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WCW 2000


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WCW appoint new president

World Championship Wrestling owner Ted Turner had this morning announced that from now on in WCW will be ran by a new president in the name of Paul Judd.

Ted Turner is said to be excited of the arrival of Mr Judd and hopes that he will be the one to turn things around for WCW and it's superstars.

"Mr Judd will have full control over the company and will be starting his job immediately. I have given him permission to bring in what talent he feels will benefit WCW, and the same goes for releasing talent." that was said by the owner of WCW.

Below is a statement form Mr Judd

"WCW as it stands is a sinking ship, they are starting to lose a lot of money every month, the TV ratings are down, the PPV buy rates are down and the general interest in WCW is falling dramatically, and if things carry on the way they are going then people can expect to see the end of World Championship Wrestling sooner rather than later.

This is where i come in, I have been drafted by Ted Turner to take hold of WCW and bring back interest in the product, all he wants for me to do is make sure WCW is still around in two months time, he wants the TV ratings to improve, the buy rates to increase and to get the general interest of WCW back to a high.

He has given me full control over the day to day running's of the company, allowing me to make any decisions that i see fit that will benefit the company. There may need to be a lot of changes take place to see the company rise above the water and get their feet back onto dry ground, new faces at WCW, new workers headlining shows that is what WCW needs, it wont happen overnight, it will take time, it will probably be months before the new faces arrive, a few months before the new head liners are made, but when they do arrive and the new head liners are made, i will make sure WCW is once again the number one wrestling promotion in the world".

Just a quick note to the readers.

This is my first proper attempt at a diary so im not sure how it will end up, Saturday nights won't be in much detail, they will be mostly recaps.

Any feed back will be greatly appreciated, i have to admit my grammar and punctuation is not the best and might become noticeable throughtout the diary, please do say so if you come across bad punctuation and grammar and i will do my best to correct anything out of place.

Edited by Cortez
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WCW 2000

Information and Roster

Money- 5,000,000

Size- Global

Public Image- 20%

Risk- 40%




We currently have 111 workers on the active roster, they are as follows.

* Face

* Heel

Main Event

Chris Benoit

Hulk Hogan


Randy Savage

Roddy Piper


Kevin Nash

Ric Flair


Upper Midcard

Diamond Dallas Page

Jeff Jarrett

Scott Hall

Lex Luger

Scott Steiner


Billy Kidman

Booker T

Buff Bagwell

Disco Inferno

Eddy Guerrero

Jim Duggan



Terry Funk

The Cat

The Demon

The Wall



Big T

Big Vito

Bryan Adams

Bryan Clarke

Chris Kanyon

Curt Henning

Dean Malenko


Johnny The Bull


Perry Saturn

Shane Douglas

Steve Williams

Stevie Ray

Lower Midcard


La parka







The Maestro

Al Greene

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Knobbs

Chavo Guerrero JR


David Flair

Fit Finlay

Horace Hogan

Hugh Morus


Kevin Sullivan

Jerry Flynn


Mike Rotunda

Prince Iaukea

Rhonda Singh

Rick Steiner

Tank Abbot





Evan Karagias

Jamie Dundee

Kaz Hayashi

Kid Romeo

Rick Fuller

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Silver king

The Barbarian

Wolfie D


Alan Funk







Villano IV

Villano V

Non Wrestlers

Larry Zbysko

Bret Hart

Eric Bischoff

Vince Russo

Title Holders

Heavyweight-Bret Hart

United States- Jeff Jarrett

Tag Team- Vacant

Hardcore- Norman Smiley

Cruiserweight- Madusa

Active Tag Teams

Outsiders (Nash, Hall)

Mamalukes (Vito, The Bull)

Flair + Crowbar

XS (lane, idol)

Filthy Animals (Rey, Kidman)

Three Count (Karagias, Moore)

Three Count (Moore, Helms)

The following talent have been informed of their release from WCW, we wish them the best for the future.

The Barbarian

Silver king

Rick Fuller

El dandy


Al Greene

Jerry Flynn

Jamie Dundee

Mike Rotunda

The maestro

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Guest blueblood

I liked WCW 2000. I hope your result format is good man. Also, isn't Elix Skipper and Lance Storm suppose to be on your roster or did they come after The Radicalz left?

Good luck.

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Habbs17 is correct, Lance is still with ECW and skipper is in development, I probally wont bring any one up from development for a couple of months. and i have no intention of bringing in Lance, well not yet anyway.

Ill post Saturday night in a bit, but it will just be basic results, then ill either post Nitro later tonight or tommorow, i think i still need to tweak it a bit, as the match results might be a little thin so ill have to add to them.

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WCW Saturday night January 1st 2000

A video package opens for the show showing a recap of last weeks Nitro, including the Outsiders getting striped of the Tag titles because Hall didn’t show up, Scott Steiner joining the nWo after attacking Benoit and Sid.

Tennay- Hello im Mike Tennay and tonight im joined by the living legend Larry Zybsko, welcome to WCW Saturday night wrestling, we have a great line up for tonight’s show to kick of the new millennium for WCW, including a great main event Terry Funk taking on Shane Douglas in a Hardcore match.

Larry- Thank you Mike aswell as all the great action tonight hopefully we will get a chance to discuss last Monday nights Nitro where we saw the newest member of the nWo plus the outsiders being stripped of the Tag team gold, and Mike what about the major shock announcement that this Monday night on nitro we will have a new commissioner.

Tennay- All interesting thoughts which we will get to discuss straight after the first match on Saturday night.

Match 1

Blitzkrieg vs Evan Karagias

Karagias hits a dropkick on Blitzkrieg, oh look who’s making his way down the aisle 3 count member Shane Helms, Blitzkrieg turns around after spotting Helms, Shane Helms spins Blitzkrieg around Helms hits the Nightmare On Helms Street! Karagias goes down for the pin1 - 2 - 3. Karagias defeats Blitzkrieg. Karagias and Helms pick Blitzkrieg up and start throwing punches to the defenceless Blitzkrieg.




Tennay-Evan Karagias picking up the victory over Blitzkrieg only because of the outside interference from Helms and was there any need to beat Blitzkrieg down, Evan got the 3 count no pun intended, and that should have been that, but instead they decide to take Blitzkrieg and beat him up, absolutely no need for that.

Larry- Speaking of beat down what about the nWo beating Sid, and Benoit in what we saw as the debut of Scott Steiner in the newly formed nWo.

Tennay- Yes in what we all thought was Steiner on Nitro running down to save Benoit and Sid from the nWo, instead it was Steiner running down with a baseball bat in hand to assist the nWo with the beating a complete shock to all of WCW, why he joins no one knows maybe we will find out this Monday.

I will also be interested in seeing how the Outsiders react to being stripped of the Tag Team gold, after Scott Hall failed to show up to the arena.

Larry- Something tells me the Outsiders wont be too pleased and will be wanting to take their anger out on the WCW roster, and what will happen to the titles will their be a tournament.

Tennay- Well that is something that may well be decided by the new Commissioner of WCW , im sure that not all of you were made aware but since Last Monday on nitro Vince Russo was removed from power of WCW by Vice President Bill Busch after he felt the company was going in the wrong direction, they have since informed us at WCW that their will be a new commissioner announced on Nitro and he will be making an appearance on the show.

Larry- It is something that will defiantly interest me, it will be interesting to see how he copes with taking on the role and facing the increasing pressure on the nWo. Do you know who it is.

Mike- No

Larry- You sure i mean you would tell me wouldn’t you.

Mike- Yes im sure, and no i wouldn’t tell you, any way more of that later back to the action

nWo video

A video is played of the nWo, showing the newest member Scott Steiner beating up Sid and Benoit 77%

Match 2

Crowbar vs Meng

Crowbar with a low blow to Meng while the ref has his back turned and then a kick between the legs. The referee didn't see a thing Crowbar quickly jumps down on Meng 1...2...3!

OR- 56%



Tennay-Crowbar there with the sneaky win after a couple of low blows. We will take you backstage where Shane Douglas is waiting to do an interview

Douglas on Funk

Douglas-Listen up Funk, tonight old man you will see what the Revolution is all about, you will see what the future of WCW is all about, i will show you that you are too old to be in wrestling, you are to old to step in the ring, and you want a Hardcore match with the Franchise Shane Douglas, Funk you must be going senile in your old age, but it will be a pleasure beating the crap out of you old man.

You well feel the revolution 79%

The cameras cut to the hallway where Funks dressing room is, Funk opens the door and is shown making his way towards the ring. 62%

Tennay- Interesting comments from Shane Douglas i have a feeling tho he may be overlooking Terry funk, he may be old but he still has a lot of fight in him, something Douglas will realise tonight.

Larry- Yes im sure Funk will not be holding back in that Hardcore match, but neither will Douglas, and he is right Funk is an old man and the fact is Douglas can take a lot more than Funk can give.

Mike- well we will see soon enough, in the meantime we take you back to ringside for Juvi vs Shannon Moore

Match 3

Juventud Guerrera vs Shannon Moore

Juvi swings Moore against the ropes goes for the clothesline but Moore ducks but Juvi quickly turns round at the incoming Moore and lands a kick to the mid section Moore is hurt Juvi signals for the end here it comes Juvi Driver. 1....2...3, it's finished.




Funk on Douglas

Funk makes his way to the ring where he gets a microphone handed to him.

Funk-Douglas i may be an old man, but i sure as hell ain’t scared of a punk like you, and i sure as hell wont be bowing down to the likes of you, im gonna batter your brains Douglas you arrogant son of a bitch, im gonna show you im not to old to step in the ring im gonna show you im no senile old man, im gonna show you what the meaning of Hardcore really is, you may be good Douglas but you aint as good as the Funkster.

72 %

Match 4

Terry Funk vs Shane Douglas- Hardcore match

Funk and Douglas nailing each other with trash can lids, almost taking it in turns Funk whacks Douglas, Douglas whacks Funk back, Funk again, now Douglas, he returns the shots one then a second and a third, funk falls to the ground Terry Funk is down and dazed Douglas picks him up, but funk with a low blow and a DDT onto the Trash can lid, both are down on the ring, Funk looks worse for wear they both stumble to their feet lids in hand funk swings but Douglas ducks and the ref gets a lid across the head, Perry Saturn runs into the ring spins Funk around Saturn hits the Death Valley Driver! Saturn leaves the ring and Douglas crawls across to cover Funk 1 - 2 - 3. Its all over Shane Douglas pins Funk. Saturn gets back in the ring and he and Douglas throw punches at funk but Terry Funk fights back left punch, right punch , gets the lid and nails them both, he sends Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn through the ropes. Douglas and Saturn stagger back to the entrance ramp screaming and pointing at Funk.




Tennay- We have to go, what a wild ending, be sure to tune into Nitro to see the new commissioner, and the nWo, we really have to go bye.

Overall show rating 67%

We got a 1.21 rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The attendance level was 5029 people.

We made $201160 from ticket sales.


Savage+Piper realesed

Two of the companys major name wrestlers have been give their

releases by WCW president Paul Judd

It is said that Mr Judd told Piper, and Savage they will no

longer be needed in the upcoming months at WCW, and gave them

their release. Mr Judd is quoted as saying " Savage and

Piper have been relesed but we all have parted on good terms, and

I am certain that they will be back in the company sometime in

the future

Edited by Cortez
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Guest blueblood

The format is horrible man. I hate the double spacing and I see no purpose for it. The matches were written out well Cortez but I just hate the format. Keep in mind, those are just my thoughts and don't take offense to them.

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The format is horrible man. I hate the double spacing and I see no purpose for it. The matches were written out well Cortez but I just hate the format. Keep in mind, those are just my thoughts and don't take offense to them.

Thanks for the comments, I agree the spacing his bad and ill hopefully sort it for the next post, i copied the html from Front Page express and it didnt come out how i hoped, it is meant to have a black background and for some reason the writing went smaller in the middle, ill hopefull sort this out. Thanks again.

If you click the link, you will be able to see how i hoped it would come out.


Edit- changed the link, the imagestation link wasnt working

Edited by Cortez
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user posted image

WCW Monday Night Nitro 3rd January 2000

Tony- Hello wrestling fans from around the world, welcome to WCW Monday night Nitro, im Tony schiavone and im joined by Scott Hudson in what should be a great night, the first Nitro of the new millennium and what a Nitro it is shaping up to be already, with the shock announcement that tonight on Nitro we will see a new commissioner in WCW.

Scott- That is right Tony the announcement came to a shock to all of us at WCW, the announcement that Vince Russo had been removed from power at WCW by Vice president Bill Busch, he was said to be less than pleased at the direction Vince Russo was taking the company and wanted someone new to take over, someone that has had experience both in and out of the ring in the wrestling industry.

Who will it be, all sorts of names have been flying around as possible new replacements, the possibility of Harley Race coming in and taking over, maybe Hulk Hogan, we know he will return shortly and why not in the role of commissioner.

There are all sorts of possibilities.

Tony- Well we should be finding out the who the new commissioner is shortly, in fact i think that straight after are first match up tonight Vice President Bill Busch will come out and introduce us to the new commissioner, so yes Scott we may very well be seeing the return of Hulk hogan or even Harley Race as the role of commissioner of WCW should be interesting, also tonight fans we have some great action as Terry Funk takes on Perry Saturn of the Revolution, three count will be in six man tag action taking on the Filthy Animals, and what should be a great contest the nature boy Ric Flair taking on Booker.T

But lets take you to ring side for are first match up as Norman Smiley the defending Hardcore champion takes on takes on Tank Abbot title is on the line.

Match 1

Norman Smiley vs Tank Abbott Hardcore championship

Norman Smiley backed up in the corner trying to take all the fierce punches that Tank Abbott throws at him, there is no where Norman can go he is getting completely destroyed by Tank Abbott, Tank goes to the outside and fetches a trash can, rolls back in and smacks the trash can across the head of the already dazed Norman Smiley, Smiley down on the canvas with Tank stomping away at him ,Tank picks up and throws Smiley to the outside and gloats to the crowd..

