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(TEW) Can the WWF withstand THE ORACLE?!? (PT. 2)


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OOC: My original purpose for this diary was to focus on the next generation of WWF Superstars, with 5 "focal points of the future", Angel Reaper (my e-fed creation), American Dragon, Austin Lee, Chad Collyer & Erin Bray. When I originally started the game it was July of 2002 in real life, and I had no clue who any of those people were, but I've come to know and appreciate Dragon and Collyer's work, and learned that Erin Bray is a sexy woman :shifty: Anyway, in addition to them I added Spanky, joshi superstar Ayako Hamada and a few others in the second try which began last March. I also went about creating my own competition in We Hate Vince Wrestling or WHVW. This organization would play a MAJOR role in the first portion of this diary as would Ring of Honor & NWA:TNA, my primary competition in the earlygoing.

However, with the advent of TEW we're going to assume WHVW went bankrupt. Anyone who doesn't work for me most likely won't be referenced aside from TNA's major title changes. Well that's enough about the how's and why's, here's what happened so far in the game (this is as spoiler free as possible). . .


* American Dragon began his run to the WWF Rookie of the Year by defeating Hardcore Holly on the same show that Ayako Hamada made her debut, permanently changing the face of the Women's division for the better. The Big Show went about re-establishing himself as one of the most dominant athletes in the industry, while Lance Storm declared himself the best TECHNICAL wrestler in the world.

* A horny Rob Van Dam hooked up with Ms. Hancock as his new executive consultant midway through the month because she wore a tight miniskirt.

* The Oracle made his debut by revealing what seemed to be inside info to The Perfect Event before hacking into the WWF website a couple of days! Al Snow was adbducted, leading to heavy speculation that Jamie Noble was behind it. Victoria also received advice from The Oracle which led to the infamous hair-tearing incident with Lita! The Oracle then showed a completely ruthless side, as well as an affinity of getting involved by personally breaking John Zandig's arm. "The Cult" officially formed on 8/19 as Noble, Snow & Victoria pledged their allegiance to The Oracle, and Prototype joined up with them following SummerSlam. The gargantuan Big Show was inducted into the group after completely destroying Hulk Hogan on the last show of the month.


* Spanky 'Da Godfatha' Maritato was "born" on the September 5th SmackDown!

* Commissioner Shawn Michaels defeated Steve Austin and retired him . . . for about a day as he signed a new contract with The Oracle!

* Hogan was released after being buried, which caused Shawn Michaels to issue an open plea to the lockerroom. Whoever could stop The Oracle would receive a heavily incentive laden contract. The Oracle responded with a not so veiled threat that anyone who opposed him would meet a similar fate as those of Zandig and Hogan. Hardcore Holly did not listen and suffered a broken neck for it as The Oracle piledrove him from the top rope! The Hurricane was also victimized by The Cult as his mask and cape were taken as trinkets of another gang beating. Raven joined the group when he was part of a "hit" on the Undertaker who had had some issues with Big Show & Prototype.


* Al Snow started a bit of a losing streak, making him the only member of the Cult to struggle in the ring at this time.

* Raven unsuccessfully tried to light Nick Mondo on fire, leading to a breathtaking Inferno match with the Undertaker at the monthly PPV. The feud also contained a kidnapping of Precious Lucy (Raven's girlfriend at the time) and a humiliating moment for Rhyno, all on the same show that Raven and 'Taker fought in the parking lot.

* NO MERCY 2002: THE FIRE BURNS WITHIN was one of the best shows I've ever written (so go read it). . . Undertaker was released after suffering numerous injuries.

* A wrestling megastar debuted on the Halloween edition of SmackDown!


* Jeff Hardy went to drug rehab while Kevin Nash, Kane, Undertaker & Crash holly headed to WHVW.

* Prototype was dumped from the Cult after a couple of misunderstandings with Noble.

* 'Sick' Nick Mondo embarked on a lengthy Hardcore Title stint on the 11th of the month, ending Prototype's 2nd reign.

* Dancin' Stevie Richards & 'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida debuted on the 4th. Yoshida later ended up making history when she became the first woman ever to beat a man when she pinned future IC champion Edge to win her team's match at the SURVIVOR SERIES!

* Stephanie McMahon becomes the NEW Commissioner when HBK returns to active duty!

* The SURVIVOR SERIES has tons of surprises, the most significant occurs in a stellar Austin/Rock World Title Match in the Main Event.

* The Oracle is revealed the night after the PPV in a move I hotshotted because people felt it dragged out too long. The initial plans were to either reveal at WM XIX or never reveal at all, and just have the character operate as a deus ex machina device. I still think I pulled it off, and I think the WM XIX angle I came up with instead will help carry the next 6 months or so when I get to it.

* The King of the Ring PPV is killed off, and replaced with the KINGS & QUEENS tournaments, which was intended as a way to push someone in a huge way over time, rather than immediately since the finals would go down at WM XIX for the men, and the RAW before for the women.


* I reshuffled a lot of talent, which doesn't matter now since TEW won't recognize the game I had at the end of the month anyway :grumble:

* The Second City Saints debuted early in the month, instantly becoming stars.

* The Rock & Jericho start a feud that would be a major issue until February. Stephanie screws the Rock over at the PPV, thus protecting her man yet again.

* The PPV Main Event launches a new star!


* Do yourself a favor and check out the year end awards. A lot of info is there if you just want to skim the 2002 events. It's round post 275 or so in the thread.

* The January 12th Heat features nothing but females in action with the exception of a KINGS match between Jamie Noble & Rob Conway. Japanese sensation Ai Fujita debuted on the show. It's a good read, so check it out.

* Victoria finally succumbs to budding star 'Lethal' Lisa Kowalski, on January 6th, making her the first person to hold the Women's title in 4 months. HBK & Angle have a classic 'Best of 3 Falls Match'.

* The ROYAL RUMBLE completely owns your soul, and is a must read :shifty: I can't say much more without spoiling tons of subsequent storylines/matches.


* Most of the month is devoted to building up to the NO WAY OUT PPV & WM XIX.

* A few more big surprises go down at the PPV, leading to Stephanie's dismissal of one of her most important underlings. The shockwaves from this decision will lead to a major storyline beginning shortly.


Rosters, title histories, etc will follow in the next 24 hours. I just put this up so people could go into this segment with an idea of what happened and/or go read the first thread.

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I usually wouldn't bother posting this, but I'm assuming some people might jump in now and not understand where someone (insert active WWE worker) is, and just wanted to inform people who is currently under contract. I have issued a dozen or so offers to talents outside of this group, and will most likely cut as many people following WM XIX.


* denotes heel

^ denotes tweener

(f) denotes female


UNDISPUTED - 'The Canadian Superstar' Lance Storm* (ME)


EUROPEAN - 'Sugar' Shane Helms* (UMC)

CRUISERWEIGHT - 'Phenomenal' AJ Styles* (MID)

HARDCORE - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin^ (ME)

WOMEN'S - 'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida* (MID)

WORLD TAG - CM Punk* (MID) & Colt Cabana* (MID)


Kurt Angle*

Raven* (until WM XIX)

Rock - former Undisputed champ

Shawn Michaels



American Dragon - former Euro & CW champ

Big Show*

Brock Lesnar*

Chris Benoit* - former IC champ

Chris Jericho*

Prototype (John Cena) - former 2x Hardcore champ

Rob Van Dam - former IC champ, 2003 Royal Rumble winner


Al Snow

Austin Lee - former World Tag champ

Ayako Hamada (f)

Charisma Gunn (f)

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero Jr.* - former Euro champ

Chris Harris

Christian* - former Euro champ

'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels*

Chuck Palumbo*

Eddie Guerrero*

Erin Bray - former World Tag champ

James Storm

Jamie Noble - former CW champ

Jeff Hardy - former Euro champ

Leviathan* (Batista)

'Lethal' Lisa Kowalski (f) - former Women's champ

Lita (f)

Little Guido (Nunzio)

Matt Hardy


Molly Holly* (f)

'Nightmare' Nick Dinsmore* - former World Tag champ

'Sick' Nick Mondo - former Hardcore champ

Paul London

Randy Orton

'Ravishing' Rene Dupree*

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rob Conway* - former World Tag champ

Sean O'Haire*

Shawn Stasiak*

Shelton Benjamin - former Hardcore champ

Simon Diamond*

Spanky 'Da Godfatha' Maritato

Steve Corino

'Dancin' Stevie Richards*



Trish Stratus (f) - former Women's champ

Victoria* (f) - former Women's champ


Ai Fujita (f)

Alexis Laree (f)

Chris Hero


Derrick King*

'The Japanese Nature Boy' Dick Togo

'The Machine' Doug Basham*



Jason Lee*

John Hennigan

Kumiko Indohara* (f)

Mark Jindrak*

Matt Cappotelli


Phoenix* (f)

Precious Lucy* (f)

'The Black Nature Boy' Scoot Andrews*

Skyler 'The Skyscraper' Stevens (f)

Taylor Matheny (f)

Tony Mamaluke*

Vinny Two Times


Erica Porter (f)

Gail Kim (f)


Katie Dutton (f)

OVW (not sure whethere they're faces or heels yet)

Air Paris

Allison Danger* (f)

Angel Williams (f)

Bailey Mannix

Charlotte Guerrera (f)

Cheerleader Melissa (f)


Danny Scott

Derek Wylde

Greg Pawluk

Hade Vansen

Jade (f)

Mark Magnus

Michael Shane


Sara Del Ray (f)

Trinity (f)


Alicia Webb (f) - America's Most Wanted (Harris & J. Storm)

Daffney* (f) - Second City Saints (Punk & Cabana)

Dawn Marie* (f) - Suicide Blondes (King & J. Lee), Simon Diamond, Tony Mamaluke

Francine* (f) - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

James Mitchell* - Lords of the Ring (Dinsmore & Conway)

Miss Hancock (f) - Rob Van Dam

Oxymoron* - Orient Express (Tajiri & TAKA), CIMA, Funaki, Kumiko Indohara, Mariko Yoshida

Paul Heyman* - Natural Born Thrillers (Jindrak & O'Haire), Big Show

Raven* - Leviathan (?)


Stephanie McMahon*(f)

Tracy Brooks* (f)

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____K. Angle____


_____Funaki_____/              \

                      01/30      \_____Guido____

_____TAKA_______                /              \

                 \____Guido_____/                \

_____Guido______/                                \


____A. Lee______                                  /

                 \____A. Lee____                  /

____Nowinski____/              \                /

                      01/30      \____Eddie_____/

__E. Guerrero___                /


____J. Storm____/



_____Bull_______/               \

                      02/02       \____Noble______

____Noble_______                 /               \

                 \_____Noble_____/                 \

____Conway______/                                  \


____CM Punk_____                                    /

                 \_____Punk______                   /

____Ruckus______/               \                 /

                      02/03       \_____Punk______/

______RVD_______                 /





_____Jamal_____/               \

                      02/06      \____Styles____

_____Snow_______                /              \

                 \____Styles____/                \

___AJ Styles____/                                \


____Palumbo____                                   /

                 \____Palumbo___                  /

_____Nova_______/              \                /

                      02/06      \____Corino____/

___Mysterio_____                /





___Cappotelli___/               \

                       02/09      \___Prototype___

___Prototype____                 /               \

                 \___Prototype___/                 \

_____Vinny______/                                  \


____Goldust_____                                    /

                 \___Dinsmore____                   /

____Dinsmore____/               \                 /

                      02/10       \____Lesnar_____/

_____Lesnar_____                 /





____Rosey______/               \

                      02/13      \_____Rock_____

____Tajiri______                /              \

                 \____Orton_____/                \

____Orton_______/                                \


____O'Haire_____                                  /

                 \____O'Haire___                  /

____Jindrak_____/              \                /

                       02/13     \___O'Haire____/

_____Reaper_____                /



____L. Storm____


____Richards____/               \

                       02/17      \____Maven**_____

_____Helms______                 /               \

                 \_____Maven_____/                 \

_____Maven______/                                  \


_____Regal______                                    /

                 \_____Regal_____                   /

____Benjamin____/               \                 /

                       02/20      \_____Spanky_____/

_____Raven______                 /





____London_____/               \

                      02/20      \____Dragon____

_____Rhyno______                /              \

                 \____Dragon____/                \

____Dragon______/                                \


___M. Hardy_____                                  /

                 \____Daniels___                  /

____Daniels_____/              \                /

                       02/23     \__Christian___/

___Christian____                /





____E. Angle_____/              \

                       02/24      \____Show______

_____Haas_______                 /               \

                 \______Haas_____/                 \

_____Disco______/                                   \


___Leviathan____                                    /

                 \___Leviathan___                   /

____Leppard_____/               \                 /

                       02/27      \___Leviathan___/

_____Sting______                 /



* Austin replaced Lance Storm in the draw after losing the Undisputed Title to him.

** Maven defeated Austin via forfeit, but later solidified his spot by pinning Christopher Nowinski in an impromptu match for the spot.

Edited by naiwf
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____Melissa_____/              \

                      01/30      \____Hamada____

___Jacqueline___                /              \

                 \____Dutton____/                \

____Dutton______/                                \


_____Gayda______                                  /

                 \___Matheny____                  /

____Matheny_____/              \                /

                      02/02      \___Guerrera___/

____Yoshida_____                /





_____Jade_______/               \

                       02/06      \____Phoenix____

____Stevens_____                 /               \

                 \____Phoenix___/                  \

____Phoenix_____/                                  \


______Lucy______                                    /

                 \______Lucy_____                   /

____Guerrera____/               \                 /

                       02/09      \_____Porter____/

_____Gunn_______                 /





_____Lacey______/              \

                       02/13     \____Molly____

____Trinity______               /              \

                  \___Trinity___/                \

_____Kim________/                                \


_____Easter_____                                   /

                 \____Brooks____                   /

_____Brooks_____/              \                /

                      02/17      \____Ariel____/

_____Ivory______                /





_____Fyfe______/               \

                       02/20     \_____Laree_____

_____Laree______                /               \

                 \_____Laree____/                 \

___Indohara____/                                   \


______Jazz______                                    /

                 \____Fujita**___                   /

____Valentina___/               \                 /

                      02/24       \____Victoria___/

____Kowalski____                 /



* Victoria lost the Women's Title to Kowalski on 1/6 and took her spot in the tourney as per the original rules

** Jazz broke her leg on 1/12 and was replaced by Ai Fujita

*** Yoshida won the Women's Title from Kowalski at the Royal Rumble, injuring her in the process, so Charlotte Guerrera moves into the vacated spot

Edited by naiwf
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OOC: I'm just reposting the last two shows I did because I don't know if anyone saw them. There are no ratings for this show. Ratings and more detailed reports will be back by Sunday's Heat (the first show in TEW). Thanks for reading this barebones entry.

