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Eastern Championship Wrestling Goes Extreme.

Guest Jorden Vandal

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Guest Jorden Vandal

The Face Of Wrestling Changes.

- 1992.

Jim Crockettt Jr sat back in his leather chair as fellow members of the National Wrestling Alliance were surrounding a large wooden table. Many of the men had been involved in various wrestling ventures throughout their history with the wrestling world. Among those men were; Herb Abrams, Joe Price, Dave Nelson, Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Dennis Coralluzo, Jim Cornette, and various others.

Jim Crockett Jr: "Alright boys we realize that the whole deal with Turner is up in about two years. What we need to do is make waves. We want to be the top of the line once more. We secured a whole lot of cash from Turner and now we have to use it to push the National Wrestling Alliance back to the front of the business."

Jim Cornette: "You do realize that you are forbidden by contractual agreement to promote the National Wrestling Alliance, correct?"

Jim Crockett Jr: "Yes sir I do realize that Mr. Cornette so I was inviting you here in hopes that you'd like to use Smokey Mountain Wrestling as the fore-front of our organization until we are allowed to finally promote the NWA. We will then turn your SMW promotion into a full fledged global NWA force."

Yoshiyuki Nakamura: "Mr. Crockett-san, if you will. I've developed plans to monopolize the Japanese Market. With help from NWA, we can take over."

Jim Crocket Jr: "That's one of the reasons I invited you here sir, I want to take over the wrestling industry globally. World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling have the market locked up. Heck WCW is even trying to work out a deal to do some business with New Japan Pro Wrestling. We have to capitalize."

Jim Cornette: "Smokey Mountain Wrestling with all it's attributes Mr. Crockett Jr, will never appeal to a wide audience. I don't want my promotion becoming a entertainment spectacle like the World Wrestling Federation. As much strides as World Championship Wrestling has made recently, they will never be a world wide force since their owners are full of shit, pardon my language."

Dennis Coralluzo: "Jim ... well both of you for that matter. I think what we should be doing is finding a couple of promotions who present a specific style of wrestling. Combine those to form a strong National Wrestling Alliance unit and then attempt to dominate the industry."

Jim Crockett Jr: "What different independent contracting promotions do you have in mind?"

Dennis Coralluzo: "I'll give you a list sir, I'd need to finish up some research."

The rest of the group finished discussing various topics while Jim Crockettt Jr dreamed of the day he'd once again control the wrestling world. After being elected as the National Wrestling Alliance president in 1980 he's wanted nothing more then to re-gain the fame he earned for the NWA. As 1988 came to a close Mr. Crockettt was very close to loosing all assets he owned and almost filed bankruptcy until Ted Turner purchased the rights to promote National Wrestling Alliance shows under the banner World Championship Wrestling.

Sparking The Idea

- 1992

Dennis Coralluzo entered the office of Jim Crockett Jr followed by a relatively unknown man in the world of professional wrestling. The one following him was a man named Todd Gordon. Both Dennis and Todd took seats at a desk in front of Jim Crockett Jr's desk and waited the eventual meeting.

Jim Crockett Jr: "Welcome back Dennis, I see you've brought someone with you this time."

Dennis Coralluzo: "Yes I have Mr. Crockett, this man has just begun a small time promotion in the eastern united states that's come to be known as Eastern Championship Wrestling. I believe they are a pivotal part of the wrestling industry as they've seemed to capture a part of the market that was so hard to do before."

Todd Gordon: "Being a man of history Mr. Crockett you well know that both World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, then under the National Wrestling Alliance banner have fought over the territory I promote for years on end. World Wrestling Federation has promoted Madison Square Garden while National Wrestling Alliance have ran The Spectrum on the same night head to head. Those same fans, have taken to Eastern Championship Wrestling and showed up in droves."

Jim Crockett Jr: "So your saying we could help control the United States with Eastern Championship Wrestling bodying the Eastern portion of the United States Fan Base."

