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World Wrestling Entertainment 2004

Guest LilJoeyPez

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Guest LilJoeyPez

World Wrestling Entertainment

Owner: Vince McMahon

CEO: Linda McMahon

Senior Advisor to the Chairman: William Regal

General Manager, RAW: Eric Bischoff

General Manager, SmackDown!: Hulk Hogan


AJ Styles



Big Show

Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Booker T


Brock Lesnar

Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas (Currently in rehab)

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


Christopher Nowinski

Chuck Palumbo

D'Lo Brown

Danny Basham

Dawn Marie

Doug Basham

D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero


Eric Bischoff


Garrison Cade


Grand Master Sexay

Hulk Hogan

Jamie Noble

Jim Cornette

John Cena

Johnny Stamboli

Jonathan Coachman

Justin Credible



Kurt Angle

Lance Storm

Mark Jindrak

Matt Hardy


Mick Foley


Orlando Jordan

Paul London

Randy Orton

René Duprée

Rey Mysterio


Ric Flair


Rob Van Dam



Scotty 2 Hotty

Sean Morley


Shannon Moore

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin


Spike Dudley

Stacy Keibler

Stevie Richards

Sylvan Grenier



The Hurricane

The Rock

Theodore Long

Tommy Dreamer

Torrie Wilson

Triple H

Ultimo Dragon

Tag Teams:

Black Magic (Booker T/D'Lo Brown)

Extreme Assimilation (Stevie Richards/Tommy Dreamer)

Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo/Johnny Stamboli)

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Impact Players (Justin Credible/Lance Storm)

Kyo Dai (Akio/Sakoda)

La Résistance (René Duprée/Sylvan Grenier)

Shawn Michaels & Matt Hardy

Shooting Stars (Paul London/Billy Kidman)

Suicide Blondes (Shannon Moore/Spanky)

The APA (Faarooq/Bradshaw)

The Basham Brothers (Danny Basham/Doug Basham)

Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay/Scotty 2 Hotty)


Evolution (Christian/Ric Flair/Randy Orton/Test)

Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio/Chuck Palumbo/Johnny Stamboli)

Kyo Dai (Tajiri/Akio/Sakoda)

Title History:

WWE Championship

Current Holder: Billy Gunn (won an Elimination Chamber match, 16/5/2004)

Eddie Guerrero (def. Brock Lesnar, Singles Match, 15/2/2004)

World Heavyweight Championship

Current Holder: Chris Jericho (def. Chris Benoit, ECW Rules Match, 26/4/2004)

Chris Benoit (def. Triple H, Singles Match, 21/3/2004)

Triple H (def. Goldberg and Kane, Triple Threat Match, 14/12/2003

WWE United States Championship

Current Holder: Shelton Benjamin (def. John Cena and Kanyon, Triple Threat Match, 16/5/2004)

John Cena (def. Big Show, Singles Match, 21/3/2004)

Big Show (def. Eddie Guerrero, Singles Match, 19/10/2003)

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Current Holder: Matt Hardy (def. Rob Van Dam and Booker T, Triple Threat Match, 21/3/2004)

Rob Van Dam (def. Randy Orton, Singles Match, 1/3/2004)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Current Holder: Shannon Moore (won a Battle Royal, 21/3/2004)

Rey Mysterio (def. Tajiri, Singles Match, 1/1/2004)

WWE Hardcore Championship

Current Holder: D-Von Dudley (awarded title, 26/4/2004)

WWE Tag Team Championship

Current Holders: Too Cool (def. Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo, Tag Match, 16/5/2004)

Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo (def. Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi, Tag Match, 25/3/2004)

Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi (def. The Basham Brothers, Tag Match, 5/2/2004)

World Tag Team Championship

Current Holders: The APA (def. The Dudley Boyz, Tag Match, 18/4/2004)

The Dudley Boyz (def. Ric Flair & Batista, Tag Match, 1/3/2004)

TV Shows:

RAW - Monday nights on Spike TV, with Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

SmackDown! - Thursday nights on UPN, with Michael Cole and Tazz

Velocity - Saturday nights on Spike TV, with Michael Cole and Jim Cornette

Heat - Sunday nights on Spike TV, with Bob Costas and Jonathan Coachman

Ohio Valley Wrestling - WWE Developmental Roster:

Adam Booker

Adam Windsor


BJ Payne

Bobby Hoffman

Carly Colon

Christopher Daniels

CM Punk

Donovan Morgan

Eric Angle

Greg Pawluk

Jason Hexx

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Spade

Josh Prohibition

Matt Cross

Matt Morgan

Nick Dinsmore


Orange Crush

Paul Rodriguez

Renato Sobral

Ryan Lockhart

Sean O'Haire


Shark Boy

The Prophet

Travis Bane


It had always been my ambition to work backstage with WWE as a writer. However, I was realistic and realised my dream was 99% likely not to come true. But still, I did the next best thing and like many others, I posted my detailed Extreme Warfare Revenge diaries at message boards like e2-o, EWB, and the UKFF. I had nothing but positive feedback for my journals, which fueled the fire for my unrealistic dream. My diary was picked up by Power Slam, one of the UK's premier wrestling magazines, looking for something new to give them an edge. This gave them the edge and they became not only the UK's biggest-selling wrestling magazine, but huge in the United States and Australia among other places. Legendary magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated then not only offered to buy the rights to my diary from Power Slam, but to pass on some of my ideas to their many connections in WWE, NWA-TNA, and several large indy promotions. I was over the moon. But then I got a phone call from none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He told me he had read my diary and believed I could be the next Vince Russo or Brian Gerwitz. Not only did I not believe it was Vince, but I believed I was being insulted. I hung up the phone and thought nothing of it. Then, at PWI towers as I wrote an event for my diary, in walks none other than Head of WWE Talent Relations, Jim Ross. The front desk directs him to me and he takes a seat next to me. JR tells me that not only does Vince McMahon believe I could bring the wrestling business into a new boom period, but he believes I could take on the jobs of the entire writing team and not break a sweat over it. To be blunt, he was offering me a position as Head Writer and Advisor to the Chairman. A General Manager type-role, but with less power and yet less hours. However, it wasn't too shabby for my third job. By next week, I was sitting at my desk in Titan Towers, posting the latest news at WWE.com. I had advised Vince to release several talents and he had left it to me to break the news and tell the public. He had also given me the slightly bigger responsibility of overviewing and looking over his vision of WrestleMania XX. My first ever event.

