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NHL 06


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Anyone else counting the days until NHL 06 comes out?

From what I read in PSM, the game seems pretty fun. They revamped the controls for the dual sticks, so I'm interested in that. Not to mention bringing back the old "star player" thing from NHL 94.

It's just a shame that they apparently haven't upgraded the Dynasty mode that much. Compared to Madden's, NHL's Dynasty is sooo weak.

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Guest Grapehead

It looks pretty sweet, I'll be getting the PS2 version since that apparently will host NHL '94 on the disc. I've found the NHL games have been totally different than what I read prior to playing, the only games I find I disagree with the majority of reviewers, so I can't wait to get ahold of it and check it out. They REALLY need to do something with Dynasty mode, it's far too addicting to grab 2k5 and do scouting, competitive free agency, and all that, which leaves my copy of 2005 sitting on the shelf with nothing to do really.

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I heard NHL 2k6 doesn't have the new Salary Cap in it though, so ......

NHL 2k6 - LOSER.

It doesn't, but EA Sports delayed it's release considerably to put it in. 2k5 had a restrictive budget system, and no doubt that will be back in NHL 2K6.

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I haven't seen it in any screenshots or features, but I believe they said they are putting it back in.

They apologized last year because they said they were "scaling it up", and they ran out of time. They said that rather then release a half finished and un bug tested create a player, they decided not to release one at all.

The TRUE reason is that EA Sports wanted to get NHL 2005 out before the NHL's CBA ran out and they offically locked out the season. They felt a lockout would have a highly determental effect on sales.

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The create a player in '06 is supossed to be re-vamped acordding to the EA site.

I went and watched the trailers there and the moves that the players were doing with the new stick moving shit looked cool, but the trailers for this game always look good then the game plays shit, in my opinion. I'll end up getting the game for my birthday or something though, just because I always have and always will. Hopefully I'll get into this year like I used too in '04 and '03

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