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WCW: The Fuscient Era

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We all know that the 26th March 2001 marked the end of an era of pro-wrestling, marked the end of the Monday Night Wars. Well, with my first diary, we’ll have to suspend our belief for a bit.

As a follower of WCW, it always seemed a shame to me that a company with as many resources as WCW went under, and with it the competitive nature of wrestling ended, and with the XWF never getting off the ground and the questionable challenge presented by NWA:TNA, seems to be unable to be re-captured. This first post is an edited Nitro Recap from Widro from 411, removing all mention of a WWF buyout and adding in some explanation, my first ‘real’ show will be the next week’s Nitro. Given that there have been a million Fuscient buys WCW diaries, I'm sure you've read this recap before - there's a new bit at the end, so watch out for that.

As this is the first diary I’ve had the guts to post, any feedback will be accepted gratefully – even if it’s negative, as my writing and booking can only get better. So I hope you’ll all enjoy this as much as I’m enjoying formulating ideas for it.

WCW Monday Nitro Report 3.26.01

Live From Panama City

Announcers: Scott Hudson and Tony Schiavone

Report by Widro

Here comes Ric Flair. He was told not to go on this show by a friend, knowing that this could be the end. He goes through all the big superstars for WCW. He said WCW has always run neck and neck with WWF. Takes off the sportsjacket! It’s always been about WWF vs. WCW. Flair says WCW is the best and McMahon can’t hold us down. He says if one guy is going to wrestle Flair on the last WCW show, it’s Sting!

(Commercial Break)

AHHHH WCW Spring Break crap with Rikki Rachtman! Turn this off!

WCW World Title vs. WCW US Title

Big Poppa Pump © vs. Booker T ©

Lockup and Booker T with some movements. Steiner clothesline, Booker T ducks and Harlem Sidekick for 2. Clothesline out of the corner by Booker T for 2. Brawling moves to the floor, and Midajah gets involved. Steiner uses the STEEEEEEL pipe. Misses Booker T, but still is in control. Back in the ring, and Scott with a clothesline, and a biceps kiss elbow drop. No cover, some pushups. Steiner controls. Submission move, Booker T fights up. Booker T puts his head down, and Steiner hits him. Dropkick by Booker T! Booker T with the axe kick!! Pancake. Spin-a-roony! Hudson calls it such. Harlem sidekick. Book End attempt, Steiner reverses into a bridged Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Steiner powerbomb attempt, Booker T floats forward, and hits the Book End!

Winner and NEW WCW Champion: Booker T

Tony oversells like a madman. Booker T celebrates…

(Commercial Break)

WCW Spring Break crap with Rikki Rachtman continues!

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title #1 Contendership.

Evan and Shannon vs. Jung Dragons vs. Rey and Kidman

Dragons and Kidman. Shannon rolls up Kidman. Evan with a face jam on Kaz. He drives the Caddy! Yang attacks Evan then mocks him. Rey flies at Yang on the floor. Kaz flies at him. Evan flies at them. Shannon follows. Shannon from the top! Kidman with a Kid-ma-kaze! Rey and Yang in the ring. Yang up top for a twisting corkscrew moonsault. Cover, and Kidman makes the save. Goes for the Kid Crusher, Shannon comes in. He hits the Bottoms Up, and Kaz makes the save. Dragons with a sick double team powerbomb on Shannon, Evan saves. Kidman and Yang in the ring. Evan with a Diamond Cutter on Kaz. 450 by Evan! All on the floor. Rey does the broncobuster, but Shannon gets a boot up. Rey sends Shannon to the apron. Rey does the legdrop from the top with Shannon draped in the ropes. Cover and they pin.

Winners: Rey and Kidman

(Commercial Break)

WCW Cruiserweight Title

Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Gotta love that Shane entrance. Chavo attacks from behind. Shane with a fireman’s carry into his knee face first. Shane goes back to work. To the floor briefly, and Chavo takes control. Back in, belly to back by Chavo. Chavo beats him into the corner. Sets up for a superplex. Shane tosses him off. Top rope sunset flip for 2. Crowd is dead. Big clothesline by Chavo, cover for 2. Huge chop by Chavo. High cross body by Shane. Back and forth. Chavo hits a t bone suplex for 2. More maneuvering, Northern Lights suplex bridged for 2 by Chavo. Shane with a cool sunset flip for 2. Gut wrench backbreaker by Shane. Sugar Smack ducked, Chavo goes for inverse DDT, Shane floats over and then hits a Sugar Smack. Signals for Vertebreaker. Chavo floats out of it, back and forth reversals, and there is the Vertebreaker.

Winner and STILL champ: Shane Helms

(Commercial Break)

Backstage, Booker T holds the World and US Titles and he would like to say it’s the end of a chapter, but there are many, many more pages left in this book. He wants to prove he is the best. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Team Canada is here. Storm on the mic. He wants the titles. They play the anthem.

(Commercial Break)

Tony and Scott are worried.

WCW Tag Team Titles

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome vs. Palumbo and O’Haire ©

O’Haire and Storm to start. Back and forth. Tag to Chuck. USA chant. Champs get Storm in their corner. Chuck catches Storm with a fall away slam. Superkick by Storm on Chuck. Chuck with those SUPER hard shots on Awesome, but Awesome flies around a bunch. Storm back in, and catapult by Chuck on Storm. Seated dropkick by Storm. Both men down. Hot tag to O’Haire, he takes out both. Fireman’s carry slam on Awesome, Storm makes the save. Chuck in with some vicious right hand. All four in the ring. Team Canada clears O to the floor, Double team on Chuck. O grabs Storm’s legs. Awesome has Chuck for an Awesomebomb. Chuck floats back. Jungle kick! Sean back up, Seanton bomb!

Winners and STILL champ: O’Haire and Palumbo

(Commercial Break)

Stacy is out for the Shawn and Stacy show.

The Mecca Of Manhood Shawn the Star Stasiak vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

BBB is out with a tattoo machine or something. BBB with power moves. He is in control. Shawn is up with some Stacy distraction. BBB gets the Greetings, and Stacy holds Shawn’s legs so he can float back. Shawn gets his SUPER LAME neckbreaker for the pin.

Winner: Shawn Stasiak

(Commercial Break)

DDP earlier tonight talks about WCW. On this historic evening, he wanted to thank all the fans. He talks about himself for a while. He mentions Kimberly! Is his dream over? He doesn’t think so.

Video montage of WCW World Champions. Yup, they’re all there. Bret! Goldberg! Old guys! All that you can think of.

(Commercial Break)

WCW Tag Team Cruiserweight Titles

Primetime and Kid Romeo © vs. Rey and Kidman

Kidman and Skipper to start. Romeo in and the champs are in control early. Romeo tosses Kidman into the corner, Kidman gets a foot up. PT is in, Kidman with a high cross body for 2. Romeo up top, flies at Kidman who counters with a dropkick. Both down. Rey tagged in. All four in the ring. Rey with the broncobuster on Elix. They celebrate, Romeo is in, takes out Kidman, takes out Rey. Romeo hits his finished on Kidman, Rey saves. Powerbomb by Rey. Springboard headbutt by Rey, PT makes the save. Rey and Romeo clear to the floor, PT goes for his finisher, Kidman reverses into the Kid Crusher for the pin.

Winners and NEW champs: Rey and Kidman

Sting is backstage with some bats hanging all around him. He wouldn’t miss this for anything. He cuts a promo on Flair. What's next for Sting? The only thing that is sure is that nothing is for sure.

(Commercial Break)

It’s Flair vs. Sting ONE MORE TIME. They should have had Flair befriend Sting and then turn on him, just for old times sake.

(Commercial Break)

Ric Flair vs. Sting

Hudson: When it was en vogue to jump from the WWF to WCW, Sting stayed. Even Ric Flair jumped! Wow. Lockup, and Sting pushes Flair off. Huge Sting chant. Shoulder block by Sting. Another. Test of strength. Hudson and Tony recap Flair stabbing Sting in the back. Chops by Flair in the corner. Sting has had enough! He switches and works over Flair. Hip toss, dropkick, and Flair to the floor. Lockup, shoulder block and leapfrogs. Sting has a huge grin as Flair begs off in the corner. Flair struts! Flair goes to work. Sting with a Guerilla Press Slam. Ten punch count along by Sting. Flair flop! Sting chops, has Flair by the throat. Low blow uppercut by Flair. Stomps. Nice to see Flair with a shirt on. Knee drop by Flair. Flair strut! Flair stomps. He goes up top! We know what will happen, but we LOVE IT ONE MORE TIME! Sting grabs Flair and tosses him off! Sting with some clotheslines. Flair knocks him down. Flair goes for the figure four! Sting fighting it! Can he turn if over?? Sting is battling. Pinned for 2. And he does it! Sting turns it! Flair lets it go. Flair chops, but Sting no sells! Again! Sting flexes! This is so great. Sting with a turnbuckle flip, kinda botched, but still cool. Sting with the superplex! Scorpion Deathlock in the centre on the ring! Flair taps!!!

Winner: Sting

Sting picks up Flair and they hug! They shake hands. A great moment. Both have a huge grin. Hug. Flair grabs a mic and thanks the WCW fans for everything, yadda yadda yadda. Flair is clearly upset.

Out of nowhere, Eric Bischoff’s music hits – he hasn’t been on TV for a while, maybe this is one last chance for the fans to boo the hell out of him. He climbs into the ring, holding a briefcase.

Bischoff: I’ve sat and watched as the WWF have done their best to kill off WCW. I’ve seen them steal WCW’s workers, WCW’s ideas and WCW’s fans. I watched while the likes of D-Generation X disrespected our product, tarnished our image all on the whim of those back at the office.

