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Guest chatterbox

Mid 2005, one of the biggest television broadcast networks in the UK, Channel 4, began looking at a new market. Channel 4 is a channel famous for its innovative products and ideas for programmes, with new comedies every few weeks, and groundbreaking veteran programmes such as Big Brother, Channel 4 can be considered the cream of British Television. But with all innovative things, they begin to run out of ideas, and begin to look at new markets so they can bring in another moneymaker. This time around, the market was.. WRESTLING! They realised just how much money, and just how much profit is made by WWE Inc, and realise just how popular ITV's old 'World Of Sport' programme was before it was scrapped for modern TV. Channel 4 thought 'Yes, it may not be as popular as it is over in the States anymore, but we could make it popular', so they began running through with some ideas. They began to look at current promotions on the indy scene of Britain (IWW, FWA, wZw, IPW:UK, etc) and then over to America (RoH, CZW, IWA:MS, etc) and also looked at the fast growing promotion, Total Nonstop Action. In the end, they decided to go through with it, believing they had the formula to make wrestling popular again. But, they did have their doubts; looking back at ITV's failed 'Celebrity Wrestling' programme, they decided not to go ahead and put it on TV straight away, instead, they began to draw up a plan: Operation CBW!

Here how it was going to work:

IPB Image

Project Brainwash: Channel 4 devised this plan to get wrestling back into the public eye. What they are going to do is start including hints of wrestling into their programmes. For example, they may start have wrestling competitions as a task on Big Brother, for start including questions about wrestling into their quit and panel shows, and even start putting wrestling into their soaps. This will slowly but surely make the public like wrestling again once they are confronted with Channel 4's wrestling promotion.

CBW: Stand for 'Capital British Wrestling' as Channel 4 want to build up this wrestling promotion to be the best in the UK. It also will appear in Project Brainwash as they may mention CBW as the name of the wrestling included in the programmes.

One of Channel 4's Creative and Development staff has been assigned to be head booker and head writer of CBW. His name is Danny Walker, and he has been a life long fan of wrestling and the British Indy Scene. Many other workers from Channel 4 have also made the transition over to CBW, as they are also fans. Danny Walker's first job in his new position is to begin to sign extra staff, such as announcers and referees, and to finalise the deal with TWC. Which will show weekly shows until it is good enough to be moved to Bravo, who have already agreed to a deal is they think the product will be good enough.

WARNING: I have a lot of work on my hands besides this, so this diary will not be as active as some, but I will stick with it. Expect at least one show up every week.

BTW I am using a tweaked version of Natural Born Thrilla's British Beef Scenario.

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Very good beginning. Don't forget that Channel 4 actually had the rights to Sunday Night Heat and four pay per views per year in 2000/2001 so I don't think they'd try wrestling again. But as a scenario though, it's very cool. I think the picture is hilarious for some reason and the idea behind it is great!

Keep up the good work, amigo!

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Guest chatterbox

IPB Image

We have been neglecting probably the hottest news on the UK Scene as of late. Ofcause I mean Capital British Wrestling, the new wrestling promotion that is rumoured to be apart of the Channel 4 franchise. Its debut CBW TV will air on TWC this Saturday and will be repeated throughout the week until its next episode a week later. So, since it is only five days away, we will bring you the 5-Day Countdown from now until Saturday. The first will be the first week since it was announced, then the tomorrow the second will be the second week since it was announced, and you get the picture. So, here you go, here is today’s Countdown News:

CBW 5 Day Countdown

‘Hardcore’ John Atkins was announced as the Play-By-Play announcer for CBW. It is unknown if he will have someone joining him at the announce booth or not.

Trainers were signed, including Mark Sloan, Steve Grey and former NWA World Champion, Gary Steele. But the most surprising trainer to be signed was FWA Champion, and the most noticeable face of modern British Wrestling, Alex Shane. This also pretty much confirms that Shane will be apart of the CBW roster.

Hot UK Indy Workers, James Tighe and Stevie Lynn have been confirmed for the debut show. Both of these are huge young talents.

Flash Barker was signed onto the Creative Team, abandoning his FWA position.

Continuing from the trainers new, a new training camp was opened called The Capital Academy. It is based in Manchester at the moment, but is rumoured to be moving all around the country.

S.O.S Sheamus O’Shaunessy of Irish-Whip Wrestling was signed to be apart of the CBW Roster.

An application for a title to be made has been sent out.

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Guest chatterbox

IPB Image

CBW 4 Day Countdown

In a strange turn of events, Steve Linsky has left FWA and will be signing with CBW as their head referee very soon.

Alex Shane will indeed be appearing at CBW’s debut show, along with fellow trainers Steve Grey and Mark Sloan. Also confirmed for the event is Mel Sanders, who lost to Steve Grey in March at TWC’s International Showdown. We may get Grey VS Sanders #2 at CBW’s debut show.

The usual greats of the British Indy Scene are going through some negotiations right now with Danny Walker (Head Booker). These are Doug Williams, Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch.

CBW will have PPVs every month. They will be shown on Santana Sports. The first one will be called ‘WrestleFest UK’.

The first title belt has arrived. It is gold and looks like a crowd between WWE’s World Heavyweight Title, and ROH’s World Title. Five more applications have been sent.

