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NWA 1992 What If?


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What If?

Everybody remembers when Flair left WCW with the World Title in his possesion. He later showed up in the WWF challenging Hulk Hogan and claiming to be the real world champion. But what if Flair refused to sign with the WWF and instead reformed the NWA to battle the WWF and the WCW at their own game?

September 8 1991:

Flair:"That's it. I am gone. I did everything I could to save this damn company, even go under the mask of the Black Scorpion and this is how you pay me? Fuck you all to hell!!! I'm not taking this shit anymore. You can kiss your world champion and your precious title goodbye!!"

That was the last WCW management heard of Ric Flair. The World Champion was gone with the title belt, forcing WCW to create a new belt and put it on Lex Luger. But what did Flair did?

September 9 1991: 9:35 am

Flair: "Hey Jimmy, this is Ric Flair. Guess what? I left WCW and I have the NWA World Title with me. See where I am going?"

Crockett:"Yeah I heard. I suppose their is big money to be made with Hogan in the WWF"

Flair:"No Jim, that's not what I meant. I mean, this is the perfect opportunity for us to remake the NWA into what it used to be and show Ted Turner how you book a company. I have some money saved up from my years in wrestling, just a couple million dollars. I know you have your fair share of money too. We both have the experience in this business to make this sucessful. It is just a matter of trying."

Crockett:"Are you nuts? I mean, you want me to put all that I have saved up in wrestling again? Shit Ric, you really are nuts, I tough they where just rumors, but...."

Flair:"Hey, cut the crap Jim. I have some investors interested. I alredy talked to several promoters within the NWA banner and they think this is a great idea and we can count on their financial backing too. After all the calculations I made, I think we can start with around $30 million dollars."

Crockett:"That's great Ric, but we have to compete with two established juggernauts. Who can we use? Almost everyone good is under contract with them."

Flair:"Afraid of the challenge Jim? C'mon, you have the freakin' Nature Boy...WOOOOOO!!! What else do you need? We just need you. Everybody gave their unanimous vote that they would do this, but only if you where in charge. Are you going to turn your back on me now?"

Crockett:"Shit Ric.....I mean....ah to hell with it!!! OK, I agree, but only for one year Ric. If I dont see profits in my wallet in one year I am gone. I am too old to be loosing money just like that."

Flair:"That's my boy. Now, the territories believe that we could launch a big event on January 1992, that gives us plenty of time to gather the resources and contact talent. After this event, and I know it will be a sucess, we can negotiate with a network and get a TV deal. You will see Jim, you will see."

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September 15 1991:

Ric Flair faxes Jim Crockett a paper:

Hey Jim. This are the details of what I have accomplished so far. Feel free to call me back after you read this.

Sponsor contracts:

Flaming Security: $638,000 per event

Gunn Agency: $605,000 per event

The # Shooter: $605,000 per event

Maiden Music: $575,000 per event

Staff signed:

Mike Tenay and Magnum TA will handle the announcing. Both of them will be familiar names to wrestling fans.

Al DeRusha, John Finnegan, Charles Robinson and Mark Johnson will be the referees.

Tommy Carlucci will handle production

Tyson Morgan and your daughter Jody will be our medics.

George Scott, Benton Fraser, Bill Banks and Todd Gordon will be the bookers.

Alan Ross, Noah Brinkman and Terry Garvin will be the road agents.

Boris Malenko, Johnny Rodz and Hiro Matsuda will train our wrestlers at our Training Camp(which I spent 5 Million on)

That's it. I am talking to some wrestlers and hopefully we will have a full roster soon.

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lmao. Nice touch with Crocketts last line there. Youve got me intrigued, particularly if vast wrestlers in WCW and WWF dont suddenly find loopholes in contracts and come running to the NWA. If you just pick a handful of contracted people and build up with independents instead then bravo man, I'll be fascinated. Then slowly steal guys away from the big two.

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If Crockett wants profits in one year...why would you spend $5 million on a training camp that's guaranteed to do nothing but COST you money? It's already cost you the $5 million startup, but now you have three more staff members to pay.

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I'm pretty sure however taht Crockett was sitting out a no compete clause at this time? Might be wrong, but I know I've read it somewhere that he was.

