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WWF Done In A New Way

Guest Lazy Slapnut

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

WWF Board Of Directors' meeting

January 1st, 2000

Vince McMahon: Happy new millenium everyone!

The gigantic meeting hall at Stamford, Connecticut was full of WWF staff who all got to their feet and cheered for their boss. Of course, what other choice did they have? McMahon could fire each and every one of them without feeling even one spike of shame. Vince looked around with a bit cocky, still pretty excited smile on his face. His work truly had paid off. WCW was falling down.

Vince McMahon: It is truly a new day dawning in the World Wrestling Federation. I have so many great ideas in store. Like... how 'bout a division exclusive for... midgets?!?

Nobody said anything. Jim Cornette looked like he would throw up, while Jim Ross was already thinking "How am i supposed to announce that?".

Vince McMahon: Or, or, or how about pushing Bradshaw, and, the Dudleys, and Naked Mideon! Oh, and i know what the fans wanna see - more May Young and Fabulous Moolah!

The board couldn't believe it anymore. What had happened to that man that once was a marketing genius? Unable to take it anymore, one man stepped up and did something about it. Vince's own son, Shane.


Everybody turned their heads to Shane McMahon, who had stepped up from his chair. Everybody started to whisper to somebody, as Vince looked shoked.

"Umm, Shane, if you didn't like the Young and Moolah part, we can cut that off.

Shane looked like he couldn't believe it.

Shane McMahon: Bradshaw? Mideon? I accept the Dudleyz' push, but on other terms dad, you've gone crazy. You've got loosed. Some of your ideas nowadays just seem... unprofitable. They don't make any damn sense. And..."

Vince: What do you mean with that, Shane?

"I'm saying, that, i may not want to work with you anymore!"

A big "Ooooooooohhh!" filled the hall. Vince started to look a little pissed off. His own son was starting a rebellion against him.

"Well, even, if, so... there's not a thing you could do about it!"

A grin was formed on Shane's face.

"Mom owns 50% of the company, remember? Oh wait, that was the crappy storyline version... you seld it to her a few years ago when Hulk Hogan sued you!"

Vince started to look nervous.

"And guess what? Yesterday... i BOUGH IT FROM HER!"

The board of directors was in a shock awe. How would this drama conclude? Vince looked like a bad dream would very soon come true...

"Daddy... YOU'RE FIRED!"

And then there was silence. Nobody said a thing. Everybody outside of this drama looked shocked. Vince looked like he would collapse at any moment. His whole work of life... and now, he was fired by his son. First, a tear streamed down his face. Then, he started to form a little bit of a smile... What is that man thinking right now?

Without saying a word, Vince McMahon had left the headquarters of the WWF. And without saying a word, Vince McMahon was forced to leave the WWF by his own son.

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

Shane finally addresses the fans

January 2rd, 2000

The following piece of information was found from WWF.com earlier today:


The World Wrestling Federation has no choice but to announce that Vince McMahon has left the promotion. Totally. This was due to an arquement that took place in a board of directors meeting yesterday. Vince's father built the WWF, and Vince Jr. truly was who made the company what it is today. By the situation as it is, Linda McMahon has rejected to comment, while Stephanie McMahon has told the press that "She will always follow his daddy no matter what". In the most surprising turn of events, in an interview, Vince hinted something like this:

Commentator: ...derstand. And then, Mr. McMahon, if i may ask, what is next for you?

Vince: Well, though i haven't yet really decided, i've been making some phone calls and - well... all i might say is, follow the wrestling shows on TV and you won't be dissapointed.

IPB Image

The WWF, now at least temporarily owned by Shane McMahon, has stated that Vince won't be appearing on WWF shows anymore.

So what is next for the World Wrestling Federation? Understandably, due to Vince leaving, some of his "buddies" have indeed accepted his offer to "join the revolution". By this, such big names as The Rock, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, The WWF Champion Big Show and Triple H have decided to quit the WWF. Therefore, the promotion suffers major losses in four of it's main eventers leaving just like that. The loss of the Big Show leaves the WWF World Heavyweight Championship vacated. Fourtunately, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and Mick Foley have decided to stay in the WWF - but right now, that isn't such a big help here.

More details on this situation as we get it.

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I think somebody made quite a memorable diary doing a similar thing once or twice before (with the main eventers gone) - but I like how you've got a backstory. There's some minor spelling and grammatical errors in here that somewhat diminish the reader's enjoyment, though.

Will be interesting to see what you come up with without the usual big names from the WWE. Please don't go down the track of just pushing Jericho because he has a kick ass statline. I'd much prefer to see you 'create' some stars like the modern day Ortons etc.

Also, has WCW folded?

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

I think somebody made quite a memorable diary doing a similar thing once or twice before (with the main eventers gone) - but I like how you've got a backstory. There's some minor spelling and grammatical errors in here that somewhat diminish the reader's enjoyment, though.
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Not by a long shot. I "played" with the File Editor a bit before starting the game and i gave WCW a lot of money. ECW received the same treatment, since i'd like to see what ECW would accomplish if they didn't die. I also kinda think, that the WCW and WWF will have another intense war quite soon.

Next post will feature the roster, main info and the very first Raw Is War card!

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Guest Lazy Slapnut


IPB Image

The McMahon-Bischoff Era Begins!

Pro Wrestling Insider has today learned, that the former head of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon, has decided to unit his forces with the former arch-enemy Eric Bischoff. That's right, Vinnie Mac is heading to World Championship Wrestling!

WCW appeared to be in somewhat financinal troubles. With McMahon's billions AND Ted Turner behind them, it now could be expected that WCW just cannot run out of money. Their PPV event later this month called "Sin" is expected to draw big bussiness in what it comes to ratings, as many are already rumouring about The Rock vs. Kevin Nash- match as the main event for the WCW Championship. Yes, The Rock. When Vince left his former home, some of his closest friends decided to stick with him. WCW roster now features Triple H, Kurt Angle and all the other former WWF superstars besides Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Though, Hulk Hogan has left the promotion due to unknown reasons. WWF isn't in attentions to sign Hogan.

WWF owner Shane McMahon is still yet to comment the situation, but he is likely to reveal the whole name of the game tonight on Raw!

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

IPB Image


Channel: USA Network

TV Rating:

Attendance: 5011

Ticket Sales: $ 200440

Shane Has A Big Announcement to Make!

"Here Comes The Money" hits the speakers and the fans immediatedly start to react with a mixed reaction. Many people cheer due to Shane being the new owner, but many boo too due to Shane's recent actions before his dad left the federation. The new owner comes out from the curtains and certainly does not look too happy as he makes his way to the ring. Soon as he gets there, Lillian Garcia hands him a microphone. Shane looks shameful.

Shane McMahon: I... I have shaken things up around here. Quite a lot, perhaps more than needed. And ahh... i can't say i'm totally happy with the results my actions have caused. However, if my dad is now gone from the World Wrestling Federation. I guess i have to take the charge. I quarantee you this: you will get new superstars, you will get new feuds and you will get new matches! Starting tonight!