The thing is, I can’t say I haven’t and wouldn’t continue to do the same – this is the essence of 21st century wrestling; competition is the essence of 21st century wrestling. Where would wrestling be without competition? As much as Vince McMahon would deny it, the WWF need us. Evil cannot exist without good. The beauty of Monday nights was that if you didn’t like the crap on one station, you could switch to the other. The pressure to keep viewers switched on your programming, and to keep on top of the mountain created some of the most memorable moments and angles in wrestling’s history - like the New World Order, which changed the way we all think about wrestling.

The bottom line is, if either WCW or even the WWF were to die, wrestling itself would die. The competition and rivalry keeps us on our toes – just look at the quality of programming back in 1998 and 1999. One thing that I’ve found out, is that I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Unfortunately tonight is the end of WCW - the end of the WCW that brought you The Powers That Be, Vince Russo as WCW Heavyweight Champion and Stacy Keibler’s pregnancy. In this briefcase, there is, in my eyes, the most important document ever written. A document that guarantees that all these folks backstage keep their job, and that you all can keep your seats.

You see, I’m not the only one who believes in WCW – the Fuscient Media company believes in WCW! That’s why they’ve bought WCW, and all that comes under it, from AOL Time Warner at the 11th hour. That means workers, staff, titles, trademarks and TV shows! I’ve been appointed as Acting President of WCW, a new WCW! A WCW that focuses on what you want, not what one geriatric backstage wants! A WCW that promises the best every single time you turn on your TV set.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Eric Bischoff bring to you the resurrection of WCW – beginning next week with Monday Night Nitro! Vince – let the challenge begin!

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WCW Roster (as of April 1st 2001)

Faces: Blue

Heels: Red

Tweeners: Green

Main Event:

Booker T (=0= Current WCW Heavyweight Champion and =0= WCW United States Champion)

Bill Goldberg


Ric Flair

Scott ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Steiner

Upper Midcard:

Diamond Dallas Page

Dustin Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes

Kevin Nash

Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller

‘Road Warrior’ Animal

Buff Bagwell

Jeff ‘The Chosen One’ Jarrett

Lex Luger

Mike Sanders

Rick Steiner


Big Vito

Billy Kidman

Hugh Morrus

Jim Duggan


Rey Mysterio Jr.

Wayne DeBruce

Alex Wright

Brian Adams

Bryan Clark

Chris Kanyon

Chuck Palumbo

David Flair

Disco Inferno

Don Harris

Lance Storm

Mike Awesome

Ron Harris

Sean O’Haire

Shane Douglas

Shawn Stasiak

Lower Midcard:


Lash LeRoux

MI Smooth

Norman Smiley

‘Sugar’ Shane Helms (=0= Current WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Terry Funk

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Knobbs

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chris Candido

Elix Skipper

Johnny The Bull

Mark Jindrak

Stevie Ray

The Wall


Air Paris

AJ Styles


Evan Karagias

Jamie Noble

Jason Jett

Kaz Hayashi

Kid Romeo


Shannon Moore



Larry Zybsko


Eric Bischoff


Stacy Keibler

Torrie Wilson

Jimmy Hart

Leia Meow

Major Gunns


Miss Elizabeth


Tammy Synch

Active Tag Teams:

Air Raid (Air Paris & AJ Styles)

Bad and Buff (Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell)

Boogie Knights (Alex Wright & Disco Inferno)

Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman – =0= Current WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions)

Harris Boys (Don & Ron Harris)

InSiders (Diamond Dallas Page & Kevin Nash)

KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark)

O’Haire & Palumbo (Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo – =0= Current WCW Tag Team Champions)

Skipper & Romeo (Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo)

Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)

Three Count (Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore)

Totally Buff (Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger)

Yung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi & Yang)

WCW Mission Statement:

Too long has WCW been seen as second best in the eyes of the common wrestling fan. To try combat this, expensive writers were hired, fresh from the WWF, producing moments memorable for the wrong reasons. An era of ‘shock’ wrestling was born in the WCW, nearly nailing it’s coffin shut.

WCW aims to put a firm focus on athleticism, whilst still being considered a Sports Entertainment product. It has taken a near death moment for the company to realise that drastic measures are needed to turn the product around. We at WCW hope that you, the fans, will tune into Monday Nitro on the 2nd of April and witness the rebirth of the WCW.


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.411 Wrestling’s News and Notes for Monday 2nd April 2001:

WCW, now headed by Fuscient Media, has wasted no time in shaking up its roster. 3 superstars were released and some sent for further development. Here’s the official statements:

Unfortunately, WCW has decided to part ways with 3 of its long-serving superstars. We would like to wish Brian Knobbs, Jim Duggan and Wayne DeBruce all the best for the future and thank them for their service.

The following superstars have been sent to new development territory NWA: Wildside for further training and ring experience:

David Flair

Don Harris



Ron Harris

The Wall

[Credit – WCW.com]

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This sounds really good at the moment. You must'nt forget that you should try all that you can to stick out - as about two or three (or more) Fusient diaries seem to start every week on the Diary Dome. Most of them (like my failed attempt) fall after the first hurdle so here's hoping you'll do good.

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WCW Monday Nitro

2nd April 2001

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson

We are World Championship Wrestling:

A video montage starts the show, highlighting some of WCW’s greatest moments: Ric Flair becoming the first WCW Heavyweight Champion, Sting’s first title win, Ron Simmons becoming the first African-American World Champion, Hulk Hogan’s WCW debut and the formation of the Hulkamaniacs, clips of innovative Cruiserweight action, The Outsiders showing up on Nitro and continuing right up until Ric Flair and Sting’s embrace after the last Nitro.

The focus shifts to a dark room where photos of former NWA Champions, such as Orville Brown, Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr. and Harley Race are scattered across a coffee table, forming a huge collage.

The caption “A New Era in Professional Wrestling” hits the screen, before the camera pans up to reveal current WCW Heavyweight Champion Booker T standing in front of a wall covered in more photos and Newspaper clippings. A new caption, “We are World Championship Wrestling” appears on the screen.

Booker T: Now can you dig that, sucka?!

Cue the Nitro opening sequence.

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match:

Filthy Animals © vs. Yung Dragons

What better way to usher in WCW’s new era than with some high flying, high risk Cruiserweight action? Both teams make their entrance, with the Filthy Animals shaking hands with the fans on the way to the ring as Schiavone and Hudson ponder what Bischoff’s “special announcement” could be. We have Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kaz Hayashi to start us off.

As the bell rings both men circle each other, before locking up in a test of strength. Hayashi manoeuvres Rey into a headlock, which Rey attempts to reverse into a Back-Body Drop, which Hayashi flips his way out of. We’re back where we started as both men proceed to circle each other. Impatient to make an impact, Hayashi charges towards Rey, but Rey leapfrogs him, before connecting with a well executed dropkick as Hayashi spun around. Rey makes the tag to Kidman, before whipping Kaz into the ropes and the Filthy Animals connect with a Double Pancake onto the ropes! 1…2..Too Early! Kidman lifts Hayashi off the mat and aims for a right hand, which is promptly blocked and Kidman is levelled with a kick to the midsection. Hayashi proceeds to bounce off the ropes before connecting with a big time Hurricanrana. Kaz makes the tag to Yang, who proceeds to climb to the top rope. Hayashi lifts Kidman into the Back-Breaker position while Yang lands a legdrop, right on Kidman’s throat. 1…2..Shoulder Up! That was close! Yang heads to the top rope again, whilst the groggy Kidman slowly makes his way to his feet. As he does, Yang again flies off the top, executing a near perfect Missile Dropkick.

After a couple more quick tags, the Yung Dragons appear to be firmly in control. Yang is back as the legal man, and works Kidman over in the corner with a series of stiff kicks. Yang then heads for the other corner, before charging towards Kidman, attempting a splash. Kidman, however, draws the strength to move and Yang heads straight for the ringpost! Billy Kidman manages to crawl back to his corner and make the tag to Rey Mysterio, drawing illegal man Hayashi into the fray. As Yang attempts to pick himself up using the ropes, Rey charges towards Hayashi, taking him down with the Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. Noticing Yang resting on the ropes, Mysterio proceeds to clothesline him straight out of the ring, hitting the unforgiving concrete. As Yang slowly gets to his feet, Rey points towards him, drawing a huge pop from the crowd, before leaping over the ropes to hit a Flying Plancha. Both Kidman and Hayashi are back on their feet, brawling on the outside. Rey rolls Yang back into the ring, then climbs to the top rope, preying on Yang to rise to his feet, before hitting the Flying Hurricanrana! 1…2…3…!

Winners and STILL WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions: the Filthy Animals

Overall = 73%

Crowd Reaction = 55%

Match Quality = 92%

Post match, Rey and Kidman celebrate with the fans. Kidman picks a sign out of the crowd which reads “WCW 4 Life” and holds it to the camera. Replays of the big spots are shown.

A Special Announcement:

As soon as the replays are finished, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and the new Acting President of WCW walks to the ring. The crowd reaction towards Easy E is mixed, despite his dubious past, suggesting that many see Bischoff as WCW’s saviour.

Bischoff: What a way to open the show, huh? That’s the kind of passionate action you can expect from every single WCW show! [Crowd pop] And y’know, after last week’s show I was thinking “How can I make this Nitro really special?” then the answer hit me. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, your main event will be the rematch of the year – Booker T, Scott Steiner, one more time for the WCW Heavyweight Championship! [Crowd pop]

Now these two gave us one hell of a match last week, and I’ve got a feeling that tonight is gonna top that! Enjoy the rest of the show!

Overall = 78%

As Bischoff exits, we cut to backstage – the Magnificent Seven’s dressing room to be more precise.

Trouble in Paradise?:

Scott Steiner: [Clearly on edge] Alright, tonight Big Poppa Pump is gonna beat that piece of street trash Booker T till he can’t see straight. I’m gonna get back what’s mine.

[All the other six chip in with generic supportive comments]

Flair: [Patting Steiner on the back] Woooo! That’s what I’m talking about – the Magnificent Seven back on top of the wrasslin’ mountain! Good luck boy.