Sheamus O’Shaunessy was the first of IWW wrestlers to join the CBW roster, now the former IWW International Champion has been followed by other talented young men on the IWW roster. These are: The Irish Dragon, Dave Zero, Red Vinny, and Jay Phoenix.

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Guest chatterbox

IPB Image

CBW 3 Day Countdown

CBW has signed sponsorship deals with Zoo Magazine, UKFF.com, the site you are on now: TalkWrestlingOnline.com, and its main supporter, the newspaper that takes interest in the wrestling business, The Sun. We are pretty happy here as we get to write a weekly article for the Friday edition of The Sun, and our friends over at UKFF gets to write one for Zoo.

Doug Williams, Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm have all signed deals with CBW.

Mel Sanders has recently went into hospital, so cant make an appearance at CBW’s debut show after all. But, Danny Walker has got in contact with one of the greatest British wrestlers alive, Johnny Kidd. Steve Grey + Johnny Kidd = GOLD!

Mark Sloan will not be in action, but he is bringing his EntouRAGE, Dan Head and Max Voltage, and will make an appearance. They may be put in tag action without Sloan.

The first match is booked for the CBW debut show. Stevie Lynn VS Spud VS Aviv Mayaan VS X-Dream.

The UK Pitbulls are confirmed for the debut show.

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Guest chatterbox

IPB Image

CBW 1 Day Countdown

Here is the full card for tonight’s show as announced on CapitalWrestling.co.uk:

Alex Shane VS Doug Williams

World Of Sport Rules Match

Steve Grey VS Johnny Kidd

Jody Fleisch VS Red Vinny

James Tighe VS Sheamus O’Shaunessy

Flash-Weight Fatal Four Way

X-Dream VS Spud VS Stevie Lynn VS Aviv Mayaan

Erin Angel VS Nikita

Nigel McGuinness VS Jay Phoenix

The Irish Dragon VS Dave Zero

John Atkins will not be alone. Danny Walker has allowed an eighteen-year-old trainee working at Channel 4 to join Atkins as a Colour Commentator. He is said to be pretty good. His name is Thomas Campbell.

You may notice that Darren Burridge, Jonny Storm, The UK Pitbulls, Mark Sloan, and the EntouRAGE are not on the card. But they will be at the show.

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Guest chatterbox

Capital British Wrestling: CBW TV Debut

John Atkins: “Welcome all you wrestling fans.’

Thomas Campbell: “Yes, welcome. This is Capital British Wrestling, the Capital of British Wrestling.”

John Atkins: “This is our debut show here tonight. Airing on The Wrestling Channel, and brought to you by The Sun Newspaper, and Zoo Magazine.”

Thomas Campbell: “And it looks like we are ready to kick off tonight.”

The Irish Dragon [versus] Dave Zero

Quick Notes: Dave Zero tried desperately to keep The Dragon grounded, and was successful at times, but the Dragon was simply too fast and confused him quickly.

Finish: The Irish Dragon baseball slided under Zero, Zero turned around only to be met with a powerful Dragon Kick, and was knocked out.

Winner: The Irish Dragon (58%)

Aftermath: The angry Dave Zero punched Dragon in the spine and then dropped the knee across the back of his head.


Nigel McGuinness [versus] Jay Phoenix

Quick Notes: Nigel McGuinness is RoH Pure Wrestling Champion, and is seen as the master of amt wrestling, but Jay Phoenix is a three time amateur wrestling world champion, so this match was certain to be a good one.

Fast paced mat wrestling filled with arm drags, submissions, counters, holds, counter holds, shoot wrestling, and all the styles that follow. Both men out-wrestled each other in different parts of the match, a lot of their moves were given ovations from the crowd.

Finish: Phoenix looked like he had the match won with the modified Dragon Sleeper he called the Wings Of The Phoenix. He tried to elevate it more by climbing the ropes, but was elbowed in the stomach and was left open to Nigel’s Tower Of London finisher.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness (54%)

Aftermath: A handshake of respect.


Erin Angel [versus] Nikita

Quick Notes: Erin Angel is one of the great unknowns of female British wrestlers, though she has great talent. Nikita has toured all over the world, and has and can compete with a lot of the male wrestlers in the world. Both women prefer a style of fast-paced explosive technical wrestling. They stuck together like glue showing great chemistry. One of the finest women’s wrestling contests in a long time.

Finish: Nikita countered a Superplex and turned it into a Super Tigar Bomb off the top rope, putting away Erin Angel.

Winner: Nikita (60%)


Mark Sloan along with his EntouRAGE, Max Voltage and Dan Head, are standing in the middle of the ring. He has a microphone in his hand.

Sloan: “I am Mark Sloan, Britain’s greatest wrestler. I am the ‘Specialist’, the artist of Yesterday and Tomorrow. And next to me are ‘Youthenazia’ Dan Head, and ‘Simply Electrifying’ Max Voltage. I trained these men myself, from when they were sloppy Pre-Teens, to this very day when they are the next big things in wrestling. And we can prove that. So right now, since all three of us were left off tonight’s card, I am laying out the gauntlet, anyone, any team, and group of wrestlers back there tonight who are delusional and think they can take Mark Sloan and the EntouRAGE then step forward and kiss your ass goodbye.”

