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Leatherface and Psycho

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I'm just kind off in need of help here. I remember a texas chainsaw massacre post back on EWB3. In the post I think Biggz and a few others mentioned how not only this story, but Psycho too was based on one guy. I may have totally read it wrong and may sound crazy, but it's just been bugging me for ages.

So can anyone just like give me some information about it, or information on what the two are both based on.

Thanks and sorry for sounding crazy B)

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Ed Gein I think his name was. Theres some stuff in the lounge, I'll try to find the link for ya.

Bah, Tristy beat me to it.

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Leatherface actually happen. It wasn't based on anyone, it happen.

Yes and no. Was there a maniac that killed people and made masks/other crap out of their skin. Yes.

Was there a maniac that ran around wearing these masks while using a chainsaw to butcher people, no.

Leatherface is the combination of real events in Wisconsin (later repeated in TX) and the real life Ed Gein.

Tobe Hooper (the director of TCM) added the element of the chainsaw after hearing that a chainsaw was possibly used in the TX case. He was standing in line at a hardware store and saw a display of chainsaws. At the time he was thinking about the movie idea and said why the hell not ? It worked.

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