Also, there'd be a lot of logistical problems as the NWA/WCW while not exactly the same thing, were pretty much still regocnising each other quite heavily. The NWA title at this point should have been vacated I believe, until Chono won a tournament in Japan halfway through 92 but it's difficult to understand the NWA running, not as a governing body as such, but as an actual promotion to try and rival the WWF and WCW, particularly when the latter has a lot of the same title lineage etc

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way to go. suck out the fun from the idea by being realistic. Perhaps in his universe no such no-compete clause exsists? If he doesnt mention it, it doesnt exsist :)

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just pointing out some errors and some potential problems the diary MIGHT face, highlighting some things that should really be explained to actually BETTER the diary thus making it constructive criticism. if you do a retro diary built on the past and put things in there that don't make sense then you'll get called on it.

and in his universe those things did happen, it's not a diary based on a fictional past, it's based on the real one. if it gets explaied somewhere that those things didn't happen, fair enough.

wasn't trying to suck any fun out of anything. if my post sucked anyone's fun out of it then that's their problem. not quite sure why it would stop anyone reading, or the writer, from enjoying it though

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Another fax from Flair to Crockett, this time on October 31st 1991:

Hey Jim. I talked with some of the boys out there and they think we can succeed. I am sure you will find plenty of young talent here that you dont know about, but this is what the board suggested. We cant afford too many big names and they are not enough of them out there anyway. I almost got Davey Boy Smith to sign with us, but WCW pulled him from under my nose. Same thing with Harley Race and Bam Bam Bigelow, but I still think we have enough talent left to suceed. I am leaving the gimmnicks and dispositions to you.

Main Eventers:


Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

"Ravishing" Rick Rude

I think that with us three you have a solid main event for at least the first 6 months or so while we build up some new talent. By the way, I heard the WWF was about to release The Ultimate Warrior, but I am sure you dont want that lunatic here and neither do I.

Upper Midcard:

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

The Great Muta

Tully Blanchard


Bob Backlund

Jushin Thunder Liger

Terry Funk

Eric Embry

Manny Fernandez

"The New US Express" Mike Rotunda and Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Raymond Rogueau

Dory Funk Jr

Lower Midcard:

Cactus Jack

Kevin Von Erich


Marc Mero

Owen Hart (he is Bret's brother and I have heard he is reallly good)

The Moondogs Rex and Cujo

"Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin

"Cowboy" Scott Hall

Scott Flamingo

"The Miracle Violence Connection" Dr. Death Steve Williams and Terry Gordy


"Harlem Heat" Booker T and Stevie Ray

"Ringmaster" Steve Austin

"The Texas Hangmen" Psycho and Killer

The Great Sasuke

Wild Pegasus

Too Cold Scorpio


"Classie" Freddie Blassie

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell

As you can see the talent is there. Like I said the gimmnicks and dispositions are left to you.

By the way, I managed to get us on PPV on January 29 1992.....I took the liberties of naming the event "The Return" and I was hoping that you would allow me and Ricky to tear the house down in the main event. Get back to me ASAP.

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November 2nd 1991: Jim Crockett's house

Flair: "What was so urgent Jimmy? Something wrong? Dont tell me you are backing out?"

Crockett: "It's not me Ric. It's Ted Turner and WCW. I got a call from Kevin Sullivan in representation of WCW. He made it very clear that they would sue me if I broke my no compete clause and promoted this new NWA under my name, or even had anything to do officially with it. I cannot risk a lawsuit Ric."

Flair: "I am alredy one step ahead Jim. I never said we would promote the NWA as "Jim Crockett Promotions" or anything like that. I figured it would make life easy on WCW. I bought my own brand name for the promotion, it is registered officially, with all the board of governors members, wrestler contracts and crew contracts verified by lawyers. I could not use your name Jim, but we can use you. Here is how, listen up. The new promotion brand is called "A Flair for the Gold Promotions". Catchy ah? I am oficially known as "The head member and lead promoter" of the NWA. All the members of the board of governors are labled as assistants to the promotion and you are not one of them. You dont even have a contract and legally you have nothing to do with us. After all, they cant sue you for giving a friend some tips on running a promotion for free, can they? Your earnings will be given directly to you, in cash, by me. No one else. No checks or legal evidence. That will be so until December 1992 when your clause expires. Deal?"

Crockett:"Sounds like a plan to me. I have to admit Ric, I didnt even think you where this serious about making this thing work. Must be pretty pissed at WCW then."

Flair: " Oh hell yes I am Jimmy....you have no idea. I even made sure to send a copy of my former contract with them to their offices and keep several copies with our lawyers just in case. It clearly specifies that if my contract was not fulfilled and the monetary amounts owed to me paid, I got to keep the NWA World Title belt as compensation and all the rights to the title. Which means that they can not reference anything regarding the NWA Title in their TV shows, not even it's title history. First slip they make and I will sue their asses for every penny they have. I also filled a lawsuit so as that they cannot use the NWA name or reference their Tag Team, United States, United States Tag Team, Junior Heavyweight, Television or any other belt with the NWA lineage. When they split from the NWA, they lost all rights to that. They can keep the belts, I dont care, but they are not part of the NWA anymore. Which means that if we want, we can create carbon copies of the titles that belong to the NWA and use them. They cant do shit, we have the rights to the name, brand and lienage. I am tellin' ya Jimmy, this is going to work one way or the other, or I stop calling my self the Nature Boy Ric Flair."

