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WWE 2005

The Chronic

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Brian Johnson walked into the WWE headquarters on August 30 for his first meeting. Brian Johnson is a 22 year old who had just graduated from Yale University. Vince decided he needed some new blood on the writing staff so he decided to hire Brian. Brian had such a great resume it would've been hard to turn him down. No, he did not write for any Nickelodean sitcoms. Yes, he has been a WWE/F fan for almost his whole life. Yes, he has been disgusted with the product over the last couple years. Yes, he is determined to turn the product around with interesting angles, because no matter how you twist or turn it, WWE is still exactly what it says in the name Entertainment. Now Brian may not be totally concerned with getting the best wrestlers out there, but he'll try his best to bring back both the tag divisions and the cruiser division and build them up as somewhat respected titles. Brian wants everything to be pretty well built up.

So when he walks in he finds himself the only one in the room. Vince walks in 5 minutes later and tells him that he has given the rest of the staff a couple weeks off to see how Brian can do on his own. Vince is interested that he has heard that Mr. Johnson has been displeased with the product so Vince is interested to see what the kid could come up with on his own. Officially Vince has handed over both programs writing and booking duties to 22 year-old Brian Johnson. Brian looked over what he had to work with, he realized that this was going to be a much tougher job than it looks like. He was used to being a couch booker, now he has people's lives in his hands...


Randy and Cowboy Bob Orton will be in the building!

World Champion Batista will take on Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan in a non-title match

Plus Chris Benoit will be in action!

Tune in at 8/7 PM to see all the hard hitting action!

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Singles Match

*Non-Title Match*

Chris Benoit vs. Chase Stevens

Benoit entered to a huge ovation, his opponent was already in the ring to start off the match. Chase Stevens’ name was announced to near silence. Benoit runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and ducks a clothesline attempt by Stevens. He reverses it into a German Suplex. Not one, not two, but three German’s is enough to take down the biggest wrestlers in the WWE much less someone like Chase Stevens. Benoit got up and signaled that it was over as it seemed that Chase was knocked out cold on the floor. Benoit turned him over and locked in the Crippler Crossface. Everyone was wondering why Chase wouldn’t tap, he had been in the Crossface for 15 seconds, when the ref finally realized that he was knocked out and called for the end of the match.


Comically Benoit ran right to the timekeeper’s table, not even waiting for the referee, Mike Chioda to raise his hand. He grabbed a mic and made a huge announcement.

“25.6 seconds” he said disappointedly, and he walked off with a smirk on his face.


Chris Benoit lost overness from this segment

(Backstage Randy Orton is shown next to a huge bucket that reads “Donations for Undertaker’s FUNERAL Fund”, Josh Matthews walked up to Randy Orton to interview him)

Randy: Yes, Josh Matthews, you are reading this right. After a long discussion me and my father had we have decided that Undertaker is really getting on in his years and who knows what could happen when he wrestles me again, so just in case I got the boys in the back to pitch in all for the Undertaker’s cause! That’s right Undertaker after your career of putting people in caskets we will be able to give you a nice one for your death!

(Orton looks over at his father and they both break out laughing as do most of the other wrestlers in the back including Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Christian, and many more)

Randy: As you can see we have quite a few supporters of this cause. That’s right Undertaker people DO care about you! By the way Josh would you like to chip in any loose change?

Josh: Sorry, I’m not here to try to kill off one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Bob: Let me say something before we go. Undertaker, you can hide for some time but eventually you will have to come out and face the legend killer and your destiny this casket!

(four men bring out a jet black casket with silver handles)

Bob: Nice, huh? Well this can be yours for the price of one asswhoopin from Randy Orton!

Randy: Now does anyone have anymore donations for this fund, the Undertaker needs your help!

(scene fades away as Orton says the last line)


Randy Orton lost overness from this segment

Singles Match

Ken Kennedy vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Interesting point here is that Kennedy went straight to business in the ring and didn’t bother with the introductions. Kennedy wore down Scotty 2 Hotty the whole match working on his back with a lot of suplexes. Kennedy charged at Scotty in the corner when Scotty moved out of the way and Kennedy hit the ring corner hard as can be. Scotty went to the second rope and did a leg drop. He was firing up the crowd as he did the worm but missed on the following chop which allowed Kennedy to capitalize and re take control of the match. Finally Kennedy went to the second rope and performed the Kenton Bomb to get the victory at 12:43.


Scotty 2 Hotty lost overness from this match

Ken Kennedy gained overness from this match

After the match Kennedy grabbed the mic.

“You know what, just let me show you how it’s done, because that was absolutely horrible.

And your winner by pinfall is Ken Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy!”


Ken Kennedy gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Paul London

After the ring introductions out came the Mexicools as everybody had expected since they hadn’t been seen yet. The Mexicools did not look happy, they got their garden rakes and went to work. Juvi and Super Crazy both beat Rey Mysterio down with their rakes. While Psicosis did a springboard tornado DDT to London and then went up top and did a guillotine leg drop. Then Juvi and Super Crazy held up Rey for Psicosis to get a couple good shots in with his rake and they did a super superplex followed right by the guillotine leg drop. Both contestants are knocked out and the ref calls for a no contest. The Juice grabs the mic and declares that the Mexicools are here to send a message to the whole cruiserweight division. Rey and Paul London are only the beginning if one of the members does not get a title shot in some way shape or form soon. The Mexicools have decided that SMACKDOWN! As a whole wasn’t what they were really after, they just wanted to go after the cruiserweight division. They just wanted gold.


Paul London gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

*Non-Title Match*

Batista vs. Orlando Jordan

Batista came out to a huge ovation, he is possibly one of the most popular wrestlers in the whole business. Batista went to work right when Orlando Jordan got into the ring. After a couple of power moves it looked almost over at around the one minute mark until JBL decided to get into things here. Batista went and started yelling at JBL standing on the apron when JBL reached down and grabbed something. He was about to hit Batista when Batista heard footsteps and ducked which lead Orlando Jordan to grab air when he went for the back grapple and it caused JBL to clock Jordan with the title belt. Orland looked dazed as he stumbled right into Batista’s grip. Batista set him up and won with the Batista Bomb. The crowd once again gave a huge ovation. JBL was not as pleased…


JBL grabbed a microphone and started speaking

“Now Orlando, I didn’t name you the Chief of Staff for nothing, hell man we’ve been through a lot together. I was there for you when you had the U.S. title, representing it to its best, but ever since that meeting with Benoit at SummerSlam things just haven’t been the same. First I mean you lose in 25 seconds for God’s sake! That’s not something a WRESTLING…GOD can deal with. I can’t be associated with someone as low as you Mr. Jordan. Now you lose to Batista in just over a minute. Plus you also lost the match last week. I’m sorry but I can no longer work with you. You have been fired from the cabinet! Have fun with your new path whatever you may do.”

And on that note JBL slid into the ring and started putting the boots to Jordan. He threw him to the outside. JBL seemed to be searching for something under the ring and he found what he wanted, a cow bell. He tied one end of the cow bell around Orlando’s wrist and he pulled hard towards himself and hit Orlando Jordan with a Clothesline from Hell. That wasn’t all though, he also dragged him across the ground by pulling on one end right into the steel steps, then he jumped off them and knocked Orlando Jordan over the head with the cowbell. Orlando lay on the outside with a long streak of blood running down his face. JBL grabbed his cowbell back and stormed backstage.