Smiley looks like he doesn’t now where he is, Smiley looks under the ring and pulls out a Singapore cane, he crawls into the ring Tank with his back turned, goes to hit Tank but he turns round just in time and lands the One punch on Smiley, Tank goes for the cover 1..2...3 and we have a new Hardcore champion Tank Abbott




Tony- Well folks we have a new Hardcore champion in Tank Abbott to be honest there was not much of a contest as Tank just destroyed Smiley like he was a play thing.

Scott- Yes it was a great fight by Tank Abbott, but Tony this is it, will it be Hogan, Race, maybe even Sting, we are about to find out who the new commissioner of World Championship Wrestling is.

Tony- Well there we see the Vice President of WCW Bill Busch making his way into the ring with a microphone in hand so lets take it over to Bill to find out who is the new commissioner of WCW.

Bill Busch- Hello fans of WCW, for those of you that don’t know me im the Vice President of World Championship Wrestling and tonight as most of you will be aware im here to make an announcement regarding the new commissioner of WCW, first of let me say that, i let Vince Russo go because i felt that certain factions and certain wrestlers were deciding the role of each and every member of staff in WCW, Vince Russo saw this happening and done nothing about it, Russo was all mouth and no action at the end of the day he was scared of the certain faction and certain members of the WCW roster, he was not doing his job and as time went on he proved to me that he would not be taking the company in the direction that i and many others had hoped, so we at WCW decided that a new authority figure was needed, that a new commissioner of WCW is what we needed, what we were looking for is someone who wont be scared in making decisions for the company, someone who wont be scared of factions within the company, someone who wont be scared to stand up to anyone in the Company.

We didn’t need any time in making this decision because as soon as he approached us we new he was the right man for the job so without further ado ill leave the ring and let the new commissioner make his way to the ring.

The camera looks towards the entrance ramp as a tall figure stands with a big grin on his face.

Tony-Is that, no it cant be

Scott-I never expected it, i thought he was done with wrestling

Tony-It is him, it's Jesse Ventura

Jesse makes his way to the middle of the ring ready to speak

The crowd is going crazy at the arrival of Jesse Ventura.

Jesse- I bet when you all heard that a new commissioner was going to be introduced into WCW, you all were probably thinking of names like Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Sting, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, I bet you all never thought you would see Jesse “The Body” Ventura as your new commissioner, when I heard that Vince Russo had been removed from power because he couldn’t control the company, because he was scared of the roster and factions mainly the nWo, the great WCW was in trouble because the likes of the nWo were running the company, the likes of the nWo were driving this company into the ground. I sat down one night and thought to my self I can control the WCW, I can control the nWo, because when I was a wrestler you respected the company you worked for, you respected the fact they gave you a job and were paying for you to be in this great industry, never in my day’s as a wrestler had I ever thought of trying to take over the promotion, I never ever thought of taking on my boss. At the end of the day it all boils down to respect and that is something I am going to teach the nWo, I am not scared of the nWo or anyone else in WCW, im going to make sure that the nWo doesn’t bully anyone in WCW, im going to make sure that every one is treated how they should be, im going to make sure that the likes of the nWo are put in their place. So to the likes of the nWo I say this, im the one running the show, im the one in control, and im the one that’s gonna put you in you place. nWo watch your backs.


Just as the new commissioner is about to leave the ring the music of the nWo hits and standing at the top of the ramp are the members of the nWo, heavyweight champion Bret Hart, nWo leader Kevin Nash, his tag partner Scott Hall, and nWo members Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett, they all stand as a group with Nash holding a microphone.

Nash- So the new commissioner of WCW is no other than Jesse Ventura, and what was it you said Jesse, nWo watch your backs, the nWo look at each other and start laughing.

You see Ventura you may have the title of commissioner, you may have the power to tell all the other members of WCW what to do, but one thing you need to learn as the new boy of WCW, we run things around here.

Jesse - Im sorry Nash I couldn’t quite hear what you said, why don’t you and your buddies come down to the ring and tell me to my face might be a bit clearer that way.

With that the nWo make their way to the ring and surround Ventura. Nash gets in Ventura’s face and then the nWo strike.

Bret takes the title belt and nails Ventura straight in the face, Nash picks up Jesse and nails him with a Jackknife powerbomb, while Steiner and Jarrett spray the initials of the nWo across the back of the new commissioner.

Nash- You see Jesse that there is what the nWo is all about, you wanna talk about respect, then respect this, you aint gonna control WCW we are.

With that the nWo leaves the ring looking over a battered and bruised Ventura, taunting him as they leave.


Match 2

Terry Funk vs Perry Saturn

Saturn whips Funk of the ropes and lands a clothesline as he comes back, Saturn with stomps to the head of Funk, Funk tries to stager to his feet but Saturn keeps beating him down with kicks and punches to the upper body of Funk, Saturn turns his back to taunt the crowd but Funk sends a low blow to Saturn and sends him rolling out the ring to the floor. Funk goes to the outside and slams Saturn against the guard rail, picks him up and goes to whip him against the rail but Saturn reverses the whip and sends Funk into the guard rail leaving him in a heap on the floor.

Saturn rolls back into the ring waiting for Funk to get to his feet and starts taunting him to get back and bring it, Funk strolls over and rolls into the ring leaving himself open for Saturn to pounce, Saturn whips funk against the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Funk ducks and nails Saturn with a hard right hand sending him to the floor, Saturn gets straight back up but Funk knocks him back down again, Saturn gets up but receives a stiff clothesline form the Funkster.

Terry Funk with a powerslam to Saturn goes for the pin fall 1...2. and a kick out, Shane Douglas runs down to ring side and tries to enter the ring but the ref is holding him back, while Terry funk tries to get at Douglas, Saturn grabs a chair from the outside and nails Funk straight across the back, Saturn picks up Funk and gives him a devastating Death Valley Driver, the ref turns back Saturn goes for the pinfall 1...2.....3 its all over, but Douglas rolls into the ring as Saturn holds Funk, Douglas lands some hard punches on Funk, punch after punch after punch, Funk is down and out but Douglas nails the Franchiser on Funk leaving him motionless in the middle of the ring.




Tony- Poor Funk he was beat by two cowards who had no right in beating him down like that, completely uncalled for, the match was over and yet they carried on beating him after he had received a chair shot across the back and a Death Valley Driver.

Scott- I agree Tony, but you have to wonder did this beating have anything to do with Saturday night on WCW when Funk managed to fight of both Douglas and Saturn after a match up in the main event, they tried to beat him down just like we witnessed but he fought them off, maybe this was a message to Funk not to mess with the Revolution.

Tony- Well whatever it was message or not is was cowardly and uncalled for, he is an old man who can not take on two people at a time especially the revolution, folks we take you backstage where Sid is waiting for a few words. I cant believe the damn revolution

The camera cuts to the back where we see Sid pacing up and down the room mumbling to him self.

Sid- Im angry, im angry at the nWo, i just wanna get each member of the nWo by the throat and strangle them until they are lifeless until they mutter their last words, you see last week on Nitro the nWo beat me and Benoit down they stomped away at me and Benoit as we lay their defenceless, it was a 5 on 2 beating, a beating that i want to avenge, mark my words nWo im gonna find each and every one of you and make you pay, no one and i mean no one messes with Sid.


A second camera backstage is in the office of a battered and bruised commissioner Jesse Ventura.

Jesse- Well nWo you certainly made an impression on me, you said that you run things not me, well that’s completely not true, you see yes you are right i do have title of commissioner, and i do have the power to make WCW wrestlers do as i want and that includes you the nWo, you see i just heard the comments by Sid, and does he sound pissed of a lot like me, well I’ve got something to make him happy about and me, because tonight nWo members the outsiders will step in the ring to face the team of Sid and............ Goldberg.


We see Jeff Jarrett backstage guitar in hand talking with some attractive young ladies, as DDP walks past,

DDP- Yo Jarrett saw you and the nWo out earlier bet you all think your big tough guys after beating up Ventura and spraying him, but i gotta ask you Jarrett could you do it on your own, would have the balls if you weren’t backed up by the nWo, cause the way i see it your just like the messenger boy, you do all the dirty work for them and think your one of the boys when in fact your nothing your just a coward.

Jarrett- You now what Page..........Jarrett slams his guitar of the head of DDP, choke on that slapnut 76%


Tony-Welcome back fans before the commercial break we saw Sid threaten the nWo then we saw Jesse Ventura make tonight’s main event of “The outsiders” taking on the team of Sid and Goldberg, and then we saw Jeff Jarrett nail DDP over the head with his guitar.

Scott- Well those events we saw before the break will lead toward a great main event tonight made by are new commissioner Jesse Ventura, im looking forward to seeing Sid get his hands on The Outsiders and also Goldberg has had history with the nWo so im sure he will be pleased with the match up.

And we can’t forget the match up tonight between Ric Flair and Booker.T

Tony- What an opportunity for Booker.T as he takes on the legendary Ric Flair tonight, if he could beat Flair it would be a great boost for his career in WCW, but before that we will take you to ringside for six man tag team action as The Filthy Animals battle Three Count.

Match 3

Three Count vs Filthy Animals 3vs3

Rey, Kidman, Konnan vs Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore, Shane helms

Rey goes up top for a Moonsault on the grounded Shannon Moore, Rey jumps but Moore slides over and Rey lands body first on the canvas, both men down and injured and slowly crawling over to their corners with both team mates holding out their hands for the tag, Moore tags helms, and Rey quickly tags Konnan, Konnan runs at Helms with a clothesline, Karagias makes his way into the ring but gets nailed with a clothesline, Helms back up but another clothesline same for Karagias, Helms and Karagias both stand up staggered and dazed, Konnan runs of the ropes and lands a double clothesline on the 3 count members, and turns to the crowd for a great reception, Karagias back to his corner now as Konnan picks up Helms for a body slam, followed by three elbow drops, Konnan with a whip to the ropes goes for the clothesline, Helms ducks comes back tries for a flying cross body and nails Konnan, both man quickly back to their feet slugging it out , but Helms with a standing dropkick to the gut of Konnan, Helms tags in Evan, Konnan tags in Kidman but all members of 3 count rush in as do the filthy Animals, it’s a wild brawl Konnan slugging it out with Helms on the outside, Rey jumps of the turnbuckle and splashes Moore to the ground they both roll to the outside, leaving Kidman and Karagias in the ring, Kidman with a dropkick followed by a clothesline and a second leaving Karagias on the floor, Kidman climbs the turnbuckle is this it, is it time for the shooting star press, no Karagias jumps at the ropes leaving Kidman stranded on the turnbuckle, he climbs up with Kidman puts his arm around him looking for a superplex but Kidman lands some punches to the mid section and then a headbutt sends Karagias crashing to the canvas, Kidman with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS oh that was spectacular the ref with the count 1...2....3 it’s all over the Filthy Animals defeat 3Count with a shooting star press from Bill Kidman onto Evan Karagias.




Tony- A great match up their with Kidman landing an amazing Shooting star press on Evan Karagias to take the victory.

Scott- Yes it certainly was a good encounter but will it be as good as the next match as Booker.T takes on the great Nature Boy Ric Flair. In what surely has to be the most important match of Booker.T’s career.

Tony- Oh yes this is probably the one match of Booker.T’s career that he would most want to win, forget the Tag title wins, forget the Television Title wins, this is the one he will want the most, if Booker.T wins this it will set him up for great things in WCW, there are not many people who can brag about taking on the Nature Boy and coming out on top, will the Booker man be one of them lets find out as we take you to ringside for Booker.T vs Ric Flair.

Match 4

Booker T vs Ric Flair

Flair with some hard chops to the chest of Booker, beating away at him in the corner Flair goes for the Irish whip into the ropes but Booker reverses and follows up with a sleeper hold on Flair, Booker holding onto a googy Flair in that sleeper hold, Flair looks out the ref holds Flair’s arm on the air it drops, the ref holds it for a second time it DROP’s, once more and Flair is out Booker will win, the ref holds his arm in the air, it drops, but Flair holds his arm midway, oh that was close, Flair now elbowing away at Booker trying to get out of the sleeper grabs Booker and pushes him against the ropes but Booker comes back with a flying forearm, goes for the cover 1...2 Flair kicks out, Booker picks Flair up and starts chopping away at him backing him into the corner the crowd with the woohs, Booker whips Flair into the opposite turnbuckle and runs at him, Flair moves and Booker runs straight into the turnbuckle, Flair now with the chops to Booker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 chops, Booker reverses it and starts chopping away at Flair 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Booker puts Flair onto the Turnbuckle and climbs with him, but Flair low blows Booker and he falls to the ground. Flair looks as if he’s gonna jump but Booker runs over and tosses Flair from the top to the canvas, Booker goes up top waiting for Flair to turn around and lands a Harlem Hangover dropkick the on Flair, the crowd goes nuts Booker goes for the cover 1......2...... oh Flair kicks out.

That was so close Booker nearly getting the victory over Ric Flair, they both stand to their feet Booker with a punch to the face, Flair returns a punch, followed by a chop and another, Flair whips Booker to the ropes and follows up with a clothesline leaving Booker down, Flair stomps away at Booker, Flair picks his leg up as if going for the Figure four but Booker kicks flair away he goes into the turnbuckle, and falls back into Booker, Booker with the roll up pin 1.......2......Flair kicks out again, both men quickly to their feet Booker with a kick to the mid section runs of the ropes and goes for the scissors kick, but Flair moves out the way and sweeps the legs of Booker.T, Flair now with the figure four leg lock, is it all over, can Booker overcome the leglock of Ric Flair, Booker raises his hand, will he tap, will he, Booker slams his hand against the floor Booker.T taps out, oh that was so close for Booker.T he came so close to beating Ric Flair.




Tony-The Nature boy with a hard fought victory over Booker.T who came close on two or three occasions but he just wasn’t good enough to beat the Nature boy.

Scott- The experience of Ric Flair payed of there, as Booker.T looked like he could have taken the match, especially when he landed the Harlem Hangover he came so close to a three count, i think that if he had connected with the Scissors kick it would have all been over, but Flair saw it coming and quickly reacted by putting on the figure four and their was no escaping.