Event History:

WWE WrestleMania XX on March 21, 2004:

Shannon Moore won a ten-man Cruiserweight Battle Royal to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Chris Jericho defeated Christian

John Cena defeated Big Show to win the WWE United States Championship

Matt Hardy defeated Booker T and Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kane defeated the Undertaker in a No Holds Barred match

Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg

Randy Orton & Batista defeated Mick Foley & The Rock

Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship

Chris Benoit defeated Triple H to win the WWE Championship

WWE Backlash on April 18, 2004:

Matt Hardy defeated Sean Morley, Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer in a Fatal Four Way match to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

The APA defeated The Dudley Boyz to become World Tag Team Champions

Stevie Richards defeated Test in a No Disqualification match

Booker T defeated Rob Van Dam in a Loser Leaves RAW match

Chris Jericho defeated Triple H

Randy Orton defeated Mick Foley in a Street Fight

Kane defeated The Rock

Chris Benoit defeated Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Judgment Day on May 16, 2004:

Too Cool defeated Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo to become WWE Tag Team Champions

Ultimo Dragon won a twelve-man Cruiserweight Open to become the number one contender to Shannon Moore's Cruiserweight Championship

Rob Van Dam defeated Rhyno in an ECW Rules match

Shelton Benjamin defeated Kanyon and John Cena in a Triple Threat match to become WWE United States Champion

Shannon Moore defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Billy Gunn defeated Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Edge, and Brock Lesnar in an Elimination Chamber match to become WWE Champion


MAY 16, 2004

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Guest LilJoeyPez

RAW Recap

After his title victory at WrestleMania XX, Chris Benoit moved onto a feud with Christian, who won a title shot at Backlash by defeating Chris Jericho in a WrestleMania rematch. Triple H's Evolution squad began feuding with Jericho and were responsible for his loss to Christian. Randy Orton's feud with Mick Foley continued, climaxing in a Street Fight at Backlash, and after losing with Foley to Randy Orton and Batista at WrestleMania, The Rock moved onto a feud with Kane, who had both defeated and set fire to his brother the Undertaker at WrestleMania. At the Backlash Pay-Per-View, Matt Hardy retained the Intercontinental Championship in a Fatal Four-Way featuring Lance Storm, Tommy Dreamer and Sean Morley, the APA defeated the Dudley Boyz to become World Tag Team Champions, Stevie Richards defeated Test in a No Disqualification match, Booker T pinned Rob Van Dam in a Loser Leaves RAW match after assistance from D'Lo Brown, Chris Jericho beat Triple H, Randy Orton beat Mick Foley in a Street Fight, Kane pinned The Rock clean before hitting him with a Tombstone on the entrance ramp after the match, and Chris Benoit retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian. After Backlash, Evolution turned their backs on Triple H in favour of a new leader, Christian, D-Von Dudley turned his back on Bubba Ray after an unsuccessful attempt at regaining the Tag Titles, and was the next week awarded the reinstated Hardcore Championship. Mick Foley appeared to the shock of some and issued a challenge to Kane after Kane ended The Rock's career at Backlash. Chris Jericho became #1 contender and the next week won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit. Over those three weeks, Randy Orton got a pinfall over both Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in a handicap and tag match respectively and is now claiming to be the only contender for the title.

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Guest LilJoeyPez

SmackDown! Recap

Eddie Guerrero moved onto a feud with a pushed Billy Gunn after WrestleMania XX. Gunn turned heel in a promo the SmackDown! after 'Mania and ended up costing Eddie a six-man tag team match later in the show. Kurt Angle also moved onto a feud with Goldberg (who was moved to SmackDown! on the show before WrestleMania, promising to give Brock Lesnar hell for as long as he's on SmackDown!), and Edge returned to feud with Lesnar, revealing that Lesnar was the one who attacked him at No Way Out 2003. Jim Cornette joined the SmackDown! locker room as a manager for Shelton Benjamin, who was suddenly without a tag partner as Charlie Haas was checked into rehab by WWE. Shelton worked a three-way feud over the United States Championship with Kanyon and John Cena, set to climax at the Judgment Day PPV. The Hurricane and Rosey were traded to SmackDown! for the APA and Rosey was soon after released from WWE, leaving Hurricane on his own to play a role in the Shannon Moore/Jeff Hardy feud as Shannon turned heel on Jeff and became an idiotic California surfer dude along with new tag team partner, a rehired and repackaged Spanky. All of these feuds were set to continue or climax at SmackDown!'s fourth Pay-Per-View, Judgment Day!

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Guest LilJoeyPez

Judgment Day Card

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

Predictions are open. And WTF's up with the card in my sig? Somebody help?

Edited by LilJoeyPez
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Guest Jebus

Judgment Day Card

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

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Guest LilJoeyPez


Nidia was today informed of her release from the company by WWE officials. We wish this talented female worker the best of luck in her future endeavours.

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WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs b] Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

It's hard to go off something with no shows but heres what i predict.

Your sig, do it like this

Match 1


Match 2


etc. also, how can you claim that this is good...Billy Gunn is in the main event :S

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Over the past 2 months of his diary at e2-o, Pez has turned Billy Gunn into a more than credible contender. He's also a raving Gunn mark, which is another reason for this. However, if Gunn does win the title, I'll be the first to bludgeon him unconscious, but only because Edge MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS! On that note...

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

Remember, Pez - Edge wins, or else.


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Not to seem like a twat, but Joey, you might be able to bump diaries in that fashion at e2o or whatever name it has now, but here that's seen a postwhoring. Just a tip, for future reference :)

Now that i'm here, even though it doesn't look to be the greatest thing i've ever read (But I need to see a show, becore I can make my decision). I might as well predict.

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

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WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

ECW Rules

Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender

Ultimo Dragon vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio vs Spanky vs Paul London vs Josh Matthews vs The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble vs AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

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Guest LilJoeyPez

WWE Judgment Day

Sunday 16 May 2004

LIVE on Pay-Per-View from Los Angeles, California

Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz

"Some fight for money...

some fight for power...

some fight for gold..."

At Judgment Day, six men will fight for the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber!


everything's on the line..."

Oh my god...that hellacious structure hits SmackDown! at Judgment Day!

"All or nothing...

they will be judged..."

This is gonna be sick!

"Fate will decide the survivors...

Judgment Day is upon us!"




Fireworks exploded in the Staples Center in Los Angeles and "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus was playing on a night when six men will step into the Elimination Chamber and one will leave as WWE Champion. Michael Cole and Tazz were at the announce table and they welcomed us to the show.

Cole: The sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles has come alive for a huge night! Welcome to Judgment Day, a SmackDown!-exclusive event, and have we got a show for you tonight!

Tazz: Damn straight Cole, all four of SmackDown!'s titles on the line tonight, plus ECW Rules and the Cruiserweight Open - I got that feelin' in my bones that this is gonna be an awesome night!

Cole: I know how you feel, Tazz - and right now, we're gonna start things off with the WWE Tag Team Championship!


The fans cheered as "Bangin' It" hit in the arena and Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay danced their way to the ring for their shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship! Scotty and Sexay had their vital statistics announced and they got into the ring, removing their new t-shirts as their music faded, and the FBI's theme hit for the WWE Tag Team Champions. Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo came out with the belts over their shoulders. Palumbo and Stamboli conversed on the ramp and smirked and then they walked to the ring. The two members of the Full Blooded Italians got into the ring as the bell rang to start this match.

