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Forward: As always after reading one of TAFKA’s diaries I get inspired to try a similar one, well I’m not to familiar with most of the guys on the Smackdown! side and wouldn’t want to try and steal any of his thunder so I’m going to ponder with the RAW brand after WrestleMania 21. Fans of my WCW 2001 Diary fear not as I’m about half way done with the Bash at the Beach and that Diary should continue unscathed. With that I give you my latest venture and hope you enjoy…

user posted image

Sunday April 3rd

the Staples Center in Los Angeles California....

Rey Mysterio defeats Eddie Guerrero in a battle of Tag-Team Champions

Edge defeats Chris Benoit, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Christian and Chris Jericho in a "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match guaranteeing him a shot at the title within the year.

Trish Stratus defeats Christy Hemme to retain the WWE Women's Championship

The legendary Undertaker defeats the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton to rack up his Wrestlemania record to an unmatched 13 and 0.

Smackdown's Kurt Angle defeats RAW's Shawn Michaels

Former Grand Sumo Champion Akebono defeats The Big Show in a Sumo Rules Match.

John Cena defeats John "Bradshaw" Layfield to become the new WWE Champion, ending JBL's record breaking reign as Champion.

In the Main Event of the night student defeats teacher as Batista defeats Triple H to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

Somewhere in America...

"Click." A Television set turns off. Two friends are sitting in a living room, and the larger of the two starts speaking.

"Wow, I really liked the show, WrestleMania was well worth the price, what do you think?"

"Ah.. it was alright I guess."

"You guess? How can you say that, it was awesome! The Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and Angle versus HBK totally stole the show. And on top of all that, Cena and Batista are the champions!"

"Yeah... but the show still didn't get me overjoyed. I mean the Eddie and Rey Match could have been much better, so could some of the others. And Batista even though Batista won the title, I doubt the writers can do anything that will keep us interested on Raw. They'll use the same ol' formula. Triple H will be on Raw talking about losing and that he wants his rematch, Batista will lose the title at Backlash and we'll be stuck seeing the same thing over and over."

"Oh come on, how do you know that?"

"It's how its always been."

"What, so you're saying you could do better than the guys that get paid to write this stuff."

"Maybe I could."

"Yeah, right I'd love to see what RAW would be like with you at the helm."

Fade to black. After a few another message appears on the screen.

Later that Night...

The smaller male shown previously lies in his bed, his eyes are closed. A voice is ringing over and over in his mind;

"Yeah, right I'd love to see what RAW would be like with you at the helm"...

"I'd love to see what RAW would be like with you at the helm"

"what RAW would be like with you at the helm"

"with you at the helm... with you at the helm"...

Fade to Black.

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A Quick Look at things:

Title Holders:

World Heavyweight Championship (90 Image): Batista

WWE Intercontinental Championship (78 Image): Shelton Benjamin

WWE Women's Championship (60 Image): Trish Stratus

World Tag-Team Championship (70 Image): William Regal & Tajiri

Television Shows:

WWE Raw - Modays on Spike TV - with Jerry "the King" Lawler & Jim "JR" Ross

WWE HeAt - Sundays on Spike TV - with Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman

Pay-Per-View Events:

WWE Backlash - Sunday May 1, 2005

WWE Vengeance - Sunday June 12, 2005

TBA - Sunday July 30, 2005

RAW & Smackdown Present SummerSlam - Sunday August 21, 2005

WWE Unforgiven - Sunday September 18, 2005

WWE Taboo Tuesday - Tuesday October 25, 2005

RAW & Smackdown Present Suvivor Series - Sunday November 27, 2005

WWE Armageddon - Sunday December 18, 2005

RAW Roster:

WWE RAW General Manager: Eric Bischoff - 88 over, tweener

Main Eventers:

Batista - 96 over, Face (World Heavyweight Champion)

Chris Benoit - 95 over, Face

Randy Orton - 88 over, Heel

Shawn Michaels - 94 over, Face

Triple H - 94 over, Face

Upper Carders:

Chris Jericho - 97 over, Face

Christian - 82 over, Heel

Edge - 88 over, Heel

Kane - 90 over, Face

Shelton Benjamin - 80 over, Face (Intercontinental Champion)

Mid Carders:

Eugene - 75 over, Face - currently injured, expected to return in 4-5 months

Gene Snitsky - 75 over, Heel

Khosrow Diavari - 63 over, Heel

Matt Hardy - 74 over, Face - currently injured, expected to return in 3-4 months

Maven - 71 over, Heel

Muhammad Hassan - 74 over, Heel

RhYno - 76 over, Face

Robert Conway - 65 over, Heel

Tajiri - 72 over, Face (World Tag-Team Champion)

The Hurricane - 71 over, Face

William Regal - 78 over, Face (World Tag-Team Champion)

Lower Caders:

Chris Masters - 32 over, Heel

Mark Henry - 67 over, Heel - currently injured with no estimated return date

Rosey - 65 over, Face

Simon Dean - 64 over, Heel

Sylvan Grenier - 65 over, Heel

Tyson Tomko - 68 over, Heel

Val Venis - 60 over, Face


Steven Richards: 59 over, Tweener

Viscera: 50 over, Heel

RAW Divas:

Candice Michelle - 40 over, Face

Christy Hemme - 60 over, Face

Ivory - 65 over, Face

Lita - 83 over, Face - currently injured, expected to return to in ring action soon

Maria Kanellis - 50 over, Face

Molly Holly - 75 over, Heel

Trish Stratus - 87 over, Heel (WWE Women's Champion)

Victoria - 68 over, Face

Non Wrestlers:

Johnathan Coachman - 60 over, Heel

Ric Flair - 91 over, Heel

Steve Austin - 100 over, Face

Tag Teams:

Christian and Tyson Tomko - Exp. 15, Heel

Hurricane and Rosey - Exp. 30, Face

La Resistance (Conway & Grenier) - Exp. 25, Heel

Simon Dean and Maven - Exp. 0, Heel

William Regal and Tajiri - Exp. 25, Face

user posted image

WWE RAW Television Preview

The biggest Sports Entertainment spectacular of them all is said and done, and with it we have a new World Heavyweight Champion. The "Animal," Batista last night defeated Triple H, his former leader in Evolution to take home the Gold. An easy night is not something that the new Champion will have however, because already signed for tonight's program by RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff; Batista will be in action against the "Legend Killer," Randy Orton. Speaking of Orton, after failing to end the legendary Undertaker's WrestleMania undefeated streak he will definitely be looking to make a name for himself at the World Heavyweight Champion's expense.

And what about "The Game?" After facing defeat last night, we expect to hear from him tonight on RAW. Surely he will not be in a good mood.

Batista and Orton are not the only ones who will see in ring action this week either as the World Tag-Team Champions Regal and Tajiri will put the Tag Title on the line against La Resistance. Plus after winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, Edge will face the Big Red Machine Kane! Be sure to tune in tonight on Spike TV for the Flagship of the WWE, Monday Night RAW!

Scheduled Matches:

- World Heavyweight Champion Batista versus Randy Orton

- Edge versus Kane

- World Tag Team Championship Match - Regal and Tajiri versus La Resistance.

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Since barely anyone watches Heat these days, I'm going to go the same way and just give out the results of the tapings. With that here is the first RAW;

WWE Sunday Night HeAt Taping Results:

- Chris Masters defeated Aaron Stevens

- Val Venis defeated Viscera

- Trish Stratus defeated Victoria

- Simon Dean and Maven defeated Hurricane and Rosey

user posted image


April 4, 2005

RAW kicked off live with a video package highlighting Wrestlemania 21. The package showed Trish Stratus defend the Women's Title against Christy Hemme, Edge win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Shawn Michaels come up on the short end against Smackdown's Kurt Angle, The Undertaker defeating Randy Orton, and finally Batista defeating Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. The video montage ended with Batista letting out a primal scream and posing with the World Heavyweight Title. RAW had a new Champion, and he would be in action tonight!

Ever Hear of the Word Sore Loser?

As Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler welcomed fans to the show they were soon cut off when "the Game" hit, and Triple H stepped out from the back to his light show. The crowd gave Triple H hell, and the camera caught fans holding up signs such as "Game Over," and "Batista's Unleashed!" JR and The King mentioned how Triple H looked almost naked without the World Heavyweight title around his waist, and he performed his trademark spit of the water. Once he was in the ring he took a microphone.

Triple H: "Last night at Wrestle".....

He couldn't even speak without being drowned out by the fans chants of "BA-TIS-TA!" This seemed to anger Helmsley, and after an extensive pause he was once again on the microphone.

Triple H: "CHANT HIS NAME! GO AHEAD! BA-TIS-TA! BA-TIS-TA! Batista was better than me ONE NIGHT! One Night! Last night at WrestleMania, the Animal came out on top, but the fact remains that I AM THE GAME and I RUN THIS DAMN INDUSTRY!"

More boos came from the fans as Triple H continued on with his rant.

Triple H: "Batista! Consider yourself lucky! Consider yourself lucky because you are holding the one thing that I-III care about more than life itself! The World Heavyweight Championship! Batista it was luck that you walked out of Los Angeles the Champion, and it must have felt good. It felt good didn't it Dave? It felt good last night when you went to your hotel room... and you sat down... and you draped that title over your lap... and you looked at the little name plate that read "WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION.... DAVE BATISTA" and you realized that you were now on top of the World."

Triple H looked around and more boos came from the fans.

Triple H: "But when you woke up this morning, it didn't feel so good did it Dave? It didn't feel good any longer when that high wore out and the realization kicked in; the realization that you are now the guy that everyone is gunning for. It didn't feel good to have that bull's eye on your chest didn't it Dave? No, I know you too well. I know that it's exactly the way you are feeling! Ten Times Dave! Ten times I've been World Champion. Dave, you're not a ten time Champion, and you know it just like I do... You never will be."

EWR Rating: 80%

The Animal is Unleashed!

The Game put the microphone back up to his mouth, but before he could say another word the World Heavyweight Champion's music hit, and Batista walked out dressed for action with the World Heavyweight title strapped around his waist. The champion did a muscle pose and then made his way into the ring. Once inside he got a microphone of his own and looked right into the eyes of his former mentor. The Batista chants were near deafening, and the Champ then growled;

Batista: "You know Triple H, you're right I'm not a ten time World Champion, and yeah, I probably never will be."

Triple H smiled and the fans booed Batista's acknowledgement of "The Game's" decree.

Batista: "But I am THEE World Heavyweight Champion, and I plan on holding onto it for a VERY long time!"

Triple H's smile turned to a frown and it was now the World Champion who was smiling.

Batista: "And Triple H, just like you said by becoming the world Heavyweight Champion last night at WrestleMania I put the target right on my chest, and now everyone's gunning for me. Everyone is trying to knock me off of the top. Well you know what I say Triple H? How about you be the first to try and take this title from me, and I don't see any better of a time than right NOW!"

Batista dropped the microphone and called Triple H out. The Game took a few moments to think it over, then ripped off his t-shirt and the two men began exchanging blows. The crowd was on fire, as a referee ran down to the ring and called for the bell, they were seeing an impromptu WrestleMania rematch for the title! But the cheers soon faded away as "I’m Back" hit the PA, and the RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff marched out with a microphone.


They continued their fight until the Champion knocked Triple H down with a shoulder block, then Helmsley; pissed off rolled to the outside.

Eric Bischoff: "Hey! In case the two of you forgot... I MAKE THE MATCHES AROUND HERE! And the way I see it, Batista versus Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title tonight... IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!"

The fans booed and Batista stood in the ring staring down both Bischoff and Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: "You see Batista, I wouldn't want you at less then 100 percent tonight when you face Randy Orton... and a match that big needs the proper amount of time to hype. I say about TWO WEEKS TIME!"

Bischoff smiled at his decision, as if he was a genius.

Eric Bischoff: "So Monday April 18, live from Madison Square Garden we will see "the Game" Triple H challenge the "the Animal" Batista in a WrestleMania rematch for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!"

Bischoff dropped the microphone and his music started up again. Triple H stood outside of the ring pointing his finger at Batista and talking trash, with the Champion just standing in the ring and saying "Two weeks" and RAW went to commercial.

