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Selling My PSP

Turbo Yannis

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I'm going to sell my PSP on eBay because I'm bored of the thing, it can't seem to keep my attention and I need money for clothes/booze. I'm just not entirely sure how much to actually sell the thing for. I've got:

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Burnout Legends

World Soccer Tour

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

256 Memory Stick

And the actual PSP itself.

I ask of you, the good people of EWB, roughly how much should I go about selling all that crap for?

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Well how much did you buy it for? I'm guessing that if you bought all that stuff brand new it would be 500 pounds, plus. Perhaps 500 would be a good price, but im useless at this kinda thing.

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Gimme the PSP and GTA and I'll chuck you £70 and a pack of beer :thumbsup:

ebay the rest

I see your £70 and beer and raise you £70, beer and some chewing gum. :shifty:

Games are about £30 new so for used...about £20 each. You've got 5 so that's £100 total.

Just having a quick browse online for the 512mb memory stick, around £30-40 so around £20 used.

Basic PSP pack is around £180 so used, about £150 used.

So you're looking at about £250 upwards, maybe put it at £300 see if anyone bites. Probably worth checking round local games stores and such too, see what they'd give you for it.

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