Tony- Great match, but lets take you to Chris Benoit who is waiting backstage for a few words.

Benoit- All i came to say really is why Bret, why, you have been the one i looked up to throughout out my career, you are the one i hade the most respect for in this business, but not any more not after you joined the nWo, they are nothing but playground bullies and you have become one of them, you don’t need the nWo Bret, you are better than the nWo, or at least that is what i thought, instead you go round in groups and beat on defenceless people look at Ventura tonight, he had done nothing to you yet you use your Heavyweight championship to hit him with, you even done it when he had is back turned. Bret you used to be the best there is, the best their was, and the best their ever will be, but now to me your just the best coward their was the best coward there is and the best coward their ever will be.



Tony- Wow harsh words their from the Canadian crippler but all true, Bret has just become one of the bullies, there used to be a time when everyone in the world respected Bret Hart, but recently it has become hard to even acknowledge that such a coward has become the heavyweight champion of WCW.

Scott- The once respected Bret Hart well he has just become like Benoit said a coward, and for Benoit to speak out against Bret, well if i was him id watch my back because you can be safe to say the nWo will be on the look out for Benoit in the future.

Tony- Well lets take you to are main event match up that was made earlier on tonight by are new commissioner Jesse Ventura, as we see The Outsider’s Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

take on Goldberg and Sid.

Match 5

Outsiders vs Goldberg and Sid

The ref is down, Goldberg is in one corner, Sid in the other, the Outsiders attacking Goldberg and Sid, Nash goes for Sid with an axe handle smash to his back, Nash whips Sid to the corner and goes charging after him but Sid lands his boot to the face of Nash who goes down through the ropes, Hall has Goldberg cornered as he keeps stomping away, Hall picks up Goldberg and lands a nasty looking punch to the face of Goldberg, Hall brings Goldberg to the ropes and whips him but it gets reversed and Goldberg with the SPEAR oh that was unexpected Goldberg lands the spear on Scott Hall, goes for the pin 1.....2...... but Nash comes in and breaks the pinfall, Sid is on the outside after being rammed into the railing’s, Nash signals for the Jackknife he gets Goldberg between his legs, but Goldberg reverses into a backdrop and nails the standing Scott Hall with a mule kick, Sid makes his way into the ring and picks Nash up nailing him with three massive punches Nash falls against the ropes enabling Sid to send him across the ring and as he comes back lands the Big Boot, both the Outsiders are down Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer, Sid signals for the Powerbomb, but wait Scott Steiner is coming down the aisle with a led pipe in hand, he slides in the ring and nails Sid across the back, Goldberg turns Steiner nails him, all four men are down with only Steiner standing, Steiner helps Nash to his feet they both pick Sid up into the Powerbomb and drive him down to the canvas. Nash covers Sid 1......2......3.

Its all over the Outsiders are victorious Nash pins Sid after help from Scott Steiner all three men Nash, Hall, Steiner stand with their arms raised over the beat down bodies of Goldberg and Sid, but the nWo aren’t finished Steiner puts the Steiner Recliner on Goldberg, as Nash and Hall stomp away at Sid, Hall goes and fetches a chair walks over to Goldberg and drives the chair to the ankle, it looks like they will put another Powerbomb on Goldberg, ohhhhhh here comes Chris Benoit running to the aid of Sid and Goldberg with a steal chair in hand, the Outsiders quickly make a exit as Benoit slides into the ring leaving Steiner to get nailed with the chair.

Tony- We have to go folks, the nWo have done there damage, Benoit had to come to the aid of Sid and Goldberg be sure to tune into Thunder on Thursday night to see what will happen with the nWo.

The camera fades to the WCW logo after showing Sid, Goldberg, and Benoit leave the ring together.




Nitro got 70%

We got a 5.26 rating for 'Nitro'!

The attendance level was 5046 people.

We made $201840 from ticket sales.

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WCW Thunder

6th January 2000

Tennay-Hello and welcome to WCW Thursday night Thunder im Mike Tennay and alongside me tonight Bobby “The Brain” Hennan, and what a night we had on Monday as WCW Vice president Bill Busch announced JESSE VENTURA as the new commissioner of World Championship wrestling. Jesse Ventura promised to control the nWo and make sure they didn’t run things around WCW.

Bobby- Yes but they soon rained on the parade of Jesse Ventura, after Bret Hart nailed Jesse with his title belt and then a Jackknife powerbomb from Kevin Nash.

Tennay- That then lead to Ventura setting up the main event of Nitro as he made The Outsiders take on Goldberg and Sid, The Outsiders gained the pin fall over Sid after Scott Steiner made his way down to the ring and took out Sid and Goldberg with his led pipe. The three nWo members continued to beat down Sid, and Goldberg after the three count which in turn brought out the arrival of Chris Benoit to make the save with a steal chair.

So what will the Outsiders have in store for Goldberg, Sid and Benoit. Also tonight in action we will see Hardcore Legend Terry Funk take on Lex Luger, a triple threat match for the cruiserweight title between current champion Madusa, Filthy animals member Billy Kidman and 3 Count member Evan Karagias.

The cameras cut to the back showing Goldberg talking on his cell phone, behind him the Outsiders spot him, they whisper to each other and sneak up behind Goldberg and nail him sending him flying to the ground, Nash picks up Goldberg and holds him as Scott Hall pounds away at his body, Goldberg falls to the floor, Nash and Hall find some scaffolding on the ground and start laying into Goldberg, as they finish they pick him up and slam him of the wall leaving him in a bloody heap,

Hall- Hey Goldberg looks like it’s one for the good guys.


Tennay- The Outsiders striking Goldberg when he wasn’t looking that’s all they seem to be doing lately beating on people when they are defenceless.

Bobby- Ah come on Tennay, Goldberg should have know better than to be on his cell phone, he should have been looking out for the nWo, he knows that they will be after him, he only has himself to blame.

Tennay- Well i don’t agree with you Hennan, i don’t know how you can sit their and condone the actions of The Outsiders.

Bobby- Shut up Tennay, you haven’t got a clue, lets go to the first match.

Match 1

The Demon vs Curt Henning

Hennig has The Demon on the floor with a tightly griped headlock, The Demon tries forcing himself onto his feet overpowering Henning, The Demon pushes Henning onto the ropes and nails him with a forearm as his comes back, Demon picks Henning up and lands a blow to the head, then whips him of the ropes, Henning comes back Demon goes for a clothesline but Henning ducks and comes back Demon turns around and lands a Boot to the face of Henning.

Henning is down Demon goes for the pin 1...2...kick out form Henning, Demon pushing Henning into the turnbuckle climbs the turnbuckle and starts nailing Henning in the head punches to the head of Henning, Henning falls to the ground as the crowd cheer loudly Demon takes his time taking in the crowd, he slowly walks over to Henning as if stalking him, bends over to pick him up, but Henning goes for the roll up pin, he was playing possum, Henning has a handful of tights 1....2....3

OR -64%


MQ -55%

Bobby- What a great win for Henning, leading The Demon into that trap, that is the sort of mind that makes great wrestlers and separates them from the likes of The Demon.

Tennay- He cheated plain and simple, The Demon had the upper hand, and Henning had to cheat to get the pin fall.

The camera goes to the back where we see Ventura sitting at his desk.

Jesse- I came to a decision regarding the main event for tonight’s show, you see i was going to put Goldberg against one of the Outsiders in the main event tonight, but after your cowardly attack we saw earlier that match wont be taking place, but nerveless one of The Outsiders will still wrestle tonight, I came to the decision to put the leader of the nWo in the main event so tonight we will see Big Sexy Kevin Nash going one on one with................. SID.


Tennay- Wow what a great main event match up we have for tonight, Nash vs Sid, maybe it’s time for the nWo leader to see what the nWo is up against if they think they can rule WCW.

Bobby- Nash will cripple Sid, especially when he has the nWo backed up in his corner, the question i have to ask Tennay is what part will Hall play, especially after The Outsiders took out Goldberg earlier on tonight.

Match 2

Juventud Guerrera and Rey Misterio Jr. vs David Flair and Crowbar

All four men in the ring, Juvi and Rey send dropkicks to Flair and Crowbar sending them flying through the middle ropes, Flair, Crowbar both look dazed as Rey and Juvi come flying over the top ropes, all four men fall to the ground, the all stand to their feet and Rey sends Flair into the guard rail, as the two legal men Juvi and Crowbar roll into the ring, Juvi jumps to the top turnbuckle as Crowbar gets his surroundings in proportion, Juvi launches into a big cross body the ref goes for the pin fall 1...2. and a kick out from Crowbar. Juvi whips Crowbar of the ropes goes for the clothesline but Crowbar ducks he grabs Juvi’s tights with a quick roll up pin 1....2....3 its all over. Rey goes to the ring to check on what happened as Crowbar and Flair make their way into the crowd, screaming like the two crazy men that they are, celebrating their victory over the Filthy Animals.

OR- 70%

CR- 69%

MQ- 72%

Tennay- A victory there for David Flair and Crowbar, Crowbar getting the sneaky pinfall after grabbing the tights of Juvi.

Bobby- What a great mind Crowbar must have, he used his imagination to get the pinfall, that’s what makes a great wrestler, a great mind.

Tennay- You really think that was the use of a great mind, he used underhand tactics to get the pinfall. Up next a three way match for the Cruiserweight title Karagias vs Kidman vs Madusa.

Match 3

Evan Karagias vs Billy Kidman vs Madusa Cruiserweight championship

Madusa has been thrown to the outside by Evan Karagias, he goes down after her, but Kidman comes flying of the top turnbuckle and lands on them both, Kidman picks up Karagias and whips him into the guardrail as Madusa lays looking like she’s out for the count, Kidman runs at Karagias and goes for a big splash, but Karagias moves out the way and Kidman lands chest first on the railing, Karagias sees his opportunity and drags Madusa into the ring she still is out, Karagias pulls her to the turnbuckle and climbs up he signals for a hurricarna, but Madusa picks him up before he can do any thing and lands a powerbomb, they both fall to the floor Madusa still feeling the affects of Kidman jumping on her, Kidman from the outside climbs the turnbuckle off he comes Shooting Star Press, onto Evan Karagias forget about it. 1....2...3! we have a new Cruiserweight champion BILLY KIDMAN.

OR- 59%



Tennay- We have a new cruiserweight champion Filthy Animals member Billy Kidman landing that amazing Shooting Star Press on Evan Karagias.

The music of DDP blasts over the arena as we see Page standing at the top of the Entrance ramp, doing his Diamond cutter sign with his hands, Page slides in the ring and grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

DDP- Im out here to address that jack ass Jeff Jarrett, you see Jarrett I stand by what i said last Monday on Nitro your nothing but a coward, you act all big around your buddies, you act like you’re the tough guy, and you act like you’re the best when you have the backup, when your parading around with that guitar, last Monday you smashed that guitar over my head like a damn coward, well Jarrett why don’t you come out confront me now like a man, no nWo, no backup, no guitar, just you on your own and well see how tough you are.

Page waits a few moments for the arrival of Jarrett facing the entrance ramp, Jarrett jumps over the railings and slides into the ring with his guitar in hand, Jarrett spins DDP around and nails him with the guitar

Jarrett- Come on page get up, show me how tough you are, you see IAM the tough guy since im the one standing, and you’re the one with his ass on the floor.

So why don’t you choke on that jack ass.


Match 4

Booker T vs Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko of the Revolution pounding away at Booker.T, Malenko body slams Booker, runs from the ropes and jumps with his knee straight to the head of Booker.T, Malenko grabs Booker and whips him of the ropes, Booker comes back Malenko nails a powerslam on Booker, goes for the pin,1..2..kick out form the Booker man, Booker lands some punches on Malenko and whips him to the ropes, oh Harlem Sidekick Malenko barley gets to his feet and Booker follows up with the Scissors Kick, goes for the cover 1....2.......3

OR- 74%

CR- 72%

MQ- 77%

The camera cuts to the back where we see Chris Benoit sitting on some boxes looking like he is getting his thoughts together, all of a sudden Bret Hart attacks Benoit beating and kicking him down to the ground.

Hart - You see Benoit this is what you get for sticking your nose in nWo’s business, next time you trash talk me, the next time you attack any nWo members with a chair i will see to it that you never wrestle again, you wont be the crippler any more but the crippled.

Remember Benoit, im the best there is, the best their was, and the best their ever will be.

You want a match with me then just name the time and ill kick your ass any time any place.77%

Tennay- A challenge there from Hart, and i stand by what i said earlier, they are all cowards Hart again attacking Benoit while he had his back turned. He beat him down then trash talked him all big and mighty when he attacks someone with their back turned.

Match 5

Lex Luger vs Terry Funk

Terry funk looks like he is going to finish of Luger , but Shane Douglas comes running down the aisle with a chair, Terry Funk hasn’t noticed Douglas, Douglas slides in and nails Funk with a chair shot to the head, Douglas climbs out of the ring leaving Funk on the ground, Luger see’s his chance and lunches Funk onto his shoulders here it comes Torture Rack! Terry Funk is out the ref calls for the bell, Funk is done for after that vicious chair shot to the head, Shane Douglas makes his way to ring laughing as he holds the chair. Funk stands up...and gets nailed again by Douglas, Funk lays motionless on the floor, as Douglas lands another two shots smack down across his back. Douglas has left Funk down and out in a brutal attack Douglas one more shot to the back of Funk.

OR- 60%


MQ- 48%

Tennay- Douglas once again getting in the face of the Funkster, brutally beating him with a chair.

Bobby- Funk is a tough wrestler, rest assured this is far from over sooner or later Funk will be looking for revenge on Douglas, but will that come at a price.

The camera once again cuts to the room of Jesse Ventura.

Jesse - Hitman you wanted to send a message to Chris Benoit and you certainly done that , now I’ve got a message to send to you, you will have a match with Benoit, it wont be next week on Nitro or next week on Thunder, but in 4 weeks time at Souled out, and it’s for your WCW heavyweight championship. 86%

Tennay- There you have it fans the main event for Souled Out has been made, Bret Hitman Hart will be defending his heavyweight championship against non other than the Canadian crippler Chris Benoit.