EWR Rating: 80%

World Tag Team Championship Match

Regal and Tajiri versus La Resistance

When RAW came back on the air it was the team of Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier, La Resistance teaming up to take on the reigning World Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri. Tajiri took the fight to Sylvan Grenier early on, but after nailing a swinging neck breaker Grenier kept Tajiri in the enemy corner. La Resistance used quick tags attempting to keep both men fresh, and kept Tajiri grounded. Regal began stomping at the mat and got the fans behind Tajiri. Conway screwed up in the corner and Tajiri locked on the Tarantula for the full four seconds, with Conway down and holding his back in pain it allowed Tajiri to tag in William Regal. Regal hit the ring fast and took out both La Resistance members, tossing Grenier over the top rope and to the floor. Regal locked the Regal stretch onto Conway and he soon tapped out.

Winners: Regal and Tajiri, still World Tag Team Champions

OR-63% CR-69% MQ-71%

Tag-Titles gained in image

What!? You Paid For This Air Time? What!?

From there clips from the Piper's Pit segment at WrestleMania were shown with Austin and Piper trading insults with each other, before beating the crap out of Carlito Caribbean Cool. Then it was back to the arena where there was a table sat up in the ring displaying the many components of the Simon System weight loss program.

The fans had expected to hear Simon Dean's music, but were shocked when they heard the glass shatter before Stone Cold Steve Austin came out from the back. The Texas Rattlesnake was here live on RAW and the fans were going nuts! Austin did his trademark pose in each turnbuckle, he looked at the many weight loss supplements in the ring that displayed Simon Dean's smiling face and shook his head, then the "Texas Rattlesnake" grabbed a microphone.


The fans cheered and some even began chanting "Stone Cold."

Steve Austin: "Last night (What!?) at WrestleMania (What!?) the beer drinkin' (What!?) Ass Kickin' (What!?) Meanest sum' bitch on the face of the planet (What!?) Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped into the ring with the ring (What!?) With the kilt wearin' (What) Name callin' (What!?) Dirty sum' bitch Rowdy Roddy Piper (What!?) And he had himself a little fun! (What!?) And now"............'

The fans were really getting behind Austin. Before Stone Cold could continue on however he was cut off by another voice on the speakers.

"Hold it right there Austin, don't you say another word!"

Simon Dean marched out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Simon Dean: "Now Austin, don't get me wrong (What!?) I happen to like you but right now you are talking on my time! (What!?) You see Stone Cold since you've been gone a lot of things have changed here on RAW. (What!?) You see I know you would like to talk to all these fans about your coming back to the WWE, but I've paid for this air time, and it's for the better of all these people in the audience (What!?) that you leave the ring right now."

Dean stepped into the ring while Austin was trying to figure out just who in the hell this guy was.

Simon Dean: "You see Stone Cold, I already paid for time and I'm going to use it to promote my Simon System... to all of these people. I mean just look around (What!? Though they started to fade out around this time) they need it!" 

Dean smiled while Austin looked around, he scratched his head and then started talking again.

Steve Austin: "So let me get this straight, you paid money to be out here right now?"

Simon Dean: "Well.. yeah, to promote my Simon System and help all of these people lead better lives!"

Dean smiled again and the fans booed him.

Steve Austin: "You are one dumb sum' bitch!"

The fans laughed and Dean looked shocked. Stone Cold walked over to the table and picked up a Simon Shake.

Steve Austin: "Let me ask you somethin' you really drink this crap?"

Simon Dean: "Oh it's not crap, and yes I am a product of my Simon System (he flashes a smile) and Stone Cold it actually tastes pretty good!"

Steve Austin: "Well I'll tell you what, good ol' Stone Cold will try this little shake, if ya' try a beer."

Dean grimaced at the thought of drinking a beer but said;

Simon Dean: "Well, if it will make you a believer in the Simon System... I'm game."

Stone Cold walked over and was tossed a beer, he tossed it to Simon who popped the top. Austin and Dean looked at each other and held their drinks up.

Simon Dean: "Well, cheers!"

They crashed the bottle and can together then Austin chugged the shake while Dean did his best to down the beer. Simon whoever didn't have the stomach for it and after making some weird faces he spit it out all over the place - and all over Stone Cold! Austin's face flashed with anger and Dean looked like he had crapped his pants. He held his arms out pleading with Stone Cold but Austin tossed the shake aside, kicked Dean in the midsection and nailed him with the Stone Cold Stunner! The fans went crazy seeing Dean get leveled with the move and Austin tipped over the table of Dean's products. Stone Cold posed in the turnbuckles as Raw went to commercial.

EWR Rating: 76%

The show returned and we were in the back with Eric Bischoff and the Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: "Wow Mr. Bischoff, WrestleMania rematch in two weeks, Batista versus Triple H for the world Heavyweight Title, that's huge!"

Bischoff smilled and leaned back in his luxury chair, and put his arms behind his head.

Eric Bischoff: "You think that's huge Coach? Well wait until you hear the announcement I have to make next week on RAW, it's going to rock not just RAW but the entire WWE as a whole."

Bischoff laughed to himself and Coach looked puzzled.

EWR Rating: 74%

From there a video package of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania was shown. The package showcased the performances of all five men involved in the match, especially Chris Benoit who looked to have injured his arm in the match. The show went back to the arena where JR and the King said that because of injuries sustained in the match Benoit was not in attendance at RAW.

Tag-Team Match

Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho versus Christian and Tyson Tomko

The Intercontinental Champion Shelton Banjamin and his partner for the night, Chris Jericho shook hands before the match sigifying that there were no hard feelings from WrestleMania's match. Christian started things off at a fast pace with Chris Jericho, each man exchanging a series of holds. Jericho took Christian down with a drop toe hold that hung him up throat first against the ropes. Jericho charged and leaped on his former friend forcing the rope against his throat to a whiplash effect. Jericho tagged in Shelton Benjamin and the Intercontinental Champion went to work on Christian with a series of arm drags and suplexes but his momentum was stopped when Tomko hit the ring and hit a big boot to the face that turned him inside out. Christian tagged in Tomko and he grounded Benjamin with submission holds targeting the neck and shoulders. After sliding off of Tomko's back the IC Champ connected with a super kick and both men hit the canvas. They began crawling to their corners with Benjamin making the hot tag to Jericho. Christian hit the ring and Jericho floored him the a clothesline, Tomko got recieved a European uppercut and was sent into the ropes. Jericho nearly took his head off with a well placed dropkick. Tomko and Christian regrouped on the outside as RAW went to commercial.

~ Commercial Break.

The show came back on the air with Christian and Tomko choking out Jericho in the corner. Benjamin was trying to get into the ring, but referee Charles Robinson held him back. Superplex from Tomko for a cover and two. Tomko sent Jericho into the ropes with an irish whip but out of desperation Jericho springboarded off of the second rope and caught Tyson with a forearm to the face. Tag to Benjamin for the second hot tag of the night and the IC Champion came in on fire with suplexes for both Christian and Tomko. He whipped Tomko chest first into the turnbuckle and then lifted him up for the T-Bone Suplex! Cover, 1, 2, ... Christian interrupted the count! After tagging in Christian the ending came when he rolled up Benjamin and held onto the Champion's tights for the 3 count! Christian had pinned the Intercontinental Champion! He and Tomko hugged on the outside of the ring with Jericho and Benjamin upset in the ring.

Winners: Christian and Tyson Tomko

-OR:67% -CR:77% -MQ:72%

Tomko gained in overness

Clips from the Women's Title Match at WrestleMania were shown with Trish ultimately coming out victorious. Then the Diva Search winner's music played and it was time for the next contest.

Christy Hemme w/ Lita versus Molly Holly

The former Women's Champion, Molly controlled the match and did her best to try and keep it flowing smoothly. Molly dominated the much less experienced Christy with backbreakers and a northern lights suplex. With Christy in pain and holding her back Molly went to the top rope. Christy stood up and Molly jumped off for the Molly-go-round, but Christy moved out of the way forcing Molly to crash and burn. The Diva Search winner rolled up Holly with a School Boy cradle for the shocking 1.. 2.. 3! Lita joined Christy in the ring congratulating her on victory. From there Raw went to another word from the sponsors.

Winner: Christy Hemme

-OR:53% -CR:73% -MQ:29%

Pride, Hate and Rescue...

When RAW came back on the air, "Sexy Boy" was playing, and the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels came out to a standing ovation from the fans in attendance. Michaels held his hand over his heart and thanked them, then it was into the ring where he did his trademark muscle pose. HBK wasn't dressed for action, and soon it was clear why as Michaels had a microphone.

Shawn Michaels: "Last night I think it's safe to say that ol' HBK and Kurt Angle stole the show at WRESTLEMANIA 21!"

The fans gave Michaels more applause, and some even began chanting "HBK."

Shawn Michaels: "And you know, even though I lost last night at WrestleMania, I have to hand it to Kurt Angle. I gave it all that I had, and he did exactly what he said that he was going to do. He made HBK tap out."

Boos filled the arena as Michaels frowned at the memory of his hand slapping the mat and giving in to the ankle lock.

Shawn Michaels: "But you know what? HBK is still alive and kickin' and I think there's still some fight left in this ol' boy so maybe down the road Kurt Angle and HBK will meet again, I mean how many of you people would like to see a rematch!?"

The crowd definatly agreed with that bringing a smile to Shawn's face, he went to continue but suddenly was cut off by an arabic chant that filled the arena. It was the music of Muhammed Hassan, and shortly after he and his manager Daivari came out.

Muhammed Hassan: "I have heard enough.. of YOUR CRYING! It's just like your typical American thinking, coming out here and feeling sorry for yourself.. after losing at.. WrestleMania when other people... MY PEOPLE were NO WHERE to be seen ON THE ENTIRE CARD! And SHAWN MICHAELS THAT IS A CRYING SHAME!!"

Hassan and Daivari continued to the ring, Daivari took the microphone and spitted out something that no one could understand. Finally the two men where in the ring and Hassan took the microphone back.

Muhammed Hassan: "And yet you continue to WANT MORE, going as far... as to wish for a rematch. Well Shawn Michaels... you and all of the other pathetic Americans.. can continue to WANT and WANT and WANT, and continue to think it's ok. Yet you completely ignore the fact that myself, and my people are being HELD DOWN, and yet you look at yourself in the mirror with gratification."

The fans were giving Daivari and Hassan hell, and Michaels had heard enough.

Shawn Michaels: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! For starters Mr. Hassan you might want to see a psychiatrist, because all of that stuff you just preached in HBK's ear was a total bunch of BS! And it seems you have a problem with me. You do don't ya'!?"

Hassan stared at Michaels trying his best to hold a menacing frown. Daivari grabbed a microphone and started another non english tirade.

Shawn Michaels: "SHUT UP!! Now Hassan, here in the WWE as I take it when someone has a problem with someone else they settle it in a certain place. They settle it in a place with say... ropes and... turnbuckles... what is that called again? Oh yeah... THE RING! So Hassan, you're already standing in it... if you've got a problem with H-B-K, why don't ya' solve it!?"

The challenge was laid out and after a short staredown Hassan looked as if he was going to back down, but he threw a punch right to the face of HBK! HBK and Hassan traded blows but the number game soon was too much for Michaels as Daivari jumped in and the two men stomped and pounded on HBK. This lasted for a few minutes and it seemed there was no end in sight until somebody ran down the ramp and slid into the ring with a steel chair in hand. It was Marty Jannetty! Jannetty hit the ring, and the two Arab-Americans quickly left the ring. Jannetty had come to the rescue of his friend, much to the liking of the fans. He checked on Michaels as RAW went to another commercial break.

EWR Rating: 68%

Edge versus Kane

Back on the air and it was "Mr. Money in the Bank," Edge coming out to the ring with the Brief Case he had retrieve last night at WrestleMania. Inside presumably was the contract, waiting to be signed whenever Edge wanted his shot at the World Heavyweight Title. He sat the Brief case at the time keepers seat on the outside. Kane was out next and Edge used his quickness to give him the Edge, no pun intended over the much larger Kane. Edge used a basement dropkick on Kane's knee and worked it over throughout the match, knowing full well if he couldn't stand up there would be no way for him to land a choke slam. Kane countered an Edge spear attempt and Edge slammed into the turnbuckle shoulder first, Kane went for the choke slam and landed it but his knees gave out deeming him unable to make the cover. edge rolled to the outside and grabbed the brief case. He stood outside with his back facing the Monster, and when Kane reached over the ropes to grab him, Edge blasted him with the Brief Case! He then slid into the ring and stalked the Big Red Machine. Kane stood up and Edge nailed the Spear, making the cover and getting the three! "Mr. Money in the Bank" rolled out of the ring and took the brief case before giving it a kiss and smiling deviously. He beat Kane tonight, but the question remained when would he take his title shot?