WWE Tag Team Championship

Too Cool vs Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo©

Both teams were standing in opposite corners of the ring talking, and the referee tried to get this match to start, and eventually he managed to send Grand Master Sexay and Chuck Palumbo out of the ring so the match started with Johnny Stamboli and Scotty 2 Hotty. Stamboli smirked, despite having been pinned by Scotty once, and Stamboli wanted to have a test of strength with Scotty but ended up kicking Scotty in the gut. Johnny Stamboli hit Scotty with right hands to get him on one side of the ring and Scotty got whipped across the ring. Stamboli went for a Powerslam but Scotty turned it into a reverse DDT. Scotty made the tag to Grand Master Sexay and Sexay stomped away on Johnny Stamboli, but Stamboli used the ropes to pull himself up and he shoved Sexay away. Stamboli lifted Sexay up and slammed him down with big impact before making the tag to Chuck Palumbo. The fans booed as Palumbo looked smug as he lifted Grand Master Sexay over his head, but Sexay dropped down and rolled up Chuck Palumbo, but Palumbo rolled out of that and both men were up and Palumbo hit Grand Master Sexay with a stiff clothesline and Sexay landed on the neck. Chuck Palumbo covered and got a two count but Scotty 2 Hotty got into the ring and broke it up. The referee turned and tried to get Scotty out of the ring and the FBI took advantage of the distraction and dragged Sexay into the corner and hit him with a Double Shoulderbreaker. Scotty got out of the ring again and Palumbo covered Sexay again, but this time Sexay kicked out just before three. Palumbo slapped the mat in disgust then made the tag to Johnny Stamboli. Stamboli propped Grand Master Sexay up in the corner and hit him with chops to the chest and then he propped him up on the top rope for a top rope Back Suplex and Stamboli climbed to the second rope...showing great athleticism, Grand Master Sexay reversed the move and hit Johnny "The Bull" with a reverse DDT from the top rope! The fans cheered and now both men had to make a tag...slowly Sexay and Stamboli inched towards their corners as their partners leaned over the ropes...both men made the tag, and Scotty 2 Hotty rushed into the ring, rushed at Chuck Palumbo and ducked a clothesline, but he wasn't so lucky as he came off the ropes a second time and Palumbo slammed him. Johnny Stamboli got into the ring and the two FBI members went for a double team maneuver, but Grand Master Sexay speared Stamboli out of the ring! The fans cheered for Sexay as he had Stamboli on the floor outside, and Chuck Palumbo shouted at his partner to fight back, but Scotty 2 Hotty was up behind him...Bulldog, and Scotty looked ready to hit his finisher and the fans cheered...W! O! R! M! Scotty laid into Palumbo with the slap to the chest and covered...Johnny Stamboli went to make the save, but Sexay pulled him back out of the ring...ONE! TWO! THREE! (Q99, C83, O91)

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions - Too Cool (7:31)

The fans cheered as we had new WWE Tag Team Champions! "Bangin' It" played in the Staples Center and Too Cool were given their belts, making them two-time Tag Team Champions. Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay embraced and then they stood, heads down as the lights went out. Too Cool danced as a shimmering pyro went off, and the fans cheered for the new champions.

Backstage, Too Cool's music was fading and Rue DeBona was in the parking lot, and a car pulled up. Goldberg got out and the fans cheered as Rue approached Goldberg.

Rue: Goldberg, you're the only participant in tonight's Elimination Chamber to have competed in one, obviously you competed in the SummerSlam 2003 Chamber. Do you think this gives you a better chance of winning the WWE Title tonight?

Goldberg: Yeah, I was in it in 2003 and I kicked everybody's ass. But you know what happened? I was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship. But tonight, that's not gonna happen. I'm the only one who's experienced the harshness of that structure, how unforgiving it is. And tonight, I'm gonna show Edge, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Billy Gunn just how unforgiving it is. Five other guys are gonna get their asses kicked by me and tonight, these five guys; they're all next!

Goldberg walked off after some fighting talk ahead of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship!

"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix hit in the arena and the fans booed as the new SmackDown! General Manager made his entrance. Hulk Hogan was wearing a crisp bague suit with a black bandana, and he looked disgusted as he surveyed the fans in the arena. Hogan got into the ring and took a mic as his music faded.

Hogan: Brother, as I look around this arena, I'm glad I'm not on the wrestling roster of SmackDown!. I'd hate to be one of those guys back there and have to wrestle for you inappreciative assholes. And to think I once called you people Hulkamaniacs! The people of Los Angeles aren't worthy of being called Hulkamaniacs. But as part of my duties as General Manager, I gotta come out and address you people every damn night. And tonight, Hulk Hogan's SmackDown! presents Judgment Day to you ungrateful bastards. We got some huge matches tonight, brother - the Elimination Chamber, ECW Rules...and I just hope you appreciate them more than you appreciate me. You people took Hulk Hogan for granted once, brother, and you know what happened. So if I was you, I would not do it again. (O93)

"Voodoo Child" hit again in the arena and the fans booed as Hogan dropped his microphone, smiling and left. Then, a graphic appeared featuring the twelve participants in the first ever Cruiserweight Open.

Cole: Are you ready, Tazz?

Tazz: You kiddin' me? I'm always ready!

Cole: Next is the first ever Cruiserweight Open, winner gets a title shot on SmackDown! next week!

Josh Matthews' music hit in the arena and the fans booed as the SmackDown! announcer turned competitor came out, wearing long wrestling tights and a necklace. Matthews got into the ring and awaited the second entrant, and Billy Kidman's music hit in the arena and one half of the Shooting Stars came out. Kidman high-fived a couple of fans leaning over the barrier and then got into the ring and locked up with Josh Matthews to begin the Cruiserweight Open.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contenders