Crockett:"Hopefully it will Ric. Hopefully it will. Now let's just sitdown and organize the roster and what we will do with them."

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This is what started to circultate in fliers across Georgia and trough websites in the internet and the dirt sheets.

A Flair for the Gold Promotions Presents:

NWA: The Return

Live from Atlanta, GA

The Main Event: The War Continues for the NWA World Title:

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Plus the first four matches of a 16 man tournament to crown the new NWA United States Champion:

Antonio Inoki vs The Great Muta

Bob Backlund vs Tully Blanchard

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs Terry Funk

Kevin Von Erich vs Raymond Rogeau

Expect additional surprises. Tickets begin at $10 at the door or order live on PPV for just $12.95!!!

Be part of history in the making!!!

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NWA: The Return

Live from Atlanta, GA on PPV

A presentation of "A Flair for the Gold" Promotions

Your hosts are "Profesor" Mike Tenay and Magnum TA!

Before the show starts the announcers are introduced, great reaction for Magnum TA when he is introduced as a former NWA United States Champion. They mention that the fans at the arena will get a special treat before the broadcast goes on.

Dark Match:

The Harlem Heat vs The Texas Hangmen/with Dirty Dutch Mantell

The HH come out and play to the crowd as loud rap music plays. Then Dutch and the Hangmen come out and inmediatly establish themselves as the heels by ignoring the fans. Dutch even spits out to one of the fans. Match was nothing spectacular as Booker T and Killer start. They go trough a nice sequence in which Booker runs the heel off the ring and he complains about hair pulling. As he comes back into the ring, Killer dominates and Booker was face in peril. They really build the heat by having Psycho and Dutch choke Booker with the Hangman's Rope and Chew Baby(Dutch's whip). Psycho comes in and sends Booker to the ropes, but he ducks and comes back with the clothesline for the double KO. HOT TAG Stevie Ray and he cleans house. Dutch gets on the apron and gets booted down, but the distraction allows Killer to dump Stevie from behind. He turns into a clothesline from Booker and both men tumble out. They brawl around ringside as the ref makes the count. Stevie, who was the legal man, was about to make it to the ring at 9, but Dutch knocks him out cold from behind with the whip's handle and the ref counts both teams out. The heels continue the beating on Booker and Stevie and leave them laid out around ringside. Decent little match.

Double Count Out(61,46,76)

As the PPV comes into the air, they show half the bracketts for the US Title Tournament and run down tonight's matches. Tenay as always covers the background for the competitors.

United States Title Tournament: Round I

Bob Backlund vs Tully Blanchard

They run down Backlund's accomplishments and then mention Blanchard as being a former member of the Four Horsemen. Better than WCW's current Horsemen version, done to spite Flair with Luger as the leader and Paul Roma, Barry Windham and Mr. Hughes of all people in it. Very sound old school match as I feel that I am back in 1985. Typical by the numbers stuff as Backlund technically works Blanchard in the mat, specifically the lower back area and Blanchard cheats to escape. Nice finishing sequence as Blanchard sets Backlund up for a Brainbuster Suplex, but Backlund slides out. He gets the Atomic Drop and keeps Blanchard hooked for a Back Suplex and this gets the three count. Nice idea not to use the Atomic Drop as a finisher in this time and age, and keeping Blanchard hooked for the Back Suplex was a nice addition, way to combine two basic moves into a little combo that looks neat. Backlund advances.

Winner: Bob Backlund(72,69,76)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

Antonio Inoki vs The Great Muta

Tenay puts both men over as Japaneese Legends. Magnum comments on facing both men in the ring and how unorthodox their styles are. You see, that's why you put a former wrestler in the booth. Things like that add to the match. Very nice match, best of the night so far. They combine typical mat wrestling with a little of the "japaneese karate" which is nothing but chops, throat thrusts and cool looking kicks from Muta. The bad thing is that they work a very american style match, nothing extraordinary. Near falls aplenty. Muta gets a very cool looking reverse sidekick and apparently busted Inoki's nose. Inoki regained control and had Muta set up for what looked like a double underhook DDT, but Muta breaks the hold with blows to the midsection and then gets the fabled red mist!!! It's red for God's sake, Inoki is blind!!! Muta now takes Inoki down with a standing fireman's carry and then drops the beutiful moonsault for the three count. Muta advances to the second round and will face Backlund at some undetermined day and time.