Suddenly some music begins to play, and the three begin to prepare themselves for whoever enters the arena… BULK AND BIG DAVE! THE UK PITBULLS! Sloan’s jaw drops as the two huge men walk down the aisle, slapping the hands of the fans. They climb up onto the apron and through the ropes and challenge the three men to ‘come on’, and they do. Dan head and Max Voltage lunge forward, showing no fear of the VERY bigger men, only to be pushed away easily. The two men go after Sloan, but he ducks under them and hightails it out of there, and walks backwards up the ramp.

The two huge men want to show Mark Sloan exactly what they can do. Big Dave turns around and takes Voltage by the neck and gives him a powerful CHOKESLAM! Bulk give Head a splash in the corner, who then stumbles into a military press from Big Dave, who then drops him into a POWERSLAM! Voltage is up and he jumps onto Bulk’s back, trying a sleeper hold, but is rushed back into the corner, squashed. Big Dave picks him up and gives him a sick looking TKO. While on the floor, Bulk gives him a huge Leg Drop. Then Big Dave gives him a solid elbow drop. Then Bulk finishes off Voltage with a BIG SPLASH! Mark Sloan looks on in fear as the two men turn back to Dan Head, Bulk picks him up in a Flapjack, then Big Dave takes his head and drops him with a DDT, without Bulk moving. SPIKE DDT!

Satisfied with their work, the UK Pitbulls look up the ramp at the stunned Mark Sloan. He has just seen his EntouRAGE get destroyed with barely any resistance. (64%)


Flash-Weight Four Way: X-Dream [versus] Spud [versus] Stevie Lynn [versus] Aviv Mayaan

Quick Notes: Fast paced match saw all four men fight as a four, two one-on-ones, switched opponents, and innovate. Basically, this match was like an X-Division shoot out.

X-Dream pretty much controlled the match to begin with, taking on all three at a time, but he was eventually knocked off his pedestal and Spud took over. Spud tried for a Spud-Gun on Aviv Mayaan but it was countered, Aviv Mayaan then attempted the La Coupe D'Grace on Stevie Lynn but that move was also countered, then X-Dream almost fell victim to the Brainbuster, but he to also found away out of it.

The match then became a game of ‘can you top this’ as Aviv Mayaan made a springboard dive from the ropes to the outside, taking out the other three. Then X-Dream took Mayaan and the other two down with a twisting Asai Moonsault. Spud then stole all the spotlight with a grounded version of the 450 splash. WOW! One of the premier group spots however was a triple grapple, and then almost a triple three count after a crossbody from X-Dream.

Finish: X-Dream nailed Spud with the move he calls the X-Pact. But, when he went for the pin but Aviv Mayaan pushed him away from Spud. They traded strikes, and then Mayaan was thrown onto the apron, the over-the-rope Suplex spot was played until X-Dream was in the air. Stevie Lynn came in and baseball slided Mayaan’s legs, making him fall and hit his chin off the apron, and X-Dream to drop gut first across the top rope and then tumble to the pavement hard. Spud has by now recovered, but walks into Stevie Lynn’s Brainbuster and was pinned.

Winner: Stevie Lynn (61%)


James Tighe [versus] Sheamus O’Shaunessy

Quick Notes: Both men of similar size, and similar skills began slowly. Circling each other and at many time went for the grapple but hesitated and stopped just before they could collide. After a few minutes of nothing, and the ground beginning to yell at them, they finally went into a grapple.

Tighe is slightly smaller, and that was enough for Sheamus to take the upper hand in the early going, but the former bodybuilder used his technical ability and his raw strength to take the match in his control. Both men being equally balanced as far as ability is concerned, the match went back and forward for the majority of the match.

Around six minutes into the match, they went from mat wrestling, from chop exchanges, and from tests of strength, to a submission battle. Each one tried to lock in a submission hold, and each one managed to counter each other’s attempts. Tighe began to use his speed as a last resort to get the better of Sheamus, running up the ropes and springboard moonsaulting and landing on his feet to reverse an arm wringer. Though that was soon counter-countered to.

James Tighe began to get desperate and he low blowed Sheamus O’Shaunessy, the referee blind to it. He began the beat down on Sheamus, hitting first chops, and kicks, and elbows, and then moves on to various Suplex variations, a powerful Spiked Sit-Out Tigerbomb, and a sick looking Full Nelson Suplex.

Finish: James Tighe went for the Tighetanic but Shaunessy struggled, almost getting out of it. To stop him escaping, Tighe let go, spiking him on his head, but on the way down he had caught Shaunessy’s legs and turned him over into a Cloverleaf. Shaunessy had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: James Tighe (68%) [100% MQ!!!!!]

Aftermath: James Tighe nailed the Tighetanic since he failed to do it during the match. He left to a stream of boos as referees and medics came out to help Sheamus.


Jody Fleisch [versus] Red Vinny

Quick Notes: Jody Fleisch has an International reputation as a high flyer who can wrestle. He has been compared to Rey Mysterio, and has also been called the greatest high flyer alive at this time. His opponent is ‘The Heretic’ Red Vinny. Popular in Ireland as a mat-wrestling high-flyer, has been called the best mat specialist Ireland has to offer. And this is his ultimate test.