JBL lost overness from this segment

Orlando Jordan gained overness from this turn

Singles Match

Eddie Guerrero w/his wife vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

This match had a lot of intensity involved. You could see the fury in Eddie’s eyes when he was performing a lot of these moves. Eddie has lost almost everything now including many matches in a row. In the middle of the match Booker T went for the Scissors Kick, but Eddie fell backwards on purpose and swept out Booker T’s legs. Eddie went up top for the Frog Splash but Booker put his knees up to counter it. A couple minutes later Eddie kicked Booker in the midsection when he was being set up for the Book End, Eddie then hit the Three Amigos and covered Booker 1…2…no! Booker raised his shoulder to a huge ovation from the crowd. Then later after Booker hit a spinning heel kick it was spinerooni time! While Booker was celebrating Eddie pulled out brass knuckles from his tights and he went to hit Booker with them, but his wife grabbed his leg and allowed Booker to hit the Book End followed by the Scissors kick for the win. 17:34. After the match Eddie threw a tantrum and started yelling at his wife before Booker stopped him from hitting her (which got a huge pop from the crowd). Eddie just walked backstage and he looked close to crying.


After the ring was cleared from that match Randy Orton came out with a list of donators which he was planning on reading from.

Randy Orton started “Ok, Undertaker if you want to hear this it’s really cool to see how many fans you have backstage that are really your co-workers, so you can come on down to the ring if you want.”

He waited and nothing so he continued

“OK, well I guess I’ll just have to continue, the first donator and obviously for the most money was myself, Randy Orton along with my father Bob Orton. Another generous man was JBL who donated an amount that won’t be said to protect his privacy, but I’ll assure you it was a lot. Let’s see… (he scanned the paper) Ah, Christian donated 5 dollars! And hmm, does that say Vince McMahon, no, couldn’t be, wow Undertaker, you have a fan up fron—

Orton was cut off by Undertaker’s unmistakable bells at the beginning of his theme. Orton appears frightened as he backs up to the other side of the ring and then when he sees that it’s his father Bob Orton pretending to be the Undertaker doing all the familiar mannerisms that everyone knows by heart. Orton was hysterical in the ring until a familiar hand wrapped around his throat. The Undertaker had slid in behind him! He picked up Orton and chokeslammed him straight to hell! Bob Orton took off right when he saw Undertaker for sure. Then the Undertaker went back out the ring and brought in that same casket that Bob Orton was showing off earlier in the show and locked Randy Orton in it! He did the kneeling and titling back of the head as he was right next to the casket with Orton in it. Smackdown faded off air with that image.


Randy Orton gained overness from this segment

Overall - 72

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I definitely like the way you booked the show, albeit the order of certain things was a bit confusing. For example, Chris Benoit is pretty much main event or upper midcard material, but he's in the first match of the night. Sure, it's to further an angle, but I really don't get the placement.

Ditto with Batista vs Orlando Jordan.

Still, can't fault you for trying, and I like the fact that it doesn't look like your character didn't suddenly turn everything upside-down with the first show. Good luck with this.

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Singles Match

Big Vito vs. Funaki

Pretty much complete domination. Big Vito absolutely over powered Funaki. Various power moves were able to allow Big Vito kill the smaller wrestler Funaki. Funaki didn’t get a single bit of offense in at all. Vito finished the match at 5:14 with the Luca Brotzi.


After the match video was shown of the Smackdown! Match between Orlando Jordan and World Champion Batista. It also showed the aftermath in which JBL fired Orlando Jordan from the cabinet.


Batista lost overness from this segment

Singles Match

Simon Dean vs. Harley Lewis

Simon Dean got into the ring and went to work on Harley Lewis by calling him out of shape. He also says that he will never beat someone like Simon Dean who actually has worked out before in his life. He also talks about how he has never even heard of a Harley Lewis before and that he’ll never succeed in the WWE. Little did he know that Harley Lewis was right behind him and went to work. A clothesline from behind and that was all she wrote as Harley dissected Simon Dean from there on. With all of your usual big man moves. He finally put Dean out of his misery with a sick looking pile driver.


Harley Lewis gained overness from this match

Simon Dean lost overness from this match

The next segment was another video this time reviewing Orton’s segments. It first showed him looking for donations for his “funeral” fund and then it showed Undertaker choke slamming Orton and locking him in that casket.


Singles Match

Hardcore Holly vs. Paul Birchall

Paul Birchall came out to dead silence as no one even knew who he was. Hardcore Holly on the other hand actually did come out to an ok pop especially for him being Hardcore Holly. Birchall seemed to bring something new, he did a lot of power moves as we’ve seen a lot of on this Velocity, but he also brought something that most big men can’t do. He performed quite a few flying moves. It gave him the edge over Hardcore Holly, as he was about to finish him off with the Standing Moonsault, but Holly moved out of the way. It wasn’t until two minutes later when Regal hit Holly with the brass knuckles which led him right into a Pump handle Sidewalk Slam and that move finished the match.


Paul Birchall gained overness from this match

Backstage Justin Roberts was with MNM.

Justin: What do you have to say about your struggles with the new LOD?

Melina: New LOD *laughs* hardly. Heidenreich is no where near Hawk and Animal is just another old fat guy. He’s pretty much the opposite of my boys. Isn’t that right?

(Mercury and Nitro both nod with smiles on their face)

Melina: Let me just say one thing, when my boys Mercury and Nitro take back the WWE tag titles it will be a … Snapshot moment.

(All three smile as Velocity goes off air)


Melina gained overness from this segment

Overall - 56

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Singles Match

Johnny Parisi vs. Onyx

Your average squash match with Onyx getting in very little offense. Todd Grisham made a reference to how Johnny Parisi lived a swinger lifestyle. He also made many references to how great of an athlete Onyx is, as seems to be the norm for built looking black wrestlers. Parisi ended this match at 6:42 with the Swing Thing.


Next they played a video of what happened on RAW when Ric Flair got attacked. They showed him in his bloody mess.


Singles Match

Derrick King vs. Tajiri

A good contest actually. Derrick King seemed to get some offense in as he reversed a few of Tajiri’s kicks. Tajiri did end up getting the better of King though as he hit the Buzzsaw Kick at 5:29.


Now we see a video of the side effect off the stage into the electrical equipment. And we see Edge and Hardy just lying there in the debris.


Then we get a recap of the main event between Michaels and Masters/Carlito. Flair came in and got the hot tag, he eventually fell to the Masterlock, though.


Shawn Michaels lost overness from this segment

We go backstage and see Tyson Tomko warming up by doing some punching and kicking combinations. He smashed his head into the wall as he exited out the door.


Tyson Tomko lost overness from this segment

Singles Match

Tyson Tomko vs. Val Venis

Val Venis came out to a relatively loud pop for a man who has had the same (stale) gimmick for years now. Tomko soon silenced them by going to work with his UFC style fighting tactics. He bloodied Val by giving him a huge punch to the nose. Then off the ropes Tomko hit the big boot and the ref determined that it was a knockout at 4:10.


Overall - 55

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RAW Preview

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters will take place!

Look for a surprise return at sometime during the show as well.

Ric Flair has hired a detective to take this case and find out who attacked him as he has slight amnesia from his first beating. Ric Flair will also be in the building.

Look foward to an action packed RAW.

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RAW kicked off with a detective walking into Ric Flair’s room. This detective was wearing a black suit, he looked overweight and had a pretty shaggy beard.

Flair: Aah, glad to see you could come.

Detective: Anything for you Mr. Flair.