Steiner: What the hell do you mean by ‘good luck’? You think I need luck?! I’m a Genetic Freak! I’m a god-damn masterpiece! I ain’t your ‘boy’ either!

Rick Steiner: Bro, calm down! He didn’t mean nothing by it.

[Flair remains silent, he just stares at Steiner.]

Steiner: Flair, if you’ve got something to say…

Flair: Woah, woah, woah.

Scott, what’s causin’ all this? I only want the best for you! You think I want that Harlem hoodlum as my World Champion? Look, after you win tonight we got one hell of a big limo waiting to take us to the hottest club in town, with the hottest girls in town all there to see the WCW Heavyweight Champion! After you win tonight, Booker T’s got one hell of a big ambulance come to take him downtown!

Steiner: Whatever Ric, whatever. I’ve got a Heavyweight title match to get ready for.

[The camera pans around the room, with members of the M7 looking visibly nervous. Schiavone and Hudson put over how hard it must be for those seven huge egos to co-exist.]

Overall = 100%

[Commercial Break]

Non-Title Match:

‘Sugar’ Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

We come back from commercial just as Chavo’s entrance has finished, seems he’s getting the jobber treatment. Shane Helms makes his way to the ring, complete with the WCW Cruiserweight Title, and boy do the crowd love his entrance! He beckons to the ring announcer to pass him a mic.

Helms: Now I gotta…

BAM! Never turn your back on a Guerrero! Chavo cuts down Helms with a big clothesline to the back of the head, and goes to work with a series of stomps. The bell rings, and we’re on. He whips Helms into the ropes and hits a big Back Body Drop. Early cover, 1…2.Not even close! Undeterred, Chavo picks ‘Sugar’ Shane up and hits a Snap Suplex. Chavo, the more accomplished mat based wrestler, attempts to slow the match down by locking in an STF. Helms, however, manages to get his arms free and crawl towards the ropes – Chavo isn’t breaking the hold though, which by now is your basic Leg Lock. The referee begins the count, as Helms pulls himself up using the ropes. Chavo is distracted by the referee yelling in his ear. CRACK! The distraction gave Helms enough time to hit a stiff Enziguri kick! As both men get to their feet Chavo angrily charges towards Helms, who ducks and then hits the Sugar Smack. 1…2..So Close! Chavo manages to get a shoulder up. Helms takes Chavo back to the mat with a fireman’s carry, before heading to the top rope. Helms obviously forgot rule number one – never turn your back on a Guerrero – as Chavo pulls the rope down, dropping Helms groin-first onto the turnbuckle. Ever the opportunist, Chavo capitalises with a Tornado DDT before heading to the top rope himself. Drawing on his last ounces of strength, Helms manages to move out of the way of Chavo’s Moonsault attempt, now both men lie on the mat, exhausted.

The referee begins the count – 1…2…3…4…Both men begin to stir…5…6…Now both men are back to their feet, resting against opposite sides of the ring. In an attempt to seize momentum, Guerrero charges at Helms with a clothesline, which drags both men over the top rope and on to the mat outside. Again the referee starts the count 1…2…3…4…Both men are up, and Helms tackles Chavo into the side of the ring, seemingly hurting himself in the process…5…6…7…8…9…10! Double count-out! What happens to Chavo’s title shot now?

Winner: N/A. Double Count-Out.

Overall: 73%

Crowd Reaction: 61%

Match Quality: 85%

After hearing the result of the match, Chavo explodes, picking Helms up and slamming his head into the guardrail. The two continue to brawl on their way to the back. Schiavone and Hudson proceed to put over the competitive nature of the Cruiserweight division, before announcing that we’re headed backstage.

An audience with the WCW Tag Team Champions:

Pamela Paulshock: Thanks guys. I’m backstage with the WCW Tag Team Champions, Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo. Well guys how does it feel to be a part of this new era of WCW?

O’Haire: As far as we’re concerned, WCW should be very grateful to have us. We could have gone the way of so many others and left WCW, you remember what happened just over a year ago? When four Radicals left what they viewed as a sinking ship? We’ve had offers from everywhere – the WWF, Japan, even Hollywood. The truth is, we like it here. We know that we’re the best damn tag team that WCW has to offer – we’re poster boys, the devastingly handsome future Heavyweight champions. We’re not leaving ‘till we’ve beaten every pathetic excuse for wrestlers this company has to offer, ‘till we’ve won everything this company has to offer. Total and utter control blondie, d’ya understand me?

[Paulshock nods, a little bemused.]

Palumbo: Just look at our competition here. The InSiders? Two guys old enough to be grandparents, who are less mobile than Ironside! The Filthy Animals? Two gymnasts with the bodies of 12 year olds. You can flip flop around the ring all you want, but the fact of the matter is if you get on the wrong side of a Jungle Kick, you’re a dead man. [Pats his Tag Title.] You know what this says? This says that we’re the biggest and the baddest tag team around here. We can no longer be ignored, they’re just throwing TV time at us these days.

Pamela Paulshock: And who are ‘they’ exactly?

O’Haire: Everybody. The guys backstage want to see us, the fans want to see us, the girls in the crowd want to see us. And, believe me, we’re loving the attention.

Pamela Paulshock: Okay, that’s all we’ve got time for – back to you Tony and Scott.

Palumbo: [To O’Haire, unaware camera is still rolling.] That was sweet, we look totally stacked. [Flexes his arm.] I’m gonna go hit the baby oil…

Overall: 62%

We head back to the announcers both, with Schiavone calling O’Haire and Palumbo ‘morons’, Hudson thinks they could be onto something.

[Commercial break.]

We’re back, and Schiavone tells us that we’re going to see Mike Awesome and Dustin Rhodes, in a match that has just been arranged.

Singles Match:

Mike Awesome vs. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes makes his way out first, to an average reaction, complete with new handlebar moustache. Nothing says Bad Ass like a handlebar moustache. Awesome makes his way out next, with his Canadian flag, but without Team Canada. The bell rings, and we’re underway.

Awesome hits Rhodes with a few stiff rights, the last of which knocks him down to the canvas. Before he can get up, Awesome boots him straight in the gut. Awesome picks him up, Irish Whips him and hits a Flying Back Elbow Smash. Instead of covering, Awesome taunts the crowd. He places his foot on Rhodes’ chest 1…2.No, he waited way too long. A stiff lariat knocks Rhodes back down to the mat, and Awesome jumps straight to the top turnbuckle. As Rhodes makes his way back to his feet, Awesome crashes down with a huge Flying Clothesline. He sure has bucketloads of agility for a guy his size. Awesome makes a weak cover, 1…2..So close! Maybe if he had hooked the leg it could have been different. Awesome picks Rhodes up, and holds his head for another right hand. Rhodes manages to block, and elbows Awesome in the gut before hitting a Side Slam.

As soon as Awesome hits the mat, Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo appear at the top of the ramp. The referee heads to the ring ropes to beckon them away, whilst Rhodes makes the cover. Clearly frustrated, Rhodes gets up to grab the referees attention and is met by a low blow from Awesome! Rhodes is spun around – Awesome Bomb! Romeo and Primetime head for the back. The ref spins around and proceeds to count 1…2…3!

Winner: Mike Awesome

Overall: 74%

Crowd Reaction: 73%

Match Quality: 75%

Schiavone calls Awesome’s methods despicable, but before the announcers can get into a debate, we head backstage.

Feel the Bang:

We head to the Car Park, as Diamond Dallas Page has just arrived for his match later on with Jeff Jarrett. He steps out of his car, carrying his gym bag, and walks on with a steely determination.

Overall = 72%

Schiavone informs us that after the break, we’ll get to see DDP and Jeff Jarrett in singles action!

[Commercial Break.]

As we come back, a video is aired telling us that Spring Stampede is live in Las Vegas on April 29th. The card has yet to be announced.

Singles Match:

Diamond Dallas Page vs. ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett

‘Self High Five’ hits the PA and Diamond Dallas Page makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on his way. He grabs a mic:

DDP: Last week, I was asked if I thought my dream was over – and, somehow, I knew it wasn’t. WCW is alive and kicking, and I’m ready to go. So Jeff get ready to feel the bang, cause I’m heading out of here with the W today. You’d better tell all your…

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits the PA, cutting off DDP. ‘The Chosen One’ heads to the ring, complete with his acoustic guitar and Slapnuts T-Shirt. As he climbs into the ring, he makes the ‘you talk too much’ signal. The ref orders Jarrett to leave the guitar outside, he obliges, and we begin. DDP gets the better of the opening exchanges, using his height to outmanoeuvre Jarrett, before taking him down with a fireman’s carry. DDP turns to the crowd and makes the diamond symbol. Jarrett gets to his feet and hits an elbow to the back off DDP’s head. The two exchange blows until DDP whips Jarrett into the ropes and attempts to clothesline him. Jarrett ducks the clothesline, and comes back with a cross body block. ‘The Chosen One’ makes the cover. 1…2.DDP gets a shoulder up!

After some more uneventful brawling, DDP manages to once again get the upper hand, dumping Jarrett with a Powerslam. DDP attempts to pick him up, but Jarrett locks him in a head lock, which turns into a sleeper hold. It’s locked in tight, DDP is clearly losing consciousness, prompting the ref to start to raise his arm. It drops once, twice, thr… No! DDP is showing signs of life, and digs a few elbows right into Jarrett’s midsection, forcing him to break the hold. In an attempt to seize the momentum, DDP runs against the ropes, but is met with a stiff clothesline from Jarrett, who proceeds to strut across the ring. Meanwhile, DDP rises to his feet and tries to blindside Jarrett. ‘The Chosen One’ somehow sees it coming, moves out of the way and hits the Stroke! No! Reversal into the Diamond Cutter! No! Jarrett pushes DDP away!

