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What should I buy?


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Well payday for me happens to be on the 14th which also happens to be the day several games come out at the same time and I've no idea which ones to get so suggestions would be nice people (Y)

1. TEW 05

2. Bloodrayne 2

3. Ultimate Spiderman

4. X-Men Legends 2

5. DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi

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X-Men Legends 2, no contest. To me, TEW is just something to goof around with, Bloodrayne 2 won't be anything special (unless you absolutely fucking loved Bloodrayne), and Budokai is probably pretty terrible considering the last few DBZ games. The only one maybe I'd consider besides X-Men would be Ultimate Spider-Man, but I haven't played it yet, and everyone says it's over pretty quick. X-Men Legends is well worth your $50.

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