Winner: The Great Muta(75,70,81)

- Terry Funk is backstage with Scott Hudson, who is introduced as the interview guy. Funk is pissed at being in this United States Title Tournament because he feels that he should be in the main event. But since this is the treatment he gets, he will annihilate every superstar who steps on his path, so that he can win this tournament and prove that he deserves a World Title shot. Then he will dump the United States Title in the trash where it belongs and take the World Title from Ric Flair. Great Terry, way to bury the title alredy! (80%)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs Terry Funk

Orndorff acts all babyface shaking hands with the kids in the front row. Funk looks pissed and quickly nails Paul with punches and this turns into a brawl pretty quick. Funk is really on fire, but walks into a stiff clothesline from Orndorff. Match slows down a bit. They keep trading shots and now Orndorff sends Funk to the ropes and back bodydrops him hard. This gets two. Funk now pulls the tights for two. More punches. Funk works the headlock in the mat and the crowd rally behind Orndorff. One, two, three elbow shots and Orndorff breaks the hold and takes Funk down with a shoulder tackle. Funk to the ropes and gets a big knee to the gut from Orndorff. Paul now sets Funk up for the Piledriver as Dirty Dutch Mantell walks down the aisle. He gets on the apron and distracts Paul and the ref. Low Blow from FUNK!!! DDT!!! Mantell drops down and the ref comes back to his senses and counts the pinfall. Terry Funk advances. He and Dutch embrace and walk backstage with a grin.

Winner: Terry Funk(72,70,74)

- Backstage with Hudson and Kevin Von Erich. KVE feels great to be back in the NWA and feels his chances to win the tournament are huge. He is motivated, he is in the best physical shape of his life and nothing can stop his momentum. But he feels disrispected. He feels that Terry Funk insulted him, a man who considers the US Title as important as any title in this world and insulted the fans and all of america when he said that this tournament was not worthy of his presence. Tonight Kevin Von Erich walks out a winner and then he will take action for what Terry Funk said.(66%)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

Kevin Von Erich vs Raymond Rogueau

Raymod is all heelish as he tells the fans to get up for the Canadian National Anthem. KVE stops him before the anthem plays and they brawl. They trade arm drags like two juniors and proceed to work the mat. KVE works the got in preparation for the Claw, but Raymond escapes the punishment with that technical marvel known as the eye poke. Now Raymond works KVE's lower back as Magnum TA mentions that we might see the Quebec Crab tonight. Great bit to let the fans know why he is working the back. I am loving TA here. KVE makes the comeback with right hands and locks the Claw to the head!!! Raymond rushes to the ropes. KVE with a kick to the gut and a Gutbuster!!! He tries to lock the Claw to the stomach, but Raymond curls himself to foil the attempt.PSYCOLOGY!!! Anyways, they criss cross and double dropkick puts both men down. The ref starts the count and slowly both men get up at 7. Raymond goes for a double axhandle, but as KVE turns he locks the CLAW on Raymond's exposed stomach!!! Raymond is jumping around like crazy, but eventually starts to fade and falls down. He yells "I Quit" in French I suppose cause I didnt understood and the ref calls for the bell. KVE advances aganist Funk. Just as I said that Terry Funk attacks him from behind and starts kicking the lower back that Raymond was previously working on. Ref's pull him apart as Funk yells "Watcha gonna do about it kid? Watcha gonna do?". Is Hogan writing his promos?

Winner: Kevin Von Erich(76,58,94)

- Ric Flair backstage now with the NWA World Title. Tonight he will put on another classic with his arch rival Ricky Steamboat and tonight they will once and for all settle the score. Some executives somewhere else said that he was done, that he was never going to wrestle again in North America, but here he is standing in front of the camera, stylin' and profilin' and with gold around his waist. Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair tear the house down one more time for the fans and when the dust settles, the Nature Boy will still be shinning in the middle of the ring with this belt. WOOOOO! (100%)

NWA World Title:

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs Ric Flair©

Crowd goes apeshit during the intros. Match is a classic...was there any doubt? It actually mirrors their match at Chi-Town Rumble. Near falls aplenty. Both men use the figure four to no avail. Steamboat with a top rope chop for two. CHOP DUEL!!!! FLAIR FLOP!!! Steamboat comes over, but it was a fake and Flair rolls him up for two. More chops. Flair busts out an eye gouge and the fans...cheer? They are cheering everything in this match. Flair with the knee crusher and we go to school!!! But as Flair goes to lock on the Figure Four, he gets rolled up for two!!! They both get up, Ricky is limping a little. They talk trash and nod. Back to the center of the ring, they lock up, Flair with a headlock, but gets pushed to the ropes and knocked down by a shoulder tackle. He goes to the ropes again and now gets knocked down by a chop. Steamboat to the ropes now and Flair knocks HIM down with a chop. Touche! They lock up again and Steamboat gets pushed to the corner. CHOPS from Flair, reversal, chops from Steamboat, reversal, chops from Flair, reversal, chops from Steamboat, EYE GOUGE!!! Flair points at how smart he is and then FLOPS!! HAHA!! Steamboat starts to recover his vision, but gets tripped up by Flair who was on his knees. Cover gets two. Flair pulls Steamboat close to the ropes and puts his leg in the lower rope and starts to sit down on it. On the third try Steamboat moves the leg and Flair hits his ass hard on the mat. Steamboat slowly recovers as Flair rolls him up with the TIGHTS!!! Only two. Flair argues with the ref, turns and gets arm dragged down. Second one by Steamboat, but on the third one his knee fails him. Back to school yet again!!! Flair locks the hold, but Steamboat manages to reverse it. They struggle to gain control of the hold and...."Ravishing" Rick Rude walks in and starts kicking Steamboat!!! Ref calls for the bell and awards the match to Steamboat by DQ!!! BULLSHIT!!!!


