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Requiem for a Dream.


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So sitting around at poker last night, I mentioned how I was up late the night before watching Resevoir Dogs and one of my older friends that I don't see a lot had seen it before too and said that I should watch Requiem for a Dream. I am getting it at the moment, does anyone know how good it is?

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I was going to make a topic about this film about 4 days ago.

In my opinion, great film, very different, and very well shot. However, it is also one of the most depressing films I think I've ever seen, so yeah, its not the kinda film you watch when you have a few beers and mates around, it'll kill the mood.

Jared Leto is really good in it, as is the older woman (can't remember her name). If you do watch it, get back to me with what you think. If I remember rightly, RM also thought it was pretty good, but I preferred it to him.

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I told my friend about it and he told me to tell him if there's any senseless nudity in it so he can watch it with his girlfriend, because if there is she'll be like "Well why aren't any of the GUYS naked." :shifty:

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