A nice pop from the crowd. Shane nods his head.

Shane McMahon: If the has-beens have joined the garbage deal over in South, who cares? We do not need a red white blue guy with a broken neck. We do not need a Man who is Dead at least when it comes to actual wrestling. We don't need a Game that hasn't been updated on 1,000 years. And, we don't need a Bischoff- ass-pie eatin' jabroni that goes where Vince McMahon tells him to go. I tell that guy to shove it in you know what.

The crowd goes nuts by Shane's words, although some boo for Shane insulting The Rock.

Shane McMahon: Starting tonight, it's a new generation in progress. Ladies and gentlemen, the first competitor of the evening very well could be one of the big deals of tommorrow. Dear audience, i give you - TEST.


Singles Match

Test vs. Big Bossman

"Test, test, test, test test, this is a Test"... Test gets a modest pop from the crowd as he comes out in his usual ring attire and entrance. The Big Bossman however runs from the back even before Test finishes his entrance, attacking Test with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd boos a little bit as Big Bossman keeps hammering test and then sends him to the ring. Bossmann follows and stomps Test with some lazy-looking kicks to head section. Bossman grabs Test up and performs a Suplex. A cover, but Test kicks out. Hmm, Shane McMahon thought about Test as a possible future big star. I'm quite sure Bossman isn't going to get to that level. Ever. Bossman nails Test with hard right hands, but the big man from Canada (or, where does Test actually live?) ducks the last punch. Test with a Big Boot... oops, it was his third finisher. Well... he kicks it off big way, you know. Now Test here with a Standing Leg Drop. Test could have done a cover, but instead he grabbed Bossman up and assaulted a DDT. Test waved his hands to signal that the end is near; he grabbed Bossman up, and did the Pumphandle Slam! THE cover, 1, 2, 3. It's over!

MQ 62% - CR 59% - OR 60%

Commercial Break


We go backstage where Kevin Kelly is standing by the WWF European Champion, Val Venis. Venis proudly represents his title, with the strap shining on his shoulder. Not that the crowd really cares.

Kevin Kelly: Val Venis, we are just moments away from you defending the European championship against one half of the E&C- team, Edge. Your thoughts?

Val Venis: First of all, my thoughts are that i'm walking down that aisle, i'm beating Edge 1, 2, 3 and then i'm walking back here, still as the champ, i'm going to take some champagne, i'm going to celebrate my win with my ladies, and then i'll be preparing for... *yeah*... further action.

Kevin Kelly: Are you planning something bigger than that belt?

Val Venis: Like you, Kevin Kelly, like you'd wish to be me? Well, i have thought about buying this company, but then again, Shane has deserved his run. It's like you Kev thinking about my babes; you just gotta keep dreaming. Now EXCUSE MEEEEEEE... i've got some bussiness to take care of.


WWF European title up for grabs!

Singles Match

Val Venis © vs. Edge

Edge comes out first with the familiar "You Think You Know Me"- E&C theme. Christian isn't in the building tonight, and Jonathan Coachman thinks Christian is ill. Val Venis then comes out as "Hello Ladies!" hits the speakers. He actually runs into the ring, dropping the title belt on the ramp. Edge tries to take the upper hand as Venis hits the ring, but Val starts to nail some hard right-hand blows. After five of them Edge falls backwards a little bit and Val Venis uses the chance to do a Scoop Slam. Venis with an Elbow Drop and a he hooks the leg - Edge kicks out. Venis takes some help from the ropes to perform a Knee Drop, and to then grab Edge up and hit a Reverse Atomic Drop. Edge struggles for a moment and Venis hits intense Chest Chops. Edge again looks like he's going to buzz off, but Venis, doing a mistake by doing so, doesn't let him go; Edge pokes him to the left eye, and here's the Edge-O-Matic! It connects and gets followed by a strange-looking cover; one, two, thr... Venis just kicks out! Edge cannot believe it! Edge starts to yell at the referee Brian Hebner. Val Venis collects himself and rolls Edge into a School Boy; 1, 2, 3! Val Venis retains the belt after an intense match up! His theme music hits and he quickly exits the ring with Edge getting up to his feet and missing a clothesline. Venis grabs the WWF European Championship from the aisle and laughs at Edge as he does so.

MQ 73% - CR 73% - OR 72% - The WWF European title has gained in image.

Commercial Break

Tag Team Match

Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz

As both teams get ready for the competition in their selected turnbuckles, Jim Ross and Jonathan Coachman at ringside hype up the just announced fact that this will be a #1 Contenders' match. The winners of this match will go to a WWF Tag Team Championship match on Thursday Night's 'Smackdown!'. This makes the crowd even more exited, and this match draws the best crowd reaction thus far. It's Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley starting things off with a classic wrestling power-up position. Matt slides behind Bubba and pushes him towards the ropes. Bubba comes back and Matt takes him into a Standing Headlock. From there Bubba counters whatever Hardy was trying by pushing him instead towards the ropes and then hitting a Spinebuster. Bubba tags in his "half-brother" D-Von, who attacks Matt with a Jumping Elbow Drop. Some hard stomps by D-Von Dudley here too, and then he grabs Matt back to his feet. Atomic Drop, and he tags Bubba Ray in.

"The Dudley Boyz are using a very smart technique here. The assaults are always fresh, since they keep the runs in the ring short", complimented Jim Ross.

"Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how Matt Hardy can get out of this", Coach commented back.

Then the announcers started to argue after those lines, however inside the squared circle, the action remained as pretty much the same. The Dudleyz kept both men in the legal turn in maximum for 25 seconds, which really made Matt Hardy suffer and Jeff Hardy frustrated. However, as Bubba Ray grabbed Matt from a boot and tried to take him to Dudleyz' corner, Matt connected a Enzuigiri that pleased the crowd very much. Matt crawled towards his corner, offering his hand forwards to his brother... and here, comes Jeff Hardy! He is indeed fresh, and he immediatedly hits a Spinning Wheel Kick on Bubba. A superkick on D-Von, and then a Jumping Tornado DDT on Bubba again. Jeff keeps the attack coming high, with a Rolling Thunder! As Matt Hardy continues to heal over in his corner, Jeff kicks Bubba to the guts and hits Twist Of Fate! Cover, one, two, three, that's it! The Hardy Boyz go and battle for the Tag Team gold at Smackdown!...

MQ 86% - CR 75% - OR 80%

Shane makes it offical

'Here Comes The Money' hits for the second time tonight, and Shane McMahon, the new owner of the Federation, comes out with a microphone in his hands. He claps his hands before starting to talk.

Shane McMahon: Bravo, Hardy Boyz, bravo! That was one heck of a fight! You gave everything you had, and it was enough! And, it was good! So good, that since it's a new era here in the WWF... the "Era Of Oppourtunity"... i keep my promise by awarding you a Tag Team titles match this Thursday night, against the New Age Outlaws. Congratulations, and good luck!

