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WWE-A New Begining


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Hosted by Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler & Jonathan Coachman


Val Venis’ music hits the arena, and the crowd begins to cheer. Val takes the microphone and invites a lucky lady from the audience to come and reveal the Big Valbowski. He taunts and rates a few of the ladies, and finally chooses one. He helps her in the ring, and asks her to introduce herself. She says her name is Talia. So Talia, its time to reveal the Big Valbowski. With that she pulls off his towel, and Val proceeds to give here a kiss in the middle of the ring.

Next we hear Viscera’s music. He comes out wearing pyjamas again, and a towel around his waist. He takes the microphone from Val and says that although the Big Valbowski sure is big, it ain’t half as big as Big Vis. He laughs a bit, and Val looked at him a little bit puzzled. Viscera asks if there are any lucky ladies out there skilled enough to handle Big Vis. The crowd cheers big time, and Vis chooses a blonde African-american woman. She comes into the ring and Viscera asks her to introduce herself. She says very shyly that her name is Crystal, and that she is more that willing to take on Big Vis. And before Viscera can ask she rips the towel off his waist, with Val Venis looking on. Val invites Talia into the ring once and as Viscera’s music hits they all start dancing. They are cut short as The Heart Throbs run in and start beating on Viscera & Val Venis. The bell rings, and the match is on.


A quick match here, Viscera starts it off with Romeo. Romeo hits Viscera in the face, Viscera doesn’t flinch a bit. Roemo tries again, and again, and again. Finally Viscera pushes him on the ground, then starts to hump him. Antonio runs in and kicks Viscera in the back. Val Venis throws him out of the ring, and hear Viscera calling for him. Val Venis taunts at the crowd and climbs the turnbuckle. He gives Romeo a Money Shot, and Viscera follows up with a Big Splash Pin for the three count. Viscera and Val Venis are celebrating in the ring, when the two women outside the ring join them They all start dancing as Heat goes off the air and we see the WWE Promo Video.

WINNERS: Val Venis & Viscera via Pinfall (Viscera pin Romeo)

Overall: 58%

Crowd: 55%

Quality: 62%

Val Venis is losing overness because of his weak gimmick


JR: Hello and welcome to WWE Unforgiven. Jim Ross here with Jerry The King Lawler at Ring si-

Coach: And I’m The Coach, the voice and looks of WWE RAW.

King: Well I don’t know about the voice, but you got the looks down!

Coach: Yeah why wouldn’t anybody want The Coach! I mean I am the best looking person here on RAW!

JR: Anyway, can we get back to the PPV. Now only a week ago, we saw the debut of TNT. These two men nearly cost the Tag Team Titles from The Hurricane and Rosey. TNT demanded a title shot for Unforgiven, and by God they got it!


Hurricane and Rosey make their way to the ring. Soon followed by TNT. The bell rings.


(For the Tag Team Titles)

Hurricane and Lance start things off with a few right hands coming from Cade. Hurricane counters into a clothesline. Cade throws Hurricane into the turnbuckle but Hurricane climbs it and delivers a Flying Crossbody. He lands a two count. Cade tags Murdoch in. Murdoch attacks Hurricane viciously, and powerfully. He gives him a bodyslam. Then another one. Rosey jumps in and gives Murdoch a Samoan Drop, only to be hit from behind by Cade afterwards. Now, both Hurricane and Murdoch are struggling to get to their feet as the referee counts to 6. Hurricane quickly runs and gives Murdoch an Enzugiri. He gets a 2 count. Frustrated, Hurricane tags in Rosey. Rosey gives Murdoch an automatic Swinging Leg Drop but decides not to pin. Instead, he climbs the 2 turnbuckles and gives a moonsault for the 3 count.

Hurricane and Rosey are celebrating their win, while holding the Tag Team Titles in victory.

WINNER: The Hurricane & Rosey via pinfall ( Rosey pin Murdoch)


Crowd: 58%

Quality: 59%

Trevor Murdoch didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. The World Tag Team title has lost image.

BACKSTAGE we see Edge with Lita.

