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World Championship Wrestling 2005

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World Championship Wrestling 2005

Everyone has to start from somewhere

This story starts off with a man which loved wrestling and would die for it Ric Flair. Now ever since 2005 the talented Veteran has been Triple Hs henchman and this made The Nature boy look like something he should not be. Come August 2005 Ric Flair approached Vince McMahon asking him for a Push into a different type of Character a more Face character.. Vince denied and this then turned into a heated arguement which ended up in Vince McMahon punching Ric Flair and then Fireing him.

This led to Ric Flair sewing the WWE but not for money.. something that he has always dreamt of doing since he was a kid.. Something he has always thought of in the back of hes mind.. and that is "run a promotion" so Ric Flair did not sew WWE for money.. Hey sewed WWE for the rights to World Championship Wrestling... Vince McMahon then agreed to the terms to hand over all the rights of World Championship Wrestling to Ric Flair but something which Vince McMahon made clear was "He would not release any stars to join World Championship Wrestling".

So after Ric Flair had won the Legal Case it was time to get down to buisness.. Ric Flair hired a man which new the buisness very well and could trust to help him run WCW with a Iron fist and that was former Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette was always a tough old school kind of guy.. But that is what WCW needed someone who will take no Bull and give no Bull and new a star when he saw it and can create stars out of nothing.. So the 2 men went underway looking up stars which they saw potential in and also Ric Flair called up a few of hes contacts which would attract other wrestlers to come rejoin the WCW promotion and then he came across a man which was comeing off contract in September and that was Paul White AKA "The Big Show". Ric Flair called up Paul expressing hes interest in him saying that he knows that Paul is being "undercarded" in the WWE and wanted Paul to take a risk and join the WCW and be one of the main faces up the promotion.. Paul White said he would think about it and then a couple of days later told WWE that at the end of hes contract he will be leaving to join Ric Flair and the World Championship Wrestling.

After the signing of Paul White WCW then went on with negotiations with another big Franchise player. A man that has had a big history with WWE and at the moment are not on good terms and that is Brock Lesnar!.. Brock Lesnar met with Jim Cornette and the 2 men went over terms and Cornette basicly told him he would also be a "main event player" in the WCW. Brock Lesnar then weighed up hes options and then agreed to terms.

The Next big player the WCW franchise then went after is former WWE wrestler Mark Lamonica AKA Buh Buh Rey Dudley.. Jim Cornette new that it had always been Marks dream to become a singles star and make it to the big time as a singles wrestler.. Both Cornette and Flair met up with Mark and went over the contracts with him.. Mark seemed very passionate with what he wanted to acheive and he beleived that joining the WCW would be a wise move for him as he was weighing up options to join TNA. But the lure of becomeing a Singles Main Eventer was to much of a offer he could not refuse so Mark signed with WCW.

The next wrestler to join the World Championship Wrestling roster was non other then former wwe up and comer Mark Copani "Muhammad Hassan" Mark was a wrestler which was ment to be something big with hes Arabic heel character. But until the WWE got complaints they had to kill him off and after that they then had nothing else they could do with him to use him.. So WWE ended up just leaving him at OVW trying to figure out a different character for him which ended up not working. Cornette then got ahold of Mark and explained to him a gimmick that WCW had in mind for him that would make him a bigger star then he could of ever been in the WWE. Mark seemed interested in the WCW offer and ended asking for a release from WWE which was fine from both partys.. Soon like Mark Copani signed with World Championship Wrestling under the name of Mark Magnus.

As Mark joined the WCW Roster he then also added that WWE Star Chavo Guerro (Kerwin White) was not pleased at all with the role he is takeing in the WWE seeing that he changed hes whole gimmick (Cornettes Gimmick) to Kerwin White and WWE decided not to give him air time. Cornette then called up Chavo and arranged a meeting with him discussing with him the advantages of joining the WCW. Chavo decided that it would be a very good decision to join the WCW and leave the WWE. So Chavo went to the WWE office seeking a release and got the release and also on the contract he got it stated that he can keep the name and gimmick of Kerwin White.

As it seemed Jim Cornette was on a role.. It just seem to of got better as he also had meetings with TNA Star Sonny Siaki.. Sonny was a star Cornette always wanted to join the WWE Roster when he was on board with WWE but Siaki was loyal to TNA until then he was not being used the way he should be by being kept as a lower card. Cornette had a meeting with Siaki discussing hes future with TNA and WCW. Siaki weighed up hes options and decided that in hes best interested he would sign a written contract with WCW.

Also as the weeks past WWE decided that they were not going to resign Jerry "The King" Lawler after hes contract ends. Ric Flair got ahold of the king and the two arranged a meeting and went over details and Jerry Lawler signed a contract sith the World Championship Wrestling promotion.

And also with that WCW was also able to sign up and coming commentator/backstage interviewer Todd Grisham who was shown the door from WWE as they beleived "woman backstage interviewers" was more effective.

So then that was it.. the start of the new WCW had begun.. The Roster was set.. the staff was in place and also! they were able to strike a deal with TNT! which was on the early afternoon slot on tuesday nights.

World Championship Wrestling Roster

Main Event

Paul White

Brock Lesnar

Bubba Dudley

Upper Card

Kerwin White

Doug Bashem

Kenzo Suzuki

Mark Magnus

Sonny Siaki

Bob Holly

Ron Simmons

Lower Card

Kent Kennedy

Low Ki


Julio Dinero


Ernest Miller




Trent Acid

Matt Striker

Charlie Haas

Matt Morgan

Mark Jindrak

Shannon Moore

Evan Karagias

Lutha Reigns

Norman Smiley


Joy Giovanni

Jackie Gaydar

Amy Webber

Lauren Jones

Non Wrestlers

Ric Flair

David Flair

Jerry Lawler

Todd Grisham

Tag Teams

The Head Bangers | Mosh and Thrasher

3 Count | Trent Acid and Evan Karagias

Middle Class America | Maven and Mark Jindrak


Middle Class America

Kerwin White Maven Mark Jindrak

3 Count

Shannon Moore Trent Acid Evan Karagias

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World Championship Wrestling expresses interest in Kane!

As Former WWE Champion kane is set to come off hes contract. WCW talent scout and backstage runner Jim Cornette has arranged a meeting with the big red monster to go over a contract. Whilst WWE are set to offer Kane another contract kane has been quoted on saying "I want to see both offers from both partys before i make a decision."

user posted imageuser posted image

Ron Simmons and Rikishi to WCW?