Todd Gordon: "I think we have a very good chance, so if you want to promote Eastern Championship Wrestling as an National Wrestling Alliance promotion, it would only benefit both parties. The fans will respect what we have even more and continue to bring National Wrestling Alliance back to prominence."

The three men continued chatting for the remained of the evening. Contracts were drawn up and aparently signed. From that day forward Todd Gordon's Eastern Championship Wrestling promotion began considering themselves a full fledged National Wrestling Alliance promotion.

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Bringing In The Mind.

- 1993

For the past two years Todd Gordon had been promoting Eastern Championship Wrestling under the National Wrestling Alliance banner. Doing so was tricky business, you could only name your promotion a National Wrestling Alliance member, due to many strict copyrights and the contractual obligations Jim Crockett Jr had with Ted Turner through the buyout of World Championship Wrestling.

September 18th, 1993 was drawing near and Todd Gordon had been promoting an event he liked to call Ultra Clash. Himself along with creative genius Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert were booking all of the previous shows. This year something had went awry. Was it the rampant drug use of Gilbert or simply a business falling out between the two. Very few knew but either way Eddie Gilbert wasn't going to be involved in this years event.

In Eddie Gilberts place was a man by the name of Paul Heyman, formerly known as Paul E. Dangerously in his stint for World Championship Wrestling. Paul was the manager of a group of heels known as "The Dangerous Alliance". Heyman had always been known as a respectable person in the business, one with a creative mind and the ability to see things different. In mid-1993 Heyman and Bill Herd then President of World Championship Wrestling were involved in a contract dispute which saw Heyman leaving the company.

Todd Gordon needed a mind like Paul Heyman.

Todd Gordon: "Mr. Heyman I'm so glad you could join us. I've got myself into sort of a funk and I need some help."

Paul Heyman: "Todd, I've heard the troubles lets cut to the chase. What do you need?"

Todd Gordon: "Someone to book the damn show tomorrow night. You up for it?"

Paul Heyman: "I guess that depends. What's my freedoms, what are the catches and by god will I get paid?"

Todd Gordon: "You can do as you please. The Philadelphia fans are rabid and blood thirsty. You will have to full-fill their needs if you plan to promote a successful card. There are no catches, hell we want to see you do a damn good job and stay on for as long as possible. Yea, you'll get paid too."

Paul Heyman: "What about Eddie, you know me and him are close the boys are gonna talk Todd. You know they will, I can hear it now they are all gonna say I stabbed him in the back."

Todd Gordon: "Paul, don't worry about Eddie. I found him passed out at his home last night when I went to his house trying to run over some booking issues. We've been having these problems for the past few months, his drug use is just out of control."

Paul Heyman: "Complete control over whatever I want to do?"

Todd Gordon: "Book something worth while and you'll have a lot more control in the future."

Both men had reached an agreement. Contracts were drawn up that brought Paul Heyman into Eastern Championship Wrestling and he booked his very first show the following night. It was so close to never happening. World Wrestling Federation had been looking into signing Paul Heyman to a contract and having him continue his Paul E. Dangerously scherade. Instead after the following night Paul Heyman would become a pivotal part of Eastern Championship Wrestling's success.

Ultra Clash 1993

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

ECW Arena

*winners in bold*

The Public Enemy vs. Jason Knight & Ian Rotten

Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo (Pennsylvania Heavyweight Title)

Super Destroyer #1 vs. Super Destroyer #2 (Mask vs. Mask)

The Dark Patriot vs. J.T. Smith (Scaffold Match)

Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs. Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah The Butcher (Bunkhouse Match)

Tigra won a battle royal

Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels (Strap Match)

Shane Douglas vs. Sandman (ECW Heavyweight Title)

The Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez & Crash The Terminator (Baseball Bat Match)

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Flagship Company.