Shane then goes backstage with the crowd giving him some nice babyface pops. The segment itself, however, could have been better.

69% - Shane McMahon lost overness from this segment.

Hype Video

A hype video aired. It featured Chris Jericho and mainly focused on two things: Jericho's awesome moves and a flickering "Y2J" text. It was cool, though and the crowd liked it. It ended how you could expect: "RAW... IS... JERIIIICHOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Commercial Break

Singles Match

Kane vs. Hardcore Holly

The crowd went crazy as the red and orange pyros hit and fill the arena, and as Kane came out, wearing his typical red/black flames- mask. Kane did his usual entrance, and then... Bob Holly came out. Of course, this isn't what the crowd like to see in semi-main event. A big, big mistake. It was quite a good brawl, however. Kane started off by hammering Holly to head and slamming him to the canvas with a two-armed chokeslam. Kane then stomped Hardcore Holly out of the ring and stepped out too. Kane grabbed Holly up and sent him straight to the steel steps. Kane then rolled him back into the ring and raised his arm to the air to signal what's coming. Holly crawled back to his feet, turned around and got Chokeslammed' straight to Hell by Kane. A cover, 1, 2, 3 and this squash is over. Kane gets back to his feet, does his usual taunt and lets the "flames of hell" go wild. All in all: i don't like Bob Holly.

MQ 64% - CR 67% - OR 66%

Has his time arrived?

The cameras take us backstage, where we see a true World Wrestling Federation veteran, the British Bulldog, warming up for his match. He says such things as "My time is now", "I cannot be stopped" and "Austin is going to pay for the way he has humiliated my family over these years". Well, we'll see that soon - as the Texas Rattlesnake and British Bulldog duke it out.


Commercial Break

Singles Match

Steve Austin vs. British Bulldog

And now, folks, it's time for the Main Event, oh boy! British Bulldog came out first to a modest heel heat from the crowd. Austin, however, caused the crowd go crazy. Every single person in the arena got to their feet as the glass shattered and the baddest S.O.B on this planet came out in his usual bad ass- look, with his usual cool walking style. He did his usual four poses in the ring and while he did, the British Bulldog escaped from the ring. When Austin took his vest off and started to be ready, Bulldog finally got into the squared circle. There's so much history between these two, and it seems so. The men start it off with a nice brawling that lasts even for like two minutes, with nobody really being better. Then Austin hits a Spinebuster as the British Bulldog runs towards him. Austin stomps Bulldog a few times before locking in the Sharpshooter, adding real insult to injury - and we all know why. Bulldog screamed in pain as his family's trademark finisher was locked in, and he eventually got a hold from the ropes for those precious three seconds. Referee Earl Hebner forced Stone Cold Steve Austin to break the hold. Austin didn't care so much, as a matter of fact, he continued the assault. He tried to grab his opponent up, but then the Bulldog nailed him with a sneaky Low Blow without the ref noticing it. Bulldog got to his feet and performed a Sidewalk Slam to Austin. Then, A Scoop Slam. Then, a Reverse Atomic Drop and then a HARD running clothesline. Cover by the British Bulldog, 1, 2, Stone Cold gets his foot on the middle rope. Bulldog does not show any signs of slowing down, as he slowly grabs Texas Rattlesnake back to his feet. A little taunt here... and he goes for the Running Powerslam... no, Austin slides behind Bulldog's back and kicks him to guts. Stunn... no! Bulldog goes for a clothesline, but it misses too! Austin with another kick, and Stone Cold Stunner is delivered! The crowd goes into a frenzy as Austin hooks the leg - one, two, three! Stone Cold is the winner!

Austin's music starts to play as Earl Hebner grabs Austin's right arm up. Austin swipes some sweat off his forehead and waves his hands to "get some damn beer". Ask, and you shall receive. Austin climbs into the turnbuckle and starts to drink the beer as the first Monday Night RAW of the new era goes off the air.

MQ 67% - CR 85% - OR 79%

Overall Show Rating: 71%

"WCW got a 1.19 television rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The event was attended by 5006 people.

They made $200240 from ticket sales."


-WWF have fired Paul Bearer!

-WCW have released Alan Funk!

-WCW have released Reno!

-WCW have released Elix Skipper!

-WCW have released Mark Jindrak!

-WCW have released Chuck Palumbo!

-WCW have released Sean O'Haire!

-WCW have released Mike Sanders!

-WCW have fired Villano V!

-WCW have fired Villano IV!

-WCW have fired Al Greene!

-WCW have fired The Barbarian!

-WCW have fired Asya!

-WCW have fired Rhonda Singh!

-WCW have fired Jerry Flynn!

-WCW have fired Midnight!

-WCW have fired Leia Meow!

-WCW have fired Rick Fuller!

-WCW have fired Wolfie D!

-WCW have fired Buzzkill!

-WCW have fired Kid Romeo!

-WCW have fired Tygress!

-WCW have fired Silver King!


-WCW have fired Horace Hogan!

-WCW have fired Meng!

-WCW have fired El Dandy!

-WCW have fired Big T!

-WCW have fired The Maestro!

-WCW have fired Brian Knobbs!

-WCW have fired Prince Iaukea!

-WCW have fired Paisley!

-WCW have fired Evan Karagias!

-WCW have fired Fit Finlay!

-WCW have fired Miss Elizabeth!

-WCW have fired Kevin Sullivan!

-WCW have fired Mike Rotunda!

-WCW have fired Madusa!

-WCW have fired Jamie Dundee!

-WCW have fired Tank Abbott!

-WCW have fired Patrick!

-WCW have fired Gerald!

-WCW have fired David Flair!

-WCW have fired Daffney!

-WCW have fired Kaz Hayashi!

-WCW have fired Mona!


-WCW have fired Symphony!

-WCW have fired Brian Adams!

-WCW have fired Stevie Ray!

-WCW have fired Hugh Morrus!

-WCW have fired Bam Bam Bigelow!

-WCW have fired Steve Williams!

-WCW have fired Torrie Wilson!

-WCW have fired The Demon!

-WCW have fired Gorgeous George!

-WCW have fired Mr. Biggs!

-WCW have fired Bryan Clarke!

-WCW have fired staff member Gene Okerlund

-WCW have fired staff member Scott Dickenson!

-WCW have fired staff member Mickey Jay!

-WCW have fired staff member Billy Silverman!

WCW have fired staff member Paul Orndorff!


-WWF have signed Torrie Wilson!

-WWF have signed Sean O'Haire!

-WCW have signed staff member Duke LaRue!

-WCW have signed staff member Doug Gentry!

-WCW have signed staff member Mr Dan DaLay!

-WCW have signed staff member Bones McCoy!

-WCW have signed staff member Alex Chrichoton!

-WCW have signed staff member Tony Cottee!

-WCW have signed staff member Michael Dorn!

-WCW have signed staff member Dominic DeNucci!

Road Agent Notes

"Here is my weekly report on our battle with WCW. They have more star power than us, and that is affecting our image. We are seen as having better workers, and this is causing fans to choose us over them. The fans see us as being the more professional promotion, thanks to our higher production values."