Rumor has it tat Ron Simmons and Rikishi have had meetings with the WCW and have gone over contract negotiations and seem set to sign with WCW.. More on this story as it comes in.

user posted image

This being the first ever edition of the NEW! WCW Nitro will be a huge with Ric Flair announceing that the US Championship will be on the line and also the Team Championship will be on the line and not to mention 2 matchs to decide! which WCW Stars will be heading to Starcade to take on eachother to become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

In the 2 semi finals the it will be 2 singles matchs being 7 foot 2 Giant Paul White going 1 on 1 with Mark "Perfect" Magnus and in the other match The Monster Brock Lesnar will go face to face with the most toughest man in the WCW Bubba Dudley!. Which 2 out of these 4 will go to Starcade?!?

Also the US Champion will be crowned as a 4 way dance will take place as The man from the riseing sun Kenzo Suzuki, Shooter Doug Bashem, Kerwin White and Screaming Normal Smiley will go at it!.

Also the tag team champions will be crowed as Evan Karagias and Trent Acid (3 Count) will take on the returning Mosh and Thrasher! (the headbangers)!

Also Ric Flair will be on the house to announce what is ment to be a huge announcement!!

So tune in to the new Nitro! along side Todd Grisham and Jerry "the king" Lawler! live on TNT!.

Confirmed Matches

Brock Lesnar Vs Bubba Dudley

Paul White Vs Mark Magnus

Kenzo Suzuki Vs Danny Bashem Vs Kerwin White Vs Norman Smiley

The Headbangers Vs 3 Count

WCW Interactive

On this week WCW interactive we have a few question we wish you to answer and they are the following.

Who will win out of the already confirmed matches?!?

Will anyone else debute? if so who?

And what is Ric Flairs announcement?.

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World Championship Wrestling Presents Nitro live on TNT!

(( The scene fades around the old WCW Nitro it then goes to the titontron were it shows the great history of the World Championship Wrestling before then cutting into the new Intro Video for WCW Nitro were it shows all the new stars which will be wrestling on the promotion before then going into a huge Pyro and Fireworks openining and then it goes to the ring announcers Todd Grisham and Jerry "The King" Lawler. ))

Todd Grisham : Welcome to WCW Nitro! i am your host Todd Grisham and along side me is The King! and King i got 1 question to ask.. HOW DOES IT FEEEL!!

The King : Oohh boy Todd! i got a feeling tonight is going to be a night of the ages! Brock Lesnar Vs Bubba!!... Paul White Vs Magnus!!... what a night Todd!

Todd Grisham : And thats not all King also a new match has been added tonight and that is something you will enjoy king! and your hosting!..

The King : Thats right tonight!! PUPPYS IN THE RING!! as tonight we will crowned WCW's Queen of the ring!.. Amy Webber, Joy Giovanni, Jackie Gayda and Lauren Jones! i.. i think im getting goosebumps Todd!!

Todd Grisham : I hope your getting goosebumps for the right reason King because right now we are going to be in the presence of The Boss!! THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR!!.

The King : The Nature boy is in the house Todd!.

(( Wooo!! hits and the crowd goes to its feet as the nature boy dressed to style and profile! makes hes way down to the ring... He struts down to the ramp way yelling out a number of Woos!! as he then goes up the the steel stairs. He looks around at the crowd with a massive smile and then yells out WOOO!! again before then entering the ring.. The Nature boy is grinning from Ear to Ear as he grabs the microphone off Newely recruited ring announcer Howard Finkle as he begins to speak. ))

Ric Flair : Wooo!!! how is every feeling here tonight!! crowd cheers oohh boy tonight is going to be full of surprises!! because baby!! WCW is back!! and we mean buisness!! crowd cheers and i am out here tonight to talk about some buisness.. you see the nature boy cannot run the WCW alone!.. its just to hard!! i mean even though i am the Nature boy!! Crowd begins to start a woo chant.. I cant do it on my own!.. so i hired someone which will help me run the ranks of the WCW.. and that my friends is.. MY SON DAVID WOOO FLAIR!! come out boy!.

(( David Flairs theme hits and the crowd give a mix reaction as the son of Ric Flair comes out of the back. David has a smile on hes face as he walks down the ramp way dressed in a black suit... He enters the ring and then shakes hes fathers hand before then hugging him.. Ric then hands the microphone to David and David then begins to speak to the sold out WCW Nitro crowd. ))

David Flair : Well first of all i would like to thank my father Ric for giving me the opitunity to follow my dream and make WCW into the major promotion it once was and along side my father i beleive we will be able to do so and kick the crap out of the wwe and Tna and send them down to number 2 and 3 and make WCW number 1 in the wrestling world baby WOOOO!! crowd begins to woo ohh yeah! and tonight i hope you all enjoy the show because i am sure me and my father Ric will as we sit back and just as the flairs do and STYLE AND PROFILE!! WOOO!!!

(( Davids Flairs theme hits and the crowd begin to cheer as Ric and David Flair make there way back to the back as it then cuts to a commercial. ))

(( The scene then comes back and we then here a boy band singing and out of the back comes Shannon Moore, Trent Acid and Evan Karagias from 3 count!! the 3 men dance down the ramp way.. Before then entering the ring.. Shannon warms up Evan and Trent whilst they await for the arrival of the head bangers!!.. The Arena then goes dark and AFI "The Leaving Song Part 2" is heard and the crowd begin to go wild as Mosh and Thrasher come out of the back.. They crowd go to there feet as The Head Bangers jump around the ramp way head banging and going crazy before then entering the ring.. They stare down both Trent and Evan before then running and them and attack them to start the match. ))

3 Count w/Shannon Moore Vs The Headbangers

Match Notes

* Both tag teams worked very well together.. The Head Bangers are very over with the crowd.. and were getting massive pops the whole match

* 3 Count got good heat also and Shannon Moore also got in a verbal arguement outside the ring with a fan which also created alot of heat.. Good to see Heel stars working with the fans to gain more heat.

* At the end of the match Shannon Moore distracted the Ref.. as Acid went and got a chair.. He swung at Mosh but missed.. Mosh then kicked Acid in the gut and took the chair off him and clocked him over the head.. Karagias then ran into the ring and ran at Mosh but by that time thrasher had enterd the ring also and the 2 hit the Mosh Pit on Karagias.. Thrasher then fended off Moore as Mosh got the 3 count to win the match!.