The two men stare each other down, before locking up in a test of strength. Out of nowhere, Jarrett plants his boot into DDP’s midsection and hits the DDT. Jarrett covers the shoulders, 1…2..No, so close! Jarrett is getting seriously pissed off, and lands a stiff kick to the back of DDP’s head, before dragging him back to his feet. He gets DDP ready for the Stroke, before shouting ‘It’s over’ and slamming DDP face down into the canvas. 1…2…3! Jarrett picks up the impressive victory.

Winner: ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett

Overall = 76%

Crowd Reaction = 81%

Match Quality = 65% (Ouch)

Jarrett isn’t done here, he signals for a mic.

Gracious Winner?:

Jarrett: Well, we all knew how that was going to end Slapnuts. [Motions to DDP] Slappy here thought he could beat me? I’ve got all the stroke around here and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some glorified valet beat me. We’ve heard this claim a lot tonight, but I am the future of this company. And if I’ve got hand every single has-been superstar their ass to prove it, that’s what I’ll do. Now how’d you like them Slapnuts?

Overall = 80%

Jarrett throws down the mic, and heads for the back as we head for the final commercial break.

[Commercial break]

WCW Heavyweight Title Match:

Booker T © vs. ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner

Steiner makes his entrance first, to huge heat. He skips the usual flexing routine, instead just stares at the entrance way – he’s all business tonight. Boom! The pyro hits and the new WCW Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. He hands the belt over to the referee, as Steiner motions around his waist. Not even waiting for the bell, Steiner charges towards Booker, hitting him with a hard shoulder tackle and raining punches on Booker’s head. Steiner gets to his feet, looks directly into the camera and lets off an animalistic “Yeah!” before sinking a boot into Booker’s midsection. He drags the winded Champion to his feet, and rattles off a sloppy looking Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Instead of covering, Steiner drops and hits a few push ups, his arrogance drawing a chorus of boos from the pro-Booker crowd. He makes the cover eventually, 1…2.Booker kicks out! Booker is dragged to his feet once more, and whipped into the corner and worked over with some hard body shots. Steiner proceeds to lift Booker to the top turnbuckle, and sets him up for a Top Rope Overhead Belly-to-Belly. Booker doesn’t make it easy for him, landing some right hands to Steiner’s temple before pushing him back down to the canvas.

Booker shakes off his dizziness, and hits a missile dropkick. He drapes his arm over Steiner, 1…2..Steiner gets the shoulders up! Booker lifts Steiner up, whips him against the ropes and Steiner baseball slides out of the ring, buying himself some time. Booker slides straight out after him, but is met with a shoulder block. Steiner whips Booker straight into the steel steps, then rolls him back into the ring. Ready to capitalise, Steiner jumps to the second turnbuckle and lands with a knee drop straight to the head. Steiner makes the cover. 1…2..No! Booker’s not out yet! Steiner yells at the referee, before grabbing the ropes and stamping his feet like a petulant child. Booker seizes the moment, rolling Steiner up, 1…2..Steiner kicks out, but that was real close. Steiner goes for a right hand, but it’s blocked – and Steiner gets a knee to the midsection for his trouble. With the momentum now in his favour, Booker bounces off the ropes and hits the Scissors Kick! It’s over! It’s over! Wait, Booker is on his knees, staring straight at his right hand – you know what’s coming. Spin-a-roony! The crowd are going nuts! Booker yells at Steiner to get up, who does so very gingerly. For all his effort, the only thing Steiner has to look forward to is heading straight back to the canvas as Booker T hits the Book End! Now, surely it’s over – 1…2…3! Booker T has done it!

Winner and STILL WCW Heavyweight Champion: Booker T

Overall = 81%

Crowd Reaction = 89%

Match Quality = 64%

Booker is ecstatic! He slides out of the ring, and embraces the fans. Booker’s music is cut abruptly, and replaced by the Canadian national anthem. Booker turns to face the entrance way, just as Lance Storm appears. He makes his way purposefully to the ring, as Booker grabs a mic and slides back into the ring.

If I could be serious for a moment...:

Booker: Yo brotha, this is my…

SMACK! Without saying a word, Storm levels the Book with a huge Superkick. He grabs Booker’s Heavyweight Title Belt, raises it up to the disgust of the crowd. Storm’s eyes are still cold and focused, and the crowd’s jeers seem to just bounce off him. Booker groggily makes his way to his feet, and Storm drives the Title Belt straight into his skull! Storm raises the belt one more time, before dropping it on Booker T, rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp. Schiavone is going nuts, yelping about Storm’s lack of emotion and empathy for Booker – who’s just wrestled a huge match. The camera pans to Booker’s lifeless body as we go off the air.

Overall = 76%

Be sure to tune in to Thunder on Wednesday for all the backlash of Nitro!

[Final Show Rating = 72%]

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Preview for WCW Thunder

4th April 2001

When we went off air on Monday Night, WCW Heavyweight Champion Booker T lay unconscious in the ring after a heinous attack from Team Canada leader Lance Storm. We’re going to have the entire backlash from Nitro, including an interview with Lance Storm – who in the eyes of the fans has a lot to explain.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. is still fuming following the outcome of his match with Shane Helms, so you can expect a few words from the cruiserweight.

Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo are also scheduled to defend their WCW Tag Team Championships against the team of Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux. Can this odd pairing overcome their inexperience to win Tag Team gold?

‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas is also set to face Konnan in one-on-one action. Both men will be looking for the win and hoping to catch Eric Bischoff’s attention, and perhaps a shot at the WCW United States Championship somewhere down the line.

Our Thunder Main Event is particularly special, as WCW legend Sting will face off with ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett. On Monday, Jarrett vowed to “hand every single has-been superstar their ass” – but has he bitten off more than he can chew with the Stinger?

All this and much, much more on WCW Thunder, live on TBS.


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Seems good mate. Only historical gripe is the fact that TNN did cut all of WCW's programming, but I'm willing to overlook that because this diary 'feel's WCW.

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Guest c10ckw0rk

Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo are also scheduled to defend their WCW Tag Team Championships against the team of Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux. Can this odd pairing overcome their inexperience to win Tag Team gold?

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Show's up way earlier than I thought, mainly because of the shitty weather - enjoy.

WCW Thunder

4th April

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Mike Sanders

The Thunder opening sequence rolls, then we have the opening pyro. We’re greeted by the new Thunder announce team of Mike Tenay and Mike Sanders, who inform us that we’ll see Sting and Jeff Jarrett go head to head later, as well as an interview with Lance Storm. Will he answer the question on everyone’s mind – why attack Booker T?

WCW Tag Team Title Match:

O’Haire and Palumbo © vs. Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux

We’ve got a title defence to start us off, with O’Haire and Palumbo taking on the new team of Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux. WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman join Tenay and Sanders as guest announcers, having clearly taken offence at O’Haire and Palumbo’s comments last week. Palumbo and LeRoux start us off.

Palumbo wastes no time in going to work on LeRoux, who is giving up both size and power. Palumbo hits a mean Spinning Punch, before really going to town with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Palumbo whips Lash into the corner, makes the quick tag to O’Haire and the two work the Rajin’ Cajun over in the corner. Smiley yells at the referee, distracting him long enough for O’Haire to hit LeRoux with a viscous low blow. As LeRoux falls to his knees, O’Haire adds insult to injury by slapping him round the face, before playing to the crowd. O’Haire flings LeRoux back towards his own corner, staring at Smiley as if to suggest ‘Let’s see what you’ve got.’ Smiley slaps LeRoux on the back, making himself the legal man, charges towards O’Haire and is promptly met by a boot to the face. O’Haire lifts Smiley up by the neck, tags in Palumbo and the two rain down blows on Screaming Norman.

A few quick tags and near falls later, and the Tag Team Champions are really in the driving seat – having isolated Smiley successfully. Rey Mysterio claims that the Tag Team Champions are all talk and no substance. Mike Sanders mentions that this team have a lot of brute strength to back up their claims, as O’Haire rains down some hard Martial Arts kicks to Smiley’s midsection, and asks are the Filthy Animals sure of what they’re getting themselves into? After a stiff right hand, O’Haire proceeds to Irish Whip Smiley, who manages to summon up the strength to hit a dropkick, drawing cheers from the fans and our guest announcers – the Filthy Animals. Both men are on the mat, can Smiley make the hot tag? Slowly but surely, Smiley crawls back to his corner, making the tag to LeRoux just as O’Haire is getting back to his feet. Clearly exhausted, Smiley rolls straight out of the ring, laying on the protective matting. LeRoux attempts a right hand on O’Haire, who still has the wits to grab Lash’s hand, crushing it in the process. Sean O’Haire boots Lash straight in the midsection, before connecting with a well executed Spinning Neckbreaker. That seems to have shut Rey and Kidman up. After briefly taunting the crowd, O’Haire leaps to the top turnbuckle, presumably preparing for the Seanton Bomb. Smiley manages to drag himself up onto the apron, and grabs O’Haire’s foot in an attempt to save his new team mate. However, Smiley’s beating has really caught up with him and O’Haire easily brushes him off, and Smiley falls straight onto the ringside barrier. Turning his focus back to the in-ring opponent, O’Haire flies through the air and hits LeRoux with the Seanton Bomb - that should do it. 1…2…3! That’s all folks, dominant showing from the Champions here.

Winners and STILL WCW Tag Team Champions: O’Haire and Palumbo.

Overall = 73%

Crowd Reaction = 70%

Match Quality = 76%

Just as the Champions are presented with their titles, the Filthy Animals slide into the ring. Almost immediately, O’Haire and Palumbo slide out, O’Haire audibly saying “Not yet!” as they stare down the competition, before heading back to the locker rooms. Kidman and Rey, obviously frustrated, head back soon after, tails between their legs.

