Ki, at the top of the mountain?

Also tonight “The Vampire Warrior” Lestat and Slash team up to take on The Shane Twins and Ron “K-Kwik” Killings and Konnan in triple threat tag team action. Last week we saw a new alliance between Lestat, Slash and “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell. What’ll happen tonight?

The Pitbulls will be in the house, along with their new manager, Joel Gertner, as they take on The Harris Brothers! This will be a battle of two powerhouse teams. Which side will be victorious in this one?

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You're giving Mantell's boy Smiley? Way to build up the NWA. :wacko:

Anyhow - this is a really promising start, AD, you've really captured the feel of TNA as it was first starting out, I think. Hopefully you can keep building on that "rebel" and "alternative" feeling they had at the outset, before washed-up WWE has-beens started showing up on every show.

I liked the Jarret segment, with the valet, but I agree with everybody's points about Jarret being too strong on the opening show. Your reasoning for it makes sense, though. But still - PUSH HALL!

Good move on thinking about bringing the fired WWE stars into TNA, that's just their modus operandi right there.

All in all, you've clearly got a good grasp of what's going on and you're a very skilled writer, obviously, so I'll be reading.


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NWATNA: A New Era Begins

- The Champ Opens The Show –

NWATNA ‘A New Era Begins’ began with the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett making his way to the ring, the title belt draped over his shoulder. Outfitted in blue jeans, a white shirt and shades he’s the picture of cool. “The Chosen One” grabbed a microphone from Jeremy Borash and waited for the booing to die down before talking.

Jeff Jarrett: You should all consider yourselves priveleged, to be in my presence this evening! Last week, I told you all that I would walk out of that hick town in Alabama, the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion and whaddaya know! I did. Vader, Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall! All three of them, I pinned. All three of them I beat. All three of them, I crushed…….all their hopes, all their dreams and all their chances of becoming the NWA World Champion. And now that the NWA has a rightful and honourable champion, the new era I told you all of last week, can begin. Which means……..no more Harley Race!

The crowd boos…

Jeff Jarrett: No more Ricky Steamboat!

The booing gets louder…

Jeff Jarrett: And no more………..Dusty Rhodes.

The crowd boos even louder than before.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh, that sounded good. Let’s say it again. No………more……..Dusty…..Rhodes…….

Jarrett speeds up the repetition.

Jeff Jarrett: No…more…Dusty…Rhodes. No…more..Dusty..Rhodes. No more Dusty Rhodes. NO MORE DUSTY RHODES!!!

Voice: Now dat’s where you wrong!

The crowd pops huge as “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes makes his way out onto the stage, flanked by Harley Race and Ricky Steamboat on either side.

Dusty Rhodes: Jeff Jarrett, I said last week, that God should have mercy, on the National Wrasslin’ Alliiiiance, should you walk away victorious. Now, all week, I been praying, for God to be merciful, for him to try, in all his infinite pooower, to minimise…..the damage that you will do to this company. And last night, God answered mah prayers.

The crowd is in a confused, collective “huh?” mood, but Race and Steamboat behind Rhodes are smiling and nodding.

Dusty Rhodes: Fo’ yah see Jeff Jarrett, last niight, the phone rang and I picked it up, and it was Jim Miller. Now dat name won’t mean anything to all you fans, so ahma fill you een a lil’ bit here. Jim Miller, is the NWA President, and he spoke to me a lot, and den he saaaiid, that he watched the show last week and he didn’t like, how you interrupted the Hall of Fame ceremony. An’ he said that he’d talked with these two men here, and he’d asked them a question, and dey’d accepted. And den he asked me the same question, and to cut a long story short, you are lookin’ at dah new Executive Committee for the National Wrestlin’ Alliiiaance.

The crowd cheers this loudly as Jarrett looks on in anger.

Dusty Rhodes: We control TNA Jarrett, and I swear upon our Almighty God, dat I will do whateva it takes to make sure, dat you are a fightin’ champion and an honourable champion, like you claim you’ll be. But if you stray, den I swear dat I will take that NWA World Title from you, faster than you can even say “slapnuts”.

The crowd half laughs and half cheers this as Jarrett’s expression gets even more angry and pissed off.

Dusty Rhodes: And I have one more piece of news fo’ you. Two weeks from now, live on pay per view, you will defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The winning team in tonight’s main event, will wrestle in a triple threat match next week. The winna of dat match, will get the first shot, at takin’ that belt from you!

NWATNA went to a quick commercial break with an intense staredown between Rhodes and the champion.