The PPV goes off the air with Rick Rude standing tall over both men.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat by DQ(91,89,93)

Overall: 80%

Decent PPV with build up for the future as expected. I have heard that NWA is in negotiations with FOX and let's hope something comes out of it.

PPV Details: 0.29 buyrate

6,044 people in attendance

$1,225,000 in PPV Revenue

$241,760 in ticket sales

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February 2 1991: Ric Flair and Jim Crockett meet up in Flair's house.

Flair:"I'm tellin' ya, FOX are idiots for passing us up. But I have sent tapes all over and sooner than later we will get a TV deal. In a better bit of news, the offices have been set up. It's about half an hour from here in the middle of Flair country. That's why I want to run our next PPV from here Jimmy... I have alredy called up and reserved the date of February 19 and the event's name will be "Rude Awakening".The Main Event will be a Triple Threat between me, Ricky and Rude for the NWA World Title. We can fill up the rest of the card with the final batch of First Round matches for the NWA United States Title and a rematch between Harlem Heat and The Texas Hangmen."

Crockett:"Yeah, about that. Dont you think it is a risk...I mean, I read the script for their feud and it is a little bit racist. This has been done before, but....so early in our existence? Two black guys and two masked southern rednecks....I dont know Ric"

Flair:"C'mon Jimmy...we need to get this guys over as soon as possible and this is it. I took the idea from Carlos Colon...he ran a similiar angle with the Hangmen some time ago in Puerto Rico and this has the potential to take both teams and make them credible."

Crockett:"So is Carlos aboard? I heard some conversations where going on for him to bring WWC back into the NWA banner? How is that coming?"

Flair:"Well yes....as far as that is concerned, WWC is back in the NWA. Carlos and Invader #1 are willing to make some special apperances for us as to get their promotion over as well. This is good. Puerto Rico has always been important in wrestling, specially to help young guys get over. This is a great opportunity too. Carlos sold me the rights to the TNT gimmnick, you know, the one Savio Vega was running for them some months ago before he left under a WWF developmental contract. I wanted that gimmnick for this kid Al Snow. I bet he will do great. As soon as he is over, we have a money making feud with Great Muta."

Crockett:"Sounds like you are really taking this seriously Ric....I never tought you knew so much about the ins and outs of the business and could cut this many good deals."

Flair:"You know me Jimmy...outside of the ring, I am a stylin' and profilin' sun of a gun, but once it comes to the ring, I am all business. Being NWA World Champion in the 80's did a lot of good stuff for me. I went everywhere and met everyone. I saw a ton of booking styles, obscure gimmnicks and bad business decisions. I am so exited Jimmy...I can barely sleep at night because the only thing I think about is how to make this work and I always come up with something new and have to get up and write it down. But enough jibber jabbing, let's get moving and let me show you the offices."

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A Flair for the Gold Promotions and the National Wrestling Alliance presents:

Rude Awakening!

Live on PPV from Charlotte, NC

The Main Event for the NWA World Title:

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair© vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude

4 First Round Matches in the NWA United States Title Tournament!

TNT vs Dory Funk Jr

"Cowboy" Scott Hall vs "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

"Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin vs "Bam Bam" Terry Gordy

Konnan vs Cactus Jack

expect additional surprises!

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Rude Awakening!

From Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Magnum TA

Brought to you by A Flair for the Gold Promotions

Special Dark Match:

The New US Express vs The Moondogs

Rotunda and Bagwell get a decent reaction and try to do everything to make the match a sucess. Too bad the Moondogs where not cooperating. Lack of selling hurts the match. The Moondogs beat on Rotunda for most of the match until this new green kid with muscles comes in and cleans house. Clearly they are considering him as a future superstar. He no sells some shots from the heels and Rotunda recovers as we get the typical pier six brawl. Rotunda and Rex battle outside and leave Bagwell with Cujo. Bagwell lifts Cujo up and plants him down with a Running Powerslam a la British Bulldog for the win.

