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Wow, I've managed to hear four tracks off "Mezmerize" before it's released and I cannot believe how good they all are. This album is really going to be something special and I wouldn't be surprised if it eclipsed "Toxicity" as being the best System album.

The majority of you have heard "Cigaro" which is just an addictive piece of music, while I guess most of you must have heard "B.Y.O.B." now - their first single off the album. Which has a really good slow-paced, simple chorus.

I've also managed to hear "Holy Mountain" which is a nice little track, and my personal favourite "Kill Rock n' Roll" - which just took my breath away when I heard it.

I am loving the new setup in the band with Daron contributing as much vocals as Serj, they really do compliment each other with their singing - and it also allows Serj to get more technical with his different styles of vocals than in the past.

I can't wait until this album comes out now, it's going to be the album of the year - well until Hypnotize comes out in September time. :thumbsup:

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The track list for System of a Down's Mezmerize, according to the band's spokesperson:

* "Soldier Side - Intro"

* "B.Y.O.B."

* "Revenga"

* "Cigaro"

* "Radio/Video"

* "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song"

* "Violent Pornography"

* "Question!"

* "Sad Statue"

* "Old School Hollywood"

* "Lost in Hollywood"

(Sources: mtvnews.com and blabbermouth.net)

Neither song you mentioned is on the list. Perhaps they're part of the following album, but this is the confirmed tracklist for their upcoming release.

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I don't care much for SOAD but Zero's spot on, that's an awesome song title. I may just download it and see what it's like if I can find it.

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Yeah they are probably on the following album although I know they are genuine, well "Kill Your Rock N' Roll" was one of the tracks Metalhammer magazine were allowed to listen to months ago when "Cigaro" was released on the internet. "Holy Mountain" they have also been playing live recently - although it's not impossible they changed the name of the song, or made slight adjustments.

Oh and Zero BYOB may be amazing but I swear Kill Your Rock N' Roll is fifteen times better. Theres a live version of it going around the internet so I would try to get hold of that.

Anyone know what the final release date is? I've heard May now but it was originally moved back to April sometime.

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Does anyone know when it drops in New Zealand?

I need to get my camping gear ready :P

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