RAW 2/24/03

1 - Sting p. Chris Benoit, Big Show runs in and attacks Sting afterwards, setting up a match between Show & Sting at WM XIX!

2 - Oxymoron w/Mariko Yoshida int (Hamada/WM XIX match)

3 - Erica Porter p. Charisma Gunn

4 - Orient Express def. America's Most Wanted (TAKA p. J. Storm) after interference by the Lords of the Ring

5 - Second City Saints int (WM 3 way)

6 - 'Ravishing' Rene Dupree p. Al Snow

7 - Youth Movement def. Natural Born Thrillerz via DQ (Jindrak hit Bray with a chair)

8 - Jericho att Dragon


Neither of the two ladies involved in the next QUEENS tournament match were supposed to appear in this event initially, but former Women's Champion, Victoria claimed her spot when she lost the title and replaced 'Lethal' Lisa Kowalski, who was then ineligible to continue. Her opponent, Ai Fujita was entered after former employee Jazz broke her leg, effectively ending her WWF career.

Once both women were in the ring, it was very clear that Victoria was much larger and stronger than the diminutive Fujita, who is an exceptional high flyer. Victoria mockingly raised her right hand high up in the air, taunting Fujita by begging her to lock up, knowing full well that she could not. Victoria laughed in her face, then got down on a knee and raised her arm up, further belittling her opponent, who had finally had enough and promptly kicked the smile off of Victoria's face with a vicious right roundhouse to the jaw! Fujita had angered Victoria, but was smart enough to deliver a few more kicks to the body as she tried to get up. A whip into the corner led to Fujita executing a beautiful handspring back elbow and a running powerslam for a 2 count. Ai quickly went to the top for a moonsault that ended up with her landing on her feet as Victoria rolled through. A huge clothesline finally grounded the foreign star, allowing Victoria to start using her size advantage to keep her in check.

Victoria then showed that she too could fly when necessary by connecting with a slingshot somersault legdrop that saw her come down across Fujita's jaw and upper chest! Fujita was able to kick out at two stunning Victoria, who then quickly went for a Widow's Peak, but Fujita squirmed free and caught Victoria with a rising forearm shot to the mouth, which she followed up with a clothesline over the top. Fujita then showed her great athleticism by scampering up to the top and finally connecting with an Asai moonsault that drew applause from the appreciative crowd. Fujita fired Victoria into the ring, and went back up top, this time launching herself forward with her finisher, the Firebird 450 Splash. . . but Victoria got her knees up, popped up to her feet and angrily finished Fujita with a WIDOW'S PEAK for the resounding victory. Although Victoria advanced to the next round, Fujita managed to become a star by nearly defeating the most dominant former champion in the division.


(#7SUB) Victoria p. (#10SUB) Ai Fujita to advance


The next segment was a well produced hype package for WrestleMania XIX, reinforcing the fact that the date had been pushed back to March 30th from the previously scheduled March 16th. During the video, it was announced that the IC title match stipulations had finally been determined (No DQ, No CO, Falls Count Anywhere), and that the World Tag Team Title match would now be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match as per the request of the current champions earlier in this show. Perhaps of more significance was the final blockbuster announcement, that the # 1 Contender match between longtime enemies Kurt Angle & 'The Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels would be contested in the most dangerous of matches. . . a Hell in the Cell!

WrestleMania XIX hype video (3 matches have their stipulations determined)


After the final break of the night, it was now time for tonight's Main Event, which was also a KINGS tournament match. The first person introduced was the 2002 Rookie of the Year, American Dragon, who was well received as he headed down to the ringside area. Moments later, Chris Jericho made his entrance, and was accompanied by Christian, who would incidentally be his opponent in the next round should he advance.

Dragon began the match by trying to get the referee to remove Christian, but was sucker punched by Jericho who charged him before the bell rang. A series of punches led to a chop contest that Dragon eventually won to the surprise of absolutely no one in attendance. Dragon then whipped Jericho into the ropes and went for a dropkick but the wily Canadian held on leaving Dragon to hit the back of his head on the mat as Christian laughed at him from the outside. Jericho hustled in for a quick roll up but Dragon tripped him up into a pinning predicament of his own which was countered and re-countered leading to a stalemate and an ovation from the crowd. Dragon then hit Jericho with a knot inducing kick to the thigh and snap suplexed three times in a row, before going for a pin and getting a 2+ count as Jericho barely kicked out. Dragon instinctively went for a Dragon Suplex but Jericho mule kicked him between the wickets and Dragon dropped to a knee in obvious pain. Jericho then buried a knee to Dragon's head before DDTing him in the center of the ring. Jericho went for an ARROGANT COVER, but Dragon swatted away his leg well before the 3 count.

Jericho pulled Dragon up to his feet before falling backwards for a pants assisted piledriver that earned him another 2 count. At this point Christian got up on the ring apron, obviously looking to distract the ref as Jericho reached into his boot and grabbed a small metal chain, which he then wrapped around his right hand. Jericho through the punch, but Dragon saw it coming and brought him down in a flash with a Crippler Crossface variation! Jericho quickly went to the ropes and earned a break before significant damage was done, losing his grip on the chain which rattled to the floor near Christian's feet. Christian bent over to pick it up, and suddenly felt all 190 or so pounds of Dragon land across his back as the Washington native launched himself over the top rope in order to even the odds.

Jericho played possum and caught Dragon with a kick to the stomach, but his attempt at a running bulldog was stopped as Dragon shoved him off, leaving Jericho to land awkwardly on his tailbone. A vicious DRAGON SUPLEX followed, but Jericho was able to sneak his left shoulder off of the canvas, momentarily extending the match. Sensing that Jericho was hurt, Dragon went for a second DRAGON SUPLEX and landed this one perfectly as Jericho's body went limp from the impact. Three seconds later, Dragon had won, but he had no time to celebrate as Christian pounced on him instantly. A lightning quick UNPRETTIER left Christian as the lone man standing in the ring. A cocky smirk led many to believe that Christian could have probably saved Jericho a minute or so earlier, if he'd really wanted to. Nevertheless, Christian and Dragon will meet in the next round, in what promises to be one of the best matches in the entire tournament.


(#34) American Dragon p. (#2) Chris Jericho to advance




'The Canadian Superstar' Lance Storm © vs Rob Van Dam


Second City Saints © vs The Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerreros


Edge © vs Leviathan


'Stone Cold' Steve Austin © vs Raven


'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida © vs Ayako Hamada


Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Christian vs The Rock

Big Show vs Sting



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OOC: There are no ratings for this show. Ratings and more detailed reports will be back by the next show. Thanks for reading this final barebones entry.



Edge p. Tajiri

2 - Hardy Boyz hype video (recaps their past TLC matches)

3 - Phoenix p. 'Wild Thing' Katie Dutton

4 - 'The Japanese Nature Boy' Dick Togo p. Derrick King

5 - AJ Styles/Stephanie McMahon/Tracy int (AJ wants a match at WM, Tracy convinces Steph of the match that followed)


Erin Bray p. Austin Lee

7 - The Perfect Event def. Tough Enough (Stasiak p. Snow)

8 - Youth Movement promo (dissension between the two)


It was now time for the first of two high profile KINGS tournament matches. This one featured two great cruiserweights, the incredibly hot Eddie Guerrero, and the man who knocked off the # 1 seed (Kurt Angle, with a little assistance from HBK), Little Guido.

The two men entered the ring, and after a brief feeling out period they began to bring the workrate! Guido attempted to work a submission on Guerrero's legs, knowing that even if he was unsuccessful, he could neutralize Eddie's finisher if he kept him grounded. The wily Mexican stretched the rules whenever he could, and outright cheated at other times in order to break free from Guido's tenacious attempts at making him quit. A big knee to the side of the head by Eddie staggered Guido and allowed him to get caught with a huge brainbuster! Eddie cockily pounded his chest and somewhat gingerly climbed the ropes before launching himself off with a Frog Splash that came up empty as Guido was able to roll towards the corner. Eddie came down hard on his stomach and right hand, leaving him to squirm around in obvious pain.

Guido tried to capitalize on the situation with a Cross Armbreaker, but Eddie was able to reach the ropes to get a break. Guerrero did his best to keep his injured hand and arm away from Guido, but it wasn't until he sidestepped a Guido charge, and fired him shoulder first into the ringpost that he regained the momentum. A vicious shoulderbreaker nearly earned the pin for Eddie, but Guido showed his fire by kicking out at 2 1/2. Eddie continued to torment Guido with a Gory Special, but it wasn't until he dumped Guido on the back of his neck with a spinebuster that it allowed him to finally score with a FROG SPLASH that gave him the victory, and a match with whoever wins Sunday's match between Jamie Noble & CM Punk.


(#16) Eddie Guerrero p. (#33) Little Guido to advance


The lights went out as the TitanTron came on and showed Raven standing outside of the arena, shouting "JERICHO" at the top of his lungs. A few moments later, Chris Jericho emerged with a bevy of bodyguards and questioned Raven.

Jericho: "What do you want jerky? I'm a busy man, and you don't belong here anyway. Get lost punk!"

Raven: "I just came to tell you man to man that I called in a favor. While it disgusted me to the pits of my soul to do so, I realized that I needed some assistance with taking MY job back. I won't say how or why I was able to accomplish my task, but you should know that someone who HATES the two of us equally has decided that he shall be your opponent for WrestleMania XIX!"

*The crowd stirs as Jericho was the only remaining superstar without a match at said PPV*

Jericho: "Uh, did you forget that you have NO power right now? You're a wrestler just like everyone in the locker room, well aside from me of course. There's no way you can tell me what to do jackass, so get the HELL out of my arena before these fine gentlemen are forced to throw you out a-gain!"

*Raven begins to walk away as Jericho's security force trail him out of the building*

Raven: "I might not be able to force you to do something, but HE certainly can, QUOTE THE RAVEN NEVERMORE!"

*Jericho curled his lip at what he assumed was an empty threat, but was then nailed from behind by someone wearing The Oracle's clothing! Before security could intervene, "The Oracle" DDT'ed Jericho on the concrete floor and sprinted off into the building's bowels as the crowd cheered. A close up shot of Jericho's glassy eyes was the final image of this segment*

"The Oracle" attacks Chris Jericho


With Big Show's victory on last week's show, the winner of this match already knew that they'd be facing the 7'2 500 pound monster if they could somehow get by their opponent tonight. Leviathan wanted that opportunity, so that he could prove to the world that HE is the most dominant man in the WWF, and not Big Show. Sting on the other hand wanted a rematch with the man who recently dismantled him. With the two already set to meet at WM XIX, that match up could very well set the stage for their highly anticipated encounter in Seattle, Washington on Pay Per View.

While the fans certainly wanted Sting to win, it was obvious in the earlygoing that he was going to have to bring his best in order to stop the 325 pound 'Denizen of the Deep', who is hellbent on staking his claim as one of the brightest stars in the company. Unfortunately for Sting, he was still recovering from the Big Show match and subsequent beatdown as was evidenced by the bandaging around his ribcage. Leviathan saw that target and went to work on it using bearhugs and a surprisingly well applied abdominal stretch in an effort to get the legend to tap out, but it only served to strengthen his resolve as Sting embarked on one of his trademark comebacks as the crowd cheered him on. A big elbow to the side of the head gave Sting the momentum that he continued with a huge Stinger Splash! However, Leviathan shaked off of the impact, and came charging out of the corner with a devastating clothesline! A vicious backbreaker followed, and it didn't take much more to get his opponent into position for a FROM THE DEPTHS BELOW sit out powerbomb, Leviathan quickly rolled him over and got the three count, setting up a battle of the two largest men on the roster!

Almost on cue, the Big Show lumbered down to the ring, stepped over the top rope and obliterated Sting with a HUGE splash across the injured ribs! He then exchanged some words with Leviathan who would not back down. Just as the two were about to come to blows, the IC Champion, Edge sprinted down the aisle wielding a cheer as the crowd exploded. Edge managed to hold off the two monsters, and the show came to an end with the Canadian helping Sting back to his feet.


(#26) Leviathan p. (#7) Sting to advance - Big Show again runs in, but Edge makes the save




'The Canadian Superstar' Lance Storm © vs Rob Van Dam


Second City Saints © vs The Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerreros


Edge © vs Leviathan


'Stone Cold' Steve Austin © vs Raven


'Phenomenal' AJ Styles © vs Erin Bray


'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida © vs Ayako Hamada


Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Christian vs The Rock

Big Show vs Sting



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Note: I borrowed the basic format of this from the real WWE Newsletter.

World Wrestling Federation Newsbrief

March 1, 2003

In This Issue:

* Austin, Raven, McMahon All Have New Roles

* Title Histories

* WWF Trivia & Useless Facts


MAIN SPONSOR: Sports Illustrated - "You know you want our swimsuit issue!"


The last few weeks have seen the WWF's hierarchy change completely around, culminating on the February 17th RAW! WWF Owner Stephanie McMahon went behind (head of creative) Raven's back as she brought 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin back early from a stay at alcohol rehab. Raven, who at one time was Austin's biggest ally betrayed him at the ROYAL RUMBLE, and ultimately cost him the WWF Undisputed World Title before shunning him, with McMahon's blessing of course. However, we later found out in an exclusive interview with Ms. McMahon that merchandise sales were down as millions of Austin's fans felt compelled to show the company as much loyalty as the company showed 'Stone Cold', ie. none. With WrestleMania XIX rapidly approaching, and fears that the fall out from the Austin situation could ruin the buyrate, McMahon took matters into her own hands, extending Austin's contract for two years and adding a great deal of incentives that she would not discuss in detail. One of the major details in the negotiation was that Austin demanded a match with the retired Raven at WM!

