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Can someone recommend?


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Lightning Bolt. Haven't heard a lot of their stuff, but what I have heard is kinda like what you're asking for. You should check them out anyway. And I always hear The Melvins named whenever Sludge is mentioned, so they may be worth checking out, I-unno.

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If you're looking for straight-up sludge metal, take The Melvins and Soilent Green. However, both of them are quite a far away from all of the bands you mentioned, so maybe not.

Other groups I've heard being mentioned:

Mouth Of The Architect

Red Sparowes (could be Sparrows, my mate was kind of vague on that name)

Explosions In The Sky

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

A Silver Mt. Zion

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Try Alice Donut, Botch, Casket Lottery, Champs, Coalesce, D.O.A., Godflesh (at least old Godflesh), Grade (It's not really the same but there are people i know that like those bands and like Grade too), His Hero is Gone, Mastodon, Today is The Day, Zao...

Note some of these aren't really that similar but to be honest those 4 bands you mentioned are the exact 4 bands that i'm aware of that have that kind of sound.

EDIT: also try Old Man Gloom and also if you want ambient/proggy (although it has nothing to do with these bands) Explosions in the sky if you haven't listened to it already

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Thanks all for the recommendations, people.

And yeah, I agree Malenko...as far as I knew, those 4 are pretty unique, but I was sure that there must be some bands in some similar vein.

I already have some Red Sparowes and Explosions In The Sky, and tsk tsk Malenko, I'm one of the biggest Mastodon pimps on the board :P

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SunnO))) - you can't get more sludge. You'll be lucky to hear more than two notes in a twenty-minute song. Fucking great stuff. Sounds like two monoliths being ground together, distorted, and fed through a tiny amplifier.

And listen to The Locust, Neon Blonde and An Albatross, just because everyone should.

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