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MP3 Legality Question


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Okay, I don't know if this should go in Computing or here, but anyways...

I've been ripping alot of my CDs I own to MP3 so I can listen to them on my computer, but lately I've been worried about the RIAA and their mass sueing battle thing they're doing. I mean, they're going after fucking Harvard students now. It's crazy.

Anyways, is me ripping my CDs I own legal? Just so I know incase I get sued or something. :shifty:

On a sidenote, I tried ripping Pink Floyd's "The Wall"...good lord. I can't get the tracklisting right for the life of me. I know the songtitles, but they always end up wrong. Gah.

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My dad told me that if I don't share the MP3s I download, I won't get caught, but then again, I don't really believe that.

You won't get caught, because they (as far as I know) can only view stuff that is shown in your shared folder.

Thats what I am led to believe, anyway.

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Quick explanation: ripping your own CDs is perfectly legal. I'm actually re-ripping my entire CD collection to --alt-preset standard, and did a little research out of curiosity. Just having your own MP3s on your computer is perfectly safe, and if they're not in a shared folder on a network or on the internet, no one but you will know you have them. In this case, Tristy, your dad is right, but you have nothing to worry about, anyway. Ripping MP3s from your own CDs is well within U.S. personal use laws.

Torrenting, however, as well as DLing from an non-secure location can expose your IP to people who are gathering evidence. In the practical sense, though, no one will care or notice unless you're DLing/sharing on a massive scale or on a network that's been well compromised (like Kazaa/Grokster).

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