* At the end of the Match 3 count were seen talking trash at Mosh and Thrasher as they left up the ramp way... i dont think this is the end of these 2 teams.

Winner : (New Tag Team Champions) The Head Bangers

(( The scene then fades to the back and we see Mean Gene Okerlund standing next to the 7 Foot 2 Monster Paul White ))

Mean Gene : Hello there folks im Mean Gene and along side me here is the 7 foot 2 monster Paul White!! now paul you have a match tonight against some people would call the most gifted young athelete in the WCW Mark Magnus.. What do you think about your odds?

Paul White : Gene! if you dont remember back in the god old days of WCW.. i was the Giant! i destroyed anyone in my path.. i took down Sting, Savage, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan the list goes on forever.. so you wanna no what i think about my odds?!?.. i think the odds at 7 foot 2 500 pounds my way!!... Mark might as some say PERFECT.. but i am what some say., A GIANT!!

Mean Gene : Alright Paul thank you for your time and good luck with your match tonight against Mark Magnus.

Paul White : Thanks Gene..

Mean Gene : Now back to the king and Todd.

(( The scene then cuts back to Todd Grisham and The King who then are talking abit about the up coming 4 Way Dance Match Up.. It shows Screaming Normal Smiley! walking down the big which gets a huge pop as Smiley as always is in a happy mood. ))

(( The scene then returns as Kenzo Suzukis theme hits and the man from the riseing sun makes hes way out of the back, He looks around at the crowd but stays silent as he makes hes way down the ramp way. He enters the ring and goes up a turnbuckle and looks around at the crowd as he awaits for hes other opponents. Then a gun shot is heard before then Doug Bashems theme hits.., Doug Bashem comes out of the back and looks around at the crowd.. He laughs a bit out at the crowd before then makeing hes way down to the ring.., He cockily struts down the ring with a big grin on hes face as he then enters the ring and stares down Kenzo as they both await the final to opponents. Then Norman Smileys theme hits and the crowd begin to go wild as Screaming Normal Smiley! comes out of the back.. He dances a little bit as the crowd cheer and does to boogaloo! as he makes hes way down to the ring.. He enters the ring and looks at the 2 other two opponents and waits in a corner as they await to final opponent.. "If its not white.. its not right!" is heard and Kerwin White comes out of the back.. He is dressed in middle class america clothes with a golf club as he makes hes way down to the ring.. He looks around at the crowd just talking back at them as he enters the ring.. He gets ready for hes match and waits for the bell. ))

Kerwin White Vs Norman Smiley Vs Kenzo Suzuki Vs Doug Bashem

Match Notes

*Norman Smiley got a massive pop when comeing down to the ring and also Kerwin white got good heat

*Kenzo Suzuki looked a bit stiff in the ring... Might need a little bit of ring work done.

*Norman Smiley looked in great shape also Doug Bashem showed that he had pure wrestling ability which impressed the crowd

*Kerwin White seeme to of bulked up abit since hes WWE days..

*First person to be eliminated was Kenzo Suzuki by Doug Bashem.. Kenzo did not take to kindly to Bashem eliminating him and then draged him out of the ring and brawled him to back that getting Bashem counted out.

*Kerwin white and Normal Smiley were the only 2 left and Norman Smiley seemed to be having the advantage until then out of the crowd came Jindrak and Maven "dressed in middle class clothes"!!.. Jindrak and Maven enterd the ring from the crowd as Kerwin accidently hit the referee down and Destroyed Smiley and with a huge double team impact move.. They then helped Kerwin over Smiley and left the ring for the Kerwin to then get the 3 count.

Winner : Kerwin White (New United States Champion)

(( At the end of the match Jindrak and Maven helped Kerwin out of the ring and helped him back to the back leaving Smiley out cold in the ring. ))

(( The scene comes back and we see Ric Flair and David Flair sitting in Rics office watching Nitro ))

Ric Flair : Wooo how great is this son!!

David Flair : Your right dad!! so everything is going well!

(( As Ric and David are talking Doug Bashem comes storming into the ring ))

Doug Bashem : Did you just see what that stupid Chinese son of a bitch did to me!! I dont deserve that! I have been a body gaurd for the president for christ sake!! and then some stupid Samuri wanna be thinks he can just ruin my chances of becomeing the US Champion! i dont think so Ric!.... i want a match with Kenzo Suzuki and i want it now!!

Ric Flair : Whoa calm down Doug.. what do you think Dave.. do you think we should give him the match??

(( Ric looks over at Dave ))

David Flair : I think we should! ok Doug next week on Nitro it will be Doug Bashem going 1 on 1 with Kenzo Suzuki!!

(( DOug then smiles as he begins to speal ))

Doug Bashem : Thank you Mr Flair.. and once im done with Kenzo.. the only way he will be leaving the ring.. IS IN A BODY BAG!!

(( Doug then leaves the room as David and Ric Flair look at eachother weirdly as it then cuts to a commercial ))

(( The scene hits back and it shows Jerry "The King" Lawler! standing in the center of the ring!! ))

The King : I guess you all know what time it is!!.. Its time to crown the first ever.. WCW Queen of the mountain!! now bring on the ladys!!

(( Nitros theme hits and the crowd begin to cheer as Amy Webber, Joy Giovanni, Jackie Gayda and Lauren Jones come out of the back 1 by 1.. The enter the ring and stand behind King as then the king begins to speak ))

The King : WOW!! look at those!!.. umm anyway!.. not lets get on with the rules... The rules are simple.. you all get 30 seconds each to strut your stuff and..

(( As the king is talking the arena goes dark and then "watch Me" is heard and the crowd begin to cheer as its none other then THE CAT! Ernest Miller!! the cat struts down the ramp way.. dancing a bit as the crowd cheers.. He claps a few hands as he then makes hes way into the ring.. The crowd cheer as The Cat smiles as he grabs a microphone out of hes pocket and begins to speak. ))

The Cat : Finally WCW is back and the cat is back is back to baby!! and well i heard that there was going to be a queen of the mountain crowning tonight so i thought to myself.. GOD DAMN!! i wanna see this in person!!

The King : You wanna see these ladys in person cat?!? crowd cheers Well.. you can help me judge!! now lets get this show on the road as first off Lauren!!