Winner: Edge

-OR:72% -CR:86% -MQ:70%

Three Letters: R - K - O...

RAW then went to the back where Maria was standing by with "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. The fans booed Orton simply for seeing his face, and Maria began talking.

Maria: "Randy, up next you're going one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Do you have any comments before your match?"

Orton looked Maria over before flashing her a cocky smile that in return made Maria’s roll her eyes.

Randy Orton: "You know Maria I do have some comments before I go out there. Batista, you know I hate to say it but Triple H is right.. you're nothing more than A FLUKE! I mean come on Maria... when we were in Evolution I was the star, and as soon as I broke away home many times did I beat him? 2? 3? It doesn't matter, the point is tonight is going to be no different and our "World Heavyweight champion" is going to go down with the R - K - O!"

Orton walked off and RAW took another break. Up next it was the Main Event, Orton and Batista!

EWR Rating: 89%

Main Event: Batista versus Randy Orton

Back on the air, and Orton made his entrance to the ring, funny thing to note is that he was wearing his "RKO" T-shirt instead of his Legend Killer Tour one, guess not beating the Undertaker took a bit of a chip off his shoulder. The World Champion came out to a massive pop from the crowd and after taking off the belt, Randy Orton went right to work on the big man. He hammered Batista with clenched fists and sent him into the ropes a back elbow made Batista stumble but it didn't knock him down. Orton smashed a couple more hard shots, but Batista snapped and the Animal clobbered Orton to the mat with a blistering short arm clothesline. Batista used his strength to dominate Orton for the next few moments but Orton would regain control with a low blow as RAW took its final commercial break.

~ Commercial Break.

When the show came back on the air Randy Orton was using the ropes to choke the life out of the World Champion. Triple H had made his way out to ringside and was trying to intimidate Batista, insulting him when he was down. Orton tried for an RKO after Batista bounced out of the corner, but Batista shrugged Orton into the ropes before nailing his Massive Spine Buster! Batista lifted Orton up and tucked his head between his legs, the Animal then gave the thumbs down and planted Orton with the Batista Bomb! He  made the cover but Triple H interrupted and put the boots to Batista forcing Earl Hebner to call for the bell!

Winner: Batista by DQ

-OR:72% -CR:87% -MQ:70%

Triple H looked for the Pedigree, but Batista battled out of it and a brawl ensued. Orton jumped Batista from behind and they began double teaming the Champion. Just as it seemed the odds were against him, Batista clothes lined both Triple H and Randy Orton to the outside! Helmsley pointed at Batista and made a motion across his waist saying "Two weeks Batista!" The show ended with the World Champion staring down the man who will challenge him for the gold on April the 18th!

Show Rating: 72%

Segment of the Night: Batista/Triple H confrontation

Worst Segment: Christy Hemme versus Molly Holly

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

This was a great show, I am a fan of your WCW diary and I am probably going to equal as big a fan of this one.

good luck :thumbsup:

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WWE RAW Brand News and Notes

For the Week of April 4, 2005

*It seems that RhYno is in the WWE dog house, as numerous reports claim that at a WrestleMania party he and his wife were seen arguing in front of many fans in attendance. The altercation escalated even further when RhYno picked up a planter and threw it across the room. Many higher ups in the company are disappointed with RhYno's behavior, stressing that WWE Superstars are representatives of the company while out in public. There has been no word as of yet on RhYno's punishment from the company.

*Randy Orton confirmed on the WWE Byte This! Web Cast on Tuesday that he will be taking time off to undergo surgery on his shoulder. He had been working for the better part of a month with the injury, but after RAW he described that the pain was now intense. Once the surgery takes place Orton isn't likely to be back in competition for 6 to 8 months.

*Many are speculating next week that Eric Bischoff's big announcement will have something to do with the return of the King of the Ring Pay Per View in July.

*Chris Masters did a number on OVW wrestler, and WWE Developmental hopeful Aaron Stevens on the Sunday Night Heat tapings. Masters potato punched Stevens in the nose causing blood to continue pouring out of his nose until winning with the Masterlock. Some are saying that Masters may be demoted back down to Ohio Valley if his lack luster performances keep up.

*With his surprise run in on RAW, WWE have officially announced the signing of Marty Jannetty to a 6 month written contract. Michaels and Jannetty are expected to face off against Hassan and Diavari at the BackLash Pay Per View, and some are even saying that Michaels will be continuing to partner with his former mate throughout the Spring. It will be interesting to see how RAW handles the Michaels and Jannetty partnership.

*Chris Benoit is expected to return to action on RAW this week, Benoit did such a good job of selling his arm injury in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match that the writers kept him off of RAW to further sell the "injury."

*With the current state of the Women's division, OVW wrestlers Alexis Laree and Beth Phoenix are worried that they won't get the call up to join the active roster. Many agents have reported in saying that Laree has been ready to join the roster for month's, but the WWE is no longer stressing wrestling in the Women's Division as was displayed by Christy Hemme's win over Molly on RAW.

That's all of the news for this week, be sure to check back next week for more news and notes.

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Well, I read it, so that incline's me to give my thoughts on it.

First off, I like the graphic for the diary. Maybe you could hook me up with one if you made that for mines? ;)

- The backstory for the most part was simple, but my question is this: Are you going to be just booking what you want with RAW with no interaction with your character, or do you have something planned to bring your character along? I can't really say much about the backstory, as I haven't grasped whether it was just that and it's done with, or if you're going to continue from it. Put it this way - it wasn't bad or anything, few errors here and there, just don't know where you're going with it.

- You opened RAW really well, something that the WWE should've done with the RAW after WrestleMania. I like that instead of having the Batista/HHH rematch at Backlash (although you still might have it) that you decided to have it at Madison Square Garden, which I think will suit better for it as it will more then likely be a hotter crowd and better build going into it. I also like that you didn't take the WWE route and not have Batista on-camera until his match as they did on the first RAW after WrestleMania. You kept his talking short and sweet, which everyone should for a guy like him.

- Tag title match, Christy/Molly and Edge/Kane really didn't do much for me. Hopefully you have Rob Conway switch brands or have him break out as a singles superstar, as I think he'd make a fine U.S/Intercontinental champion, and find something better to do with Edge. But then again, Benoit isn't back yet.

- I REALLY don't see the purpose of having the Austin/Dean segment, as it got neither man more over then they already are. If you had Dean change his gimmick during the promo and lay out Austin, then we'd have something.

- I sense that you're going to have Shelton Benjamin/Christian for the IC title at Backlash or sooner. That's all fine with me, but you know what you should do with Christian to put more heat on him and give him a push? Have him join Evolution. I think he would fit in there with HHH & Flair, and could break out like Randy Orton did (as long as you don't turn him face and nearly ruin his career in the process :D).

- Personally, I would have had Shawn Michaels get beat down by Davari and Hassan, then the same thing happen after a match with either one of them the next week with Jannetty then making the save, but whatever. It worked just as well, and it was a well-written segment. I don't know if anyone will tell you this, but you write pretty good for HBK, one of the best I've seen. Good job.

- Orton interview was pretty short for my liking, but in this case it's a good thing, since he's leaving anyway. Main event was what it was - a filler match just to build to HHH/Batista on 4/18.

- I really hope Bischoff's announcement isn't the return of KOTR, as that PPV always comes out bad. But your diary, I guess.

Overall, I don't know what to really say. Nothing was bad with the show, but it wasn't great or anything. I don't know, it was just average. Maybe because it was a lot like the RAW after WM. However, you've created enough interest for me to come back and see how you fare regarding the post-Mania shows. Let's see where you're going with this before I really judge it.

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user posted image

WWE RAW Television Preview

For Monday April 11, 2005

Last week a huge WrestleMania rematch was signed for the April 18th edition of RAW by GM Eric Bischoff pitting Triple H against Batista for the World Heavyweight Title. With just one week remaining before RAW comes to Madison Square Garden, Triple H will step into the ring for action. Surely the only thing on Triple H's mind will be sending a message to the World Heavyweight Champion.

And speaking of the General Manager, last week Eric Bischoff was overheard telling the Coach that he'd have a monumental announcement this week that would effect not only RAW, but the entire WWE. What will this announcement be?

Number one contenders to William Regal and Tajiri's World Tag Team Titles will be named this week in a Triangle Tag-Team Match when the teams of Hurricane & Rosey, Simon Dean & Maven and La Resistance face off. Surely the Tag team Champions will be keeping a close eye on this one. Trish Stratus will also be in action as she defends the Women's Championship against the dangerous Victoria.

After the heinous attack by Daivari and Hassan last week, Shawn Michaels had an old friend to thank when Marty Jannetty made the surprise save. We expect to hear from HBK live on RAW this week. But that's not all as Chris Benoit returns to RAW after taking a week off due to injuries received on his arm during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Benoit teams with Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin to take on the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Edge and his brother Christian. All of this and more as RAW comes to you live!

Scheduled Matches:

- Simon Dean & Maven versus Hurricane & Rosey versus La Resistance

- Triple H versus Val Venis

- Trish Stratus versus Victoria

- Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin versus Edge & Christian

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WWE Sunday Night Heat Taping Results:

For Sunday April 17, 2005

- Chris Masters defeated Ken Anderson

- Rosey defeated Viscera

- William Regal defeated Sylvain Grenier

- Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko

user posted image

WWE RAW Results

Monday April 11, 2005

RAW kicked off with a video package showing clips from last week's episode. Its focus was on the Triple H and Batista confrontation with Eric Bischoff coming out and signing their WrestleMania rematch for next week. It also showed Bischoff saying that he'd have a major announcement for us here this week. The clip ended with scenes from the Main Event with Triple H running in and attacking Batista, before the Champion fought both he and Randy Orton off. After the clip ended with the two men staring each other down, the regular opening package - the one we're all used to played. Then the pyro display erupted on stage as JR and the King welcomed everyone to the show, and hyping that in tonight's Main Event we'd see Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit take on Edge and Christian!

Tag Title Contendership Triangle Tag Match

Simon Dean & Maven versus La Resistance and Hurricane & Rosey

The first order of business for the night however was to name the number one contenders for the World Tag-Team Titles currently held by William regal and Tajiri. This was a triangle tag team match - the logic of this sort of match boggled my mind as only two men were allowed in the ring at the same time, with the option of tagging anyone in that they wanted as long as it wasn't the partner of the man they were currently in the ring with. Well why wouldn't they just tag their own partner in and thus eliminate one team from ever entering the ring to begin with? Ah well, Robert Conway started the match off with the Hurricane getting the better of the super hero with a side headlock, but Hurricane soon shrugs that off and catches Conway with an elbow. But Hurricane's offensive advantage would soon diminish as Conway and Grenier kept him singles out in their corner, working him over with illegal chokes despite the referee's warnings.

Grenier hit the ring and continued to work on Hurricane with some unexciting punishment, but got hit with a Super kick from Hurricane out of desperation. The Super Hero was able to crawl to his corner and tag in big Rosey - who hit the ring with great speed for a big man and tossed both La Resistance members around like rag dolls. With Grenier cowering in the corner for cover Maven tagged himself in. Rosey still had his attention on Conway and Maven delivered a low blow from behind before rolling the big man up with a school boy 1.. 2.. close call! Maven argued with the referee as both La Resistance members made their way back to their corner. Some stomping and punching ensued before Maven picked Rosey up by the hair of his head, and walked him over to the corner tagging in Simon Dean. They double whipped Rosey into the opposing ropes but whatever they tried to do next was halted with a double clothesline from Big Rosey. Tag to the Hurricane, and he climbed to the top rope. Rosey slammed Dean down to the mat before taking his corner and Hurricane connected with the flying elbow. He covered but only received two.