- It’s A Pier-Six Brawl -

We got our first wrestling of the night next as The Pitbulls with Joel Gertner – no promo time for the “Quintessential Studmuffin” this week makes me a sad bunny :( - took on The Harris Boys in hard hitting, chock socky mayhem. The match was just a sheer brawl with no regard for rules or regulations, lucky then that this match was a Hardcore Match and so there were no rules or regulations! Tenay mentioned how both teams would feel at home in this sort of environment and it didn’t take long for the weapons to get busted out. Don Harris took a chair to the head from Pitbull #1 but Pitbull #2 was thrown into the ring steps on the outside by Ron Harris. Cue many “WHICH ONE IS THAT MIKE?” questions from Don West as he lost track of which one was Don and which was Ron on many occasions. I have a harder time remembering which Pitbull is #1 and which is #2, but maybe that’s just me. The brawling continued and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Nothing overly impressive but stiff enough and wild enough to keep the fans interested a little. The Pitbulls got the fans more involved, responding to their “WE WANT TABLES!” chants, and setting up the wood in the middle. Unfortunately it was Pitbull #2 (I think) who went through the wood as Don Harris grabbed him from behind and nailed a sloppy chokeslam. Pitbull #1 came back with a steel chair though and busted Don open for good measure. Cue some more enjoyable if basic brawling before a second table is introduced. Both teams try to put each other through the table only to not manage it for a few minutes until Don takes a nasty bump through the timekeepers table on the outside leaving poor Ron Harris all alone in the ring. After about half a minute of “to me, to you” punching, Ron was set up for the Superbomb and planted through the table for the 1-2-3.

The Pitbulls bt. The Harris Boys - [74/54/64] - **½


- Hip Hop Rocks, But Gotta Love That Goth Stuff Too -

Next up on we saw some more tag team action as the thrown together team of “The Vampire Warrior” Lestat & Slash accompanied by James Mitchell took on The Shane Twins and another makeshift duo of Ron “K-Kwik” Killings & Konnan. Killings and Konnan evidently bonded in the back as they came out to the ring like long lost brothers, and while they were lacking microphones it didn’t stop them givin’ us all a little freestyle, including the soon to be classic line “kicking ass it how I get ma kicks, hey hold up man, weren’t those two gonna dress as dicks?” in response to internet rumours that The Shane Twins were going to dress as giant phalluses. When the match began, after some more very amusing dissing from the Double K’s, it wasn’t that bad. Lestat & Slash were put over as the dominant team and they impressed, as did Killings and Konnan. The Shane Twins – the only full time team in the match – were an absolute mess, blowing spot after spot and showing just how limited their arsenal of moves was. Tenay and West put it over as them being scared of the “demonic” Lestat and Slash but no one was buying it. The Shane’s were the first to be eliminated, Mike Shane falling victim to an Implant DDT for the three count. Down to two teams, the pace of the match increased and the crowd (who up till now had been silent) finally perked up a little and got behind the team of Killings and Konnan. “The Sinister Minister” though kept his men focused as they fought back and for the next few minutes Lestat and Slash kept Konnan away from Killings, building up the classic ‘Face in Peril’ spot. This, as it always does, lead to the hot tag and Killings went crazy on both Lestat and Slash, with Mitchell taking a dropkick for good measure. In the end, as it was last week, “The Sinister Minister” was instrumental in his teams victory, as while he distracted the referee, more followers debuted as The Lost Boys came from under the ring and nailed Ron Killings with a Double Superkick before scarpering again. Lestat made the cover and while Azrael and Gabriel stopped Konnan from breaking the pin, the referee counted the three for the win.

Lestat & Slash bt. Ron Killings & Konnan and The Shane Twins - [74/51/62] - **½

Slash debuted his new gimmick (Weirdo), it got a positive response. Azrael debuted his new gimmick (Occult), it got a positive response. Gabriel debuted his new gimmick (Occult), it got a positive response.

- I’m Sinister and I’m a Minister. Go Figure. -

After the bell “The Sinister Minister” demanded a microphone and under threat of DDT from Lestat, Jeremy Borash handed one over.

James Mitchell: With The Lost Boys, we are nearing absolution. There is one more to come, ‘The Annointed One’. When he arrives, The Brethren will be complete and the NWA will crumble under its might. Azrael………Gabriel……Slash…..Lestat….you have done well, now we prepare for ‘His’ arrival.

Who He? The Minister leads his ‘brethren’ to the back as the crowd boos.


“The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell gained overness, rising from 50-51. Gabriel gained overness, rising from 29-30.


- So Much Flipping and Flopping -

We got a second X Division Scramble match next as Psicosis, Super Crazy, Taka Michinoku, Juventud Guerrera and The Maximo’s (wrestling as singles competitors) looked for a shot to join Low Ki at the top of the X Division Mountain. The match, like last weeks, was nothing more than an incredibly enjoyable spotfest, with all six men showing no respect for their bodies and doing whatever it took to get a pop from the crowd. Unfortunately nothing short of pulling a revolver out and shooting Don West would have got any kind of reaction from that crowd and even then it would’ve been one smartass in the front row shouting “DO TENAY TOO!”. The Maximo’s, despite being in a match against each other, still worked as a team for the majority, nailing many double team moves, keeping the other four men on their backs. It was inevitable though that the communication between the two would break down and it did, leading to the crowd finally realising there was a match on when Joel and Jose had a major falling out and started levelling into each other with punches. This brawl took the Maximo’s out of the equation as they brawled outside the ring and eventually up the ramp to the back, taking out years of frustration on each other. “AND THAT’S (whack!) FOR BREAKING MY TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE ACTION FIGURE!”, “OH YEAH? WELL THAT’S (whack!) FOR STEALING MY GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO 1 CAR!” With the Maximo’s gone it came down to four men and they all went through some nice spots leading up to the end. Psicosis nailed a Flying Enziguri to Juvi, who in turn bumped into Super Crazy, crotching Taka Michinoku who was on the top rope. Psicosis fell from the ring courtesy of a Super Crazy backdrop but Taka countered a Crazy monkey-flip attempt and nailed a Sit-Out Michinoku-Bomb (don’t ask me, Tenay said it) off the top rope for the 1-2-3! Taka Michinoku joins Low Ki at the summit.