(( Music begins to play and lauren dances for a bit.. the crowd cheer as lauren teases stripping but then doesnt. ))

The Cat : By Golly that was good!!!

The King : Hold your horses Cat because hes Jackie!!

(( The music hits again and jackie dances for a bit.. The crowd cheer as she also teases takeing off clothes before finally doing it!! the crowd go wild as she takes off her shirt!! ))

The Cat : HOLD ME KING!!

The King : Your going to have to hold me Cat because up next is Amy Webber!!

(( The music plays but Amy just stands there and looks around.. She then snatches the microphone off king and begins to speak. ))

Amy Webber : Cut the music!! Music cuts I am not going to come out here and dance around because i am to smart to intellegent to run around and dance and show myself to you fans because if you want a real smart talented queen of the mountain you will pick me!! Amy Webber but if you want a bunch of skanks.. pick one of those tramps!!.

(( Amy Webber then hands the microphone back to King as King then begins to speak. ))

The King : That wasnt what i was hopeing for.. but oohh well here is Joy!!

(( The Music hits again and joy starts to dance a bit.. she then starts to strip!! the crowd cheer as she has a bikini underneath!! she dances around a bit and then dances with the cat as the music then cuts off ))

The Cat : ....O DAMN!!!

The King : Wow now that was great!! now who is the winner!! is it Lauren Small Cheers is it jackie? small cheers is it Amy Crowd boos is it Joy!Crowd cheers! I guess the winner of the queen of mountain is JOY GIOVANNI!!

(( Joys theme hits and the crowd begin to cheer as Joy Jackie and Lauren start danceing with the cat and king but then a angry Amy Webber attacks Joy!!.. The Cat and King brake the 2 up as the scene fades to the back ))

(( The scene then fades to the back and it shows Bubba Dudley stareing at a Television screen.. It shows Bubba watching a Video of him back in the Glory days of the WWF were he was a sadistic physco destroying people through tables.. Bubbas eyes seem to be locked on the TV and hes head seems to be shakeing a little bit.. king says "It looks like Bubba is ready" as it then cuts to a commercial ))

(( The scene hits back and Mark Magnus theme hits.. the crowd begin to boo as Magnus comes out.. He cockily walks down the ramp way before stoping half way and poseing to the crowd as pyros go off behind him as the crowd give him a chorus of boos.. Magnus then enters the ring and grabs the microphone of Howard Finkle and begins to speak. ))

Mark Magnus : Listen to all you people booing me... you redneck rejects would not no perfection if it came up and slaped you in the face!!.. i mean come on look at me! i have muscles in places were you people dont even have places!!.. i eat in restraunts with food that cost more then your weekly salary!! i am the Franchise and the future of this buisness and...

(( Showtime hits and the crowd go wild as Paul White comes out of the back.. He walks down the ramp way.. He claps a few hands as he comes down the ramp way and then enters the ring.. He goes after Magnus who quickly runs out of the ring before then posesing the crowd which gets a standing ovation. ))

Mark Magnus Vs Paul White

Match Notes

*Mark Magnus got good heat.. Future main event heel in the makeing

*Paul White was really over with the crowd and got one of the biggest pops of the night!

*Paul White showed that with hes size he still had good wrestling ability and seemed to of worked off a bit of the pounds and its looking in good shape!.

*At the end of the match Magnus went for a chair outside and came in the ring with it but when he enterd the ring with the chair he was caught by White by the throat and the big show hit the choke slam to get the victory.

Winner : Paul White

Todd Grisham : Paul Whites going to Starcade!

The King : Wow! what a great match Todd.. both stars putting in a hundred percent!..

TOdd Grisham : But now we have to go to the back as Mean Gene is with Brock Lesnar!!!

(( The scene cuts to the back and it shows Brock Lesnar standing next to Mean Gene Okerlund ))

Mean Gene : Thanks Todd!! Brock.. tonight you got a match against a man which is fears nothing and is one of the toughest men on the WCW Roster Bubba Dudley.. what are your thoughts??!

Brock Lesnar : Gene!! everyones heard the storys about bubba.. the man who shows now effection.. Hell i remember watching him from my TV when he was in WWF Power bombing people through tables!! he is a nut case!! i no.. but hahaha Gene.. I AM TO!! if you dont remember.. i have done things that people only dream about in nightmares!! and Gene tonight.. i am gonna make Bubba have nightmares for a long... long... time!.

Mean Gene : Alright Brock thank you for your time. Back to the king and Todd!!

(( Brock Lesnars theme then hits and the crowd begins to boo as Brock Lesnar comes out of the back. He does hes normal jumping up and down before makeing hes way down the ramp way.. He then stops before entering the ring and jumps up to the ring as fireworks go off around the ring as the crowd begins to boo more.. Brock Laughs at the boos as he then awaits hes opponent. The missile goes off as then Bubbas theme hits as the crowd begin to cheer as Bubba comes out of the back.. He does look around at the crowed or hype up the crowd her just stares down the ring.. Hes eyes seemingly locked on Lesnar as he then turns Enraged and runs down the rampway... He enters the ring and starts exchangeing punches with Lesnar as the match bell rings. ))

Brock Lesnar Vs Bubba Dudley

Match Notes

*Bubba got a huge pop tonight!! more then was expected! and also Lesnar got alot of heat! which was expected..

*These 2 men worked very well together which was good to see..

*During the end of the match Bubba was getting the table chant which made him stare around at the crowd but then Lesnar went to hit Bubba but hit the ref instead.. Bubba then knocked back down Lesnar but as he did out from the crowd came Sonny Siaki!! The Ace In The Hole hit Bubba from behind with a steel chair and layed him out and then put Lesnar over Bubba.. The ref got back up and made the 3 count for the win!!..

Winner : Brock Lesnar

Todd Grisham : King did you just see that!! Bubba got screwed by that son of a bitch Sonny Siaki!!

The King : He was so close but then the Ace in the hole got him!!

Todd Grisham : What i wanna know King is why siaki did it!! why?!?

(( The scene then shows Lesnar with laughing on the ground in joy as Siaki walks up the ramp way with a smile on hes face as Bubba looks up from the ground in anger. ))

The King : It seems Siaki is pleased with hes actions.. but Todd tonight was great!!

Todd Grisham : it sure was King!! and that is about enough time we have.. so tune in next week for WCW Nitro!! thanks for watching folks and goodnight!!

