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5th Generation iPods


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It'll be more expenisive to begin with.....and will probably send the price of 4th Generation iPods crashing down. (Thats why I wanna know when they come out.)

I'm also told they ALL have colour screens, and can handle video streaming as well as photos.

All iPods now have colour screens, they streamlined their range by just adding colour to everything (cept the mini) and cut a few lower capacity models. You can get cheap iPods off Apples site, not sure if they do it in the UK but they're refurbished ones so you can get them cheaper. Besides I can't see 4G's being lowered in price much, they'll probably just market them as Video and Non Video iPods so it'll still be a main seller and thus warrants a high price.

Just found the US one, $220 for a 20GB 4G which, so it says, was originally $300.

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