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The Value of an Xbox

Your Mom

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It probably will go down in value once the 360 is out, since it's older hardware. Your independant shops and whatnot will offer you a lower price, but you might still get a good amount for it if you sell it to a friend or something like that. I tried to do the same thing ages ago with my Playstation, and the retailer only offered me half the price he had them at due to the fact the PS2 was about to come out, at the time.

So yeah, don't expect to get too much from it if you wait longer. :\

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Check it out, peeps.

The best time to rid yourself of XBV1 is likely late this month or early October. Around the middle of October, a new XBox/Forza bundle will be released. This will be the last hoorah for the original XB (no more will be made afterward -- Microsoft has already ceased orders of GPUs from nVidia) and will last through New Year's or so. After that, it's 360 and nothing else.

Btw, you'll need a hard drive in order to play those original XBox games which are backwards compatible.

So if you're looking for the best overall value, start shopping around for the best trade-in values now. While places such as EB are already offering pre-orders, don't bite just yet (EBGames.com still features $600 pre-order price tags...ouch.) Just hold onto your store credit/cash/etc. and wait for mid-November when the 360 drops.

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