Cruiserweight Open

Kidman locked up with Matthews and Kidman backed him into the corner and went for a Shoulder Block but Matthews sat up on the top rope and went for a Tornado DDT but Kidman broke Matthews off and Josh Matthews landed on his feet. Matthews rushed at Kidman but Kidman sidestepped Matthews and Josh put his foot on the middle turnbuckle and turned around right into a dropkick from Kidman. Josh Matthews went down and Kidman lifted him up but Matthews turned the maneuver into a DDT. Josh Matthews dropped to his knees and tried to lay into Billy Kidman with punches, but Kidman pushed Matthews away into the ropes. Kidman was up and Matthews was groggy...BK Bomb! Billy Kidman dragged Josh Matthews towards the ropes, and he pointed up and climbed to the top rope. Billy Kidman laughed at Josh Matthews and went for the Shooting Star Press, but Josh Matthews moved out of the way! Kidman hit the mat at great velocity and Josh Matthews covered Kidman: one, two, three, and Matthews advances. The bell rang and Josh Matthews looked hideously smug, but the cocky smile turned to pure fear as "619" hit in the arena for the third entrant in the Cruiserweight Open, Rey Mysterio! The fans cheered for Rey as he jumped out onto the stage and made the walk to the ring. Josh ran at Rey as he got up onto the apron but Rey Mysterio pulled the ropes down and got into the ring, laughing at a humiliated Josh Matthews. Josh got back into the ring and ran at Rey but Rey jumped over his head and then hit him with a kick to the face as he came off of the ropes. Josh went down and used the ropes to pull himself up, red and humiliated, and Rey ran at Josh Matthews but this time Josh pulled the top rope down and Rey fell out of the ring. Josh's cocky smile returned as he pulled himself up, but he didn't notice that behind him Rey was up on the apron...Rey springboarded off of the top rope with the West Coast Pop, but Josh Matthews moved out of the way. Rey landed on his feet but Josh quickly rolled up Rey...and had a handful of tights! One, two, three, and Josh Matthews advances again! Josh couldn't believe he beat Rey Mysterio and blew his hair out of his face as he jumped around with happiness, but fatigue now had to be setting in. Paul London's music hit and London ran out and immediately went at it with Josh Matthews. London hit Matthews with some right hands and Josh Matthews went down and got straight back up, only to get hit with a clothesline. Josh Matthews went down and Paul London hit Matthews with a dropkick as he got back up and then London climbed to the top rope...London looked like he was going for the London Calling but Josh Matthews pushed the referee into the ropes and Paul London did the splits into the turnbuckle and Josh Matthews leaped to the top and hit London with a Hurracanrana. Josh covered but Paul London kicked out straight away and Josh got pissed off and kicked the turnbuckles and Paul London got up and attacked Matthews. London got Josh Matthews in a headlock and went behind Matthews but Josh hit Paul London with a Low Blow, which the referee didn't see as he was out of position. Josh whipped London across the ring and Matthews got his head down, ready to flip London over his head, but Paul London hit Josh Matthews with a running DDT and then climbed to the top rope and hit the London Calling on Josh Matthews for the one, two, three! The bell rang and Josh Matthews had a temper tantrum after finally being eliminated by Paul London, and Jamie Noble's music hit and Noble ran to the ring and laughed at Josh Matthews as he left, and he told Matthews that he'd easily beat Paul London's ass. Noble got into the ring and he locked up with Paul London, who got backed into the corner but got up onto the second rope and took Noble down. Paul London stood up and jumped around a bit and ran at Noble but this time Jamie Noble took London down and got him in an armbar for about ten seconds until London managed to grab the bottom rope. Jamie Noble laughed and said, "you shoulda tapped out, boy," and dragged Paul London up and hit him with a chop to the chest. Paul London dropped down again and Noble dragged him up and set him up for a Pumphandle Slam, but changed his mind and locked in an Abdominal Stretch. Paul London screamed in pain and the ref asked him if he wanted to give it up but Paul London said no and Jamie Noble said if London wasn't gonna tap, he'd just pin his ass. Jamie Noble turned the Abdominal Stretch into a Pumphandle Slam and covered...one...two...Paul London got his foot on the rope! Jamie Noble screamed in exasperation and he grabbed London by the hair and signalled that it was time for the Tiger Bomb and he set Paul London up, but London reversed it into a Northern Lights Suplex and held it for the cover...one, two, three! Jamie Noble eliminated! The fans cheered and a small "London" chant began as Chavo Guerrero's music hit in the arena and Chavo ran out and brawled with Paul London. Chavo beat down London, who was surely getting tired now. Chavo stomped a mudhole in London then took him down with an armdrag and locked his legs around London's arm, stretching it out. Paul London was in the middle of the ring and couldn't get to the ropes, but was slowly struggling...the ref grabbed London's arm, it dropped once...twice...a third time? Nope, Paul London held the arm up and continued to fight...Paul London was nearly at the ropes...but wait a minute, Chavo had his hands outstretched and Jamie Noble grabbed them, doubling the pressure! Paul London screamed in pain and abruptly tapped out. The fans booed and Chavo got up and looked down at Jamie Noble, confused. Chavo shouted at Jamie he didn't need his help and Jamie shouted back that London screwed him over and the situation was all very confusing, as "Eye of the Hurricane" hit in the arena for the SmackDown! superhero, The Hurricane. Hurricane did his usual superhero poses and Jamie Noble stayed at ringside as Chavo now became focused on his next opponent. The Hurricane got into the ring and Chavo warmed up as Hurricane got into the ring. Chavo and Hurricane circled each other in the ring and then locked up and neither man was moving so they broke the hold and The Hurricane did his superhero pose to a big ovation. Chavo took advantage and quickly kicked The Hurricane in the gut and whipped him across the ring but Hurricane came back with a flying lariat. Hurricane went for a clothesline as Chavo got up but Chavo ducked and rolled up Hurricane but Hurricane rolled out and went for the Shining Wizard but Chavo ducked and Brian Hebner got the full force of the Japanese Shining Wizard. The ref was now down and Jamie Noble got into the ring, stalking Hurricane...The Hurricane ducked a clothesline from Noble and as Chavo attacked him, The Hurricane ducked the attack and got Chavo in position...Eye of the Hurricane! The referee slumped over and counted a slow three to elimate Chavo Guerrero! Immediately, the music of the FBI hit in the arena and The Hurricane was ready for Nunzio but Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble were arguing on the outside of the ring, and nobody, inluding Chavo, seemed to know why Noble was attempting to help Chavo out. The camera followed Guerrero and Noble up the ramp arguing and then returning to the ring, Nunzio was choking out Hurricane in the corner. The ref counted to three and Nunzio broke the hold and shouted "c'mon, pizan," whatever that means. Nunzio turned back around to face Hurricane, but The Hurricane wasn't there, and he quickly turned and tripped Nunzio. The Hurricane pulled Nunzio up and the two did some chain wrestling and Hurricane pushed Nunzio out of a headlock and Nunzio came off of the ropes with a shoulder block on Hurricane and then came off of the ropes again, jumping over Hurricane and then dropped an elbow. Nunzio got on top of The Hurricane and locked in a Camel Clutch, and The Hurricane struggled but eventually got to the ropes. Nunzio broke the hold and went for a German Suplex but The Hurricane jumped out of it and went to roll Nunzio up but Nunzio rolled out and the predicament ended so Nunzio and The Hurricane were facing each other, and Nunzio pulled The Hurricane's mask down. Hurricane scrambled to replace his mask and protect his identity, and Nunzio rolled Hurricane up...one, two, three! The Hurricane got pissed off and had to be removed from the ring by WWE officials after Nunzio cheated to beat him. Nunzio laughed as The Hurricane was taken to the back and then AJ Styles' music hit in the arena and Styles came out as the ninth entry. AJ Styles got a healthy reaction from the crowd and ran to the ring and locked up with Nunzio then got behind him and hit him with a German Suplex Pin but Nunzio kicked out. AJ and Nunzio had a fistfight and Nunzio took the advantage and then kicked AJ Styles in the gut and hit him with a Snap Suplex. Nunzio covered but AJ kicked out at two and then as Nunzio tried to pull him up, AJ Styles took Nunzio down into a Mexican Surfboard. Nunzio couldn't grab the ropes as both his arms and legs were locked into the hold, and AJ Styles held Nunzio in the hold for about thirty seconds before he pushed Nunzio back into a pinning predicament...one, two, three. The bell rang and Nunzio left, and the music of Kyo Dai hit and Tajiri came out to boos as the tenth entrant. Tajiri got into the ring and these bitter enemies still had a considerable amount of unfinished business...Tajiri and Styles locked up and AJ backed Tajiri into the corner and the referee got in between them to break it up and then Tajiri kicked AJ Styles right in his side. AJ keeled over in pain and Tajiri stood poised and ready to end this part of the Open...but AJ Styles ducked the Kick of Death and grabbed Tajiri's leg and put him in a Half Boston Crab. Tajiri got to the ropes and AJ Styles broke the hold and Tajiri got up but could barely walk...AJ went for a clothesline but Tajiri sprayed the green mist in the face of AJ Styles! AJ hopped around the ring in agony and leaned against the ropes and Tajiri walked over and went to lock in the Tarantula. Tajiri locked it in and AJ screamed in pain and the illegal hold had to be broken after five, and Tajiri broke it and covered AJ Styles for two. Tajiri got pissed off and cursed in Japanese and AJ Styles got up and he climbed up to the second rope, still wiping the mist out of his eyes, ready to hit a Flying Cross Body, but the quick Tajiri leaped onto the second rope and went for a Hurracanrana but AJ Styles reversed it and nailed Tajiri with the Styles Clash from the second rope! Tajiri was out cold and AJ covered Tajiri for the one, two, three, and only Ultimo Dragon and Spanky were still to come, and Spanky was enterig last thanks to the SmackDown! General Manager, so the Ultimo Dragon's music hit in the arena and his pyro went off and the Dragon walked underneath the pyro to a big pop and then walked to the ring. Ultimo got into the ring and stared down AJ Styles and his music faded and the crowd cheered as two fan favourites stood face to face in the ring. The intensity of the scene was slightly let down by the fact that AJ Styles had a green face, but that didn't seem to bother either man as they both locked up. AJ got Ultimo in the corner and turned the lockup into a Suplex position and went to Suplex Ultimo off of the second rope but Ultimo Dragon turned it into a Tornado DDT. Ultimo covered AJ but AJ Styles kicked out at two. Ultimo pulled Styles up and put him in the Abdominal Stretch that was used by Jamie Noble earlier and AJ Styles turned it into a rollup but Ultimo Dragon kicked out and the two were standing and they grinned at each other and shook hands before locking up again. This time it was Ultimo who backed AJ into the corner and then he did a Monkey Flip on AJ to send him across the ring and then Ultimo charged at AJ Styles but AJ lifted Ultimo and dropped his face onto the top turnbuckle pad. AJ rolled up Dragon but Ultimo kicked out and then AJ Styles signalled for another Styles Clash...AJ lifted Ultimo then dropped him, but Ultimo went through the legs and tripped AJ Styles up, and then as Styles pulled himself up Ultimo Dragon locked in the Dragon Sleeper...and AJ Styles tapped out! Ultimo broke the hold and Styles dropped to the ground. AJ used the ropes to pull himself up yet again and then AJ Styles left as the music of the Suicide Blondes played and Spanky came out wearing bermuda shorts, a Hawaiian t-shirt and a very smug grin. Spanky walked to the ring and when he got in, he laughed at Ultimo's mask. Ultimo Dragon took exception to this and as Spanky posed on the turnbuckle, Ultimo approached Spanky and hit him with a HUGE Back Suplex from the second rope! Now, Ultimo Dragon sat on the top rope, feet on the second rope and did one of his signature poses as the fans cheered. Spanky got up and he looked humiliated and pissed off and he charged at Ultimo but Ultimo just stood there and Spanky stopped and fell over and it seemed like Spanky was taking Ultimo a little too lightly...Ultimo went for a clothesline to Spanky but Spanky tripped Ultimo with a Drop Toe Hold and at the announce table, Michael Cole said that Ultimo shouldn't take Spanky lightly. Spanky stomped away on Ultimo but Ultimo grabbed Spanky's foot and put him in a Half Boston Crab/Ankle Lock maneuver which caused Spanky to scream "dude, that like, totally hurts" and go for the ropes. Eventually, Spanky got to the ropes and Ultimo broke the hold and Spanky used the ropes to pull himself up and Ultimo got him in a headlock, but Spanky got Ultimo in a Torture Rack. Spanky couldn't hold Ultimo up for long so he dropped him to the mat and then picked him up, going for the Sliced Bread #2, but Ultimo grabbed Spanky and caused him to land on his feet and out of nowhere, Ultimo Dragon nailed his Asai DDT on Spanky and pinned Spanky one, two, three! (Q92, C76, O84)