Bobby- Oh Tennay what a match that will be, Chris Benoit will get a chance at stardom he will be main eventing at Souled Out for one of the most prestigious titles in the wrestling history, and it will be against one of the greatest wrestlers in history, Bret Hitman Hart.

Tennay- What a match I cant wait and we are only 4 weeks away, but now lets take you to tonight’s main event, it’s Sid vs the nWo’s Kevin Nash

Match 6

Kevin Nash vs Sid

Sid lands two strong punches to Nash, Sid whips Nash to the turnbuckle but Nash lands a boot on Sid as he tries to follow up, Nash hands out a clothesline but it hardly affects him, Nash goes for a second one, but Sid stands and smiles, so Nash sends a low blow to Sid, the ref gets in Nash’s face so Nash pushes the ref to the floor in a act of ignorance, he climbs to the outside and grabs a chair sitting at the announcers desk, he climbs back into the ring and slams the chair across the back of Sid. Nash signals for the end but wait it’s Goldberg, Goldberg comes running down the aisle and into the ring! Kevin Nash turns around SPEAR, Goldberg just speared Nash out of his boots, Goldberg leaves the ring Sid gives the thumbs up to Goldberg and nails a devastating powerbomb on Kevin Nash 1 - 2 - 3. Sid pins Nash, Goldberg climbs back to the ring and celebrates with Sid, Sid looks at Nash and signals to Goldberg for the Jackhammer, but Scott Hall comes running down the aisle with a chair, He slides in as Goldberg and Sid look at him and laugh, they leave the ring with Kevin Nash down and out.

Tennay- The nWo, The Outsiders have felt the wrath of Goldberg and Sid, Folks we have to go be sure to tune into Nitro on Monday night, to see the aftermath of Goldberg and Sid.




Thunder got 74%

We got a 4.59 rating for 'Thunder'!

The attendance level was 5002 people.

We made $200080 from ticket sales

WWF got a 5.82 television rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The event was attended by 7510 people.

They made $300400 from ticket sales

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Saturday night 8th January 2000

Interview with Douglas

Shane Douglas- You see old man i told you, you was too old for wrestling and i proved that to you on Thunder after i beat your ass once Luger had finished with you, Funk you felt the Revolution on Thunder and again tonight you will see what the Revolution is all about. 84%

Match 1

Bam Bam Bigelow vs La Parka

Bigelow had the upper hand for most of this match up not really giving La Parka a chance,Bam Bam defeated La Parka after nailing a greetings from Ashbury park he beat La Parka down after the match had ended..

OR-61 %

CR-63 %

MQ-59 %

Interview with Karagias

Evan Karagias- Kidman on Thunder you got lucky, you may be the new Cruiserweight champion, but when i have my match with you on Nitro you will lose Kidman, i will show you what a being a Cruiserweight is all about and i will become the new Cruiserweight champion. 55%

Match 2

Jim Duggan vs Rick Steiner

A physical match up between the two heavyweights, Steiner landed a Belly To Back Suplex to finish Duggan off after fighting in a even contest.

OR 57%

CR 64 %

MQ 42 %

A video is played showing the events between Jeff Jarrett and Diamond Dallas Page that happened this past Monday on Nitro and Thursday on Thunder 75%

Interview with Funkster

Funk-Douglas on Thunder you proved one thing, you’re a coward, you attacked with a chair you beat me down only because you had a chair with you, Douglas tonight i will beat Malenko and if i see your ass any where near the ring then i will show you what Hardcore is all about. 73%

Match 3

Malenko vs Funk

Funk had the upper hand for most of the match up, but Douglas came down the aisle and nailed a chair across the head of Funk as Malenko distracted the ref, Malenko got the pin fall, after the match Malenko and Douglas gave Funk a beating until they were stoped by WCW officials.

OR 63%

CR 64%

MQ 64%

Saturday night got 66%

We got a 1.22 rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The attendance level was 5037 people.

We made $201480 from ticket sales.

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WCW Monday Night Nitro

10th January 2000

Tony- Hello wrestling fans im Tony Schiavone and beside me tonight Bobby the Brain Hennan, and welcome to WCW Monday night Nitro, what an action packed show we have for you tonight as we will see nWo members Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett team up to face Booker.T and the number one contender for Bret Hart’s title Chris Benoit. Also in action Sid as he goes one on one with Revolution member Shane Douglas.

Bobby- You have to wonder after what happened on Thunder will Terry Funk be making an appearance in the Sid Douglas match, you can guarantee Funk will not back down from Douglas and the Revolution, they can beat him down all they want but he will keep getting back up and he will keep fighting back.

Tony- And what about Benoit becoming the number one contender to the Heavyweight championship, after we saw Hart attack Benoit on Thunder for the comments he made one week ago at Nitro. We then later saw Jesse Ventura make the match up for Souled out Benoit vs Hart, Hart should not take Benoit lightly.

Bobby- And on the same token Benoit should not take Hart lightly, especially with the fact that Hart will have the nWo watching his back, who will Benoit have watching his.

Nash wants Goldberg

Suddenly the music of the nWo hits and we see nWo leader Kevin Nash make his way to the ring looking like he means business, mic in hand Nash waits to speak as the chorus of boo’s erupts.

Nash- Shut the hell up you god damn son of bitches, the boos get louder.

Im out here for one thing and it certainly aint you losers, i want GOLDBERG, last Thursday on thunder he put his nose where it don’t belong, i was beating the living hell out of Sid, i had him done for, then bam i turn round and i get speared by Goldberg, the crowd erupts with cheers, you wanna know something Goldberg why don’t you try and spear me again tonight, you bring your short tree stump ass from out back and see what you get for messing with the nWo.

With that Goldbergs music hits and the fans erupt as they chant Goldberg, Goldberg.

Goldberg stands up to Nash as they stare each other dead in the eyes.

Goldberg- Nash you want me, you got me.

With that they both throw punches at each other and end up rolling out the ring and into the aisle Nash goes to clothesline Goldberg but he ducks and SPEAR, Goldberg just speared Nash on the entrance way the WCW officials come out and break them up. 72%

Tony- My god what a main event tonight Nash goes one on one with Sid, after that brawl we just saw what a main event we are going to have i can’t wait.

The camera cuts to the back as we see Sid with Mean gene

Interview with Sid

Sid- Nash it seems tonight you’ve got your hands full you see Thunder i kicked your ass, and now tonight Goldbergs gonna do the same, and Goldberg remember one thing you had my back on Thunder, I’ve got your back tonight.

Hall if i see you im gonna go down to the ring and tear you limb from limb, im going to destroy you im going to make you feel the wrath of Sid. 75%

Bobby- Well Sid has Goldbergs back and im sure Hall with have Nash’s what a main event tonight will be. I see mayhem ahead of us Tony.

Tony- It certainly seems that way, Sid it seems looking for an excuse to get up and take on the nWo.

Next up folks we will see Billy Kidman and Evan Karagias battle for the Cruiserweight title.

Match 1

Billy Kidman vs Evan Karagias cruiserweight title

The referee is out, after catching an accidental elbow from the energetic Billy Kidman, Kidman whips Karagias of the ropes and follows up with a devastating dropkick which sends Karagias to the outside. Kidman climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself at Karagias, but Karagias counters with a dropkick to the chest of Kidman. Karagias grabs the cruiserweight title and rolls into the ring waiting for Kidman to approach him, Kidman slowly rolls into the ring, Karagias swings at Kidman with the belt, Kidman ducks and sends a boot to the gut of Karagias, Kidman grabs Karagias in a headlock and follows up with a Bulldog, Kidman signals for the Shooting Star Press he pulls Karagias over to the corner, climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself of the turnbuckle, but Karagias grabs the title belt and uses it as a shield, Kidman goes crashing into the belt, he’s out for the count Karagias puts himself on top of Kidman as the ref comes around. 1.......2.........3 Evan Karagias quickly slides out of the ring and makes a hasty exit through the crowd.



MQ- 65%

Tony- Well on Thunder we saw a new cruiserweight champion crowned and tonight we have once again seen a new cruiserweight champion crowned. But it was only after Karagias cheated by using that championship belt and striking it across the head of Kidman that he got the pin fall

Bobby- Hey he cheated but he got the pin fall didn’t he, all in all he out smarted Kidman and won the championship.

Tony- Yeah and he also made a quick exit after he got the pinfall, i got a feeling he is a little bit scared of Kidman.

Bobby- Tony he is not scared of Kidman, he was just using his brains someone gets whacked across the head with a belt your not gonna stand around and see what he’s gonna do about it, you make sure you get the hell out of there.

Tony- Well lets take you to are next match up as DDP takes on Curt Henning


Curt Hennig vs Diamond Dallas Page

Henning tries for a suplex on DDP but Page blocks it, Henning tries for a second time but Page blocks again and sends Henning crashing to the canvas with a suplex of his own, Page whips Henning to the corner turnbuckle and goes following him with a clothesline, Page picks up Henning and lands a left punch followed by a right and a clothesline sending Henning down ,

Page goes to grab Henning but is met with a low blow, Curt Henning getting the upper hand landing in the punches on Page, Curt whips him of the ropes goes for the clothesline but Page ducks quickly turning around, Diamond Cutter page with the cover 1....2....3 It's all over. DDP stands victorias after landing a Diamond Cutter on Henning, Oh wait what now Jeff Jarrett comes running down the aisle with his guitar, Page hasn’t seen him, Page turns and Jarrett slams the Guitar of the head of DDP, oh my god, Page has been taken down with one single blow Jarrett and that damn guitar again. Jeff Jarrett leaves the ring with a big smirk on his face.




Tony- Well Page getting the win over Henning but it came at a price, as JJ came out and blasted DDP with that damn guitar again. I would love to see Jarrett just go one on one with Page and try and take him down without the guitar.

Bobby- What great thinking that was from JJ, yeah sure Page got the pin fall, but Jarrett got one over on Page.

Tony- Well lets take you back to the ring as i think Terry Funk will be saying a few words.

Douglas attacks Funk

Terry Funk is in the ring

Funk- Im out here tonight to say a few words regarding Shane Douglas and the Revolution, you see Shane I’ve been in wrestling for a damn long time....... the music of Shane Douglas interrupts Funk and we see Douglas on the entrance ramp with a mic in hand as he rubs his chin.

Douglas- Well, well Terry Funk out here to talk about the Revolution and Shane Douglas, you know what old man why don’t you just shut up, you say you’ve been in wrestling a long time and i bet you was gonna say how you’ve seen it all, done it all, and how you are gonna teach me some respect.

Funk- Something along those lines Shane you see like i said I’ve been in wrestling for a long time and yes Shane i have seen it all, done it all, and yes Shane I am going to teach you about respect.

Malenko and Saturn of the Revolution jump out the crowd and into the ring Funk has not noticed them.

Douglas- Well Funk before you teach me about respect, we are going to teach you about the Revolution.

Malenko and Saturn strike Funk beating him to the ground, Saturn picks Funk up and sends him crashing with a Death Valley Driver, and Malenko locks on a Texas Cloverleaf to the motionless Terry Funk, as Shane Douglas looks on from the entrance way laughing at his dirty work.

72 %

Tony- What has Funk done to deserve this, two weeks in a row we have seen Douglas and the Revolution attack Funk, when will it ever be one on one.

Bobby- Like i said before Tony, as long as the Revolution keep knocking Funk down he will keep coming back, Funk wont let this die until he gets his own back.

Tag Titles

The cameras cut to the back as we see newly appointed commissioner Jesse Ventura sitting at his desk .

Just one thing i want to sort out tonight and that is the vacant WCW tag team titles, since a couple of weeks ago when The Outsiders were stripped of the titles nothing has been done to crown new champions, until now, you see what i am going to do is this, on Thunder we will see two matches , match number one The Mamalukes Big Vito and Johnny the Bull vs XS Lenny and Idol, and match number 2 David Flair and Crowbar vs 3 Count members Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, the winners of these matches will then go on to meet at Souled Out to crown new WCW Tag Team champions. 89%

Tony- Well there you have it at Souled Out we will see new Tag Team Champions, and on Thunder we will see the well qualifying matches as The Mamalukes take on XS and Flair and Crowbar take on 3 Count.

Well from one set of tag matches to another coming up next, nWo members Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett take on Booker T and the number one contender to the WCW heavyweight championship Chris Benoit.

Match 3

Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit and Booker T

Steiner powerslams Booker T and follows up with an elbow drop, followed by another and one more, Steiner starts taunting Booker by doing his press ups, Steiner picks up Booker and slams him down with a belly to back suplex, Steiner picks up Booker and whips him of the ropes, Steiner goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks and nails Steiner with a flying forearm, Booker with a kick to the mid section and nails the Scissors kick on Steiner he goes for the pin is this it 1.......2......oh Jarrett breaks up the pinfall and starts beating on Booker, but Benoit comes in and attacks Jarrett with chops to the chest followed by kicks to the mid section, all four men in the ring. Booker going toe to toe with Steiner, Benoit going at it with Jarrett. Benoit with a dropkick to Jarrett sending him out as the ref sends Benoit back t his corner. Booker tags in Benoit who quickly goes for Steiner chopping him followed with a whip to the ropes Steiner comes back Benoit nails a dropkick on Steiner, who quickly gets back up, Benoit sends him to the turnbuckle but Steiner comes back and goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and Steiner nails the Ref, Jarrett takes no time in entering the ring but he is cut of by Booker T who sends out of the ring and he follows him. Steiner goes to grab Benoit but Benoit reverses it into the Crossface, Steiner looks like he will tap, and he does Steiner taps but the ref is out, Bret Hart comes running down the aisle and into the ring he nails Benoit with his Championship title and locks on the Sharpshooter sending Benoit into agony, Bret leaves the ring as the ref comes to Steiner crawls over and makes the cover 1 - 2 - 3. Scott Steiner pins Benoit. Jarrett sends Booker back into the ring as Steiner and he take turns on beating Benoit \ Booker, Bret rolls back into the ring and sets Benoit up in another Sharpshooter. The three members of the nWo are beating the hell out of Benoit and Booker T.