Dean reversed a Hurricane whip attempt, sending the green haired superstar into the La Resistance corner. Grenier and Conway proceeded to beat the hell out of him - Rosey hopped off of the apron and pulled Conway off of the ring, smacking his face against the side of it. Grenier stopped what he was doing and came to Conway's aid on the outside, and they took it to Rosey. Dean tucked Hurricane's head between his legs and attempted a pile driver, but Hurricane kicked his legs about until they hit the mat - he stood up right tossing Dean over his back, but Simon rolled through and held onto the ropes. 1.. 2.. 3! The unlikely duo of Simon Dean and Maven had just cheated their way to a Tag-Team title shot!

Winners: Simon Dean & Maven

-OR:74% -CR:71% -MQ:78%

Just How Do Those Girls Earn Their Money?

Backstage Diva Search winner Christy Hemme was shown talking to Lita - who was on crutches due to the injury she suffered in the match she lost the Women's Title to Trish. The conversation soon ended when Trish Stratus walked up to them, holding the Women's Championship over her shoulder.

Trish Stratus: "Wow, is this you girls new hangout? It's really a shocker; I would have expected poles projecting from the ceiling or something. Ha, ha."

Christy rolled her eyes at Trish's shot them being strippers, and Lita shook her head.

Lita: "Look, what do you want Trish?"

Trish Stratus: "Well Lita, I just wanted to stop by and tell your little sidekick here to make sure she watches my match later on tonight. Because just like I showed her at WrestleMania, I'll show her again tonight how the REAL Divas earn their money around here. Chow girls!"

Trish walked off, and the camera stayed on Christy and Lita who shook their heads before the show went to commercial break.

EWR Rating: 83%

Christy gained in overness

Game On...

When the show returned "The Game" was playing over the speakers and Triple H - the man who would face Batista next week for the World Heavyweight Title was heading to the ring. Helmsley climbed onto the apron, and in unison with his music and light show spit out his trademark mist of water, he climbed into the ring and ripped the microphone out of Lillian Garcia's hand.

Triple H: "Batista! Batista, can you hear it? Can you hear that sound?"

Triple H lifted up his free hand and held his wrist to his ear.

Triple H: "Tick tick..The clock is ticking.. tick tick.. tick tick.. The clock is ticking Batista, and it's counting down. It's counting down the last remaining moments of what will be you short reign as Champion. Because Dave, make no mistake about it, next week - Madison Square Garden I will take back what's rightfully mine and that is THEE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Dave, everyone gets lucky once in a while. At WrestleMania lady luck was on your side... She won't be next week I'll guarantee it!"

Triple H dropped the microphone and took off his t-shirt as "Hello Ladies" echoed throughout the arena and Val Venis made his way out from the back for the next contest.

EWR Rating: 81%

Triple H versus Val Venis

Venis was without his trademark towel and slid into the ring, taking Triple H by surprise with a flurry of hard right hands. Val whipped Triple H into the ropes, and ducked his head for an attempted back body drop, but Triple H hauled off and kicked him right in the face. He followed it up with a short arm clothesline, knocking Val to the mat. Triple H beat on his opponent with closed fists despite the referee's warning - it was clear he was using Venis as a means to send a message to Batista for next week. With Venis in the corner Triple H charged - running right into a boot from Venis. Val attempted a whip into the ropes, but Helmsley reversed and Val took the ride before running straight into an Arn Anderson like spine buster. The end had come as Triple H stalked his opponent and taunted him to reach his feet. Val did and received a kick to the midsection before Triple H hooked him up and delivered the Pedigree! Triple H covered staring right into the camera with an evil grin 1.. 2.. 3! Triple H posed to the dismay of the fans, running his hands around his waist - the message was clear he was ready for Batista next week.

Winner: Triple H

-OR:79% -CR:80% -MQ:80%

And In The Back...

It appeared that we were still watching the show from the arena but the camera panned back revealing that it was a Television Monitor that it was focusing on. The camera then revealed Batista, with the world Heavyweight title over his shoulder standing in front of the monitor. He had been watching after all, and the Champion had a smile on his face as RAW went to commercial. Triple H looked ready, was Batista?

EWR Rating: 76%

Batista lost overness

WWE Women's Title Match

Victoria versus Trish Stratus©

It was time to see who would leave RAW at the top of the Women's Division when the show returned. Victoria and Trish locked up to get things going, and it was clear that Victoria's size and strength advantage would help her get the better of the exchange. She took Trish to the mat with a headlock toss. Punishing her more Victoria kept the hold applied and Trish was soon in pinning criteria. 1.. 2.. Trish rolled to her stomach. Victoria released the hold and stood beside Trish. It was time for her trademark freaky dance followed by the standing moonsault and the crowd ate it up, but Victoria still wasn't able to hold Trish down. She continued her offensive lead, until she charged at Trish in the corner. Trish lifted her foot and took Victoria in the face before following it up with a bulldog.

Trish didn't let Victoria get to her feet, and showed the depth of her arsenal applying a half crab to her opponent. Victoria eventually made it to the ropes but the damage had been done. Trish remained in control until she attempted the Stratusfaction... Victoria powered out and dumped Trish right on her butt. The Women's Champion rolled out of the ring, and Victoria gave chase. Trish slid back into and Victoria fell into her trap. Trish was waiting and when Victoria slid in and got to her feet she was met by the Chick Kick! Trish covered her for the three count, and retained her title!

Winner: Trish Stratus

-OR:72% -CR:80% -MQ:56

The Women's Title gained in image

Trish wasn't done however. After the referee handed her the Women's title she rolled Victoria over and taunted it in her face. Trish slapped Victoria and then began kicking and stomping her, even shoving the referee away when he tried to stop her! Soon Christy Hemme ran down the ramp way and slid into the ring, but before she could do anything Trish rolled out of the ring with the Women's title over her shoulder and an arrogant grin on her face. Christy checked on Victoria - the damage had been done.

From there RAW went to the announce booth where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler ran down the events that had already transpired in the night and reminded everyone that Benoit and Benjamin against Edge and Christian was yet to come.

The Major Announcement...

"I'm Back" played throughout the arena and with it the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff walked out to the ring. There were mostly boos for the GM, but there were some people happy to see him as his recent actions have been less malevolent than usual. Bischoff was handed the microphone after Lillian Garcia introduced him.

Eric Bischoff: "Thanks Lillian. Now last week you may have overheard me telling Coach that this week I would have a major announcement for you all - one that would not only concern RAW but the entire WWE as well! Now before I get to that right off let me speak on this. The WWE fans constantly want change, and if WrestleMania was any indication with Batista's becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion change is something that you RAW fans like. Well with that reaction at WrestleMania it really got me thinking, what could I do that would get the fans even more interested in what we have to offer here on RAW?"

Bischoff began to walk back and fourth with serious though on his face.

Eric Bischoff: "And then it hit me! Now this wasn't something that I had the authority to do on my own so I called up Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long (The fans booed) and ran it by him. Now I know what you're thinking, it's not often that we see eye to eye but after I ran my proposal by him, he was sold as well and a date was set."

The fans still had no clue what Bischoff was talking about but it involved both RAW and Smackdown.

Eric Bischoff: "You see after WrestleMania XX Mr. McMahon had a similar proposition and it turned out quite well for both sides. Now as much as you RAW fans don't like Smackdown, you have to realize that there are many stars that I would love to get my hands on for RAW and Theodore Long feels the same. So on May second in Boston Massachusetts, the RAW immediately following Backlash there is going to be a Draft Lottery between RAW and Smackdown once again!"

The fans seemed to like the announcement, thinking of which superstars from Smackdown they'd like to see on RAW.

Eric Bischoff: "Five Superstars will be drafted from Smackdown to RAW and vice versa, live from Boston. Now I can't get into full detail and bore you all to death so I'll just hit on this. All superstars will be eligible for the draft, including Champions. Hey when Eric Bischoff say he has a major announcement, he delivers."

Bischoff tossed the microphone out of the ring and headed to the back while JR and the King sold the announcement as if Jesus was walking on earth.

EWR Rating: 74%

But, But That Could Send Us To Splitsville... USA!

In the back, La Resistance - Robert Conway and Sylvain Grenier were shown with shock on their faces.

Robert Conway: "Did you hear that!? A draft! Do you know what that means Sylvain, one of us could go to Smackdown while the other is forced to stay on RAW. This could be the end of us!"

Sylvain Grenier: "We we, this is not good."

Robert Conway: "You're damn right it's not!"

Conway and Grenier stood in the locker room shaking their heads - they obviously were not happy with Bischoff's announcement.

EWR Rating: 73%

The Masterlock Challenge?

From there a video package played, showing footage of the "Master Piece" Chris Masters in action forcing various opponents into submission with his version of the Full Nelson, the "Masterlock." Once the footage ends, Masters is shown posing in a darkened area - the shadows bouncing off of his muscular physique. Masters looked into the camera.

Chris Masters: "For weeks now the "Master Piece," the greatest work of art in all of the WWE has been forcing opponent after opponent into submission. For weeks I have proved why I am indeed the most marvelous physical specimen on RAW."

Masters took a moment to change his pose and flashbulbs went off, was he at a photo shoot?

Chris Masters: "Thus far... NO ONE has lasted in the ring with me; no one has been able to withstand my Masterlock. Well next week right here on RAW will be the start of the Masterpiece's own creation - the Masterlock Challenge! So RAW Superstars line up, if you think you've got what it takes to stop me then here's your chance. But I wouldn't get too excited, this work of art was built to stand the test of time!"

Masters smiled and continued to pose. The camera panned back and he continued to get smaller and smaller until the scene faded to black and RAW went to commercial break.

EWR Rating: 53%

Chris Masters gained in overness

Now Kids When Mad, Don't Throw Flower Pots...

When RAW returned we were in the back, Eric Bischoff was shown in his office staring at the picture of himself with a smile on his face, he had to have been thinking what a genius he was because after BackLash RAW could possibly have some of Smackdown's brightest stars under contract. The door opened and Bischoff turned to see who it was, revealing the "Man Beast" Rhyno in street clothes. Bischoff didn't look surprised and took a seat behind his desk.

Rhyno: "You wanted to see me?"

Eric Bischoff: "You're damn right I wanted to see you! You see I heard about your little "incident" at the WrestleMania party, and I'm very disappointed. You're a WWE superstar, and even in public you represent RAW! You think I like getting it back to Vince McMahon that one of my RAW superstars acted barbarically in public? Well let me tell you, I DON'T! So Rhyno you leave me no choice but... to SUSPEND YOU!"

Rhyno looked pissed off and snarled;


Eric Bischoff: "You're damn right I'm suspending you, and not just that I'm suspending you without pay... INDEFINATLEY!!! Now GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!"

Rhyno couldn't believe what he was hearing and after breathing heavily he stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind him so hard that it knocked Bischoff's picture right off of the wall! Bischoff tossed a pencil off of his desk and rubbed his forehead.

EWR Rating: 70%

A Challenge Made...

From there the lovely Maria was shown in the back with a microphone and next to her was the "Heart Break Kid," Shawn Michaels. The fans cheered at the sight of HBK, and Maria soon began the interview.

Maria: "Hey everyone Maria here, and I am standing alongside Shawn Michaels! Now Shawn we all saw what Hassan and Daivari did to you last week. Shawn".....

Shawn Michaels: "Woah.. hold on there little lady, let HBK take it from there. Last week Hassan and Daivari interrupted the Heart Break Kid and shot their mouths about how this ENTIRE country and company is against them, and then they proceeded to attack me two on one. Now Maria if it hadn't been for an old pal of mine - Marty Jannetty (fans cheer) who knows if ol' HBK would be standing here this week!"

Michaels took a moment to look into the camera with a serious face.

Shawn Michaels: "Now I don't know about this America holding them down crap, but I sure do know that they work well together when it's two on one! But I have to wonder... just how well do the two of them work together when it's say... TWO ON TWO!?"

The fans cheered catching on to what Michaels was hinting at.

Maria: "What are you saying Shawn, are you challenging Hassan and Daivari to a match?"

Shawn Michaels: "You're catchin' on, girl. You see Hassan and Daivari after last week HBK's got a partner, and we'd love to show you two a thing or two about just how this thing actually works. So what I'm proposing is this; Backlash - Hassan and Daivari against the Heart Break Kid and Marty Jannetty! If you thought the Rockers Reunion was somethin' Maria, the reunion tour is gonna be a whole helluva lot better! So Hassan and Daivari the ball's in your court, it's time to either put up... or shut up!"