(The voice sounded oddly familiar)

Flair: Alright the plan to catch this guy is…

Detective: Hold on, let me get my pencil to take some notes.

(he reached into his pocket and pulled out Mr. Socko and the crowd popped like no other)

Flair: Mick?!

Mick Foley: Yes? I’m here to help. Just let me know what I need to do.

Flair: As you can see I was brutally attacked last week by some little no good punk.

Mick Foley: I can see that. So how do you expect me to catch him?

Flair: Well my plan was to have me just walking around and waiting for him while you stand around the corner and pop out to catch him in the action of doing it.

Mick Foley: Just a second let me think about this.

(after talking with Socko, they both nodded their head)

Mick Foley: We’ll do it.

Flair: We’ll? Alright whatever you know what, the important thing is we need to catch him. So tonight at 9:35 central I will walk around right outside of my locker room and when he comes to attack me, you jump out and find out who’s doing it.

Mick Foley: Sounds like a plan. Have a nice day!

(cheap pop with a catchphrase that really didn’t need to be said at all)


Singles Match

Rene Dupree vs. Val Venis

Not a horrible match, but not necessarily a good match by any means. Rene Dupree scored a couple of close pinfalls until Val Venis locked in the Indian Deathlock and left Rene Dupree limping for the rest of the match. Val hit a flying cross body block off the ropes to set up the Money Shot for the win at 8:31. He was going to play to the crowd when Dupree clipped his leg from behind and hit the Death Valley Driver to knock Val Venis clean out, that wasn’t all, he then put Val against the ropes and started choking him out by pushing his neck against the bottom rope until the officials came in and broke it up.


Val Venis gained overness from this match

Rene Dupree lost overness from this match

Out comes Bischoff to a mixed reaction as everyone was pretty excited to hear what he had to announce.

Bischoff: I have some good news, and I have some bad news. I’ll say the bad news first. The bad news is that both Edge and Matt Hardy are tending to their health tonight so they will not appear they probably won’t appear next week as well. *some boos* I know, I know, I’m disappointed as well. Now for the good news. I have some official matches made for the Unforgiven PPV on Sunday the 18th! First of all, we’ll start with Edge and Matt Hardy, assuming they will be ready to go, these two will be competing in a Last Man Standing match to settle things once and for all. For those who don’t know the rules for the Last Man Standing match it’s quite simple, the man who gets knocked down for a ten count loses. This will be a true test to see who is the better man.

Bischoff: Another official match is John Cena vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Heavyweight title! Finally the last one that I will be adding tonight is since Carlito has been inactive in defending his title, he will have to defend it in a 10 man battle royal in which he automatically draws number 1. *Bischoff, as always, has a big smirk on his face* That is all for tonight, enjoy the rest of the show.


Singles Match

Rosey vs. Gene Snitsky

This match was a very dull, “Let me try to slam you and then you can try to slam me” match until Trevor Murdoch ran in with a lasso and roped it around Rosey’s legs as he went off the ropes going for a huge clothesline, this sent Rosey to the mat face first. Gene Snitsky finished this match off with a Spear at 3:18. Murdoch continued to attack Rosey after the match as his partner Lance Cade jumped over the barricade on a fake horse. As he impressively lassoed Rosey around his neck from the outside allowing Murdoch to just attack the body of Rosey like no other until looked as if Rosey was running out of life which is when he clotheslined him over the ropes to the outside. Then Hurricane came flying off the barricade with a cross body block attempt, but Cade caught him and powerslammed him onto the steel steps. Cade and Murdoch tied Hurricane and Rosey together back to back with their lasso’s.

“Howdy ya’ll, this is Trevor Murdoch and I’d just likes to say me something. Me and my partner Lance Cade would like to challenge the world tag champs to face Texas’s champs! Our work here is done! YEE HAW!”

Lance and Trevor rode out on those horses that are a stick and a donkey’s head. It looks as if the tag champs will have their hands full at Unforgiven.



Trevor Murdoch gained overness from this segment

Coming back from a commercial break we cut immediately backstage where John Cena just walked into Kurt Angle and the two are about to fight right there. Then they agreed to walk away and not touch each other until Unforgiven. Then Cena just turned around and hit a haymaker right to Angle’s face and officials were right on scene to make sure things didn’t escalate. Cena simply said “I had my fingers crossed homey.”


John Cena gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob “The Conman” Conway

Benjamin worked the back the whole match with stretches and suplexes. He had Conway in the surfboard stretch for almost a minute at one point before he decided to try something else. Benjamin looked very good here, he looked like he could be a contender for the World Title. Benjamin finally finished off a squash at 5:03 with the T-Bone Suplex.


Ric Flair walked out of his locker room right at 9:35 and was just walking around before a man in all black with not a single part of his body showing ran over and attacked Flair again. He hit Flair with various objects including a 2x4 multiple times. Flair was bloodied badly again and was rushed to the hospital after the man left. Mick jumped out and pulled up his mask and said “Ah-hah! I have you now, there’s no where to run” The man took off and Mick ran after him and when Mick turned the corner he turned right into a trash can. Mick got his head crushed into the trash can after a DDT. The masked figure took a chair and opened it up so he could plant Mick with another DDT and this one opened up Mick as well. The figure finally dragged Mick onto the stage and put him in a trash can. He rolled the trash can off the stage and onto the floor 15 feet below. EMTs rushed to both men’s aid and the masked figure got away once again, only Mick knows his identity and who knows if he’ll remember or even be alive to tell us about it.


Ric Flair gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels

This was being billed as Masters first big test (even though he had just beaten Flair the previous week). Masters started the match off by totally overpowering Michaels including a huge toss into the corner followed by a clothesline. Michaels was starting to build momentum behind a comeback as he flew off the ropes and hit a huge clothesline. He went up top for the diving elbow and he connected. He covered, 1…2…but Masters got the shoulder up! Michaels was tuning up for the Sweet Chin Music while Masters was struggling to his feet. Michaels went for the kick, but Masters caught the boot and spun him around and locked in the Masterlock. Eventually he got Michaels unconscious. This was easily Masters’ biggest victory to date. After the match Masters spit on Michaels and picked up a mic and claimed “The show is over for the showstopper” and he dropped the mic onto Michael’s chest.


Chris Masters gained overness from this match

Shawn Michaels gained overness from this match

While Masters was about to walk out the ring the Big Show’s music hit and he stormed down to the ring with a mic in hand. “Pick on someone your own size”. Show ran into the ring and clotheslined Masters and locked him in a full nelson, or Masterlock, of his own. When Masters seemed unconscious, Show picked the mic back up and claimed that that was no way to treat a legend and he picked Masters up and hit the Showstopper Chokeslam.


Chris Masters gained overness from this segment

Big Show lost overness from this segment

Overall - 76

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Singles Match

Psicosis vs. Paul London

The two were already in the ring going at it before the pyros shot off for the beginning of Smackdown! You could see a sense of anger in Paul London’s eye that you had never seen before. He went right to work with a bunch of hard falling suplexes. He jumped up to the second rope with his arm firmly around Psicosis’s head and he hit the second rope Tornado DDT. This match could’ve been over right here, but he wasn’t done. He picked Psicosis up again and hit multiple northern lights suplexes in a row. He was about to finish him off with a flying frog cross body until Juventud pulled down the top rope and made London fall backwards onto the steel steps (incredibly sick bump). Super Crazy hit a legdrop onto the Steel Steps. Then they let London try to crawl back into the ring. Psicosis was already ready for him and he hit a guillotine leg drop right across the throat of London. The ref just counted 1…2…3 and the match was over just like that. Juvi and Super Crazy hit the ring to inflict more damage upon London until Mysterio and Scotty 2 Hotty hit the ring from the crowd and came in and saved London with a pair of springboard drop kicks. Scotty 2 Hotty hit the worm on Super Crazy while Mysterio hit his 619/West Coast Pop combo on Juvi. Then they did a few double team moves on Psicosis. London was finally up again and the three raised eachother’s hands as they stood triumphant over the fallen Mexicools.