Winners: The US Express(51,52,51)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

TNT vs Dory Funk Jr/with Dutch Mantell

TNT is Al Snow under a new gimmnick. He comes out dressed in full ninja attire and after removing the mask and robe he see a bald man, with a goatee and face paint that resembles a cross between The Ultimate Warrior and The Great Muta. He has black pants and a black and red tanktop with black, short ninja boots. Funk comes out with Mantell. As you can guess, Mantell gets involved several times. TNT seems to have the match won after a Reverse DDT, but Terry Funk walks out to distract the ref and save his brother. Kevin Von Erich runs out and they brawl. Mantell comes into the ring with Chew Baby using the distraction from the brawl, but as he prepares to knock out TNT, he turns around and fires the green mist!!! Mantell is blind!! TNT whips Funk into Mantell and then connects the Super Sidekick on Funk Jr for the pinfall win. TNT advances!!!! Fans respond nicely to the character.

Winner: TNT(62,52,73)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

"Cowboy" Scott Hall vs "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

I have heard good things about Hall's work and I bet they put him here with Steve to find out if he can hang out with the big boys. Winner faces TNT next. Hall comes out with a whip, brown jacket, black trunks, cowboy boots and a pornstar moustache!! They stiff the shit out of each other. Hall's chest looked like it was about to burst with all the red markings from hard chops. Williams got a big right hand that I can swear took some of Hall's teeth out. Hall got some offense in and got a decent pop after a spear and right hands that send Williams running outside. Back in the ring they stiffed each other some more and Williams dropped Hall with a fantastic Backdrop Suplex for a very close two. Soon after the Doctor Bomb finished things for Williams. Hall got the shit kicked out of him.

Winner: Dr. Death(66,58,74)

- Backstage is Harlem Heat with Freddie Blassie? They run footage from the dark match last month. Blassie says he received a call at home from this two kids about an evil redneck good for nothing costing them a match. Blassie says that he respects Dutch Mantell, but this kids are the future of tag team wrestling and he knows when he has diamonds that need to be polished. Booker T and Stevie Ray are the future, The Hangmen are just ghost of the past trying to hold on to their AWA popularity. Tonight, the Hangmen will feel the heat. (61%)

Harlem Heat/with Freddie Blassie vs The Texas Hangmen/with Dutch Mantell

Strange to see Blassie as the face here. They follow the same formula from the last match, with the heels ganging up on Booker T and using their ropes and Mantell's whip to choke him. Blassie and Mantell argue several times. HOT TAG Stevie Ray and he cleans house on the heels. He gets two of a neckbreaker on Killer before Psycho breaks it up. Pier 6 Brawl and Stevie gets a powerbomb on Killer and goes for the pin, but Mantell is on the apron. Psycho pulls his brother out and plays dead.....Stevie goes for the cover, but is rolled up with a bunch of tights for the heel win!!! The old switcharoo made the trick for the Hangmen. Both teams brawl backstage to end the segment.

Winners: The Texas Hangmen(61,45,77)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

Ronnie Garvin vs Terry Gordy

Very old school and slow match here, worst of the night. They spent a lot of time punching and in restholds. Garvin wins with the Hands of Stone. I dont want anything to do with another Garvin/Gordy match in my life.

Winner: Ronnie Garvin(56,54,58)

United States Title Tournament Round I:

Konnan vs Cactus Jack

Now this is a real constrast of style. A mexican luchadore and a brawler. It makes for a fun little match as Konnan uses speed and lucha libre and Jack just smacks him as hard as he can. Konnan debuts the Rolling Thunder Clothesline in north america and gets a HUGE pop for it. He tries it again and this time eats a massive lariat from Cactus Jack. The finish has Jack taking Konnan down with the Double Arm DDT and advancing to the next round aganist Ronnie Garvin.

Winner: Cactus Jack(68,58,79)

- Rick Rude is backstage. He makes sure to remind us that he is the man with the sexiest body in the world and the abs of steel. A perfect fit for the NWA World Championship. He badmouths Ric Flair as an old has been and Ricky Steamboat is nothing next to him. Tonight both men will be up for a Rude Awakening.(92%)

NWA World Title:

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair© vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude

This was a really good match, but it felt a little rushed...perhaps they where running out of time. A three way chop fest started things with Flair and Steamboat really giving Rude a hard time. Rude used his size advantage to control the first phase of the match by using power moves on the other two. He got several near falls, but always one of the others would come in and break. Flair surprises Rude from behind and we go to school!!! Kicks to the leg, but before anything could be done, Steamboat rolls Flair up for two!!! Now they argue and trade chops. Rude comes in and gets double chopped down and then Steamboat and Flair resume their war. That was cool. Now Rude pushes Flair into Steamboat and he falls into the apron, then rolls Flair up, but Ricky flies in from the apron with a picture perfect springboard missile dropkick to Rude's face. Victory Roll gets two as Flair breaks. Flair with eye gouges to both men and the knoggin knocker!!! That's so old school. Flair and Steamboat fight now and Flair takes him down with a fireman's carry. Flair works the leg, but Rude dumps him from behind and Flair lands badly!!! Rude on Steamboat now. He makes swivel motions and gets the Rude Awakening!!! No ref as he is cheking on Flair!! Rude goes outside and pulls the ref back in. 1-2....Flair pulls Rude out!!! He sends Rude into the ring post!!! Flair in the ring now. Steamboat slowly gets up. Flair with the roll-up and both feet on the ropes!!! 1-2-3!!! Flair retains!!!! Rude is busted open and runs in. He attacks Flair from behind. Smacks Flair with the NWA Title!!! RUDE AWAKENING ON THE TITLE BELT!!! Flair is DEAD!!! Rude poses to end the transmission.