Taka Michinoku wins an X Division Scramble match - [87/48/67] - ***¼


- I Smell, That’s My Gimmick! -

Coming back from commercial ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell was already in the ring with a microphone. The crowd were letting him have it for last week but went dead when he began to speak.

Dutch Mantell: Last week, on this very programme, in this very ring, I came before you all and I told you all that tonight, I would bring my new protégé to the National Wrestling Alliance. Well, the good news to you all, is that he is here tonight, but first of all, I want his opponent for the evening to come out here. Norman Smiley please come down here.

Norman Smiley heads out from behind the curtain to a surprisingly loud pop from the crowd. He does a quick hand-jive on the stage and heads to the ring. Smiley slides into the ring and approaches Mantell.

Dutch Mantell: Norman, it’s good to see you. Now Norman, I’m going to make it clear to you. Tonight, you will get your ass handed to you, but I respect you. You’re standing up for the NWA, standing up for tradition, honour, respect, self-belief. Unfortunately you are the only man who believes in these qualities. Every other man in that locker-room is concerned with money. But you, you’re not. You want to wrestle. You come out here, and you shake your little flabby ass for these in-bred hicks and they cheer for you. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but you see, there is a second man in TNA, who believes in the old school values. A man who believes in taking care of business, and unfortunately tonight, you fight him in this ring. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you………MIKE AWESOME!

Mike Awesome comes from the back, striding confidently. Awesome slides into the ring as Smiley readies himself for the task ahead.


Dutch Mantell gained overness from this interview, rising in overness from 31-34.

- Smiley Led To Slaughter -

The next match saw Norman Smiley led like a lamb to the slaughter as Mike Awesome ran roughshod over him quickly and easily. Smiley was “defending the honour of the NWA”, unfortunately he didn’t do a good job of it. Awesome’s whole power arsenal was on display as he tossed and twisted Smiley in ways not even thought possible. To his credit however Smiley did keep coming back for more, even if it was rather idiotic. The crowd was silent for the most part, as they knew they were seeing nothing more than a glorified squash. Mike Awesome got the win with the Awesome Bomb for the 1-2-3 after five minutes. Following the bell and an overly close look at Mantell’s teeth thanks to an excellent optical zoom on the TNA cameras, Awesome nailed Smiley with a second Awesome Bomb for the hell of it, before heading to the back. No big wiggle tonight. :( Sad bunny count: Two.

Mike Awesome bt. Norman Smiley - [65/53/59] - *½

Norman Smiley lost overness from this match, dropping from 65-64. Mike Awesome gained overness from this match, rising from 53-54.

- Who’ll Have A Shot At A Shot At Jarrett? -

NWATNA reached main event time as Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall and Scott Steiner took on Brian Christopher, Vader and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Following the announcement earlier tonight about the winning team squaring off next week for a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s NWA Championship, both teams were even more focused than they would have been and the crowd was into it. With a heel champion it looked likely early on that the face team would come out victorious as they worked well together, making quick tags and infuritating “The Next Generation Superstar”, keeping him at arms length. But Mike Tenay was quick to point out that “Vader was eliminated by Jeff Jarrett from the Gauntlet” and that he too had revenge on his mind. As always happens in six man matches the heels took control and isolated Ken Shamrock – the only one of the three with the stamina to play the face in peril role. Christopher, Vader and Douglas got into a rhythm of quick tags and targeted the arm and shoulder of Shamrock. Hall and Steiner both cheered on their partner to fight back but each time he tried he was crushed by a three on one attack. The crowd started to get behind “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” a little and he channelled the power of the octagon and Shamrocked Up unloading on all three. The hot tag followed and everything went to hell in a hand-basket as Scott Steiner and Scott Hall entered the match. Everything from then on was back and forth, with both teams looking like getting the victory. In the end though, the team of Shamrock, Hall and Steiner came out victorious with a melee involving all six men (what else?) ended when Ken Shamrock locked Brian Christopher into the Anklelock and “The Next Generation Superstar” tapped out. The second TNA pay per view left the airwaves with a three way staredown between Shamrock, Hall and Steiner. The match has been made. Shamrock vs. Hall vs. Steiner for the #1 Contendership!

Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall & Scott Steiner bt. Brian Christopher, Vader & Shane Douglas - [70/76/74] – **½

Brian Christopher is losing overness because of his weak gimmick, falling from 69-62.

Overall Show Rating: 67%

We got a 0.17 buy rate for 'Total NonStop Action'!

The attendance was 2979 people.

We made $425000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $38727 from ticket sales.

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user posted image


TNA Notes

* The buy rate for the second TNA pay per view has been confirmed as 0.17, down from the debut shows 0.18. TNA management though are optimistic that this will rise in the next few weeks as storylines are fleshed out and new faces emerge.

* Mike Awesome thoroughly impressed management last night at the show against Normal Smiley and it is hoped his tandem with Dutch Mantell will help them both. Mantell was by far the least well known of the four inductees into the HoF but with this angle now underway we can expect his stature to grow.

* TNA were also happy with the performance of Norman Smiley at the show. While TNA officials would like to see Smiley continue, it is believed that Norman is looking to retire from in-ring competition in the near future.