Lita: Edge, I dunno about this match tonight. I mean its no DQ, and Matt would do anything to get his hands on me, just as much as you. Plus its my first match since New Year’s Revolution and I am not sure I can do this.

Edge: Don’t worry. You won’t have to do a thing. I can take care of most of it, just distract him. Besides, Matt Hardy is such a wuss, he isn’t going to lay a hand on you.


Matt Hardy comes out, no taunting, no reaction, just a straight walk to the ring, nothing but business tonight.

Edge’s music hits as he and Lita come down the ramp, for the match. Lita looks really worried, and looks for comfort from Edge. He only brushes her off, and heads into the ring, where he and Matt start fighting immediately. The bell rings.


(No DQ Handicap Match)

Edge and Matt are still fighting non stop, while Lita is still outside. She goes under the ring and gets a chair. She nails Matt in the head with the chair. Matt falls to the ground as Lita pounds away on Matt until Edge stops her. She is almost crying, and looks really distracted. Edge just takes the chair and throws it away as he turns to ask what is up with Lita. She just stares at the ground. In the meantime, Matt Hardy gives Edge a Low Blow, and attacks Lita right away. She tries to cover herself up, but Matt keeps punching at her. Edge pulls him off and starts to hit him. As the two are fighting Lita leaves and ees a Ladder outside the ring, she brings it in the ring. Then she goes out and gets 3 tables. She finds some more chairs, a hammer and trash can with lid. While Edge and Matt are busy fighting, Lita sets up the Ladder and all three tables. Then she takes the trash can lid, and hits Matt Hardy with it. Edge takes the trash can and puts it over Matt Hardy’s face. Then Edge takes the hammer and slam the trash can with it, where Matt’s face should be. Matt falls hard. Edge then whips Matt into the ladder. Then sets him up on a table where Lita is waiting for him. Edge puts Matt on table and Lita delivers a Leg Drop for a 2 count. Edge puts Matt on the other table this time tries to Powerbomb Matt through. But Matt counters, and gives Edge a DDT through the table. Matt turns to Lita and throws her into the Ladder. He then procedes to climb and before he could jump Lita climbs up after him. We then see Edge open his eyes to watch but not do anything. Lita and Matt are now both at the top. Matt grabd her hair and starts to yell at here. She slaps him 3 times, and he falls through the 3rd table. Lita looks down and does a moonsault off the top of the ladder. She lands it and gets a 3 count. Edge pretends to wake up and congratulates her. She looks at him nervously and unsure, but leaves the ring with him none the less.

WINNER: Edge & Lita via pinfall (Lita pin Matt Hardy)

Overall: 78%

Crowd: 71%

Quality: 72%


Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle are on their way down to the ring. Torrie and Candice are holding hands, while Victoria is walking in front. They get to the ring, and Candice climbs through Torrie’s legs. Victoria takes a microphone.

Victoria: Listen up! It doesn’t matter who Ashley teams up with, wether its Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, hell it could The Fabulous Moolah she’ll get her ass kicked anyway.

Torrie: Yeah, I mean honestly, who did she have to sleep with to fix that contest. Probably The Coach, I mean seriously even a slut like her can do better than that.

All three of them laugh. Then you hear Ashley’s music and she and Trish run down to the ring.

Ashley takes the microphone.

Ashley: First of all, I didn’t sleep with anyone. The fans voted me as their newest Diva. And besides, I would rather be a slut than a wannabe dyke!

Torrie attacks Ashley. The bell rings.


(Two on Three tag team match)

Torrie is attacking viciously as Ashley tries to protect herself. Ashley finally manages to slap her out of the way. Torrie kicks her in the gut. Then when she falls she kicks her again. Ashley is in agony as Trish looks on helpless. Torrie took sime time to taunt and tags in Victoria. Victoria comes in and gives Ashley a Widow’s Peak. Trish comes in and takes out Victoria before she can get the pin. Victoria quickly tags in Candice Michelle. Candice starts by slapping Trish, and Trish gives her a chick kick. The referee forces Trish out of the ring. Both girls are struggling to get up, but they manage before the 10 count. Candice slaps Ashley and kicks her to the ground. Ashley is in pain again, and Candice begins to taunt. As she is doing so, Ashley pulls down Candice’s pants and rolls her up for the 3 count.

