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Smackdown's Story!


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OK, I've this is an improved version of a diary I started a few weeks back, which wasn't very detailed and hard to read etc. Iv'e changed it quite alot even though the back story is roughly he same.

*Note*- I will be putting more detail into angles and interview segments rather than matches. I wont be writing a full match description, although I will write how the match ended and the aftermath, etc.

- September 2005

user posted image

Back-story: After a political argument with his wife, Vince McMahon does the unthinkable. He completely split both Raw and Smackdown brands up into different wrestling companies all together. He gave his wife Linda full control of the ‘Raw’ side of things, and defected to Smackdown, himself. Fans, Wrestlers, the Media, etc, became confused when Smackdown started airing anti- Raw commercials on TV all over the world. In a recent report, Vince McMahon announced, that he will be holding a press conference regarding the future of WWE on September 1st 2005!

This is the Smackdown Story...


Shawn Michaels def. Hulk Hogan 

Chris Jericho def. John Cena (Won wwe title)

Batista def. JBL (Retained World Title)

Matt Hardy def. Edge

Randy Orton def. The Undertaker via DQ

L.O.D def. MNM (Retained tag titles)

Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero (Again)

Nunzio def. Paul London (Retained Cruiserweight Title)

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Looks really good man. I wanted to do something similar with my diary by just doing RAW, but I didn't have the split update so I am doing both Raw and Smackdown. I enjoy your writing and I liked the OJ/JBL segment. I had them fight in my diary, but your explanation was real good, with JBL wanting the US title handed to him. I don't really understand what CM Punk's gimmick is yet. Is he using the straight edge gimmick or something else? Anyway, keep up the good work and come by and check my diary out sometime and let meknow what you think. THANKS!

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Guest Crossface

The show was very good,another proof that you don't need to be a fantastic writer just to write a fantastic show.

There's just 2 things that bother me:

1.Road Wild?

You should have chosen a better name,like Souled Out/Clash Of The Champions.

2.The Punk debut was bad.Comon,its punk!

He needs to get more air time to explain his new/old gimmick.

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You're having a lot of PPV type matches (i.e Batista Vs Orton, Taker Vs Christian) on free TV. Also, you need to improve your interviews just a bit, like CM Punk says 'punked' three times in a single paragraph when one would sufice, but the storylines are good and I'm looking forward to the next show.

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user posted image

Friday 2nd September 2005

As of right now, this is just a rumor: Many sources indicate that ‘Raw’ Superstar Kane, is In talks with Vince McMahon and Smackdown, about a possible debut. Though this is not 100% confirmed, we will keep you updated on this post.

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Reading everyones thoughts, there is a lot of comments about CM Punk, and what sort of gimmick he is using. I have given hima Blue Chipper Gimmick, and I want to show him as an arrogant blue chipper, similar to Randy Orton's gimmick when he was in Evolution. A future star sort of character. I appreciate everyones comments by the way, and I am currently working on the second Smackdown, so it should be up soon.(Most likely sometime tommorw morning).

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Smackdown Preview- 8th September 2005

user posted image

After the heap shots, Batista took from Christian last week, GM Theodore Long, made a huge main event tag team match for this weeks edition of Smackdown. It will be the new no1 contender, Christian tagging with Randy Orton to take on their rivals, Batista and The Undertaker. This match should be explosive, and don’t forget that last week, Orton cost the Undertaker a match with Christian, so he will be setting eyes on both Christian and Orton tonight!

Another confirmed match for tonight’s Smackdown will be huge singles action between the former best friends, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Eddie Guerrero has built up a reputation of losing his ‘best friends’ lately, so what will happen when these to superstars collide?

JBL attacked his chief of staff, Orlando Jordan last week on Smackdown. JBL’s jealousy over the United States title, has already become a huge problem for Orlando. Will Orlando be able to defend himself tonight, when they meet face to face, on Christian’s ‘Peep Show’?

Rey Mysterio will be in action, against Juventud of the Mexicools. Also whats next for the feud between L.O.D and MNM? Find Out this Thursday night on Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches:

Christian & Randy Orton vs. Batista & the Undertaker

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud

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Not too bad, but your promos don't really have much emotion.

Before we get this started I have a few words I would like to say. First of all it really stinks in this arena tonight. Have any of you people heard of baths or showers? Nope, then I suggest you find out about what they do.
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Smackdown Results- 8th September 2005

user posted image

Smackdown kicked off with Christian in the ring surrounded by his ‘Peep Show’ set. He grabs a microphone and starts to speak.

Christian: Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, and Peeps of all ages. Welcome to the greatest show on earth. The ‘Peep Show’.

Crowd start to boo at Christians comments.