* Right now it is believed that The SAT (Joel and Jose Maximo) will be back as a team the next time they are booked by TNA. Even though they brawled during the X Division Showcase last night it is thought that they are better as a team. For now.

* Shannon Moore - released by the WWE last week - has indeed signed with NWATNA and will make his debut this week in the third X Division Showcase match. It is also thought that two other former development talents, Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker will be on the show, but in what capacity is unknown.

* Some backstage have been pushing for “The King of Old School” Steve Corino - a former NWA World Champion - to be booked by the management and he has been confirmed for this week’s PPV.

* The current idea for James Mitchell’s stable is to build around the arrival of the ‘Anointed’. Speculation is growing who the ‘Anointed’ could be, however at this time the general feeling is it will be Crowbar/Devon Storm performing under a different name.

* While the buy rate was down for the show, attendance was confirmed as 2,979 up from the previous weeks 2,926 however Memphis has always been a big territory for the Jarrett’s and it was hoped that more would turn out to watch the show.

* Right now TNA plans to organise a joint promotion with NASCAR whereby NASCAR drivers will appear at TNA events, however this has met with huge criticism from some members of the roster who see it as a waste of time and money. The plan had called for a TNA/NASCAR super event with racing and wrestling but that will not be until next year if it goes ahead at all.

* Reggie Parks has confirmed that NWATNA have commissioned him to design and craft a new set of World Tag Team Championship belts, so look for them to debut soon.


NWATNA – The Triple Threat

What a main event we have for you tonight, LIVE on pay per view from the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee. Last week we saw a huge six man tag main event, the winning team would face off the next week against each other for the chance to face the NWA World Champion “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett. So tonight it happens. “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall in a triple threat match, with the winner facing Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!

What about the revelation that the NWA Board of Directors have appointed Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race and Ricky Steamboat as the TNA Executive Committee, to oversee match making and to settle disputes among the wrestlers. We know that Dusty Rhodes has targeted Jeff Jarrett, but what will Race and Steamboat do with their new power?

Also tonight we get a third X Division Scramble Match as six more men enter the TNA ring! The British contingent of Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm are entered, as well as Matt Cross, Spanky, Frankie Kazarian and Shannon Moore.

Also tonight The Lost Boys, the newest additions to James Mitchell’s ‘Brethren’ take on Christian York & Joey Matthews in tag team action.


Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion “The King of Old School” Steve Corino will be in the house and we’ll see 8 up and comers in a special TNA ‘Young Lions’ Battle Royal! All this and more on pay per view!

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If either Jonny Storm or Jody Fleisch go over, I will be angry. Never liked those kids - hideously overrated.

Now, onto the second show, which was just as good in quality as the first, and that's all I'm gonna say about the level of your writing skills. I don't think the main event was hyped nearly enough, and to me, if I didn't know who they were to begin with, all six would come off as bland, generic faces, with no reason to make me interested in them. You should take some time away from ol' Dusty, and give it to some of the upper midcarders you have, because with them getting no build, it makes Jarrett retaining seem like a forgone conclusion... Especially now Dusty's stated he's gonna do everything to make Jarrett an honourable Champion, which is obviously a storyline that's gonna take more than three or four shows to pull off.

Whoever's winning the triple threat isn't gonna win the NWA World Title, but I'll go with Ken Shamrock as my prediction, just for shits and giggles. I'm glad to see The Pitbulls were in consequetive squashes, as that shows that you're serious about pushing them, although in agreeance with the reviewer, no Gertner microphone time made me a sad panda too. :(

The Lost Boys deal is interesting, especially since they ply their trade in NWA: Wildside... Could this be the beginning of a deal between the two "allies"? I doubt it, but it'd be nice to see. I'm not sure who the fifth member of this brethren will be, but since he hasn't been on a single show yet, I'm going with The Wall, or whatever you're planning on calling him. Mike Awesome was a nice surprise as Mantell's client - I don't really see them fitting eachother that well, but with some character development, perhaps the alliance will grow on me. Just have him Awesome Bomb somebody (Fleisch or Storm, preferably) through a table, okay?

Using a potential top star in Ron Killings as cannon fodder for a couple of goths also makes me sad. Very, very sad. You should use him in the X-Division, where he'd fit quite well, instead of wasting him by teaming him up with that big galoof Konnan.

I'm pulling for Shannon Moore or Spanky in this six-man thing, but I've got a feeling one of the Brits will be going over anyway. Let's just hope this next show can keep up the standard :P

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So, second show.............

Opening segment was cool. My only slight problem with the whole thing is that Dusty keeps on about how much of a disaster it is that Jarrett's champ, "that God should have mercy, on the National Wrasslin’ Alliiiiance". But why exactly? What is Jarrett trying to do that's so harmful to the NWA? I have no problem with Jarrett being portrayed as a cancer, but I'm a bit unsure what's happened so far for him to warrant it. I like the fact Rhodes, Steamboat and Race are sticking around, gives it a nice NWA feel and the idea of a championship committee again reminds me a lot of NWA, as opposed to TNA. So I'm happy with that.

