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What's THAT shit about?

MalaCloudy Black

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So, my friend's telling me that DeviantArt (http://www.deviantart.com) has a new admin.

Now, I don't really post any deviations other than my roleplays and stuff, but what my friend is telling me about this new admin.. he sounds like a fucking dickhead.

The Blob says:

He was the owner but now he's a FORMER staff member! The bastards. >< This new guy is trying to stop it from being a community and turn it into  corp.

The Blob says:

a corp.*

The Blob says:

He's planning on taking out the 'bad' artists.

The Blob says:

Jark worked 6 years on DA. >< I don't want any newbie admin to fuck it up.

The Blob says:

He wants to change it from "Deviant Art" to "Deviant Art Inc."

The Blob says:


The Blob says:

Yes! Jark's being really polite about it though but he's holding a campaign thinger. If there's a vote... I'm so going for Jark! D=


What's this bullshit about? Turning DA into a "corporation"? Eliminating the "bad artists"? What the fucking hell...? This sounds so retarded..

Does anyone know anything else about this?

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Guest SakurabaFan

Man that does sound stupid. I've been a devart member for about 6months and its great seeing the different variety of work on it.

Whats the point in having a site that only "good stuff" and how will they define what is a "bad artist". I usually submit cd covers and other random deviantions for the fun of it. Not all of them are works of art, but i think if someone has spent the time doing something they shouldn't have some dick tell them they can't post it up. Devart was set up to allow people to show off their work regardless of how good it was on a commerical level.

I think this is a real shame if this guy wants to do that and it will tarnish the name of deviant art forever.

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