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Vanilla Sky


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Right I've just finshed watching this film and I'm still a bit lost.

So Tom Cruise really was in that car crash and got his face mashed up and the last time he seen Penelope Cruz was after the nightclub when he fell asleep on the street. He couldn't take not seeing her any more and ended up killing himself but on the way he found that life extension thing on the internet and met up with that man to get his life preserved. He chose the dream option which meant he'd live his dreams right? But they turned into a nightmare where cameron diaz became sofia and sofia became julie and he killed Julie which meant he killed penelope cruz and thats why he got arrested.

But then why did that doctor (Kirt Russel) say that the doctors fixed his face but then when they got to that life extension place and took his mask off it wasn't? And why was Penelope Cruz dead in the real life when I thought he only killed her in that dream? And at the very end when you hear someone say "open your eyes" thats him waking up at the car crash bit because he chose to live his real life which means he'll live his life disfigured?


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Right that's the second time I watched it so everything is now completely clear.

His face was mashed again because his dream had fallen apart (as the Tech Support had previously said - he had to regain control).

Therefore things were all going wrong (including his confusion with Diaz and Cruz and the murder).

Cruz was dead in real life because by that point it was 150 years in the future from when he killed himself and got put in Life Extension.

When he opens his eyes it's not after the car crash. He is being roused by staff at LE.

You see, after the crash he's deformed, tries to run the business with the migraines, meets his friend and Sophia again, falls asleep in the street, wakes up with a hangover, wins the company back with the help of Timothy Spall, yearns after Sophia who he never met again after the night in the club, finds out about LE on the net, signs himself to them, tops himself, his corpse is taken to LE, inserted into his Vivid Dream where he wakes up after the nightclub into his false reality. He spends 150 years in LE before choosing to wake up far in the future where everything will be different.

He chooses a life that will be completely different but REAL compared to a dream world which he can control.

It's the future. They can bring him back to life from the dead (with some new futuristic technology) and can repair his face and arm.

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He wasn't in LE for 150 years though was he? I thought it was 150 years in the future because it took a long time for the technology to exist that could do any of the stuff they were doing? The rest is right anyway. I only watched a bit of it tonight so I could be wrong. The original is much better, well better then the bits I watched tonight anyway.

EDIT: I meant he wasn't dreaming for 150 years, I assumed he was frozen for most of it. That might have been what you meant too which makes all of this post pretty pointless.

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how can you not understand it ? The ending disalowes you to even try to do an interpretation on annything.... i fucking hate this movie, just becaus the ending is like being a granny that has to have her ass whiped by the movie company caus she is to old to do it herself, i can think, if you build a fucking movie that build around the requirement of me thinking FUCKING LET ME and don´t just do shit as in this one.......


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Originally the first time I saw it, I thought the ending did lead you by the hand through stuff that had been beautifully subtle

For example, everyone syaing "Open Your Eyes" or "Wake Up" all the time he was dreaming, and everything leading to LE and the Tech Support guy.

However the final explanation adds a lot to the final emotions.

He was frozen for 150 years, we don't know exactly when LE kicked in.

I just love the fact that Cruz plays the same part in both movies.

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Cruz plays in both movies?  Was there an original and a remake?  If so when was the original and was the remake with Tom and Diaz?


The other Cruz..Penelope Cruz was in the original spanish version and the American remake as the same character

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This film can be seen and followed on so many levels, thats why I love it.

My favourite "version" of the film, is watching it and imagining its the book that Jason Lee's character is meant to be writing about. Basically the book he wrote on relationships and such, was based on David Aimes. It's an interesting concept and if you watch it, it does actually work on that level.

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