Bobby- What did i tell you Tony about Bret having the nWo and Benoit having no one, Bret had two men helping him beat the hell out of the number one contender, Benoit had one man Booker T but at Souled out i can guarantee Booker wont be their, the nWo will make sure there is no one to help Benoit, he is out numbered and i can predict right now that at Souled Out Bret Hart will walk away champion.

Tony- Well whether that is exactly what happens we wont know until four weeks time, but yes you are right it is looking increasingly like Hart walk away with the strap because like you said who does Benoit have. Up next Revolution member Shane Douglas takes on Sid

Match 4

Sid vs Shane Douglas

Sid pounding away at Douglas, punch after punch after punch Douglas is in a world of his own, Sid is destroying Douglas Sid whips Douglas of the ropes and lands a Big Boot as he comes back , Sid pucks up Douglas and sends him to the outside with a devastating powerslam, Oh look its Funk, Terry Funk runs down to Douglas with a steel chair and Funk nails Douglas with a wild shot to the head of Douglas, Terry Funk rolls Douglas into the ring where the awaiting Sid picks him up for a Powerbomb and slams him to the floor that’s it there is no getting up from that, 1.....2......3 Funk looks like he isn't finished, he gets in the ring yelling at Douglas and nails a vicious chair shot to the head of Douglas, Funk picks Shane up and slams the chair across his head again, Funk slams the chair to the floor and kicks Douglas in the gut. DDT!!! Funk has unleashed his anger and pain out on Douglas. Funk with another DDT he goes outside he brings out a table and sets it up, before he can do anything the refs and officials run down and drag Funk away form the blooded Douglas.




[b]Bobby- What did i tell you Schiavone, what did i tell you, there is fight left in the old dog yet, Funk has kicked Shane Douglas’s ass that was brutal, and Douglas better be thankful the refs and officials dragged Funk away when they did, if they hadn’t have come down Douglas may be getting carried away in a bodybag.

Tony- The Revolution and Douglas have a better idea of what they are dealing with, i have a felling this one is not over

Bobby- Oh not by a long shot Tony, not by a long shot.

Tony- Well lets take you to the back where Heavyweight champion is waiting to say a few words.

Bret warns Benoit


You see Benoit what i did to you tonight in your tag match is exactly what ill do to you at Souled Out, ill get your worthless ass, ill kick then ill lock the Sharpshooter on your ass and make you tap like the son of a bitch that you are, Benoit when Souled is all said and done ill prove to you im the best there is, the best their was, and the best their ever will be. 77%

Match 5

Kevin Nash vs Goldberg

Kevin Nash slams a big boot on Goldberg and signals to the crowd for a Jacknife powerbomb, Nash sets him up but Goldberg reverses into a backdrop and goes to the corner signalling for the spear, Oh here comes Scott Hall he runs to the apron and grabs Goldberg and drops him throat first of the ropes as Nash follows up with a massive big boot, Nash now setting Goldberg up and nails him with a JACKNIFE powerbomb, that was devastating 1.....2........3 its all over Nash gets a win over Goldberg all because of interference from Outsider Scott Hall.

Hall makes his way into the ring as he and Nash start stomping the hell out of Goldberg, Hall signalling for the outsiders edge, but wait it’s Sid, Sid is here, he runs down into the ring and nails Hall, and then Nash, Sid is going at it with Nash beating the holy hell out of him, Goldberg sends a mule kick Scott Halls way and throws him out of the ring, Sid punching Nash over to the ropes and clothesline’s him to the outside. Sid and Goldberg have cleared the ring, The Outsiders look shocked as they make a hasty retreat away from the ring.

OR- 83%



Match maker

The music of Jesse Ventura hits and we see him standing on entrance ramp

Jesse-I can see that this is going to go on week in week out unless something is done about it, and i can see you want to beat the hell out of each other, so this is what i will do, at Souled out it will be The Outsiders vs Goldberg and Sid. 76%

Tony- Jesse Ventura making a massive match for Souled out folks we have to go, be sure to tune into Thunder.

Nitro got 73%

We got a 5.22 rating for 'Nitro'!

The attendance level was 5013 people.

We made $200520 from ticket sales

WWF got a 6.81 television rating for 'RAW'!

The event was attended by 7527 people.

They made $301080 from ticket sales.

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WCW Thunder 13th

January 2000

Tennay- Hello and welcome to WCW Thunder what a night we have in store for you as i Mike Tennay and my Partner Bobby Hennan will be your hosts for the next couple of hours.

Bobby- Oh the joys Tennay, sitting with you for the next two hours, well one thing for sure you may be boring but the action will not be.

Tennay- Well the action certainly wont be boring nor will i brain as i will be calling great matches such as, Sid vs Scott Hall, the mini tag team tournament as we see The Mamalukes vs XS and David Flair and Crowbar going against the Three Count combination of Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, and speaking of Three Count we will see a Cruiserweight title rematch as Evan Karagias goes up against Billy Kidman.

But before we take you to the action Jesse Ventura is backstage.

Ventura makes main event

Jesse Ventura - I have decide that tonight in the main event we will see, nWo member Big poppa pump Scott Steiner, going up against the number one contender to Bret Harts title, Chris Benoit have fun boys. 82%

Tennay- What a main event Steiner vs Benoit.

Hennan- Ventura may think he has made a great main event and yes he has but did he think about the role of Bret Hart, will Bret Hart make an appearance in the main event match up. This once again may be a beat down for the Crippler Benoit.

Tennay- That is something we will have to wait and see, but now lets take you to the first match of the mini tag team tournament The Mamalukes vs XS

Match 1

Mamalukes vs XS.

Big Vito clotheslines Idol to the outside , Vito climbs to the apron and jumps at Idol landing a axe handle smash that sends Idol crashing to the railings, back in the ring Johnny the bull body slams Lane and goes to the turnbuckle looking like he will go for his Legdrop, but Lane trips the foot of the Bull sending him groin first onto the top rope, Vito comes in turns Lane and nails him with a punch Lane gets up but is immediately sent back down with a Powerslam from Vito and Johnny the Bull follows up with a Legdrop 1....2....3 the Mamalukes take the victory.




Tennay- Well there you have it The Mamalukes are going to Souled Out to fight for the tag team championship.

Backstage is Terry Funk waiting to comment on Shane Douglas.

Funk- Douglas I showed you, I showed you, on Nitro I kicked your ass Douglas, now you know that im not a push over, now you know you’ve got a fight on your hands, Shane you can kick my ass all you want, but be prepared Shane, be prepared because every time you kick my ass, ill sure as hell make sure i kick yours back, if you thought that beating i gave you on Nitro was bad then you just keep coming back and ill show you i can go further Douglas, ill show you exactly how far I can go. 77%

Bobby- And he aint lying Tennay, the more Douglas goes for Funk the more Funk will bite back

Tennay- Funk certainly showing us there he wont back down form Shane Douglas, now its time for the rematch from Nitro as Kidman and Karagias battle it out for the Cruiserweight championship.

Match 2

Evan Karagias vs Billy Kidman cruiserweight title

Spin kick by Evan Karagias send Kidman crashing to the turnbuckle, Karagias runs at Kidman but Kidman leapfrogs Evan and delivers a super kick to the face of Karagias, Karagias goes down and Kidman climbs the turnbuckle, but we see Shannon Moore running down the aisle, Moore climbs to the second rope and sends a kick to the head of Kidman, Moore quickly jumps down, Karagias climbs the turnbuckle and sends Kidman crashing down with a hurricarana Karagias with the cover 1.....2.....3 Karagias makes his way over to Moore and they shake hands and smile as they leave towards the back.




Tennay- Kidman getting screwed out the title after interference from Shannon Moore, on Nitro Kidman looked like he would get the pinfall and retain his Cruiserweight title but Karagias used the title as a shield and pined Kidman, then once again tonight Kidman looking like he would beat Karagias but Moore came down and cost Kidman the title.

Bobby- Well Kidman should be looking out for these things, if he wants to be a champion then he has to be aware of the territories that come with the belt.

The music of DDP blasts across the arena as we see him make his way into the ring.

DDP- Come on Jarrett, I want your ass out here now, you might be a coward, you might have to sneak attack me after i have finished a match, but im man enough to call you out and go at it face to face, so come on Jarrett where are you, come out here and show your worthless ass and bring that United States championship with you.

Jeff Jarrett comes down carrying the WCW United States belt, and gets in the ring.

Jarrett- Well Diamond Dallas Page you called me out and hear i am so what do you want, and make this quick, I’ve got more important things to be dealing with than the likes of you.

DDP- Jarrett I want your ass, and i want that title, make sure of this Jarrett at Souled Out im gonna kick your ass and im gonna take that title, im gonna show you what it feels like to feel the BANG.

Jarrett looks straight at Page and nails him with the United States championship.

Jarrett- You want me page, well you can go choke. Jeff Jarrett stands above Page posing with his Title. 92%

Tennay- Well DDP challenging Jarrett for a shot at his US title at Souled Out, his answer a shot to the face from Jarrett using his title.

Bobby- Page wanted a title shot and he certainly got one, maybe not the one he wanted but he certainly got one. But Tennay it is a match i do want to see DDP vs JJ but will Jarrett let it happen.

Tennay- Lets hope so Bobby, up next the second and last match of the mini tag team tournament Davis flair and Crowbar vs Three Count.

Match 3

David Flair and Crowbar vs Three Count.

David Flair with the chops to Moore, sends him to the floor and he drops a elbow to Moore’s chest, Moore makes a tag to Helms, as Flair quickly runs to Crowbar making the tag and starts screaming, Crowbar quickly jumps on Helms sending left and rights to the face of Helms. Crowbar whips Helms of the ropes and follows with a dropkick, Helms gets right back up and then Crowbar brings Helms down with an armdrag, Moore comes back into the ring, Flair sees this and follows suit, Flair and Moore trading punches as Crowbar climbs the turnbuckle, and off the top he comes with a Moonsault, 1....2...3 its all over Crowbar and Flair defeat Three count




Tennay- Well the match for Souled Out is confirmed The Mamalukes vs Flair and Crowbar for the WCW Tag team Championship.

Waiting backstage is Sid who later on will face nWo member and Outsider Scott Hall.

Sid-Hall on Nitro i said i would tear you limb from limb if i saw you down in Goldberg’s match, and tonight that is exactly what i will do, tonight i will make sure you feel my wrath 76%

The music of the nWo plays as we see United states heavyweight Jeff Jarrett walk down to the ring.

Jarrett- Page you called me out earlier tonight, so now its my turn, Page get your ass down to this ring so i can make you choke again.

Oh but that’s right Page i forgot you cant come down to the ring because i layed you out, i showed you what you are up against Page, you are not in my league Diamond Dallas Page. Every time you get in my face i show you that you cant beat me Page, and you want me at Souled Out then lets do it, You can choke on that Slapnut.

Suddenly the music of DDP hits and he charges into the ring as officials and backstage staff follow him. Page looks to set on Jarrett but the officials and referees hold him back, as Jarrett retreats out of the ring taunting Page as he goes. 85%

Hennan- Its on Tennay, its on DDP vs JJ for the us title what a match it will be, can you feel it Tennay can you feel the excitement for Souled Out.

Tennay- Well Bobby I can certainly see where you are coming from, Souled Out is looking like a great card so far, Hart vs Benoit, DDP vs JJ, and the Outsiders vs Sid and Goldberg. Speaking of which two halves of that match are up next, Sid vs Scott Hall.

Match 4

Sid vs Scott Hall.

Scott Hall sends a low blow to Sid who has been dominating the match, Hall then picks Sid up and delivers a Russian leg sweep, goes for the cover 1.... but Sid powers out of the pin sending Hall flying as if he was a rag doll, Hall looks spooked he punches Sid but to no affect, he goes for another punch but Sid blocks and sends a stiff punch to Hall followed by two more, Sid then whips Hall of the ropes and sends a big boot to Scott Hall, Sid Whips Hall of the ropes but Hall rolls out under the bottom rope, Hall walks over to a chair and brings it into the ring, Sid watching Hall sends a kick to the gut, Hall drops the chair, Sid with another kick and then puts Hall between his legs and signals for the Powerbomb, but Hall with another low blow, then grabs the chair and wham straight of the head of Sid, The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Scott Hall. Sid steadily gets to his feet as Hall swings the chair at Sid, but Sid manages to move out of the way and starts laying into Hall, Hall tries to fight back but Sid blocks every punch Hall throws at him, Both men now in the aisle throwing left and rights at each other and eventually move out of sight towards the back, as we then see officials running towards them trying to break them up.




Tennay- Well is that we can expect to see at Souled out, Chair shots, fighting in the aisle.

Bobby- Well lets hope so Tennay that’s what we want, all four men going at it no holds bared, a fall brawl as it were. Let all hell break lose.

Tennay- Backstage is WCW number one contender Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit is backstage waiting to say a few words.

Bret you showed on Nitro that maybe you have an edge over me, maybe i do have the odds stacked against me, but Hart that’s not because of you that’s because of the nWo, without the rest of the nWo you would be nothing, if you didn’t have the nWo to back you up then i can guarantee you wouldn’t show your face near me or in any of my matches, come Souled Out the chances are i will face the same problem as I faced on Nitro a handicap match, an nWo beat down, well let me tell you this Hart, come Souled Out whether it be one on one, or two on one, or even three on one, I will make sure you get your ass kicked, i will make sure i give it my all and I will make sure i walk out of Souled Out the new WCW heavyweight champion. 78%

Tennay- Chris Benoit coming out with fighting talk, and Chris Benoit claiming he will walk out of Souled Out the new Heavyweight champion.

Bobby- It wont happen Tennay, i wish it would ,but come on in affect it will be the nWo vs Chris Benoit and not Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

Tennay- Well Benoit up next against one of the nWo members Scott Steiner, will he be able to show the nWo and Hart what he is made of.

Match 5

Chris Benoit vs Scott Steiner.