Michaels walked off his challenge had been made, would Hassan and Daivari accept?

Maria: "Well there you have it! Back to you guys."

EWR Rating: 91%

Shawn Michaels gained in overness

Main Event: Tag Team Match

Shelton Benjamin & Chris Benoit versus Edge & Christian

It was Main Event time as the cameras returned to the arena. Edge's entrance music and video served for He, Christian and the Problem Solver Tyson Tomko. In Edge's hand was the trusty brief case containing the Contract for a World Heavyweight Title Match. The fans booed the men as they entered the ring, but the boos soon turned to cheers "Ain't no stopping me... NO" echoed over the speakers marking the entrance of the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. He clapped hands with the fans, stopping at the bottom of the ramp and joining in a few choice words with Christian before "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace played and the fans gave Chris Benoit a standing ovation. Benoit and Benjamin shook hands and then slid into the ring. The match immediately began as all four men went at it - Benjamin targeting Christian and Benoit going for Edge. After the brief brawl referee Earl Hebner somehow regained order, deeming Christian and Benjamin the legal men.

Benjmin out wrestled Christian on the first exchange, taking him down with a double leg trip. Christian impressed the crowd with his ability to go hold for hold with a former All American Wrestler but soon relied on his Problem Solver to give him the distinct advantage tossing Benjamin to the outside and allowing Tomko to put the boots to the Intercontinental Champion. After Tyson sends Benjamin into the steel steps Hebner has seen enough and orders him to go to the back. Christian and Tomko argue with the referee as RAW takes it's final commercial break.

~ Commercial Break.

After what seemed like forever RAW came back on with Edge beating the hell out of Shelton Benjamin. We were informed that over the break Christian and Edge had continued to use double team tactics to wear down the Intercontinental Champion. Edge continued his offensive advantage for the next few moments and chocked Benjamin out with the ring ropes - pointing at Benoit and talking trash while doing it. Benjamin came back and ducked a clothesline attempt, following it up with a kick to the midsection, but Edge caught the leg. He held onto it and talked trash, but it came back to bite him as Benjamin nailed the spinning reverse enziguri.

Benoit slapped the turnbuckle pad and the fans got behind Benjamin who crawled in hopes of making the tag. Edge was soon up and went to stop him, but the hands connected. Benoit came in, flooring Edge with stinging chops before sending hem into the ropes and delivering a back body drop. Christian cheap shotted Benoit in the back of the head, and Chris knocked him off of the apron to return the favor. This proved as a good distraction setting Benoit up perfectly for the Spear - but Benoit evaded and Edge collided shoulder first into the ring post. Rollup by Benoit and Christan made the save. Edge rolled out of the ring while Christian had both the referee and Benoit's attention.

With Christian distracting the referee, Edge slid back into the ring with the brief case in hand and stalked Benoit. The Wolverine returned to his feet and Edge swung the object with one hand - Benoit countered and Edge soon found himself locked in to the Crippler Crossface! Christian stopped distracting the referee and ran into the ring, but Shelton Benjamin nearly took his head off with a super kick! You couldn't even see where the hell Benjamin came from he was so fast. The Intercontinental Champion followed Christian to the outside, Edge was fighting frantically to reach the ropes. He was in the center of the ring however and they were no where in sight. He tried to rollover to break the hold but Benoit followed and kept it locked, the Rabid Wolverine wrenched back even further and Edge had no choice but to give into the pain and tap out! Benoit had done it! He defeated the man with a shot at the World Heavyweight title any time he pleased, and above that he did it by submission! Benoit was joined by Benjamin at the top of the ramp, and a close up Edge's pissed off face ended the show.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin

-OR:88% -CR:87% -MQ:89%

Overall Rating: 77%

Best Segment: HBK challenges Hassan & Daivari

Worst Segment: Chris Masters Video Segment

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I'm liking it, I just finally read the first two shows properly and I do like the direction you are heading in with this. It is sticking with what is expected, it is being realistic and you are handling it all together really well. There is the odd spelling mistake, or bum sentance here or there but it's nothing major - just make sure you check through more thoroughly and that will be fine.

Now let me have a go at this event summary idea that has been going around recently:

However firstly, it's nice to see that you see me as an inspiration to write - it's very flattering :wub: and especially when judging by this so far you are heading down a realistic RAW path, which is just the sort of thing I love to read.

Anyways enough of that, and on with my analysis: :thumbsup:

RAW - April 4th

Opened with Triple H as what would be expected. He seemed overall very well portrayed and I could imagine him coming out with what he was saying to Batista.

Then comes Batista himself, nice easy logic - which most of the time proves the best. Batista himself came across well as a man who had just won the World Heavyweight Champion, with confidence and that worked very well. Typical WWE style of him going to fight HHH right there and then - with Bischoff then halting proceedings...and making the rematch for two weeks time. Now, I like that because it is on a big RAW, from MSG. Thus to me the importance seems to be heightened. Gotta say the first two segments were a great start to this diary.

The Tag Title match was a good choice to start out the show. Short and sweet, win for Regal and Tajiri - nothing else needs to be said.

Now the next segment for me was good. I am very much a believer of having a "fun" segment now and again - even if it isn't really going to head anywhere and this was just that. Sure it served no true purpose, but it felt good to sit back and read a typical Austin moment. Nostalgic!

Remember to check what your writing - you put Coach down as saying the Wrestlemania rematch was next week. But it's not a biggy. Bischoff's announcement is intriging - although I believe it will just be the draft.

A few more spelling mistakes in the next match, but Christian defeating Benjamin gives a sense he is heading back towards the IC title? It's logical for the moment but I hope it doesn't get too drawn out. Although saying that it could prove the oppertunity to move Shelton onto bigger things. Two minds about that one, I like both guys.

Molly done the job that she was asked to do before she quit *cries* but no complaints, I'm not a fan of the women's stuff and it just was short enough to keep my attention.

Jannetty returning to his ex-partners aid was nice, maybe you could have had Hassan and Daivari get one over on HBK this time - and then next time out have Jannetty equal the odds, but it's all heading the same place.

This line:

Orton looked Maria over before flashing her a cocky smile that in return made Maria’s roll her eyes.

While also not sounding exactly right I had imagines of someone shitting in divas bags, nice job!

The Triple H DQ finish to the main event was to be expected, and it saved Orton putting the champion over clean - although it could have been more than acceptable to do that. But I suppose that depends on where you want to go with the Legend Killer. Batista ended the show in control though and you didn't go overboard with it - which made it nicer to read.

Overall, it was a very bog standard RAW show - although a very enjoyable one at that to read. The Austin/Dean segment while adding nothing in general to storyline purposes was my favourite, while the Batista/HHH stuff was logical, and logical is nice to me. I'll give you a: 6.5/10

It would have scored higher if your spelling, punctuation and grammer had been a little bit better. Some areas it did let you down, like in some matches. That did knock the show down a bit - but overall, good stuff!

I was going to review the second show, but I'm tired. I might get round to it later, or I'll see how the third one goes. Happy writing.

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Thanks for the feedback TAFKA, greatly appreciated.

WWE RAW Brand News and Notes

For the Week of April 4, 2005

*Its seems that Rhyno's suspension on Raw this week wasn't a work as the "Man Beast" has been taken off the bill for the RAW Brands house shows, taking his place in the matches is Val Venis. The WWE is tightening down on their superstars in terms of the way they represent themselves and the company in public. While many feel that it is an invasion of privacy, and what wrestlers do on their own time is their business WWE doesn't seem to think that way.

*Eugene is said to be doing well with his recovery from his injury. There was talk about using Eugene in an on air role on RAW while keeping him out of the ring after the reaction that fans gave him at WrestleMania but the writers ultimately decided against it citing that it would be better to allow Dinsmore to stay at home and focus on making a speedy recovery.

*For those of you wondering why Steve Austin wasn't on this week's RAW, allow me to clear a few things up about Austin. He has signed a deal with WWE films to shoot a movie, and will be making occasional appearances on RAW when he schedule allows him to. So in other words don't expect to see Austin every week.

*Randy Orton underwent shoulder surgery this week, the procedure was said to be a success. Dr. Youngblood stated that if Orton remains focused we could see him back in the WWE in about 6 months. As stated last week Orton was going to try to put the surgery off, but after WrestleMania the pain had become unbearable.

*A week after reporting that WWE officials were not impressed by the recent in ring work of Chris Masters it seems that at least one higher up seems to like it. Masters revealed on RAW that starting next week we would see the start of the "Masterlock Challenge." The event is expected to be similar to the segment Kurt Angle performs on Smackdown.

*The major news of the week was Eric Bischoff's announcement of the draft lottery. Bischoff stated that on May 2nd, the RAW immediately after Backlash five superstars from Raw and Smackdown would be swapping brands with the superstar's fate hanging in the lotto machine. WWE.com released more news about the draft following RAW on Monday. Here is a run down of the information;

• Every superstar on each roster is eligible, including reigning Champions. Should a Champion's name be picked his title will stay on that brand and become vacant.

• Managers, or agents will switch brands with their clients should his/ her name be picked. For example if Muhammad Hassan is drafted to Smackdown, Daivari will go with him. This is similar to the way that the nWo could be drafted as a single unit in the original Brand Draft.

• General Managers and staff members will not be a part of the draft; so don't expect to see JR hopping over to Smackdown or anything like such.

*While some wrestlers are hopping to make the jump and take advantage of the opportunity being drafted would give them, others aren't so happy. Switching brands upsets their touring schedules, and traveling partners.

*WWE released Chilly Willy from his developmental contract earlier in the week, without citing a reason as to why. Some say it was a cost cutting measure, and expect more to come soon in a "Spring Cleaning" of the roster.

In other OVW related news, Matt Morgan has been asked to tour with the RAW Roster for most of May's house show dates. Some have predicted that Morgan will be an active part of the active RAW Roster before SummerSlam.

Well that's all for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more WWE RAW News and Notes.

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user posted image

WWE RAW Television Preview

April 18, 2005

RAW is set to be a monumental event live from the historic Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City. Signed into being two weeks ago by RAW GM Eric Bischoff, tonight on RAW we will see the WrestleMania rematch between Batista and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title. Can the Animal fend off the Game, or will Triple H become an eleven time World Champion? Find out tonight live on RAW.

Also on RAW we will see the start of the "Masterlock Challenge." The Masterpiece believes that no man can beat him in the ring, and that no man can break his deadly "Masterlock" submission hold. The challenge has been laid out, tonight someone will step up and try to silence the imposing young superstar.

After getting the win over Edge in Tag-Team competition last week, the "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit will go head to head with the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this week in a match that has all the makings of an epic encounter.

Plus we expect to hear from Muhammad Hassan and Daivari after being challenged by HBK last week to a tag-team match at Backlash against the Heart Break Kid himself and Marty Jannetty. Tune into Spike TV for of this and more tonight on RAW!

Scheduled Matches:

- Chris Masters versus *whoever answers his challenge*

- Edge versus Chris Benoit

- WrestleMania Rematch: Triple H verus Batista - World Heavyweight Title on the line

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Guest simon522109

Really looking forward to RAW, This diary has some great potential.

- Chris Masters versus *whoever answers his challenge*

- Edge versus Chris Benoit

- WrestleMania Rematch: Triple H verus Batista - World Heavyweight Title on the line

Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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Guest HardKore06

This Diary is just as good if not better then your WCW diary. I am looking foward to seeing what happens next.

I hope you dont give Edge his title shot soon because I for one would love to see it stretched out to Royal Rumble or even Mania!

Keep up the good work because im diggin this diary.

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WWE Sunday Night Heat

Taping Results:

- Tyson Tomko defeated the Hurricane

- Val Venis defeated Mike Mondo

- Simon Dean defeated Rosey

- Chris Jericho defeated Viscera

user posted image

WWE RAW Results:

Monday April 18

From: Madison Square Garden

The Champion Kicks Things Off...

When RAW hit the air, a black limousine pulled up behind Madison Square Garden and made its stop. After a few moments the back door opened, and out stepped the World Heavyweight champion Batista, dressed in business attire. The Champion tossed the title belt onto his shoulder before he grabbed his bag and headed toward the building, however he was cut off by Todd Grisham with a microphone.

Todd Grisham: "Batista! Batista! Can I just get a few words with you?"