Before I bring out my guests, I would just like to make an announcement. Two weeks, from now, straight after the Road Wild PPV, I am officially inviting, who will then be the ‘former’ World Heavyweight Champion, Batista to my ‘Peep Show’. It’s going to be great. The new World Heavyweight Champion, Captain Charisma, interviewing the former champion. Ha Ha Ha, I cant wait. Now then lets move on. Tonight I have to very special guests. Last week JBL attacked his chief of staff Orlando Jordan. Well I don’t blame him. I mean come on JBL deserves that title belt around his waste just much as I deserve the World title around my waist. So please welcome, John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL makes an entrance in a limo, as usual. He gets into the ring and tarts to talk.

[JBL: ‘ Ssssh. Christian. Can you here that? That’s over 7000 people chanting my name.

Crowd start to chant, ‘JBL Sucks!’

Christian: So JBL, So JBL, it’s the big, and obvious question. Why?

JBL: You want to know why I attacked my chief of staff Orlando Jordan? Because I don’t need him. He refused to give me the US title last week damn it. He is not a great American, he is a punk just like everyone of these people. He used me to get that title, and Orlando, just like I helped you win that belt, I’m going to help you lose it. After a discussion with Teddy Long, it is now official. JBL vs. Orlando Jordan at Road Wild for that title. I am a ‘Wrestling God’. Do you stupid fans actually think Orlando could actually beat me? Hell No. He will bow down to the feet of the ‘Wrestling God’, just like everyone else. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Booker T, just to mention a few of them. So Orlando if you even think you can bea….

Orlando comes out and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Orlando Jordan: Listen up Bradshaw. First of all you no wrestling God, your a wrestling BITCH. So, Bucko at Road Wild, you want to try and come take my title. Then you better bring your balls with you, because I ain’t going to lay down for you.

JBL snaps and attacks Orlando. He gives Orlando some hard blows to the head. Before Orlando could try and fight back, Christian joins in on the assault. Suddenly, familiar music hits the arena, and the fans go wild. It’s Ron Simmons! He runs down the ring and cleans house, coming to the aid of Orlando. Christian goes backstage, leaving JBL puzzled at ringside.

Ron Simmons:  Bradshaw, over a year ago now, you screwed me. Now you try and screw you other tag partner, your chief of staff. Well guess what JBL. I’m back, and it’s payback time! So it’s our time (points a himself and Orlando) to screw you!

CM Punk is in the ring.

CM Punk: Last week on Velocity I made an example out of Booker T, in my first ever open challenge. For now on, every week on Velocity, you can see me make examples out of superstars. I am officially, ‘The Velocity main event’. It’s the future of Smackdown. I am CM Punk and I am the future of Smackdown!

CM Punk vs. William Regal

Match Ending:

Regal has an armbar applied on CM Punk. CM Punk escapes it and rolls out of the ring. He crawls under the ring. With the referee distracted, looking for him, Punk crawls out of the other side with a lead pipe. He strikes it across the back of Regal. Regal is now hurt and down on one knee. The referee never saw it and the evidence has been hidden. CM Punk executes a shining wizard. 1,2,3. Punk steals another victory. As Punk gets to his feet, Booker T runs down the ramp and into the ring. Punk escapes through the crowd, from the obviously angry Booker T, who got screwed last week on Velocity.

Winner: CM Punk

Overall: 81%


Psicosis and Super Crazy are shown backstage with their forklift buggies, eating hotdogs.

Juventud: Hey guys. I jus found out that my match tonight against Rey Mysterio, is a no1 contenders match, for the Cruiserweight title at Road Wild.

Super Crazy: es’e tonight, your going to beat Rey.

Psicosis: Tonight after we help you win your match, we can go celebrate. Hell, lets celebrate now es’e

Juventud: Man, that’s the catch. You guys are banned from ringside tonight.

Super Crazy: Are you kidding man, damn.

]Psicosis: Yea that sucks man. Ok we’ll be right here es’e you better go. Good Luck homie.


Josh Matthews: Josh Matthews standing by, Randy Orton. Randy Orton, your teaming up with Christian tonight to take on Batista, and The Undertaker. Do you think you could pin the Deadman toni….

Randy Orton: Woa Josh, hold it right there. Of course I’m going to pin the undertaker tonight. Tonight I’m going to prove why hey call m the ‘legend killer’. And after I beat him, tonight, and again at Road Wild, it’s going to be might time to shine in the spotlight. I’m going to take whats mine, my very own legend status.

No1 contenders match for the cruiserweight title

Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud

Match ending:

Juventud goes perform a vertical suplex on Mysterio, but Mysterio counters it into a  roll up. 1,2 kick out. Enzuguri out of nowhere by Juventud. Juventud goes up to the top rope and executes a moonsault. He pins Mysterio. 1,2 last second kick out. Mysterio gets to his feet. A drop toe hold into the rope, by Mysterio, allow him to set up the 619 on Juventud. Juventud moves out of the way. Kick to the gut by Juventud. Juvi- Driver! He’s got his feet on the ropes. 1,2,3. Juventud steals one and is going to Road Wild to meet Paul London for the cruiserweight title!

