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NCAA Football 2005

Cactus Drags

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I just got this on import, and it's great, I love the whole home field advantage stuff and the matchup stick. Plus I can run the triple option, best offense ever :P

Just wondering, the game's officially licensed, so why do none of the players have names? Is it to do with them still being in school or something?

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You can rename them yourself...or you can go to numerous sites on the internet and download rosters with the names. People sell them on eBay, too, coincidentally.

And I always thought they didn't have player names because the NCAA didn't have a player's association like every other sport. Didn't know it was due to sponsorships.

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NCAA owns. I'll even go as far as saying that it thrashes Madden with its school spirit and actual challenge. (a.k.a. it's much more challenging to play Rice vs. Florida State, rather than two near equal teams as most of Madden's teams are) Plus, with me being in a college town, I can get into the local U of A aspect of it as well. All in all, it's an awesome EA entry that proves to be well-done despite the lack of competiton in the college video game ranks. I just hope it stays this way.

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I would love this game like the child I don't have if it wasn't for one thing: I CAN'T FREAKING COMPLETE A PASS IN IT!

Sorry, but there's NO reason why my quarterback (regardless of the school) should be 6 for 30 in EVERY game. Now, I know some will say "Well, he just sucks at passing" and I know that's true. But in every other football game I've ever played, I've been able to figure it out with enough practice. But with this one, I seem to get worse everytime I play the thing. It's frustrating to think that here I'm 26 and I'm getting schooled by a videogame. :P

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Personally, I thought this year's game was MUCH weaker than last years. The homefield advantage is alright at first, but gets lame very quick. And I second the comment about how hard it is to complete a pass. I played the game for about four seasons, but it really got boring when the only passes I could complete were streaks and slants.

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