Trish Stratus helps her out of the ring and they walk up the ramp together. Candice looks furious. The three women run after Ashley and Trish. Victoria gives Trish a Widow’s Peak on the steel. Then the three proceed to strip her of all her clothing, leaving her in her bra and panties on the stage.

WINNER: Ashley Massaro & Trish Stratus vis Pinfall (Ashley Massaro pin Candice Michelle)

Overall: 57%

Crowd: 68%

Quality: 34%

Ashley Massaro is losing overness because of her weak gimmick.

BACKSTAGE we can see Maria Standing by for an interview. She introduces Ric Flair.

Ric: You know what. I am a 16 time World Champion. I have beaten the best of the best, and Legend after Legend have fallen at my feet. I made them tap out, pin them, hell I made them cry! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I go through all that in my career and its gonna take more than a goofball like Carlito to take down the MAN! Cause to be THE MAN, you have to beat THE MAN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NOW THAT’S COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Overall: 100%

Ric Flair gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

JR: Now, in the past few months, we have seen Shawn Michaels become obsessed with becoming the best the business has ever seen. He challenged The Immortal Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, and although he lost the match, his sportsmanship shone through when he shook hands and posed with Hulk Hogan.

King: Yeah that was great but what about The Masterpiece Chris Masters. He tore into Michaels as soon as he could, claiming he was going to beat The Heart Break Kid into next year!

Coach: Yeah but anyone is going to do it, it’s this man right here. Chris Masters has the skills, the body and the attitude that a good Legend should have! I mean this guy is the greatest wrestler in the WWE today! He is going to beat Shawn Michaels tonight no doubt about it! His skills as a wrestler are as equal as my skills as the lead announcer of RAW!

JR: Just shut up and watch the video.

Video Recap of Master-Michaels feud


Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring, he dances and kneels and taunts the crowd all the way down. Pyro goes off, and then we hear Master’s Music. He too poses and makes his way down the ramp.

The two stare each other down and the bell rings.


Masters and Michaels are staring each other down. They do a few circles, coming closer and closer, taunting each other. Finally, Michaels delivers the first blow, sending Masters to the ground. Masters gets up and Michaels gives him another hard right hand. Masters gets up but ducks the third punch and counter into a clothesline. He starts laughing at Michaels who quickly gets up and brushes himself off before slamming Masters down. He then proceeds to give Masters a Sharpshooter. Masters tries to hold on for a long time, but comes close to tapping. He does, however manages to get to a rope and Shawn breaks the hold. Shawn starts to taunt at the crowd, and waits for Masters to get up. He starts stopping for the Sweet Chin Music, runs and Masters doges it and converts into a Master Lock. Shawn holds on for quite sometime, and finally gives Masters a headbutt, and flips him over his back. Shawn Michaels becomes the first man to break out of the Master Lock! Both men are starting to get tired. Michaels manages to his feet and tries a second time for the Sweet Chin Music. This time, he delivers. However, instead of pinning, he looks around and applies the Master Lock to Masters. After a struggle, Masters gives up in agony. Michaels leaves the ring and celebrates on the stage.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels vis Submission

Overall: 69%

Crowd: 64%

Quality: 75%

BACKSTAGE we see Ashley with a Bath Robe on, drying her hair. Then Shelton Benjamin enters the locker room.

Ashley: Hey whoa! What are you doing in here? This is the women’s locker room. You can’t be in here!

Shelton: Yeah, I know. It’s just that… Well… Um…

Ashley: Well??? What???

Shelton: Well I just wanted to let you know that I saw what happened after your match tonight.

Ashley: Yeah thanks for the reminder, now if you can excuse m-

Shelton: No, I mean seeing you getting your butt whooped in your bra and panti-

Ashley: Dude! Where the hell are you going with this?