"Our ratings battle with Monday Nitro is so close that neither show is gaining a clear advantage!"


"Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley blend as a team really well, probably due to their similar styles."


Now, if i may ask, some feedback? What did you like? What did you not like? The diary has just started, and i need some tips from you to control the direction the diary goes to.

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Alright, right off the bat I'm going to say some of the formatting annoyed me. I'm sure you've noticed that text size seems to vary at random, and that was distracting. Little things like failing to capitalise 'i' can be annoying as well.

That said, it's interesting to see you having to push different guys. I'm liking the fact Bulldog's getting a go.

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

Alright, right off the bat I'm going to say some of the formatting annoyed me. I'm sure you've noticed that text size seems to vary at random, and that was distracting. Little things like failing to capitalise 'i' can be annoying as well.

That said, it's interesting to see you having to push different guys. I'm liking the fact Bulldog's getting a go.

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

Back again. Sorry about the recent lack of updates. This diary isn't dead. About this format now, the diary has just started and this very likely isn't the final format the previews will always be posted. Though, i know that the readers might lose interest if i always keep on changing the format, so i'll try to figure out a 'cool' outfit soon.

IPB Image



This past Monday night, a new era in the WWF began. It will continue tonight, as Thursday Night Smackdown! comes to you live on UPN! All the biggest superstars will be here tonight, including Stone Cold, Mick Foley, Y2J, and many more!

Confirmed Matches

The Hardy Boyz won the #1 Contenders' match on RAW and therefore will, tonight, face The New Age Outlaws for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Grand Masta Sexay vs. X-Pac

In the main event, Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho and the fan-favourite Mick Foley will square off with the Dudley Boyz!

You don't want to miss WWF Smackdown, 8 pm exclusively UPN!

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

IPB Image


Channel: UPN

TV Rating: 5.68

Attendance: 6013

Ticket Sales: $240520

Tag Team Match

Test & Stevie Richards vs. Sean O'Haire & Rodney

-Here's an interesting match-up. According to some rumours, the WWF seezes a big draw in Test and believes that he could make it as a upper midcarder, or even, a main eventer. The same could be said about Sean O'Haire, though; since the WCW fired him from Power Plant, WWF immediatedly picked him up and sent into the active roster. Stevie Richards, one guy who couldn't make it in the World Wrestling Federation. Though that idea was more likely on Vince McMahon's reign, and this is Shane era right now. Rodney... he's not going to become anything, i know that allready. The match was apparently even a bit below average; it went under the 60% rating in all sides of the match. Still the charge enjoyed watching the contest. It featured good brawling between O'Haire and Test, while Richards and Rodney went at it outside the ring. The wild match suddenly ended after about six minutes when Test hit the Big Boot to O'Haire and scored a pinfall. Aftermath O'Haire attacked Test and assaulted him with his standing finisher, Cruel Intations. He then got out of the ring and slammed Stevie Richards to the steel steps.

MQ 58% - CR 54% - OR 56%

Bulldog seezes his goal

The cameras stop rolling the footage of O'Haire taunting on the rampway, and take us to backstage, into a room. The door says "British Bulldog", and guess who's locker room it is, you know? We find Bulldog sitting on a blue steel chair, looking into the ground so that his face cannot be seen.

British Bulldog: What you saw... what you did see on Monday... wasn't what you think. Each, and every, one of you, believes that Dave lost... DAVE never loses. Or the Bulldog, or whatever you might prefer. It doesn't matter. I am neither of My previous egos anymore. I am...

Bulldog rises his head and looks at the camera.

British Bulldog: I... I Am a nameless warior. Who doesn't, who DOESN'T...

The Bulldog almost screamed as he said that.

British Bulldog: Who does not fight for anyone, but himself. And Stone Cold Steve Austin! Do you think you got away? Do you think you are safe from my rage, from my revenge? I tell you Steve, there's not a damn place on Earth, where you could hide from me! You think you won me on RAW? It was nothing but a fluke - as a matter of fact Steve, it's you that is just a big fluke.

After saying this, Bulldog yells "What are you lookin' at?!" at the camera man and so we cut off.


Commercial Break

WWF Tag Team titles up for grabs!

Tag Team Match

Hardy Boyz vs. New Age Outlaws ©

-This was some really good tag team action between two extremely experienced teams (both on 100%). The New Age Outlaws represents older wrestlers, early Attitude- era guys in Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, as Matt and Jeff Hardy are young daredevils. With the Tag Team gold on the line, this should be a good bout. Matt Hardy and "Road Dogg" Jesse James started things off with James hitting a miss-clothesline and Hardy using the chance to hit a Jumping Tornado DDT. Hardy runs towards the ropes and with their advantage hits a Running Legdrop on Dogg. The first cover, but the Road Dogg kicks out before the count of three. Matt then thinks about his next move for a few seconds and decides to tag in his little brother Jeff. Jeff has no problem with it and immediatedly comes with a Armdrag to Road Dogg. Jeff then locks Dogg into a Standing Headlock and pushes him towards the ropes. Road Dogg gets sent into the opposite direction and comes back into a fantastic Hurricanrana Pin by Jeff Hardy. 1, 2, Billy Gunn breaks the hold with a toe kick. Hardy gets to his feet and before he gets even a change to glare at Gunn, Road Dogg hits him with a Atomic Drop. Here's the tag between the champions, and Billy Gunn now is the legal man. He grabs Jeff up and starts to nail the younger part of the innovative Hardy Boyz with some chest chops. Of course, each one gets a solid "Woo!" from the crowd, despite Flair isn't even in the whole company. Gunn then assaults Jeff with a Sidewalk Slam and to keep the rough attacks coming, almost right after it hits Jeff with a Standing Elbow Drop. There's even an illegal choke, but the referee forces Gunn to quit that.

Michael Cole blamed N.A.O about their cheating ways, while the colour commentator Howard Finkel (don't shoot me, please) used the classic sentence, "it ain't cheating if nobody sees it". Though, there's no real logic to use that now since everybody saw the choke.

Gunn invited his partner to join the bashing and therefore Matt Hardy tried to interfere such a shameful act. The referee Brian Hebner, however, was more focused on driving M. Hardy out of the ring that watching what the New Age Outlaws are doing. The champs were able to connect a Double Powerbomb on Jeff Hardy. Here's a cover by Billy Gunn and naturaly, Hebner just turns around to see the hold. One, two, thr... Jeff somehow, someway, manages to kick out before the three count! Gunn looks like he cannot believe it and starts to count three with his fingers. Gunn looks very frustrated as he picks Jeff up and goes for the Fame Asser... but Jeff gets out of the way and hits the Jeff Twist Of Fate out of nowhere. Road Dogg gets back into the action too, but so does Matt Hardy, and he delivers Road Dogg a cool Twist Of Fate of his own! The Hardyz then look at the crowd that goes crazy as the challengers climb onto two turnbuckles. And... Hardy Boyz Leg Drop on Billy Gunn! Gunn is totally out as Jeff makes a cover. 1, 2, 3! It's there! The Hardy Boyz win for God's sakes!