Winner: Juventud

Overall Rating: 80%

Chris Benoit is in the ring, waiting for Eddie Guerrero to come out, for their one on one match. Eddie makes an entrance in casual clothes, not ring attire.

Eddie Guerrero: Chris, whats up Holmes. Can you feel the heat es’e? Ha Ha Chris last week I promised to step in the ring with you tonight es’e, one on one. Well guess what Chris, I LIED! Don’t worry es’e, tonight I have a replacement opponent for you. Ladies and Gentleman. This man is making his Smackdown return tonight es’e. Jamie Noble!

Jamie Noble makes an entrance, shaking Eddies hand before making his way to the ring.

Chris Benoit vs. Jamie Noble

Match Ending:

The bell has only just rung, and Benoit has already executed 3 German suplexes on Noble. He goes to the top rope and connects with a diving headbutt. Benoit taunts Eddie, who is on the ramp, and then locks in the Crippler Crossface on Noble. Eddie runs down to the ring and breaks it up. The referee stops the match, and Eddie ad Noble, start a two on one assault on Benoit. Rey Mysterio comes running down to ringside to make the save, but gets beaten down too. Eddie and Noble taunt, before leaving the ring together.

Winner: Chris Benoit by DQ

Overall Rating: 60%


Josh Mathews: Josh Matthews, standing by the tag team champions, L.O.D! Tonight Heidenreich, you have a match with Johnny Nitro coming up next , but last week you were both given a snap shot on a steal chair. Are you physically ready for tonight’s match, because I was told that Theodore Long said that you didn’t have to wrestle tonight’s match?

]Animal: My partner Heidenreich here never backs own from a challenge. We are the tag team champions. MNM, have no right to walk around here thinking there great. We are the top tag team here on Smackdown and will continue to be. So tonight, Johnny Nitro will get whats coming to him. An ass- kicking!

Johnny Nitro vs. Heidenreich

Match Ending:

After a big boot to the face, by Heidenreich, Nitro is left laid out. Heidenreich nails a powerbomb on Nitro. He pins him, 1,2 Mercury puts Nitro’s leg on the rope. The referee sees it and bans Mercury from ringside. Animal gets in the ring and lifts Nitro up on his shoulders with the referee still escorting Mercury and Melina from ringside. Heidenreich up top. Doomsday Device connects, but the referee sees it and calls for the bell. Heidenreich has been disqualified. L.O.D execute another Doomsday Device on Nitro, sending  MNM a message! They then hold up the tag team titles and taunt the crowd.

Winner: Johnn Nitro by DQ

Overall Rating: 56%

Batista & The Undertaker vs. Christian & Randy Orton

Match Ending:

Batista makes a tag to the Undertaker. Undertaker is cleaning house. Clothesline on Orton, send his flying over the top rope. He executes a chokeslam on Christian, who charges towards him. Batista gets in the ring and Batista Bombs Christian. The Undertaker calls for the Tombestone. He hits it. 1,2,3. Orton is outside the ring on the ramp, in disbelief. Batista and Undertaker have destroyed Christian. They celebrate their victory as Randy Orton crawls up the ramp, to the backstage area, as Smackdown goes off air…

Winners: Batista and The Undertaker

Overall Rating: 85%

Attendance: 7010

TV Rating: 5.91

Overall Rating: 75%

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Veloctiy Preview

user posted image

This week on Velocity will see the next step in the 'CM Punk Open Challenge'. Last week, on Velocity, CM Punk stole a victory over Booker T, who was looking for payback last week on Smackdown. Who will be Punk's opponent this week? Will Booker T show up again, seeking revenge?

Sylvian Genier will be in action with BWO's Steven Ricards, plus Harcore Holly will go one on one with Doug Basham. There will be also highlights from this past weks Smackdown, including the Benoit/Guerrero angle, Christians 'Peep Show' with JBL & Orlando Jordan, plus highlights of the explosive tag action from this past week on Smackdown, where world chaampion, Batista tagged with Undertaker to take on Christian and Randy Orton.

Confirmed Matches:

CM Punk vs. ???

Hardcore Holly vs. Doug Basham

Steven Richards vs. Slyvian Grenier

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Velocity Results- September 10th 2005

user posted image

Velocity kicks off, with Steven Ricards in singles action with Sylvian Grenier

Steven Richards vs. Sylvian Grenier

Match Ending

<center>Grenier comes off the rope with a dropkick. He goes for an elbow, but Richards moves out of the way. Ricards goes for the stevie- kick, but his leg is caught in mid air. Enzuguri kick by Steven Richards. Grenier gets up, but can barley stand. Richards blinds Grenier with a Stevie- Kick. 1,2,3. An impressive victory for Richards!