-1993 thru 1994

For the next year Eastern Championship Wrestling promoted shows under the National Wrestling Alliance banner. Paul Heyman and Todd Gordon worked side by side day in and day out to please the fans. Most of the fans didn't really care about the involvement of the National Wrestling Alliance, others literally despised it and some actually enjoyed the influx of new talent into the region. One thing remained the same, Eastern Championship Wrestling always produced what were described as hardcore contests with blood shed and hard hitting action.

The days leading up to August 27th had been quite a blur for most involved in the company. Jim Crockett Jr's contract with Ted Turner was set to expire and he had been looking for somewhere to hold a tournament that would crown the NEW National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion of the world. Jim Crockett Jr had looked towards many promotions but he couldn't pass up Eastern Championship Wrestling. They were consistently drawing the largest crowds and pleasing the fans the most out of any territory. Jim Crockett Jr called a meeting between Todd Gordon, Paul Heyman, and himself.

Jim Crockett Jr: "Todd, Paul, Thanks for joining me. I've got alot of stuff on my plate, my deal with Turner is up and I want to really start driving National Wrestling Alliance back to the front of the industry."

Paul Heyman: "So basically what your saying is you want Eastern Championship Wrestling as the flag flyer? Which is perfectly understandable since we are the number one promotion outside of the big two. Which both are fucking garbage anyways."

Todd Gordon: "Paul, we are good but there's others out there."

Paul Heyman: "Todd if I've told you one time I've told you a million, no one is better then ECW. We are the fucking standard barriers for the new generation of wrestling. Simply put World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation are passe, they are yesterdays news. We've sparked the revolution in the industry, we are what the 21st century of pro wrestling is all about."

Jim Crockett Jr: "Eastern Championship Wrestling is my final choice. I've deliberated for weeks and even months but I've decided I want you guys to host the tournament."

Todd Gordon: "What tournament is that?"

Jim Crockett Jr: "It's now my goal to bring back the National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship of the world. I want to hold a tournament to crown the new champion and I want to do it at the ECW arena. With ECW hosting the tournament. You have the right to use any member of the National Wrestling Alliance that you could possibly want. Anyone, it's your choice."

Paul Heyman: "Whose going to win?"

The three men finished deliberating over some important details. Finally they came to an agreement, Eastern Championship Wrestling would host the tournament that crowned the new champion of the NWA. There were a few days until tournament time and as the days grew close things began to pick up. Dennis Coralluzo the president of the National Wrestling Alliance actually made more waves then anyone else.

Wrestling Insiders

- 1994

It was a mere two days before the big event in which Eastern Championship Wrestling would hold a tournament to crown the new National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion. Dennis Coralluzo had been promoting events of his own using various NWA talents and had been quite upset by the idea of Eastern Championship Wrestling holding the tournament and not his own ventures into the wrestling world.

In reality Dennis Coralluzo had expressed how he felt Jim Crockett Jr and Todd Gordon along with the help of Paul Heyman were trying to monopolize the National Wrestling Alliance much like Jim Crockett Jr had tried to do 6 years earlier with his very own Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Dennis Coralluzo spoke out saying the board of directors for National Wrestling Alliance refused to allow Todd Gordon and Jim Crockett Jr to control the booking of the tournament and instead were going to be the head over who won and how things were run for the evening.

Mike Tenay had broken into the wrestling business years earlier with his very own news sheet which had become a success in the wrestling world, providing fans and promoters with up to date results from around the wrestling world. Years earlier Tenay had been approached about doing a radio show which he agreed to and it became known as "Wrestling Insiders". Days before the big tournament to crown the new National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion Mike Tenay invited Dennis Coralluzo onto his show. Exact transcripts of the conversation are rare but many accounts have the following as Dennis Coralluzo's words towards both Eastern Championship Wrestling and Shane Douglas.