They lock up and begin to stand-wrestle (chain wrestle while standing) without either man giving up. Every move increases the pace, until they push away from each other and stand off. Vinny shoots, taking down Jody, the two begin mat wrestling, with Vinny coming out on top; Jody cannot win in this position. In a quick rush of adrenaline, Jody Fleisch works his way back up and began to fly around the ring.

The contents of the match became fast paced exchanges of hurricaranas, arm drags, and various strikes. Vinny took control of the match again with a jumping Tornado DDT. Vinny continued to ware down Jody Fleisch with Suplexes, Slams, and Drops.

Finish: Red Vinny went for a Suplex, and curiously drops Jody Fleisch onto the apron, he then got his head in position for a bulldog and ran towards the corner, running up the turnbuckle and flipping back, but Fleisch takes tight hold of the ropes making Vinny slip off. Vinny goes for Jody, but is punched away, he comes back only to be punched again, he holds his face and in anger runs back at him but this time is nailed on the face with a high kick which knocks him back and onto the mat. Vinny scrambles to his feet, holding his face, and turns back to Fleisch, but is hit with the 720 Phoenix DDT by surprise and is pinned.

Winner: Jody Fleisch (63%)


World Of Sport Rules: Steve Grey [versus] Johnny Kidd

Round 1: Many pin attempts but only twos were scored. Fast paced round.

Round 2: Less pin attempts, now the legendary mat wrestling of WOS was showcased, many moves were followed with standing ovations. Johnny Kidd almost scored the first fall with a Victory Roll.

Round 3: More mat wrestling, this time around though, Steve Grey managed to synch in an armbar and make Kidd tap out.

Round 4: Further mat wrestling, with Kidd desperate to make this match even again. He went for a German Suplex, but Grey ran to the ropes to try a counter but it failed and he was rolled up into a Reverse Cradle and was pinned.

Round 5: In the final round, the two were desperate to get the winning pin. Grey launched Kidd into the air with a Back Body Drop, but Kidd landed on his feet. He then leapfrogged over Grey’s spear like move and executed a nice looking Sun Set Bomb, similar to Amazing Red’s Code Red. He got the final fall with only six seconds to go.

Winner: Johnny Kidd (65%)

Aftermath: Though Johnny Kidd won this match; both men show their respect for each other. They stand, they hug and they shake hands. We have just seen something special here tonight, the resurrection of World Of Sport. But, their ceremony of respect is only short lived as two men run in from the crowd.

The two men, one dressed in a black and purple Addidas Tracksuit, Jonny Storm. The other dressed in dark blue and light blue tracksuit bottoms with a Burberry T-Shirt, Darren Burridge. Burridge nails Steve Grey with a Dog Collar Suplex, and then Jonny Storm nails the Wonder Whirl on Johnny Kidd. After the beat down, Jonny Storm takes a microphone into the middle of the ring.

Storm: “Look at you all. You cheer these two men, these two has-beens, why? Because you feel they need respect. Well what about us? What about the Chav Community that are victims of prejudice on a day-to-day bases. We are the victims, not the bullies, not the pricks that they are made out to be. We deserve the respect, not these two men. We are the two best performers of this generation, we are CHAVS! And we are THE ESSEX BOYS!”

The two men head to the back, with the two British Wrestling legends still flat out in the middle of the ring.



MAIN EVENT: Alex Shane [versus] Doug Williams

Quick Notes: Alex Shane was brought out of his game as Doug Williams used a speed edge to get on top of Alex Shane in the opening of the match. Shane soon took the match back using a strength advantage, but it only lasted so long until Williams actually began to match his strength. In an equally impressive turn of events, Alex Shane began to match Doug Williams in terms of technical holds and counter holds.

Shane began to take the match in his favour after he countered the Chaos Theory and nailed Williams with a high impact backbreaker. He continued to ware down Williams before going for the One Night Stand, but it was reversed cunningly into a Revelation DDT. Williams exhausted, and Shane stunned from the move, both are grounded.

Finish: Alex Shane missed the big boot in the corner, hanging himself on the rope, leaving him open to Doug William’s Chaos Theory and was pinned.

Winner: Doug Williams (73%)

Aftermath: Alex Shane looked very pissed off and left to the back as Williams celebrated his victory.


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Guest chatterbox

IPB Image

CBW News!

CapitalWrestling.co.uk has posted a message on its newly launched fan forum saying that they will rarely ever be scouting wrestlers. Instead, if you want to get on the roster, call the Recruitment Hotline (08000 2274825) and book a try out.

Also on CapitalWrestling.co.uk, the page for CBW’s first PPV ‘WrestleFest UK’ has been added. So far, it announces an International Showdown match. On Steve Corino’s website, he has said he is coming to the UK to appear at a new promotion. It would be safe to assume that he would appear in this match. Also, predicted to be apart of this is D’Lo Brown and Joe Legend, as they have been around the UK for months now.