Their music hits the speakers as Brian Hebner hands them the WWF Tag Team Championships. Both athletes nearly start to cry as they just look at the golden shiny straps that now belong to them. They hug eachother warmly before exiting the ring and slapping some fans' hands.

MQ 81% - CR 78% - OR 78% - The WWF Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Austin mails his opinion!

For the second time tonight, we see the British Bulldog. This time he is walking backstage, looking for something. He walks very quickly, when the Kaientai (Sho Funaki and TAKA Michinoku) walk to front of him. Bulldog stares at them for a moment, before asking "WHAT?" very loudly. Both members of the Kaientai then start to laugh and Bulldog loses his temper - he grabs Funaki from neck and slams him to a wall. He then grabs TAKA Michinoku, presses him up to straight hands and takes him down with a Pumphandle Slam on the concrete floor. Bulldog then turns around and feels a boot on his stomach. STONE COLD STUNNER! It's Austin! But where did Steve Austin come from? However it is, he exits the scene very quickly, leaving the British Bulldog out-cold on the floor. Austin once again got the best out of Bulldog, but for how long can it last?


Commercial Break

I'm Here To Stay

As we come back from the second commercial break, we see a short hype video about Sean O'Haire. It mainly features him battling D'Lo Brown on Sunday Night HeAT and some clips of the tag team match earlier today. I wonder if the teenagers watching the shows now realize that it's taped. If not, that's a better thing. One thing is sure; O'Haire is one hell of a hoss and he is scheduled for a push.

54% - Sean O'Haire gained overness from this segment.

Singles Match

Grand Masta Sexay vs. X-Pac

-There certainly are a lot of rumours going on in the Internet concerning the WWF, ever since Vince left the Federation the rumour mill has been more active than ever. One of the most fresh ones is that the WWF is planning to turn X-Pac face sooner or later now. The company feels that right now, X-Pac does not really bring anything to the heel side of the tracks. However, to tell you something about this match-up... it was surprisingly good. Sexay wrestled in his usual "party on"- attire while Pac was dressed in black. As a matter of fact, to add water to the rumour mill, some sources like the PWInsider have reported that the WWF has already come up with a new catchprase for X-Pac's future T-Shirt: "PAC IN BLACK". Nobody knows how it would sell, but i think it'd be good. What? Wasn't i supposed to tell about the match? Well yeah... the match quality was fantastic. Even when neither of the workers has a stat of 80%, they still managed to put on this kind of a show - i'm impressed. The match featured a lot of cruiserweight action. The ending, to give time for the main event, came quite quickly when Sexay hit the Hip Hop Drop to X-Pac. A cover and that was it. After the match, X-Pac looked frustrated while Sexay celebrated with the fans.

MQ 85% - CR 65% - OR 75%

You Ain't Stoppin' Us!

We go backstage once again, and we see Edge and Christian in their locker room. They sit on steel chairs and Christian is reading a WWF Divas Magazine, while Edge eats an apple. They look like they don't have a hurry whatsoever.

Christian: Wow.

Edge: Yeah, i know. I mean, if only i knew that that bastard Val Venis was about to hit that School Boy Pin, i would have done something. I was this close *does the move with his fingers* of gaining the European Champ...

Christian: I mean wow.

Edge: ...d momma called by the way, she said that she wants us to pay back the money we borrowed from her to buy the house. It seems like the whole World is against me.

Christian: Bro, i feel like the whole World is here with me now.

Sheesh, that was SO funny.


Commercial Break

Dudleyville takes over... not really

We head over to the interviewing set, where Kevin Kelly is standing by D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley. They are dressed in their usual wear.

Kevin Kelly: The Dudley Boyz, in just a few moments from now, you will square off with Mick Foley and the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho. Your thoughts about this, Dudleys?



D-Von Dudley: Testify.

Without anything more said, the Dudleyz hit the 3D on Kelly! The main event is up next!


Tag Team Match

Chris Jericho & Mick Foley vs. Dudley Boyz

-The crowd was in big-time for this contest, as you could expect. Finally, some really big stars were brough in, as the "countdown" began in the screen. The Dudley Boyz were already waiting in the ring. The Y2J- countdown hit zero, pyros went off and Chris Jericho came out to a tremendous ovation, with the WWF Intercontinental belt strapped on his waist. He did his poses while entering then ring, and then Mick Foley came out to ever a bigger ovation. Foley did no taunts, he just quickly entered the ring. The teams started to brawl as Michael Cole yelled "And here we go!" loudly. Foley starts to hammer Bubba Ray Dudley, as the Intercontinental Champion focuses on D-Von. The heels are able to fight back for a moment, but then the faces perform a classic attack by dropping the opponents out of the ring with clotheslines at the same time. Jericho and Foley immediatedly start to taunt their opponents, who already look a bit frustrated. Jericho does a "Come On!"- taunt at Bubba Ray who then slides back in to the ring, with his half-brother following him. Mick Foley and Bubba Ray Dudley now seem to be starting things off. Bubba surprises everyone by slapping Foley at left cheek and then starting to punch Foley to head- and neck- section. Bubba then continues the attacking work. He sends a few hard right hands before tagging D-Von Dudley in. D-Von immediatedly continues the mercyless Dudley- attack, with hitting a Neckbreaker to Foley. A Jumping Elbow Drop by D-Von and, a cover; one, two, no. D-Von grabs Foley up, but Ms. Foley's Baby Boy starts to fight back and eventually hits a Double-Arm DDT to D-Von, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Foley then slowly crawls towards his turnbuckle, looking hopeless. Jericho is the legal man, and he runs into the ring with his hair wiggling around. With Jericho even dropping Bubba Ray down with the Enzuigiri, the crowd goes totally crazy. D-Von enters the ring to help his brother, but only gets a DDT from Jericho. Y2J then hits the Lionsault on Bubba Ray Dudley. The cover, 1, 2, wait, 3! Jericho wins... quite quickly, actually! The match was long, but i really didn't have anymore "powers" to write anything more.

MQ 80% - CR 83% - OR 82% - Mick Foley debuted his new gimmick, it got a positive response. Mick Foley is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

A Change Of Heart

As Jericho continues celebrating, Mick Foley surprisingly grabs a steel chair from outside the ring. He rolls into the ring and blasts D-Von Dudley to head with it. He then slams the chair down and walks towards Y2J, taunting with him. And then he kicks Jericho under the belt to shock the fans! Mick Foley just kicked Jericho with a low blow! But why? Why has Foley betrayed his friend? The crowd yells so loudly that it's hard to even hear what the announcers say. Foley grabs the steel chair and starts to punish Jericho with it. Smackdown! goes off the air with Foley hitting the Double-Arm DDT to Jericho...

94% - Chris Jericho gained overness from this segment. Mick Foley's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Mick Foley gained overness from this turn.