(( The scene then leaves with Bubba and Siaki yelling abuse at eachother ))

Biggest Pops Of The night

1.Ric Flair

2.The Big Show

3.Bubba Dudley

4.The Head Bangers

5.Norman Smiley

Biggest Heat Of The Night

1.Brock Lesnar

2.Mark Magnus

3.Kerwin White

4.Amy Webber

5.Doug Bashem

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Unless you meant to do it that way, it's not Paul White. It's Paul WIGHT. Just a little thing though. Are you going to be bringing in a lot of the old WCW faithful, like Scott Steiner and Sting? That would rock.

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WCW Nitro big hit!

WCW was a big hit getting a very high rateing which the WCW company was very pleased about, They hope to keep getting higher and higher as future shows come up.

Rikishi and Ron Simmons Sign with World Championship Wrestling

WCW are please to announce the signings of Rikishi and Ron Simmons to the WCW Roster. We are very please to have these 2 stars on bored as they will add experience to a young roster.

Get To Know Your Stars

user posted image

Kerwin White

United States champion and also leader of The Middle Class Americans.. Kerwin white has made a impact ever since joining WCW by on hes first night winning the US Championship in what was a very lucky victory thanks for help of henchmen Jindrak and Maven. Kerwin is one of the biggest up and comeing stars in WCW and as hes saying goes "If its not white, Its Not right".

user posted image

Last week on Nitro we saw Bubba Dudleys dreams shatterd as Sonny Siaki hit him with a chair to get Lesnar the victory to send him to Starcade to go 1 on 1 with Paul White for the world championship, This week on Nitro The Ace In The Hole will explain hes actions that he took against Bubba Dudley.. Will he have enough time to explain himself?!? or will Bubba get to him before hand?

Also this week on Nitro the number 1 contender for the US Championship will be crowned as Screaming Norman Smiley will go 1 on 1 with the Monster Morgan!.

Aswell as that Paul White and Brock Lesnar will meet in the center of the ring to sign the contract to go to Starcade. What will happen when these 2 meet face to face in the ring?..

Also in action Kenzo Suzuki cost Doug Bashem the chance for the US Championship.. These 2 will go toe to toe in 1 on 1 action.

And in other Action Jindrak and Maven of the middle class america will go toe to toe with The Head Bangers in Non Title Tag Team Action!!..

So tune in for this and much much more along side Jerry "The King" Lawler and Todd Grisham on TNTs Nitro!.

confirmed card

Paul White/Brock Lesnar Contract Signing

Sonny Siakis Explaination

Kenzo Suzuki Vs Doug Bashem

Monster Morgan Vs Normal Smiley

The Head Bangers Vs Middle Class America

WCW Interactive

On this weeks WCW interactive WCW wants to know what you think of WCW and how it is going so far.. and who you believe should be pushed up the card and droped down that card... also who you would like to see in WCW?!?..

Aswell as that who do you think will win the matches in the so far confirmed card and what will happen with Siakis explaination and in the white/lesnar contract signings..

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I like what you have going so far. However, I'd suggest adding some color to your writeups, it'd make things a lot easier to read. Other then that, I'm a big fan of WCW 2005, so you have a reader.

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Although I have a reputation of badmouthing federations where WCW is used then it's nothing like WCW, I'm going to praise this one big time. You have thoughtfully constructed your roster out of minimal WWE members and every just-released WWE superstar (I love that bit) to create a federation that can make people raise their eyebrow in intrigue. You haven't done the cliche like 90% of new diaries these days by basically force feeding us guys like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels and CM Punk because 'they're the r0x0r5' - although don't forget the former two have had several matches on WCW TV.

Also - if you can't grasp the concept of spelling it Paul Wight (he's not related to Kerwin) - may I recommend you call him The Giant in true spirit of WCW? :)

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I thought your first show was good, I like the roster most people being recognisable to people who have only seen WWF or WCW, which would help bring in fans. I thought the three men in your torunament where good, Paul White, Brock LEsnar and Mark Magnus. I wasn't so sure with Bubba. In your backstory it said Chavo left the WWE because of the Kerwin White gimick, but he has it here.

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Thanks for the feed back Nitro should be up tommorrow or the next day but here is the answers to the following.

Calling Paul Wight Paul White!! : Umm well i thought about calling him The Giant but then i thought "hey paul can be someone bigger" and i thought he deserved a better name then The Giant so i went for White basicly the same sorta name as Wight but just a little added difference.

Now for the Kerwin White gimmick. You must of mis read.. Chavo left WWE as they did not know how to use the Kerwin White gimmick as it was a gimmick and character created by Jim Cornette... So Chavo was able to get out of hes contract and keep hes gimmick and move to WCW were Cornette could use the White character the way he wished it to be used as you have seen in the 1st Nitro.

Over all thank you for all the comments and i really appreciate it =) and i hope to see more comments such as that.. everytime you comment i will give feedback and also it gives me more of a push and interest in keeping alive this diary..

THanks alot for the feedback

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World Championship Wrestling Presents Nitro live on TNT!

The scene fades around the sold out WCW Nitro show before then going into the opening Nitro credits before fadeing into a massive pyro and fireworks display around the entrance way before then going to the WCW Nitro announcement team Todd Grisham and Jerry The King Lawler!

Todd Grisham : Hello everyone and welcome to Nitro i am your host Todd Grisham and along side me here is Jerry The King Lawler and King.. tonight we will hear the explaination...

The King : Your damn right Todd.. Last week on Nitro Sonny Siaki cost Bubba Dudley the chance to go to Starcade and become the world champ and tonight.. we will find out why!!

Todd Grisham : Thats not all tonight king!.. also tonight we will see the Contract signing for Starcade between The 7 foot 2 monster!! Paul White and Brock Lesnar!! and also king!.. Kenzo Suzuki and Doug Bashem will go toe to toe in 1 on 1 action!!..

The King : Wow and thats just only a peice of what is install for tonight.. I CANT WAIT TODD!.

(( As the 2 commentators are discussing the up and comeing matches The missle goes off and Bubbas theme hits and the crowd begins to cheer as a much pissed off Bubba Dudley comes out of the back... He storms down to the ring seeming very angry and does not pay attention to the fans.. He rolls into the ring takes the microphone off Howard Finkle very aggresively as he then begins to speak. ))

Bubba Dudley : Siaki!! i dont want no explaination! i dont want no excuses!! i dont want no nothing!! last week on Nitro you cost me my chance to become the World Champion!! and now you got to pay the price!.. get your *** out here... NOW!!