Chris Benoit with a vicious snap suplex on Steiner, Benoit Climbs the turnbuckle and leaps of with a flying headbutt, but Steiner moves out of the way and Benoit lands head first onto the canvas, Steiner looks as if he will go for the Steiner recliner, but Benoit reverses it into the Cripple Crossface, but Steiner manages to make his way over to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold, Benoit stands to his feet, Steiner also stands to his feet and they both trade blows to the head, Bret Hart comes running down the aisle with a chair Steiner whips Benoit as Bret Hart whacks the chair of the back of the Crippler, Chris Benoit goes down and Steiner moves in putting the Steiner recliner on Benoit, Benoit taps its all over, Bret makes his way into the ring and starts beating on the injured Benoit, Scott Steiner joins in as both the nWo members stomp away at the defenceless Chris Benoit.




Tennay- Bret Hart once again ganging up to take out Chris Benoit.

Bobby- I told you Tennay its always going to be nWo vs Benoit, and like we just saw when the nWo are together even if its just two of them then they are devastating and will easily take out Chris Benoit, all i can say Benoit enjoy the limelight while you can, because it wont last.

Tennay- We have to go be sure to tune into Nitro to see if Benoit will get he revenge or will the nWo once again pounce on Benoit.

Thunder got 78%

We got a 4.24 rating for 'Thunder'!

The attendance level was 5020 people.

We made $200800 from ticket sales.

WWF got a 5.84 television rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The event was attended by 7510 people.

They made $300400 from ticket sales.

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Saturday night 15th January

Interview with Kidman

Kidman- Karagias congratulations, well done you are the new Cruiserweight, Thunder you beat me 1..2...3 the only thing bothering me is how you have to cheat to beat me, you know last Monday i had you beat, but you use the title as a shield to knock me out, then on Thunder you have Moore come down to the ring and you win, Karagias one time i will get you one on one and i will get back my Cruiserweight championship. 66%

A video package of Sting is shown over the titontron. 89%

Match 1

Filthy Animals vs Three Count.

Rey pinned Moore after landing a flying Hurricanrana, Karagias came down after the match and tried to lay out Billy Kidman using his Cruiserweight title, but Kidman moved out the way grabbed the title and hit Karagias with it.




Inerview with Douglas

Douglas- Funk on Nitro the Revolution beat your ass to the ground and that should have been it Funk, but no the hardcore legend Terry Funk doesn’t know when to quit, so you decide to come down in my match against Sid and hit with that chair then repeatedly DDT me onto the chair. And then Funk, then you went out and got a table, lucky for you the officials came down as i was about to hand you your ass. Funk you want me then you got me, watch your back Funk im going to make sure you realise it’s time to get your wrinkled old ass out of the WCW. 79%

Match 2

The Demon vs Dean Malenko.

Malenko had most of this match under control with his technically sound wrestling, Demon fought back on occasions but Malenko seemed to outwit him at every turn, Malenko made The Demon tap out after using his Texas Clover Leaf




The cameras go backstage showing Shane Douglas warming up for his match against Buff Bagwell 80%

Bagwell- Tonight Douglas im gonna step in that ring look you in the eye and on behalf of Terry Funk kick your ass, all compliments of the Buff Daddy.79%

Match 3

Buff Bagwell vs Shane Douglas.

Bagwell really took it to Douglas in this match up, looking like the stronger competitor up until the end of the match, Douglas got some momentum going and wore Bagwell down, just as Bagwell looked like turning things back in his favour Douglas hit a low blow and pinned Buff Bagwell, after the match had ended Funk came down to the ring with a chair and nailed Douglas, leaving him down and out in the middle of the ring.




Saturday night got 75%

We got a 1.13 rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The attendance level was 5036 people.

We made $201440 from ticket sales.

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Quick question

Im hoping to build the Tag Team division up in the next few months, I will most probally do this with the current roster but my question is, could you see Tag Teams like Public Enemy, Nasty Boyz, Road Warriors working out in wcw 2000.

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Monday Night Nitro 17th January 2000

Hitman speaks

As WCW Nitro starts the camera quickly goes to the back where the nWo are standing as a group with Bret Hart microphone in hand.

Bret- Benoit week after week, on Nitro, on Thunder, I show you what its all about being the Heavyweight champion, just as in the case of Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg and Sid you are way out of are league, Benoit what makes you think you are Championship material, what makes you think you are worthy of a Heavyweight title shot. Every week I beat your ass, I beat your ass backstage and I beat your ass in the ring, and come Souled Out ill do it again, I will show you that we are in very different leagues, ill show you im the best there is the best their was, and the best their ever will be, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Tony- Folks welcome to WCW Monday night Nitro im Tony Schiavone and im joined tonight by Bobby the Brain Hennan. What a blockbuster show we have for you tonight, the main event match Diamond Dallas Page teaming with Chris Benoit to take on Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner,

and tonight folks a special message form the man himself Sting.

Bobby- That is something I want to hear Tony, Sting speaking out against Lex Luger, what will Sting say, is he coming back, if so when, or will it be one of those weird messages.

Tony- That is something we will soon find out, right now tho David Flair is in the ring.

Flair warns Mamalukes

The camera cuts to the ring where one half of the challengers to the WCW tag team titles are standing in the ring.

Flair starts speaking in his screechy paranoid voice

David Flair- We are here to show The Mamalukes that come Souled Out we will become WCW tag team champions, we are going to prove that by issuing a challenge to any tag team out in the back and that does include you Mamalukes, out from the back come Mamalukes who stand in the ring ready to speak, but as soon as Big Vito puts his mouth to the mic, Crowbar and Flair attack the Mamalukes

Vito and Johnny the bull immediately fight back both throwing punches at Crowbar and Flair sending them flying through the ropes, The Mamalukes stare down Flair and Crowbar who crawl back up the entrance ramp.

Big Vito- Flair, Crowbar come Souled Out me and Johnny here are gonna break all your legs and every bone in your body compliments of the Mamalukes. 59%

Evan Kidman Souled Out

Almost straight away the music of Three count hits and they make their way to the ring in preparation for Shannon Moores match against Rey. Karagias decides he needs to speak on the mic.

Karagias- Shannon Moore is about to show the world he is among the best cruiserweights in the world, Rey he will kick your ass just like the way i have kicked Kidman’s.

The filthy animals music plays and out comes Kidman and Rey,

Kidman- I tell you what Evan, why don’t you shut the hell up, I want you to prove to me you are among the best Cruiserweight, at Souled Out you and me one on one for the title.

Karagias-You want it Kidman You got it, Souled Out ill kick your ass just like I always do. 51%

Tony- Before we go to the match Shane Douglas is backstage with a few words.

Interview with Douglas

Douglas- Funk you son of a bitch, after what you did to me last week on Nitro im gonna make sure you never step in a ring again, next time I see you Funk im going kick your ass all over the arena, im gonna make sure you bleed, bleed all over the arena, bleed all over the car park, in the ring out the ring, wherever the hell you turn up ill kick your ass, Funk mark my words you’re a dead man. 82%

Match 1

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Shannon Moore.

Rey Jr whips Moore into the turnbuckle, Moore drops down to his butt, Rey runs at Moore and hits the bronco buster bouncing up and down on the chest of Shannon Moore, Moore stagers to his feet and goes to grab hold of Rey, but Rey ducks out of the way and kicks Moore in the gut, Rey with a DDT, the DDT sends Moore crashing to the floor as Rey climbs the Turnbuckle and of he comes with a Moonsault but Moore rolls out of the way, Rey is down Moore now climbs the turnbuckle and of he comes with an elbow drop, Moore goes for the cover 1...2.. But Rey kicks out, Moore picks up Rey and whips him of the ropes, Moore goes for the clothesline but Rey ducks and springboards himself of the middle rope and into a cross body landing on Shannon Moore, Rey with the cover 1...2....oh but Moore kicks out, Shannon Moore gets to his feet, but Rey runs of the ropes and jumps at Moore who catches him into a powerbomb position, but Rey turns it into a Hurricanrana, Rey with the pin 1.....2......3.




Tony- Rey with a great victory over Shannon Moore, who did not prove to the world he was among the best Cruiserweights as he was beaten by Rey, and what about the accepted challenge Kidman gave to Karagias, as they will fight each other at Souled Out for the Cruiserweight championship.


The camera cuts to the backstage where we see Bret Hart walking, he comes across the number one contender Chris Benoit.

Benoit- Well, well Bret Hart, I cant believe it, the great Bret Hart all on his own nobody to back you up Bret, nobody to help you out Bret, its just you and me Bret.

Bret- Come on Benoit you want some now’s your chance, but ill kick your ass just like all the other times, come on Benoit what you waiting for.

Benoit- You seem a little spooked Bret, I could just kick you ass all over this arena right now, but you know what, ill wait for Souled Out, i want to keep all my frustrations and anger bottled up until Souled Out, then bam I let all go, then we will see if you really are the best there is.

See you at Souled Out then BRET.76%

Tony- Well their you have it, Benoit and Hart finally came across each other one on one, and i must say Bret looked spooked. After hearing Bret’s comments earlier on tonight i have to say Benoit does look like he is in the same league as Bret Hart.

Bobby- It doesn’t matter if they came across each other one on one, what matters is that at Souled Out that wont happen, Bret will have the nWo Benoit will have no one. Same league or not Benoit will always be out numbered.

Tony- Well folks now we take to a pre taped message from Sting addressing Lex Luger.

Message from Sting

Sting- Well Lex, look where we are again, once again my supposedly best friend Lex Luger turns his back on me, my supposedly best friend breaks my hand. At Starrcade you took me out, at Starrcade you got Liz to turn on me, now Luger im back and im coming for you. When only i know, all you need to know is IT’S SHOWTIME. 82%

Tony- Well Sting says he’s back and he’s coming for Luger.

Bobby- When only Sting now’s, he certainly wasn’t giving much away in that message, Luger watch your back, Sting is back in town.

Tony- As we look forward to the return of Sting, we will see the man who put him out of action up next as Lex Luger and Ric Flair team up to take on Goldberg and Sid.

Match 2

Flair and Luger vs Sid and Goldberg.

Sid tags out to Goldberg who immediately goes in at Flair with left and rights backing him into the corner, Goldberg whips Flair to the other corner and runs at Flair and goes for the SPEAR, but Flair moves out of the way and Goldberg connects with the ringpost. Flair turns Goldberg and chops him followed by a whooo, another chop, and another, Goldberg looks like it is not affecting him, Flair with a worried look on his face tries another chop but again not affecting Goldberg, Goldberg lets out a roar and grabs Flair and chucks him in the corner, landing punches to the body of Flair, Flair in trouble sends a low blow to Goldberg, Flair quickly scampers over to his corner and makes the tag with Luger, Luger with a nervous look on his face, possible looking out for Sting, makes his way over to Goldberg but Goldberg runs at Luger with a SPEAR, that was devastating Goldberg nails Luger with a spear, Goldberg setting Luger up and straight into a JACKHAMMER 1.....2.....3, Oh here they come The Outsiders walking to the ring as if looking for trouble both with chairs in hand, they get in the ring and Nail Goldberg, Sid comes running in but is quickly stoped with a chair shot to the head form Scott Hall, both Goldberg and Sid down, Nash and Hall pick up Sid and hit him with a double Powerbomb, they chuck him to one side, and pick up Goldberg and again hit him with a Powerbomb. Hall goes to the outside and drags out a table, setting it up on the Outside, Nash picks Goldberg up into the Jacknife position and sends him crashing down through the table, The Outsiders have destroyed Goldberg and Sid.




Tony-Well The Outsiders sending a message to Goldberg and Sid, they clearly got the upper hand on them, sending Goldberg crashing through the table, that was right in front of are eyes, but will the upper hand stay with them in the upcoming weeks an can they do the same they done tonight at Souled Out.

Waiting backstage with Meane Gene is DDP.

Interview with DDP

DDP- Jarrett you have made a big mistake, you have messed with me too many times, blasting we with Guitars, hitting me with chairs, sneak attacks, well it all comes to an end at Souled Out, at Souled Out i get you in the ring one on one, no more cheap shots, no more, guitar shots , just you and me Jarrett one on one, and im going to make you feel the BANG.79%

Tony- DDP telling Jarrett basically that at Souled Out all the cheap and cowardly shots will stop,

Bobby- Well that’s what Page thinks, as in the case of Hart and Benoit, will JJ have the nWo to back him up,

Tony- Well that’s a certain possibility any way Coming up next is Booker.T going against Curt Henning

Match 3

Booker T vs Curt Hennig

Curt Henning landing a Running clothesline on Booker, Henning stomps at Booker as he lays on the floor, Curt picks up Booker and Bodyslams him straight back down, Curt picks up Booker but Booker reverses the whip and sends Henning of to the ropes who comes back and Booker lands a Spinebuster on Henning, Henning tries to get up but Booker lands a Scissors Kick on him, going down for the pinfall 1....2....3. Booker T wins.




Tony- Booker T getting a great victory over Curt Henning, and now up next the Main event for tonight Chris Benoit and DDP teaming to take on the nWo.

Bobby- This will be great Tony, and keep a look out for Hart, my money says he will show his face after the confrontation he had earlier, he wont want to lose face with the nWo looking like he backed down.

Match 4

Chris Benoit and Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett and Scott SteinerWhat a match all four men in the ring beating hell out of each other, DDP and JJ both the legal men in this match, Steiner sends Benoit to the outside with a clothes line, Steiner follows Benoit to the outside and whips him straight into the steel steps at ringside.

Page landing a left punch on Jarrett and then a right followed by a spinning clothesline Jeff Jarrett is down, Page goes to pick him up but receives a nasty low blow from JJ, JJ looking to go for the STROKE, but Page reverses it and DIAMOND CUTTER, Page nailed his Diamond Cutter on JJ 1......2.......3 Page gets the pin fall victory over Jeff Jarrett is this signs of things to come for Souled Out, Benoit makes his way into the ring after beating down Steiner, But Wait its Hart, Bret Hart comes running down the aisle and slides into the ring, he goes for Benoit but Benoit sees him and grabs his arm and puts Hart in the CROSSFACE, Hart is taping, Hart is taping.