Stephanie then went against the stipulations of the infamous Raven/Sting "loser must retire" deathmatch and pulled Raven out of retirement against his will! As we all know, Raven had been in charge of all on screen developments for the last 6 months and apparently McMahon felt that he was becoming too comfortable with having the power to book matches and determine acquisitions and releases. McMahon has yet to name a replacement, which makes this decision all the more startling. Rumors are that Chris Jericho was secretly behind the move as he felt as though he was not receiving the treatment that a star of his level should. With Stephanie's busy schedule, there is no way she can act as both Owner and on screen authority, so she recently enlisted the help of Tracy Brooks, who will act as her intermediary for the time being.

Behind the scenes, some have argued that although Raven was a power hungry madman who spent far too much time on TV for an on screen "manager", at least he was organized, while this new regime seems to be completely shrouded in chaos as was evident with the date for WM XIX being moved back two weeks (:shifty:). Amazingly enough, some have called for Raven to be reinstated following his match with Austin, but that does not seem to be likely as Raven has promised to ruin everything that he has created over the last half year. Will he be successful in forcing Stephanie to come to regret a hastily made decision, or is Raven as replaceable as she seems to think he is? Only time will tell.




08/01 - 08/25 - The Undertaker

08/25 - 11/24 - The Rock (def. Undertaker at Summer Slam 2002 in a Triple Threat w/Steve Austin)

11/24 - 01/26/03 - Steve Austin (def. Rock at Survivor Series 2002 in a no DQ/CO match)

01/26 - current Lance Storm (def. a poisoned Austin (by Raven) at the 2003 Royal Rumble)


08/01 - 08/25 - Rob Van Dam

08/25 - 09/30 - Chris Benoit (def. RVD at Summer Slam 2002)

09/30 - 12/16 - Lance Storm (def. Benoit in a Triple Threat on RAW)

12/16 - current Edge (def. Storm on RAW)


08/01 - 08/08 - William Regal

08/08 - 09/19 - Jeff Hardy (def. Regal on SmackDown)

09/19 - 10/28 - Christian (def. Hardy on SmackDown)

10/28 - 12/19 - Jody Fleisch (def. Christian on RAW)

12/19 - 01/16/03 - Chavo Guerrero Jr. (def. Fleisch on SmackDown)

01/16 - 02/16 - American Dragon (def. Chavo in a double title match on SmackDown)

02/16 - current Shane Helms (won the title by pinning Dragon in a 'title jeopardy' match at No Way Out)


08/01 - 09/09 - Prototype (def. Bradshaw on 1st SmackDown)

09/09 - 10/07 - Shelton Benjamin (def. Prototype on RAW)

10/07 - 11/11 - Prototype [2] (regained the title on RAW)

11/11 - 02/16/03 - Nick Mondo (def. Prototype on RAW)

02/16 - current Steve Austin (def. Mondo at No Way Out)


08/01 - 08/22 - Hurricane

08/22 - 09/29 - Jamie Noble (def. Hurricane on SmackDown)

09/29 - 01/26/03 - American Dragon (def. Noble at Unforgiven 2002)

01/26 - current AJ Styles (def. Dragon in a ladder match at the 2003 Royal Rumble)


08/01 - 09/05 - Trish Stratus

09/05 - 01/06/03 - Victoria (def. Stratus on SmackDown)

01/06 - 01/26 Lisa Kowalski (def. Victoria on RAW)

01/26 - current Mariko Yoshida (def. Kowalski as she injured her in a submission match at the 2003 Royal Rumble)


08/01 - 09/29 - ECW (Raven/Rhyno - def. Billy & Chuck on 1st SmackDown)

09/29 - 10/27 - Youth Movement (Bray/A. Lee - def. ECW at Unforgiven 2002)

10/27 - 01/26/03 - Lords of the Ring (Conway/Dinsmore - def. Youth Movement at No Mercy 2002)

01/26 - current SECOND CITY SAINTS (Cabana/Punk def. Varsity Club in a Triple Threat match w/Lords at the 2003 Royal Rumble)


TRIVIA (as of 2/28/03)


1) STEVE AUSTIN & SHANE HELMS (HURRICANE) become the 4th and 5th multiple champions at NO WAY OUT.


1) 150 - American Dragon

2) 123 - Victoria

3) 110* - Lance Storm

4) 97* - Nick Mondo

5) 91 - The Rock

5) 91 - Nick Dinsmore

5) 91 - Rob Conway

8) 75* - Steve Austin

9) 74* - Edge

9) 74 - Prototype


2 - Prototype (2x Hardcore)

2 - American Dragon (European & Cruiserweight)

2 - Lance Storm (World, IC)

2 - Hurricane/Shane Helms (European & Cruiserweight)

2 - Steve Austin (World, Hardcore)

* - denotes current champion


SUMMERSLAM 2002 - 87% overall, 1.69 buyrate, 17,049 attendance - Undertaker © vs Austin vs Rock (90/96/80)

UNFORGIVEN 2002 - 83% overall, 1.92 buyrate, 20,736 attendance - Rock © vs Angle (72/60/85)

NO MERCY 2002 - 90% overall, 1.74 buyrate, 18,765 attendance - Raven vs Undertaker - Inferno Match (93/100/80)

SURVIVOR SERIES - 88% overall, 1.82 buyrate, 20,136 attendance - Rock © vs Austin (94/100/80)

ARMAGEDDON - 91% overall, 1.86 buyrate, 20,417 attendance - HBK/Sting vs Raven/Storm - Cage/Weapons match (95/100/86)

'03 ROYAL RUMBLE- 86% overall, 1.80 buyrate, 20,674 attendance - Royal Rumble match (83/84/84)

NO WAY OUT 2003 - 87% overall, 1.86 buyrate, 20,625 attendance - Storm © vs Show (86/88/83)


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I'm working on this show now. Just as a heads up, I've already booked the first 3 shows of the month, after changing the WWF to a "Cutting Edge" product. The ratings are good, the attendance could be better, but I'll be playing around with things for a while. Enough of my rambling. . .

HEAT - MARCH 2, 2003

Tomorrow night's HeaT is a special show in that it is our first since the network shuffle was completed. As we mentioned earlier Heat will now only be an hour, SmackDown has been condensed to an hour and a half, and lastly RAW remains at 2 hours weekly. With that in mind, only 4 matches are scheduled tomorrow night, but two of them are going to influence the final rounds of the KINGS & QUEENS tournaments.

On the women's side of the draw, the # 1 seed and WrestleMania challenger Ayako Hamada will be challenged by one of the most talented rookies in the business, Charlotte Guerrera. These two are amongst the best in ring workers we have, and should provide one of the best women's matches you'll ever see on free TV. The winner of this match will make the final four, and be that much closer to claiming the inagural QUEENS tournament championship trophy!

The Main Event will feature two men with the potential to break out with another win or two as former Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble goes one on one with one half of the WWF World Tag Team champs, CM Punk. Noble clearly has the experience advantage in terms of singles competition on a stage this large, but Punk has been one of the most dominating figures in the company since his debut. One has to wonder if Punk is victorious, will he be able to focus on this tournament as WrestleMania rapidly approaches considering it has already been announce that he will be involved in the ever dangerous TLC match with not one, but two sets of challengers? In any case, be sure to tune in at 7 PM on Spike TV to watch the NEW Sunday Night Heat!

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I'm interested to see what the addition of TEW will do for this diary. It gives yo ua lot more freedom with PPV's etc. But it whether this will effect the flow of the TV shows, as you will possibly ahve to put in small angles instead of the big blocks that you did with EWR. I'm rooting for Prototype to win the KOK's tourny (I originally wanted Guido to pullan upset but he's gone now). I think Hamada will win the QOQ tournament giving her the extra momentum going into Wrestlemania. Cant wait for the first TEW show.

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I'm interested to see what the addition of TEW will do for this diary. It gives yo ua lot more freedom with PPV's etc. But it whether this will effect the flow of the TV shows, as you will possibly ahve to put in small angles instead of the big blocks that you did with EWR. I'm rooting for Prototype to win the KOK's tourny (I originally wanted Guido to pullan upset but he's gone now). I think Hamada will win the QOQ tournament giving her the extra momentum going into Wrestlemania. Cant wait for the first TEW show.

It's funny you mention that. The first RAW I booked saw a few angles flop due to the length of them. What I learned is to underbook them in TEW time, and just write them out however I want to. For now, I've got 11 segments for RAWs (7 matches/4 angles, which is the same as before), 9 for SDs (6 matches) and 7 for HeaTs (4 matches).

I'll probably have to change all of that if I ever bite the bullet and opt to promote myself as "Sportz Entertainment~!" since they easily draw the biggest crowds. Under a "cutting edge" umbrella, my workers are doing quite well in the ring. You'll see what I mean with the first couple of shows. Thanks for the predictions too.

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OOC: I'm only going to be running American and Mexican promotions since my CPU sucks with more than those two regions running. In the segment ratings, the numbers are overall/match reaction/match quality.

HEAT 3/2/03, from Tennessee


Moments after the opening pyro went off, a bracket of the QUEENS tournament flashed on the screen showing that there were only 8 participants left out of the initial 32 who started out three months ago when #1 seed Ayako Hamada defeated Cheerleader Melissa. Tonight, Hamada would take on one of the most talented prospects in the division, Charlotte Guerrera.

Since Guerrera is fictional, here's her bio - This 22 year old Mexican-American is one of the largest women on the roster standing 5'7 and weighing in at a well toned 140 pounds. Guerrera's technical skill and willingness to improve on a daily basis has led to her being praised as a future star by none other than OVW head man Jim Cornette! The long, dark brown hair of the patriotic Guerrera hangs in two long braids which are usually tied together with white, green and orange bands, the colors of the Mexican flag. To continue the Mexican theme, Charlotte heads to the ring wearing white pants with the word Guerrera written down the legs in orange script, an orange halter top and matching kick pads complete her wardrobe.

The two talented grapplers locked up with Guerrera using her strength to take Hamada down for a moment. But, the # 1 contender to the Women's title quickly countered out and nearly stole a win with a magistrale cradle. Guerrera was able to kick out, but found herself on the end of a few more near falls in succession as Hamada continued to apply the pressure. Guerrera freed herself from Hamada and rolled out of the ring to try and clear her mind, but was taken down with a suicide dive between the middle and top ropes as the crowd cheered. Hamada composed herself and then fired Guerrera back into the ring, but got caught with an elbow to the back of the neck as she crawled under the bottom rope into the ring. For the first time in the match, the rookie was able to control the action, as she dominated for the next minute and a half.

Eventually, Guerrera tried to get her opponent into position for her La Revolucion finisher (a corkscrew tombstone), but Hamada countered by powering Charlotte over with a back bodydrop. A dropkick to the temple and a huge brainbuster dazed Guerrera, who was unable to prevent herself from being contorted into Hamada's lethal LA AYAKITA 2000 hold (a bridged version of a Texas Cloverleaf)! Charlotte tried to break free, but Hamada kept her in check, and eventually registered the submission victory. The two shook hands following the match, but it was Hamada who had now moved into the Semifinals where she will face the winner of this Thursday's Erica Porter/Phoenix match. With only two wins keeping her from the tournament victory, Hamada still has a chance to win the trophy, in addition to the Women's Title at WM XIX!


(#1) Ayako Hamada def. (#8SUB) Charlotte Guerrera via submission to advance - 74.9/68.8/84.1 (7 min)


The following scene was taped shortly after SmackDown! went off air last Thursday night. Chris Jericho was shown laying into his security guards who had failed to protect him. After firing the lot of them he whipped out his cell phone and dialed WWF Owner Stephanie McMahon's number.

Jericho: "Steph, did you see what happened tonight?!? Yeah, I'm feeling better, but I want a piece of Raven and I want it NOW! . . . What do you mean you can't do anything about it, you're the BOSS? Well, if I can't have Raven, I want that 'tard that attacked me! . . . What do you mean you don't know who it was? C'mon Steph, you're letting Raven get away with whatever he wants here. If you're ever going to prove to him that you're in control you NEED to get me a match with his flunky at WrestleMania, I'll show HIM what happens when you put your hands on Chris Jericho! . . . Ooh Steph, I never knew you had such a dirty mind, I'll be back at the hotel in 20 minutes!"

*Jericho flashes a smirk before shoving the cameraman out of his way*

Jericho complains to Stephanie - 94.2% (2 min)


The next match wasn't anything special, but it served its purpose as a time filler as two tag teams got a chance to show what they can do, in hopes of someday garnering a shot at the Tag Titles. The first team out were not well received as 3 Minute Warning have had trouble connecting with the crowd, specifically Rosey who is the less athletic, larger half of the team. Their opponents, TE2, comprised of John Hennigan & Matt Cappotelli were cheered by the Southern based crowd.

The match never really clicked as 3MW are just too cumbersome to compete with the cutting edge style athletes in the midcard ranks. Their weight and stamina issues became apparent as they both looked exhausted midway through this match against their high energy opponents. If John or Matt were a little bit stronger, they probably could have ended the match sooner, but the crowd was happy enough to see Matt put the immense Rosey away at just past the 10 minute mark with his top rope elbow, dubbed FLAVA IN YA EAR paying homage to his Tough Enough fictional character during his promo practices.

TE2 def. 3 Minute Warning (Matt p. Rosey) - 65.8/58.2/71.7 (10 min) - Rosey needs a new gimmick


The cameras now focused on the backstage area where WWF Women's Champion, Mariko Yoshida was standing next to her manager, Oxymoron, a blonde haired, blue eyed American born turncoat. After the smattering of loud boos subsided, Oxymoron began to speak.

Oxymoron: "What you see before you is the greatest female wrestler alive today! At this very moment, 'The Black Widow' is the premier athlete in the Women's division. She is without peer when it comes to her submission skills. At one time, she was the greatest aerialist in Japan. She continues to possess some of the most lethal strikes around and has the rare ability to utilize all of her abundant skills, unlike any of her American "competitors". *Yoshida laughs at the thought* In essence, she is PERFECT, and yet you fools inexplicably remain obsessed with the less talented Ayako Hamada! However, when Mariko DESTROYS your hero at WrestleMania XIX, you will come to respect the fact that she is the absolute best, and CANNOT be defeated!"