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Guest chatterbox

the following is a commercial aired on IPB Image in between CBW TV weekly shows

Capital British Wrestling presents…

Superstars In Profile


’The Heretic’


IPB Image

From: Vana'Diel, Ireland

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weight: 170lbs


Six Suplex: Fisherman Suplex

Triple Six: Triple Fisherman Suplex with the last one turning into a fall back 99 Crusher

Teardrop: Corkscrew Legdrop from top rope

Red Vinny is a mysterious, slightly gothic, technical wrestler. His style consists of pure mat wrestling, chain wrestling, and many forms of submissions, mix in a little bit of unique aerial offence and there you ‘The Heretic’. Before coming to CBW he made his success in Irish promotion, IWW. Whilst in IWW, Red Vinny has scored victories over international talents such as MDogg20, Xavier, Fast Eddie, Matt Striker, and many others. Ofcause, the most memorable part about him is his long time rivalry with The Irish Dragon, which produced matches that wowed audiences all over the country. Vinny has even had a WWE tryout in the past. He is looking to have the success in CBW as he had in IWW, and he is more than capable to do it.

If there is anyone on the CBW roster that you want to know about, hit me a PM and i'll have his profile up.

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An excellently done first-show, with only two minor gripes. Firstly, Storm and Burridge didn't sound like chavs, although most chavs barely have the motor skills to walk and talk at the same time, so I'll forgive you there.

Second, Campbell didn't sound like the Campbell everyone (other than Sprules and Tyler) knows and loves. I can't be unhappy though. Doug Williams is champion, and thus, all is right with the world.

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Guest chatterbox
I noticed the non-chav speak they had, but dont worry, they will next time. And, despite popular belief, Doug Williams hasnt won anything apart fromt hat match. No titles have been on the line yet, but i guess the banner is misleading. And, i personally have never heard Campbell announce so i dont know what to write for him. If someone wants to fill me in on him then be my guest. Next show should be up by tonight BTW since its half term and i have little homework to do.
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Guest chatterbox


Capital British Wrestling: CBW TV Episode #2

Opens up with music playing. Closing in on the entrance shows us Dean Ayass and (formally) The Zebra Kid. They make their way into the ring, and then Ayass takes a microphone.

Dean Ayass: “If you know what’s good for you, you would shut up.”

The hotheaded crowd gives Ayass a lot of boos as a response, but quietens down eventually, and then Ayass gets to continue.

Dean Ayass: “Beside me stands the greatest wrestler of this time. He stands at six foot four inches, and weighs in at nineteen stone. Some call him the Man Monster, some call him The Animal, and others call him Britain’s Greatest Athlete. But, tonight you will know him from what I, and all his victims know him by, he is ‘The Man They Call’ JACK! KNIGHT! And tonight, he will show each and every one of you exactly what he can do. So, bring out his first victim on the CBW roster.”

The music of an unknown person plays, and out comes Damon Leigh. He gets a lot of cheers, mainly because he is going against someone who has came across as a heel, but some are cheering because they know him from other UK based promotions. Damon Leigh gets into the ring and the bell rings.



Jack Knight [versus] Damon Leigh

Full Match: Both men collided with a lock up but Leigh was thrown to the side by Knight. Damon got up and ran back at Knight but was simply nailed in the gut with a knee. Knight dropped an elbow across Damon’s chest, then quickly stood up and began to stomp him down, then he flipped him over and gave him some vicious looking cross faces. He picked him up and gave him a powerful looking scoop slam, Knight going down to turning it into an almost Powerslam. With Damon Leigh now flat on his back, Jack Knight climbs the ropes and flies off, dropping an elbow across his chest again. He makes a taunt and then picks up Leigh and gives him a powerful falling crucifix Powerbomb, which his calls the ‘Jack Knight’ Powerbomb (get it). He got the three in a complete squash match.

Winner: Jack Knight (59%)


The Irish Dragon & Stevie Lynn & Spud [versus] Dave Zero & Aviv Mayaan & X-Dream

Quick Notes: Aviv Mayaan and X-Dream have turned over night heel. Stevie Lynn came from a victory against Spud, Mayaan and Dream last week, while The Irish Dragon beat Dave Zero last week also.

Dragon and Dream start. They immediately go into a test of strength with X-Dream winning and then sends Dragon to the ropes, Dragon counters a sidewalk slam or a backbreaker attempt with a head scissors takedown, and Dream tags out. Aviv Mayaan is now in, making it ‘The Red Dragon’ versus ‘The Irish Dragon’. Aviv shoots, Dragon leapfrogs over him, Mayaan backflips for a kick, but misses and lands on his feet, Aviv ducks and Enziguri then catches a back dropkick with a wheel borrow German suplex.

Aviv and Dragon continued the high flying, high impact offence, then Dave Zero replaces Aviv and starts to force Dragon into a brawl, but he tags out and Stevie Lynn replaces him. This continues further through the match with every combination colliding at least one point in the match. Then Spud went up against Dave Zero, with Zero winning at first, but Spud takes him out with a high impact leg lariat. Both men are exhausted ad the other four men flood the ring; the referee though keeps control until the fighting illegal men exit the ring and fight on the outside.

Finish: Spud nails Dave Zero with the Spud-Gun, and went for the pin, but the referee was knocked out. He left Zero on the mat as he went to revive the ref, but turned back around and was nailed in the gut with a Toe Kick, and then picked up and nailed with a Cradle Piledriver. Zero is still on the floor, IT WAS JACK STORM! Jack grabs Dave Zero and throws him on top of Spud and finishes reviving the referee so he can make the three count.