Pitbulls Vs Harris Boys. Nice brawl, the right team won. Good to see the Pitbulls still kicking ass. am still interested to see the tag division hot up and who is goign to come in to feud with the pitbulls. pushing them hard is cool but eventually they'll need to match up with someone that has a chance of beating them

I would have had no problem wiht Lestat and Slash winning that match, even if I can't stand Lestat. However, the idea of them being pushed as the dominant team in it when Konnan who was still a pretty big star at this point, and Killings who has bags of talent, were in the match too then I wasn't so keen on it. Well written though and it does the job of getting the goth guys over which is what you're trying to do. I'm glad you got across how awful the Shane Twins are. Actually reading through that match again Lestat and Slash didn't come across hafl as strong as I thought so meh, ignore me whining about that. Still would have preferred to see Killings used better but there's plenty of time for that. The Lost Boys, interesting addition to Mitchell's little troup and they need a manager as they're blatantly not over at all. He'll help them get there. I'd still rather see them getting squashed to teh Pitbulls though.

The bit after the match was cool, portrayed Mitchell really well and I'm intrigued as to who is coming in. The Wall? Devon Storm? Either of those two I'd be happy with, will wait and see on that one.

The X division scramble was cool but at the moment (i know we're only on show two but meh) there's more three ways, six ways, etc than I'd like. It's hard for anyone to get over from that sort of match and the only way these mostly generic X division guys will get over is with some personality, and some singles matches. These sort of 6 ways tend to be a bit of a case where it barely matters who wins.

Mantell and Awesome. I liked everything Mantell had to say. I actually think that Awesome could fit quite well in this role too and a Mike Awesome at his best, getting a decent push with a manager to talk for him. I'm liking it. The match itself was cool. Smiley was obviously going to job but that was all cool. Nice to see Awesome squashing people, especally that idiot Smiley.

The six man tag was cool, and the general idea behind the winners going into a three way for a title shot is all good. Again, it does mean one more three way which I'm not keen on. I do think all these guys need way more buildup right now though. I've not really been given the chance to get into their characters at all but that'll come. There's only so much room on a show and all that.

So for the next show. I'm hoping that the three guys in the triple threat get the chance for some decent build up. Just the three of them coming in, one guy winning a match isn't enough to get them over a title challenger for me. Hopefully we'll get to see them get some tv time outside of the match too.

Another x division scramble match, I'm not happy about it really but different eople like different things. I'm not a fan of big six way matches without a purpose. I also hope you job the hell out of Fleisch and Storm as they're both way over rated.

Lost Boys Vs York and Matthews should be good, although I'd be hugely surprised if York & Matthews won.

Oh, and Corino being on the show for me is a good thing, I think the guy's great.

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NWATNA – The Triple Threat

- Earlier Today -

“Welcome to NWA:TNA, welcome to ‘The Triple Threat’! Tonight one man will emerge as the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! Scott Hall, Scott Steiner and Ken Shamrock! But folks, earlier today…………well, this will speak for itself…….”

TNA opens right away with Mike Tenay welcoming us before we head to an “EARLIER TODAY” segment.

We see Goldylocks standing in the parking lot at the arena, pacing back and forth. A clock in the bottom right corner reads 3.05pm, it jumps to 3.15pm and 3.35pm with Goldylocks still pacing back and forth until 3.40pm when a taxi pulled into the lot and Goldylocks approached. Stepping out of the cab was Scott Hall. Guess he‘s not allowed to drive, too much risk in it I suppose….

Goldylocks: Scott! Scott! Can I get a quick interview?

Hall walks into the arena but Goldylocks trails a step behind him, her microphone thrust out under his chin as she tries to keep pace.

Goldylocks: Tonight you face Ken Shamrock and Scott Steiner with the #1 contendership for the NWA World Championship on the line. What are you thinking?

Hall stops his walking and turns to the camera.

Scott Hall: Hey yo. You want to know, what “The Bad Guy” is thinking? Tonight, I gotta shot at my destiny Goldy, I got a shot at becoming the number one contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. You know, I been a lotta champions, I been WCW United States Champion, I been WCW Tag Team Champion, I been WWE Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion, but you know, I never been World Champion. Well tonight, I’m gonna start to put that right, and next week, “The Bad Guy” will leave as the new NWA World Heavyweight - CRACK!

Out of nowhere comes “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with a steel chair which he smashes across the back of Hall and “The Bad Guy” drops to the floor. Steiner brings the chair down across the back of Hall a second time and swings back for a third but out of nowhere comes an arm grabbing the chair and wrenching it from the grip of Steiner. “Big Poppa Pump” turns straight into a hard right hand from Ken Shamrock! Shamrock nails a second right hand and Steiner stumbles backwards before Shamrock motions with the chair and Steiner decides to leave in one piece. “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” has the chair in his hand when Scott Hall gets back to his feet and the two stare each other down, with Hall’s gaze switching to the chair before the uneasy silence is broken….

Scott Hall: Thanks…..

Ken Shamrock: Don’t mention it….

And Shamrock drops the chair before walking off oh, and cue the PYRO!