*Yoshida glares into the camera as we cut to a break*

Oxymoron w/Yoshida int (Hamada) - 82.7% (4 min)


When we returned from the commercial, Prototype was making his way down to the ring to a nice cheer from the crowd. The former 2x Hardcore champion is one of the brightest rising stars in the company, and one of the favorites to win the KINGS tournament according to a fan poll. However, tonight's match against Simon Diamond was simply for pride, and to keep his momentum going forward as we close in on WM XIX.

Dawn Marie's presence paid immediate dividends as she distracted Protoype allowing Diamond to get in the first few blows of the contest! Diamond tried to end it early by going for the Problem Solver, but Prototype sensed it coming and hammered his opponent with a big elbow to the bridge of the nose, and then a clothesline that sent him to the outside. Simon recovered before rolling back in the ring where he gained the edge with a thumb to the eyes and a belly to belly suplex. Diamond then slowed things down, working on Prototype's left knee, in hopes of taking away his foe's biggest advantage, his raw power. Unfortunately for Diamond, his strategy was ruined when he went for another suplex and got a headbutt across the nose again. Prototype then used his brute strength to lift Diamond high in the air for a held Gorilla Press powerslam. With the crowd now firmly behind him Prototype continued to knock the feisty Diamond down with aggressive shoulderblocks and clotheslines before finally putting him away with a PROTOPLEX in the center of the ring.

Following the three count Dawn Marie slinked into the ring and tried to sneak up on Prototype with a low blow, but he turned just in time to catch her hand, forcing Dawn to beg him not to hit her, while she feigned innocence. After asking the crowd what he should do, Prototype playfully slapped her on the ass and then shoved her on top of her just recovering husband! Diamond was livid afterwards and vowed revenge as Dawn rubbed her injury.

Prototype p. Simon Diamond - 74.8/69.6/85.2 (11 min)


The following segment was a recap of the issue between Raven & 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. As long time fans know, Raven saved Austin's job after 'Stone Cold' lost a retirement match with Shawn Michaels at UNFORGIVEN. From there, Raven led Austin to the Undisputed Title, and looked after him, although many would say he only did this to appease his ego. However, Austin eventually began to grow tired of Raven's mettling and let him know about it. Raven took this as a slap in the face, and actually poisoned Austin moments before he was to defend the title against one of his primary rivals, Lance Storm (who Raven also had an issue with at the time) at the ROYAL RUMBLE!

Needless to say, Austin lost the match and the title, and was then banished to rehab. Austin has not forgotten what happened, nor has he forgiven Raven for the hell he's experienced in the last 6 weeks or so. Austin has promised to take Raven out at WM XIX, while Raven just wants to survive this match so that he can hopefully regain the control he once held within the company. Both men have officially lost a match that should have retired them, yet it is more likely that the violence they will inflict on each other in their upcoming Hardcore Title match will end one of their careers permanently. As the end of the video claimed "When two of the loosest cannons in the history of pro wrestling meet, NO ONE is safe!".

Raven/Austin hype video - 91.4% (4 min)


It was now time for the Main Event, which was a KINGS tournament match. The first participant, Jamie Noble has had his share of difficulties since holding the Cruiserweight Title late last year. His opponent CM Punk on the other hand, has had nothing but success to this point, as evidenced by his share of the WWF World Tag Team Titles which hung around his waist as he headed to the ring. Notably absent tonight were Punk's partner and their valet, Colt Cabana & Daffney.

Knowing that Punk was a quick starter, Noble caught him with a flying leg lariat just as the bell sounded to start the match. Noble went for a cover, but Punk easily kicked out at two. The smaller Noble then initiated a sequence of near falls and counters with Punk, who almost secured the win when he deftly grabbed a handful of Noble's jean shorts! After Noble kicked out he was taken down instantly, as Punk caught him with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Punk pulled Noble up by the hair, but Jamie switched behind him and drove him into the mat with a hard belly to back suplex. Another attempt at a pin saw Punk kick out at 2 1/2. At this point, Punk began to noticably breathe a little bit harder as the match passed the seven minute mark. Having become accustomed to having Cabana near by when he needed to catch his breath, Punk was a step slow, and Noble tried to take advantage by upping his offensive pace, but a big shot to the side of the head staggered him, leading to a fallaway slam from Punk, and a 2 count for the tag team champ.

With Noble on the mat, Punk adopted a slow down offense that consisted of restholds such as chinlocks and armbars. The crowd began to boo momentarily, and that seemed to inspire both men as they went through another sequence of reversals, ending with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Punk, and another near fall. The crowd was now really getting into the match, and they particularly came to life when Noble connected with a trio of snap suplexes! The whole crowd thought the match was over by now, but Punk was barely able to sneak his left shoulder off of the mat just before the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time. Noble argued with the ref momentarily before delivering a backbreaker and a middle rope legdrop, which got him another 2+ count. Noble tried to set Punk up for another suplex, but Punk quickly lowbridged him and had Noble in position for his Pepsi Plunge, but he couldn't secure the grip due to Noble fighting free after a lengthy struggle. A European uppercut dazed Punk, and a shoulderblock to the stomach set up a DDT and yet another near fall for Noble.

Punk kicked out, but was clearly not in control of his faculties as he stumbled twice as he tried to get to his feet. Noble knew he had finally done enough damage, and after a knee to the ribs he delivered a scintillating TIGER DRIVER for the stunning victory! After the three count, Noble pumped his fist in the air and slapped hands with some fans around the ringside area, obviously excited by what he'd just done, while Punk received a small ovation for his effort as well. With this win, Noble will next meet Eddie Guerrero in the first Quarterfinal match, which will take place exactly two weeks from tonight.


(#24) Jamie Noble p. (#25) CM Punk to advance - 90.5/78/83 (16 min)


Show stats: 82.0% overall rating, 173,980 viewers, 3,724 people attended for $81,928

Notes: Prototype requested and received a promotion to the upper midcard.




'The Canadian Superstar' Lance Storm © vs Rob Van Dam


Second City Saints © vs The Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerreros


Edge © vs Leviathan


'Stone Cold' Steve Austin © vs Raven


'Phenomenal' AJ Styles © vs Erin Bray


'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida © vs Ayako Hamada


Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Christian vs The Rock

Big Show vs Sting



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ummm...yeah, have I pointed out how your booking, despite an entirely new game, still really...really...sucks? Cause it does.

Hamada, meh. Loosest Cannons? Way to put over Noble, who...you know, hasn't done anything in the past 2 months...great idea there, quash 1/2 of your tag champs while you're at it...that was nice. And Oxymoron...still sucks, still not over. And the waste of Simon, but hey, that's just carryover from ROH. :P

Ah, you wanted your motivation, there it is. Now impress me by not fucking up Raw.


Edited by PanchoVilla
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RAW - MARCH 3, 2003

Tomorrow night's RAW will come to you LIVE from Mississippi! We know that seven matches are planned for the show, but at this time only three have been announced.

The first of which is a WWF Women's Title Match signed following last night's show. Oxymoron & Mariko Yoshida have once again decided to give a relative newcomer a chance to win the gold as the very inexperienced 18 year old, Ariel will be 'The Black Widow's' next opponent. Ariel clearly has not earned a title shot at this point in her young career, so this is obviously just another showcase match for Yoshida who has frequently complained of being disrepected since winning the title in January. Will Ariel be able to pull off one of the greatest upsets ever, or will Yoshida put yet another wrestler out of action with her brutal array of strikes and submissions?

The KINGS tournament continues with another titlist in action as Cruiserweight Champ, AJ Styles goes one on one with 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino. For those who are curious, Styles' title will NOT be on the line as Corino is about 10 pounds over the cruiserweight limit. The ever cocky Styles has already knocked off veterans Al Snow & Shawn Michaels to get to this point in the competition, and has gone on record as saying that "Corino ain't got no chance to beat me!". Corino obviously feels that he can, and has promised to knock Styles down a peg. Both men are confident that they will be able to move on, but only one man can advance, which one will it be?

Finally, the Main Event is a tag team match that will also serve as a preview of WrestleMania XIX! On one side of the ring will be two of the most mysterious workers in the company as Sting & Edge pair up to take on the two largest men on the roster, Big Show & Leviathan! By himself, Big Show outweighs his opponents by roughly 25-30 pounds, but when you factor in the 6'6 325+ pound 'Denizen of the Deep', on paper it does not seem to be a fair fight. Nevertheless, the two fan favorites are looking forward to this opportunity to square off against the men they will be eventually be facing in Seattle! It is also interesting to note that Big Show and Leviathan are scheduled to meet in a KINGS tournament match on the 13th of the month. Will they be able to resist the temptation of trying to soften up their next opponent in the tourney and co-exist for long enough to inflict more damage on their bitter rivals? The only way to find out is to tune in tomorrow night at 9PM EST on Spike TV!

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Since I don't feel like reposting all 100+ shows I've done, I thought it might be a nice idea to get the PPV's out since most of the big events went down on those shows anyway. As you can see, the first couple were a lot more shorter than the last few. I'll try to get them all up before WM XIX, but I'll spread them out so they don't take up too much space in the beginning of the thread.

SUMMER SLAM 2002 - 8/25/02


Our Pre PPV dark match was not for the squeamish as former CZW star 'Sick' Nick Mondo brought something to the WWF that we'd never seen before - light tubes! Mondo's body is covered with scars from many matches involving these objects of destruction in the past. His opponent tonight, WWF Hardcore Champion, Prototype on the other hand is a physical specimen unmarred by scar tissue, and even a man of his size looked somewhat concerned about keeping his body in tact after seeing 2 dozen or so light tubes outside of the ring.

Mondo entered the ring with an assortment of weapons that he threw at Prototype to distract him before tackling the larger man and pounding on him with some metal studded gloves. The studs were not razor sharp, but one could see small dents in Prototype's forehead from where he was getting hit. Prototype eventually powered out and hurt Mondo with a solid spinebuster on top of an opened up steel chair. The champion then began to try and choke the life out of Mondo, who barely managed to get his right shin up and into Prototype's groin, grounding the big man once more. Mondo went back to his bag of weapons and whacked away at Prototype, finally denting a chair on his head. Mondo rolled to the outside and started tossing some light tubes into the ring as Prototype staggered to his feet. The challenger tore a few jagged wounds in Prototype's abdomen when he caused a light tube to explode after swinging it like a baseball bat as hard as he could! A second light tube shattered across Prototype's muscular neck and Mondo went for a cover, but the champ kicked out at 2 1/2. Mondo set up some tubes in the shape of a number sign (#) and was clearly trying to set up for his Assault Driver, but Prototype was quick to recover and drove a big boot into the side of Mondo's head.

Prototype grabbed Mondo by the throat and drove him down onto the stack of light tubes with a deadly Chokeslam! However, Prototype was not yet done as his "beautiful body" had now been defaced. Mondo writhed in pain as blood poured out from his back while the champ lumbered to the outside before setting up a table covered with light tubes. Mondo had just reached the corner and was trying to pull himself up when a tube was busted on top of his head nearly knocking him out. Prototype tossed him to the outside and finally ended this disturbing match with a PROTOPLEX through the tubes AND the table! Mondo was unconscious as the referee made his 3 count. Both men needed medical assistance and Mondo needed some 40-50 stitches to close the wounds on his head and back, while Prototype needed an even dozen to close a gash just below the ribs on his left side.


Prototype (c, 70) p. 'Sick' Nick Mondo (65) to RETAIN the title - 72/66/79 - title gained image (68)


After an impressive explosion of pyro, the SUMMER SLAM 2002 PPV began with a video package spotlighting the feud between the veteran WWF World Tag Team Champions, ECW and the rookies Youth Movement. The crowd popped for the young faces and booed the heels out of the building as the match began. The champions were extra confident tonight after Raven easily defeated Bray in a one on one match last night on Velocity. Following that match there was a scuffle that paled in comparison to the action in the early going here.

The referee lost control early on but opted not to call for a double DQ as all 4 were in the ring for the first minute to 90 seconds. Eventually Lee was dumped to the outside and Bray was double suplexed before Raven finally stepped out and the match could officially begin. Rhyno's power was awesome as he connected with multiple held backbreakers before dropping Bray on his head with a DVD! Rhyno went for the pin but Lee broke it up with a double axehandle to the neck. Rhyno charged at Lee, who narrowly sidestepped him allowing the 'man-beast' to crash left shoulder first into the ringpost. Bray was able to make a tag to Lee who worked on Rhyno's shoulder with a pair of shoulderbreakers and a hammerlock bodyslam, but 1/2 of the tag team champs, kicked out at 2 1/2. Rhyno used his good arm to catch Lee with an inside-out clothesline before tagging in Raven who was fresh. Raven took the fight to Lee and almost won the match with a RAVEN EFFECT, but this time it was Bray who made the save. The challenger then took Raven over with a German release suplex that folded the Philly native up like the proverbial accordion. Bray dragged Lee to his corner and tagged himself in.

With Raven still stunned the 18 year old phenom spiked him with a BRAYNBUSTER and went for the pin as the crowd rose to their feet ready to count along with the referee's hand striking the mat. . . 1 . . . 2 . . . With their titles in jeopardy, Rhyno resorted to a desperate act as he dropped a 285 lb elbow on the referee's back as he was about to count to three. Any idea that it was accidental was soon squashed as Rhyno drove the poor referee head first into the mat with basically a one armed piledriver! A second official came sprinting out from the back and called for the bell DQ'ing the champions! The crowd booed this decision, but there was nothing else that could be done. It was later revealed that Rhyno had been fined $25,000 and was on "indefinite probation" for his actions. Bray and Lee were obviously upset as they had been robbed of the titles, while Raven who had rolled to the outside was shown clutching his title to his chest as if it were his firstborn. Rhyno tried desperately to shake some blood into his dangling arm as he and Raven headed to the back losers tonight, but STILL the champions.


Youth Movement def. ECW © via DQ, but ECW RETAIN the titles - 80/78/82 - Bray and Lee gained over, titles gained image (80)


The series of title matches continued as William Regal was set to get a chance to regain the WWF European Title from the man he lost it to, Jeff Hardy. As we all know, these two have VERY contrasting styles as Hardy loves to take to the air, while Regal would thoroughly enjoy a match where the soles of his feet never left the canvas.