Winners: Dave Zero, Aviv Mayaan & X-Dream (69%)

Aftermath: Jack Storm got back into the ring and slapped Spud across the face while he was down. Spud’s teammates came in to get Jack away, but Mayaan, Zero and Dream cut them off. Dragon was double-teamed by Zero and X-Dream and was nailed with a Backbreaker/Top Rope Legdrop. While Stevie Lynn was nailed with Mayaan’s Coup D’Grace. Storm was still beating down Spud, and gave him a splash from the top rope to finish his assault. The four-man team left the ring in glory.


Mark Sloan is standing in the ring like he did last week, with his EntouRAGE Dan Head and Max Voltage. He once again takes a microphone and begins to speak.

Mark Sloan: “Last week was a disgrace. The Pitbulls didn’t accomplish anything; they just made themselves look like they were hard. But I know that’s wrong, and I am sure all you in the crowd know its wrong [boo] and defiantly, the two that humoured them both last week, and laid down for them, Dan Head and Max Voltage.”

John Atkins: “Humoured?”

Mark Sloan: “And to prove this, I challenge those two fat, ugly, wrestler wannabes to come out here and try to make a repeat performance.”

Mark Sloan is playing with fire, and is about to get burned. The music of the UK Pitbulls (Bulk and Big Dave) plays and the two towers of men come down to the ring. They bide their time, with the three men in the ring looking pretty scared, apart from Mark Sloan who is challenging them to get into the ring. They do, and Head and Voltage charge at them, only to be knocked down by punches. The UK Pitbulls look towards Sloan, making him back up into the ropes. Sloan sh!ts himself as they get closer, but then two other men comes into the ring, each knocking the Pitbulls from behind. These two are just as big as the ‘Bulls, and look very impressive. One of them is recognised as the seven-foot tall German monster, Ulf Hermann. After a little brawl, with Big Dave beating whomever he is fighting, but then is kicked in the groin by Sloan (what a brave man). Ulf and his unknown partner DOUBLE SUPLEX BULK! Ulf then PICKS UP BIG DAVE onto his shoulders and drops him with a sort of Powerbomb, then his partner comes off the top rope with a huge Moonsault. Bulk is back up, but the huge man with Ulf gives him a huge lariat to take him out. Mark Sloan along with Max Voltage and Dan Head, get into the ring and celebrate with Ulf Hermann and whoever the other man is.



Debut 4 Corners: Paul Travell [versus] Gary Steele [versus] Robbie Brookside [versus] Harry Smith

Quick Notes: Harry Smith and Robbie Brookside start us off. They chain wrestle until it is clear that no man has the edge so they both tag out and Travell and Steele come in. They also chain wrestle, with Steele getting the better of Travell, but then travel makes a come back using his speed combined with his flexibility and his mat wrestling knowledge, but it is short lived as after a few seconds, Gary Steele reverses it back into his favour. Travell managed to smoothly counter that into a pinning combination afterwards, only getting a two count.

Brookside comes in and wrestles along with Gary, but is also shown up, so he tags out. Smith comes in and tries to out wrestle Steele, but even the son of the legendary Davey Boy Smith cant out wrestle the former NWA World Champion. Harry then makes a huge mistake, and tries to out chop Gary Steele, but with just one knife-edge, Harry is sent to the other side of the ring. Harry tags out to Brookside again, who decides to refer back to his speed, and takes Gary off his game.

In a fast paced wrestle-off (new phrase J) Brookside is blind tagged by Travell who climbs the ropes, Gary nails a Tornado DDT, and goes for the pin unaware that he is no longer the legal man, he turns around and is caught with a hurricarana and is pinned. Taking out the so far favourite.

Elimination #1: Gary Steele

Continued Quick Notes: Harry Smith comes in, replacing the eliminated Gary Steele, and takes out Paul Travell with a stiff elbow. Travell counters and Irish Whip with a jumping arm drag, triggering the start of an armdrag contest, which triggers a chop battle, which triggers and lock up and then a final stand off. Smith tags out to Brookside, and those two collide. Robbie out wrestles Travell, but is kicked in the gut and nailed with a triple suplex combination, or a Tri-Plex as John Atkins announced it.

Brookside comes back in the match countering a complete shot with an armbar, which is turned into a pin. Travell kicks out and goes for a quick pin on Robbie, which is also a two count. They begin the pin exchange that you used to see in the TNA X-Division, which resulted in a wild lariat from Brookside, but Travell ducks and nails Brookside with a Neckbreaker. Travell tags out to Smith.

They begin a technical wrestling battle, a battle of skill and wit. This continues when Travell replaces Smith, then Smith replaces Brookside, and then Brookside replaces Travell. Then, Brookside is Irish Whipped from one corner to the other, and tries the leap, but is caught from underneath by Harry Smith who then nails the running Powerslam and eliminates Robbie Brookside.

Elimination #2: Robbie Brookside

Continued Quick Notes: These two square off, have a grapple, then a stand off, then a test of strength, then a stand off, then a ramming contest, then a stand off, then a chain wrestling showcase, then another standoff, getting an applause at the end of it. In a chop battle, Paul’s chest is cut open. In the very last spot of the match, Harry Smith has his Superplex countered by Paul Travell who hits a Sunset Flip, and almost gets a pin in, but Smith rolls through it and nails a Shining Wizard, hooks the leg for the three count.

