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1. Look in bowl on the desk for the thin ring

2. Open the yellow curtain and take the key thats sitting on the bottom of the window.

3. Open and close the yellow curtain about 5 times or so until the screen shifts to the floor and get the other ring.

4. Look at the bed. Click the pillow so that it lifts up to get another key.

5. While the pillow is floating, click on the line where the mattress meets the yellow to get the metal rod.

6. Go to the blank wall and click on the floor at the bottom left. you must click on the purple part.This gets you the battery.

7. Use the keys that fit with the locked yellow drawers to get electric cord and red box.

8. Select the power cord and click on the cd player on the desk.

9. click the power button, open disk slot and take out key.

10. Click on the shadow under the yellow desk to ficd cassette.

11. Select red box and put the two rings and the metal rods into their respective holes.

12. Open box and insert battery and cassette. click on the screen on the bow to view a movie.

13. When the guy points to the "+" keep the mouse there until the movie ends. Once its over click on the spot on the wall 3 times.

14. Click square on wall 2 open up the safe.

15. Click until 1994 is displayed and use the key in the keyhole to open safe.

16. take screw driver and click on the door knob until you see a side view of it.

17. use screw driver on knob.. yay u won...

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Guest TheKarnivalShow

I have seen that game before and it would have been pretty challenging for me if the person that showed it to me stopped IMing me every second telling me what to do, I hate that bitch.

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I've done the Crimson Room before, but I got stuck in the Viridian Room. I got most of the things I need, I think, but there doesn't seem to much further for me to go. I'd like to see Tristy try the second one, see where he gets to.

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