Batista sat his bag down, then took off his sunglasses and placed them on the collar of his blue shirt.

Todd Grisham: "Alright, tonight you put the World Heavyweight Title on the line against Triple H in a WrestleMania rematch. Now maybe even more importantly than that, you put it on the line right here at Madison Square Garden - an arena that has seen Triple H win many brutal encounters. I've already seen Triple H tonight, and he says he's ready. The question is Batista, are you? Are you ready for Triple H tonight?"

Batista smiled, and with humbleness replied;

Batista: "You know Todd, Triple H said he was ready at WrestleMania and you know what happened? I kicked his ass! So if Triple H says he's ready tonight then you bet I'm ready to kick his ass again, just like I did at WrestleMania when I became the World Heavyweight Champion! But Todd, actions speak louder than words, and I'll just have to show you that in the ring tonight!"

Batista picked his bag back up and walked into the building. From there the standard RAW opening video played followed by the pyro display on stage.

EWR Rating: 83%

The Masterlock Challenge...

Once the fireworks had finished their sequence Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler welcomed everyone to the show. After some more hyping of the night's World Heavyweight Title Main Event the music of the "Masterpiece" over took the speakers, and the cocky young rookie made his entrance. After some arrogant posing he grabbed the microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Chris Masters: "Last week you all saw the video package. Tonight is the start of my own creation, the Masterlock Challenge!"

Masters smiled and looked around at the rather unresponsive crowd before reaching into his tights and pulling out a fat wad of cash. Masters held the bills up in his hand and continued on.

Chris Masters: "Each week I have been out here, and each week I have punished and destroyed every opponent that has fought me with my Masterlock. So the Deal is this I'm offering $1,000 of my own money to anyone who can either beat me in a match or escape my Masterlock. So who's it going to be? Come on, don't be shy! I know some of you back there could use the Money. COME ON!!"

"I'll Show You! You'll See!" blasted over the speakers, and an angry Stevie Richards stormed out from the back. This was the man that Masters defeated in his debut match, and in that encounter he had broken Richards nose! Stevie looked to have revenge on his mind, and Masters handed the Money to the referee.

EWR Rating: 56%

Chris Masters gained in overness

Chris Masters versus Stevie Richards

Richards slid into the ring and the bell sounded. It seemed like he had things going in favor as he caught Masters off guard with an array of punches, and a quick offensive. Richards made the mistake of trying to send the much more powerful Masters into the ropes - a move that proved to be his downfall as the "Masterpiece" caught him with a clubbing blow to the face as he came off the ropes. He taunted Stevie as he stumbled back to his feet, the Chris locked on the Masterlock - his version of the Full Nelson and tossed Richards around like a rag doll. Immediately the referee called for the bell and just like that the match was over in less than two minutes. Chris Masters was victorious in his first "Masterlock Challenge."

Winner: Chris Masters

-OR:62% -CR:52% -MQ:72%

Steven Richards lost overness

Chris Masters gained overness

And Then There's Those Two Guys...

After Masters ripped his Money back out of the referee’s hands, and headed to the back, the cameras switched to the backstage area where Muhammad Hassan and Daivari stood alongside Maria who happened to have a microphone.

Maria: "Hell everyone, I'm here with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. Now Muhammad last week on RAW Shawn Michaels challenged yourself and Daivari to a match at Backlash. A Tag Team Match pitting the two of you against himself, and the man that came to his aid two weeks ago, Marty Jannetty."

Muhammad Hassan: "And let me guess, you want to know if I accept his challenge?

Maria: "Well, yeah"

Muhammad Hassan: "Ha! Just what I thought, the predictable question from a typical American! You're just like all of these other Americans here tonight - the inhabitants of the most evil city in the WORLD, New York. Daivari and myself cannot even walk these streets without looks of SUSPICION from everyone walking by. We can't walk the streets without someone thinking that we are TERRORISTS! And that Maria is a shame!"

Daivari took the microphone performed one of his Arabic tirades that are only comprehendible to those that know the language. After the brief outburst he handed the microphone back to Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: "No matter what I do I still am overlooked here on RAW. I have yet to be pinned, and I have yet to tap out, but still I was kept off of the biggest show of the year - WrestleMania! Is it any coincidence? More like a conspiracy! A conspiracy against me and my people! Now two weeks ago Shawn Michaels got just what he deserved when Daivari and I put him in his place. At Backlash, we'd be happy to do it again. As for Marty Jannetty, we'll do the same to him."

Once more Daivari took the microphone and spoke in Arabic. When he was finished he tossed the microphone at Maria, and the two men walked off. Maria picked the microphone back up and fixed her hair.

Maria: "Umm.. It seems like Daivari and Hassan have accepted Shawn Michaels challenge for Backlash. Back to you guys."

EWR Rating: 72%

Daivari gained in overness

Trish and Molly versus Victoria and Christy with Lita

The show switched to the arena where Victoria and Christy Hemme were coming to the ring to the sound of Christy's music. Lita was with them, continuing her role as Christy's mentor. Trish and Molly were next. Trish did her best to taunt the fact that she had the Women's title around her waist and not anyone of the three ladies in the ring across from her. The Women's Champion started things off with Victoria. Victoria used her noticeable size and strength advantage to give her the edge in the early on, dominating the Women's Champion with various power moves. Trish was able to get her knees up to avoid Victoria's standing moonsault and tagged in Molly Holly. Victoria was beaten down for the next few moments until the eventual hot tag was made to Christy who hit the ring and delivered weak looking blows to the former Women's Champion, and then finally slamming her to the mat.

Lita cheered Christy on, and applauded her effort - Trish took exception to this and the two got into a scuffle on the outside of the ring. Then Trish, as devious as ever tossed Lita into the steel steps bad knee first. She laughed as Lita held her knee in agony but the laughter soon stopped when a huge explosion ignited on stage, and Lita's husband Kane marched menacingly down to the ring. Trish ran into the crowd and Kane chased after her. In all of this there was still a match going on and Molly - distracted by everything that just went down was rolled up by Christy who scored the win over Molly for the second straight week in a row! Victoria was checking on Lita outside of the ring, but joined Christy in celebration as RAW went to commercial.

Winners: Christy and Victoria

-OR:68% -CR:78% -MQ:45%

Molly Holly gained in overness

Victoria gained in overness

Christy Hemme gained in overness

Its The Highlight Reel...

When RAW came back on the air, the obesely expensive Jeritron 5000 hung from the ceiling, and the rest of the ring was decked out with the Highlight Reel set as Chris Jericho stood in the center with a microphone in his hand. He waited for his music to die down, then began.

Chris Jericho: "New York City... Welcome to MADISON SQUARE JERICHO!!!!"

The fans cheered at the shout out and Jericho continued

Chris Jericho: "And welcome to the most exciting show on Television today, Chris Jericho's HIGHLIGHT REEL! Now getting right down to business, tonight's guest is the master of the T-Bone Suplex. He is also on his sixth month as the WWE Intercontinental Champion, you may know him as SHELTON BENJAMIN!"

"Ain't no stoppin' me...Now!" was heard over the speakers, and the Intercontinental Champion himself, Shelton Benjamin came to the ring. He was dressed in his singlet, even though Jim Ross informed us that he wasn't scheduled to compete tonight.

Chris Jericho: "Shelton, Shelton have a seat please, and for god sakes somebody give this man a microphone, eh?

Benjamin took a seat at one of the stools, as did Jericho. A ring crew member handed a microphone to the IC Champion.

Shelton Benjamin: "Thanks."

Chris Jericho: "Now Shelton, you are on your sixth month as the Intercontinental Champion, that's nearly as long as Randy Orton's 8 month reign as Champion - the record for the longest reign in a decade. Now what does it feel like to be that close to breaking a record like that?"

Shelton Benjamin: "Well I dunno, it's not about breaking records. It's just about comin' out here and defendin' this title. That's all I really care about."

Chris Jericho: "Really, really. Well Shelton, recently in tag team action you cost us a match against Christian and his Problem Solver Tyson Tomko... when you were pinned by the CLB. Let's turn our attention to the very expensive Jeritron 5000 shall we?"

Footage from RAW two weeks ago was shown with Christian getting the win over Shelton Benjamin in tag team action, holding the Intercontinental Champion's tights. Back in the ring, Benjamin didn't look very impressed by what he saw on the monitor - or with the fact that Jericho brought it up.

Shelton Benjamin: "What's that all about, Chris? Call me out here for your little show and then rub it in my face?"

Chris Jericho: "Woah, woah Shelton I'm just trying to get down to the facts my man, this is compelling Television. You know I"...

Before Jericho could say another word he was cut off by another entrance theme, this time it was Christian's. He walked out onto stage with his Problem Solver beside him, and a microphone in his hand.

Christian: "Where are all my peeps at here in NYC?"

Christian flashed a smile and out his hand above his eyes "searching" the crowd for his fans who were pretty much non existent by the sounds of all the boos.

Christian: "Now Shelton I couldn't help but over hear you sitting in that ring and saying that all that mattered to you was stepping in the ring and defending that title around your waist! Well the way Captain Charisma sees it, I pinned you in that very ring two weeks ago, so that makes ME the number one contender, and the next in line for a shot at that title!"

The fans booed as Benjamin looked down at his title, and then back at Christian.

Chris Jericho: "He does have a point there Shelton."

Christian: "You're damn right I have a point! Now I'm not a greedy man... I don't want the shot tonight. But I do want a title shot, and a title shot I'm going to get. You see there's another man that agrees I deserve my chance at the Intercontinental title, and his name happens to be Eric Bischoff!"

The crowd booed the mention of Bischoff's name despite his recent "fair" demeanor.

Christian: "So Shelton, at Backlash on May 1st it's going to be you putting your title on the line against Captain Charisma!"

Chris Jericho: "Woah, woah Christian versus Shelton Benjamin at Backlash for the Intercontinental Title, this is huge. what do you have to say Shelton?"

Benjamin looked at Jericho and Christian on the outside.

Shelton Benjamin: "What do I got ta' say? I'll put my title on the line against you at Backlash. But, when I'm done with you... the CLB will be callin' me MR. BENJAMIN!"

Christian: "Yeaaaah! We'll see about that one!"

Christian and Tomko shared an evil laugh before heading to the back. Benjamin's music played as he left the ring and RAW went to commercial. It will be Benjamin and Christian for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash!

EWR Rating: 74%

Maven versus Tajiri

RAW returned with singles competition as one half of the World Tag Team Champions went up against one half of the number one contenders to those belts. It was Tajiri going one on one with Maven, but Maven didn't come to the ring alone, he had Simon Dean in his corner. Tajiri controlled the matchup from the start, landing brutal kicks to Maven's sides that had the former Tough Enough Champion cowering in the corner for cover. Simon Dean grabbed Tajiri's leg, allowing Maven to come up from behind and toss him to the outside. Simon put the boots to the Buzzsaw as Maven kept the referee's attention. Dean rolled Tajiri back into the ring allowing Maven to make a cover for two. William Regal came out from the back to even the score on the outside but even that didn't stop Dean from handing Maven a big jug of his Simon System powder. William Regal got on the apron and tried to  get the referee to pay attention to what was going on in the ring - a move that always seems to further divert the referee's attention and it did hear because as soon as Tajiri got to his feet Maven blasted him with the jug. The impact blew the top off of the canister, and powder flew everywhere. Maven covered as Simon Dean ran around the ring and pulled Regal off of the apron. 1, 2, 3! Maven with Simon Dean's help had scored the upset victory!

Winner: Maven

-OR:71% -CR:68% -MQ:74%

Simon Dean fled from Regal and celebrated with Maven. From there we were taken to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who hyped up the fact that still to come was the World Heavyweight Title rematch between Batista and Triple H.

He Has Money In The Bank, But He's Pissed Off!

When they finished a new theme had overtook the speakers, it was the music of Edge. The winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match came to the ring with his trusty brief case in hand, pointing at it and reminding everyone of his impending title match. He slid into the ring and took off his jacket before grabbing the microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Edge: "Last week, I came out here and"...

Edge couldn't even get the words out of his mouth because the crowd had drowned them out with chants of "You Tapped Out!"