Tony- Folks we have to go, we are out of time, Will this happen at Souled Out, Page pinned JJ, Hart is still tapping to the crippler Crossface we have to go.

The camera cuts to the WCW logo after showing Bret Hart in the ring tapping out to the Cripple Crossface.

Nitro got 70%

We got a 5.26 rating for 'Nitro'!

The attendance level was 5040 people.

We made $201600 from ticket sales.

WWF got a 6.90 television rating for 'RAW'!

The event was attended by 7510 people.

They made $300400 from ticket sales.

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Thursday thunder

20th January 2000

Tennay- Welcome to WCW Thunder im Mike Tennay and im joined as usual by Bobby The Brain Hennan. We have a great line up for you tonight, in the main event we will see Diamond Dallas Page going up against Scott Steiner of the nWo, also in action is Sid as he takes on Bam Bam Bigelow and another block buster match Goldberg one on one against Ric Flair.

Bobby- Two great main event matches Goldberg and Flair, and Page vs Steiner i cant wait, Page will be hot of the heels after his pinfall victory over JJ.

Tennay- Bobby for weeks you have stated Benoit would not beat Hart, yet on Nitro we saw Hart tapping to the Crossface.

Bobby- Yeah he tapped ok, but they weren’t wrestling each other, the whole atmosphere will be different at Souled Out when they step into the ring, Bret will be prepared as will Benoit, and another thing Hart didn’t have the nWo with him to back him up like they will do at Souled Out.

Tennay- Well actually Hart did have the nWo as it was a tag match the only members not present were the Outsiders, but i know what you mean Bobby, in the mean time lets take you backstage with Sid and Goldberg.

Interview with Goldberg/Sid

Sid- Outsiders the time is nearly upon us, it is nearly here Souled Out when me and Goldberg finally get are hands on you, when me and Goldberg finally get to tear you to shreds, when the Outsiders finally feel the wrath of Sid

Goldberg- Hall, Nash last Monday on Nitro you decide to interfere in are match ,and then you decide to lay us both out with chairs and then Nash, you decide to put me through a table, you see Outsiders it’s all well you laying us out with chairs and putting us through tables but remember every action taken has a consequence, and remember this at Souled Out YOUR NEXT!


Tennay- Goldberg stating at Souled Out the Outsiders will be next, Bobby you agree.

Bobby- Yes I agree they will be next, Hall and Nash will get their ass’s kicked, but on the same token so will Goldberg and Sid. They will be next but whether or not they get the pinfall is a different story.

Tennay- Lets take you to the ring for Big Vito vs Crowbar.

Match 1

Big Vito vs Crowbar.

Crowbar whips Vito into the corner turnbuckle and goes following after him but comes to the end of Vito’s boot, Crowbar goes to the floor, Vito climbs the turnbuckle and launches of with a elbow drop, but Crowbar rolls out of the way and Vito’s elbow meets the canvas, Crowbar goes over to Vito but is met with a elbow to the stomach, and another one follows Vito lands a right hand on crowbar and whips him of the ropes and lands a stiff looking clothesline on the returning Crowbar, Crowbar is down Vito goes over to pick him up but Crowbar pokes the eyes of Vito and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes. 1.....2......3 Crowbar with his feet on the ropes to get the pinfall, David Flair comes running down the aisle what’s he doing the match is over, Flair rolls into the ring with a chair in hand and decks Vito, oh what was that for, Flair looks deathly at Vito and again slams the chair across the head of Vito.




Tennay- Well Flair and Crowbar getting the upper hand on one half of the Mamalukes Vito, will they be carrying the mental edge into Souled Out,

Bobby- Tennay this is Flair and Crowbar we are talking about, there is no way in hell they will have a mental edge look a them both, they need locking up they are mental, always screaming and that damn Daffney is no better.

nWo strike

Sid is in the ring waiting for his opponent Bam Bam Bigelow when suddenly the music of the nWo hits and there standing on the entrance ramp is the nWo.

Nash- Sid you think we are scared of you, you think at Souled Out we will feel your wrath well right now you will feel the wrath of the nWo. The nWo charges the ring Sid tries to beat them off but the members of the nWo are too powerful as they take Sid down, Bret Hart leaves the final blow using his title to blast over the head of Sid.

Nash- You see Sid that’s what you get for threatening me and Scott you mess with one of us then you mess with us all. 75%

Bobby- You see Tennay do you think at Souled Out that man Nash and his partner Hall will be next, after that will they lose to Goldberg and Sid

Tennay- I think that Goldberg and Sid have the capabilities of overcoming objects thrown at them like this, Souled Out will be a different story it will all be equal.

Bobby- Tennay it’s the nWo nothing is equal about the nWo.

Match 2

Filthy Animals vs Three Count II. Rey/Kidman vs Moore/Karagias

Rey tags out to Kidman after being double teamed by Three Count, Kidman comes in and charges at Karagias, Kidman with a flying Head scissors on Karagias sends him into the corner turnbuckle, and incoming Rey with a Bronco buster on Karagias, Moore quickly comes into the ring and goes after Rey, the ref trying to deal with Rey and Moore as Karagias pulls something out of his boots, it looks like brass knuckles, and Karagias nails Kidman with a punch to the head. Kidman goes down like a ton of bricks, Karagias with the pinfall, 1.....2......3 its all over. Rey comes into the ring to go to Kidman, Karagias and Moore look at each other and nod, as they both attack the Filthy Animals members. Kidman and Rey have been left down and out.




Tennay- Karagias again cheating to get a pin fall victory over Kidman, it seems every week Kidman gets close to a victory and then Karagias pulls some stunt to get the win.

Midget attack

The music of the nWo plays, out comes the Heavyweight champion Bret Hart, who alongside him is a midget dressed up as Chris Benoit.

Midget Benoit- Bret Hart you better watch your back, because when i get hold of you me and my little ass will kick your big ass all over the ring.

Bret- Well Benoit you better do some growing before you consider stepping in the ring with me the excellence of execution.

Midget Benoit- Bret you were my hero why did you join the nWo why oh why Bret.

Bret- Because Christopher i want to set an example and prove to the world that not all Canadians are as useless and as pathetic as you,

Before he can say anymore Benoit appears at the entrance way.

Here he comes the Canadian Crippler runs down to the ring and starts going at it with Bret, both the Canadian giants are going at it toe-to-toe, Benoit with a chop to Bret, Bret with a kick to the gut, both men grab hold of each other and roll to the outside, officials and other wrestlers are making their way down to both men to try and split them up.


Match 3

Terry Funk and Buff Bagwell vs Revolution.

Buff goes up top and nails the Blockbuster on Saturn ONE...TWO...NO Malenko breaks the pinfall, Bagwell tags out to Funk who is desperate for a bit of the action, quickly goes brawling with Saturn, as Malenko and Bagwell roll to the outside and start beating holy hell out of each other, Saturn is backed into the corner as Funk nails him with lefts and rights, Wait it’s Shane Douglas running to the ring what does he want, Douglas rolls into the ring and turns Funk around FRANCHISER Douglas has just nailed the Franchiser on Funk, Saturn picks up Funk as the ref returns to the ring after trying to break Malenko and Bagwell up, and Saturn with a Death Valley Driver, goes for the pin 1...2.....3.




Bobby- He’s there again Mike, Shane Douglas wont learn, he keeps battering Funk he keeps getting in his face but what he doesn’t seem to realise is that Funk will come back at him twice as hard.

Tennay- We take you backstage for a few words with DDP.

DDP Interview

DDP-Yo Jarrett Monday on Nitro was a preview of things to come at Souled Out, I gave you the Diamond Cutter and layed your ass out for the 1....2....3, come Souled Out the same thing will happen Jarrett. me kicking your ass and taking that United States championship from around your waste. Souled Out Jarrett be ready to feel the BANG! 83%

Backstage attack

The camera moves to around the corner where the Mamalukes are. They are spotted by David Flair and Crowbar.

Flair and Crowbar just nailed The Mamalukes with those led pipes, Crowbar spots a table and they proceed to beat the Mamalukes down, Crowbar lifts Vito above his head and slams him down onto the table. The Mamalukes have been left down on the floor, hurt 58%

Tennay-DDP with a few choice words for Jarrett, and Flair and Crowbar beating on The Mamalukes and putting Vito through a table. But now its time for Goldberg and Ric Flair

Match 4

Goldberg vs Ric Flair

Goldberg backed into the corner as Flair lands some chops, but they seem to have no affect, Goldberg gives Flair the death stare and quickly launches himself at Flair with a left, then a right, another left and one more right, and finishing his assault with a clothesline to the outside. Ric Flair staggering to his grabs a chair and nails Goldberg with it, Goldberg goes down but almost immediately is back to his feet, Goldberg runs at flair SPEAR, but Flair moved and Goldberg spears the steal steps, Flair rolls back into the ring and back out again to save getting counted out, Flair goes over to the motionless Goldberg and puts him in the figure four leglock, Flair looking pleased with himself rolls into the ring and tells the ref to start counting down, and he does so and reaches the count of ten, Flair defeats Goldberg via count out after he speared the steps Now what as we see one half of the Outsiders Scott Hall come walking down to the body of Goldberg, Hall cautiously kicks Goldberg to make sure he is out, he realises he is and rolls Goldberg into the ring , Hall sets him up into the Outsiders Edge position and nails him, Hall has left Goldberg out in the middle of the ring, what a cowardly attack from Scott Hall.




Tennay- Scott Hall beating Goldberg down and finishing him off with The Outsiders edge.

Bobby- And Tennay the shock thing, there was no Kevin Nash, Scott Hall took out Goldberg all on his own.

Tennay- Yeah after he had a gruelling match with Flair, Hall was fresh, Goldberg wasn’t.

Backstage assualt

The camera cuts to the back as we see Jeff Jarrett walking backstage, he is spotted by Diamond Dallas Page who is making his way towards the ring for his match against Scott Steiner.

DDP- Yo Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett turns around to see DDP before he can say anything Page lays into him, Page with shots to the head of Jarrett who has been beat down by Diamond Dallas Page and a kick to the mid section Page throws Jarrett of the wall.

DDP- If you don’t mid Jarrett I’ve got a match to go to can ya feel the bang yet.92%

Match 5

Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Steiner.

Steiner whips Page of the ropes and goes for a clothesline as Page comes back, but Page does the same and they take each other out with a double clothesline. They both stagger to their feet Steiner punches Page, Page retaliates with a punch of his own, Steiner then lands a punch as does Page, but Steiner gets the upper hand with a knee strike to the gut of Page, Steiner goes to pick Page up in the powerslam position but Page wriggles out and down the back of Steiner, he turns Steiner around and Diamond Cutter , Page has taken Steiner out 1...2....3 yes DDP picks up a great win over Scott Steiner, Page has defeated nWo’s Steiner, here comes Jeff Jarrett into the ring Guitar in hand, but page has spotted him and Diamond Cutter, the crowd goes nuts as DDP has nailed out Scott Steiner and Jarrett with Diamond Cutters. Page stands over Jarrett and goes the Bang sign, Page looking over Jarrett with a smile to his face.




Tennay- Diamond Dallas Page has taken out Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett, has Page finally shifted momentum to his side, Be sure to tune into the last Nitro before Souled Out we have to go.

Thunder got 76%

We got a 4.54 rating for 'Thunder'!

The attendance level was 5010 people.

We made $200400 from ticket sales.

WWF got a 5.83 television rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The event was attended by 7539 people.

They made $301560 from ticket sales.

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Saturday night

22nd January 2000

Interview with Funk

Funk- Douglas tonight if I see you anywhere near the ring in my match against Rick Steiner I will rip you apart, Shane I will have no hesitations in kicking your ass all over the arena, Douglas I will be ready for you, Shane come near me and blood will be spilt. 77%

Match 1

Bigelow vs Jim Duggan.

An even contest between Bigelow and Duggan, only a couple of near pinfall’s in a slow paced match up between the two big men. Bigelow got the upper hand and managed to finish Duggan of with greatings from Asbury Park

OR- 64



Interview with Evan

Evan- Kidman when we step in the ring tonight I will prove to you I am the better Cruiserweight, I will kick your ass tonight just like I will at Souled out. 65%


A video package is shown, it is of the fued between DDP and JJ, the video mostly shows the goings on between the two over the past week. 80%

Match 2

Filthy Animals vs Three Count.

This was a fast paced match between the four cruiserweights, when Kidman and Karagias came up against each other they went at each other like there’s no tomorrow.

Karagias got the pinfall over Kidman after using the move snakeyes on the bare turnbuckle exposing him to the steel, then he grabbed the tights for the win.




Match 3

Lash LeRoux vs Horace Hogan.

The crowd not really into this match, Lash had more of an edge over Horace using his speed to his advantage, Horace got a close pinfall after using a low blow on Lash, but that was as close as he came, Lash came out on top using whiplash to finish Horace off.




Warm up

Rick Steiner is shown backstage warming up, he is doing some stretches and press ups. 68%

Match 4

Terry Funk vs Rick Steiner

Steiner and Funk put on good brawling contest, with neither getting any edge in the match.

Terry Funk won by DQ after Douglas came and interfered in the match up. After R.Steiner and Douglas tried to beat down on Terry Funk, but he fought back and ran Douglas off up to the entrance way.




Saturday night got 68%

We got a 1.23 rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The attendance level was 5042 people.

We made $201680 from ticket sales.

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Monday night Nitro

24th January 2000

Tony- Hello and welcome to Monday night Nitro im Tony Schiavone, joined by Bobby the Brain Hennan, we are just 6 days away from the anticipated PPV Souled Out where we will see Benoit vs Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett vs DDP, The Outsiders vs Goldberg and Sid and many more matches. How will things pan out tonight leading into Souled Out. But tonight we have a great line up we will see Scott Hall going up against Booker T, the former Cruiserweight champion Billy Kidman goes up against Shane Helms and the Revolution plus Tank abbot against Three members of the Filthy Animals plus Terry Funk.

Bobby- So in that match up we could possible see Funk and Douglas get their hands on each other, we shall have to wait and see.