United Front:

We head backstage, to the locker room of the Magnificent Seven. Everyone, bar Scott Steiner, sits about talking, with Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger and Animal around a table playing cards. The others have been watching the opener on a monitor. Flair glances at Steiner, catching his eye for an extremely awkward moment before looking away again.

Scott Steiner: What the hell are you lookin’ at Flair?

Flair: Nothing Scott.

Steiner: So I’m nothing to ya, is that it? I lose one match and I’m a nobody?

Jarrett: Jesus Scott, he didn’t mean it like that.

Steiner: [Rising to his feet] If anyone here has something to say, I suggest you say it.

Flair: Scott, what the heck has got into ya? We ain’t tryin’ ta make fun outta ya, we’re all in this together – if you lose, we lose.

Jarrett: Scott, we’re all here with ya.

[brief silence.]

Bagwell: [To Luger] Go Fish!

[Conversation continues as normal.]

Steiner: [Growing more enraged.] So… I’m an embarrassment to you now am I? That it Ric? Why don’t you run off to go see your buddy Sting, you guys seem close these days…

Flair: [Rising to his feet] Scott if you’re looking for trouble…

Steiner: You ain’t ready for me old man, I’m the baddest thing goin’.

Flair: [Going face to face with Steiner. Somewhat softly.] Well you know, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. And last time I checked – I’m still the man.

[Jarrett and Rick Steiner restrain Flair and Scott Steiner respectively.]

Jarrett: Jesus Christ! Look, we’re all a little on edge and we’re gonna be till we’re runnin’ this place. But look, tonight’ll be great – I’m gonna beat the living crap outta Sting, and then we go party. We all just need to relax.

[steiner and Flair take a seat, across the room from one another. Camera begins to fade out.]

Animal: [Laying cards] Royal Flush!

Bagwell: We’re playing Go Fish…

Overall = 100%

[Commercial Break]

One Angry Mexican:

We’re back from the commercial break, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. is already in the ring, microphone in hand.

Chavo: Last Monday, you all witnessed a huge injustice – as I, Chavo Guerrero Jr., was cheated out of my WCW Cruiserweight Title. Shane Helms knew he couldn’t beat me, so he tried to keep me out of the ring, waiting for the count-out. Helms – I get what I want! I’m from one of wrestling’s greatest dynasties – that Cruiserweight Title is my birthright. All my fans are coming up to me and asking “Chavito, how does it feel knowing that you should be the champion and knowing that you’re the best cruiserweight in the world?” I just don’t know what to tell them anymore esses. That’s why I’m making Shane Helms a challenge, man to boy, that even he can’t dance his way out of. Helms…

Before Chavo can finish, the lights dim and some new, Oriental music floods the PA. Green smoke is pumped out by the entrance way, shrouding the view. BANG! The pyro explodes and Tajiri walks through the mist. Tajiri is here in WCW! He’s clearly taken offence to Chavo’s words, as he charges down to the ring. Chavo looks like a deer in the headlights – startled and unable to move, or utter a word. Tajiri rolls under the ropes, and Chavo attempts a kick to the midsection. Clearly Tajiri has other ideas, as he grabs Chavo’s leg, spins him around and hits a STIFF Roundhouse Kick! Clearly hurt, Chavo rolls out of the ring, holding his mouth. With a genuine look of fear in his eyes, Chavo picks up the pace and heads back up the ramp. The crowd clearly enjoyed Chavo’s humiliation, and give Tajiri a huge reception.

Overall = 73%

We get a reminder about Spring Stampede – it’s the 29th of April, in case you missed that - before heading back to the announcers booth. Sanders is condemning Tajiri’s “assault”, claiming Chavo should call the police, while Tenay suggests that the whining Chavo got exactly what he needed. Tenay proceeds to put over Tajiri, highlighting his ECW and Big Japan Pro Wrestling tenures, as well as his impressive spell in Mexico, and mentioning that he can you hurt you in so many ways. Replays of the STIFF Roundhouse Kick are shown. Sanders tells Tenay to stop living in the past, and concentrate with the present – which happens to be Konnan one-on-one with Shane Douglas.

Singles Match:

Konnan vs. ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas

Douglas makes his entrance to a decent reaction; he makes his way to the ring wringing his hands, clearly all business tonight. Konnan’s entrance is next, ever the life and soul of the party, he high fives fans on the way to the ring, before channelling Bret Hart and giving his shades to some kid in the audience. Konnan rolls into the ring and we’re underway.

Douglas wastes no time, slicing Konnan with a few knife-edge chops, drawing “Woooo’s!” all round. The two exchange blows briefly, before Douglas takes Konnan to the mat with a Scoop Slam. Ever the mat technician, Douglas locks in an Arm Bar, which nearly rips Konnan’s arm out of the socket. ‘The Franchise’ breaks the hold before Konnan can submit and it’s clear he wants to make a real impression here tonight. A couple more knife edge chops from Douglas, before whipping Konnan into the ropes – who comes back strong with a Rolling Kick. Before Konnan can gain the advantage, Douglas wisely slides out of the ring, drawing boos from the crowd. Konnan slides out to meet him, but is levelled with a hard right to the temple. Douglas proves he can brawl with the best of them, slamming Konnan’s head into the ringpost, before whipping him into the guard rail. Keen to avoid a double count out, Douglas rolls Konnan back into the ring before covering the shoulders. 1…2..Nope – Douglas breaks his own pinfall attempt. Maybe Douglas should heed the warning about pride coming before a fall, as Konnan manages to reverse a Suplex before locking ‘The Franchise’ in a leglock. Douglas has one option – try and get leverage – which clearly hurts, but he makes his way to the ropes. As Douglas gets to his feet, Konnan charges at him, connecting with a Rolling Clothesline. However, it’s debateable who that hurt more, as Konnan’s arm is still the worse for wear after that Arm Bar.

As Konnan tends to his shoulder socket, Douglas takes full advantage with a knee takedown and proceeds to lock in a Fujiwara Arm Bar – which has Konnan writhing in pain. Konnan raises his arm to tap out, but Douglas clearly isn’t finished as he immediately breaks the hold, before sinking his boot straight into Konnan’s injured shoulder. He once more picks Konnan up, whipping him into the ropes and bending down for a Back Body Drop. Konnan sees it coming, boots ‘The Franchise’ straight in jaw before connecting with a sloppy looking Samoan Drop. That could be enough – 1…2..No, not yet, Douglas gets his shoulder up! Frustrated, Konnan whips Douglas into the corner and charges towards him – huge splash! Douglas stumbles a few yards, before falling to the mat. Again, Konnan tends to his arm before heading to the top rope. Konnan was never the fastest, which allows Douglas to grab hold of K-Dawg’s leg, pulling him groin first onto the ring post. He then capitalises with a Top Rope Body-to-Body Suplex. Douglas drags Konnan up, and attempts an Irish Whip, but is reversed – and Douglas collides head-to-head with the referee! Konnan makes the cover, the crowd counts the three – but there’s no referee! As Konnan peers down at Douglas who seems to be coming to, Chris Kanyon charges to the ring. He carefully slides under the ropes, taps Konnan on the shoulder and hits him with the Kanyon Cutter! He drapes Douglas over Konnan and, slowly but surely, the referee begins to come to. Clearly dazed, the ref begins to count – 1…..2…..3! Douglas has stolen this one!

Winner: ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas

Overall = 72%

Crowd Reaction = 71%

Match Quality = 74%

Kanyon helps Douglas up, and the two proceed to walk backstage together as Konnan sits up – his eyes enraged. Tenay and Sanders wonder about the type of arrangement Kanyon and Douglas have worked out. Before they get too into it, we’re headed to a break – when we come back, Pamela Paulshock will be backstage with Lance Storm!

[Commercial Break]

Memories, like the colours of my heart:

A brief video is played, recapping Lance Storm’s actions on Nitro this past Monday.

Booker is ecstatic! He slides out of the ring, and embraces the fans. Booker’s music is cut abruptly, and replaced by the Canadian national anthem. Booker turns to face the entrance way, just as Lance Storm appears. He makes his way purposefully to the ring, as Booker grabs a mic and slides back into the ring.

Booker: Yo brotha, this is my…

SMACK! Without saying a word, Storm levels the Book with a huge Superkick. He grabs Booker’s Heavyweight Title Belt, raises it up to the disgust of the crowd. Storm’s eyes are still cold and focused, and the crowd’s jeers seem to just bounce off him. Booker groggily makes his way to his feet, and Storm drives the Title Belt straight into his skull! Storm raises the belt one more time, before dropping it on Booker T, rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp. Schiavone is going nuts, yelping about Storm’s lack of emotion and empathy for Booker – who’s just wrestled a huge match. The camera pans to Booker’s lifeless body as we go off the air.

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Wow, third show in 3 days – I’m prolific. So this show is pretty much your basic results show, I think if I gave this the detail of a Nitro and Thunder I’d burn myself out big time, recapped by fictional .411 columnist Mike Sharpe.

WCW Saturday Night

Recap by Mike Sharpe

April 7th 2001

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller

Hardcore Match:

Terry Funk vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

A pretty standard, mindless WCW hardcore match to open up the show. The crowd got into it towards the end, after seeing Funk thrown from the top turnbuckle straight through a table on the outside, which is no way to treat a pensioner. Funk got his second wind, however, nailing Bam Bam with a hard DDT onto a steel chair and picking up the victory.

Winner: Terry Funk

O = 68%

CR = 63%

MQ = 73%

News on Nitro:

We’re backstage in Bischoff’s office. Easy E announces that on the next Monday Nitro we’re going to see Booker T defending his WCW United States Championship against Team Canada member Mike Awesome. Boy, I wonder – is Lance Storm going to get himself involved?

O = 73%

It’s Just Business:

Next up, a pre-taped Chris Kanyon and Shane Douglas promo, which begins with the two mocking Konnan. Douglas explains that the alliance between the two is just business – two heads are better than one, and together there’s nothing they can’t achieve. It’s nice to see WCW using their Midcard to a certain extent, give Kanyon the ball and I guarantee he’ll run with it.