Edge: "That's right, last week I tapped out... but damn it I had Chris Benoit beaten. I was this close (holds up his hand with index finger and thumb close together.) And where do you all get off treating me like this? I won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match Damn it! I nearly broke Benoit's arm! I can have a shot at the World Heavyweight Title whenever the hell I feel like it! I am better than Chris Benoit!"

The fans booed Edge for his comments but he went to continue on. He couldn't however, because he was cut off by "Whatever" from Our Lady Peace, and the Rabid Wolverine himself, Chris Benoit made his way out from the back. He was ready for action, and looked focused as always.

EWR Rating: 87%

Chris Benoit versus Edge

Benoit came into the ring to simply outwrestle Edge, but the Toronto native wanted to fight. He came at the Rabid Wolverine with clenched fists, but Chris used his head and waited out Edge's initial spree of aggression, eventually ground him with a drop toe hold and subsequent arm bar. Benoit worked over the upper body, but Edge fought back to his feet and broke the hold. After some quick exchanges Benoit too a ride on the ropes, receiving a beautiful dropkick from Edge. Edge took it one step further by climbing to the top rope and attempting a missile dropkick, but Benoit moved out of the way. Edge crashed and burned on the mat, and Chris Benoit - like a shark moving in for the kill locked on the Crippler Crossface. Edge knew damn well he didn't want to feel that pain again this week and quickly scrambled to the ropes. Benoit broke the hold at four allowing Edge to roll outside of the ring and regroup as the show went to commercial.

~Commercial Break.

Back on the air Edge was shown with his knee on the back of Chris Benoit's neck, he was holding the top rope and choking the Crippler out with them. Referee Chad Patton warned Edge to play by the rules, Mr. Money in the Bank shrugged it off - he was here to prove a point. Edge controlled the match over the next few moments, Benoit countered a hip toss attempt, and went for a back slide. 1, 2, Edge kicked out! Benoit proceeded to unleash some Canadian Fury, lighting up Edge's chest with stinging knife Edge chops With Edge back against the ropes, Benoit went for an irish whip, but Edge countered and sent him into the ropes. He fired off a hell of a clothesline attempt, but the Wolverine ducked the attack and lacked his hands around Edge's waist. Benoit executed a german suplex, and without breaking his grip on the waist he proceeded to land two more! Chris jumped back to his feet and signaled that the end was near before going up to the top rope. He measured Edge up and leaped off for the headbutt only to land hard on the bare canvas as Edge rolled away just in time. Benoit rolled over to the corner, and Edge looked around at the crowd in Madison Square Garden with a euphoric look on his face. He crouched in the corner - stalking Benoit and taunting the former World Heavyweight champion to get to his feet. Using the ropes Benoit did so and like a sprinter, Edge charged out of the corner in hopes of connecting with his spear - what he got was a whole lot of steel as Benoit came to his senses in the knick of time, and Edge ran shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Benoit came back with a school boy rollup that caught Edge off guard, 1, 2, 3! Benoit had done it again!

Winner: Chris Benoit

-OR:86% -CR:87% -MQ:84%

Benoit gets his arm raised in victory, for the second straight week he pinned the man with a title shot looming in his future. But the celebration soon ended as CRACK! Edge returned to the ring and smashes a steel chair over Chris Benoit's head! Benoit hit the mat in a heap, but it didn't stop Edge from bringing the chair down again and again over Benoit's injured arm. A mob of officials stormed the ring and finally kept Edge from doing further damage to Chris' arm. Edge had re injured the arm of Chris Benoit, and laughed about it as Benoit shouted in agony holding his limb when RAW went to the back.

The Calm Before The Storm...

In the back Triple H and Ric Flair were shown leaving their locker room, Triple H had a white towel over his shoulders, and Flair was shirt and tie as usual.

Flair: "Are you ready, Champ!!??"

Flair holds out his hand and Triple H smiled his arrogant smile before he shook it.

Triple H: "Oh, naitch I'm damn ready!"

Flair: "That's what I thought, ha ha! Eleven times! Eleven times my man, after this you are going to be the eleven time... World's Heavyweight Champion! Wooooo!! Batista is nothin'! He's nothin'!"

Triple H and Flair walked off as JR and the King told everyone not to go anywhere, Batista and triple H for the World Heavyweight Title was next!

EWR Rating: 93%

Ric Flair gained in overness

Main Event: World Heavyweight Title Match

Batista© versus Triple H with Ric Flair

The show came back on with "The Game" by Motorhead playing over the public address, and once again we saw Triple H and Ric Flair. They stood in the dark for a couple moments, and then headed to the ring. A fan holding a sign that read "Game Over Triple H." was shown. From there it was the patented spitting of the water, and Triple H took to the center of the squared circle. He wiped his face with the towel that was on his shoulders and tossed it to a side. Then it was Batista's turn, and when he stepped out on stage with the World Championship strapped around his waist the fans went absolutely crazy! Batista flexed and posed at the top of the ramp before walking proudly to the ring. He used the steps and entered the squared circle before unstrapping the belt and raising it in the air. Batista handed it to Earl Hebner and then stared down with the man staring back at him from the other corner.

The bell rang, and the two met each other in the center of the ring ensuing in a collar and elbow tie up, but after backing Triple H into the corner, there was a forced clean break. Back in the center of the ring, another tie and this time Triple H came out the victor suckering in the Champion with a side headlock. After attempting to wear the Animal down for a few moments, he was soon sent into the ropes and taken to the mat with a shoulder block. Helmsley rolled away, and looked surprised at Batista's power. Apparently he had forgotten how strong he was when Batista BEAT him for the belt. Batista just smiled and taunted the Game. Triple H soon gained the offensive lead that he searched for though, countering an irish whip with a Harley Race like knee to the face. Helmsley tried to keep the Animal on the mat with wear down holds, the latest was a headlock on the mat. Batista didn't bother to try to get to the ropes, he used his strength to stand up and lift Triple H up before nailing an atomic drop and following through with a huge short-arm clothesline that nearly decapitated Hunter! Batista would enjoy the lead over the next few moments and RAW went to a commercial break with the fans cheering the Champion on.

~Commercial Break.

Back on the air Triple H was nailing Batista with Elbows to the face. A picture in picture replay showed us that over the break Flair helped Helmsley regain control by choking Batista out with the ropes as Triple H distracted Earl Hebner. A hip toss from the Game took Batista to the canvas and Triple H immeadiatly applied a sleeper hold. Batista seemed to be fading away, and after two drops of the hand it had seemed Triple H fulfilled his quest of gaining yet another title reign, but the fans rallied behind the Champion and Batista fought back to his feet. He countered Helmsley's sleeper with a modified side slam! Flair jumped up onto the apron distracting the referee, and getting Batista's attention as well. Batista hauled off and leveled the Nature Boy with a clubbing blow, it knocked Flair right off of the apron. But as Batista turned around and headed toward Triple H, Flair's ploy worked as the Game nailed a kick to the midsection and scooped the double under hooks before tucking Batista's head between his legs. Triple H had the pedigree locked up and the fans booed - but they quickly turned to cheers when Batista stood up and tossed Helmsley right over his back! Triple H stood up, and Batista whipped him into the ropes before nailing his Arn Anderson like Spinebuster!

Batista leveled Triple H with the powerful Spinebuster, the impact of the move knocked both men to the mat, the ovation was deafening as the fans knew victory was on its way for the Champ. Triple H rolled to the outside of the ring where Ric Flair tried to help him regain his composure. Batista leaned against the ropes to catch his breath, but someone had slid into the ring. Batista seemingly sensed this and turned around - The World Heavyweight champion was nailed with THE GORE from a charging Rhyno! Rhyno had slid into the ring and leveled Batista with the Gore! What in the hell was the purpose of this, and more importantly why was Rhyno even here? He was suspended last week by General Manager Eric Bischoff! Rhyno looked up toward the titan tron and made an obscene hand gesture, a message straight to the General Manager himself, before running out of the ring and vanishing through the crowd. Referee Earl Hebner had called for the bell, ruling a no contest on the grounds of outside interference.

Winner: No contest

-OR:85% -CR:89% -MQ:76%

Triple H was furious, Rhyno had just ruined the Main Event, and more importantly to Triple H he had just ruined any chance that the Game had of becoming the World Champion tonight! Triple H snapped, and walked over to the time keeper, pushing him out of his seat and grabbing the steel chair. The Game slid into the ring, and Batista was regaining his composure. CRACK! Helmsley walloped the chair right over the skull of the champion - it was a sickening sound and Batista fell to the mat. Again and again Triple H smashed the chair over Batista's back, releasing his rage with the vile chair shots. Flair slid into the ring with the World Heavyweight Title, and the crowd was booing mercilessly. Triple H tossed the chair aside and rolled Batista onto his back before grabbing the title from Flair. He shouted in Batista's face pointing at the title belt as the credits hit the screen and RAW came to an end on a rather chaotic note.

Show Rating: 76%

Best Segment: Flair asks Triple H if he's ready

Worst Segment: Chris Masters opens the Masterlock Challenge

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I enjoyed the show, and the diary so far, its well written. Matches are a good length too, keep it up.

I will say however, the Christian promo was lacking Christian's usual wit, It just dodn't seem like Christian (and Christian rules.......). Also, I wouldn't have minded Jericho getting invloved a bit more, possibly hinting at least, a three-way match.

Not too sure on the Rhyno involvement in the main event either, but if it goes somewhere good, then fair enough, I just feel there would be a way to still keep the Rhyno story, yet come up with a better way of keeping the Batista/HHH feud going without interference from a midcarder (or any interference at all for that matter)

Overall though, its an enjoyable read, I'll be checking back, keep up the good work :)

Edited by timmayy
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Well, didn't get a chance to reply to the 4/11 RAW, so might as well reply now while I have the chance.

Just read your RAW from MSG, and it was... well, rather interesting to say the least.

- Batista's promo was the right way to start off the show. Again, you keep his words short and sweet, which is good for a man with as little charisma as his.

- The Masterlock challenge was... well, there. I hope you do something else with him, as Masters has potential and can easily be in Evolution with another Batista-like role. He's obviously gaining overness, think of how much he'll get wrestling along side of the Nature Boy and The Game, getting wins over established veterans.

- The Hassan/Daivari promo was decent for what it was. A 9/11 comment might have REALLY gotten the juice going, but maybe that is a bit over the top.

- Christy getting pushed and getting consecutive pinfalls over Molly? Ugh. I say bring up Alexis Laree if you have her and have her challenge Trish for the title soon.

- The Highlight Reil was actually my favorite segment of the night. It was a decent length, and you portrayed Shelton REALLY well. Jericho was just Mr. Instigation, and Benjamin/Christian at Backlash should be good, even better if you end up throwing Jericho into the mix. I again must say that I think Christian could also benifit from being in Evolution, if you have him dump Tomko and he joins at Backlash. Maybe by winning the IC title with a little interference from Flair?

Christian: "So Shelton, at Backlash on March 1st it's going to be you putting your title on the line against Captain Charisma!"
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Thanks for the feedback guys, that's really the stuff I am looking for. Allow me to comment on a few things here.

I will say however, the Christian promo was lacking Christian's usual wit, It just dodn't seem like Christian (and Christian rules.......). Also, I wouldn't have minded Jericho getting invloved a bit more, possibly hinting at least, a three-way match.

To be honest I wasn't really happy with the Christian promo either, it felt too generic when I had him speak. Jericho didn't have anything to do this week, but I do have something planned for next week so I figured the highlight reel would be a good way to get all three on tv, and further add heat for Benjamin Christian at Backlash.

Not too sure on the Rhyno involvement in the main event either, but if it goes somewhere good, then fair enough, I just feel there would be a way to still keep the Rhyno story, yet come up with a better way of keeping the Batista/HHH feud going without interference from a midcarder (or any interference at all for that matter)

At the beginning of the storyline I have planned this probably does seem a little odd, but in the way I'm going with Rhyno I think it will really help, plus it makes the Batista Triple H situation a little well interesting.

- The Masterlock challenge was... well, there. I hope you do something else with him, as Masters has potential and can easily be in Evolution with another Batista-like role. He's obviously gaining overness, think of how much he'll get wrestling along side of the Nature Boy and The Game, getting wins over established veterans.

I had a similar idea in mind, we'll see where it goes.

Christian: "So Shelton, at Backlash on March 1st it's going to be you putting your title on the line against Captain Charisma!"

Also, proof reading does help.