(( A few seconds go past and Bubba begins to become a bit annoyed with waiting until the Siakis theme hits. The crowd begin to boo as the Ace in the Hole then comes out of the back.. He has a big Smirk on hes face as he looks around at the not so happy crowd as he then begins to speak. ))

Sonny Siaki : Oooohhh shut up you red necks Crowd boos Bubba!! i no you dont want a explaination of why i beat your ass last week!!.. i no you dont want one.. but the thing is Bubba.. I DONT CARE! because i.. dont.. like.. you!!.. and you see the reason why i did what i did last week is because that should of been ME!! in that match.. not you Bubba.. ME!! people like you Bubba do not deserve to be a World Champion! i mean take a look at you.. your a Red Neck hillbilly peice of trash! like the rest of these fans here today! Crowd Boos.. and when i found out you got the match over me.. Well i thought to myself.. Sonny IM GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! and hell i did roll the footage!!.

(( The titontron then turns on and it shows Sonny Siaki laying Bubba out with a Steel chair.. The crowd begin to boo as the scene then hits back on Siaki who is laughing and then it shows Bubba who is getting even more Angry. ))

Sonny Siaki : Good Footage isnt it Bubba!!.. and so i did and you know what..

Bubba Dudley : Siaki!! shut up!! dont talk with your mouth do it the Dudley way and talk with your Fist punk get your ass down here right now!! you wanna talk trash about me and the fans!! well i will teach your little punk *** some respect for me and the fans!! come down here RIGHT NOW!!

(( The crowd begin to cheer and chant Bubba as Siaki thinks about going down to the ring before then begining to speak. ))

Sonny Siaki : You want to face the ace in the hole?!?.. you want to fight SONNY SIAKI!! DO YOU NO WHO YOUR TALKING TO BUBBA!!... I AM BETTER THEN YOU!! and i am better then these fans!! so i am not going to let these fans see a great star like me in action tonight!!

Bubba Dudley : Well in that case.. i will come down there and beat your ***!!

(( with that Bubba Dudley gets out of the ring and starts walking to Siaki.. but then as he does David Flairs! theme is heard and the crowd begin to cheer as Flair comes out of the back!!. ))

David Flair : Whhooaa whhooaa whhooaaa whhoooaaa Bubba stop!! Bubba keeps walking BUBBA STOP!! Bubba stops Listen Ric has told me to come out and inform you to that he is not going to let this match go to waiste tonight!! so Ric has told me to tell you 2 that at Starcade it will be... The Ace In The Hole Sonny Siaki.. going 1 on 1 with Bubba Dudley! in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!! Crowd cheers Have fun!!..

(( Flairs theme hits and David then leaves to the back as Siaki starts to get real pissed off.. Bubba begins to smile and laugh at Siaki as Siaki goes to the back.. I guess he does not know what he just got himself into!. ))

(( The scene then comes back and we see Middle Class America standing in the center of the ring!.. Kerwin has a microphone and he begins to speak. ))

Kerwin White : Last week.. i became the United States champion!!.. so finally The United States have a champion who they can be proud of.. someone who is one of them!! someone who is middle class! someone who represents middle class america!! and tonight my 2 fellow middle class friends Maven and Jindrak are going to show the headbangers that if its not white.. its no...

(( As Kerwin white is speaking the leaving song part 2 hits and the crowd begin to go wild as the head bangers come out of the back.. Mosh and Thrasher go crazy as they make there way down to the ring.. They enter the ring and go straight at it with Jindrak and Maven as the match is underway. ))

Maven & Jindrak W/Kerwin White Vs The Head Bangers

Match Notes

* Kerwin White is become a good heel character.

* Head Bangers are very over with the crowd which is good to see.

* Jindrak and Maven worked very well as a tag team!! which is a very good thing to see.. there in ring work is very good and we seem to of found a winning tag team in these 2.

* At the end of the match Kerwin white was distracting the ref so Jindrak could grab White US Title belt but as he did that out of the back came Norman Smiley!! Norman then assaulted Kerwin!! and this distracted Jindrak and the Ref!! as that happen Mosh grabs the US Title belt and hit Jindrak over the back of the head and then through the title out of the ring and got the 3 count to win the match!.

Winner : The Head Bangers

(( At the end of the match Referees and Road Agents came out of the back to break up Smiley and White!!.. The funny thing was you could hear Norman Screaming!!! seems sceaming Norman Smiley is back! ))

(( The scene then cut to the back where we see Mark Magnus standing next to Mean Gene Okerlund!.. ))

Mean Gene : I am here standing next to Mark Magnus and Mark last night you were defeated by the 7 foot 2 monster Paul White.. how do you feel about your lost?

Mark Magnus : How do i feel?!?.. HOW DO I FEEL!!.. listen Gene perfection like me never loses.. i had something in my eye and i couldnt see properly and White took advantage of that.. it was a flook.. it will never happen again because Perfection like me Mark Magnus never loses!!.. and i am going to prove that because i Perfection Mark Magnus am the future of the WCW and some washed up has been like Paul White is not!! and since i cant get my hands on White at Starcade.. I have another plan.. I AM ISSUEING A OPEN CHALLENGE TO ANY FORMER WCW GREAT TO STEP INTO THE RING TOE TO TOE! WITH THE FUTURE OF World Championship Wrestling! Mark Magnus at Starcade! and i dont care who it is because once i defeat the has been... i will show the world what perfection is Gene.. YOUR LOOKING AT IT!!.. wait Gene i just realised something... YOUR A LEGEND!!

(( With that magnus.. throws a punch at Gene knocking him down to the ground... Gene is out cold.. Mark Magnus then stands over the top of Gene. ))

Mark Magnus : Thats just one more washed up has been.. dont the drain!..

(( With that Mark Magnus starts to walk away as Agents and Refs come to check up on Gene who slowly wakes up after being Knocked Out. ))

(( The scene then shows Matt Striker! walking down the back and he then runs into the 3 count boys!. ))

Shannon Moore : Well if it isnt The Teacher Matt Striker!

Evan Karagias : Ha..ha...haaaaa!!!

Matt Striker : What do you want Shannon..

