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The Germs

MalaCloudy Black

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Can any of you guys reccomend some Germs songs? I'm pretty sure PRP and VerbalPuke can. I just downloaded Lexicon Devil the other day and I like it a lot :thumbsup:

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Just curious, but which version of "Lexicon Devil" do you have? Is it a slower twangier kind, or is a bit more sped up and rocking? The anthology of them I have has two versions, both are good. As for songs, I'd say Malenko and Fuckshit pretty well covered some of their better songs. I'd like to emphasize the songs Land of Treason, Communist Eyes, Forming, and Media Blitz. As for my own picks...

Caught in my eye

We must bleed

American Leather

Let's Pretend

Round and Round

I've told you this before Cloudy, but you have to find a way to see the "Decline of Western Civilization". The Germs performance is great, not from a musical standpoint, but more from a "Wow this guy is nuts" view. The first song they perform is Manimal but it's kind of hard to decipher exactly what Darby Crash is singing about. The fun is all in his antics on stage, such as coloring all over himself and rolling around the stage. He eventually starts screaming into the microphone as he stumbles drunkenly across the stage. This also gives rise to one of my favorite lines of all-time, "Hey...gimme a beeeeer.....come on you fuckers gimmee a beeer." What I just wrote doesn't do Darby's actual words on the documentary justice though.

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I have Lexicon Devil and Media Blitz now, good songs. I'll get these others.

And the version of Lexicon Devil I have is more sped up and lasts about 1:43 (and when I was getting it I found another version that was 2:10 or so, I guess the slower one?)

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