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Bring me your Job Interview memories...


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Hello guys and gal. Some of you know i'm currently working on a screen play. I'm doing a bit of general research right now and was wondering if anybody here who has had a job interview before could share their experiences. Ever goof up? What kind of fibs did you tell? How did you know you hadn't got the job (i.e. was it a corny line handed out like "We'll get back to you"). Etc. Id appreciate any experiences offered
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Well, the one I had with the Sawmill is pretty basic. It's a privately owned company, so it's a little bit more.. selective in it's interview progess. Some questions were asked that were pretty much "Would you rat out an unsafe co-worker, for a "safety bonus"" under the guise of making you sound like a hero. And of course, there was the ackward answering of yes (the whole way to move up is to put work off onto others, and rat them out) and then going out to the mill and not only watching other people do these unsafe things.... but doing them yourself. >.<

Not sure if that's what you wanted.

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I had a job interview at Marks and Spencer (supermarket chain, don't know if you have it in America) and when they asked me what I liked best about M&S, I said the crisps.

Much like Ap Sham, dunno if that's the kind of stuff you're looking for.

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Dunno if this helps, but before I got my current job, a few places said 'you havent got this job, but we'll certainly keep you on file for six months and contact you as soon as a vacancy arises'. My arse.

Another interview I had was stupid. I went, was put in a room with about 10 other interviewee's, and a small group of managers asked us a few questions (No more than 8 or 9), like 'what does customer service mean to you?', after one person answered, they moved on the the next question, and due to the fact there were more people than questions some people never got the chance to speak at all. And that was it. Nothing else, no private questions, no nothing. The whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes after making us wait half an hour for it to begin.

It was like the interviewers had been imposed a mimimum quota of interviews by higher managment, and had decided not to hire any of us before we even got there (just interviewing us to meet the quota/pass the time of day or whatever)

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appreciate that one timayy. Yea, I'm after just general experiences. Getting a feeling of the different ways job interviews are conducted and how daft we can all be at times cos of nerves or something at the interview.

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