Shannon Moore : I want nothing.. but i just warn you Matt that here in WCW.. things are different to the teaching world.. your not teaching us.. WERE TEACHING YOU!!

Evan Kargias : ooohhh yeah!!

Trent Acid : Good one shannon!

Matt Striker : Oohh is that so..

Shannon Moore : IT is

Matt Striker : Well how about tonight me and you have a match!

(( Shannon Evan and Trent then look a bit shocked with what Striker just said.. Shannon then begins to speak. ))

Shannon Moore : You want to verse me!.. you want to verse a pop star sensation like Shannon Moore!!

Matt Striker : Yeah i wouldnt mind verseing a American Idol Reject!.

Shannon Moore : What did you just say?

Matt Striker : You heard me.. Re...JECT!

Shannon Moore : Listen here... AMERICAN IDOL dont know talent if it came up and slaped them in the face I AM A POPSTAR! and you want a match Striker YOUR ON!!

Matt Striker : Good and tonight Shannon you say in WCW your teaching me.. tonight in this ring i am going to take you to school.. The Matt Striker Woop Your Ass School!! have a nice night fellas!

(( Striker then walks off and we See Shannon Evan and Trent looking seriously pissed. ))

(( The scene then hits back and Monster Morgans theme hits and the crowd begin to boo as the 7 foot monster Morgan comes out to the ring. He looks pissed as he enters the ring and roars at the crowd and awaits hes opponent. Norman Smileys theme hits and the crowd begin to cheer as Screaming Norman Smiley comes out of the back.. He dances down the ramp way clapping a few hands before entering the ring.. He looks up at the 7 foot monster Morgan and looks very scared as Morgan gives out a evil laugh. ))

Norman Smiley Vs Monster MOrgan

Match Notes

* Smiley got a huge pop as always, Morgan didnt really get a big reaction at all..

* Was a very entertaining match.. Very funny watching Smiley running around the ring trying to get away from Morgan screaming..

* At the end of the match Norman got Morgan to hes feet as was going to give him the Slam Dunk but then out of the back came Kerwin White with a chair!! Kerwin ran into the ring and had a shot at Smiley but missed and hit Morgan instead!! Smiley then kicked white out of the ring and got the 3 count to win the number 1 contendership!!

Winner : Norman Smiley

(( At the end of the match White Jindrak and Maven enterd the ring and started beating down Smiley but until then the arena went dark and God Damn!! is heard! and Ron Simmons theme hits!! the crowd cheer as Ron Simmons comes out of the back and charges down the ramp way!!... The Debuteing Ron Simmons then hits the ring and starts exchangeing punches with all 3 men but then the numbers are to much until then a Number 1 by Nelly is heard! and out of the back comes Rikishi!! the crowd goes wild as the Phat man comes out of the back and charges down the ramp way and hits the ring.. by this time Smiley is back to hes feet and the 3 men fend of Middle class America!.. Rikishi Simmons and Smiley stand tall in the ring as the scene cuts out. ))

(( The scene hits back and we see Lauren Jones and Joy Giovanni talking in the back. ))

Lauren Jones : Hey good job last week winning the queen of the mountain!!.. i couldnt do what you did!

Joy Giovanni : Thanks Lauren!! but if it wasnt for Amy Webber it would of been so much more better!.

Lauren Jones : Your right about that!..

(( As the 2 are talking a big huge man walks past them dressed in biker gear.. He has glasses on and takes them off and reveals its lutha Reigns!!.. ))

Lutha Reigns : Excuse me ladys you wouldnt happen to know where Ric Flairs office is..

Lauren Jones : uumm.. aahhh.. umm.. its thats way Lutha sir..

Lutha Reigns : Cheers girls..

(( With that Lutha puts hes sun glasses on and keeps walking down the back. ))

Joy Giovanni : Wow now that guy is scary!.

Lauren Jones : You got that right!!..

(( The scene then fades to the arena and it shows 3 count in the ring with there theme in the back warming up Shannon Moore as they wait for Matt Striker. Matt Strikers theme then hits and the crowd begin to cheer as Matt Striker comes out of the back... He claps walks down the ramp way and claps a few hands as he then enters the ring and the 2 men then grapple up and the bell rings and the match gets underway. ))

Matt Striker Vs Shannon Moore w/3 count

Match Notes

* Matt Striker showed some pure wrestling ability and seem to have alot of agility to!

* Shannon Moore still was in very good shape and form which was a good thing..

* At the end of the Match Striker looked as if he was going to win the match but then 3 count came into the ring and started to a 3 on 1 assault which created a DQ.

Winner : Matt Striker By DQ

(( At the end of the match 3 count continued the 3 on 1 assault until then the head bangers came out from the back to make the save.. the 3 men just talked trash as the scene cut to a commercial. ))

(( The scene hit back and we see Ric Flar in hes office and then Lutha Reigns comes in!. ))

Ric Flair : Wooo!! its Lutha! how you been buddy..

Lutha Reigns : Im good Ric.. how are you..

Ric Flair : Im great! its good to see you in WCW!

Lutha Reigns : It feels good to be here Ric..

Ric Flair : You seem to of changed a bit since last time i saw you with all the bikey gear and stuff..

Lutha Reigns : Yeah for the past year i fell in loves with Motor bikes and well ive never gone back since..

Ric Flair : Wooo!! thats great!! well anyway next week i got a match for you!!

Lutha Reigns : Really.. what is it?..

Ric Flair : Against Monster morgan!

Lutha Reigns : My former Stable member back in WWE

Ric Flair : The same guy!

Lutha Reigns : I like that.. i like it alot Ric! ill see you next week..

(( With that Lutha leaves Rics room and it zooms in on Flairs face which has a big smirk on it. ))

(( The scene then shows Doug Bashem walking down the back... DOug Bashem Vs Kenzo Suzuki is up NEXT!! ))

(( The scene cuts back and Kenzo suzukis theme hits and the man from the riseing sun comes out from the back.. he makes hes way down the ramp way not make eye contact with the crowd before then going to the steel steps and bowing.. he then enters the ring and takes off hes robes and awaits Doug Bashem. A Shot Gun is heard and then Doug Bashems theme hits and the crowd give a mix reaction as Doug Bashem comes out of the back..., He walks down the ramp way and enters the ring and starts exchanging punches with Suzuki as the match gets underway. ))

Doug Bashem Vs Kenzo Suzuki

Match Notes

* Kenzo Suzuki still looked very stiff.. i think he needs some work.