In the beginning Regal's rough style put him in firm control as he drove a half dozen or so European uppercuts into Hardy's face bringing a steady stream of blood from Jeff's left nostril. Regal suplexed Hardy over and drove his right forearm into Jeff's face when trying to pin him, but the champ kicked out at 2. Regal whipped Jeff into the ropes, but Hardy responded with a dropkick that finally got Regal off of his feet. Hardy caught slick Willy with a flying neckbreaker and the Englishman slid to the outside to catch his breath. Hardy didn't give Regal that chance as he launched himself over the top with a spectacular senton splash. Hardy followed up with another high risk move, his Rail Runner, which actually connected fully for once!

Hardy tossed Regal back in the ring, but got stomped as he rolled under the bottom rope. Regal DDT'ed Hardy and Jeff's eye swelled up almost instantly, but he barely managed to get his left shoulder up just before the 3 count. Regal followed up with a fallaway slam and went for his patented Butterfly Suplex, but Hardy managed to counter and reverse it into a backslide. Regal powered out but got caught walking in with a huge Tornado DDT from Jeff who quickly went to the top and hit a beautiful SWANTON BOMB as tons of flashbulbs went off in the background. Hardy hooked the leg and retained his title, but not without suffering a black eye and a few other bruises.


Jeff Hardy (c, 82) p. William Regal (78) to RETAIN the title - 80/74/86 - title gained image (78)


Our next match up had no title implications, but was based on two separate feuds that have heated up considerably in a short time, Brock Lesnar vs Edge & Chris Jericho vs HHH. Jericho has questioned HHH's sexuality while Lesnar has F5'ed Edge on numerous occasions.

Tonight, Edge & Hunter had a chance to get face to face with their rivals in theory, but Jericho REFUSED to enter the ring any time HHH was in. If Edge made a tag so did Jericho, so we basically saw a mismatching of the feuds as Edge/Jericho wrestled each other while Lesnar/HHH was the other pairing. After about 14 minutes of this Lesnar nearly KO'ed HHH with a huge lariat and an exploder suplex. Jericho finally demanded a tag now, and Lesnar obliged after HHH kicked out at 2 1/2. Jericho's air of cockiness came back as he suplexed HHH and then went for his "arrogant cover", which HHH kicked out of pretty easily. Jericho went back on the attack and tried to land some right hands, but they were countered and HHH finally overpowered Jericho and hit him with a running kneelift and a facebreaker on the knee which earned him a 2 count.

Jericho desperately tried to make a tag, but HHH cut him off and slapped on a sleeperhold. Lesnar broke that up by running in and catching HHH with another huge clothesline. The referee went to bring Brock to the corner as Jericho dug into his pants and pulled something out. He put the object (brass knuckles) on his hand and put HHH's lights out with a big right hand before sliding the knucks into his boot. By the time the referee turned around, all he saw was Jericho connecting with the LIONSAULT for the pinfall victory. Edge tried to tell the ref that Jericho cheated, but he was already halfway up the ramp running for his life as HHH followed in hot pursuit after shaking the cobwebs out. Lesnar tried to rush Edge from behind, but the Canadian sensed him coming and sidestepped the attack, landing a big Spear to Brock's kidneys as the crowd cheered him on! Edge then showed good strength by lifting the 295 lb Lesnar up and driving him into the mat with the EDGE-O-CUTION to a huge pop!

Brock Lesnar & Chris Jericho def. Edge & HHH (Jericho p. HHH after cheating) - 88/92/82


Our first non-wrestling segment of the night showed a frustrated WWF Intercontinental Champ, Rob Van Dam talking to his business consultant and manager, Miss Hancock about his lack of time to mentally prepare and stretch tonight. RVD was in a foul mood because Hancock had signed him up for a same day of event autograph signing. Hancock told RVD that capitalizing on his fame would benefit him in the long run, but Van Dam countered that if he were to lose the title tonight, it wouldn't matter to him how many people liked him. The two continued to bicker with Van Dam eventually storming out of his locker room and heading down to the ring to face his biggest rival.

Rob Van Dam & Miss Hancock argue - 78%


'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit was already in the ring and looked extremely focused as he awaited Van Dam's arrival. To further underscore their argument, RVD got to the ring almost a full minute before Hancock, who looked quite embarassed that Van Dam had ignored her and walked out in the middle of their heated conversation moments earlier.

This Intercontinental Title Match began with Benoit tearing into RVD with ridiculously sharp knife edged chops that left welts on Van Dam's chest. RVD switched positions with Benoit and landing a few hard right hands before monkey flipping Benoit out of the corner. Van Dam quickly connected with his Rolling Thunder splash but Benoit kicked out and headed out of the ring to clear his thoughts. RVD went for a cannonball senton, but Benoit saw it coming and moved at the last second leaving Van Dam to splat on the thinly matted floor. Hancock came over to check on her charge, but quickly back pedalled as Benoit threatened her. 'The Crippler' tossed Van Dam back into the ring and went to work with his Rolling German suplexes, but RVD somehow managed to get a shoulder up. Benoit thought the count was slow and told the ref about it, giving Van Dam a chance to roll him up from behind. Benoit managed to kick out and get to his feet before delivering a short left arm clothesline that dropped RVD on the spot.

Benoit was pissed and showed some malice as he dropped RVD on the back of his neck with another German suplex! RVD once again managed to kick out, but this time Benoit didn't argue with the ref, he just pressed his advantage. A full nelson suplex dumped Van Dam on his injured neck again, but he kicked out one more time! Miss Hancock was almost in tears as she wasn't sure if she should ask the referee to stop the match as Benoit connected with a piledriver. Van Dam was basically out on his feet as Benoit took him over with a gutwrench powerbomb. The Crippler did his trademark thumb slash across the throat and climbed to top for a huge diving headbutt! Benoit was about to lock in his devastating CRIPPLER CROSSFACE as Hancock took off her left shoe and unrolled the stocking on that leg. The crowd went nuts as a panty shot was clearly visible on the big screen, but Hancock was not trying to titillate, she was trying to save Van Dam from further injury, and tossed in her version of the towel. The referee saw this and signalled for the bell as Benoit looked confused about what had just happened. A few seconds later, 'The Crippler' celebrated as the IC title was awarded to him and he was announced the NEW champion, while the referee and Hancock signalled for the medics. Van Dam was stretchered out and taken to a nearby hospital for X-Rays.


'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit (86) def. Rob Van Dam (c, 90) to become the NEW champion! - 93/95/91 - title gained image (89)


In order to get the crowd's mind off of the RVD situation a highlight package was shown of the Booker T/Kurt Angle feud, culminating with Shawn Michaels' announcement that this match would be for the # 1 contendership at UNFORGIVEN and the superkick he laid on Angle later that night. Booker T was clearly the man the fans wanted to see win, as they chanted "YOU SUCK" as soon as Angle walked through the curtain, agitating the former Olympic champion.

This match wasn't the best technical effort of either man, but the crowd was absolutely rabid once the bell sounded after the cage descended from the rafters. The match settled in after about 10 minutes of a feeling out process as neither man wanted to make a mistake that would cost them a shot at the Undisputed World title in 5 weeks. Booker eventually got caught with a belly to belly suplex from Angle and fired face first into the cage. Angle immediately tried to climb the cage, but got caught about half way up and was belly to back superplexed as a result! Both men hit hard, but Booker was able to get off of the mat first and got the crowd pumped as he got up with a Spinaroonie! Booker T stared at his palm and began to shake his head moments before picking Angle up and delivering a BOOK END as the crowd erupted.

Booker slowly began to climb the cage, and was just about to start the process of lowering himself down the outside of the structure when Angle caught up with him and banged his forehead on the top of the cage twice, all while holding Booker in place. Angle managed to pull Booker back towards the top of the cage and delivered an insane fallaway vertical suplex from the outside in, leading to a "HOLY SHIT" chant that lasted a full minute as the replay showed the insane bump from 4 different angles! The match basically ground to a halt here for almost a minute and a half to two minutes as both men struggled to regain their composure. Angle was the first to get to his feet and pulled Booker up, before firing him head first into the cage, busting him wide open. As Booker rebounded off of the cage he was taken out with a huge ANGLE SLAM. Kurt pulled the straps down and clamped on an ANGLE LOCK! Booker tapped out to no avail as the only way to win was to escape the cage via the door or climbing over the top and landed on the floor below. Angle eventually released the hold knowing that he had damaged Booker sufficiently and signalled for the ref to open the door. The door swung open and Angle managed to escape at 21:36 as Booker valiantly tried to crawl after Angle, but was unable to make it. Angle waited until Booker was just about to get out and then slammed the door across his head knocking him out instantly!


Kurt Angle (96) p. Booker T (92) - 90/95/81


After escaping the cage, Angle demanded a microphone and even though he was slumped over near the guardrail, he had enough energy to speak as the immense steel structure was lifted back up to the ceiling. (Imagine that Angle's speech is somewhat erratic as he struggles to catch his breath)

Angle: "WOOOOOOOO!! I told you I would win Booker! I told you that I was better than you, but you didn't want to listen. Look at you Booker, you're a LOSER! I mean it was always pretty freakin' obvious to me, but I loved proving to you that I'm the better man. WOOOOOOO! I've won TWO gold medals, and you haven't won any, so you should have known that I was at least TWICE as good as you!"

*Someone shouts something at Angle from behind him*

"I know that 2 times 0 is 0. . . I was trying to make a point. Intelligence is one of the three I's, idiot! Anyway, the point is that regardless of who wins the next match, the Undisputed World title will be added to my collection of gold at UNFORGIVEN. . .it's true, it's DAMNED true!"

*Angle slowly walked off with a smug grin on his face as a clip package was shown of the three men involved in tonight's Main Event*

Kurt Angle celebrates - 92%


Tonight's Main Event featured three of the WWF's legendary characters, the Undisputed Champion, The Undertaker, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin & The Rock. The Undertaker was basically an unwilling participant in the Austin/Rock feud that has dominated the last month, but was drawn into the mess when he stole a win over The Rock from Austin three nights ago in a tag team match on SmackDown! The crowd noise was deafening throughout the contest as the 17,000+ fans were thrilled to see three of the biggest names in the company in the ring at the same time.

If you enjoy a hard hitting brawl, then this was the match for you. The Rock took a hellacious double team beating in the early going as Austin and 'Taker had apparently resolved their differences, at least momentarily. That tenuous alliance broke down instantaneously when Austin went for a pin on The Rock while The Undertaker was adjusting a knee brace. 'Taker shouted "What the fuck are you thinking boy!" to which Austin responded with a stiff right hand to the jaw! The two fan favorites began to take the fight to each other, with the taller and stronger Undertaker eventually winning the exchange. While this was going on, The Rock was able to recover and conserve some energy, only leaping into action to break up an Undertaker pin following a sidewalk slam. The 'Taker sat up grabbed Rock by the throat and connected with his Old School ropewalk axehandle for a 2 count as cameras went off all around the arena.

Austin was there to broke up the pin if need be and began to stomp away at the champion before firing him into the ropes and catching him with a Thesz Press and a half dozen right hands. Austin quickly got to his feet and waited for The Undertaker to get up before kicking him in the gut and delivering a huge STONE COLD STUNNER! The crowd was going nuts, but their good mood ended suddenly as The Rock spun Austin around and drove him into the mat with a hard ROCK BOTTOM before tossing Austin over the top rope to the outside! The Rock apparently wanted to get his win back from The Undertaker as he dropped him with a ROCK BOTTOM as well. The Rock hooked the leg and earned the pinfall and the Undisputed World Title at 17:03 into the match!

The Rock snatched the title from the referee;s hands and held it in the air as he climbed the turnbuckles, before closing his eyes and soaking in the boos from the crowd. The Rock stepped down from the ropes and turned to head to the next corner when he was met with a boot to his stomach and a STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin was seen jawing at the fallen Rock as the show came to an end.


The Rock (100) p. Undertaker (c, 93) in a match with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (100) to become the NEW champion! - 90/96/80 - title gained image (92)

***The credits had shown, and Time Warner was busy shilling some of their other PPV movies and the eventual replay of this show when a distorted looking camcorder shot suddenly appeared on the TV. A hooded figure walked out with Al Snow, Victoria, Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble and newest addition, the Hardcore Champion, Prototype in tow! No words were shared, but it was obvious that The Oracle's web had snared another worker, giving him a second champion in his "cult".***


87 quality, 1.69 buyrate, 17,049 attendance (total gate $5,247,940)

Over Bumps: Austin Lee (60-62), Erin Bray (48-49)

Feuds: Austin/Rock (100), Angle/Booker (95), HHH/Jericho (100), Brock/Edge (92), ECW/Youth Movement (53-62), LOR/TE2 (63), Hamada/Molly (80-85), Benoit/RVD (98)

BEST SEGMENT - Angle int - 92%

BEST MATCH - Benoit vs Van Dam - 93% overall rating

MARKS LIKED - Austin vs Rock vs Undertaker - 96% crowd reaction

SMARTS LIKED - Benoit vs Van Dam - 91% match quality

SHOW MVP - Benoit and Van Dam for the match of the night.

This show destroyed my first playthrough as I got a 77 that time. A couple of matches were different and some winners were changed (before you guys made predictions of course), but I'll detail all of that in my end of month re-cap. All in all, I think this was a great show for storyline development and quality. Congratulations to the contest winner stephlover! I hope you enjoyed the show. Look for Raw by Wednesday.


UNFORGIVEN - 9/29/02 (card as of now)


The Rock © vs Kurt Angle


CONTEST RESULTS (wins out of 7 matches/wins in 5 title matches (was the tiebreaker just in case I needed one)

y2gudge - 3.5/1.5 (I added a half because he didn't know about The Rock's inclusion)

flawsmack - 4/3

PanchoVilla - 5/4

Random - 4/2

Jukeboksi - 3/1

stephlover - 6/4

Agent Risktaker - 5/3

NAB - 5/4

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OOC: Be forewarned, the non wrestling segments here will be written poorly to reflect their terrible ratings :'(

RAW 3/3/03 from Mississippi


Tonight's opener was a bit surprising in that American Dragon, the 2002 Rookie of the Year, a former Cruiserweight and European Champion was now back to curtain jerking against a "lesser" opponent in 'The Machine' Doug Basham. Whether this can be viewed as a demotion for Dragon, no one knows for sure, but there is still a chance he can appear on the WM XIX card if he makes it to the finals of the KINGS tournament.