Winner: Harry Smith (68%)


Sheamus O’Shaunessy [versus] Red Vinny

Quick Notes: Vinny lost last week, as did Sheamus. They both need to make up for their losses last week.

Move for move, submission for submission, strike for match, these two wrestled to their fullest. Vinny numerously used his unique aerial offence to get the edge over Sheamus. Sheamus always found a way back into the match though with his equally impressive strength advantage. Nearing to the end however, Vinny appeared more awake and aware than his opponent. Red Vinny began to take full control of the match with Sheamus barely ever getting another shot in.

Finish: Vinny set up Shaunessy for the Six Suplex, nails it and then rolls through and nails another one. He must be going for the Triple Six. He lifts up Sheamus for the final Six Suplex in the series, but Sheamus slides out and cunningly rolls up Vinny, sneaking in the three count victory. He exits the ring before Vinny knows what had just happened.

Winner: Sheamus O’Shaunessy (74%) [100% MQ] GOD! That’s 2/2 for Sheamus


Alex Shane comes out to the ring, gets a microphone, yadda yadda yadda, lazy writer.

Alex Shane: “Last week, the biggest injustice in the history of the world happened in this very ring. Doug Williams beat me. I swear, I swear on my reputation that he cheated to win that match. It’s not fair; it’s just not fair. WOW! He has made an impact in the states and all over the world for British wrestling, but what about the British wrestler that made an impact not IN but ON British wrestling fans. I am a role model for all young wrestlers out there now. I have trained so many, and I have won so many titles it is unbelievable, but no, in Capital British Wrestling, the man who can barely ever wrestle in Britain gets a victory over me. You know why he is not on tonight’s card? Because he is in Japan! JAPAN! Who’d go there? What normal British man would go to Japan and entertain them rather than his home crowd? But with me, the ‘Show Stealer’ Alex Shane, what you see is what you get, and you see greatness, and you get greatness when I perform for you. What more can you ask for?”

Just then, the music of one of the most, if not THE most popular British wrestler around, Jody Fleisch! He comes out to the ring, getting in it with Alex Shane, gets his own microphone, and we have a confrontation on our hands.

Jody Fleisch: “Alex, stop complaining. You just don’t get it do you? No one wants to here whining, and complaining, not since they saw you cutting onions on Brainiac. Listen Alex, you have done a lot for British wrestling, and thanks to CBW, British wrestling has a chance to become popular again. But it couldn’t get this far without good old Alex Shane. From Radio Stations, to TV Programmes, to movies, what haven’t you don’t to spread the word? That’s right, you didn’t consider the International Audience. You see, thanks to channels such as The Wrestling Channel, British wrestling fans can watch some form of wrestling other than WWE, and they see RoH, CZW, TNA and all the others. And if not, then there is the growing Internet Community of wrestling fans, the majority of it being Americans, and when they talk about how great this wrestler is, and he is from Britain, what are British fans going to think? They’ll be thinking ‘If they are this good, I would like to see some of the guys that we have over here’ and so the wrestling community of the UK grows. Its thanks to guys like me, Doug Williams, Jonny Storm, William Regal and Paul Burchill that keep British wrestling alive. And, once CBW becomes mainstream all across the UK, then every major British worker will be working here, and many American workers to. So, there you go Alex, that is it all explained to you. You may be the ‘Show Stealer’, but we are the ‘Show Makers’, and the only thing you can do about it is deal with it!”

Jody Fleisch drops his microphone and turns his back no Alex Shane as the crowd begin to chant “JODY! JODY! JODY!” Shane cant do anything, he is devastated, but slowly he regains his composer and gets pissed off, but Jody is already backstage by the time he needs to take his anger out on someone.

Alex with a full head of steam gets out of the ring and heads backstage, cameras follow him, once in the back he finds the first person he can see, which so happens to be Gary Steele who is just getting ready to leave, he takes him by the neck and throws him back out of the ramp. Steele gets up but is knocked right back down by Alex Shane. Shane picks him up for the One Night Stand, and completes it, throwing Gary Steele off the top of the ramp, dropping him seven or eight feet to the concrete below. The pissed off Alex Shane leaves to the back as medics tend to Gary Steele.



James Tighe [versus] Nigel McGuinness

Quick Notes: Both of these men came off huge victories last week in fine technical contests, and now they collide.

Tighe tried to grapple with Nigel, but Nigel avoided him completely making him try harder, and when he finally got hold of him, Nigel McGuinness showed him exactly why he is RoH Pure Wrestling Champion. Smart trap by Nigel McGuinness. James Tighe came back though using his strength advantage over McGuinness, allowing him to attempt the Cloverleaf, but Nigel countered with a Guillotine Lock on the standing Tighe, but Tighe just flopped forward, putting all his wait on Nigel, to break the submission hold.

They both stand to face off, Tighe ducks a clothesline and happy slaps Nigel McGuinness in the back of the head. Nigel turns around and pushes Tighe, so Tighe returns with a pie face. They both go nose to nose and begin to talk a little trash, ending with Tighe slapping Nigel across the face. Nigel holds his cheek, lets the fury build up and fires back with a slap of his own. Tighe tries to return the slap, but Nigel catches it and slaps him again. They both then began a chop battle, and try to hurt each other. They have gotten on each other’s nerves.