All the lights turn off, and the titantron shows a video of a man standing in the graveyard. It’s the Undertaker, except he looks a little different. He has his old school hat and gloves on and looks much darker than normal. It shows the Undertaker putting the finishing touches on a grave labeled “Randy Orton”. Finally he speaks “Randy Orton is 6 feet under and sleeping with the maggots tonight.” He rolls his eyes to the back of his head and then speaks again, “Randy Orton, if you ever come back to Smackdown! I will make it my only goal to bury you…alive.” He put his head down and posed for what was an eerie shot.


Singles Match

Heidenreich vs. Johnny Nitro

Heidenreich went right to work on Nitro, no-selling all of Nitro’s blows. Finally he just grabbed Nitro’s fist and gave him a devastating looking uppercut. A few body slams and power slams later Melina got up onto the ring and started seducing the referee. This allowed Mercury to clock Heidenreich over the head with a steel chair which lead him right into Nitro who lifted him up and Mercury completed the snapshot right onto the chair. Mercury took the chair with him as he left the ring leaving no trace of evidence. 1…2…3. Heidenreich was out cold, then Animal came in too, to try to save Heidenreich, but Mercury jumped out from behind the barricade and hit the chair over Animal’s head too. They did the snap shot onto the outside to Animal. Nitro and Mercury posed on the outside as Melina grabbed a mic.


Heidereich lost overness from this match

Johnny Nitro gained overness from this match

Melina: This is just a snapshot of what is going to happen at No Mercy. You can kiss those tag titles good-bye because they are going to true *superstars*.


Next we cut backstage with JBL drinking a beer for old-times sakes backstage when Orlando Jordan showed up. JBL started to talk “Orlando, I hope they’re no hard—”

Orlando just stared a hole through him until he unloaded with a bunch of punches right to JBL’s face. He took the beer and smashed it over JBL’s head leaving him a bloody mess. Then he grabbed a mic, “John Bradshaw Layfield, I am going to make your life HELL.”


Orlando Jordan new gimmick gained a positive reaction

JBL lost overness from this segment

Singles Match

Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean

Simon Dean started talking about how Benoit just doesn’t have the endurance to last more than 25 seconds in a match when Benoit came out in a rage of hard slaps across the chest. He threw Dean against the ropes and hit a huge back body drop. After a German Suplex he went up top and hit his flying headbutt. He covered Dean who kicked out at two. Then he turned him over and locked in the Crippler’s Crossface and that was all she wrote. The official time? Thirty Seconds.


Benoit: First of all, the thing is I don’t need to last much more than 25 seconds. I’m that damn good, that I can finish my opponents off in that little of time. I might’ve lost my magic. I just don’t beat em like I used to. I just can’t seem to get them in less than 24 seconds. I think what I really need though is to face another whiner like Orlando Jordan. Another man who you can hardly even call a man. What I need to do is face someone like…Christian.

Benoit starts laughing, little did he know Christian was listening to every word of this. Christian came out and attacked Benoit and was just yelling, “I’M NOT A BABY”


Backstage in a dim room you can see Eddie dressed in all black with huge bags under his eyes.

Eddie: You may be wondering what I’m doing dressed in all black. Well guess what essa, there’s a certain sense of respect I have homes. This is respect for the dead. This respect is for the man that I could kill at any moment. You see, homes, I can’t sleep. I’m going loco I tell you. Staight up LOCO! I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Right now I’m unpredictable. You may think “oh eddie, essa, you wouldn’t hurt a fly, all you do is lie cheat and steal,” well you can add hurt to that, because that’s what I’m going to do. HURT. That’s what I do HURT. That’s what happens to me I GET HURT. Not physically, but emotionally homes. I just can’t seem to shake it. Batista I would be scared right now homes, it just don’t matter that you are the World champion homes. It just don’t matter. Eddie could snap homes, and when Eddie snaps, beware. Eddie just might kill a man.


Eddie Guerrero debuted a new gimmick it gained a positive response.

Eddie Guerrero gained overness from this segment.

Eddie and Batista were about to start the main event, but the lights went off. A bunch of red pyros were shooting all over the place. And you could hear high pitch screaming in the background.


Singles Match

*World Heavyweight Title*

Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie had a long stare down with Batista. Finally Batista decided to strike first with a right fist but Eddie ducked it and came up into a DDT. He bounced off the ropes and hit a knee drop right onto Batista’s face. Eddie started slapping his chest. He bounced of the ropes again and hit another knee drop. He then hit a standing splash and covered. Batista kicked out with authority at 2. Batista started taking control of the match. He was about to go for the Spinebuster, but Eddie hit him in the face with brass knuckles. Then Eddie went to the outside and grabbed two chairs and them into the ring. He also brought a few tables and he put on a sombrero for laughs. He put one chair onto the table and then he put Batista’s head. Then another chair. He called this the taco. He then went up top and frog splashed Batista’s head through the table. I think Batista could be dead. Eddie then set up the other tables he had brought in the ring. He hit the Three Amigos, two of the suplexes were through the other two tables he had set up. Eddie grabbed a mic “What did I tell you?” Then he grabbed Batista’s belt and posed with it at all four corners.



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Singles Match

Harley Lewis vs. Sylvan Grenier

Harley Lewis looked pretty much unstoppable with his array of old school power moves. He wrestled a good match making the former tag champ look like no match. He hit his Piledriver to end the match at about 6:04.


Harley Lewis gained overness from this match

Sylvan Grenier lost overness from this match

A video of the Christian - Benoit situation was played.


Singles Match

Deuce Shade vs. Paul Birchall

Paul Birchall ran into the ring and started attacking Deuce Shade who was introduced with no music. Birchall dominated with his high flying moves mixed in with some power moves. Birchall ended the match with a standing moonsault at 7:34.


Paul Birchall gained overness from this match

Deuce Shade lost overness from this match

A video of the eerie Undertaker interview at the gravesite was shown.


Eddie was shown in the video of him backstage and then it showed him snapping on Batista.


Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment

Batista lost overness from this segment

Singles Match

Funaki vs. Super Crazy

Funaki had no chance in this 3 on 1 match. Funaki got tossed around like a rag doll and thrown into the barricade multiple times. Match finally ended with a Crazy Bomb by Super Crazy at 10:34.


Super Crazy is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.


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(ooc: oh boy, big problem came up. I was booking thinking that Unforgiven would be the 18th when it was really the 11th, so some of the matches aren't as built up as I had hoped, but I can live with this.)

Official Unforgiven Card

World Tag Team Titles

Justice League © vs. Cade and Murdoch

Intercontinental Title

10-Man Battle Royal where Carlito enters at number 1.

Big Show vs. Chris Masters

Last Man Standing

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

WWE Heavyweight Championship

John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle

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The pyros shot off at the arena as 16,000 strong went wild!

JR: We’d like to welcome you all at home to my lovely home town of Oklahoma City and the site for this year’s, Unforgiven!