Overall Rating Of The Show: 77%


I have a feeling that the show's quality goes down a bit in the end. It's just that i writed all this in three hours, and i really am kinda tired now. Post some feedback if you feel to.

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

Sunday Night HeAT quick results

-Afa Jr. hype video - 36%

-Afa Jr. def. Gangrel - MQ 62% - CR 37% - OR 49% - Afa Jr. debuted his new gimmick (Bad Ass), it got a positive response. Gangrel lost overness from this match. Afa Jr. gained overness from this match.

Sean O'Haire hype video - 68%

-Interview with Rikishi - 76%

-Rikishi def. Viscera - >>> MQ 45% - CR 64% - OR 58% <<< (a MUST-HAVE classic here!)

-New Age Outlaws def. The Headbangers - MQ 69% - CR 59% - OR 64% - Headbanger Mosh is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. Headbanger Thrasher is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

-Sean O'Haire def. Chyna - MQ 53% - CR 57% - OR 55% - Chyna lost overness from this match. Sean O'Haire gained overness from this match.

(The WWF leaders have gone apparently gone crazy about O'Haire!)

OVERALL: 48% (Ouch...)

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Guest Lazy Slapnut


"XPW TV has been dropped by KJLA!"

-Gerald Brisco

IPB Image



Monday Night RAW comes to you from the home of the Mighty Ducks - Anaheim this week, and we have an action-packed show in store for you. Just as you thought the Shane McMahon era couldn't get anymore exciting! And If You thought that Smackdown! was something, just wait and see; Tonight, we'll see the fallout of one of the most shocking conclusions of a WWF TV shows for a long time!

That's right, we're talking about "Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley turning his back to the fans and to Chris Jericho. After they had faced the deadly Dudley Boyz this past Thursday, Foley viciously assaulted the Intercontinental- champion with a steel chair. Foley has told that "He will be around on RAW, but Foley won't be around". What does he mean by that?

Confirmed Matches

"The Pimp Daddy" Godfather, with his ho's at ringside, will collide with the return-making Tazz in the opening match. The "Ho Train" is comin' to Anaheim - wanna get in?!

D'Lo Brown, by some titled as the future of the WWF, takes on Hardcore Holly - in a No Holds Barred Match!

Two big men, Kane and the Samoan Rikishi tag together to square off with the ex-Tag Team champs, The New Age Outlaws.

The Main Event will feature Steve Austin battling Edge and Christian in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Can Austin survive this one?

RAW comes to you exclusively on USA Network - you don't want to miss the action!

Edited by Lazy Slapnut
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Guest Lazy Slapnut

IPB Image


Channel: USA Network

TV Rating: 5.63

Attendance: 5011

Ticket Sales: $$200440

Singles Match

Godfather vs. Tazz

It seems like the WWF might have a problem here; Tazz is a heel, but the crowd still cheers for him every time he comes out. When he was recalled from Ohio Valley Wrestling, the Federation first placed him as a top upcoming babyface - but after noticing the lack of 'big name' heels, they made him go with "the dark side". The Godfather, unlike you'd expect, probably isn't totally buried either; Shane McMahon likes his gimmick, and in some plans, the Pimp Daddy has been nomineed for an Intercontinental title run. Nobody knows if that will ever happen. I'm sure, though, that the smarks wouldn't be too happy by then. However, this match is now, it has taken place and it was quite a squash to say the least. I mean, sure, the Godfather connected a few punches here and there - but Tazz was in control by most of the time. Godfather made Tazz look mediocre. Tazz is a world-class mat wrestler and one Hell of a brawler... and still, this fat Charles Wright made him look mediocre. The match finished with the Tazzplex and a cover for the win. Tazz celebrated his victory and the "13" started to flick in the big screen.

MQ 64% - CR 73% - OR 70% - Godfather is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

Bussiness is About to Pick Up!

The car crashes! This is the moment we all have been waiting for! "Why?" "Why?!"; That question has been on the nerve of every single World Wrestling Federation fan since last Thursday night. Is he here... yes, he is! Mick Foley comes out to a chorus of boos and to some mixed pops. Foley is dressed in a referee-shirt looking, black and white stripes- shirt and dark jeans. He has a suitcase in his hands, to the surprise of some people. Foley rolls into the ring from below the ropes and almost scraps the microphone from Lillian Garcia's slender hand.

Foley tries to speak, but the crowd makes too much noise. Responding to that, Foley starts to scratch his head. He, eventually, gets down to his knees and looks like his suffering. He then nearly starts to cry as he grabs the mic from the canvas and screams...

Mick Foley: I'M SO SORRY!

The audience doesn't know how to react to this line. Foley then looks like he just realized something (God knows what), and gets up to his feet. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he slowly places the microphone right before his lips. He again tries to say something, but the crowd yells too much...


The crowd reacts to this with huge boos.

Mick Foley: All over the damn week, people have walked towards me on the street and asked something like this: *Does this with a sarcastical tone* "Why, Mick? Why? Why did you BETRAY Chris Jericho?". I haven't done a damn thing to that over-selfish, jealous bastard. What do you expect me to be? Everyone... EVERYONE has one dark things other's don't know about. They may try to hide it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. My dark one is that i have been a fool. Yeah, a fool. I let my "friends" walk over me and use me as some steps to fame - everybody did it; Shawn Michaels, Paul Bearer, the one that deserted the WWF, The Undertaker and now - and now, Chris Jericho. He's in the spotlight, while Micky suffers in the corner.

"You know it isn't like that!", J.R. commented at ringside as Foley continued, looking both miserable and angry at the same time.

Mick Foley: Nobody gave a crap when the Undertaker dropped me off the Cell! Nobody gave a damn, when i got my ass whooped by HBK! I gave everything i had in those classic matches - but they got all the fame, and once again, i was just that one crazy guy that had lost his mind. Well, if you like it...

Foley slowly started to open the suitcase...

"Then i guess, that you'll like this too. I'm back to my true self. Oh yes, the dark side is again taking over. Mick Foley, of course, couldn't be bad. I mean, he wrote a few of nice childrens' books. I know one guy, that is capable of being sick and twisted at the same time. No, Cactus Jack is brutal, but he apparently has some sort of feelings. I'm talking about...

Foley then reveals the suitcase's inside in it's entirity. To shock of some, he pulls out a familiar mask and buckles it to his head.

"He's called Mankind."

The crowd reacts big-time to this announement - the evil Mankind is back in the WWF!

Mankind: So what's next you ask?! I think it's quite damn obvious - the original face of Foley has returned. So Chris Jericho, i'm callin' you out right now! Come down, let's fight!

Foley doesn't have to wait long, as the Y2J Countdown begins almost before Mankind finishes his sentence. 3, 2, 1, BOOM! Jericho runs out from the back in his wrestling gear, jumps into the ring and starts to hammer Foley with vicious right hands. Mankind tries to fight back, but Jericho keeps punching. Mankind falls on his butt and Jericho attempts the Walls Of Jericho. But just when Jericho grabs Foley's legs, a familiar theme music starts to play...

