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Celebrities and kids


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This in response to Britney Spears having her baby yesterday, but not limited to that. Often times, celebrity kids have been making the spotlight just as much as their parents. Which dumbass idol got knocked up. Which dumbass idol popped one out today? Which dumbass idol named their kid some retarded shit. You know how it goes. Quite frankly, I never been too fond of giving celebrities nearly as much attention as they deserve. When they've saturated themselves and their every move as news ... it's more than enough. These people make movies for a living, they are not front page headlines and top stories on the evening news.

Half the time, the celebrity parents got some real bullshit problems of their own and are probably unsuitable for parenting. Reckless lifestyles (including spending cash and living lavishly like there's no tommorrow), giving kids names that are whacked out in the name of creativity. Drugs. Various medical disorders - including some self-created.

I'm currently the roomate to the son of a celebrity from our parents era. I won't reveal who or from what that celeb got famous [EDIT: ...so don't ask.] But, this one case (the celebrity parent) hung around with the wrong crowd in the celebrity game. Parties, drugs, the wild life. And now, that celebrity is living the quiet life. However, the kid's a basket case and I'm stuck living with him. Depression; social anxiety; obessive compulsive disorder; anger management; EXTREME intolerance towards drugs, alcohol, and out-of-marital relations. And I don't know how to deal with him. Surely, it's from his background he got at least some of these issues.

Most celebrity kids will be given horrible names. God knows why. It's horrible for the kid. Then again, they'll be glorified compared to the rest of the world, and be put in the spotlight away from normal people.

Most celebrity kids will be one of these three...

1. Spoiled rotten. And pretty much what's quoted above.

2. Another victim of a sham celebrity marriage. Parents divorce, life is tumtulous, drugs/hobo/both.

3. Disappear from public life. The kid becomes a social basket case. And let all the psychological disorders and therapy sessions begin!

I just felt like sharing that. Anyone else want to make comments?

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Frances Bean Cobain did her first interview not long ago and I have to say I'm surprised that girl doesn't get stalked by the media a hell of a lot more than she does. She's the daughter of one of the biggest icons in recent musical history and a fame-hungry cum-guzzling tabloid skagwhore, and she's not a bad looking kid, but you never hear anything about her. That intrigues me somewhat, I must say.

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So, you're saying that these people, yes people. Human beings. Shouldn't be allowed to reproduce? That's quite stupid. I wish someone had stopped your parents.

I would have no problem with celebrities having kids if they actually raised them normal. Turns out in a lot of the time, they won't. They're spoiled rotten, made to look like standouts, made to look glorified among the media. The kids will become wreckages due to their parents and how poorly they made them become. May I also remind, in many but not all cases this happens.

I mean seriously. How do you expect a kid named Pilot Inspector to turn out? Or Apple? Or Blanket? Yeah, they'll be among other celebrity kids most likely doing coke.

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