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So yeah. In case you haven't noticed, there are just FIVE DAYS uintil In A Coma: Matthew Good 1995-2005 is offically released. For those wondering, yes, it has already hit the internet.

But for those who are tempted to go and download it when you have abstained heretofor, a small glimmer of what you can expect from "rooms", the second disk in the deluxe set (which has yet to show up, BTB) is delivered to you in the form of Triploi performed with an acoustic quitar for contest winners live on CFOX, and while the quality is fairly shitty, the song certainly fucking isn't.

ITunes is selling the CD and bundling a free download of All Together. All Together is a great track, as I have recently discovered. >_> That might be a good option. Of course, if you're one of the suckers who got the signed deluxe edition from Maple Music, I fucking hate your guts and please die. Also, for those in the Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Kingston, Victoria, and Vancouver areas, hot shit that Matt Good will hit your town for a part acoustic, part rocking with a t-shirt on show and let me tell you from experience, you haven't heard some of his songs until you have heard them live. Fans in New York will be ecstatic to hear Matt will be playing one of his first American dates since Audio of Being was released. Of course, for the two Vancouver shows I can't get any tickets, but if you have a credit card and want someone to go with, I will pay you back cash the day of the show. >_>

In other Matt Good news, Matt played Can't Get Shot In The Back (If You Don't Run), and confirmed that is going to be on HIS NEXT ALBUM. So yeah, we'll be getting some new Matt Good in 2006. If the reaction to tthe album version of Big City Life is any indication, it will be pretty fucking good indeed.

So yeah. Fanboi off. And Sham, don't blow me off you bastardface.

Oh yeah: The Acoustic Generation X-Wing is hot, and Strange Days is purely orgasmic. But I have to save you somethings, n'est pa?

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Yeah, you have to appreciate the irony. However, he agreed to do it on several conditions

1. It had to be affordable. So, the package with 3 cds and a DVD is $25, rather then $40-50.

2. He wanted to do it his way (hence the acoustic disk) and he wanted Loser Anthems and Lo-Fi-B-Sides on there (a decision sure to be hated by ebay sellers of the two albums which were selling for $250+ a pop).

3. No History Teacher Stuff (I guess it will never legally get the go)

But yeah, you're right to call him on his shit. But remember that counting LOTGA and Raygun, MGB + MG is now up to 7 albums and the two disks of B sides. He's also been around for a decade. Compared to some people who release greatest hits albums nowadays (like Hillary Duff releasing a greastest hits album after her very first commercial album), he'as actually past due.

Plus, acoustic Tripoli. ACOUSTIC TRIPOLI BEATNIK.

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Also; it has new material on it and an unreleased song (Pony Boy).


A friend was poking around the web this morning and rang me up to tell me that Futureshop is selling the deluxe package of In A Coma for only $22.99 Canadian. That’s for two audio discs (35 tracks) and a DVD that includes 17 videos and two special features, one of which includes more music. I’m very glad that it’s being offered at such a low price. One of my main concerns was that it would be priced too high for those on a tight budget to be able to afford. I think $23 dollars is more than reasonable for two entire CD’s and a DVD, considering that a single CD is usually between $12 and $14 these days.

Also, there is the bunny to consider.

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Yeah, I got mine for $26, tax included. Bad ass.

By the way, if you're not convinced/wanna spoil it:

NEW Big City Life... revamped from the one he played on his tour, contains the lyrics and such that will be on the album

Also, from the MBlog:

Note On Edmonton Venue

September 16th, 2005

A fan emailed me this morning and informed me that the venue in Edmonton requires those attending concerts to pay a $10 membership fee on top of the cost of their concert ticket. That being the case, I refuse to perform anywhere were ticket holders are made to pay more than the initial price of their ticket (not to mention the outright profiteering that such a regulation promotes at the expense of fans and artists). I will continue to provide updates about this situation.

Updated: The venue has agreed to wave the fees. According to the information that I’ve been forwarded it has to do with a licencing issue.

It's nice to see someone who would rather tell a greedy venue to back the fuck off and risk upseting his label then to shrug and tell his fans he couldn't do anything and risk alienating the peeps. Kudos to him and up yours to venues that want to hit people for their extra cash.

If you don't read the MBlog, this small article on Hugo Chavez is interesting and will give you a taste of what to expect.

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I got mine today. I've just started listening to the singles disk, so I can't comment on how awesome the reworked stuff or the acousticness is, but a few fun tidbits for you...