Dennis Coralluzo: "Shane Douglas has talked about the negatives of this industry for years now. But in reality he is the biggest negative of all. I've been promoting events across the country and he's no-showed a number of them. After the guy requested to be paid in advance. For any promoters out there looking to book Mr. Douglas, I highly suggest you do not. He's garbage and if he's what the next generation of pro wrestlers are going to be like this industry is doomed to fail. Now when it comes to Eastern Championship Wrestling and their horrible style of wrestling, well I have control over that now. Tomorrow night when we host the tournament to crown the new National Wrestling Alliance champion, I will be working both behind the scenes and at ringside doing commentary part of the night with Joey Styles. Things have been planned and we are preparing for a good show. Something Eastern Championship Wrestling barely puts on anymore."

As you can tell the words Dennis Coralluzo had to say about ECW and Shane Douglas weren't exactly supportive. Dennis Coralluzo was according to many "Jealous and Drunk with power". Shane Douglas and Todd Gordon eventually heard about the things Dennis Coralluzo had said about them and the following day at the show there was a big blowout which has been in the history books to this day.

Pre-Show Meeting

- August 27th 1994

Todd Gordon along with Paul Heyman and quite a few of the wrestlers had been meeting all day to discuss the things that would happen this evening. For tonight was the fateful night which National Wrestling Alliance would crown the new champion. Dennis Coralluzo had already arrived and word has it that Shane Douglas nearly flew off the handle when the news of Coralluzo's interview got to him. Dennis Coralluzo was in an office somewhere in the Eastern Championship Wrestling arena speaking with both Todd Gordon and Paul Heyman when the unthinkable happened.

Dennis Coralluzo: "Jim Crockett Jr has put me in charge of the event this evening and even though I'm not allowed to re-book the winner I guess I can work with what we have."

Paul Heyman: "Work with what we have? Dennis are you a fucking moron, Shane Douglas is the future of this industry."

Todd Gordon: "Paul lets just go along with what ever, finish up the night then get back to doing things how we usually do."

At that moment, the fateful happened. Shane Douglas came bursting into the office with a stack of papers and threw them all across the room. His contract to work under the banner of the National Wrestling Alliance had meant little to him aparently. That or he was as angry as others close to the situation had described. Shane walked or ran towards Dennis Coralluzo before Paul Heyman jumped in the way holding Shane back.

Shane Douglas: "You son of a bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are Coralluzo? You son of a bitch, if Paul moves out of my way I'm going to fucking kill you. How dare you fucking say that kind of shit about me, on a national radio show. I'll fucking kill you, you fat son of a bitch."

Dennis Coralluzo: "Someone get this piece of shit out of here, I'm tired of looking at him already."

Shane Douglas: "Tired of looking at me, Fuck you Coralluzo. You are a piece of shit and the likes of what this industry needs to rid itself of. If it wasn't for Paul and Todd I'd walk out of this arena tonight and not give you the satisfaction of crowning me with your fucking championship. Dennis Coralluzo you are a piece of fucking shit and I hope you die on your way home. Fuck you."

As Douglas kept speaking Terry Funk and Sabu both made their way into the office and tried to restrain Shane. It literally took both men to hold him back yet they finally managed to control him and take him out of the room. All the way out Shane Douglas kept shouting obscenities towards Dennis Coralluzo and the night was really starting to heat up. Tempers were flaring and many were questioning if the event would even finish.

NWA World Title Tournament

August 27th, 1994

*winners in bold*

First Round Matches

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Benoit

911 vs. Doink

Dean Malenko vs. Osamu Nishimura

Shane Douglas vs. The Tazmaniac

Second Round Matches

Too Cold Scorpio vs. 911

Shane Douglas vs. Dean Malenko

Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack vs. The Public Enemy (ECW Tag Team Titles)


Shane Douglas vs. Too Cold Scoprio (NWA World Title)

As Shane Douglas was handed the NWA World Heavyweight Championship he asked for a microphone and then places the belt over his shoulder. Shane Douglas looks around to the fans in attendance who have witnessed this historical night where on their feet anticipating what the hot headed Shane Douglas was about to say.