Winner - Ultimo Dragon (24:18)

Ultimo Dragon's music hit in the arena and he was announced as the victor and he celebrated after winning the Cruiserweight Open and becoming the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. The fans cheered for Ultimo and in the ring, Spanky had a temper tantrum as we went backstage.

Chavo Guerrero was still arguing with Jamie Noble as they walked along the corridor.

Chavo: Well, what the hell were you still doing out there? That shoulda been me doing what the Ultimo Dragon's doing now, celebrating!

Noble: Look boy, I know you're mad but we're tag partners now! We gotta git through these things!

Chavo: Just because we're fighting Paul London and Billy Kidman next week it doesn't make us a tag team! Is this just trailer park logic or what?

Chavo walked off, angry, and Jamie Noble shouted after Chavo.

Noble: Well, uh...maybe you're just thinkin' Guerrero logic, Chavito!

Jamie Noble ran after Chavo as we went to a graphic for the ECW Rules match between Rob Van Dam and Rhyno.

Cole: Coming up next, Rob Van Dam and Rhyno go back to their roots, it's an ECW Rules match.

Tazz: That's right, Judgment Day's gonna get taken to the extreme, baby!

Cole: And this rivalry began at Backlash when Rob Van Dam was forced to leave RAW.

After the history behind this match played, we returned to the Staples Center and Rhyno's music hit in the arena and he came out for his huge ECW Rules match with Rob Van Dam. Rhyno walked to the ring and he went under the ring and got some weapons out, namely two steel chairs, a stop sign, two trash cans with lids, an old announce table TV monitor, a baseball bat, and a cookie sheet and tossed them all into the ring. Rhyno then got into the ring and awaited his opponent, and "One of a Kind" hit in the arena and the fans went nuts for Rob Van Dam. RVD came out and high-fived some fans hanging over the barricade and then did the triple thumbs as his name was said by Tony Chimel. RVD then got into the ring and fought with Rhyno to start this match.

ECW Rules

Rob Van Dam vs Rhyno

Any fans on the old ECW were not to be disappointed by this match, as every weapon imaginable came into play and RVD and Rhyno put their bodies on the line to settle this feud. The crowd cheered or booed every action and were into every second of the match, the high points of which included Rhyno Goring RVD through the ring barricade, RVD going for a Five Star Frog Splash off of the stage but missing, and RVD putting a glass sheet on top of Rhyno before squashing him with the Rolling Thunder. The match ended when a bloody Van Dam and Rhyno were slugging it out up the ramp and Rhyno pulled out a sign from the barricade and hit Rob Van Dam over the head with it. RVD went down and Rhyno walked up the ramp and at the top he turned and screamed "I am the man beast," not knowing that Rob Van Dam had followed Rhyno on his hands and knees all the way up the ramp...the man formerly known as "Mr. Monday Night" sprang up and hit Rhyno with a Van Daminator sending the sign right into Rhyno's face and causing Rhyno to fall off the stage! RVD then nailed Rhyno with the Five Star Frog Splash off the stage! Rob Van Dam covered Rhyno for the one, two, three after an awesome match! (Q83, C81, O82)

Winner - Rob Van Dam (13:11)

"One of a Kind" played in the arena and Rob Van Dam was announced as the winner by the ring announcer and he was bleeding profusely and got a huge ovation. RVD did the triple thumbs and left, and then Rhyno was helped up by referee Mike Sparks, and the fans appreciated Rhyno's contribution to the match and got a standing ovation from the crowd. A bloody and battered Rhyno was helped to the back by road agents and medics as we went back to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Tazz: Awesome match, Cole. Awesome.

Cole: Indeed, and even Rhyno got a standing ovation. Well, while officials clear up the ring, let us tell you about the next time WWE's on Pay-Per-View: it's Bad Blood on June 20, and Chris Jericho will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Benoit or Randy Orton, that will be decided tomorrow night on RAW when Benoit and Orton go head-to-head, and also the Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von, one on one for the WWE Hardcore Championship!

Tazz: Lookin' good, I been with the Dudleyz since ECW and I ain't never seen them warring like this. But it's gonna be somethin', Bubba and D-Von for the Hardcore Title at Bad Blood!

Cole: Stay tuned to WWE programming for more news on Bad Blood!


After the history between Shelton Benjamin, Kanyon and John Cena was shown, we returned to the arena where Kanyon's music was playing and the fans were booing as Kanyon made his way out for a shot at John Cena's WWE United States Championship. Kanyon was wearing new wrestling tights and he got into the ring and posed, and then Shelton Benjamin's music hit in the arena and Shelton came out with his agent, James E. Cornette. Benjamin was wearing new bright red ring attire and Cornette had a matching tracksuit which he wore as he followed Shelton to the ring, waving his tennis racket about. Cornette stood at ringside as Benjamin got into the ring and then "Basic Thuganomics" hit in the arena and the WWE United States Champion John Cena came out to a huge ovation. Cena was wearing a basketball jersey with the US Title belt around his waist and he had a microphone and rapped his way to the ring.

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

Damn, you two are goin' for my belt?