Tighe whips Nigel McGuinness into the corner, but Nigel handstands up onto the top turnbuckle as Tighe runs at him; Nigel drops off and catches Tighe with a strong reverse DDT. A few things happen then the spot is replayed, but this time Tighe knows what is happening and kicks Nigel in the face whilst he is suspended. After that, the match was all James Tighe, as he beat him from post to post, with no rest what so ever, until he felt it was time to finish the match.

Finish: Tighe locks in the Cloverleaf, but McGuinness refuses to tap out, and eventually gets to the ropes. Tighe gets off him and stomps him on the spine then rushes him to his feet, nails the Tighetanic and locks in the Cloverleaf again, this time digging his knee right into McGuinness’ back. Nigel has no choice but to tap.

Winner: James Tighe (79%) [100% MQ] That’s 2/2 for Tighe to


MAIN EVENT: The Essex Boyz [versus] Steve Grey & Johnny Kidd

Quick Notes: First part of the match saw Jonny Storm try to compete in light-heavyweight ‘World Of Sport’ style wrestling against both Johnny Kidd (master) and Steve Grey. Though he did match to pretty much everything they did, he can’t beat the masters. Jonny Storm came back when he was against Johnny Kidd though, as he began implying some of his new age techniques to out wrestle the veteran, but as always, the veteran prevails and managed to match Jonny move for move. Then Jonny tagged in Darren Burridge.

Darren is a big man, and even though his talent is there, he would rather fight than wrestle. That is exactly what happened once he got into the ring. He didn’t give Johnny Kidd a chance to wrestle; he just simply took him down first shot and beat on him. Kidd fought back, buying him enough time to make a tag to his partner, who showed he has a lot of spring left in his body as he jumped up onto the top rope and gave Darren Burridge a cross body. From there, Steve Grey began to PUNCH Darren instead of wrestle. Turn about is fair play.

This furious streak from Grey was short lived as Burridge fought back and when he did, he was back full time. He tied Steve Grey up in the ropes and punched him in the kidneys, the referee had to move him away and help of Steve Grey who was beginning to cough heavily. Fear was that he was about to spit up blood, which he didn’t. In his place came Johnny Kidd.

Johnny Kidd took a lot of punishment from Darren Burridge until Darren got cocky and decided to go for submission holds. Lucky for him, Kidd was worn down and could barely find the strength to do anything. The fans began cheering on Kidd, Steve Grey began cheering him on from the corner, Kidd began to find his strength. He suddenly burst up, finding a way out of the submission hold he was in and then nailed Burridge with a basement dropkick to the jaw. Both men were as good as down, and both went for the tag.

Both men got the tag and Steve Grey ran towards Jonny Storm, and Jonny Storm ran towards Steve Grey. Steve Grey knocked down Storm with an elbow, then a couple more, and then knocked Burridge off the apron, then he was taken down and out wrestled by Jonny Storm. Storm then went to the top rope and measured up Steve Grey, diving off and nailing him perfectly with a Super Diving Tornado DDT.

Nothing much more special followed. It continued with more wrestling from both Johnny Kidd and Steve Grey, but with Grey beginning to brawl. Jonny Storm using a more explosive and high impact style. And Burridge just beating the hell out of his opponents. Eventually, all four men collided in the ring, the referee couldn’t control any of it anymore.

Finish: Darren Burridge comes from behind Steve Grey and gives him the Dog Collar Suplex with vicious impact. Steve Grey is out, leaving Johnny Kidd to fend for himself, but even he falls victim to the Dog Collar Suplex from Darren Burridge, who pins them both at the same time, with a cocky smile spread across his face.

Winner: The Essex Boyz (77%)

Aftermath: The two ‘CHAVS’ look down on the two veterans. Burridge picks up Kidd and locks him into a full nelson while Storm slaps his face. Storm then kicks Grey in the stomach. Just then Judy Fleisch comes running down to the ring. He slides in, ducks under Burridge’s clothesline, and jaws Storm instead. Burridge tries for a Dog Collar Suplex but is low blowed and dropkicked out of the ring. The Essex Boys flee to the back as CBW TV goes off air.


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Guest chatterbox

the following is a commercial aired on IPB Image in between CBW TV weekly shows

Capital British Wrestling presents…

Superstars In Profile



IPB Image

From: Norton, England

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 220lbs


Brainbuster: Self-Explanatory

Face Jam: Half Nelson Face Buster

Photo Finish: Psycho Driver I

Stevie Lynn is one of the most exciting and most athletic wrestlers on the UK scene. He mixes quick and explosive moves with ground based technical moves, making him a force to be reckoned with. He was first brought into the spotlight in North-Eastern promotion wZw where he won the Cruiserweight Championship, and also won Babyface Of The Year. Eventually, he was scooped up by FWA where he won his debut match against Mark Sloan, but hasn’t been used in the mainstream that often since then. He now mainly wrestles for 3CW, where he holds the World Heavyweight Title, and also for recently started CBW, where he has been recognised as a talent and is so far top of the list in the ‘Flash-Weight’ division.

If there is anyone on the CBW roster that you want to know about, hit me a PM and i'll have his profile up.

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