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Drawn Together


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Anyone plan on watching this? It's on Comedy Central, 10:30 pm ET, and bills itself as animated reality. It's really a spoof of most other reality series, quite funny at times.

"Everyone misinterpret Ling Ling!" haha, good stuff. Little guy never gets respect from the rest of the house. Plus the exclamation point tail and the ability to sew together a working television is pretty sweet.

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I love Drawn Together. It's a bit crude at times, and some of the jokes aren't great, but it's wonderfully politically incorrect, and a great bit of satire. It's fantastic.

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The Comedy Network shows it a bit behind here in Canada, so I'll probably "obtain" it earlier.

I don't know if I like the Season 2 concept but there are a couple teaser videos on ComedyCentral.com and the one where they are interviewing for a new houseguest is funny.

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