Well, okay, but you gonna feel more pain than you ever felt,

I don' think what you realize you gettin' into,

Kanyon - the Judgment Day MVP? Naw, that's gonna be the Doctor, not you!

And Shelton - you gonna take me out with that racket?

Naw, you lose one more match and Corny's leavin' in a straightjacket,

You better recognize you two dealin' with a legend,

And tonight, all yo' dreams of winnin the belt are gonna end,

John Cena the Champ of the States, you better not diss

Tonight, I retain again - 'cause you can't see this!

John Cena took off his throwback and immediately laid into Shelton Benjamin to start the US Title match!

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs Kanyon vs John Cena©

John Cena was hitting Benjamin with right hands in the corner and Kanyon pulled Cena off of Benjamin and Kanyon threw John Cena into the opposite corner and chopped him in the chest before whipping Cena toward Shelton Benjamin, who knocked Cena down with a clothesline. Shelton and Kanyon joined hands and clotheslined John Cena out of the ring and the fans booed Kanyon and Benjamin but then they broke the link and stared each other down. Shelton and Kanyon then went at it until Cena got back into the ring and took everyone down. The match continued this way with Benjamin and Kanyon occasionally teaming up against Cena and then going at it, and Cena taking advantage of the hatred between Chris Kanyon and Shelton Benjamin. All three participants looked like they had the match won on several occasions in the fifteen minutes the match lasted, as John Cena hit Kanyon with the F-U, Kanyon hit Shelton with the Flatliner, and Shelton hit Cena with the Dragon Whip but thanks to either the third man, or Jim Cornette, the match didn't end on any of these occasions. The match ended when John Cena nailed Kanyon with the F-U but Kanyon hit the referee as he was coming down and John Cena covered, but there was no count. Shelton Benjamin pulled himself up as he had been sitting dazed in the corner, and Jim Cornette laughed at John Cena and Cena got pissed off and grabbed Cornette, pulling him up on the apron. Cornette screamed like a girl and dropped his tennis racket on the apron and kicked it in Shelton Benjamin's way...Cena didn't notice and he told Cornette never to do that again and dropped him, but then turned around right into a tennis racket shot from Shelton Benjamin! Cena went right down to the mat and Shelton tossed the evidence of cheating out of the ring and covered, and the referee counted one, two, three to give us a new United States Champion! (Q84, C81, O82)

Winner and NEW United States Champion - Shelton Benjamin (15:12)

Shelton Benjamin's music played in the arena and Jim Cornette ripped the title out of the timekeepers hands and Shelton got out of the ring and jumped around like crazy after winning the title. Cornette gave Shelton his belt and he was ecstatic after winning his first singles title in WWE. John Cena and Kanyon were both getting up in the ring and they both looked pissed, Cena the more so. The fans booed as Cornette and Benjamin went up the ramp, holding the title, as we went backstage.

Billy Gunn was walking along the backstage area in a t-shirt and his wrestling tights, and major heat was heard for the artist formerly known as Mr. Ass. Gunn had a very smug grin on his face and he stopped at a door - a door bearing a sign reading "SMACKDOWN! GENERAL MANAGER." Gunn knocked on the door then entered - what could Billy Gunn want with the new SmackDown! General Manager Hulk Hogan?

The history of the bout between Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy played and then we returned to the Staples Center where Jeff Hardy's music hit and the fans, particularly the women, went absolutely nuts as Hardy walked out in the luminous paint for his shot at the Cruiserweight Championship and his longtime rival, Shannon Moore. Hardy ran to the ring and did some posing as his music faded into that of the Suicide Blondes, and the fans booed as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Shannon Moore made his entrance. Moore was wearing bermudas, a flowery t-shirt and a surf necklace and he had the belt over his shoulder and he walked to the ring, and when he got into the ring he took his shirt off and stared down Jeff Hardy. Moore took his belt off and shoved it in Hardy's face and Jeff Hardy came back with a right hand and Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore went right at it to start this match!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore©

Moore and Hardy slugged it out with rights and lefts to each other and then Shannon Moore threw Hardy across the ring but Hardy came back with an elbow and then got on the floor and laid into his former friend with punches to the head. This match seemed to have disintegrated into a brawl already but over nineteen minutes it evolved and both men used their specialties: amazing aerial high-flying moves. Both took risks and both crashed and burned on several occasions, but they also nearly got the victory on several occasions too. The match ended at nineteen minutes when Jeff hit Shannon with the Twist of Fate and covered but Spanky came through the crowd and put Shannon's foot on the bottom rope. The fans booed Spanky as the ref got up on the apron and shouted at Spanky, who distracted the ref until Shannon got a low blow on Jeff and rolled him up with the School Boy as the ref turned and counted one, two, three. (Q95, C81, O88)

Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion - Shannon Moore (19:43)

The Suicide Blondes' theme hit in the arena again and Shannon scarpered out of the ring immediately as he was announced the winner and still the Cruiserweight Champion by Tony Chimel. Shannon grabbed his belt and backed up the ramp with Spanky, and Jeff Hardy shouted at Shannon and Spanky as they backed up the ramp. We went back to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Damn! Shannon Moore retains the title thanks to some help from Spanky!

Tazz: Calm it down Cole, you know what's comin' next!

Cole: Oh yes. Coming up next ladies and gentlemen, it's the Main Event of Judgment Day. Six men step into the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship...

Tazz: This is gonna be sick...

Cole: No, it's not gonna be for the weak at heart. Here's how this one came about!

After the history between Brock Lesnar and Edge, Kurt Angle and Goldberg, and Eddie Guerrero and Billy Gunn and how they all came together to form this match, the Main Event played, we returned to the Staples Center where the steel structure of the Elimination Chamber had been lowered and the fans were going nuts. Tony Chimel was in the ring and as the fans calmed down, the SmackDown! ring announcer spoke.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Main Event of Judgment Day, it is the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship! Now in this contest, two men will start the match and one will enter at random from their chamber every five minutes until all six participants have entered. Elimination occurs by pinfall or submission and the match will continue until there is one, and that man will be crowned the WWE Champion!

"Next Big Thing" hit in the arena and the fans booed as Brock Lesnar came from behind the curtain, jumping. Lesnar walked to the ring and the fans hung over the barricade, slapping Brock on the back. Lesnar got into the ring and stared, looking almost fearful, at the ominous structure and then he was directed to his chamber by referee Nick Patrick. Lesnar took in his surroundings and then "I've Got It All" hit in the arena and Lesnar's boos increased as Billy Gunn came out. Gunn pointed around the arena and motioned that the fans could kiss his ass and then he walked to the ring and walked into the steel structure. Gunn looked around the Elimination Chamber structure and then was directed to his chamber, directly opposite Brock Lesnar. Billy grinned at Lesnar but Brock didn't return the smile as Goldberg's music hit and the fans cheered as Goldberg, the only man in the match to have competed in the Elimination Chamber before, came out. Goldberg walked through the pyro and then kicked and punched to set off more fireworks and then he walked to the ring and got into his chamber. "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal" then hit in the Staples Center and a lowrider drove out and the fans were going nuts for the WWE Champion. Eddie jumped out of the car and started waving his title about and posing and then he got into the ring and gave his belt to the referee and got into the last remaining chamber. Eddie closed the door and then Tony Chimel said the next two entrants would be starting this match, and "Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie hit in the arena and smoke filled the ramp as Edge came out. The fans cheered Edge on as he ran into the chamber as his music faded soon after it had begun, and then "Medal" hit and Kurt Angle came out to boos. Angle raised his arms to set off his pyro and then Kurt Angle got into the ring and began warming up. Angle's music faded and we got an overhead view of the Elimination Chamber with all six participants in and the fans were cheering, and then the bell rang to start this match.