- Young Lions Battle Royale -

The third pay per view of the TNA era opened with an 8 man “Young Lions” battle royal. Already in the ring were Chad Collyer, Matt Stryker, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Hero - in a wonderful Superman style shirt. They were soon joined in the squared circle by CM Punk, Austin Lee, Greg Pawluk and David Young. No, I’ve never heard of any of them either. Mike Tenay didn’t even get a chance to fill the viewers at home in on any of the participants as the action came thick and fast. Unfortunately, so many youngsters thrown together into the one ring like this very rarely works without some guidance and these guys obviously had no flashlight. First to go was David Young, courtesy of a double dropkick from [tag team partners] Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer. Austin Lee and Greg Pawluk took nasty tumbles to the floor next, courtesy of Chris Hero, eliminating them while Lee and Pawluk struggled for position next to the ropes. Collyer and Stryker co-operated some more to eliminate Shelton Benjamin but then Matt Stryker lost his partner as CM Punk knocked him over the top and to the floor with a clothesline. Stryker soon joined him from a Punk backdrop and most of the ‘lions’ were gone. Hero was then knocked over the top by CM Punk but held on. A subsequent missile dropkick missed Punk but caught Haas, and he fell over the top to the floor. Punk and Hero then went at it, with both men almost being eliminated before CM Punk sidestepped a Hero charge and launched Hero over the top, using his own momentum against him for the victory. Must resist Superman “Is it a bird?“ joke. The crowd, silent throughout, did give Punk a round of applause, but that all changed once he asked for a microphone…

CM Punk wins a “Young Lions” Battle Royal - [67/35/51] - *¼

- I Am Better Than You! -

Jeremy Borash hands CM Punk a microphone as the crowd quietens down and some head to the bathroom.

CM Punk: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself to you all. I am ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ CM Punk, and I am the next generation of wrestler! You see I believe in three things, no cigarettes……

The smokers in the crowd boo.

CM Punk: …..no alcohol….

Those with a drink in their hand boo.

CM Punk: …..and no promiscuous sexual activity of any kind.

The crowd goes silent, before they turn to one another – “So, he doesn’t have sex?”; “How does he entertain himself during daytime TV hours?”; “I bet he just can’t get laid!”

CM Punk: Now all this put together means one thing. That I…………am better……….than you.

Back to the booing.

CM Punk: You all sit there like drones, and you smoke your death sticks and drink your poison, while I stand before you, completely drug free and the best wrestler in the world today because of it.

The crowd has rapidly turned on Punk, booing the ‘straight edge superstar’ to high heaven.

CM Punk: You can all go to hell, and the sooner the better! You will all smoke and drink your way to an early grave. But here we are in Nashville, Tennessee. Home of some of the fattest, unhealthiest and rudest citizens this country has the misfortune of having. And you know what? SMOKE UP! DRINK UP! I WANT YOUR LUNGS TO CLOG! I WANT YOUR LIVER TO FAIL! I WANT YOU TO EXPIRE!

By now Punk is screaming into the microphone.


Approaching the crescendo now.


Whoa……………TNA heads to a commercial with a sweating CM Punk in the ring, being barraged by empty pint glasses and beer bottles.


CM Punk debuted his new gimmick (Clean Cut), it got a positive response.


- The Cynic In Me Is Tempted To Say This Is All Gymnastics… -

We came back from commercial to the ring where York and Matthews were already in the ring to face The Lost Boys with James Mitchell – who was debuting a spiffy looking new golden scepter with a Celtic cross wrapped in a serpent at its top. Word coming through the grapevine is that ‘The Annointed One’ is an angle which TNA is using to gather interest but there are fears it may turn into a Black Scorpion fiasco as, as of yet, TNA officials haven’t decided on who ‘He’ will be. This match was almost totally ignored by the crowd and even by Don West and Mike Tenay to an extent who kept asking whether ‘He’ would arrive tonight or not. It was a shame though that the match was ignored as the two teams went hell for leather with spot after spot after spot and put on one hell of a match. The Lost Boys played their new roles of the young “trainees” of the group by constantly looking to “The Sinister Minister” for direction and guidance, which allowed York and Matthews back into the match on multiple occasions. This infuriated Mitchell, who berated the Boys, who in turn only turned round and pled for mercy from their master, which gave Y&M more time to recover. “The Sinister Minister” eventually had to take things into his own hands and provided a distraction allowing Gabriel to use the scepter as a weapon, cracking Christian York over the head, and getting the 1-2-3 for the victory.

The Lost Boys bt. York & Matthews - [88/40/64] - **½

Gabriel gained 1 point of overness from this match. Azrael gained 1 point of overness from this match.

- “The Old School Challenge”, Laid Down By “The King” -

After an exceptional if ignored tag match, the crowd rose to its feet in unison when “The King of Old School” Steve Corino came out to the ring, asking for a microphone from Jeremy Borash who obliged.

Steve Corino: NWA-TNA, in case you don’t know who I am, I will tell you. I am “The King of Old School” Steve Corino!

The crowd cheers, knowing who Corino is.

Steve Corino: And I am here, back in the NWA, for one reason. To get back the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, that I once held!

More cheering for Corino. Anyone wanting to beat up Jarrett is okay to this crowd.

Steve Corino: But until I get back what is mine, I have a little…..what I like to call a sidequest. A sidequest. You see, I’ve sat at home the last two weeks, watching the TNA broadcasts and I have been sickened with the sports entertainment bullshit that is being thrown out there, and I, as the “King of Old School” am taking it upon myself to bring back the old school style and ideology to Total Nonstop Action. So tonight, I am launching ‘The Old School Challenge’. Any man, woman or hell even midget in the back wanting a chance at instant superstardom, step on down.