Shane Douglas: "No question about it, Too Cold Scorpio you are one hell of a competitor, and I will not be a champion that hides. I stand here before God, and my father in heaven tonight as I said I would be: World Heavyweight Champion. In the tradition of Lou Thesz. In the tradition of Jack Briscoe of the Briscoe Brothers, of Dory Funk Jr, of Terry Funk the man who will never die. And to the REAL "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers upstairs tonight. From the Harley Race's, to the Barry Windham's, to the..."

Shane stopped and looked at the belt then a smirk came across his face as his tone became almost arrogant.

Shane Douglas: "... Ric Flair's. I accept this Heavyweight Title."

Shane once again stopped speaking and pulled the title from his shoulder and raised it into the air which caused the fans to begin cheering again. Then his expression changed as he looked towards the belt and to the fans and then into the rafters.

Shane Douglas: "Wait a second. Wait a second. Of Kerry Von Erich, of the fat man himself Dusty Rhodes, this is it tonight dad."

Shane looked back over at the belt then pulls it to his eye level and stares into the golden plate once more speaking into the microphone.

Shane Douglas: "And Ricky Steamboat and they, can all, KISS MY ASS!"

With that Shane Douglas threw the National Wrestling Alliance Championship onto the canvas and then begins to speak once more.

Shane Douglas: "Because, I am not the man who accepts a torch to be handed down to him from an organization that died, RIP, seven years ago. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas is a man who IGNITES the NEW flame of the SPORT of professional wrestling."

With that Shane Douglas steps towards the ropes and reaches down grabbing another belt that was sitting on the ring apron. Douglas raises the belt above his head like he had done with the National Wrestling Alliance Championship and once again speaks.

Shane Douglas: "Tonight, before God and my father as witness, I declare myself, The Franchise, as the NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion Of The World!"

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Guest U.s_Champ_Mysterio

nice start with the backstory leading up to Shane winning the title and dennouncing the NWA name and proclaiming it the ECW title. Can't wait for the first show.

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Guest slimlayzie

jesus...it's like a history lesson that backstory. I still do this day, consider Shane Douglas to be one of the best in wrestling history on a microphone. And his speech that night was suberb. One of my favorite moments in wrestling history.

I will defiantly be keeping tabs on this diary. The backstory has me excited, and this defiantly shows promise. Look forward to when you start writing shows.

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Adding Formula X.

- September 1st, 1994

Eastern Championship Wrestling was dead. In it's place was Extreme Championship Wrestling under the guidance of Paul Heyman and Todd Gordon with main stars; Sabu, Terry Funk and World Champion Shane Douglas. September was upon the wrestling world and ECW was preparing to do it's very first supercard under the promotions new name. The next supercard was WrestlePalooza.

Paul Heyman knew that ECW was going to need that extra something that would set them apart from the rest of the wrestling world. That extra something came in the form of a brand new wrestling match theme called the "Round Robin." It is the belief of ECW owners Paul Heyman and Todd Gordon that tag team wrestling in the United States has become stale, and we shall re-vitalize it.

Already announced for the round-robin tournament are:

The Head Hunters

The Public Enemy

And a team that has yet to be announced! The winners of the tournament will go on to face World Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck at the very next ECW supercard Barely Legal.

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Rebeling Against The Changes.

- September 1994

Extreme Championship Wrestling would like to make the fans of this great promotion aware of a number of stars who felt the things we did to National Wrestling Alliance were wrong. Being that they have different views then us as to the future of this buisness they have asked to part ways with the company.

Extreme Championship Wrestling has granted the release of the following wrestlers:

Tony Stetson

Tommy Cairo

Sal Bellemo

Rockin' Rebel

Paul Diamond

Pat Tanaka

Mr. Hughes

Miguelito Perez

We wish all of these men the best in their future endeavors and hope to see them succeed in other areas of the wrestling world.

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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Guest Jorden Vandal

Trouble For The Extreme!

