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Masters of Horror


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The first two movies were great! I heard there releasing this set on DVD, can't wait to get that. Apparently Takashi Miike directed a story for it, can't wait to see that one either.

Anyone else watching it on Showtime?

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Woohoo for blood and guts television!

I caught part of the last one and part of Dario Argento's "Jenifer". Both were rather fascinatingly odd, but Jenifer was much more ingenious. It's amazing how Argento makes graphic violence, sex, and language be combined for one ep.

P.S. Has anyone listened to the soundtrack yet?

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Has the John Carpenter one been done yet?

I'm really looking forward to the zombie episode coming this week. I love it when horror actually satirizes and challenges politics and I've heard words this it's probably the best of this season's run, which would be amazing.

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