I proof read, it just that March and May are so damn close it slipped through. I'll be watchful for that.

Once again thanks for the feedback everyone, some news and notes should be up today.

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Ask and ye shall receive and alla that. But be forwarned, when ye ask ye get judged a little harsher than those that I simply wander into. It makes no sense perhaps, but in my mind I can hold back nothing when you know of my ways and still want me to do this. Also be forwarned that after I do this diaries die. It may just be a coincidence, or I may be a fucking jinx. Either way...

...I liked the BS. Short, simple, and right off the bat we know it's a dream. A long, complex, detailed, and involved dream, but still a dream.

Moving on to the first RAW after WMXXI, we start with a typo. Unless sore as in painful is really spelled soar as in fly in another country. And if you're in America, then there's no excuse. Not a big deal, except it's like the 30th word in your first show in your brand new diary, and it's a big, bolded, red word. Sadly, now I'm going to be LOOKING for typos.

Not a bad opening interview segment back and forth. You flat out lifted some of the speech's from the actual RAW after WM, but I don't spose there is anything wrong with that per se. Also, the ME of the MSG Raw SuperShow now being the WM Rematch is a good idea. I would expect a screwjob ending, as you are giving a potential moneymaker away on free TV, so a screwjob ending would/could/SHOULD build to the actual REAL rematch at perhaps Backlash.

The World Tag Team Title Match affected me the same way this division has affected me IRL for about two years. I was bored. Moving on.

Again, much like IRL, the Austin/Simon Dean segment did absolutely nothing for me. Yours was perhaps a bit more interesting, but not by much. I will give you realism points for continuing to make Simon Dean a world class ass and jobber though.

Someone explain to me, when Bischoff said the MSG Show was two weeks away did he mean a week away like Coach said in this next segment? Which is it?

I don't think it's your style, as it's fine, but the matches are boring me to no end. Is this why I rarely get into modern day WWE Diaries? I dunno, but both the Tag Match and the Women's Match almost put me to sleep. Or maybe it's because so far there's nothing that has happened that I wouldn't/couldn't/really didn't see in the past few weeks on the real RAW. Christian pinning Shelton wasn't bad, although Christy pinning Molly in this single match was WORSE than her pinning Maolly in a Tag Match I have to say, but then it doesn't break any new ground. Christian vs. Shelton for the IC Title Round...34? At least the REAL Raw had Christian pinning Benoit and getting a World Title shot coming up very soon. You just replay old stories/angles/matches here.

So to battle The Arab Americans in this diary, instead of a plea to Hogan HBK gets the return of Marty Jannetty? Not too shabby. This was where I thought this angle was headed to begin with IRL. The Rockers reunion will be good, but it just signifies the same thing that Hogan signifies IRL, The Arab Americans are jobbing to HBK. Not too sure if I like this or not, honestly.

Edge made pretty short work of Kane. I made pretty quick work of this match. Meaning I skimmed to the end. Briefcase shot, pinfall, when will Edge use his Guaranteed Title Shot? Blah blah blah.

Orton's promo was waaaaay too short. No time there to really build to the match, and when you have no time to build you have no worries that the challenger might actually beat the champion. So this match was a forgone conclusion, depite the fact that we already know that HHH is getting his rematch in one to two weeks, depending on when the MSG Show is. I was bored with this match too. Oh, and according to HHH it's TWO weeks away. Well, if anyone would know, it's him.

Mike Awesome fan was wrong, this was NOT an awesome show. As I said, the writing was fine, aside from a few way too short promos, but it was just boring. I'm all for realism in the first few shows, but do SOMETHING different than what the REAL RAW did. You basically copied there matches, with a few SMALL deviations, and then wrote it up. Here's hoping the next show(s) end this trend. So the post WM RAW gets an overall grade of a D.

Moving along, we come to what is apparently NOT the MSG Show.

The Tag Team Number One Contenders Match continued in the long and honorable tradition of making me not give a shit. RAW IRL needs some fresh Tag Teams, and your diary is NO DIFFERENT. The same three to four teams week after week after week is old news. Please freshen it up. Oh, and do we want Tag Champs in Dean and Maven when Dean looked like Stone Cold's bitch a week before? Or are you continuing the long and honorable tradition of Austin or Rock punking out the Tag Team Champions and thus nullifying, in my eyes, any threat they MIGHT EVER HOLD as a team? Just talking aloud. I fully expect...*yawm*...sorry expect Regal and Tajiri to retain.

That women's confrontation wasn't good. Bad bad bad. The nice thing is you do have this realism thing down to a tee, as it would be bad bad bad IRL too.

You have HHH down in promos. Good. You also kill a lot of show on him as well, so we're back to realism. Anyways, HHH killed Val, and nobody cared. Yep, just like IRL.

Look Ma, Victoria isn't being pushed right now so she MUST JOB. Reality bites us in the ass again. The Christy save made me laugh for some reason. Trish runs away from her? Dear god, why????

I dunno, for some reason Eric announcing the Trade didn't work for me. Shoulda been McMahon, as that's HIS DEAL, not Eric's. Oh, and yes, please split up La Res. Or just banish both to SD. Either way works for me.

Sigh. Why, why, why, why do the Masterlock Challenge? Why, why, why keep repeating the SAME SHIT the REAL RAW did/is doing? I want an answer. WHY?

Bye bye Rhyno, see you in a few weeks for a monster push.

Yes, your HBK rocks in promo as someone said between the two shows. I think I like The Rockers back together again. Hopefully Marty doesn't turn.

So we come to the ME that got no build and nary a mention in the whole show. That's a good way to make me care. Good match though, and for some reason I did care. I know, I'm shocked too. Do I smell a Benoit/Edge match at Backlash here too? Maybe put the Title Shot on the line, Benoit wins, and ONCE AGAIN Edge is screwed over? Not a bad idea at all, huh?

Overall grade is a D+. A little better and the ME saved your ass. Too much CRAP though, and the taking ideas from the REAL RAW is annoying, plus the spelling errors and just weirdly worded and fucked up sentence structure is starting to kill me. You gotta reread and spell check and alla that before posting a SHOW. I don't care if any of your other posts are iffy or off, but a show, it hurts.

Wow, do you hate writing Y2J or what? He ME's Heat two weeks in a row? What did he do to piss off HHH this time?

Yep, it's the MSG SuperShow report next. This better be good, cuz as thus far you are SuperKilling me.

Nice opening segment. Hype the MSG ME and keep Bastista looking bad ass while limiting his mic time. Worked beautifully.

However next we get The Mastlerlock Challenge. It existed to what, bury Steven some more? Doesn't he have a broken face? First majorly unrealistic thing I've seen you do. Bad, and like that the MSG SuperShow becomes just another show. I hope you can fix things.

Shouldn't The Arab Americans ALSO be pissed off that they were kept off of the MSG SuperShow? I mean, if not wrestling at WM is such a big fucking deal, even though they wer involved in a huge segment, then not wrestling at the BIGGEST place WWE goes to should also be an insult. Right? Missed that potential idea, didn't you?

More Molly jobbing. Oh and Christy did not pin Molly two straight weeks in a row. You have a problem with the concept of time huh? I hated this, in case you wondered.

Christian: "So Shelton, at Backlash on March 1st it's going to be you putting your title on the line against Captain Charisma!"

Coooool. Christian can TIME TRAVEL. Will this affect the time space continuum? What if he beats Shelton and goes into WM as the IC Champion? Wow, this is more than a diary, it's a lesson in quantum physics.

That or ONCE AGAIN you have issues with time.

The match I knew we'd see, Mr Benjamin...CC...IC Title...Round 34. It'll be a good match though.

Here's hoping that Tajiri did the job to Maven so that Regal and he could make Maven and Simon do the job at Backlash.

Edge vs. Benoit. Same match and same outcome as what we saw on the REAL RAW after the REAL WM. You need to think about something, YOU can change history in this diary. So far your dream of "what if I booked RAW" looks an awful lot like the same old same old. It was a good match though.

So far, the MSG SuperShow is SuperLame and SuperNothingSpecial. That of course is a SuperShame.

NOW we change history quite a bit. I told you we'd see Rhyno soon with a monster push. Okay, you pushed Rhyno hard, and kept the belt on Batista, as well as giving HHH a lot of room to claim he needs/deserves another Title Shot, but in the process your Animal was pussified. Good thing that he sells The GORE!!! as a major move, but is it THAT big a deal when we've seen La Res kick out of it before? So are you saying that it's a BADDER move now cuz Rhyno is SuperPissed, or that La Res are bigger men than your Champion? Then The Animal is beaten down mercilessly by HHH. Was the message there that it STILL IS HHH's show? Why not have Batista come back and wallop HHH? Does the new champ need to be laid out and embarrassed three weeks after winning the belt by first a LOWER MIDCARDER AT BEST then by The Game, the FORMER CHAMPION? Good match, good screwjob, good way to keep the issues going, bad execution at the end.

Overall SuperGrade for the MSG SuperShow is a SuperC-. Basically you're slowly getting better, despite some massive fuck ups still with spelling and grammatical errors (hear instead of here for example) and major time discrepancies, but I'm not feeling it yet.

The question is, do I care enough to come back and see if you can MAKE me feel it? Sadly, the answer is no, I don't. I can watch the REAL RAW and wind up feeling the same way, plus it seems your idea to push Rhyno is more important than making your brand new Champion look good. You just killed The Batista Experiment, and were this IRL he'd never fully recover. Sadly, there's nothing else here to bring me back.

Your OVERALL grade for the diary thus far is a solid D by the way.

Good luck,


(What's worse about the time issues is that Aztec Warrior POINTED IT OUT TO YOU, and rather than go back and edit the right date in, you just make excuses about May and March being similar? No, aside from BOTH BEGINNING with "Ma" they ARE NOT SIMILAR. Egads, FIX IT ALREADY!)

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Thanks for that TGC, if anyone can get right down to the nitty gritty it’s you, also I made the date changes in the old shows, I’ve really gotta watch out for those. With that here are some RAW notes.

WWE RAW Brand News and Notes

For the Week of April 18, 2005

*A week after reporting that I thought Rhyno's suspension wasn't actually a work we saw him run in on the Main Event and Gore the World Heavyweight Champion forcing the match to end in a disqualification. Taking his name off of house show schedules may have been WWE's way of tricking the Internet Community into believing Rhyno's suspension was legit, hey they got me. Expect to see more of Rhyno in the coming weeks as you rarely see a guy interfere in the Main Event and then just vanish the week after.

*Many fans were upset that Chris Jericho's hasn't actually wrestled on RAW for the past few weeks; instead he was kept on the Sunday Night Heat tapings. With just one week until Backlash it will be interesting to see if Y2J lands a match on the card.

*Steven Richards made his return to the ring on RAW later than expected. The original thought was that Richards would be out 4-5 weeks after breaking his nose in Chris Masters' debut, but ended up out of action for close to six. Richards is expected to return to Heat.

*Speaking of Masters he received some "boring" chants during his Master Lock Challenge segment and the MSG crowd didn't seem too impressed with his making short work of Steven Richards. WWE however must have liked the results because Masters returns to RAW this week with yet another Master Lock Challenge.

*WWE added a match to the Backlash card over the week on the Backlash website, that match being Trish Stratus putting the Women's Title on the line against Christy Hemme in a WrestleMania rematch. In many fans minds this just goes to show how weak the Women's division has become.

*After releasing Chilly Willy from his Developmental Deal last week, WWE released two more developmental workers over the weekend as Gregg Groothuis and Mike Hentinga were given the boot.

*The brand draft is two just two weeks away. While some developmental workers have been cut over the past two weeks an idea floating around lately is that once the draft is over some of OVW's top Tag Team will be getting the call up to join the active roster. MNM (Matthews Melina and Nitro) have been receiving high praise lately, and the Billy and Chuck like tag team of Antonio Thomas and Romei Roselli (the Heart Breakers) have as well. OVW also has teams like Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli, the Toland cousins, and the Shane Twins. With the Tag Team divisions in such bad shape on both RAW and Smackdown, some good Tag Teams would be a breath of fresh air.

*With RAW airing from England this week, expect William Regal and Tajiri to be in action, with Simon Dean and Maven being the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles we may even see them up for grabs in Regal's native land.

Well that's all for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more WWE RAW News and Notes.

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