Heat Main Event

Val Venis vs. Rene Dupree

Val came out to a surprisingly loud reaction. Dupree also got a fair amount of heat. Val started off the match by staring to Dupree down and then giving him a swift blow to the neck. This was payback from when Dupree choked out Val on RAW. Val whipped Dupree into the corner and jumped onto the second rope and started moving his hips sexually. Dupree countered this by powerboming Val out of the corner. The count only got 2. Dupree took over the match using underhand tactics including using the rope choke until the ref broke them up. He rolled Venis to the outside. He took the microphone cord and wrapped around Val’s neck and choked the life out of him. Then he whipped him into the steel steps.

Dupree then rolled him back into the ring and set him up so his neck was resting on the second rope. Dupree then bounced off the opposite ropes and came towards a helpless Venis who rolled out of the ring in the last second so Dupree ended up racking himself. Val got back in the ring and did a bunch of back breakers and body slams and worked on the back and chest areas. He then went up top and hit the Money Shot! The ref counted to three and the match was over.

Winner: Val Venis


Rene Dupree lost overness from this match

Val Venis gained overness from this match

A video package was shown of a bloodied Ric Flair and then the next week when he got attacked again. Then the video showed the Edge and Matt Hardy feud. Next was the Angle and Cena feud which really tried to hit on the intensity of the match

Immediately after the video package the camera cut to backstage where we see Mick Foley bandaged up.

“Last week I came back to RAW to help out my fellow legend, Ric Flair in a situation of need. As most of you saw I was brutally attacked by a masked man. This masked man was revealed to me and me only. And I just want to send out a warning to this masked man who I’m about to unveil, you better start running now, because you are going to have some serious trouble if I find you anywhere near RAW again. Shelton Benjamin, you may think, “Oh, Mick Foley won’t do anything. Mick Foley is just a big harmless teddy bear.” And you know what, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT! Mick Foley won’t do anything. Ohh, Mick Foley won’t do anything at all. But….CACTUS JACK WILL! Cactus Jack will in a Falls count anywhere match. You can run but there’s no where to hide, BANG BANG!


Shelton Benjamin’s turn was completed, he is now a heel.

Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this turn.

World Tag Team Titles

Justice League © vs. Cade and Murdoch

Cade and Murdoch came out with their lassoes and they entered from the crowd on their “horses”. Rosey and Hurricane came out and both got flattened right away by two big clotheslines. Then they connected their hands and they took out Rosey with a double clothesline. They threw him against the barricade and behind the ref’s back Murdoch started choking Rosey with his lasso while Cade punched him repeatedly in the face. Hurricane tried punching Murdoch to get him off Rosey but his punches didn’t seem to work. But he finally jumped off the barricade and Tornado DDT’d Cade onto the hard floor. Finally Hurricane rolled Cade into the ring to begin the match. Murdoch released his grip on Rosey finally. Cade on the inside was regaining control of the match. He whipped Hurricane into the ropes and powerslammed him. He then made the tag to Murdoch and they did a double team suplex. Then they whipped him into the ropes and did a double hip toss. Murdoch covered and Hurricane barely kicked out. Hurricane reversed an Irish Whip and knocked Murdoch down with a spinning back heel kick. Hurricane started struggling on his hands and knees to his corner and reached out for the tag, but Rosey was nowhere to be seen.

JR: Where is Rosey?

King: I don’t know but I think we could have new tag team champions if he doesn’t show up soon. There’s no way his little body can survive against these two cowboys, Cade and Murdoch.

Cade was tagged back in and the rest of the match was a 10-minute beatdown. It seems as if this new team of Cade and Murdoch’s main goal is to hurt their opponents. Murdoch whipped Hurricane into the rope and back body dropped him to the outside. He then laid Hurricane across the barricade saddled him up as he choked the life out Hurricane with his lasso. With Hurricane’s body still laying across that barricade, Cade performed a splash off the turnbuckle onto the barricade. The end of the match came when Murdoch DDT’d Hurricane to get the three count. We have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! CADE AND MURDOCH!

JR: Well folks, it looks like we have new tag team champions. And boy are they unforgiving. We hear that Rosey crawled over the barricade and crawled backstage and went home? I’m not sure if Hurricane or Eric Bischoff will be very happy with this.

Winners and New World Tag Team Champions: Cade and Murdoch


Rosey lost overness from this match

Trevor Murdoch gained overness from this match

The World Tag Team Titles lost image from this match

Intercontinental Title

10-Man Battle Royal

To start of the match Carlito and Johnny Parisi were in the ring. Carlito just out wrestled Parisi. He was able to slap him around like nothing. He pulled off his Swinging Neckbreaker called The Caribbean Way and dumped him over the top rope right when the next entrant came and it was Kerwin White. He looked at Parisi’s body and just shook his head. Kerwin pulled off an impressive springboard dropkick which almost saw Carlito flipping over the rope. After a time of Kerwin White slowly working away at Carlito, Tajiri came into the ring and attacked Kerwin. Tajiri started using his varied set of kicks to wear down Kerwin. Carlito was regaining his energy in the corner. Next to enter was Eugene. He got into the ring and hit a swinging neck breaker on Carlito. He started doing all of Hogan’s famous taunts until Kerwin White leveled him. When Kerwin got back up to his feet he turned right into the Kick of Death from Tajiri. Tajiri rolled Carlito out of the ring to eliminate the second competitor. Once again Tajiri was working on Eugene while Carlito rested in the corner.

King: Carlito is a genius! At this rate there’s no one who can stop him!

Tajiri was trying to dump Eugene over the ropes but Eugene was holding on for his life and he started gnawing at Tajiri’s hands. The next entrant was Rene Dupree who helped Tajiri put Eugene over the top. Dupree reached out his hand to Tajiri in a form of respect, but when Tajiri accepted Dupree cheap-shotted with a low blow. As Tajiri stumbled around the ring Dupree caught him and body slammed him over the top rope. It seems as everyone has forgotten about Carlito. He is just laying across the top ropes. Dupree is regaining much needed strength. The Con Man is the next entrant. Right as he rolled into the ring he was met by boots from Dupree. Dupree didn’t waste any time as he whipped him off the ropes and back body dropped him over the ropes, but Conway held on. He is barely hanging onto the top rope with one hand. Dupree is removing finger by finger from the rope. And finally the Con Man was eliminated.

King: It must be the tights!

The next man in is Tyson Tomko. Tomko ran into the ring and clotheslined Dupree. Then he picked up Carlito and body slammed him. Dupree got up and Tomko gave him a big boot which knocked Dupree right out. Tomko just rolled Dupree out of the ring with his foot. Carlito got back up and Tomko was going to give him a big boot but Carlito spit apple right in his eyes.

JR: Well King, it appears that Carlito just pulled that apple out of his tights!

King: Where will Carlito go wrong?

Entrant number nine is Val Venis. Coming off a big win earlier tonight he looked locked in and focused to win this match. But as he walked down the ramp Dupree jumped him from behind the barricade and kept attacking him up the ramp and the referee enforced a one minute rule, where if Val doesn’t enter the ring within one minute then he is eliminated and the next entrant will come down. Carlito was working on Tomko in the ring with a lot of rest holds for Carlito to gain his energy back.

JR: That’s just plain not fair to Val, he deserves this shot and he won’t get it!

Coach: You know what’s not fair, the fact that Carlito is a mastermind.

King: You got that right.