Tony- That is a possibility, but up first we have for you a hardcore match between Crowbar and Big Vito who will meet this Sunday at Souled Out when they clash for the tag team titles.

Match 1

Big Vito vs Crowbar.

Hardcore match

Vito Whips Crowbar into the corner turnbuckle and goes running after him but is met with an elbow to the face, Crowbar finds a trash can lid that has been used throughout the match up.

Crowbar smashing a trash can lid of the head of Vito goes down, Crowbar for the cover 1....2.... no kick out, Vito kicked out. Crowbar goes to the outside and looks underneath the ring and pulls out a stop sign, Crowbar clambers into the ring and is met with a boot to the gut, Vito grabs the sign and slams it of the head of Crowbar, Crowbar is down Vito positions the stop sign and picks Crowbar up and nails an Implant DDT onto the stop sign Vito with the cover 1.....2.....3 it’s all over Vito gaining a victory over one half of his tag team opponents for Souled Out.




Tony- Well Vito gaining a vital victory over Crowbar. Bobby will we see that at Souled Out.

Bobby- Tony you never know, The Mamalukes are capable of taking those titles in no trouble, but Flair and Crowbar are nuts who know’s what they will do to get a victory. But I say Yes at Souled Out the Mamalukes will walk away champions.


The music of the New World Order hits over the PA system, and we see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash make their way down to the ring.

Hall- Hey yo met with a loud chorus of boo’s, Bill, Bill, Bill ,the great Bill Goldberg well Goldberg you didn’t look so great last Thursday on Thunder, after I came down and kicked your ass. You see Bill, I mean ehhm Goldberg your not so tough every one in the locker room thinks oh Goldberg lets stay away from him, but me and Kev we don’t think like that, you see me and big Kev now that your not so tough and we now that come Souled Out the same thing will happen to you and Sid that happened to you on Thunder you will both be left flat on your ass’s.

Nash- You see Goldberg, Sid we are tired of this Bullshit, we are the nWo and you will come to realise that no one messes with the nWo and no one messes with The Outsiders. It’s real simple, Souled Out we go in their and kick your ass’s.

Before Nash can say any more the pounding thud of Goldberg’s music is heard, and the crowd starts a loud Goldberg chant within seconds Goldberg and Sid make their way form the back and into the ring.

Goldberg- Hall, Nash I’ve just got one thing to say WHY WAIT.!

The two teams start brawling Goldberg with Nash, Sid with Hall pounding away at each other with no team getting any clear advantage, referees and officials come pouring out of the back and try to get in between the two teams, after a long struggle the ref’s and officials manage to separate them neither team had gotten any advantage over each other and looked just as equally capable of beating the hell out of each other. 79%

Tony- Well come Souled Out they will be able to finally go at it without any restrictions.

Bobby- And Tony that is exactly what they will do, all four men will hold nothing back and they will beat the hell out of each other, they might even do that again before the end of the night.

Tony- Well coming up next folks is Billy Kidman vs Shane Helms

Bobby- Yeah I bet you any money we see Karagias out before the match is over.

Match 2

Billy Kidman vs Shane Helms.

Kidman nails Helms with a powerslam and goes up top, he launches of and lands an elbow drop, Kidman with the cover 1...2 kick out at two by Helms, Kidman picking up the pace whips Helms of the ropes and launches with a dropkick meeting with the face of the returning Helms, Kidman again with the cover 1...2 kick out, Karagias comes running down the aisle, Karagias comes into the ring as Helms gets the attention of the ref, Karagias spins Kidman around and kick to the gut and follows up with a powerbomb on the cruiserweight. Karagias slips out of the ring Helms goes over and covers Kidman 1....2...3.

Evan Karagias comes back into the ring with a chair in hand and hits it of the head of Kidman. Karagias climbs the turnbuckle Off the top rope with a big body splash, Karagias again going up top and this time coming of with a Moonsault. Karagias has left Kidman down and out. Karagias hasn’t finished he props the chair into the top rope of the corner turnbuckle and whips Kidman face first into the chair. Kidman has been left out cold, Karagias has left a message for Kidman.




Karagias fighting talk

Evan Karagias gets on the mic after beating down Kidman,

Karagias- Kidman I just showed you why im the Cruiserweight champion and your nothing, Souled out I will do the same, I will kick your ass and retain the title proving that I am the best Cruiserweight in WCW 59%

Bobby- I told you Tony now is that $100 you owe me.

Tony- I never agreed with your bet, but yes you were right and Karagias absolutely annihilated Billy Kidman, he really did give him a beating.

Bobby- Yes and whether you agree or not you have to say Karagias is using his brains, going into the PPV Kidman will not be at 100% not after that beating anyway.

Tony- That is true it shall be interesting to see the outcome of their match at Souled Out espcially after tonight.

DDP good gawd

The music of Diamond Dallas Page blasts over the PA system

Diamond Dallas Page makes his way to the ring to loud cheers and DDP chants, microphone in hand, Page gets ready to talk.

DDP- Jarrett in 6 days time, just 6 days I will get my hands on you and your United States championship, Last week on Nitro I pinned you for the 1....2.....3, then on Thunder you came down in my match but I nailed you with the Diamond Cutter, so Jarrett two times two times I have finished you of with the Diamond Cutter and Jarrett come Souled Out I will make it three times.

The music of the nWo plays and we see the United States champion Jeff Jarrett on the stage with his trademark guitar.

Jarrett- Page two times you may have landed the Diamond Cutter on me, two times it was a fluke.

Page- Oh a fluke was it Jarrett, well on Sunday I will show you that those two times were no Flukes.

Jarrett- Well Page Sunday can wait because now I have a message for you.

When suddenly Bret Hart and Scott Steiner come from out of the crowd and attack DDP, Steiner nails DDP down with some stiff punches and the heavyweight champion Bret Hart locks DDP in the Sharpshooter leaving Page in a lot of agony.

Jarrett- Page why don’t you choke on that Slapnut. 83%

Tony- Jarrett never to be out done, and I bet he is pleased at getting others to do his dirty work

Bobby- Tony you know what they say, all for one and one for all, this is the nWo they all stick together they look out for each other.

Match 3

Team Konnan vs Team Saturn. Survivor match

Konnan/Rey/Eddy/Funk vs Saturn/Malenko/Douglas/Abbot

First Fall: Tank seemed to find it hard to keep up with the pace of Rey but he did manage to keep Rey grounded through some of their encounter.

Tank whips Rey of the ropes, Tank goes for a clothesline but Rey slides under his legs causing Tank to lose his balance and Rey launches himself of the rope Rey jumps high onto Tank and lands a perfect executed SUPER frankensteiner, Rey goes for the cover 1....2.....3 Tank got pinned next in is Dean Malenko and Rey tags out to Konnan.

Second Fall : Malenko had most of the upper hand of this match up between the two, Konnan scored a near pinfall but Malenko kicked out after the two count. Konnan eventually got the upper hand up but that was cut very short by the man of a thousand holds. Dean Malenko in the corner awaits the groggy Konnan, Konnan staggers over to the corner, Malenko awaits him and moves in with a Tornado DDT! 1....2....3. Malenko pins Konnan, next in is Saturn as Rey gets tagged in once more.

Third Fall : Saturn had less trouble than Tank with keeping Rey grounded and managed to hit him with a lot of power moves that seemed to keep Rey from attempting his usual high flying moves. Saturn slams Rey down, Rey quickly gets to his feet and runs the ropes but is met with a powerslam from Saturn, Saturn picks Rey up into the death valley driver 1....2....3 Saturn tags out to Malenko as Funk takes his place in the ring.

Fourth Fall :Funk seemed up for this, as he really took it to Malenko keeping him back with his wild brawling, Malenko swings for Funk but Funk ducks and gives Malenko a nasty kick to the gut and follows up with a piledriver .1....2....3. Funker defeats Malenko Saturn takes the place of Malenko and Funk tags out to Eddy Gurrero.

Fifth Fall :Eddy and Saturn were evenly matched and looked close to pinning each other on many occasions, but it was Saturn who got the edge after taking advantage of Eddy’s missed Frog splash attempt. Eddy goes up top for the Frog Splash but Saturn rolls out of the way the dazed Gurrero staggers to his feet but is cut of by Saturn who hits a stalling suplex on Eddy 1...2...3. Saturn defeats Eddie, Terry funk the last man for his team is left to face Saturn

Sixth Fall : Both men tired more so of Saturn as he just had a close encounter with Eddy Gurrero coming close to losing the match on a few occasions.Funk whips Saturn to the ropes that was a hard whip as it sends Saturn bouncing back out of the corner and straight into the awaiting Funk with a DDT. 1....2...3. Oh look what we have left Terry Funk and Shane Douglas they will have to go one on one.

Final Fall : Funk and Douglas really going hammer and tongues at it, each man landing blows to the others head, Funk then Douglas, then Funk then Douglas again, Douglas ends the fisticuffs with a knee strike to the gut of Funk and a Franchiser! Almost out of nowhere Douglas has nailed Funk with a Franchiser, Douglas goes for the pin 1....2.....3 its all over Shane Douglas has pinned Terry Funk cleanly.




Souled Out

Douglas- Funk week after week I have kicked your ass, week after week I have showed you old man you can not beat me down, Funk lets face it you are done for, you are nothing anymore in the wrestling world, you are finished old man. And Funk i just pinned your ass in the middle of that ring, so you have anything to say to me so come on Funk this should be good.

Funk- Douglas you have to be the most arrogant son of a bitch i have had the unlucky fortune to meet. You say I am finished and I want to prove you wrong, you said to me before you spill my blood anywhere whether it be in the ring, in the back, in the parking lot, well Douglas Sunday at Souled out you will get that chance, Souled Out I want you Douglas, in a Falls count anywhere match, you want me in the parking lot, in the backstage area, then Douglas you got it.

Douglas- Oh old man how you have made my day, Funk it will be a pleasure kicking your ass at Souled out.76%

Bobby- Well Douglas may have got a pinfall victory over Funk, but Souled Falls count anywhere and I can guarantee you Tony it will be anywhere, only god knows where they will end up, it certainly wont be pretty.

Tony- What a match up that will be, will Funk finally get his revnge over Douglas, only time will tell, from one new match to another we take you backstage as Ventura will announce tonight’s main event.

Main event

Ventura- Tonight in the main event for Nitro we will see the combination of the Nature Boy Ric Flair and The Total Package Lex Luger taking on Diamond Dallas Page and the number one contender to the Heavyweight Championship Chris Benoit. 82%

Tony- Well what a great main event we have for tonight, and up next we will see Scott Hall against Booker T.

Match 4

Scott Hall vs Booker T.

Scott Hall sending wild punches to Booker T, Hall powerslams Booker to the ground and goes down on him with punches to the head, Hall stands to his feet and taunts the crowd. Scott Hall now getting Booker and shoving him into the corner turnbuckle, Hall climbs the first rope and begins pounding at the head of Booker, but Booker grabs Hall and drops him with an atomic drop, and follows up with a clothesline. Booker props up Hall and goes for the scissors kick but Hall moves and Booker nails the ref, Hall quickly taking advantage by sending a blow the way of Booker, Hall climbs to the outside and goes in search of a chair, but coming down the aisle is Sid, Sid goes to Hall with a clothesline and then picks him up and throws him against the railings, Sid rolls Hall back into the ring and Booker with a kick to the gut followed up with the Scissors kick, the ref comes to Booker goes for the pin 1...2...3 Booker T gets the pinfall over Scott Hall. But Sid hasn’t finished with Hall as he climbs into the ring and lays into him with left and rights, and Sid finally ends the beating with a massive Powerbomb.




Tony- Well Sid sending a message to Scott Hall and also Kevin Nash, Sid certainly looked liked he meant business tonight, backstage is Jeff Jarrett with a few words foe DDP

Jarrett- Page what I did to you earlier on tonight is just a sample of what to expect at Souled Out and as for you match up next, well lets say me and Bret have a keen interest.89%

Tony- Come on Jarrett did nothing to Page tonight, it was all Bret and Steiner, Jarrett just caused a distraction.

Bobby- And what a clever distraction it was Tony, he got the job done and took out Page, maybe not directly but he still played a big part in taking him out.

Tony- Well up next is the main event for tonight, Flair and Luger vs DDP and Benoit

Match 5

Flair and Luger vs Chris Benoit and Diamond Dallas Page.

Flair sends chops to the chest of Benoit as Lex Luger and DDP brawl on the outside, back in the ring Flair whips Benoit but Benoit reverses it and sends Flair crashing into the turnbuckle, Benoit goes over to Flair and sets him up on the top turnbuckle and follows up with a Superplex that was devastating, DDP whips Luger of the railings and goes over to him and powerslams Luger tp the ground, Luger is down, Flair is down Benoit and Page have the momentum going in their favour. But Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett come strolling down towards the ring Hart with a baseball bat, Jarrett with his guitar, Jarrett goes over to the unsuspecting Page and nails him with the guitar , Benoit sees the two nWo members and quickly jumps to the outside to come to the aid of DDP, but Bret Hart uses his baseball bat and swings it meeting the stomach of Chris Benoit. Bret Hart rolls Benoit back into the ring to the recovering Ric Flair, Flair cross’s the legs of Benoit and puts him into the figure four leglock. Benoit quickly taps out still in pain after being struck with the baseball bat. Hart rolls into the ring and stars stomping away on the injured Benoit, he has no hesitation in putting Benoit in the sharpshooter sending Benoit into agony. On the Outside Jarrett picks up DDP and sets him up for The Stroke, Jarrett has taken out Page on the outside, Hart has beaten down the number one contender Chris Benoit.




Tony- The nWo taking the advantage over their enemies, as we lead you into Souled Out, be sure to tune into the last Thunder before the PPV folks what a night see you in 6 days.

Nitro got 72%

We got a 5.29 rating for 'Nitro'!

The attendance level was 5008 people.

We made $200320 from ticket sales.

WWF got a 7.11 television rating for 'RAW'!

The event was attended by 8010 people.

They made $320400 from ticket sales.

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