Winner: Ric Flair(86,88,84)

Overall: 71%

Burate: 0.47

5,649 fans at the event

$1,175,000 in PPV Revenue

$225,960 at the gate

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There's not really much I can comment on at this point, but I am enjoying the apparent Rick Rude push, especially if it leads to a series of one on one bouts with Ricky Steamboat.

Not much else is really pulling me in at the moment though. The undercard just seems lacking, but you are just starting out, so I'll give you a few shows before I actually make a judgment on that.

Other than that, keep on trucking. The idea is good, and I'll be back for more.

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Wrestling Insider: NWA news

- The reason the main event of Rude Awakening was so rushed was because they gave more time to TNT's debut and the Harlem Heat/Texas Hangmen tag match than originally scheduled. Plans where also changed as Rick Rude was supposed to emerge the champion, but they decided to go the long route and leave that for a 1 on 1 match with Flair, who is apparently turning face soon.

- The NWA officially signed a deal with FOX for a Late Night TV show that will be called "NWA Pro Wrestling". It will officially debut next Wendsday.

- The NWA is very high on Al Snow's "TNT" character and are expecting him to become one of the bright new young stars. They are also high on Marcus Alexander Bagwell and that's why they put him with Mike Rotunda so he can learn more about psycology and get experience. Rotunda seems to be happy with the mentor role and Bagwell has shown a lot of interest in getting better.

- The NWA feel that they are doing fine for a new promotion, specially with the mess that is the undercard. With the feuds they are building, they hope that they will get their own identity soon and that things will settle down and make sense, so to speak.

- Dusty Rhodes from the WWF is rumored to be coming to the NWA in a couple of months. His WWF contract is up in May and he and Flair are good friends. With the burial he has been receiving by Vince McMahon, it would not surprise us to see him on NWA TV soon.

- Freddie Blassie personally asked to be a face and manage the Harlem Heat. He is very high on their skills and really believes they are the future of tag team wrestling.

- The reason Scott Hall was stiffed and lost so bad to Steve Williams was because we originally was supposed to win the tournament and the US Title, but started to gloat about it in a recent radio apperance. This led to his quick exit from the tournament as to teach him a lesson.

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I am taking a little break since I am in my finals, but hopefully I will be back full time around Thursday. Here is a preview for the first TV show.

Preview for NWA Professional Wrestling

It's the first edition of NWA Professional Wrestling and what a show it will be.

- The Main Event: Winner gets a 1 on 1 title shot at Ric Flair!!

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude

Also announced:

- The US Express vs The Texas Hangmen!

Also in action:


The Miracle Violence Connection!!

and more

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NWA Professional Wrestling

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Magnum TA

Live on FOX

From Charlotte, NC

Eric Embry & Too Cold Scorpio vs Miracle Violence Combination

Freddie Blassie comes out and joins the commentary team. He claims to be scouting the wrestlers in this match. Embry and Gordy start and the face takes a pounding. He ducks under a clothesline and gets some chops in, but inmediatly eats a big forearm and a short arm clothesline and gets dropped. Gordy drops a legdrop and gets a two count. Gordy helps Embry to his feet and kicks him in the gut, followed by a bulldog for two. Gorilla Press, but Embry sneaks out and gets a roll-up for two. Embry now with right hands, but a big knee to the gut stops him. He gets whipped to the heel corner. Gordy slaps Scorpio and he tries to come in and this was the obvious setup for the illegal double team in the corner. Gordy tries a suplex, but Embry blocks and escapes with punches to the gut. Desperation clothesline drops Gordy and we get a contrived double KO spot. Embry rolls to the corner and makes the tag to Scorpio! Dropkicks to both heels. Jumping Neckbreaker on Gordy!! But as he turns he eats a clothesline from Williams. We get the requisite Pier 6 brawl and the heels clearly destroy the faces. Doctor Bomb on Scorpio and Gordy covers for the win. Nothing special done to put the heels over.

Winners: The Miracle Violence Combination(71,56,87)

TNT vs Raymond Rogueau

TNT gets the proverbial blowjob from the announcers and Tenay says he will be the first guest of "The Professor's Chair" next week here on Professional Wrestling. TNT doesnt have the goatee anymore, being clean shaven. He has a cobra design on his tanktop. Rogueau seems to be playing the anti-american role coming out with the canadian flag and asking for time to sing the anthem. He gets none.