O = 73%

Singles Match:

Tajiri vs. Kaz Hayashi

After showing up on Thunder and chasing off Chavo Guerrero Jr., Tajiri made his in-ring debut against compatriot Kaz Hayashi. The two worked really well together, with Tajiri’s arsenal being showcased superbly. Half way through the bout, Kaz’s tag team partner Yang attempted to interfere, but some stiff Martial Arts kicks from Tajiri easily disposed of him. Tajiri finished with a move that ‘The Cat’ called the Kick of Death.

Winner: Tajiri

Post-match, Chavo is shown watching the bout on a monitor, looking extremely nervous. He takes a leaf out Vince McMahon’s book, employing the huge gulp and then walking off. Tajiri vs. Chavo = Ratings in my book.

O = 71%

CR = 51%

MQ = 92%

“Taking out the Trash”:

We’re shown a hype video showcasing Jarrett’s victory over DDP, his vow to hand every has been superstar their ass and him smashing his guitar over Sting’s head. We see a few random guitar shots from his WCW tenure, before Jarrett himself appears and promises to “Take out the trash.”

O = 82%

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match:

Filthy Animals © vs. 3Count

Decent match-up here, with the Filthy Animals largely dominant. Kidman gets the cover on Evan Karagias, after hitting the Shooting Star Press. Rey and Kidman were all business tonight, Tenay claims that they’ve really sent a message to the over-confident O’Haire and Palumbo.

O = 75%

CR = 65%

MQ = 86%

Overall Show Rating = 73%

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I have been meaning to respond to this for awhile, I will be reading while i type, so if I miss something i apologize in advance.

I thought the Night of the Champions promo was strong. One thing I would have done though, is talk less about how my company was in the shitter. I understand what you were trying to accomplish, but I would have done it a little differently. I think the monolouge wouldve been done a lot better on the online website, or in an interview, but not on national tv...very strong promo though, that gets its point across...so i did like it.

ARGHHHH!....you got rid of wayne debruce, the brian knobbs, and duggan releases dont bother me, but sarge?!?!grrrr...I have my reasons lol.

NWA:Wildside....looks good...dont have any complaints, except Bischoff was high on Christian York and Joey Matthews, so I hope they get signed too.

Nice news snippets: onto the shows...this will be long sorry.

(Y) We need a montage!!! Very awesome opening, with Booker as the centerpiece, very well done.

The Animals/Dragons match was well written as well....fast paced, and a good way to push the cruiserweight tag titles up in prestige, this idea was one of WCW's best, and hopefully, you find some more cruisers to bring in.

Bischoff's announcement, made me kinda upset, I would have held off on the Steiner/Booker rematch until the PPV, but I think you have something in store for later.

Nice Flair promo, I love the rick Steiner interaction....very well done.

Helms/Guerrero, this match took place the week before too...hmmm, well....I dont know if it was wise saying this is a new WcW, then giving two of the same matches the very next week....but i digress...a double count-out?..Im going to assume Helms is hurt though, which makes sense, because anything else I am scratching my head.

I honestly didnt like the O'Haire/Palumbo interview...only because those guys were faces...I dont know, just confused.

Rhodes/Awesome was written well for a squash...I think you showed the unity of team canada very well...that part was good...but I think rhodes could be very good as long as you write him well.

The Jarrett/DDP match was very good....and a good match choice...and very well written. I would have rather seen this as the main event. The Jarrett promo was puzzling, because he is a part of the M7, I dont know...Im sure you will do something with that.

Booker/Steiner would have looked soooo much better on PPV...lol, j/k. Anyway, good write up though, and Lance Storm?...hmmm interesting. Im stuck in the middle when it comes to storm, on one hand, I think he needs more build-up t it, kinda like winning a #1 contenders match, then attacking booker, but on the other hand....Lance Storm is main event material.

I should be able to look at the other two shows later...but so far this is a very good diary.

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Preview for Monday Nitro

9th April

After an action packed Nitro last week, WCW aren't about to slow down! On WCW Saturday Night, Acting-President Eric Bischoff announced that Booker T will defend his WCW United States Title against Team Canada member Mike Awesome in our Main Event. Given the rivarly between Booker T and Mike Awesome's "compatriot" Lance Storm, Booker T will want to send a message to the Team Canada leader.

Chris Kanyon will also be involved in singles action, taking on Hugh Morrus, who has had his share of problems with Kanyon's new "business partner" Shane Douglas.

Having spent the past week at each others' throats, Scott Steiner and Ric Flair will team together to face Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux in tag team action. Smiley and LeRoux are major underdogs, but could Steiner and Flair's recent problems have an effect on the outcome of this matchup?

Steiner and Flair's stable-mate Jeff Jarrett will also be in action against 'The Hardcore Legend' Terry Funk. Jarrett has vowed to take out anyone in his way, and Funk's hardhitting brawling could prove a huge obstacle for 'The Chosen One'.

All this, and much more, on Nitro - Live on TNT!

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WCW Nitro

9th April 2001

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson

The Nitro opening sequence rolls, and Schiavone and Hudson welcome us to another action-packed Nitro. We’ve got a WCW United States title defence, a WCW Cruiserweight title defence as Shane Helms takes on former ally Shannon Moore and Scott Steiner, Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett are all in action. Booker T’s music hits, and it looks like the WCW Heavyweight Champion is going to start the show off. He has both the WCW Heavyweight title and WCW United States title with him, draped on either shoulder. Schiavone and Hudson remind us that on last Wednesday’s episode of Thunder, Lance Storm challenged Booker to a match at Spring Stampede on April 29th. He climbs into the ring and asks for a microphone.

And his answer is…?:

Booker T: How ya feeling out there Houston?! [Crowd pops] Now last week on Nitro, I beat Scott Steiner again, proving that I am the best athlete here in WCW, and becoming a 4 time [booker raises four fingers], 4 time WCW Heavyweight Champion. And after I’ve fought the match of my life, I get this little Canadian who comes out and kicks me right in my jaw? [booker looks at the camera] Naw, it ain’t goin’ down like that sucka. I heard what you said last week on Thunder, and I don’t get how this fool thinks he’s better than me just because he let a bunch of guys touch him in some basement in Calgary!

[Crowd pops again]

You think that I didn’t struggle to get here Storm? I didn’t get the luxury of wrestling legends training me, I made my own way up from the streets and I’m proud of it. And, come Spring Stampede I’m gonna show you just how hard I worked to get here! [Crowd pops] Yeah, that’s right – I accept your challenge sucka. I accept your challenge on one condition - your boy Mike Awesome has to beat me 1-2-3 in this ring tonight! If he can’t, I don’t wanna see ya and I don’t wanna hear ya no more. And you best believe that tonight, your boy is gonna be on the wrong end of an ass kicking – I’m showing him how we do in the U S of A, now can you dig that sucka?!

[booker throws the mic down as his music hits, and walks to the back]

O = 81%

Schiavone and Hudson discuss what has just happened – with Hudson suggesting that Booker is in for a world of pain, as not only does he have the monstrous Mike Awesome to contend with tonight, he may be defending his WCW Heavyweight Championship against Lance Storm who’ll stretch him every which way. As the two continue to talk, Shannon Moore’s music hits.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match:

‘Sugar’ Shane Helms © vs. Shannon Moore w/Evan Karagias

Shannon Moore is accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Evan Karagias. Schiavone reminds us that Helms was formerly a member of 3 Count and that he and Moore have known each other for years, so this should be a very interesting bout. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helm’s music comes over the PA, and the WCW Cruiserweight Champion dances his way to the ring, to a sizeable reaction. The bell rings, and we’re under-way.

As you’d expect, the opening is extremely fast paced, with the two exchanging chops, restholds and reversals, before Helms takes advantage with a Standing Dropkick. Not wasting any time, Helms whips Moore into the corner and nails a perfectly executed Neckbreaker from the second turnbuckle. ‘Sugar’ Shane plays to the crowd before making the cover. 1…2.No! Helms took too long! Helms bounces into the ropes, but is tripped by Karagias. As he turns to face his former stable-mate, Moore sneaks up and hits a stiff Dropkick to the back of Helms’ head. The momentum is enough to knock Helms out of the ring, and he lands on top of Karagias. As the two men gradually get to their feet, Shannon Moore bounces off the ropes, and flies towards Helms with a Somersault Senton. However, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion manages to move out of the way, causing Moore to land right on Evan Karagias. Helms rolls Moore back into the ring, picking him up, before taking him straight back down to the mat with a Dragon Screw. Cover from Helms – 1…2..No! So Close! As Moore gets to his feet, Helms leaps to the top rope and uses all his agility to nail his opponent with a Flying Neckbreaker! Channelling Taka Michinoku, Helms draws his thumb across his throat, picks Moore up and nails him with the Vertebreaker! 1…2…3!

Winner and STILL WCW Cruiserweight Champion: ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms

O = 76%

CR = 64%

MQ = 88%

Moore rolls out of the ring, Karagias picks him up and helps him backstage. Helms signals for a mic.

The Fighting Champion:

Helms: How’d you like that? [Crowd Pops, Helms pats his WCW Cruiserweight Champion] Some would say I’m a busy man these days, I’ve defended my title 4 Nitros in a row, but I can never be too busy. That’s why…

[before Helms can finish, Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s music hits, and Chavo walks out onto the top of the ramp, microphone in hand]

Chavo: Hey esse, you want to talk about being busy? I know that you had your hands full with me, and you know what they say homes – third time is the charm. That’s why I’m saying that at Spring Stampede it’s me and you. What you think?

Helms: I think… Look out! Tajiri’s behind you!