Basham on the other hand, came out swinging knowing that a victory here would propel him to greater heights. 'The Machine' showed that he earned that moniker back in OVW as he was able to actually outwrestle one of the best technicians in the world for the first 5 or 6 minutes of action. However Basham's strategic masterpiece came to a swift halt when he tried to outchop Dragon, which everyone in attendance immediately knew was a BIG mistake. Dragon let out a wry chuckle before nearly tearing the flesh off of Basham's chest with some vicious strikes before kneeing him in the ribs and driving him into the mat with a DDT, but 'The Machine' was able to kick out. Dragon then blasted Basham with a series of forearms to the face, before he slapped on a single leg crab, working for a submission. Basham didn't panic and pulled himself to the rope where he earned a break.

The usually well composed Dragon then made an uncharacteristic mistake by charging at Basham who back bodydropped him over the top rope to the floor below! Basham quickly pulled Dragon back into the ring and wrenched on Dragon's left shoulder, which he ended up landing on as he crashed moments earlier. Basham continued to work the shoulder with a few headbutts and an elbow before hammerlock slamming Dragon and going for a cover, which got him a 2 count. A quick argument with the referee ensued, but Basham kept his focus and tried to set Dragon up for his Rise of the Machine finisher (crucifix powerbomb aka Razor's Edge. As Basham tried to lift Dragon into position, Dragon was able to counter with a sitout facebuster! From there, Dragon quickly cinched in his debilitating CATTLE MUTILATION submission! A few seconds later, Basham verbally relented, giving Dragon the victory.

American Dragon def. 'The Machine' Doug Basham via submission - 72.6/60.6/77.5 (14 min)


The next segment was shown on ECW TV years ago, those of you who saw it will remember it as the time when Rob Van Dam did a complete split across two chairs while holding a heavy barbell in his hands, demonstrating both his strength and his flexibility. After that scene was over we saw him breaking wooden boards and a concrete block while Miss Hancock cheered him on. Once he'd broken all of his objects RVD turned towards the camera and said "Life's as easy as can be, when you're cool enough to be R-V-D!" while doing the thumb taunt.

*The crowd started a loud RVD chant as we headed to a commercial break*

RVD training video - 89.8% (3 min)


Upon returning from the break, Oxymoron and CIMA were standing in the ring with Oxymoron encouraging his man in Japanese while the music of his opponent, Paul London began to play. London received a decent response from the crowd as he sprinted down the aisle and slid under the bottom rope. The two had recently been involved in a minor feud, but management decided to end it as it did not garner the necessary level of crowd response to continue. London benefitted from the change as he ended up in a high profile match at NO WAY OUT, while CIMA was pulled from TV.

With that in mind, CIMA came out on fire as he tried to get his name better known at Paul's expense. The first few minutes of the match saw CIMA dominate London and keep him on the mat, nullifying 95% of his offense. The crowd began to get restless, but CIMA would not waver and continued to slow things down as Oxymoron smiled, knowing full well that he was agitating the entire audience. Eventually London got free and began to pick up the pace with a series of armdrags and a backflip dropkick. CIMA then showed that he too could take to the air as he brought London down with a 'rana for a two count. CIMA pulled London to his feet, but got taken down with a side headlock that led to CIMA spinning through and landing a few kicks to the midsection. Oxymoron cheered his man on as he delivered a few knifeedged chops, but that didn't last very long as London fought back and then whipped him into the corner where he connected with a big splash.

A powerslam followed, leading London to climb the turnbuckles where he prepared to launch himself at CIMA, but Oxymoron jumped on the ring apron distracting Paul. The interference worked as London instead flew at Oxymoron, taking him down with a flying crossbody! The crowd was excited, but London got nailed from behind as CIMA flew over the top rope and wiped him out with a death defying leap. CIMA then used the ringpost as an aide as he tossed London head first into the steel before firing him back into the ring. A slingshot legdrop got the Japanese star a near fall as Oxymoron shouted for him to finish London off. CIMA obeyed his instructions as he wiped London out with a devastating SCHWEIN (sideways tombstone driver) for the victory. Following the match the two Asian Invasion members celebrated as the crowd booed.

CIMA p. Paul London - 68.9/56.4/76.4 (11 min)



Our next match paired up two women who have engaged in Hardcore matches in companies that were primarily known for that style, as Lita (formerly Ms. Congeniality in ECW) took on the 'Queen of Hardcore' Precious Lucy, who often competed against much larger men in Canada's ICW promotion.

Lita started things off with a clothesline that knocked Lucy down, but she missed an elbowdrop and got nailed with a series of vicious kicks to the abdomen before being suplexed towards the center of the ring. With Lita now on the ground, Lucy tried to lock in her submission hold, Lucy's Law, which she describes as a "seated mix of a hammer lock and a reverse full nelson", but Lita was able to reach the ropes before the hold was properly applied. Lucy then went for a suplex, but it was blocked, and countered into a surprisingly well executed Twist of Fate! Lita took her time getting to the top rope for a Litasault, but Lucy recovered quickly enough to deliver a spinning belly to back suplex. The next few minutes saw Lucy take out her aggression on Lita as she pounded her with some hard punches to the face and more kicks to the midsection before executing a tornado DDT that left Lita laying. From there, a quick climb to the top rope led to her Chris Benoit-like DIVING STAR headbutt, and a three count for the victory.

After the match Lucy needlessly applied LUCY'S LAW, and gleefully watched on as Lita frantically tapped her shoulder, in hopes that she would break the hold. It wasn't until a few moments later that the remaining referees poured out from the backstage area and separated the two that Lita was finally freed, but the damage was clearly done as she needed assistance to get to the back.

Precious Lucy p. Lita - 64/67.7/69.6 (7 min)


After that bit of a downer, the next segment was intended to lift the crowd's spirits, but as we soon learned, Mississippi does not care much for promos that last longer than just a few minutes! Edge & Sting were greeted with cheers, but their slightly overenthusiastic shilling of tonight's Main Event alienated the crowd who just wanted to see more wrestling. Sting was able to communicate his point that Big Show would receive some payback tonight, but Edge began to pander to them with a lot of gesturing for people to get on their feet as he vowed to beat Leviathan again. A "boring" chant began and Edge was forced to quickly wrap things up by saying that the only way he'd leave the ring a loser tonight, would be to be carried out on a stretcher.

*Just as the scene was going to end, Edge was seen shaking his head, obviously confused by the less than stellar response his usual schtick received*

Edge & Sting int (Leviathan/Show) - 71.7% (6 min) - crowd thought interview was too long


Our next match was for the WWF Women's Title with 'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida set to defend against relative newcomer and the youngest female on the roster, 18 year old Ariel. The young Boston native received a nice ovation from the crowd who wanted to see Yoshida be humbled a bit. The crowd let the champ and her manager, Oxymoron, hear it as they booed them quite loudly while they walked down the aisle.

The match itself was somewhat similar to Yoshida's title defense against Trish Stratus from two weeks ago in that Ariel got in some early offense, but was unable to sustain it for very long as she didn't hit hard enough to really phase Yoshida very much. 'The Black Widow' did almost make a fatal error when she held Ariel over her shoulder for a powerslam and ended up getting taken down via an inverted DDT! The near fall that followed got a reaction from the fans, but it also reminded Yoshida that any challenger could be dangerous. A fierce clothesline knocked Ariel down, and then Yoshida went to work on her neck and shoulders with an array of wear down/submission type manuevers.

Ariel didn't panic, and was able to take the brunt of Yoshida's assault fairly well. One last offensive flurry occurred after Yoshida was tripped up while trying to execute a Cross Armbreaker. Ariel went for her DARIEL finisher (Diamond Cutter), but Yoshida gripped the rope nearest to her and that resulted in her opponent crashing down on her lower back. A vicious Tajiri style kick to the side of the head dazed Ariel, and that left her wise open for a SPIDER TWIST submission!

Ariel's resilient nature wouldn't allow her to submit, and that ended up costing her an undisclosed but fairly severe neck injury as she eventually blacked out in the hold. By the time the referee realized she was out cold and stopped the match, Ariel had been in the hold for over a minute, and the damage had already been done. Yoshida celebrated another fallen opponent as she stood over Ariel's limp body, with her title in hand, while medics hustled to the ring to assist the teenager as we cut to another break.


'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida © def. Ariel via submission to RETAIN the title - 76.4/63.2/81.6 (7 min)


The next match was part of the KINGS tournament and would determine who would join Eddie Guerrero & Jamie Noble as the third participant in the Quarterfinals. The first person introduced, 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino received a nice reaction as he walked down the aisle. His opponent, Cruiserweight Champ, AJ Styles on the other hand generated more heat than anyone else on the show to this point.

Styles was caught off guard as Corino dropped him with a big punch as the opening bell sounded! This process repeated another three times as Corino was able to knock AJ down just as he would get to his feet. Corino then showed that he could also wrestle as he took Styles over with a beautiful gutwrench suplex, earning a 2 count in the process. Styles finally got some offense in when he ducked a clothesline and nailed Corino with a spin wheel kick to the face. From there, a pair of deep armdrags left Corino on the mat, in the grips of an armbar. Corino swung his legs out, got back to his feet and buried an elbow into Styles' well toned midsection before missing with a wild swing that left him vulnerable for a Styles belly to back suplex, and a near fall. AJ then took to the air, and began to show his high flying skills, as he hit Corino with a perfectly executed springboard dropkick and his trademark Asai moonsault into an inverted DDT for a 2 1/2 count, and some begrudged applause from the crowd as most workers would not have the timing or athleticism to pull off such a move.

Instead of going for another move, Styles began to taunt the crowd by showing off his physique. After ducking two attempted clotheslines, Corino sprang off of the ropes and caught Styles with a forearm shot to the temple. Corino then displayed some nice power with a vicious powerbomb that folded Styles up on the mat. Corino quickly went for a cover, but Styles kicked out at 2. 'The King of Old School' continued to rock AJ with some hard right hands and a sidewalk slam which led to a cover, and another near fall. Corino sensed he could go for his Old School Expulsion (an inverted eacelock into a neckbreaker), but a well placed thumb to the eye from Styles slowed him down, and a standard DDT put him on the mat. Styles quickly climbed to the top and connected with his SPIRAL TAP, but Corino kicked out at 2 3/4! Styles almost seemed offended that Corino dared to kick out of one of his signature move, so he opted to go to his best weapon, the STYLES CLASH.

The crowd momentarily held out hope that Corino would kick out, but this time he could not, ending his dream of winning the tournament. Styles waited for Corino to get up before extending his hand in a display of good sportsmanship. . . or so we thought. Just as Corino went to shake it, Styles yanked his hand back and laughed at Corino's expense before rolling out of the ring to more heat. Corino let loose a barely audible obscenity after being disrespected, but still earned some applause from the crowd who appreciated his effort.


(#36) AJ Styles p. (#52) Steve Corino to advance - 77.6/76.6/80.3 (16 min)


The next segment was another perfect example of the perils of a live TV show. Christian's music began to play and the cocky Canadian strutted down to the ring as chants of "ROCK-EEEE" broke out. Christian did not look pleased by this development and continued to look back over his shoulders to make sure he wasn't being followed. By the time he'd reached the ring, the crowd had made it clear that he had better speak quickly, which got him flustered, much as it had done to Edge earlier in the show.

Christian: "If you rednecks think that The Rock is scared of Christian, then you're wrong!. . . Uh, I meant, if you rednecks think that Christian is scared of The Rock, then you're wrong! I've got The Rock right where I want him, sitting in his bed, and watching me on TV. *boos* It's clear to me that the Rock is last year's news, and CHRISTIAN is the man to watch in 2003. Don't you all agree? *silence* Well, your opinions don't matter, since I don't care what you rednecks think anyway! I had a lot more to say, but I'm too good for all of you inbred retards, so I'm outta here, and you can all blame yourselves for ruining your one chance to be this close to greatness!"

*With that Christian rolls out of the ring as we cut to a much needed commercial break as trash was hurled into the ring*

Christian int (Rock) - 47.8% (7 min) - Christian rambled, crowd thought interview was too long


The next match singlehandedly saved the show, and also erased all of the negativity following the prior segment. Rey Mysterio Junior's entrance was the best received of the night, and Rey looked to be in tremendous shape as he made his way to the ring. Interestingly enough, Eddie Guerrero got an even more emphatic response, with about 85% booing him, and the remainder cheering Eddie's wily behavior.

The action was reminiscent of WCW's heyday as the two cruiserweights went to work with a lucha style that has rarely been seen on WWF programming. Mysterio scored with a deep arm drag on Eddie, and then used a hammerlock to control the action, until Eddie spun behind him and used a Mexican armdrag to drop Mysterio. Eddie charged in, but was taken out of the corner with a beautiful flying head scissors by Mysterio, who followed that up with a textbook jumping hurracanaran into a pin, which earned him a 2 1/2 count. Eddie rolled out of the ring, but barely had the time to turn and face the ring before Rey came crashing down on top of him, victim of a cannonball dive over the top that brought the crowd to their feet! Mysterio knew that Eddie would have the advantage on the outside so he rolled him in, and then connected with a slingshot legdrop across Eddie's back, before making another attempt at a cover, which also got a 2 1/2.

Rey did not get down on himself and continued to apply the pressure on Eddie who was becoming frustrated, even going so far as to claim that Rey used his tights to take him down with an armdrag! After being laughed at by the crowd, Eddie finally came to life as he popped up to his feet and hip tossed Rey over, but Mysterio landed on his feet, ducked a clothesline, and caught Eddie with a dropkick on the jaw. At this point, Rey signalled for a top rope move by pointing to the corner, but Eddie had other thoughts as he crotched him on the top turnbuckle and then delivered a vicious high impact DDT while Rey's feet were caught up in the ropes! A dropkick to the back of the head was followed up by a "Murder, Death, Kill" powerbomb AND a brainbuster, leading to progressively louder "oohs and aahs" from the crowd. Eddie pounded his chest while shouting "ORALE" before delivering an angry FROG SPLASH to the back! Eddie rolled Rey over, aggressively placed his forearm across Rey's throat and finally pinned his fiesty opponent, ending a great match.