* Doug Bashem looked great in the ring and seems to be improving every week as a singles wrestler.

* At the end of the match Kenzo went for a big super kick but missed and bashem then hit The brain damage out of know where to get the victory!.

Winner : Doug Bashem

(( The scene then cuts to the back and it shows David Flair on the phone!. ))

David Flair : What! you heard Mark Magnus say he wants to verse a legend!! you want to come back to the WCW!!... well by all means i will tell Ric! this is great news.. well ofcourse he will love it! He has the contract signing of White and Lesnar at the moment but yes next week be here at Nitro alright.. no dont tell anyone your comeing lets just keep it a secret.. alright see you next week!!.

(( David Flair then hangs up hes phone and has a big smile on hes face and lets out a WOO! as the scene fades to a commercial ))

(( The scene comes back and it shows 2 seats and a table in the ring and red carpet and Ric Flair standing in the middle of the ring. ))

Ric Flair : Wooo!! has everyone had a great night! Crowd cheers well the night is just about to get better as you are about to witness the contract signing of Brock lesnar and Paul White!! Crowd Cheers Now lets get this contract negotations underway.. with out further or do i introduce to you all the 7 foot 2 500 pound Paul White!!

(( Paul Whites theme hits and Fireworks go off as the 7 foot 2 monster comes out of the back. He makes hes way down the ramp way clapping a few fans hands before then getting into the ring.. He shakes Flairs hand before then going to hes side of the table. ))

Ric Flair : And now for Brock!!.. Lesnar!!

(( With that Brock Lesnars theme hits and the crowd begins to boo as Brock Lesnar comes out of the back. He looks around at the crowd and begins to laugh before he then does hes jump up and down before then walking down the ramp. He stops before he enters the ring and jumps up onto the ring which makes a huge fireworks display around the ring.. Paul White and Lesnar then stare at eachother as Lesnar then enters the ring.. They dont take there eyes off eachother as lesnar takes hes side of the table. ))

Ric Flair : Ok now heres the contract White you first.

(( White stares over a lesnar. Before then grabbing the pen from the table and signing the contract before then pushing it over to Lesnars side. ))

Ric Flair : Now your turn lesnar.

(( Lesnar then takes the pen and signs the paper. He then picks up the microphone next to the table and looks over at Paul White. ))

Brock Lesnar : White!!.. before we go on to starcade.. if you dont remember.. me and you back in WWE had a few problems and well just as i will at starcade.. I SOLVED THEM BY BEATING YOUR ASS!!.... and at the moment you are a problem to me Paul!! because you are in my way to becomeing the WCW Champion! and just if you dont remember Paul! i got a little bit of footage to show you what your getting yourself into!.. roll the footage.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Brock Lesnar : Starts TO laugh See White!!.. if you dont remember in the WWE i was the main player!! No one could stop me! and you were in my path and i destroyed you and come starcade.. i will do it again!!

(( Whites eyes then light up and he starts to become really angry... White then throws the table out of the way and gets up in Lesnars face.. The 2 then go face to face and yell abuse at eachother as Nitro goes off air. ))

The King : Wow!! a old rivarly has lighted up again Todd!

Todd Grisham : It sure has King! and whos the WCW legend comeing back to Nitro next week to confront Magnus!?!?...

The King : I have no clue it could be anyone!!

Todd Grisham : It could be!! this is as much time we have tonight until next time!! im Todd and this is the king good night for now!!

(( WCW goes off air ))

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wWE Resigns Kane

World Wrestling Entertainment have resigned Kane!. After a all out Bidding war kane has decieded to stick with more familiar ground in WWE, When Jim Cornette was asked about this he commented by saying "Dissapointed but we will live, We have already snatched another star from under the WWE Umbrella but we are not able to tell you who as of yet.. But this person will make a impact!"

WCW Sign WWE Star and Former WCW Great!

Jim Cornette in a interview a few days ago leaked that WCW have signed a WWE Star and is set to make a impact!.. No sources no who the star may be but Cornette assured us that he will make a impact!.. Also WCW have signed a Former WCW Star which will be makeing hes return this week on smackdown!!.. We have not been able to get the goss on who this star is either.

Get To Know Your Stars

user posted image

Doug Bashem

The Shooter Doug Bashem Debuted on the first returning nitro and ever since then has never looked back. Destroying people in hes path with hes undoubted wrestling skills. As cocky as he maybe be The Shooter not only talks the talk he walks the walk.. But the question is when will someone get in Shooters way and shut him up?!?.., only time will tell

user posted image

Last Week on nitro Brock Lesnar and Paul White made there intentions clear that Starcade is not just going the be a walk over for both stars as Brock Lesnar showed White some footage which he did not enjoy seeing what so ever!.. This week both these men will be in the same ring in tag team action! as Brock Lesnar will team up with Mr Middle Class himself Kerwin white to take on the team of Paul White and Screaming Normal Smiley

Also Last week Mark Magnus made hes point clear that he is going to wipe out all the so called "has beens" from WCW and show them that he is the future.. so he gave a open challenge for Starcade.. David Flair then got a call from a legend who will be in the house this week to confront Magnus about hes challenge.. who will the legend be?

Also 3 count has made the challenge to Matt Striker to find 2 men to verse them in 6 man tag action!.. Matt Striker has accepted the challenge and The Head Bangers!! will be hes partners! how will 3 count cope with the tag team champions!.

Also this week on Nitro Bubba Dudley will go 1 on 1 with The Shooter Doug Bashem who has been on a role lately! will Bubba get some of hes rage out or will The Shooter keep on going on hes impressive winner record.

Plus the debuteing Lutha Reign will go 1 on 1 with Monster Morgan!

So tune in for this and much much more with the newest/oldest promotion on the block! WCW Nitro! along side The King and Todd Grisham!

confirmed card

Brock Lesnar & Kerwin White Vs Paul White & Norman Smiley

Mark Magnus And WCW legend confrontation

Bubba Dudley Vs Doug Bashem

Matt Striker & The Head Bangers Vs 3 Count

Matt Morgan Vs Lutha Reigns

WCW Interactive

On this weeks WCW interactive WCW wants to know who you think the WCW Legend will be!? and also who will win in the already confirmed card!.

Also WCW wants to know who the new WWE star is which has signed a deal and how he will come into the WCW World?

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