As if by magic “Cowboy” James Storm comes from the back and we have ourselves a match.


Corino gained overness.

- There Are Still People Doing The Cowboy Gimmick? -

After the initial shock of someone in this day and age still trying a Cowboy gimmick to get over, the crowd settled down to watch “Cowboy” James Storm accept the “Old School Challenge” from Steve Corino. In keeping with the name of the match everything was kept on the mat with both men picking a body part and attempting to work it over. Storm tried to use his size and strength advantage as well as his youthful exuberance to its fullest but Corino’s experience and skill was more than a match, and the further the match went on the more it suited Corino as he managed to wear down Storm, while the rookies’ easily excitable nature made him make a couple of fatal mistakes which Corino took full advantage of. Corino constantly referenced his past as a NWA World Champion throughout, using any opportunity to blow his own trumpet. Storm though wouldn’t back down; every time he looked like being beaten he’d come right back with something else to shock Corino. But “The King of Old School” weathered the storm (no pun intended) and got the victory with the Old School Expulsion for the pinfall victory. TNA went to a commercial with Steve Corino celebrating in the ring.

Steve Corino bt. “Cowboy” James Storm - [80/52/66] - **¾



TNA continued on its merry way with a third X Division Scramble match, showing us another six of the athletes we can expect to see in the X Division. Shannon Moore – complete with WWE pink slip – was first out and soon Spanky, Frankie Kazarian, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch and Matt Cross had followed. Again we got a big old flippy floppy style match with all six men throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever needed to get ANY reaction at all from the crowd. Shannon Moore was the first to take a Speedy Gonzalez uber-bump of doom to the floor over the top off a double backdrop from the British contingent of Fleisch and Storm. Fleisch then went after Moore, leaping over the top with a somersault senton. Jonny Storm followed them out with a suicide dive and after a couple of more flip flops from Frankie Kazarian, he too joined them on the outside, after Matt Cross threw him from the ring. This all culminated in Spanky sending Cross to the floor and then taking a huge risk to take all 5 men down with a springboard plancha. But even when Don West started to sweat profusely and screamed at the top of his lungs, the crowd sat completely still, like a Japanese crowd without any recognition that a match was going on. Back in the ring some more entertaining lightweight exchanges took place, but they were lacking in any kind of psychology as the six just hit spot after spot, with no real flow. We got a different ending this time as instead of everyone hitting their finishers in order, Shannon Moore wiped out Jonny Storm, Frankie Kazarian and Matt Cross on the outside when he was pushed off the top rope by Spanky, but Spanky turned into the 720 Phoenix DDT from Jody Fleisch for the shock 1-2-3! After the bell Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm stayed behind to celebrate but Storm nailed a short-arm clothesline to Fleisch and connected with a Split-Legged Moonsault out of spite. TNA went to a commercial with Jonny Storm parading to the fans, who couldn’t care less.

Jody Fleisch won an X Division Scramble Match - [84/43/63] - ***

Shannon Moore is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. Frankie Kazarian is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

- An Executive Decision -

TNA cut from the ring to backstage, directly into the Executive Committee Office, where Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was waiting.

Ricky Steamboat: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good evening to you all, we hope you’re enjoying vthe show. I, Ricky Steamboat, have come to you all tonight however, with an announcement regarding the NWA X Division Championship. Over the last three weeks, we have seen three X Division Scramble matches, won by Low Ki, Taka Michinoku and Jody Fleisch. These three men are now said to be at the top of the mountain in the X Division, but we will all see how they truly are with heights next week, when those three men, face off for the X Division Championship…………..in a ladder match! Enjoy the show!



- Jarrett vs. ? -

TNA rolled around to main event time and a triple threat match to find a new #1 contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd were at their hottest of the night as Ken Shamrock, Scott Steiner and Scott Hall took to the ring in a match under triangle rules. After the happenings at the top of the show, Steiner was by far the heel in the match while Hall and Shamrock were joint faces. The action itself wasn’t half bad as the three kept within their limits and used a hell of a lot of psychology to keep the crowd involved. Shamrock was the first to control the match, using a variety of suplexes to keep both men at bay. Steiner used the same tactics to assert his dominance as well, returning the favour to Shamrock as the two nailed suplex after suplex on each other. Scott Hall meanwhile was quite happy to let them beat the snot out of each other, only becoming involved when it suited him. After about eight minutes Jeff Jarrett headed to the ring and joined Tenay and West on commentary, wanting to get a better look at “the slapnut whose ass I’ll be kicking next week.” All three men had chances to win it as the crowd’s loyalty was split fairly evenly between Shamrock and Hall with equal cheering for each mans offence. Shamrock was the first to have a major chance at victory, locking in the Anklelock on Steiner but it was quickly broken up by Scott Hall. Steiner returned the favour, locking Shamrock in the Steiner Recliner which was also broken up by Scott Hall. Before the end of the match all three men found time to pick a fight with Jarrett on the outside, leading to the often used “water spitting” spot with Jarrett spitting in the face of “The Bad Guy”. In the end TNA went with the most sensible option of the champion versus the most popular challenger as Scott Hall laid Ken Shamrock out with The Edge for the 1-2-3, but only after he couldn‘t lift Steiner. After the bell, as Hall celebrated Jeff Jarrett tried to attack but “The Bad Guy” was wise to it and chased Jarrett from the ring. As TNA was leaving the air, Ken Shamrock and Scott Steiner were battling it out at ringside, unfortunately we got the copyright notice before the fight got any kind of closure. Tune in next week folks for the biggest TNA show yet. Two titles on the line!