JR: My question is this even a 10-man battle royal anymore, because Shelton Benjamin was originally scheduled to be in this match, but he was pulled for obvious reasons.

On cue with that note, the music hit the speakers “Who am I? I’m R…V…D.” RVD’s new music hit and the fans went crazy.


King: Now JR, don’t get too excited Carlito is still in the ring.

RVD hit the ring and took both competitors out with spinning back heel kicks. And then he did his “RVD thing” with his thumbs. He hit the rolling thunder on Carlito and was about to toss him over the top when Tomko got up and clotheslined both of them at the same time. Then Tomko went for the big boot on RVD but RVD shielded himself with Carlito. Carlito was knocked out for good when RVD threw him over the top.

King: That’s not fair! RVD is a cheater, a cheater I tell you.

Coach: I’m going to have to agree with King here, if it weren’t for RVD Carlito would be putting that strap over his shoulder again.

JR: Just to let the fans know at home in this battle royal, with two competitors left the match has officially transformed into a single fall regular match.

Tomko looked angry and he went for the big clothesline but RVD ducked it and kicked him in the stomach to set up a suplex. RVD then hit the rolling thunder on him. He went to the top rope to set up the Five Star, but Tomko was able to stagger to his feet and press slam RVD off that top rope. Tomko then tried beating RVD’s head into the mat. He did bloody RVD but he didn’t get him to give up. Tomko locked in the sleeper hold and tried to choke the life out of RVD.

Coach: RVD doesn’t have a chance now. This is Tomko’s element, an ultimate fighting type of match

JR: Yes he does look like he’s in trouble.

Tomko had the sleeper hold locked in a good minute before RVD elbowed out of it and hit the step over heel kick which knocked Tomko flat on his behind. RVD then rang to the turnbuckle and did his split-legged moonsault. He covered and he only got 2. He got a chair out from under the mat. Tomko slowly gathered himself and RVD threw the chair to him. Tomko grabbed it and acted like he accidentally hit the referee down and clocked RVD over the head with that chair. Tomko pulled up RVD and hit him with the big boot.

JR: RVD looks like he could be out cold!

Coach: If it weren’t for the referee’s laziness this match would be over and Tomko would be the new champion.

Tomko called for a new ref to come and make the three count. He covered RVD but RVD was able to get his shoulder up. Tomko got RVD up in the air for the chokeslam! But wait, RVD swung his body around and reversed it into a DDT. RVD then put the chair on top of Tomko’s body and went up top. He hit the Five Star Frog Splash and put a huge dent into the chair. He covered Tomko and the referee counted three. RVD picked up his newly won title and went around high fiving every fan in the front row.

JR: RVD is back!

Coach: RVD stole one there he had no right to bring that chair into the ring.

King: Quit your whining coach, RVD is back!

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam


Eugene is losing overness from his weak gimmick

Big Show vs. Chris Masters

Big Show climbed into the ring to one of the bigger pops of the night and watched Master’s entrance.

King: Wow that is one fine physical specimen.

Masters grabbed the mic and started talking right away

“Big Show, I have a little surprise for you.”

He then rolled back out the ring and allowed the Big Show to follow him right into his trap. He had a steel chair planted on the steps. He picked up the chair and hit Big Show so hard with it, he just collapsed. Masters picked the Big Show up and locked in the Masterlock. The Big Show lay at ringside unconscious as Masters looked on with an intensity we haven’t seen from him before yet.

JR: Oh my god! Is the Big Show alright?

Coach: Did you see what the Masterpiece just did? He took down the “Showstopper” with one blow.

Winner by Disqualification: The Big Show


We go backstage where Eric Bischoff is with a few announcements.

Bischoff: Let me begin by saying this: Mick, I think you are missing a few screws. Seriously Mick, you have a wife and kids to look after, are you setting a good example for your son by beating the hell out of poor Shelton Benjamin? You may be missing a few screws, but I love it. Go out there and get your revenge, but it’s not under my or the WWE’s watch. This match might take place, but there’s no chance in hell that it will be sanctioned. Therefore, any injuries you suffer, tough luck, because you got yourself into it and you are going to get yourself out of it.

Bischoff: Now onto my real announcement. Man of you may have been wondering why it was somewhat darker at the top of the arena, that is because there lies my announcement. By request of both men, Edge and Matt Hardy, tonight’s match will be a Last Man Standing match. Not only that, but this match will take place in a cage. No interference, no nothing. This is the match that will settle this feud once and for all. Good luck to the rest of the competitors and have a nice evening.

King: Did you hear that JR?! A last man standing CAGE MATCH! This is going to be great!

JR: I just want both men to get out alive.


Unsanctioned, Falls Count Anywhere

Cactus Jack vs. Shelton Benjamin

Cactus Jack started attacking Benjamin while Benjamin was getting ready in his locker room. He gave Benjamin a couple stiff rights and swift kick to the gut. The crowd was going crazy and to please them he gave a “bang, bang”. Jack rolled Benjamin onto the locker room table, and with this crazy look in his eyes he set up Shelton for the piledriver. Shelton reversed it and Cactus hit the tile floor hard. Shelton then threw him into the wall and started banging Cactus’s head repeatedly. Finally he let go and Cactus was smiling. Cactus then took Shelton’s head and banged it repeatedly into the wall. Shelton sure wasn’t smiling when Cactus let go of him. Cactus then threw Shelton so hard, his weight crushed the door off its hinges and Cactus followed him out jumped on him with a bunch of lefts and rights.

JR: Cactus Jack is a madman!

He then kicked the door to go outside into the parking lot. Cactus tried to lift Benjamin up for the suplex onto the concrete but Shelton blocked it and reversed it into a DDT which opened Cactus up. Shelton picked up a trash can bashed it against Cactus’s head repeatedly. He put Cactus’s body in the trash can in what was reminiscent of the events that took place on RAW just a week earlier. Shelton German Suplexed the trash can with Jack in it onto the hood of a car. Cactus got back up with the trash can still over his head and Benjamin superkicked him and he fell off the car onto the concrete below. A crunch was heard that made everyone in the building grimace.

JR: Oh my god! Is he still alive?!

Shelton opened the trunks of one of the cars, looking for something. Cactus Jack slowly struggled up and he threw his body trash can and all at Shelton and finally gained some momentum. He was able to pull himself out of the trash can. He picked up the fencing he found in the trunk along with barbwire. He laid it out all over the parking lot. He picked up Benjamin and hit a piledriver onto the barbwire. He got up and did the whole “Bang, Bang” deal. Benjamin was busted open bad. Cactus had this sadistic look on his face. He set up Benjamin for the double arm DDT on the hood of the car with barbwire all around him. Benjamin blocked it though and reversed it into a T-Bone suplex! Cactus Jack went right through the windshield and was laying in a bloody heap in the driver’s seat. Benjamin crushed the window and unlocked the door and covered Cactus Jack 1…2…3.

JR: What was Mick Foley thinking of when he got himself into this. He knew it was going to end up like this, he has too much damn pride.

Benjamin didn’t know that Flair was in the backseat. Flair low blowed Benjamin and locked in the figure four on the concrete until the officials broke it up.

You could hear Flair’s exuberant woo’s on TV. He wasn’t going to let Benjamin slide at all.


Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this match

A video package of the whole Matt Hardy/Edge feud was played.

Cage Match, Last Man Standing

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

JR: For any faint hearted fans, I would advise you to stop watching now. This match could get ugly and it could get ugly quick.

King: This is the match to end all their matches!