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Billy Gunn vs Edge vs Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero©

Kurt Angle and Edge locked up and Angle backed Edge in the corner but Edge turned Angle around and hit him with a kick to the midsection and right hands. Angle ducked a right from Edge and took Edge down and then he stomped away on Edge, who saved himself by rolling under the bottom rope onto the steel. Edge writhed in pain and muttered something about the steel being cold and then Kurt Angle went to the outside of the ring and tried to grate Edge's head on the steel, but Edge got a foot between Kurt Angle's legs and then got up and threw Kurt Angle into the steel chains that linked the walls of the chamber together. Angle was dazed and Edge clotheslined him back into the ring and then Edge irish whipped Kurt across the ring but Kurt clotheslined Edge down. Kurt talked trash to Edge, asking if he wanted his head grated on the steel now and Angle grabbed Edge by the hair and began grating his face on the steel chain links. Kurt flipped off Goldberg as he passed Goldberg's chamber and Bill Goldberg smiled, knowing he'd have some of Kurt Angle later on and a small "Goldberg" chant began but faded quickly as Kurt Angle told the crowd to shut up and began working on Edge. Angle went for the Ankle Lock but Edge turned around and kicked Angle away and Kurt Angle fell out of the ring onto the steel and Kurt Angle looked like he had hurt himself on the steel and both Kurt Angle and Edge were recuperating as the countdown began to signify the end of the five minutes...TEN...NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN...SIX...FIVE...both Edge and Angle were slowly pulling themselves up...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE...the lights dimmed and spotlights flashed on the four chambers and then stopped on one, and the door opened and Brock Lesnar got out of the chamber. The fans booed heavily as Lesnar walked over to Edge's groggy self. Edge was pulling himself up and he saw Brock Lesnar and went for some punches to the chest, but Brock Lesnar smiled and grabbed Edge and picked him up, and looked like he was about to go for a Scoop Slam but dropped Edge on his knees, and Edge writhed around in pain as Lesnar stalked Edge and dropped him with a massive clothesline. Brock Lesnar told Edge, "I'll have more of you later" and got out of the ring and grabbed Kurt Angle by the neck, and threw him into the chains and Angle's momentum forced him to fall back into the ring. Kurt was beginning to bleed and Brock, who had been teaming with Angle as recently as the last week's SmackDown! showed that he didn't care about friends as he smashed Angle's head into the turnbuckle. Lesnar dropped Kurt Angle and then he scooped Edge up and lifted him into position for the F5, but Kurt Angle went for Brock Lesnar's legs and put him in the Ankle Lock! Brock screamed and tried to get to the ropes and then Lesnar got to the ropes, but Kurt pulled him away and Nick Patrick said there was nothing he could do as there were no disqualifications, and Kurt looked like he could do this for hours until Brock Lesnar tapped out, but out of nowhere came Edge with the Spear on Kurt Angle! Edge covered Kurt...ONE...TWO...Brock Lesnar pulled Edge off of Kurt Angle! The referee asked Brock Lesnar what he was doing and Lesnar ignored Nick Patrick and shouted at Edge that he wasn't pinning anybody and dropped Edge with a DDT. The arrogant Lesnar stood in the middle of the ring and the ten second countdown began again...TEN...NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN...SIX...FIVE...Kurt Angle and Edge weren't getting up as Brock Lesnar stood tall in the ring...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE...the lights dimmed and flashed again and then Eddie Guerrero's chamber was opened and the WWE Champion came out. Eddie stared down Lesnar and these two still had unfinished business from such dates as No Way Out...Eddie went at it with Brock Lesnar and the bigger Brock got the advantage and went for an irish whip across the ring, but Eddie reversed it and Brock fell out of the ring onto the steel and then Eddie flipped over the ropes onto the prone body of Brock Lesnar, crushing Lesnar into the steel. Eddie got up and pounded his chest and shouted in Spanish, but Kurt Angle was up and he grabbed Eddie and hit him with an Angle Slam back into the ring with huge impact. Kurt Angle was really bleeding profusely now and he was still dazed and he pulled the straps down and put the Ankle Lock on Eddie Guerrero. Brock Lesnar pulled himself up and he was coughing up something...blood? Yes it was, and it dribbled down Lesnar's chin as he stomped away on Eddie Guerrero as Kurt wouldn't let go of the Ankle Lock...but out of nowhere, Edge nailed a huge Spear on Brock Lesnar and pinned Brock...ONE! TWO! THREE! Brock Lesnar got eliminated by Edge! Edge blew hair out of his face and raised his arms as meanwhile, Eddie turned and kicked Kurt Angle away. Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle brawled but that went unnoticed as an "Edge" chant started and Edge took time out to stand on the second rope and raise his arms, and Brock Lesnar was up and he was going crazy about being eliminated! Brock kicked the turnbuckles and the ropes and Nick Patrick tried to get Lesnar out of the ring but Lesnar shoved him away and as Edge came down, Brock kneed Edge in the gut three times, then tore the turnbuckle pad off and slammed Edge's face down on it to seemingly break Edge's nose as it started bleeding profusely. Lesnar did this four times even after Edge started bleeding and then Brock picked Edge up onto his shoulders...F5! Brock Lesnar was laughing and then he went to the back as officials opened the door for him, and on the steel on the outside, Kurt Angle had Eddie Guerrero and he nailed Eddie with a Belly to Belly Suplex through the glass of a chamber! The fans were chanting "holy shit" as Angle got back into the ring and saw that Edge was out cold and Kurt Angle covered Edge: one, two, three. The fans booed as officials pulled Edge out of the ring and opened the door of the structure to take Edge to the back, and as Kurt Angle dropped down out of fatigue into the corner, the countdown started again...TEN...NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN...SIX...FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE...the lights dimmed and flashed yet again and then the door of Billy Gunn's chamber opened and Gunn came out to major heat. So, only Goldberg was left in his chamber and Billy Gunn got into the ring, and he looked nervous as he looked around the chamber and then Kurt Angle pulled himself up and Kurt Angle and Billy Gunn had a staredown, and then they both turned and looked at Eddie Guerrero, who was finally pulling himself up after being thrown through the glass and Angle and Gunn got out of the ring and Billy Gunn grated Eddie's face on the steel as Kurt punched Eddie in the gut continuously. Gunn stopped and dropped Eddie onto the steel floor as the blood began to flow, and Kurt was still on his knees from punching Eddie in the gut, and Billy Gunn took advantage and nailed Kurt with the Fame Asser onto the steel! Kurt's blood was now dripping onto and through the steel grate and Billy Gunn smiled arrogantly and then he threw Eddie into the ring and got him in the corner and hit him with some hard chops before whipping him into the other corner and hitting him with a clothesline. Eddie stood, dazed and Billy Gunn went to charge at Eddie, and Eddie moved out of the way and Gunn hit the turnbuckle (which was the one Brock Lesnar had torn the pad off earlier in the match) with big impact and then Eddie rolled Billy Gunn up...ONE! TWO! Billy Gunn kicked out. Eddie dropped to his knees and grabbed a large plate of glass which had been left intact, but fell out when Eddie was driven through the chamber, and Eddie stood up and threw it and Gunn caught it, before Eddie dropkicked it right into Billy Gunn's face! Gunn was stunned and he dropped right down and had chunks of glass in his face and blood was now flowing steadily down his face. Kurt Angle seemed to have recovered and he got into the ring and Angle and Eddie Guerrero exchanged punches. These two groggy men were almost falling over as they hit each other with lefts and rights but Kurt Angle got a sudden burst of energy and went for the Angle Slam, but Eddie reversed it and hit Kurt with a German Suplex and then Eddie climbed to the top rope, pounded his chest and nailed Kurt Angle with the Frog Splash! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Kurt Angle kicked out milliseconds before the three, and Eddie slapped the mat in exasperation and disgust and fell back down onto the mat, and then the count started again and the fans knew who was coming and chanted along with the count. GOLD-BERG! GOLD-BERG! GOLD-BERG! GOLD-BERG! GOLD-BERG! The chamber opened and out came Bill Goldberg, and he knocked down Billy Gunn with a clothesline and as Kurt Angle pulled himself up, Goldberg nailed him with a Powerslam. Billy Gunn got up again and Goldberg kicked him in the face, probably pushing the shards of glass further in, and then Kurt Angle got nailed with a Spinebuster. Angle and Gunn were now slowly getting up and Goldberg knocked their heads together and they both fell down, and then Eddie Guerrero got up and Goldberg stopped in his tracks and time seemed to stop as Goldberg and Eddie Guerrero stared down. Half the arena was chanting "Goldberg" and half the arena was chanting "Eddie" and they turned, then turned back and went straight at it! The two exchanged punches and Eddie punched Goldberg back into the ropes, then whipped him across the ring but Goldberg came back to knock Eddie down with a clothesline. Eddie slowly got up and Goldberg screamed and it appeared he was poised and ready for the Spear...Goldberg rushed at Eddie but Eddie moved out of the way and Goldberg just turned and nailed Eddie Guerrero with another massive clothesline! Eddie went right down but Kurt Angle snuck up behind Goldberg...low blow! Goldberg hopped about in agony and Billy Gunn stalked Goldberg...One and Only! Cover...ONE! TWO! THREE! Goldberg eliminated, and Goldberg's momentum carried him right out of the Elimination Chamber! Goldberg growled and he looked ready to kill but officials pulled Goldberg out of the ring and he fought, but backup came down and Goldberg was taken to the back, kicking and screaming and the final three in the Elimination Chamber were Eddie Guerrero, Billy Gunn and Kurt Angle. All three men were pulling themselves up, all three men were bleeding profusely, and all three men had shown they would stop at nothing to win the WWE Championship. Kurt Angle grabbed Eddie by the hair and pulled him up and Eddie hit Kurt with some punches to the gut but Kurt hit Eddie with a Belly to Belly Slam. Billy Gunn crawled over and covered but Eddie kicked out at two, and then Gunn pulled up Eddie by the hair and propped him up against the ropes and Kurt Angle joined hands with Billy Gunn and they went for the double clothesline, but Eddie ducked and clotheslined both men over the top rope and then he hit Billy Gunn with a ninety degree Springboard Leg Drop onto the steel. An "Eddie" chant began and Eddie threw Kurt Angle into the ring as Billy Gunn crawled around in pain on the outside. Eddie tried to wipe some blood off of his head but it didn't really make a difference as Eddie pulled Kurt up and propped him up in the corner, before nailing some chops and shouting in Spanish again. Eddie went over to the opposite side of the ring and went for a Godfather-esque clothesline into the corner but Kurt moved out of the way and Eddie ran full force into the turnbuckles, and then Angle took advantage and went for the Angle Slam...Eddie dropped out of the move and rolled up Kurt Angle again...ONE! TWO! THREE! This time the rollup worked, and Kurt Angle got eliminated! We were down to Eddie Guerrero and Billy Gunn as the final two in the Elimination Chamber! The fans cheered as Billy Gunn got into the ring, and through all the blood and glass, he was still smiling. Eddie stood in the middle of the ring and waited for Billy Gunn, who took a while to stumble across the ring. When he stood next to Eddie, he stood upright and didn't show any signs of weakness, and Eddie shoved Gunn and stepped back and pounded his chest, shouting at Gunn to bring it on. Eddie stepped right up to Billy Gunn again and they talked trash to each other and then Gunn hit Eddie with a knee to the gut and then he took Eddie down into a submission maneuver, tearing Eddie's neck and shoulder further away from each other. Eddie started screaming and it looked like he hadn't really expected Billy to do this out of nowhere and he struggled to get to the ropes, which wouldn't have helped him anyway. Eddie gave up reaching and slowly tried to stand up and hit Billy with some elbows to the gut, causing him to finally break the hold and then Eddie came off the ropes and leaped onto Gunn with a big Hurracanrana. Gunn landed awkwardly and bounced off the ropes and as Michael Cole made some vague reference to the door of the structure being left open and unnoiced by officials, Eddie tried to lock on the same submission hold Gunn had used earlier but Billy Gunn reversed it into a backbreaker, and then he made fun of Eddie, pounding his chest and shouting some fake foreign words. Billy grabbed Eddie and tossed him to the outside and then he got him in position for a Piledriver, but Eddie reversed it and flipped Gunn over his head, and Billy Gunn rolled around the steel floor in agony. Eddie stomped away on Gunn and Billy rolled into the ring and then Eddie noticed just how beautifully positioned Billy Gunn was and he climbed to the top rope...Frog Splash connecting! It was surely over, the fans in the arena, were cheering, Eddie lay on top of Billy Gunn...ONE! TWO! THR-WHAT THE HELL? SmackDown! General Manager Hulk Hogan was in the ring, and he pulled Eddie right off of BIlly Gunn! Eddie stood up and was stunned for a few seconds and just stood motionless, and Hogan took advantage and picked up a steel chair he had brought into the ring with him and nailed Eddie with a hard chairshot to the head. The heat was deafening in the arena as Hogan nailed Eddie with the Leg Drop and then Billy Gunn got up and shook hands with Hogan! Gunn and Hogan embraced and Eddie pulled himself up...Fame Asser! Gunn covered...oh god, no...ONE! TWO! THREE! New WWE Champion! (O79, C81, O77)