Scott Hall bt. Scott Steiner and Ken Shamrock - [71/81/77] - **¾

Overall Show Rating: 67%

We got a 0.18 buy rate for 'Total NonStop Action'!

The attendance was 2945 people.

We made $450000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $29450 from ticket sales.

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Show three.....

Ok loved the opening. Giving Hall mic time was a great idea, and now having gone from the end of last week's show where I just didn't care about your main event this week, now with that segment I'm starting to get interested in it and wondering who's gonna go over. I just hope it's not that God awful Steiner but meh.

Teh Young Lions battle royal did its job. There's really only Shelton and Punk in the match who I had any interest in, but the other guys you could make me care baout over time I guess. Punk winning was cool, although I'm still feeling at this point there's too many battle royals/6 man/3 man/3 team etc etc matches but that's just me as a fan. I tend to prefer one on one matches and simple tag matches. Don't worry, I still think I'm living as a late 80's early 90's wrestilng fan.

Punk on the mic, awesome, thought that was really well written and totally got me into his character straight away. If I didn't know who he was and this was the first I'd heard of him, you'd just have got me interested anyway. Just a superb segment.

Lost Boys Vs York & Matthews. Cool match, it's things like this... "The Lost Boys played their new roles of the young “trainees” of the group by constantly looking to “The Sinister Minister” for direction and guidance" that really add to the match, and add to the characters and roles that everyone's playing. Superb.

Corino's mic stuff, again really well written and really came across like him. Storm coming out as the guy accepting the challenge was not only interesting but made sense as generally the AMW boys have always teased a bit of the old school. Just hoping you don't do what most people do and portray them as wrestling gods way before their time. on those opening shows they had some potential but were soooooo green it was untrue.

Cool match, Corino got the win which was obviously going to happen but you didn't make Storm look weak in the process which was good. He came across like a young guy with some potential and a big heart. That's definitely a good thing.

Another x divisn scramble. I'm going to get bored of these pretty quick but again, that's just me as a fan. Fleish winning I wasn't happy about either as there's much more talented guys in that match. Him and Storm feuding in some way would be, err, well, dull, but I'm not a fan of either really and I think you'd struggle to make me care where they are concerned

The announcement of the x division ladder match made sense. That sort of three way I have no problem with, when there's a point and a focus to it. It's obviously goig to be one hell of a spotfest and it'll be interesting to see how you portray that in the writing.

Hall going over was cool enough. We get to see Jarrett Vs Hall, yet again, but then I've used that one in mine too and sometimes going back to something that's been done before doesn't have to be a bad thing. They have a history, and Hall's your most over face. At this point in time, with the promotion young, it needs a big time title match and Jarrett Vs Hall should provide that. Also, if the Steiner and Shamrock brawl is about to develop into some sort of feud I'd be interested in that. I'm not a Steiner fan in any year that comes after 1997 but him and Shamrock would be fresh and interesting.

Best show so far in my opinion, and with the crowning of an X champion, where hopefully we can start to see some straight title defences as opposed to the scramble matches (which now make a lot more sense knowing that the winners went into the title match) and the world title match which should be interesting, plus the addition of Corino and Punk, both getting mic time to build their characters I really enjoyed that show and am totally looking forward to the next

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when a taxi pulled into the lot and Goldylocks approached. Stepping out of the cab was Scott Hall. Guess he‘s not allowed to drive, too much risk in it I suppose….


I loved that line, cracked me up. Hall behind the wheel is most definatly a recipe for disaster.

The Young Lions Battle Royal had me interested on the preview, shocked to see it didn't turn out so good in the game, glad to see you wrote the match to reflect that. I thought uou would have went with Haas ir Benjamin, but Punk was a nice surprise.

The Punk promo was good, first time I've seen the Straight Edge Character used in a diary, most others have used his gothic gathering gimmick. Waiting for Kanyon to come to TNA, and tell Punk that he's not better than Kanyon.. lol

I liked the Lost Boys versus York and Matthews match, This New church has me interested. But I'm wondering now with the Lost Boys as the constant Tag-Team of the group will Lestat be used as the singles star of the group, or will he stay with Slash and the Anointed One be the singles force.

Corino in TNA, is a good thing. The match with Storm was a good read and had some funny lines in there. Leaved me wondering if Corino represents the Old School will he be Awesome and Mantell's challenger to their tradition breaking ways? Could be a good feud.

I'm surprised you went with Fleisch instead of Spanky or Moore, nice swerve with Storm laying waste afterward.

Aha... I thought we'd be seeing a triple threat for the title and sure enough it was announced. A ladder match should be a pretty good showcase match to crown the first Champion.

Hall gets the win this week but I doubt he will next, all in all Jarrett and Hall should still prove to be entertaining. I think Steiner was still pretty banged up with a hurt back and heel around this time, can't wait for Shamrock to apply the Ankle Lock on it :)

Next week should be an awesome event. This is quickly becomming my favorite Diary in the dome, hope you keep up the momentum, I'll be reading.

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