As Eddie left the ring, it seemed that some of the fans had been one over by his fiery finish to the match. Guerrero looks to be one of the men to watch as the year progresses as he has demonstrated not only great skills, but an impressive focus in the first two months of 2003. Mysterio was applauded for surviving the hellacious beating at the end of the match, and acknowledged the crowd by tapping on his heart as he exited.

Eddie Guerrero p. Rey Mysterio Jr. - 92.7/83.6/88.6 (17 min)


After that breathtaking match, we were taken to the backstage area, specifically Stephanie McMahon's office. Her boyfriend, Chris Jericho was standing next to her, looking rather pleased with himself. A disconsolate Christian sat in the corner with his head down.

Jericho: "Relax little buddy. Everyone has a bad day once in a while. . . actually that's not true. I've NEVER been abused by the fans the way that you were tonight. That was classic. I particularly enjoyed how you completely fumbled that line about being scared of The Rock." *laughs*

Christian: "You're right Chris, that was funny. I mean, it's not nearly as funny as you getting beat by a HUGE loser like American Dragon in the KINGS tournament, which I'm STILL a part of mind you. It's probably a good thing you losy when you did, since it would have been much worse if you'd have had to take ME on."

*Jericho and Christian get nose to nose as the crowd begins to grow a bit agitated*

Steph: "Boys! If there's one good lesson my father taught me, it's that you should NEVER, EVER let those idiotic fans get to you. Sure they make us all rich, but their opinions shouldn't matter, just whether or not they support us with their wallets."

*All three share a laugh, but the crowd doesn't seem to find what Stephanie said funny*

Jericho: "You're right Steph, we shouldn't be fighting each other, we SHOULD be finding out who Raven's lackey was so I can take him apart at WM XIX!" *ARROGANT COVER pose*

Steph: "I still don't know who it is, but I just want you and the whole world to know that as of right now, I have signed a match between you and "The Oracle". And just to make sure this match takes place, if this mystery man doesn't show up, then Raven will be FIRED at the end of the night!"

*At this point, the crowd wanted the spot to end, but the spotlight hungry trio continued to go on and on for another few minutes, boasting about their greatness, thus ruining what would have been an otherwise effective segment*

Stephanie McMahon/Chris Jericho/Christian segment (match with "The Oracle" at WM) - 76.7% (7 min) - again, the crowd thought interview was too long


After one final break, it was now time for tonight's Main Event. The first team introduced weighed in at well over 800 pounds as two of the biggest wrestlers on the roster, Big Show & Leviathan came together in hopes of weakening their respective opponents for WM XIX, Sting & IC Champion, Edge. After tonight's earlier flop, the fan favorites were not greeted as strongly as one might expect, and the crowd was also not really thrilled by the prospects of watching a match that would largely consist of big men throwing punches that the smaller duo desperately needed to avoid.

The match began with Leviathan and Sting squaring off in a rematch of sorts of their KINGS tournament match from last week's SmackDown! Sting was still bandaged around his midsection, and that was an obvious target as he was drilled with a flurry of punches from the 'Denizen of the Deep'. A backbreaker furthered the damage, and had Edge not made the save, the match would have ended in the first few minutes. Leviathan was just about to deliver a spinebuster when Edge clipped his left knee from behind. This led Big Show to step over the top rope and drop a 500+ pound elbow across Sting's wounded region. Edge and Show were cleared out of the ring by the referee, and a last ditch low blow by Sting allowed him to finally tag out. Although he opted to break the rules, it was the best thing Sting could have done as Edge was able to take a swipe at Big Show, prompting the giant to try and re-enter the ring, leading to a double team suplex on Leviathan.

Edge went for the cover, but Leviathan flung him off and knocked the young Canadian down with a huge clothesline, giving him the space and time to tag in a fresh Big Show! The next couple of minutes saw Edge take a pounding, leaving nearly a half dozen opportunities for Show to win the match, none of which were taken as he clearly wanted to hurt the man, not pin him. Leviathan eventually grew restless and wanted to tag in so that he could get his hands on Edge. The two began to jaw back and forth, and this gave Sting the opportunity to sneak in behind Show and dropkick him in the small of the back. Although the blow didn't really hurt Show, it forced him forward, where he ended up crashing into Leviathan! Sting helped Edge get to the corner where he tagged himself in, saving his partner from a worse beating.

Just as Show was going to make a move towards Sting he was clotheslined from behind by Leviathan! The two monsters then began to hammer away at each other, with Show eventually taking Leviathan out of the ring with a huge clothesline. While Show mocked Leviathan, Sting snuck up from behind and delivered a SCORPION DEATHDROP! Sting quickly went for the cover, and probably would not have kept Show down had Leviathan not grabbed hold of both of Show's feet and assisted him! After the three count, Sting rolled out of the ring and celebrated with Edge while the two big men shouted at each other, drawing more attention to what should be a brutal match next Thursday night!

MAIN EVENT - Edge & Sting def. Big Show & Leviathan (Sting p. Big Show) following miscommunication - 75.7/77.7/70.9 (13 min)


Show stats: 74.0% overall rating, 260,304 viewers, 4,878 people attended for $107,316

Notes: Ariel injured her neck and was then released following the show. I learned the hard way that an audience that wants "pure" action just won't tolerate 7 minute promos, poor Christian :'(


WRESTLEMANIA XIX - MARCH 30, 2003 (final card barring injury)


'The Canadian Superstar' Lance Storm © vs Rob Van Dam


Second City Saints © vs The Hardy Boyz vs Los Guerreros


Edge © vs Leviathan


'Stone Cold' Steve Austin © vs Raven


'Phenomenal' AJ Styles © vs Erin Bray


'The Black Widow' Mariko Yoshida © vs Ayako Hamada


Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Christian vs The Rock

Chris Jericho vs "The Oracle"

Big Show vs Sting



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Here's PPV # 2.

UNFORGIVEN 2002 - 9/29/02


Last month, our pre PPV dark match was a hardcore bloodbath that introduced light tubes to the WWF audience. This time around we saw a Cruiserweight Title masterpiece as undefeated rookie sensation, American Dragon challenged Champion, Jamie Noble for the belt after beating him in a non-title match earlier in the month. Noble had obviously studied tape of Dragon's unusual submission based/ground fighting style as he was much more comfortable facing him than he was during their first encounter.

In fact, Noble's ability to wrestle and be a high flyer when need be confused Dragon who was on the defensive for much of the first 8 minutes of the match. At roughly 10 1/2 minutes in, Noble thought he had won the match following a high impact tornado DDT, but Dragon was close enough to the ropes to place his foot on them and break the 3 count. Initially, Noble thought the ref tapped him on the shoulder to let him know the match was over, so he began to celebrate, but Dragon knew what was going on and drilled him with a huge running forearm to the side of the head. Noble slumped into the corner and got nailed with some super stiff chops leaving a black and blue pattern on the champ's chest. Dragon then went to work with his impressive array of suplexes and finally attempted to clamp in his devastating Cattle Mutilation submission finisher, but Noble knew it was coming and managed to tangle his feet in the ropes earning a break.

Dragon charged in with a clothesline but it was ducked by Noble who went for a double underhook powerbomb and connected, but it seemed to take just as much out of him as he could not make an attempt at a cover. Dragon actually recovered quicker and sucked the wind out of Noble with four sharp kicks to his already bruised chest! Noble was clearly in trouble as he was pulled to his feet and spun around a few seconds before being launched backwards via a DRAGON SUPLEX. Noble was unable to kick out, and we had a NEW Cruiserweight Champion, in the still undefeated American Dragon. As the match came to an end we were able to see The Cult being held at bay somewhere backstage by their mysterious leader who only said "The show has not yet begun. Our impact would be negligable if we were to do something now. We will wait. We have all the time in the world to make this company our own. We will wait."


American Dragon (76) p. 'The Redneck Messiah' Jamie Noble (c, 83) to become the NEW champion! - 86/83/90 - title gained image (77)


The PPV itself began with a match for the WWF World Tag Team Titles as ECW & Youth Movement (Austin Lee & Erin Bray) were set to finish up their two month long feud one way or another. These same two teams met last month with Youth Movement winning by DQ when Rhyno assaulted a referee as Raven was being pinned. With that in mind, this match was billed as a "Raven's Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, no DQ, no CO" match, basically meaning that anything goes. The heels were expecting this match to be easy as both Bray and Lee are not known to be rulebreakers or very fond of hardcore junk brawling, but Raven & Rhyno were wrong!

This match began with the rookies walking to the ring with weapons and wearing football type pads around their shoulders. Raven protested that this was illgeal, but the referee laughed him off. Rhyno on the other hand didn't seem to care and foolishly took the challenge head on before being beaten backwards with a series of Singapore cane shots to the head and neck. The diversion did allow Raven to get a chair and virtually wipe out Bray with a shot that busted him open above his right eyebrow. Rhyno held Lee in place allowing Raven to use the ever popular ECW spot of a rising cane shot to the groin, and the champs had seized control just that quickly. Rhyno began to set up some tables, but Bray was able to recover and release German suplexed Raven headfirst on the steel ramp staggering him as nothing was there to cushion the blow to his skull. For reasons no one could quite understand, Bray actually tried to Gore Rhyno through the tables, but the 'Man-Beast' barely moved as he's 100 pounds heavier than the scrawny teenager, and has a very low center of gravity to boot.

Rhyno was enraged that Bray tried to steal his finishing move and connected with a huge piledriver on the thin layer of padding outside before setting Bray up in front of the tables and delivering the GORE, GORE, MAH GAWD, WHAT A GOOOOOORE as it was called over the airwaves by Jim Ross. The impact of the blow took its toll on Rhyno as well as he clutched at his neck, which had been battered earlier in the match. Lee looked like he was about to take a RAVEN EFFECT when he dropped to his knee to block the DDT and then uppercutted Raven in the groin, getting some payback for the earlier shot to the balls that he had taken. Lee tossed Raven into the crowd before rushing to his partner's aid.

Lee nailed Rhyno over the head with a 2 x 4 that splintered upon impact, but even that wasn't enough to stop him as he got a shoulder up. The duo then signalled to the crowd and connected with their CALL TO ARMS finisher. Bray was barely able to drape his right arm across the semi-conscious Rhyno's body and earned the three count while Lee held Raven off with a steel chair! The NEW champions were not physically able to celebrate as they had both been battered and bruised in this extreme rules contest which was rated as one of the greatest tag team matches ever seen in terms of workrate. All four men received nice ovations as they were assited to the back by our medics.


Youth Movement def. ECW © (Bray p. Rhyno) to become the NEW champions and end their old feud! - 91/85/98 (how the hell?)


The next match would also end a two month long feud as 'The Next Big Thing' Brock Lesnar was scheduled to meet Edge with the winner moving into the hunt for the IC title at the very least. The match was fairly solid for a PPV contest, but the quality was MUCH lower than the prior two matches as Lesnar was content to slug it out and virtually ignore his impressive amateur background, while Edge adopted a hit and run style.

Lesnar's strength was shown to be almost scary as he tossed Edge around the ring with a few throws before driving his fists, elbows and knees into the Canadian's face. Edge had a noticeable mouse under his left eye as the match ticked pass the 10 minute mark. Brock should have had the match won after a brutal powerbomb, but Edge was somehow able to get his left shoulder off of the mat just before the referee's hand fell for a third time. Lesnar was started to get frustrated, and made a stupid mistake by slamming Edge down and then going up top for his much hyped but rarely seen Shooting Star Press. While the move was executed flawlessly, Edge moved out of the way and Brock landed hard on his chest knocking the wind out of himself in the process.

Edge was able to get to his feet and connect with a short clothesline before spinning Brock around and delivering one of his best moves as he scored with the Edge-O-Matic. Edge got a bit cocky as he made the cover, and thought he'd had this match won, at least until Lesnar easily kicked out at just 1 1/2! Lesnar grabbed Edge by his long hair and went for a suplex, but it was blocked and turned into a held vertical suplex by Edge instead. Again, Brock landed hard and his muscle mass worked against him as he was still unable to catch his breath. This time, Edge opted to go for his trademark finisher, the EDGE-O-CUTION! The crowd happily counted along with the referee, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! Edge pumped his fist and headed to the back with a smile on his face having survived a match with Lesnar who amazingly looked to be the fresher of the two despite taking the loss. 'The Next Big Thing' did not take the loss well and threw a bit of a tantrum as the segment and this feud came to an end.

Edge (91) p. Brock Lesnar (95) to end their old feud - 87/91/79


The final feud ending match of the evening was set to take place with the added stipulation that Chris Jericho & HHH would do battle in a Texas Deathmatch! The winner would be decided when one of the two men was able to put the other man down for a continuous 10 count. Pinfalls and submissions could be used to lead up to that point, but didn't really matter in terms of their normal significance as the referee's count was the only thing that could determine the winner.

Again, the match was largely a slugfest so the quality wasn't that high, but the crowd more than made up for it with their enthusiasm as they roared every time Jericho got dropped and booed their lungs out whenever he had control of HHH. Last month in a tag match, Jericho ran from Helmsley, but this time around he went straight after HHH as if he was an entirely different man. Fifteen minutes into the match, both men were bleeding profusely from the forehead, HHH because of being tossed into the corner of the ringsteps and Jericho from taking three huge chairshots to the face as Helmsley mounted a comeback after tasting his own blood. After the third chair shot HHH connected with a piledriver which led to a 6 count. HHH charged in with a high running knee and then a PEDIGREE to a huge pop! Jericho staggered and struggled to get to his feet, but he somehow did so at 8 1/2.