Matt Hardy came out and actually looked a little nervous because he knew he wouldn’t be the same after this match. On the other hand, Edge came out to the ring with a chair and looked as pumped up as ever. Hardy backed off from Edge and didn’t go after him like you’d think he would to begin the match. After a long stare down Edge was the first to strike with a bunch of rights. Then he whipped Hardy into the steel cage, Edge hit Hardy with a chair. He taunted him and when Matt stumbled up he got nailed over the head again. Edge crushed him into the cage. Matt was gushing already. It’s only a minute and a half into the match.

JR: Jesus King, they should just stop the match now.

Edge whipped him into the steel cage again. Then he repeatedly smashed and grinded Hardy’s face into the cage. Edge picked up that chair and destroyed Hardy. He just kept hitting him over the back and the face with the steel chair. Hardy was already down and the ref started the count. Edge was posing to the crowd. Matt struggled up at 8. Edge swung again with the steel chair but Hardy ducked it and kicked Edge in the gut to reverse momentum.

JR: Come’on Matt!

Matt then DDT’d Edge onto the steel chair. After that he whipped Edge into the steel cage. Edge started getting his brains beaten into the cage. Matt climbed up the cage about half the way and did his yodeling leg drop to Edge. He grabbed Edge and performed the Twist of Fate, but it got countered as Edge pushed Matt Hardy into the ropes and hit his Spear. Edge got Lita to throw another chair over the top and put the two chairs resting against eachother with Matt Hardy’s head inside. He pulled off his one man conchairto. The ref counted to 9 before Hardy got up.

Coach: Wow he lost a few brain cells there.

Edge climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and hit a huge missile dropkick. He then went back up top for the Flying Spear. But was met by a chair shot right to the skull by Matt Hardy who got back to his feet. Both of them got up at 9. Hardy hit a huge side effect. He then took Edge up to the top of the cage.


He grabbed Edge for the Superplex off the top of the cage. Lita was standing below and had the briefcase ready to swing and hit Matt, but for some reason she didn’t go for him. Hardy Superplexed Edge to the outside! The ref made the 10 count to end the match. Matt Hardy looked like he was on top of the world. When Edge regained conciousness a few minutes later he yelled at Lita for not hitting Hardy with the briefcase. All she did was shrug.



Matt Hardy gained overness from this match

WWE Heavyweight Title

John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle

Cena started off on Angle with a bunch of his clotheslines on the ramp. He whipped Angle into the steel steps and was taunting him to get up. When Angle got up Cena hit him with a flying forearm. Cena rolled Angle into the ring and the match officially started. When Angle got back up Cena tried for the big right, but Angle ducked it and performed a wrestling take down. When on the ground Angle worked over Cena with a couple rest holds. Then Angle picked up Cena and hit a sick looking German.

King: We could have a new champ!

Angle started to taunt Cena. Angle missed a big clothesline and Cena capitalized by hitting a big back body drop. Cena then took control of the match with a lot of hip tosses and forearms. Cena was about to go for the DDT, but Angle reversed it into an overhead belly to belly. Angle removed his straps and locked in the Angle Lock and had Cena locked in it for a good half minute before Cena got to the ropes. When Cena reached the ropes he held on for dear life not allowing Angle to pull him away. Angle tried with all his might but couldn’t do it. Cena turned onto his back and kicked Angle away. With Angle looking groggy Cena went from behind him and hit his facebuster. Then he did his whole five knuckles routine. The cover only got two. He picked up back up and went for the FU but Angle dropped behind Cena and hit the Angle Slam. He covered but only got two! Cena kicked out.


Angle went for the belly to belly but Cena blocked it and then ducked under and hit the FU!

JR: It’s over!

Cena covered and got the three count!

JR: CENA RETAINS! CENA RETAINS! What a show, thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to catch Monday Night Raw tomorrow night!

Winner and Still WWE Heavyweight Champion: John Cena


The WWE Heavyweight Title gained image

Overall - 76

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Monday Night RAW Preview

Hurricane and Rosey's shakey relationship will be tested as they take on the team of Johnny Parisi/Rob Conway

Also, RVD is back and will be in the house with the Intercontinental gold

All this and much more as RAW will bring you the fallout from Unforgiven.

Don't miss it 9/8 PM on Spike TV!

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Monday Night RAW

BOOM! The pyros resonated throughout the building signaling the beginning of RAW.

The first man out tonight was Rob Van Dam with his newly Intercontinental Title strapped across his waist.

RVD: Dude this is pretty awesome isn’t it? (he holds up the IC belt to a big pop) You know what isn’t awesome? The way Carlito the coward as I call him, defended this title. That’s totally not cool. You know what is cool? I’m puttin out an open challenge tonight to any wrestler in the back to challenge R…V…D (thumb pointing) for the Intercontinental gold

The first person out of the curtains was….Carlito?! It took many people from the crowd by surprise so there was delayed boos from throughout the arena. Carlito came out unnecessarily bandaged on his ribs and head.

RVD: What did you do get into a car accident? (he laughs at himself looking to the crowd for assurance) Cause I sure as hell didn’t see you wrestle last night.

Carlito: RVD as they call you. You got it easy bro, I was the first one out you were the last one. I don’t see how that is fair at all…can somebody tell me how that is fair. Well back to my main point, R…V…D (he does the thumb pointing mockingly) I, Carlito Caribbean Cool accept your open challenge.

With that Carlito pulled an apple out and took a bite and started to chew. He spit it at RVD but RVD did a matrix-like bend backwards and the apple flew over his head.

RVD: Now THAT was cool.

Carlito walked off looking frustrated while RVD was still smiling in the ring as RAW takes it first break.


Singles Match

Tyson Tomko vs. Tajiri

Tajiri looked nervous when Tomko was walking down the ramp pointing at him. Tomko has been on a little bit of a singles streak recently. They traded martial art like blows early on but eventually Tomko caught one of Tajiri’s kicks and pulled him in for a huge Spinebuster. From there on it was Tyson Tomko just dismantling Tajiri with a mixture of power moves and martial art punches and kicks. Finally he stood Tajiri up and gave him the big boot. Tajiri crumpled to the mat and the referee checked on Tajiri and ruled it a win by knockout. Tomko’s impressive streak continues!


Backstage we see Maria with Edge ,bandaged up from last night’s Last Man Standing match with Matt Hardy who couldn’t even make it to the show tonight.

Maria: Now Edge can you explain what happened at the end of your match last night?

Edge: Well Maria, let me explain it to you like this. Lita is a b****. She is a good for nothing skank and we are officially OVER. You see Maria, I always knew she still had something going on with Matt Hardy but you know what that’s all past me. Why? You may ask, simply because I have much bigger plans for the future. Don’t worry all will be revealed soon enough. Much more important than that stupid **** *** ***** *******

Maria: um back to you, JR.


After J.R. and King quickly plugged the sponsors (Sports Illustrated, Nintendo, THQ, and PS2) the camera switched back to backstage where Big Show was talking with Ric Flair in his locker room.

Once Ric left Show was just drinking his water and stretching when barging into the room came Chris Masters with a chair in hand! He went wild on Big Show delivering 3 big shots right to the skull to get him down. Masters then picked the Big Show up and locked in the Master Lock grinning the whole time.

After looking at Big Show’s unconscious body he exclaimed

Masters: Not quite the Masterpiece I was looking for. Oh well….

With that he gave a swift kick right to Show’s teeth and left the locker room with a big dumb grin on his face.