[The crowd pops as Chavo does a double-take, before spinning around to see that no one is there]

Chavo: [sarcastically clapping] Well done homes, well done. [Clearly his pride has been hurt] You think I’m scared of that freakshow? Huh? You think I can’t beat his ass? I’m a Guerrero esse, I get what I want.

Helms: One thing that I’ve always wanted to prove Chavo, to myself as well as the fans, is that I’m the best. I’m the best dancer in WCW [Does the robot whilst talking], and this belt [Again Helms pats his title] says I’m the best Cruiserweight in WCW. I’ve beaten everyone in the WCW Cruiserweight division, bar Tajiri! So being a proud fighting champion, I’m proposing an international 3-way Dance at Spring Stampede – Shane Helms, Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri! We’ll see if you can beat Tajiri, but more importantly, we’ll see if you can beat me!

O = 66%

As Helms’ music hits, Chavo throws down his mic and heads backstage. Schiavone calls Helms extremely brave and a fantastic example for the company, whilst Hudson calls him stupid – not only does he have a world class Cruiserweight in Chavo Guerrero to defend against, but he has to account for the wildcard that is Tajiri. He head backstage, where Scott Steiner, Midajah and Ric Flair stand in the locker-room.

On the Edge:

As we enter, Scott Steiner is sat down whilst Midajah gives him a back-rub. Flair, already in his robe, stands in front of a mirror, styling and profiling his trademark silver hair.

Steiner: [baiting Flair] You’d better not embarrass me tonight Ric.

[Flair, although annoyed, ignores Steiner]

Steiner: I’ll wrestle that match myself, if I have to.

Flair: [Taking the bait] Listen son, I’m still the man around here – I was winning titles when you were playing little league. And I’m still that good. Now Scott, I know you’re good, I respect you and I respect your family and even your ‘freaks’ – but you ain’t the Nature Boy, and don’t forget it.

Steiner tips over a table and storms out of the room, followed by Midajah. Flair takes a deep breath, before turning back to the mirror. Schiavone tells us that Flair and Steiner will take on Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux after the break! Could the underdogs score a huge upset?

O = 81%

[Commercial Break]

Tag Team Match:

Ric Flair and Scott Steiner w/Midajah vs. Norman Smiley and Lash LeRoux

The underdogs make their way to the ring first, high fiving each other in the ring. In contrast, Steiner and Flair make separate entrances – with Steiner receiving a very frosty reaction from the Houston crowd. Steiner and Smiley start the match off.

Steiner gestures to Smiley to come get some, and Screaming Norman charges towards Steiner with a clothesline, that Steiner doesn’t even seem to feel. Steiner picks Smiley up, nailing a Belly-to-Belly Suplex before stomping away at the grounded Smiley. Steiner is clearly pumped up and, instead of going for the cover, he does a few push-ups, drawing a huge chorus of boos from the crowd. After dragging Smiley up by his neck, Steiner whips him into the corner, before charging in with a clothesline. Smiley falls to the mat, still resting in the corner, and Steiner proceeds to stomp the hell out of him. Steiner walks across to Flair, whose hand is out ready for the tag. Steiner sticks his hand out for the tag, before withdrawing it and combing back his hair. Flair is clearly insulted. Meanwhile, Steiner charges back and knees Norman Smiley straight in the jaw. Seemingly tired of beating Smiley, Steiner throws him towards LeRoux, who manages to slap him on the back, making the tag. Like Smiley, LeRoux charges straight towards Steiner, but is met by a huge Spinebuster. Steiner makes the cover – 1…2..No! Steiner breaks the cover himself! The Ragin’ Cajun is giving up a lot of weight and power here, and Steiner takes advantage with a huge lariat. Steiner hits 3 suplexes – the first a Snap Suplex, the second he leaves LeRoux up a bit longer and, at the third attempt, he drops a huge Brainbuster Suplex! Now just toying with LeRoux, Steiner picks him up in the Gorilla Press Slam and throws him into Norman Smiley! Whilst Smiley falls to the floor, LeRoux bounces back off the ropes and attempts to stay upright before collapsing. Steiner takes this opportunity to lock in the Steiner Recliner! LeRoux doesn’t even struggle, he just wants to end the match, and taps immediately.

Winners: Ric Flair and Scott Steiner

O = 76%

CR = 78%

MQ = 73%

Steiner rolls out of the ring, ignoring Flair, and walks backstage. Schiavone and Hudson discuss the blow to Flair’s ego and Steiner’s impressive showing. What will Steiner and Flair’s problems mean for the future of the Magnificent Seven? We head backstage.

Head to head confrontation… Well, head to chest:

We’re backstage, where the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman are walking and talking. Off-screen voices are heard.

Voice 1[off-screen]: I’m telling you guys, we’re the best tag team in WCW – the Filthy Animals ain’t nothing on us.

Voice 2[off-screen]: We eat teams like them for breakfast. Infact, I think I’ve ate bigger breakfasts.


Mysterio slaps Kidman on the chest and motions towards the door. The two walk into the room, where the WCW Tag Team Champions O’Haire and Palumbo stand talking to Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak.

O’Haire: You kids want anything?


Mysterio: Yeah. We’ve heard you running your mouths this past week. If we’re so insignificant, why don’t you guys put your Tag Titles where your mouth is?

O’Haire: Look around you. I don’t think you’re in any position to be making demands.

[Mysterio squares up to O’Haire, the height difference is extremely obvious. As he does that, the others circle Mysterio and Kidman.]

O’Haire: Now you kids run along, and play nice now.

[O’Haire fakes to hit Mysterio, who doesn’t flinch. O’Haire just laughs. Then begins to walk off, with the others following him]

O’Haire: [Off-screen] See you boys real soon.

O = 57%

The camera pans in on Mysterio and Kidman’s rage-filled faces. Mysterio utters “Dammit” before they walk off. Schiavone and Hudson discuss how this rivalry between the two teams is really heating up, and Hudson jokes that size always matters – and, if the two teams ever meet, the Filthy Animals will find that out. Next up, Chris Kanyon takes on Hugh Morrus. Kanyon, of course, has made some kind of pact with Shane Douglas – who has had numerous problems with Hugh Morrus in the past. This should be interesting.

Singles Match:

Hugh Morrus vs. Chris Kanyon

Both men make their way to the ring, with Kanyon garnering some pretty decent heat from the fans. Hugh Morrus takes control early on, with some textbook brawling, before taking Kanyon down with a Scoop Slam. Morrus bounces off the ropes, landing a big legdrop on Kanyon – who sells it like he’s been decapitated. Morrus makes the cover – 1…2..No! He nearly had him there. Undeterred, Morrus picks Kanyon up and sets up for a Powerbomb. Somehow, Kanyon reverses into a DDT from some height! Quick cover only gets the two. Kanyon grabs hold of the ropes, stamping his foot on the mat like an angry child. As Morrus gets up, facing away in the opposite direction, Kanyon runs towards him and hits a Running Bulldog.

Kanyon locks in a really tight Sleeper Hold on the fallen Morrus. Seeing Morrus looks like he’s had all the life sucked out of him, the referee begins to raise his arm. 1…2..No! There’s life in Morrus yet! Kanyon stands up to get more leverage, but Morrus elbows Kanyon in stomach. And again! And again! Attempting to seize the momentum, Morrus bounces against the ropes and clotheslines Kanyon! Powerbomb from Morrus! Oh, wait – Shane Douglas is making his way to the ring! Unaware, Morrus climbs to the top rope, ready for the No Laughing Matter Moonsault. Kanyon, still grounded, grabs the referee’s leg and Douglas gets a chain from his trunks, and hits Morrus hard in the head with it! Morrus falls to the mat. The referee, however, saw every bit of this – and calls for the bell!

Winner by DQ: Hugh Morrus

O = 67%

CR = 68%

MQ = 66%

Kanyon gets to his feet, visibly upset that he lost this match, albeit by DQ. However, he consoles himself as he proceeds to stomp on Morrus with Douglas’ help. The two head backstage to boos from the crowd, as Schiavone tells us after the break we’ll see Jeff Jarrett take on Terry Funk.

[Commercial Break]

A video, recapping the Booker T/Lance Storm story so far is aired and we’re reminded that later Booker T will defend his WCW United States title against Mike Awesome.

Singles Match:

Jeff Jarrett vs. Terry Funk

As we come back, Terry Funk is already in the ring. Jarrett’s music hits and he, complete with the acoustic guitar, makes his way to the ring. He poses on the ropes before the bell rings, and we’re underway.

Jarrett starts things off with a hard right hand to Funk’s temple. Two trade punches, with no one able to get a clear advantage until Jarrett rakes Funk’s eyes. Funk spins around in pain, allowing Jarrett to hit a regular Russian Legsweep. Instead of making the cover, Jarrett climbs up on the ropes again, posing for the fans. As Funk gets back to his feet, Jarrett hits him with a Dropkick straight to the jaw, causing Funk to stumble backwards, allowing Jarrett to clothesline him over the rope. Jarrett rolls outside to meet him, picks him up and attempts to Irish Whip him into the steel steps. Funk, more than comfortable outside the ring, manages to reverse and sends Jarrett shoulder first into the steps. Funk rolls him back into the ring, and attempts to capitalise with the cover – 1…2..No! Jarrett gets his shoulder up! DDT from Funk! Another cover – 1…2..Another near fall! Funk picks Jarrett up, but is punched in the midsection for his troubles. Jarrett lands a few more right hands before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a Cross Body Block. Jarrett uses the fact that Funk is on the canvas to his advantage, applying a leglock, which Funk eventually breaks via reaching the ropes.