Things looked bleak for the Canadian at this point, but he was able to dodge a HHH charge and held the top rope down, sending the 250 pound Hunter crashing to the ground! Jericho wiped the blood from his face and went under the ring where he picked out a sledgehammer of all things. At first Jericho drove the wooden handle end into HHH's throat area leaving him gagging, but that was just the beginning as Jericho swung the metallic end into HHH's left knee in a disturbing spot. Everyone grimaced as steel met bone and HHH dropped as if he had been shot. The referee made it to 7 before HHH was able to get up on one knee. Jericho again drove the sledgehammer into the side of HHH's knee before lifting the larger man up and dropping that injured body part along the top of the ringsteps! HHH was in serious trouble as Jericho locked in his WALLS OF JERICHO on the outside of the ring. After sensing that HHH wasn't struggling to get out of the hold Jericho released it and waited as the referee counted. The crowd tried their best to revive HHH, but their efforts were not enough as the referee made it to 10 and awarded Jericho the victory. Instead of being gracious, Jericho sent one final message to HHH by hitting him with his own PEDIGREE before walking off to loud boos as the medical staff came to HHH's aid.


Chris Jericho (96) def. HHH (99) to end their old feud - 90/96/79


After four intense matches we saw Edge cutting a short promo backstage where he challenged the WWF Intercontinental Champ, 'Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit once again. With Benoit's match next up, Edge got exactly what he wanted, but didn't take into account that he was calling out a man who had not yet wrestled, while he had just gone 16+ hard hitting minutes with a beast like Lesnar. Benoit came out and quickly got the better of the fight as he completely wiped Edge out with an overhead release German suplex into a crate that held our sound equipment. Edge was out cold as Benoit blew his trademark "snot rockets" on him and walked off looking disappointed. The crowd didn't like it either as Edge cannot effectively play a badass if he's going to get his ass kicked like this.

73% - both LOST over, damn


Chris Benoit was already in the ring and still looked pissed about his short brawl with Edge as he awaited the arrival of The Undertaker, who once again went back to his original music. This time though, UT went all the way back to the old school ditching his lame 'American Badass' gimmick completely as he returned with the black outfit with purple gloves and boots to a huge reaction from the crowd! Benoit looked as though he'd seen a ghost and scurried out of the ring wanting no part of the 'Dead Man'. Benoit apparently was going to be content with taking a countout loss, but when threatened that he'd be immediately stripped of the title by Commissioner Shawn Michaels on the big screen, the match finally began.

As you should have guessed, Undertaker was dominant in the earlygoing as he unleashed a barrage of punches that peppered Benoit's face. This match looked as though it was only going to last a few minutes until Benoit went low with a blatant kick before trying to choke UT out. That didn't last long though as 'Taker sat up and pulled Benoit off of him before reversing it into an armbar and the Old School Ropewalk Axehandle to the head and shoulder. Benoit was in trouble as we saw our second interruption of the match on the screen when Raven appeared and asked The Undertaker why he was so quick to abandon his American Badass persona after the two scuffled recently. Raven genuinely seemed to be upset that 'Taker was trying to rip off his gimmick as the tortured loner and began to insult him.

While this was going on everyone's attention was diverted, allowing Raven to sneak in through the crowd, spin 'Taker around and drill him with a RAVEN EFFECT! Raven then gave a nod to Benoit who clamped on his CRIPPLER CROSSFACE before the big man could shake off the effects of the DDT he'd just received. The obviously taped clip finished playing and the ref turned back around to see what he thought was UT out cold, calling for the bell just as 'Taker started to stir! Benoit grabbed his title belt and sprinted out of harm's way as 'Taker rose to his feet and glared a hole in the referee who apologized profusely all the while begging for his life. The Undertaker didn't say a word to him but mouthed the word Raven repeatedly as he headed to the back to a nice ovation despite the loss.


'Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit (c, 90) def. Undertaker (93) via submission after a run-in by Raven to RETAIN the title - 86/87/85


Our staff toyed with making the next match the Main Event, but opted not to in order to protect the sanctity of the WWF Undisputed World Title. The crowd response to both Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin was deafening. In fact, it would probably be impossible to have a match with a crowd more into it. Five years ago before the injuries mounted up for both men, the match quality would have been nearly as high as the response throughout, but given the circumstances it was serviceable to say the least as it still turned out to be the best overall match of the evening.

We didn't see anything unexpected from these two, but with what amounted to a guaranteed title shot for 'Stone Cold', OR Austin's job being on the line, at least temporarily, the intensity was amazing. At 8:06, HBK connected with a beautiful double arm suplex before mounting Austin and hammering him with some hard right hands. However, Austin was able to reverse it and went nuts on Michaels who tried his best to cover up, but was largely unsuccessful. Austin whipped Michaels into the ropes for what we though would be a Lou Thesz press, but ended up getting caught with a flying elbow from Michaels, who followed that up with a spinning neckbreaker on Stone Cold. Austin then blocked a suplex attempt and caught 'The Heart Break Kid' with a perfectly timed Stun Gun, keeping up with tonight's old school theme! Austin suplexed Michaels over and was in the process of punching him in the face when The Canadian National Anthem began to play, leading out another of Austin's annoyances, Lance Storm.

Austin's attention turned to Storm and that turned out to be a fatal error as Michaels connected with a German suplex for a 2 count. Storm continued to verbally berate Austin while Michaels connected with a huge backbreaker before climbing to the top rope for his trademark elbow drop. After hitting Austin with two of his former finishers Michaels was feeling it, and the crowd rose to its collective feet as he stomped the mat signalling that his current finisher was coming. Austin stood up slowly and got nailed with SWEET CHIN MUSIC as the crowd erupted! Michaels made the cover, but Austin was close enough to the ropes that he was able to put his left foot on them, but Storm deftly swiped it off before the referee or Michaels could see it. A three count was made and Michaels was deemed the winner. The crowd was torn whether to be excited that HBK's return to in ring action was successful or if they should be upset that Austin was out of the company until HBK decided to re-instate him. While this was going on, Lance Storm was seen laughing for the first time ever knowing that he had just conspired to rid the company of one of its biggest stars!


'The Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels (100) p. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (100) - 93/100/80 - therefore Austin is INDEFINITELY SUSPENDED!!


Following the three count, Storm picked up a microphone and had the following to say as Austin was escorted out of the building by security.

Storm: "Austin, you stupid, stupid American! *boos* A lot of the boys in the back tried to get me to stay away from you. They said 'Lance you're not ready', or 'Austin will just make you look bad', but it seems that I was the one that got the last laugh Steve. You see, I managed to get you OUT of the WWF with almost no effort and moved myself one step closer to the top, which is exactly where I belong! By doing so, I once again was able to prove Canada's superiority to the United States! *boos* I've already beaten the Undertaker, so the way I see it, I deserve a shot at that Intercontinental title Chris Benoit's holding on to only because I haven't had a shot at him yet.

I've heard that Edge foolishly seems to think he deserves a shot at the title as well, but he's from Toronto, which is barely better than hailing from Edmonton, but nowhere near as prestgious as being from CALGARY. . . Alberta, Canada! Lance Storm IS the one and ONLY 'Canadian Superstar', not Benoit, not Edge, not Jericho, not Test, not Christian and certainly not that bimbo Trish Stratus! Being the best wrestler from CANADA means that I'm the best technical wrestler in the world today, so here's what I propose. . . Benoit, why don't you put up that title tomorrow night on RAW in Montreal against Edge and yours truly. Not only will I get to become the NEW IC champion, but I'll prove once and for all that I'm the only Canadian on the roster worth all the hype!"



Tonight's Main Event was in an awkward position as far as the fans were concerned. One of their favorites was now jobless and they had no one to cheer in this match for the WWF Undisputed World Title as Kurt Angle was set to finally make his challenge after winning the right to face The Rock five weeks ago at SUMMER SLAM by defeating Booker T in a steel cage. This was the first time that either man has fought in front of an unenthusiastic, virtually apathetic crowd in YEARS, and it clearly had an effect on the match quality as well.

The Rock was the beneficiary of that surprising development as Angle would, could and should be able to outwrestle him easily on any given day. Twelve minutes into the match, The Rock had Angle in the corner and was "layin' the smackdown" when he connected with a huge Spit Punch that sent the challenger over the top to the outside! A trash talking Rock followed Angle out and got caught with a dropdown jawbreaker and a clothesline for his efforts. Angle threw Rock into the guardrauk before sliding under the rope to break the count. Angle promptly went back outside and snap suplexed the Rock before sending him back inside. The Rock begged for a time out and actually pushed the ref in front of Angle, allowing him the chance to get to his feet and thumb Kurt in the eye.

The Rock then connected with his spinebuster before popping up and attempting a People's Elbow to no avail, as Angle swept the legs and clamped on his ANGLE LOCK in the center of the ring! The Rock was fairly fresh, and thus able to make it to the ropes and get a much needed break which extended his title reign. Angle picked the champ up and connected with three rolling snap suplexes before signalling that he was going for the Angle Slam. The Rock was able to sense that the crowd was coming to life and threw a lucky elbow that caught Angle flush across the bridge of his nose! Angle was dazed for a moment or two, but that was all the Rock needed to connect with a stiff DDT and a nip up. The Rock stomped the ring in preparation for his finisher, and as Angle turned around he walked right into a ROCK BOTTOM that dropped him where he stood. The Rock was able to hook the leg and three seconds later, he had finally retained his title! The final image of the show was a kneeling Angle staring at his hands in complete disbelief while The Rock celebrated on each of the four turnbuckles.


The Rock (c, 100) p. Kurt Angle (96) to RETAIN the title - 72/60/85 - crowd suffered


The show appeared as though it was over, and the members of The Cult all looked very upset that they did not get to do anything on the show. Their collective mood soon changed as The Oracle returned to them with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin standing directly behind him! Nothing was said, so it was unclear whether Austin had joined the group, or if he was merely in a similar position to Raven who had received their backing without being declared an official member.


83 quality, 1.92 buyrate, 20,736 attendance (total gate $6,044,160)

Over Bumps: Austin Lee (up to 84), Erin Bray (up to 72) thanks to 90+ quality

Feuds: Raven/Undertaker (87), Austin/Storm (90), Jericho/RVD (88), Guerreros/Hardyz (69), Leviathan/Kane (72), Trish/Victoria (70), Benoit/Edge (85), Leppard/Nash (65)

BEST SEGMENT - Storm int - 85%

BEST MATCH - Austin vs Michaels - 93% overall rating

MARKS LIKED - Austin vs Michaels - 100% crowd reaction

SMARTS LIKED - ECW vs Youth Movement - 98% match quality

SHOW MVP - The 4 workers in the tag title match for an INSANELY high quality

I toyed with Austin/HBK as the Main Event but that would have devalued the title match, so I took a hit on my overall rating to be logical. We won't talk about that Edge/Benoit segment that killed the show :( Congrats to the contest winner y2gudge! If Pancho would have done the obvious and picked The Rock, he would have swept all 7 matches :shifty: I hope you all enjoyed the show. Look for Raw by Tuesday.


CONTEST RESULTS (wins out of 7 matches/wins in 4 title matches (was the tiebreaker)

stephlover - 4/4 (I went with your first set of picks on EWB)

Krazy K - 5/3

y2gudge - 6/4

DBDarrel - 5/3 (I went with your first set of picks on EWB)

The Rocket - 5/3

PanchoVilla - 6/3

Jukeboksi - 5/3

flawsmack - 5/3

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I posted something similar to this in a magazine article, but after switching over to TEW I didn't feel like transferring all of my training camp kids, so some of these bios are new, others are old. I just wanted to mention this in case this seemed slightly familiar to longtime readers.


Ohio Valley Wrestling Head Trainer, Jim Cornette has just confirmed that a great deal of his most prized students are ready to be called up to the big leagues in the coming weeks. When asked why the graduates would move up now, Cornette informed us that the company is trying to preserve some of its stars who are scheduled to compete in grueling matches at WM XIX, so an influx of fresh bodies is necessary. When asked about who we should keep an eye on, Cornette responded as follows. . .

JC: 'Prime Time' Greg Pawluk is THE jewel of the system we've got here. At 26, he's a little older than most of the kids we had down here, but because of his age, he's also got the maturity to instantly step in at the next level. Pairing him up with a Miss Hancock or Dawn Marie could lead him to the WWF World Title within 2 years or less. Pawluk is just THAT good! I'd compare him to a Lance Storm or even a Kurt Angle type in the ring. Assuming he's a regular by June of this year I'd bet money on him being the 2003 Rookie of the Year.

'Showtime' Chance Beckett is a 24 year old Canadian with a good deal of natural charisma and the ability to put together a technical match as well as take some risks. The kid can cut a good promo and already has a "WWF body". I'd be shocked if he doesn't become a star in the Cruiserweight ranks by the end of the year. He reminds me most of a slightly more agile Matt Hardy or a more muscular, technically sound Jeff Hardy.

'Dangerous' Derek Wylde is another 24 year old Canadian prospect. The kid's got movie star good lucks, and if the reception he gets here is any indication, our female fans will love this guy. On the negative side, Derek's struggled with interviews, so he probably needs to hook up with a manager, but he has amazing talent as well. I'd be stunned if he doesn't win the WWF Cruiserweight Title before his career is over. He's very similar to Jody Fleisch in terms of skills, but isn't quite as flashy.

20 year old Adam Windsor came all the way from England, and I'm glad he made that trip. Windsor's probably going to have to bulk up since he's 6'2 but only 195 pounds. Other than that, the sky is the limit for this kid since he's a solid tactician and is also a good high flyer.


Now let's move on to the ladies.

JC: You may remember the 28 year old Erica Porter as Jungle Grrl from the defunct WOW promotion. Erica's big wins in the QUEENS tournament over the immense Charisma Gunn and Precious Lucy showed you what she's about. Erica's got a ton of heart, a unique look about her and she's damn near carved out of stone. I wouldn't be shocked to see her win the Women's title on multiple occasions by the end of her career which should last a good handful of years yet.

Cheerleader Melissa probably has the brightest future out of everyone here on the ladies side. Before signing with us she was widely regarded as the best female wrestler in the United States indies, and I only expect her to get better. Her competitive match with Ayako Hamada back in December should have let everyone know she's for real. At just 21 years of age, she's got her best years well ahead of her.

My last pick of those you haven't already seen often in the WWF is Sara Del Ray. She's a 22 year old hardass! Sara's definitely one of the toughest women I've ever seen as she continued to train with a cracked rib for a few months and never once complained. She's an all around talent, but will probably focus on high flying moves when she makes the big jump. She needs a little work with the microphone, but will definitely be a solid hand in the evolving Women's division.

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