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PSP Dilemma

Cactus Drags

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Ok, I have the opportunity to buy one, count it, one PSP game tomorrow. I'm looking at Lumines, Mercury, Burnout Legends, Need for Speed, Everybody's Golf, NFL Street Unleashed and Tony Hawk's UG2.

Arguments against these titles: Burnout Legends - I just got Burnout Revenge for the PS2, is there any point? Tony Hawk's UG2 - I had THUG2 on PS2 and was annoyed with the Jackass invasion, but still, it's a Tony Hawk game...NFL Street 2, I have on PS2, same with NFSUG.

Multiplayer isn't really a factor, since I don't know anyone else with a console.

My PSP collection currently includes Wipeout Pure (I'm an absolute Wipeout fanboy, can't fault it), Virtua Tennis and Metal Gear Acid. Therefore a puzzle game or an out and out action title would probably most compliment my collection, but I'm looking for anyone who has any of the games I'm looking to buy to recommend or whatever.

The list I made isn't strict, if you canr ecommend anything else, go for it. Any help appreciated, thanks.

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I can't stand the controls, when you want to turn you need to start thinking about it about a minute before you do. And the Career is much the same as the PS2 version and just generally not very enjoyable.

Just my view of it. I might be slightly bias against it because I was bitterly disapointed with the PS2 version and thought this one might be better.

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