84% - Mankind lost overness from this segment.

Shane addresses the fans

Shane McMahon's theme hits the speakers and the crowd gives out a big pop. Shane struts out from the back with a mic in his hand, as he only can watch what happens in the ring. Oh wait, he can actually do something else too;

"ENOUGH!" *The crowd boos*.

That should do the trick.

Shane McMahon: Look, I know that this is what the fans want to see. And I love nothing more than a good, pure fight. But this isn't the right night to do this kind of a battle. Some of you of course would add this match to a Pay-Per-View - it'd be some good bussiness, but I think that I know what's even better. Two weeks from now, on January 23rd, right here LIVE... on Monday Night RAW, We will witness the greatest main event in RAW history. Just seven days away from the WWF Royal Rumble, you Chris Jericho and you Mankind will square off in RAW's main event!.

The crowd reacts big time to this one, though some might be dissapointed due to that match not taking place tonight here in Anaheim.

Shane McMahon: But that's not the only bombshell i'm dropping tonight, no no no. I took a look at the Royal Rumble's card and i noticed that - Hell, the WWF title match is missing! And no wonder, after that lazy, completely unsocial Paul White... i bet they're kissing his ass RIGHT NOW ON TED TURNER'S TNT as i speak... deserted the WWF from his view, we've been without a champ. Well at R.R on January 30th, things are about to change! It'll be "Stone Cold" Steve Austin... *A HUGE ovation from the crowd...*. Mankind... *The crowd boos and Jericho looks like he cannot believe it, in a negative way*. And the British Bulldog, in a Triple Threat Battle for the WWF Championship - one match that WILL beat Dwayne Johnson versus Kevin Nash in the ratings. Good night everybody and enjoy the whole f*cking show!

The fans go into a frenzy as Shane leaves and goes back to his office, eventually. Jericho has breaked the submission hold and looks very dissapointed - why isn't Y2J in the title match at the Rumble? Well, still - what a match-up it'll indeed be at the Rumble when the Texas Rattlesnake, British Bulldog and the evil face of Foley go at it. Also, it a bit seems that Shane O'Mac has started some sort of a war, against the WCW...


Commercial Break

Hardcore Match

D'Lo Brown vs. Hardcore Holly

Though this match had "No Holds Barred"- rules (or should i say: No rules), the Hardcore Championship was not on the line (currently held by the Big Bossman). It was "just" D'Lo Brown and the old, yet so much unexperienced Bob Holly facing off and smashing eachother with all kinds of weapons that you could expect. A Trashcan was the first thing intorduced, as it already was in the ring when the bell rang. Holly grabbed it up and tried to hit D'Lo Brown with it, but it missed and Brown kicked Bob Holly to the stomach section. Brown grabbed the trashcan and hit Holly to head with it. He eventually placed the can on Hardcore Holly's head so that his "real" head was not even seen. Brown then hit a Spinebuster, as the can fell off from Hardcore's neck. Holly though fell straight to the trash can! Which must have hurt. Brown grabbed another weapon that was in the ring (a baseball bat) and took it. Beware Hardcore baby! A hit that misses by D'Lo Brown and Holly hits the Alabama Slam to Brown to the FAKE trash can! Ouch ouch ouch! Holly then yells "Outta Control babyeeeeh~!" as he goes outside the ring and starts to throw out all kinds of stuff from under the ring. He grabs up a "STOP"- traffic sign and throws it into the ring and rolls back to the squared circle. Holly gets to his feet, only to notice that Brown has got up and is ready to strike - here it comes, Sky High - but Holly ducks the attack and quickly rolls Brown into a roll-up; 1, 2, f'n 3! Hardcore Holly steals it! His music starts to play and he wastes a little time rolling out of the ring, as Brown looks plain screwed. It wasn't a nice victory, not at all, but it was a victory...

MQ 70% - CR 67% - OR 68%

You're Such A Fool, Waltman. Such a fool...

We head to backstage to see Sean Waltman and the just-called-from- Ohio Valley Wrestling Trish Stratus talking about something. Well, it's more like arquing! Take a look:

Trish Stratus: So it is MY FAULT then? Weren't you the one that gave me the "best-before-date passed"- chocolate?!

X-Pac: Baby, chill chill chill. No need to arque! I'm just goin' thru' a turning point in my career and..

Trish Stratus: Well you should be, after losing dozens and again dozens of matches in a row! You need to focus!

X-Pac: I know i know my little sweet bitch, just gimme...


X-Pac: I meant, my lil' sweet... uhh... honeybunny! Yeah, you like that, don't you babe? Look, i promise to change. I've been a bad Pac, but i'll can be a six-pac? Or a sex pac! Or whatever you like...

"Do you like this?!", Trish asks and slaps poor Sean Waltman to a cheek! Trish leaves while X-Pac looks a bit dissapointed... to himself.

Commercial Break

Tag Team Match

Kane & Rikishi vs. New Age Outlaws

As the ringbell rang and both of the teams started to prepare for this tag team duel, i kinda had this feeling that this actually, could be good. Though i sometimes get quite nervous of hearing that Shane McMahon'd like to push these big guys - hoping the genetics totally won't ruin the future of the Federation. Kane started things off here with "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn. They started to match their strenght, and Kane undisputedly took the victory home from that contest, as he slammed Gunn down to the canvas. Gunn quickly got back to his feet and started all ready looking frustrated, no doubt due to losing to Hardys this past Thursday on Smackdown! Kane and Gunn went at it again, but this time, Gunn poked Kane to left eye and used the advantage to hammer the Big Red Machine. Gunn nailed Kane with hard right-hand blows and a few never-before-seen-style punches that looked weird, and unique at the same time. Gunn then sent Kane towards ropes, but Kane countered the attempt before it really even kicked off. So it was Billy Gunn then who ran to the ropes and from there, straight to Overflip by Kane. Kane tagged in the Samoan Rikishi, who the fans welcomed with nice pops too. This was due to the Big Man defeating Viscera in a true classic on Sundaynight HeAT. Gunn tried to run against 'Kishi, but Rikishi did an amazing superkick to end it right there. Gun then hombled towards his team's turnbuckle area and tagged in the Road Dogg. Dogg came in and, being a bit bigger than his tag team partner, started a slow and eventually boring brawl with Rikishi. It all ended to Road Dogg's DDT that could have been the turning point for the New Age Outlaws towards to a victory road. However, as Jesse James pinned Rikishi, Kane interfered the count with a boot stomp and therefore referee only managed a two-count. Kane grabbed Road Dogg up from the throat and was just about to take James down with a Two-Armed Chokeslam, when Billy Gunn got back into the ring and hit Kane with a Running Knee Attack. He then started to hammer Kane and both men fell out of the ring. Rikishi got back to his feet and turned Dogg around, going for a Rikishi Driver. Dogg ducked the attack and slammed the big man down with the Dogg Pound. A cover, for the three count! The N.A.O wins it, and their theme music starts to play...