Big Show lost overness from this segment

Chris Masters gained overness from this segment

Singles Match

Val Venis vs. Gene Snitsky

Venis keeps coming out to bigger and bigger ovations. Tonight he really got the crowd hot early when he pulled the monster down by his beard. Val then did a couple of double stomps to Snitsky’s back. Snitsky never really got going as Val just had too much firepower feeding off of the crowd’s energy. He went up top for the Money Shot only about 4 minutes into the match and connected getting the win. Venis played to the crowd some more after the match slapped all the fans at ringside’s hands and even threw his towel out into the crowd.


Val Venis gained overness from this match

Gene Snitsky lost overness from this match

The cameras cut to backstage where we see Eric Bischoff in his office. Cena soon bursts into the room

Cena: Yo boss, you wanted to see me?

Bischoff: Yes, yes. Now John I know we’ve had our differences in the past, I know you have attempted to humiliate me time and time again but I think that we should be friends. A world title holder and their boss should always be friends. (Bischoff has a sly grin on his face) Let me give you this friendly advice… I know something that you don’t know and let me just say watch your back tonight. Ok…friend?

Cena (sarcastically): Sure thing boss.

He runs up to Bischoff and spins the title in his face. Bischoff slaps it away and Cena walks out laughing.


Tag Match

Justice League (Hurricane and Rosey) vs. Johnny Parisi and Rob Conway

Hurricane and Rosey looked back on track after Rosey’s mysterious disappearance on last night’s Unforgiven. They started off using double team moves against the thrown together team of Johnny Parisi and Rob Conway. However Conway started gaining the upperhand over Hurricane using a string of neckbreakers. Rosey started looking really fed up and finally when Hurricane reached for the tag Rosey pulled his hand away and kicked Hurricane in the face. Hurricane pulled himself closer and reached again, this time Rosey stepped on his hand and pulled the reeling wrestler out of the ring by his hair. He looked into Hurricane’s eyes and just said “IT’S OVER”. He rolled Hurricane back into the ring where Parisi and Conway started having fun. They were practicing some double team moves and actually looked like they clicked as a team.

The end was finally seen when Parisi connected with the Swing Thing. After the match Hurricane looked deeply hurt while Parisi and Conway high fived each other celebrating the pair’s first career victory.


Rosey has completed his turn. Rosey is now heel

Rosey gained overness from this turn

After the commercial break Shelton Benjamin comes out to a huge reaction of boos from the sellout crowd. He puts his arms up and closes his eyes as if he is “feeling” the boos.

Benjamin: Wooooooooooo (that fans instead of wooing, boo back to him). It feels great to be here on Monday Night Raw. (soaks up more boos) I’m here to give a grave announcement. Mick Foley (he acts like he’s choking up) ’s career has just been killed. That’s not my announcement; my announcement is that I am so sad that I will be holding a funeral next week for all of you fans, the wrestlers in the back, hell even Mick himself can come out. I’m going to finally bury his career for good. In fact I think we should make it a cremation to make sure he doesn’t pull any crazy zombie s*** on us and think he still has more left. Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind they are all DEAD.

Who do you have to protect you now Ric? Getting worried yet? Don’t worry when I get a hold of you, I’ll try to make it painless. In fact it would probably just be one punch and BAM you are out for the count. 1…2…3 (he got down on his knees and slapped the mat) and Shelton Benjamin the DEADLIEST athlete in the business picks up ANOTHER easy victory.

The thing that really disturbs me about you is that you got to where you were by cheating. You probably couldn’t beat a single wrestler on the roster if we had a ring full of referees to catch all of your underhand tactics you would lose to any wrestler backstage. That’s not the way I roll. I win by the fact that I’m the only PURE athlete on the roster. I can fly with the best of them. I can outpower everyone in the business I don’t care who it is. I can and will beat everyone in this business until I get up top to my true goal. Flair, I’m your last hope to shine. This is your last hurrah in the world of wrestling. Because when I’m through with you you’ll be happy to get out. You won’t want to cross paths with me ever. However you are just a roadblock for me to get rid of. You are a minor inconvenience to me on my way to stardom. Don’t think that I give a DAMN about your health. For all I care I will beat you to death. Don’t think I’m going to stop and give you a hand and help you up. I will be the one putting the boots to your face until EVERYONE in the back comes out and pulls me off.

I’ve been working all my life to kick some ass, don’t think I’m going to drop the ball when we get into the ring. (with that Shelton drops the mic and starts strutting around the ring).


All of a sudden we see Flair running full speed down the ramp with something in hand. He jumps on Shelton and just pummels him right in the face over and over again. He pummeled him for almost a minute straight and Shelton was an absolute bloody mess. His nose was later found out to be broken and he needed a ton of stitches to stitch his forehead up. Flair then threw the bloody pair of brass knuckles into the crowd. Flair looked maniacal and that he may have finally snapped at Shelton’s expense. He didn’t even have anything to say to the fans. He picked up the mic that lay next to Shelton’s body and then he looked at it and slammed it down and started stomping on it. He took it and thought it was a good idea to start hitting himself in the head with it like he had punched himself in the head the just a few weeks back. He started repeatedly hitting himself in the head with the microphone until he, too, bled. Flair had this crazy smile on his face as it cut to commercials.


The camera was following Cena as Maria was trying to get a word with him about what Bischoff had said earlier.

Maria: John, what do you think about what Bischoff said to you earlier tonight?

Cena: I think he’s just trying to get into my pants

Maria: Are you worried about who this person you should be watching your back for is?

Cena: Maria, let me tell you one thing that I have realized from my days in the WWE. I am just a hell of a lot better than every wrestler backstage. Take Kurt “Olympic Gold” Angle. Did he take me out? Didn’t think so. There is not a single man in the world today who could even challenge for my gold. Dawg, the only thing I’m worried about is the safety of the poor man who thinks he has a chance against me. Or who you’re going home wi—

Triple H walks up Cena smiling and shaking his head. Cena and HHH had an intense stare down while Maria quietly crept away.


Singles Match

Intercontinental Title

Rob Van Dam © vs. Carlito

RVD came out to a huge pop again and Carlito got a fair amount of heat. The match started out with a lot of quick reversal action where no wrestler was really able to get an advantage. RVD finally pulled a spinning heel kick out of nowhere to gain control. He ran to the corner turnbuckle and pulled off a split legged moonsault. RVD was really getting into the match as the fans were getting behind him. It was also an excellent match as both wrestlers used a wide variety of technical moves.

After about 5 minutes of RVD dominating action Carlito rolled out of the way as RVD missed a big corkscrew leg drop. Carlito then went to work with some restholds as he was regaining strength. He eventually built up to a huge Spinebuster. He then grabbed an apple out of his pants and showed it to the crowd and even the ref who wasn’t sure what to do. He took a big bite out of the apple and started chewing it and he acted like he was choking and he spit some in the refs face. So then he just let the rest fall out of his mouth onto RVD’s face. This was had a cold water affect on Van Dam who bolted up and wiped the apple of his face. He kicked the apple out of Carlito’s hand up into the air and then while it was hanging in the air he kicked it again right into Carlito’s stomach. From there on RVD pulled off a plethora of martial art moves along with high flying moves. After he performed the rolling thunder he went up top hit the Five Star and retained! After the match RVD took a bite out of the apple and spit it into Carlito’s face. Rob Van Dam was up on the turnbuckles doing the RVD thumb point as RAW went off air.


Intercontinental Title gained image

Overall – 77

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