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GTASA Question

MalaCloudy Black

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AJ had a method, I've asked him what it was. He forgot but does say:

Ad says:

the GTA thread is 126 pages, it's somewhere in there...

So go knock yourself out :P

252 for some people, like me.

'You need another piece of software to extract the gallery and photos from the saved game. It's not too difficult though.'


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It's very possible. I took a picture of every single in-game vehicle and I had a site hosting them all.

I can't remember what program you use but all the details are SOMEWHERE in the 126 page GTA thread.

You'll need a max drive or similar USB device that works with PS2. You transfer your saved game (with the in-game photos on it) to your max drive. Then load it onto the PS2. Then you need a program (the one I forget the name of) which seperates the photo gallery part of your save from the rest of it.

Then you can take your pics from there and export as JPG or whatever you like.

edit: YOU posted the original post with the link showing you where to do it. PRINCE IRONY STRIKES AGAIN.


Found it... I fucking rule


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