Shelton: Well, I thought it was sexy. I mean winning is one thing but there was something about tonight that just… well, anyway! I better be um… going. Yeah. I’ll catch you later.

Ashley just stands there staring at the door closing, with a smirk on her face.


Ric Flair enters at his music, big robe and all. He makes his way to the ring, and sees the set of Carlito’s Cabana in the ring. He stands back looking kind of weary, but makes his way into the ring.


Carlito enters the arena, a big smile on his face, and an Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. He taps it while walking down the ramp staring directly at Ric Flair. He gets into the ring, and asks for a microphone.

Carlito: Hey Ric! I hope you don’t mind, I had a little chat with our Cool General Manager Eric Bischoff, And he agreed to change the match a little. See, tonight we will not have a one on one match for the Intercontinental Championship. No, No, that’s not cool. See, tonight’s match will be a Carlito’s Cabana Match for the Intercontinental Championship. I figured that since we have a history here on Carlito’s Cabana, we could have our match right here on the Unforgiven episode of Carlito’s Cabana. See Flair, Now That’s Cool!

Carlito bites into the apple and comes to spit when Flair puts his hand over his mouth.

Flair: Listen here Carlito! You can take that apple and swallow it since we all know how much you like to spit! And you know what, the Nature Boy is down with that! The Nature Boy is cool, and if it’s a Carlito Cabana Match you want you got it! Oh and another thing… (Flair Spits into Carlito’s face) The Nature Boy Ric Flair doesn’t need a stupid apple to make him cool! WOOOOOOOO-

Carlito hits Flair in the face, and the bell rings.


(For the Intercontinental Championship)

The two men push their faces together and start yelling at each other. Flair start off bu shoving Carlito. Then Carlito shoves back. Then Flair rams him into a turnbuckle where he gives him five straight chops before Carlito ducks the sixth one. Carlito gives a running clothesline and nails it. Then he does a little Flair Strut and starts laughing. As Carlito laughs, Flair gives him a Low Blow, which the referee misses. Carlito drops, Flair covers for the one count. They both get up and tie it up again. This time Carlito delivers a mean DDT, the he lifts Flair and gives him another. Carlito then gives Flair a Swinging Neckbreaker, and it looks like its over. Flair kicks out at a dangerous two count. Carlito starts complaining to the referee. While he does it Flair trips him and sets him up for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Carlito is really close to tapping, but manages to twist over and he is now holding Flair in a Figure Four Leg Lock. At that moment, Triple H comes running down the ramp making his surprise return. He has a hammer with him. He runs into the ring, and Carlito gets scared and lets go of Flair. Triple H is looking down on them and helps Flair up, making sure Carlito doesn’t move. The referee tries to get Triple H out of the ring, and as Triple H turns to leave he plows Flair with the hammer. The referee didn’t see a thing. Carlito covers, and gets a 3 count for the win.

WINNER: Carlito vis Interference (Carlito pin after Triple H uses hammer on Flair)

Overall: 64%

Crowd: 65%


Carlito gained 1 point of overness from this match. The WWE Intercontinental title has lost image.

After the match Carlito leaves and Flair is out cold in the ring. Triple H makes his way into the ring and starts beating on Flair. Many referees and officials come out to stop him and get him out of the ring.

JR: That damn Triple H! What a damn coward!

King: Maybe, but that was some match!

JR: It was one slobber knocker, but damn that bastard. Damn Him to hell!

King: Jeez JR, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Coach: Yeah, I mean look on the bright side.

JR: What?

Coach: The Game is back!

JR: Yeah, what a great damn moment in history.

Video Package of Cena-Angle feud

Kurt Angle’s music starts and he comes out to an immense amount of boos. Angle makes his way down the ramp and asks for a microphone.