Winner and NEW WWE Champion - Billy Gunn (41:01)

"I've Got It All" hit in the arena and Billy Gunn got off of Eddie and he had his hand raised by Hulk Hogan, and was then givenb the belt. Hogan left the structure of the Elimination Chamber and backed up the ramp, and Billy Gunn soon followed and Hogan clapped as the new WWE Champion held his title belt high. The boos in the arena were all-consuming, deafening as Michael Cole and Tazz tried to speak over them.

Cole: This is sickening...Billy Gunn is the WWE Champion, thanks to Hulk Hogan!

Tazz: I dunno what's goin' on Cole...what's the relationship between Gunn and our new SmackDown! General Manager?

Cole: Less than a week into the job, Hulk Hogan has already influenced SmackDown! for the worse. And I just can't wait for Hogan and Billy Gunn to get their comeuppance! They'll get their comeuppance dammit! And that's all we've got time for tonight, we'll see you next Thursday on SmackDown! with a new WWE Champion!

Quick Match Results:

Tag Titles: Too Cool def. Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo to win the titles

Cruiserweight Open: Ultimo Dragon won the Cruiserweight Open to become #1 contender

ECW Rules: Rob Van Dam def. Rhyno

US Title: Shelton Benjamin def. John Cena and Kanyon to win the title

Cruiserweight Title: Shannon Moore def. Jeff Hardy to retain

WWE Title: Billy Gunn won the Elimination Chamber to win the title

Overall Rating: 85%

Buy Rate: 1.83

Attendance: 20, 238

PPV Revenue: $4, 575, 000

Ticket Sales: $1, 214, 280

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