...Matt left the company with the Raygun Ep in hand. Raygun was filled wth more deep, dark, black holes llike Generation X-Wing and a new version of Haven't Slept In Years. I was then that I felt that he could truly write, and not just quick indulgences for the masses, but songs written for every beaten up loser like me. I remember it was during this period that I first asked him what inspired him to write. His answer was a single word- revenge.

The art work on the booklet, jacket, and jewels is off the hook awesome. The bunny looks really out of place shot up like a Vancouver drug addict, but it works. Still think he looks like a Bukkake whore on the cover shot, though.

I just got to my first re-recorded track: Rico... the new line sounds pretty awesome. The other new stuff... the two new singles I have come across, Oh Be Joyful and Big City Life sound pretty good. Oh Be Joyful was done better on the CFOX show... but man, Big City Life is so much fucking better then the one that he was concerting the summer. Hahaha, I still like that line in Rico. Like Generation X-Wing, it's so out of place with the song I laugh every time.

I'm still shaking my head as to why they decided to do an acoustic version of North American For Life, considering the normal version wasn't perticularily well recieved or well done. Nice throwaway track... I dunno, I'll see if it works better.

Oh yeah, from the MBlog...

Concerning Ottawa

September 19th, 2005

I want to address a situation that I’ve been getting emails about. It has to do with the upcoming show in Ottawa on the 17th of October.

When I was first approached about doing a ‘win to get in’ show I was told that it would be unique to the release of In A Coma, a promotional show that helped promote the release at radio while rewarding dedicated fans with a free show. Obviously it’s a little lame that people have to listen to the radio and call in to win tickets, but I was assured that those that have faithfully supported me in Ottawa over the years would not be left out in the cold.

I have since been informed by a variety of Ottawa locals that the promotion is just a small part of a greater contest, one in which listeners are attempting to win a grand prize that has nothing to do with my performance or the release of In A Coma. In short, people who have no interest, or a passing interest, in seeing me perform are calling in because they are after a larger prize. That is my understanding of the situation as conveyed to me by said locals, and it has led to me finally writing this entry.

If you are an Ottawa resident, I would like to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment about your views.

I want to make clear that I have enjoyed a very long, and very friendly, relationship with The Bear, especially Cat Thompson who I think one of the finest people in radio in this country. But I am not willing to put my relationship with a radio station above the complaints of those that have supported me for the last decade out of their own pockets.

Stay tuned.

I've never heard of anything like this... an artist boycotting not one, but two of his own shows. Although, if it had to be anyone, it probably had to be Matt...

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Matthew Good comrpomise on the Ottawa show... if you're in the area, check out the free acoustic performance. You won't regret it.

The package is awesome. The acoustic stuff is great, the new versions of tracks (Rico, Pony Boy, Flashdance II, and Born To Kill) are all pretty happening, and I take back what I said about North American For Life; it's just as good acoustically.

The real money? Well, allow me to quote myself for a minute...

But the absolute gravy of the entire package is the DVD. This DVD in and of itself is worth the entire $25 I paid for the package. Watching the videos with commentary it becomes agonizingly clear from the very first video that Matthew Good hates the vast bulk of his work, and that the oppurtunity for him to come in and verbally rip his percieved mistakes to shreads was something he relished. There are parts of the videos(playing in mute as him and one of his pals talk them over) where they just crack up laughing and spend a good half a minute with just muffled giggles and dead air. In other parts the commentary, especially for Carmelina, is a very deep commentary on the theme, how the band was during the period, and the art involved of creating it. Apparitions was the same way... great, great view for the fan or anyone interested, say, watching the Anti-Pop video and thinking "What the fuck were they doing?"... now you know.

Also, it stands up to repeated viewing. It's even funnier the third time listening to Matt try and deny that Rico ever happened... and him making fun of himself during the Last of The Ghetto Astronauts videos is quite humerous. Plus, I never knew who the guy in the Anti-Pop video was. Now I do.

Highly reccomended.

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I just got in from town and I had the time to stop into HMV and pick up a deluxe copy of In A Coma. I listened to Disc 2 all the way home and I must say that I am really, really impressed. After I type this up, I am going to put in the DVD.

Edit DVD: There's some very interesting stuff on the DVD commentary, especially the part about the Radioshack from Hello Time Bomb. I also like the end of Carmelina, when Matt forgets about the bit at the end and laughs about it for a few seconds as the screen fades to black.

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