Jarrett continues to work Funk’s right leg over and is now firmly in control. After dropping Funk with another Dropkick, Jarrett shouts at him to get up. As he does, clearly favouring his left leg, Jarrett manages to send him straight back with a Powerbomb. Cover – 1…2..Not yet! Another reminder that Terry Funk is one tough S.O.B! Elbow drop straight to Funk’s head! How much more punishment can he take? Jarrett looks towards his wrist, mimicking a watch, before dragging Funk back to his feet. Stroke! Jarrett hits the Stroke on Funk! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

O = 75%

CR = 77%

MQ = 72%

Jarrett continues to beat on Funk, kicking his grounded opponent before throwing him into the corner and laying some hard body shots. ‘Self High Five’ blasts over the PA, and Diamond Dallas Page charges towards the ring, causing Jarrett to hightail it out of there. DDP checks on Funk, before making the diamond symbol to a huge pop from the crowd. He calls for a mic.

Feeling the bang:

DDP: That felt good! Let me tell you Houston, I’m all jacked up tonight! [Crowd pops] Now we’ve all heard Jeff Jarrett run his mouth ever since he came back to this company. This scum wants to take out the trash, does he? That’s funny, because he shares a locker-room with the biggest pieces of trash in this industry! [Crowd pops] We’ve all heard his empty, idle threats and promises. I for one have had enough of his bull****! Everywhere Jarrett goes, I’ll be there. Believe me Jeff, you are going to feel the bang! I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.

O = 79%

Schiavone says we’ve got to go to commercial, but when we come back we’ll have the Main Event – the WCW United States Title Match between Booker T and Mike Awesome.

[Commercial Break]

WCW United States Title Match:

Booker T © vs. Mike Awesome w/Lance Storm and Major Gunns

Awesome is out first, accompanied by Team Canada leader Lance Storm and his valet Major Gunns. Storm obviously has a vested interest in this match. Booker T’s music hits and the WCW Heavyweight and United States Champion makes his way to the ring to a rapturous reception. The bell rings and we’re underway.

Awesome makes use of his height and weight advantage, as the two lock up in a test of strength. Awesome gets the advantage and throws Booker against the turnbuckle. After landing a few body shots, Awesome turns around, before charging back towards Booker T – attempting a huge splash. However, Booker manages to move out of the way and Awesome flies headfirst into the turnbuckle, much to Storm’s annoyance. Booker takes advantage with a nice looking Side-Kick, which sends Awesome to the canvas. 1…2.Too Early! Awesome literally throws Booker off him! Big boot to Booker! Awesome drags Booker up to his feet, and hits a sweet Overhead Belly-to-Belly. Awesome makes the cover – 1…2..No! Booker gets his shoulders up! As Booker gets to his feet, Awesome charges against the ropes and hits Booker with a big time Spinning Elbow Smash - great show of agility from the big man. Awesome picks Booker up, whips him against the ropes and prepares for a Back Body Drop. However, Awesome goes down way to early and Booker boots him straight in the face! DDT on Awesome! Both men are down, but Booker manages to drape his arm over Awesome. 1...2..No! Awesome gets a shoulder up!

Both men get to their feet slowly, and slug it out. Booker takes advantage, before taking Awesome to the mat with a Scoop Slam. After bouncing off the ropes, Booker nails Awesome with a legdrop. Booker lifts up his hand, and stares at it before shaking slightly. The fans know what’s coming – Spin-a-Rooney! Awesome climbs to his feet, Booker kicks him in the midsection before bouncing off the ropes for the Scissors Kick. But, wait a minute! Storm grabs Booker’s foot, causing him to trip. Booker leans over the ropes, shouting at Storm. Meanwhile, Awesome sneaks up behind Booker, before spinning him around and hitting the Awesome Bomb! 1…2…3! Storm cost Booker T the title!

Winner and NEW WCW United States Champion: Mike Awesome

O = 80%

CR = 79%

MQ = 81%

Heatin’ up!:

Mike Awesome is sent to the back by Storm, who seems ready to take Booker T apart. Storm circles around the fallen WCW Heavyweight Champion, before sinking a boot into his midsection. After rolling out of the ring, Storm picks up a steel chair, heads back to the ring and places it over Booker’s ankle. The camera pans in on Storm’s face, which is intensely serious.

Then, out of nowhere, Stevie Ray charges to the ring with his own steel chair! Booker’s estranged brother is here to save him, in spite of their problems! As soon as Stevie Ray hits the ring, Storm slides out and heads back up the ramp – staring at, and pointing towards, Stevie Ray. Stevie helps his brother back to his feet to the delight of the fans.

O = 68%

Schiavone says that blood is thicker than water, and Stevie obviously didn’t want to see Storm snap his brother’s ankle, despite what’s gone on between them this past year. Schiavone puts over that Stevie Ray looked in great shape. Hudson says that Team Canada, Storm in particular, is going to be livid – and he doesn’t think that the semi-retired Stevie Ray will be of any use to his brother. And with that, we’re off air.

Overall Show Rating = 72%

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Alright, new Nitro up...lets see how this is...

I liked the Booker promo except for two things, I think that he should have just accepted the challenge, and not challenged awesome, and also, his catch phrase was "dont hate the playa; hate the game".

I think him challenging awesome was kind of cowardly, and didnt make any sense, Im sure Awesome is going to win this match through interference now, because if he doesnt, then an angle is wasted....It just seems weird that booker doesnt want to seem to face storm, because he is obviously going after the weaker awesome....anyway, i digress.

Helms-Moore was a nice filler match to start the show, I really liked the Karagias interference done on Helms, it was a nice way to slidify Helms' athleticism with the neckbreaker spot.

Once again, why is the champion putting MORE pressure on himself...I understand Helms wants to be a fighting champ, but maybe he should have taken a math class, as 2 people are harder to beat than 1, and his chance of winning have decreased from 50% to 33%. Your promos are good but the content has me scratching my head.

Your m7 promo delivers again....that was excellent, I think Laroux/Smiley get squashed, but the backstage segment itself was spot on....and I love the Flair/Steiner confrontations, very good foreshadowing there.

And, the squash did happen, but good in-match psychology with steiner/flair...I have good feelings about this feud.

The Animals/Thrillaz feud doesnt have me too excited...also, where was Konnan during this, he could have had his boys' back....but I did like the fake punch by O'Haire...good touch. Has that match been signed yet for Spring Stampede?

Nice Kanyon/Douglas match, and you seem to be on a roll with the good segments, I wonder what Kanyon/Douglas have up their sleeve.....could they be becoming a threat?...hmmmm

Awesome vs. Booker T is for the US title, I dont think that was in your opening segment.

As I said before, I like the Jeff Jarrett push, but a couple things about his match....you have Jarrett working on the right leg, then Funk gets up favoring his left leg, and Jarrett wins with a move, that has nothing to do with the leg....I was hpoping he use the Figure Four leglock to put him over as a punishing monster, but it was to be for not. meh, well I did like the match, except for those minor details.

Minor Gripe: I wouldnt say bullshit on tv, unless it is a really extreme angle....carry on :P

I called the main event....yes!! This is part of the reasoning I didnt like Booker challenging Awesome, because instead of Booker just accepting the challenge and going into Spring Stampede a double champion, he instead lost one of his belts; and may lose the second at the PPV..I know you wanted to find a way to get the title off Booker, but man this one makes booker look kinda stupid.

Stevie Ray!!!!!....WOW, swerve, that was awesome. very god surprise, and it is something different, which i appreciate.

Anyway, an above average show in my book, the ending was great, because of the creativity involved, I just wish it was the challengers who made the stips in the matches as opposed to the champs...cant wait for thunder!

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Preview for WCW Thunder

11th April

After an explosive Nitro, which saw two matches announced for Spring Stampede, Eric Bischoff has wasted no time in booking one hell of a Thunder. The matches announced so far are:

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Sean O'Haire - One half of the WCW Tag Team Champions meets one half of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. The Filthy Animals and O'Haire & Palumbo have had no shortage of problems, and this should be one hell of a matchup.

Lance Storm vs. Stevie Ray - Wow! This is going to be something special! Stevie Ray makes his return to the ring against his brother's foe, Lance Storm. No doubt that Storm will be looking to send a message to Booker T, two weeks before Spring Stampede, but Stevie Ray is in great shape and a more than formidable opponent.

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Sting - Eric Bischoff has really pulled out the stops with this Main Event! Sting returns to the ring for the first time since Jeff Jarrett attacked him with a guitar, to team with DDP, who has had no shortage of problems with Jarrett recently. Will Sting still be feeling the effect of Jarrett's attack last week? Only time will tell!

This past week has also seen increased turbulence in the Magnificent Seven locker-room, so it'll be interesting to see how Jarrett and Steiner work together. Can Steiner keep his head in an attempt to score a big time victory here?

All this, and much more, on Thunder - live on TBS!

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Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Sean O'Haire - One half of the WCW Tag Team Champions meets one half of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. The Filthy Animals and O'Haire & Palumbo have had no shortage of problems, and this should be one hell of a matchup.

- Predicted Winner - Sean O'Haire

Lance Storm vs. Stevie Ray - Wow! This is going to be something special! Stevie Ray makes his return to the ring against his brother's foe, Lance Storm. No doubt that Storm will be looking to send a message to Booker T, two weeks before Spring Stampede, but Stevie Ray is in great shape and a more than formidable opponent.

-- Predicted Winner - Stevie Ray

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Sting - Eric Bischoff has really pulled out the stops with this Main Event! Sting returns to the ring for the first time since Jeff Jarrett attacked him with a guitar, to team with DDP, who has had no shortage of problems with Jarrett recently. Will Sting still be feeling the effect of Jarrett's attack last week? Only time will tell!

- Predicted Winner - Sting and Page

Loving the shows mate! Keep up the good work! WCW is certainly alive and well while in your hands. Good to see Awesome as US Champion though! You can be damn sure he'll put on some good matches for you.

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Guest checkin

You said Nitro was on TNN, but wouldn't RAW be on TNN? Just a simple mistake, most likely.

I love the WCW feel and the fact your pushing Lance Storm is always good. And problems in the Magnificant Seven means IV Horsemen return, right? :P

Edited by checkin
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