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Guitar Hero

That Guy Mikey

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Air solos = not cool. Good in theory but when 2 of your mates stand back to back in the middle of a pub when every fucking song with a solo in it gets played, both doing air solos, it starts to get a little old.

I saw the video that was posted in Coin Op and I thought it looked like it might be good for a laugh. Might see if I can rent it. How good would that be? Someone handing over a miniature guitar when you rent a game...

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That would be Samba De Amigo.

And I am officially sick of this game. We have it at Best Buy and I've heard everyone and their mother botch "I Love Rock And Roll" and the other song on the demo. (Can't think of what it is though).

Although, I'll probably end up playing it due to boredom one day :shifty:

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