Angle: Listen up! (asshole chants) SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Now, I know that tonight you all came here to see the greatest and only Olympic gold medal athlete in the WWE, and you came to see me win what is mine to begin with, the WWE Championship. I was winning belts in the WWE before Cena even thought of become a WWE Superstar. How the HELL do you expect him to beat me! Sure he beat JBL to win the belt, and kept on beating him, then Jericho and a bunch of other, how should I say this, Low Quality guys. I’ve beaten them all before. And Cena, you are going to have to beat me before I can take you seriously as a champion. Because I-

Cena’s Music hits and he runs down to the ring. No taunting or nothing.

Cena hits Kurt straight in the face and the bell rings.


(For the WWE Championship)

Cena and Angle lock it up after that first hit. Angle manages to get a bodyslam in, and then he gives Cena 3 German Suplexes. He then does his turning taunt. And places his foot on Cena for a cocky pin. Cena kicks out at 1. Angle looks pissed, so he picks Cena up and tries for a German Suplex, but Cena counters and sends Kurt over his back. Cena irish whips Kurt into the ropes, and Flips him over. Then he does the You Can’t See Me Taunt, and kicks Angle in the gut. He sets up for a F-U, but Angle counters and gives Crucifix Pin, which only gets a 2 count. Angles gets mad, and goes outside the ring to get the Title Belt. He comes back in and threatens to hit Cena with it but the referee takes it away, Cena then plows Angle with his Word Life Brass Knuckles and covers for a close 2 count. Cena is in disbelief. But then Eric Bischoff comes out and Cena get pissed off. Eric has a smile on his face and distracts Cena the entire time he walks down to the ring. Angle takes this chance to trip Cena and apply the Angle Lock. Cena manages to kick him away after a long struggle. Angle picks him up and gives him an Angle Slam, then another, then covers him for a 2 count again. Kurt is yelling at the referee arguing that was a 3 count. Bischoff throws in the Title Belt and starts yelling at the referee. Angle picks up the belt, and waits for Cena to get up. Cena does, and Angle goes to hit him but Cena kicks Angle in the face with the belt. The belt flies out of the ring, and Cena gives Angle and F-U. He covers for the 3 count.

WINNER: John Cena via Botched Interference (Cena pin after Angle botched use of the title belt)

Overall: 88%

Crowd: 93%

Quality: 74%

John Cena gained 1 point of overness from this match. The WWE Heavyweight title has gained in image.

Bischoff: Cena! Cena! I’ve tried everything to get that damn belt off you. The best superstars on the Roster, and yet you are still champ. And I am damn sick of it. So with that said. Tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW, you are going to be put in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH Elimination Style Match against 3 other surprise opponents!

Overall: 87%

With that Bischoff leaves the ring as the PPV fades away.

Overall: 76%

Tell me all what you think. I will just continue some storylines, others will be new. That is the opener, I will post my Roster and stuff later. Thank you.

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Well, I must say I didn't read much of your diary. But the part I did read,

Tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW, you are going to be put in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH Elimination Style Match against 3 other surprise opponents!

is more than enough. There is no way in hell that WWE would have a 4-way HIAC on RAW. Do you even watch WWE? If this is indicitive of your new storylines, I will not be reading.

However, I will give you a couple of shows before I render my final verdict. Good luck.

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Well, I must say I didn't read much of your diary. But the part I did read,
Tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW, you are going to be put in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH Elimination Style Match against 3 other surprise opponents!

is more than enough. There is no way in hell that WWE would have a 4-way HIAC on RAW. Do you even watch WWE? If this is indicitive of your new storylines, I will not be reading.

Edited by destroyed
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Well maybe its his version of a 'Better' WWE. Would u complain if say, a hell in a cell match was annouced for Raw next week in real life?

He asked for people to post what they thought about the story. I posted it. He wants a HIAC match on RAW. I do not. Throwing around a HIAC match lessens the impact of a HIAC. More HIAC matches would, in my opinion, not make the WWE better. It would make it even more stale than it already is. Remember when cage matches were devestating? When the chair shot was crippling? They could still be those things if we saw fewer cage matches and chair shots. For further reading, see my forthcoming book: Christmas Every Day.

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Okay guys, here is the Roster. Blue is Heels, Red Face and Purple Tweeners.