Winner: Steven Richards

Overall Rating: 67%

A highlight video is played of last weeks Smackdown, where JBL and Orlando were featured on Christian's 'Peep Show, and the showing of Ron Simmons return, coming for the aid of Orlando.

Overall Rating: 67%

Hardcore Holly vs. Doug Basham

Match Ending

Hardcore Holly is putting a real beating on Basham. Basham dodges a clothesline and nails a german suplex.1,2 kick out. Doug now locks in a sing leg crab submission. Holly only just gets to the ropes. Holly slips out of a bodyslam attempt. Hardore Holly connects with an Alabama Slam. Pin attemp. 1,2,3. Holly wins the match.

Winner: Hardcore Holly

Overall Rating: 69%

A highlight video is played from last weeks Smackdown, showing what happened between Eddie Guerrrero and Chris Benoit.

Overall Rating: 79%

Higlights of the main event tag match from last weeks Smackdown was shown, which saw The Undertaker and Batista pick up a victory over Randy Orton and Christian.

Overall Rating: 84%

CM Punk is in the ring with a microphone.

CM Punk: Welcome to another edition of the 'CM Punk open challenge'. Booker T. I know your back there. So I want you to have a first class seat at ringside, so you can watch me kick ass, and make an example out of someone again.  I am the 'future of Smackdown', and what comes around, goes around. Booker i'm not inviting you down to ringside. I'm demanding to come down to ringside. .....Very well, go chicken out, anyway lets bring out my 'opponent'.

Spanky comes out and makes his way to the ring!

CM Punk: Whats your name kid?

Spanky: Er, you dont know my name? I Spanky, you know who I am.

CM Punk: O yea, your that guy who ran around a ring naked a couple of years ago, to get a wwe contract. If I'm right, you got fired a couple of months later, and youv'e ust been resigned. Jackass. Look at me you stupid Jackass. I am CM Punk. I am the 'future of Smackdown'.

CM Punk vs. Spanky

Match Ending:

Punk knocks Spanky down wit a hard clothesline. Booker T then walks down to ringside. While the referee has his eyes on Booker T, Punk low blows Spanky, then rolls him up in a school by pin.1,2,3. Punk steals yet another victory. Booker gets in the ring, but Punk rolls out from the other side and escapes. Booker sets his eyes on Punk, who is waliking up the ramp, taunting Booker, as Velocity went off air....

Winner: CM Punk

Overall Rating: 78%

Attendance: 7504

TV Rating: 4.19

Overall Rating: 71%


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user posted image

Wednesday 14th September 2005

Batista Never Shows Up!!!

World Champion, Batista was schedule for an autograph session in his hometown of Washington DC, yesterday, but he never showed up. Batista 'apparently' missed his flight to Washington, due to a delay, but other sources say that he was already in Washington. Fans were obviously very unhappy in Washington yesterday, but Batista was later replaced by Rey Mysterio. WWE Smackdown have decided to ignore the incident for now, but if anything happens like this again, World Champion Batista could be suspended indefinatly!

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Smackdown Preview- Thursday 15th 2005

user posted image

Last week on Smackdown saw, Eddie Guerrero joining forces with the returning Jamie Noble, ambush Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio. This week in the main event, we will see Eddie and Noble joining forces once again, but this time in tag team action, against Benoit and Mysterio. Benoit and Mysterio will be seeking revenge this upcoming thursday night on Smackdown!

The 'Road Wild' main event will be made official on this upcoming edition of Smackdown, when Batista and Christian will take part in the offcial Contract Signing!

Also, the self proclaimed 'future of Smackdown', CM Punk will be on the Christians 'Peep Show', this thursday night on Smackdown.

Last week saw Johnny Nitro defeat Heidenreich by Disqualification. What will happen this week, when Joey Mercury collides with Animal? Find out on this upcoming Smackdown.

Plus, Mexicool, take on the new cruiserweight champion, Paul London, former champ, Nunzio and Vito LaGrasso in what will be exciting 6 man tag action!

On top of all that, whats next for the rivaralys between Undertaker and Randy Orton?, and JBL and Orlando Jordan? Note, that Ron Simmons returned last week, who is out to screw JBL after JBL screwed Simmons, which  got him fired two years ago!

Confirmed Matches:

Chris Benoit & Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerero & Jamie Noble

Joey Mercury vs. Road Warrior Animal

Mexicool  vs. Paul London, Nunzio & Vito LaGrasso


Super Crazy


Don't miss Smackdown this week!

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