MQ 65% - CR 72% - OR 69%

The N.A.O Make A Promise

As the winners' theme plays, Road Dogg gets his hand rised up on the air by the referee Jimmy Korderas. But the Road Dogg scares Korderas away with a mean look, and Gunn, who was ultimately able to slam Kane to the steel steps at ringside, rolled back into the ring. The New Age Outlaws then stomped Rikishi out of the ring too, as Billy Gunn took the microphone from Lillian Garcia. It looks like they have something to say aftermath.

Billy Gunn: Cut that damn music off! Cut it off! *The NAO theme stops to play*. So this is what we do now huh? We lost the WWF Tag Team championships to Jeff and Matt Hardy, and then we get just more and more of boos from you people, plus we're forced to wrestle a guy who's too ugly to show off his face and a fat-ass from something that takes place in Tony Chimel's dark side where the sun doesn't indeed shine!

Gunn hands the mic to Road Dogg, who looks just as frustrated about the situation.

Road Dogg: One time, there used to be the DX. Now there's just a bunch of losers. Not due to HHH going to the shit hole, but instead due to use losing our focus. Well things are about to change! God knows when you'll see us again, but we promise this: next time you'll see us, we'll be brand-new Age Outlaws in a never-before-seen roll!

After quaranteeing that, the both members of the N.A.O leave the ring, making their point clear.


Stone Cold Truth

We see a hype video that seems to be on every single WWF show nowadays. Last week it was Y2J, this time we get clips about Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is on action next!


Commercial Break

Handicap Match

Steve Austin vs. E & C

"You Think You Know Me, Know Me, Know Me..." The smoke fills the entrance stage of Monday Night RAW as we return from the last commercial break of this great evening. Edge and Christian are out first, Edge dressed in his long coat that is red this time, while Christian seems to wear tights that look similiar to Shawn Michaels' pants, except instead of broken hearts, these have "C"- letters. The pants have a text "Charisma Incorporated" painted in the butt. What is this, a new HBK in the making? As E & C hit the ring, the glass shatters and the fans get crazy - Stone Cold in the house! Austin comes out in his usual cockiness and confidence, but it gets wiped off as he stares at the two men waiting at the ring. Austin takes a deep breath, takes off his vest and rolls into the ring. Quite dumb, actually, since Edge and Christian can start kicking Austin before he even gets to his feet. Lillian Garcia rings the bell and the Main Event is underway! Edge starts to hammer Austin to head while his brother focuses in Austin's spine and back. Austin falls back to his knees and Edge's punches come slower, but even more effective in progress, while Christian punishes Texas Rattlesnake's back with Double Ax Handles. E&C force Steve get back to his feet and taste some Double Suplex. A cover by Christian, but Austin gets out before the count of three. Christian then grabs Stone Cold up, but Austin starts to fight back with hard right hands. Edge tries to rescue his brother, but he tastes some of Stone Cold Steve Austin's fist too. Austin then humiliates E&C by bashing their heads together, making them fall down. Austin tries to collect himself, but then the big screen starts to flicker and we see the British Bulldog there. Is he here for mind games? Austin looks at the TitanTron as the Bulldog starts to speak: "Steve, tonight is the night. You'll pay, for everything. And by the way, shouldn't you take a look at what's happening behind your back?". Austin does so by turning around, only to taste Edge's Big Boot attack. Edge and Christian are taking a clear advantage of Austin here, thanks to the British Bulldog. Christian stomps Austin and grabs him up... Stone Cold Stunner... no, Christian grabs Austin's foot and spins him around, and Edge tries to Spear Austin, but instead, hits Christian! The Spear on Christian! Edge looks shocked for a moment, but then he turns around and tastes the Stone Cold Stunner! A quick cover by Austin; 1... 2... 3! Austin takes another victory here on RAW!

MQ 81% - CR 81% - OR 80% - Edge debuted his new gimmick (Egomaniac).

Austin pays

Austin's music hits the speakers once again and the crowd explodes as the three-count is done. Austin does it! Austin has defeated Edge and Christian in a 2 on 1 Handicap match! Austin can barely stand, however, as he gets back to his feet, helped by Earl Hebner. Austin celebrates, but then the car crashes! It's him! Mankind is here! Mankind is here, but... nobody comes out from the back, but rather from the crowd, and Austin knows nothing about it. Mankind even grabs a steel chair from the ringside, just like last Thursday night. Wait... here comes British Bulldog! Bulldog runs down to the ring while Austin taunts "Come On!", still knowing nothing about Mankind being here. Bulldog and Austin! Bulldog and Austin! Bulldog and Austin! The situation is absolutely explosive here on Monday Night RAW! The Texas Rattlesnake gets the best out of Bulldog and is about to win the brawl, but then Mankind's here with a cheap-shot with a chair, straight to the spine of Stone Cold! Austin falls down to his knees and Mankind hits another chair shot on Austin, this time forcing Austin to kneel in front of the Bulldog. Bulldog does an arrogant taunt as Mankind continues the series of chair-shots! Finally, Mankind throws away the chair and lets the British Bulldog to beat the livin' hell out of Austin. As Bulldog hits him to forehead about twenty times, Austin starts to bleed. Come on boys, this isn't right anymore!

As "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is down and out on the canvas, Edge and Christian are down on the canvas, the British Bulldog gets back to his feet and he starts to celebrate with Mankind... A LOW BLOW BY MANKIND! He has... he has attacked the Bulldog too! Bulldog falls down to the canvas as well, as Mankind grabs the steel chair and taunts with it, rising it to the air with his right arm. The crowd gives major heat as Monday Night RAW goes off the air, with a sight like this! Will Mankind become the WWF Champion on January 30th?

87% - British Bulldog debuted his new gimmick (Cocky), it got a positive response.

Overall Rating of the Show: 74%

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Guest Lazy Slapnut

IPB Image



World Wrestling Federation airs from Anaheim for the second time a week, this time we'll be arriving with Thursday Night SmackDown! which is sure to make a huge impact. And tonight, we will see the biggest main event in Smackdown!'s short six months' history, when the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion and the self-proclaimed "King Of The World" Chris Jericho, the "Human Suplex Machine" Tazz and the British Bulldog, a man who has a chance to become the WWF Champion at the Royal Rumble, will battle in a huge Triple Threat match!

Confirmed Matches

Kai En Tai take on the Holly Cousins in the opening match.

A big-time triple threat tag team elimination match is set next to determine the challengers for the Tag Team gold at the Rumble; It's A.P.A versus Dudley Boyz versus the New Age Outlaws, who, on Monday, promised to turn the direction of their career. What did they mean by that?

The Kat puts the WWF Womens title on the line against the slutty, but still so adorable, soft, beautiful, innoce... okay, i shall not get too excited; Trish Stratus.

Plus that huge main event and so much, much more, exclusively on UPN 8 pm - it's another WWF action-packed night that you don't want to miss!

Edited by Lazy Slapnut
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