Main Eventers

Hulk Hogan

John Cena

Shawn Michaels

Ric Flair

Triple H

Kurt Angle

Upper Midcarders

Big Show

Rob Van Dam

Trish Stratus





Matt Hardy


Shelton Benjamin


The Hurricane


Danny Basham

Gene Snitsky

Kerwin White

Lance Cade

Mark Henry

Rene Dupree

Rob Conway

Torrie Wilson

Tyson Tomko


Lower Midcarders

Val Venis





Matt Striker

Chris Masters


Trevor Murdoch


Jerry Lawler

Mick Foley

Eric Bischoff

Jonathan Coachman


Ashley Massaro

Crystal Carmichael -- Viscera

Talia – Val Venis

Candice Michelle – Torrie Wilson, Victoria

Lita -- Edge


Main Eventers


Chris Benoit

The Undertaker

John Bradshaw Layfield

Upper Midcarders

Booker T

Rey Mysterio


Eddie Guerrero

Randy Orton



Hardcore Holly


Road Warrior Animal

Scotty 2 Hotty

Big Vito

Doug Basham

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro



Orlando Jordan


Simon Dean

Super Crazy

Sylvain Grenier

William Regal

Lower Midcarders

Paul London

Steven Richards

Ken Kennedy


Theodore Long


Christy Hemme

Sharmell Sullivan – Booker T

Stacy Keibler

Bob Orton – Randy Orton

Jillian Hall -- Melina

Melina – Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro


Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Steve Austin

Vince McMahon

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The Night after Unforgiven. How will Matt Hardy respond to last night’s match? Is he ready to accept he was beat, or will the drama continue? And how will Lita react to Edge’s actions during the match?

Shawn Michaels beat Chris Masters last night. What are his statements regarding the match and Chris Masters himself?

What’s next for Shelton and Ashley? And who will Eric Bischoff choose for tonight’s 4-man Elimination Style Hell In A Cell Match for the WWE Championship? Find out, tonight at 8/9 Central on USA Network.

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Guest FlyboyGJ

that was beyond horrible. How can you advertise a 4-man Hell in a Cell and then instead deliver John Cena vs. Eric Bischoff?

AND BISCHOFF WINS THE TITLE!? Who are you, Vince Russo? That is some of the worst booking ever. I don't care what "surprise guy" you have up your sleeve that cost Cena the belt, that was just stupid.

Edited by FlyboyGJ
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Tuesday September 20 2006

Heidenreich, one half of The WWE Tag Team Champions has checked into rehab for alcohol problems. No word on when he will return, nor on the current state of the WWE Tag Team Championship. More on that as the story progesses.

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With World Tag Team Champion Heidenreich out of action, how will Animal react and what will Theodore Long do with the Championship?

Will the Ortons continue terrorizing The Undertaker? What will they do next to the Phenom?

What’s next for the World Champion Batista, as JBL looks for revenge.

Will MNM be looking for the Tag Team Titles? Find out Thursday 7/8 Central on UPN.

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Wednesday September 21 2006

We now know that it was entirely Heidenreich’s idea to check into rehab. He asked John Lauraintis for a leave of absence while he cleaned up. Still no word on how long he will be out of action.

No decision has been made on the future of the World Tag Team Championship. Since the WWE has changed the rules of the 30-day limit for defending titles, there is no word on what will be done.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey guys, sorry its been a while. For a long tiem I couldn't access teh diary on the site and everytiem I tried it shut down my PC. Sorry about teh whoel ordeal, now I wanted to keep it goin, but i lost teh file in teh process. Again I appoligize to those who have been reading, but I will hopefully try and start a new diary based on WWE 2006, post WrestleMania 22. Or something like taht, I dunno yet. I'll keep you posted.

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Well I enjoyed reading your diary, off the wall as it was. Though if you ask me, you kinda screwed up with Raw, I mean WWE would lose thousands, maybe millions of fans by screwing up that. The network would more likely dump you for doing what you did, because it was lying to their audience and it could also lead them to avoid other shows on the network.

Like I say, you're a good writer, just try something else.

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