They trade arm drags to start and a quick throat chop puts Raymond down. He gets up quickly and eats a series of martial art kicks and goes back down as TNT poses and the fans cheer. Raymond bails. He walks around the ring, put gets pulled back in by TNT. Raymond with the pearl harbor on TNT as he comes in and stomps him down. He covers for two. We hit the chinlock and TNT quickly escapes with elbows to the gut, whips Raymond to the ropes and back for a Jumping Spinning Kick for two. Headlock takedown by Raymond, TNT counters into a modified arm bar, but Raymond fights out and takes him down with an overhead hip toss. Quick suplex gets two for Raymond. Raymond with the eye rake and the ref warns him. TNT is pushed into the corner and Raymond knocks his breath out with shoulder thrusts to the gut. He adds a slap for insult. This gets TNT all riled up and he makes the comeback. Karate strikes left and right and finishes with a quick spinkick to knock Raymond down. Mafia kick gets two for TNT. TNT calls for the finish, but instead of going for the Super Sidekick, he snapmares Raymond down, makes a karate pose and then KNOCKS the shit out of him with a Buzzaw Kick to the back of the head!!! Cover gets three.

TNT poses for the fans as Raymond slowly gets up. He takes the canadian flag and tries to whack TNT with the pole, but he makes a matrix move to duck the blow!!! Green Mist!!! Crowd cheers as he connects the Super Sidekick!! Raymond is out and TNT leaves to cheers. He is really getting over!

Winner: TNT(71,58,84)

- Dutch Mantell is backstage with The Texas Hangmen. We see Mantell chewing tobacco as the Hangmen make knots on their bullropes. Mantell says something about hanging us a nigger. Great, another racism angle. (61%)

The US Express vs The Texas Hangmen/with Dutch Mantell

Formula match here as Rotunda gets pounded by the Hangmen who continue to cheat using their ropes to choke their opponents in the corner. Rotunda makes the comeback and takes Killer down with an STO and manages to crawl over for the tag. Bagwell is the house on fire and kills the heels with clotheslines and power moves. Hanging Vertical Suplex on Killer and gets two. Pyscho runs towards him, but Bagwell moves aside and uses his own momentum to dump him. Rotunda recovers and they double team Killer. Double Suplex gets two as Psycho breaks the count yet again. He and Rotunda pair up as Bagwell sets Killer up for the Running Powerslam. The ref is distracted with the brawl and Mantell uses this chance to run in and knock Bagwell with the whip's handle to the back of the neck.Killer covers and the ref turns around to see the cover and count the three. Another cheating win for the Hangmen. Heel beatdown follows and they put the lasso on Bagwell!!!! Booker T and Steve Ray run out for the save before any more damage could be done.

Winners: The Texas Hangmen(59,46,72)

- Rick Rude backstage with Scott Hudson. Rude runs down Ric Flair as a man past his prime. It is his turn to run things around here. Tonight he will destroy Ricky Steamboat and send a message to Ric Flair. Flair, Steamboat and the fans will receive a Rude Awakening!!(94%)

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude

No match. The bell rings and they trade arm drags until Steamboat manages to knock Rude down and he bails. Steamboat follows and gets surprised by a clothesline. Rude gets a chair and hammers Steamboat for the DQ. He continues the assault and gives Steamboat the RUDE AWAKENING ON THE STEEL CHAIR!!! ANOTHER ONE!!! Ric Flair runs in and chops Rude down. Flair removes his shirt and grabs the steel chair, but Rude is alredy running.

Winner: Steamboat by DQ(69,72,69)


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So, my major problem with this is that it has the feel of a modern day television show, as opposed to a tv show from 1992.

You SHOULD have maybe one decent match-up as the main event, but never a PPV Main Event calibur match, and the rest should be matches where we pretty much know who's coming out on top. Also, you need more promos on your TV show, as that's what drove wrestling tv through until the era of Nitro.

One more little thing, but you referenced TNT doing a "Matrix" move, and this is 1992. Bothers me a little, because nobody knew what the Matrix is in 1992.

What I REALLY hated though, was that you used the word nigger on a television show. In 1992, if you'd used that word on television, I'm pretty sure that the people in charge and the person who said it would not make it to future tapings.

On the plus hand, you're developing characters and feuds, and that is being done well (minus the racist angle, which I think is a little to blatant for a starting promotion). Maybe at your next PPV, have Flair defend the belt against someone new, and have Steamboat/Rude have their rematch for contendership.

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Thank you Gabriel. The thing is that I didnt knew how to describe the Matrix move and decided just to toss a the name there to let the readers know exactly what I was talking about.

About the nigger word, dont worry, it's all part of a little story I am building. The reaction you got is exactly what I wanted.

About the matches, I did that because it was the first show and wanted to give it a special feeling. The JOB squad is on the way, so no worries.

Once again thanks and I really appreciate and take all comments and suggestions to heart.

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