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Footie Management Sims

MalaCloudy Black

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Awkward question coming from an American, but what're the best footie mangament sims? And how much do they cost? Are there any freeware ones? :x

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Football Manager 2005 would be your best bet... or Championship Manager 03/04... those are my favorites. Don't get the new Championship Manager series because they aren't the same as past CMs... instead get the Football Manager series they still use the same engine from past games. I don't think there are any freeware ones that are AS good, but I'm sure there are some out there... you might wanna look up an old game, idk the name but i think it was developed by Thunderbear... It's in DOS or at least it was... idk if it's still like that... it's nothing fancy but it'll get addictive really quick... well, yeah that's that.

EDIT: i forgot to add prices... I'm sure you could find cheap used ones of Football Manager by now, I got mine for about 15 dollars from eBay, but it wasn't used... There is a new version coming out soon, so that'll probably set me back 30 or 35 dollars to get.

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If you can find On The Ball World Cup from back in the day on an emulator...GET IT!

Very amusing and you get to see training and stuff and it's fully editable

Also Sensible World Of Soccer form the early/mid 90s is amazing...

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Football Manager is the best current one as it's made from the guys who did the legenday Championship Manager Series (Eidos own the rights and Championship Manager 5 is made by another company and from what i've read is terrible.)

Football Manager 2006 is due out September to December this year sometime.

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