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Xzibit's "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

MalaCloudy Black

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Has anyone heard the album? I got it today and I've been listening to it, I think it's my favorite X material. I don't think there's one weak song on the entire album (well, maybe a few). But it's got some hot shit like "LAX", "Hey Now", "Criminal Set", "Klack" and "Tough Guy" w/ Busta Rhymes.

So, has anyone else heard it?

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There's one review that gives it 3 1/2 stars, that's what AllMusic.com gave it too, iirc. I think it's better than that, though.

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I love Busta in that Tough Guy track, but the album wasn't what I was expecting from X, seeing as I didn't hear Man Vs. Machine, and only the earlier asforementioned albums..it was alright, but yeah...

Foundation and Papparazzi are probably my 2 favourite X tracks, though.

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Pretty good album actually, not his best but certainly good. Favourite song from it is either 'Ride Or Die' or 'Klack'. The Tought Guy track is pretty good too.

Heard better songs from him though, my favourites being 'What you see is what you get', 'Shroomz' from the 40 dayz and 40 nightz album and that other bloody song which I cant remember at all, the one they always play on MTV Base for a Trever Nelson advert.

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