- September 1994

We at Extreme Championship Wrestling must announce the following wrestlers who have opted to take employment with other companies. Those wrestlers are:

The Tazmaniac (WWF)

Tommy Dreamer (WCW)

Cactus Jack (WCW)

Sabu (WCW)

The depature of these four men is a devestating blow to not only the morale of the locker room but also the public image of our company. As many are well aware Cactus Jack was one half of the tag team champions and was going to be defending their titles at Barely Legal against the winners of the previous announced Round Robin Challenge.

Those plans have now been scrapped and in its place we will offer a four team mayhem match which will crown NEW World Tag Team Champions.

The question on everyones mind is will Mikey Whipwreck be involved in the match?

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Has great feel so far sux you lost main talent expecially loyal one like TOMMY but can't wait to see the first show good so far keep it up!

Edited by ncguy
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Guest Jorden Vandal


- Sunday September 18th, 1994

Announcers: Joey Styles (and Greg Gange, ugh I have to have a second person or it'll lower my card quality).

Overall Rating: 71%

Attendance: 406

Ticket Sales: $8,120.00

Dark Match

Johnny Hotbody vs. JT Smith

- Both Johnny Hotbody and JT Smith were sent out at the beginning of the show to give the fans a little something to warm up to. JT Smith started the match with some decent chain wrestling trying to show his technical skill but Hotbody would have none of it. Johnny Hotbody turned the tides with a low blow and ended the match with a brainbuster.

Winner: Johnny Hotbody via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 66%

Crowd Reaction: 59%

Match Quality: 73%

Singles Match

Abdullah The Butcher vs. Kevin Sullivan

- Both Abdullah and Sullivan are famed for thier extremely stiff work, but Abdullah truly showed in this one that he is the ring general. Sullivan took some nasty spills to the outside and the match became complete mayhem. Sullivan was sent into the guard rail which popped the fans at ringside. Then Sullivan took a steel chair to the fact that cut him open. Abdullah pulled his trusty fork from his trousers and began stabbing Kevin Sullivan much to the pleasure of those sitting in the audience. The refere didn't want to stop the match in fear of being stabbed himself so he simply counted the pinfall. Sullivan even being beaten to a pulp held his own most of the match and managed to battle Abdullah all the way to the back after the match.

Winner: Abdullah The Butcher via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 61%

Match Quality: 80%

Kevin Sullivan lost 1 point of overness from this match.

Singles Match

Stan Hansen vs. Don Harris

- Stan Hansen is the 'lariet' and rightfully so. Hansen the bad ass texan battered and brused Harris with stiff neckdrops and powerbombs. Harris really stood no chance in this contest and was made to look like the 'jobber' in a squash match. After toying with Harris for a good six minutes Hansen hit Harris with a devestating lariet and got the victory.

Winner: Stan Hansen via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 49%

Crowd Reaction: 38%

Match Quality: 60%

Coming Soon!

- Famous for his work in Japan, Mexico, and Canada the man who was featured on the small screen setup in the arena was Chris Jericho. Going by the name 'LionHeart', Chris had earned his fame in various promotions most recently WAR (Wrestling and Romance) over in Japan. Chris was the master of the 'LionSault' and the 'Lion Tamer' his two trademark moves. Chris Jericho would be joining Extreme Championship Wrestling next month.

Overall Rating: 75%

Television Title Match

Jason Knight © vs. Mikey Whipwreck

- Jason Knight was a cocky piece of shit and Mikey Whipwreck was a young kid who never got an offensive move in. Jason toyed with Mikey throughout the match, even going so far as daring young Mikey to punch him. Everytime Mikey got the courage Jason would dodge out of the way and stick Mikey with a jab. This wasn't much of a contest but then again none of Mikes matches ever were. Without his former tag team partner Cactus Jack, Mikey was doomed to lose. Jason Knight won the match with his Sexy Driver.

Winner: Jason Knight via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 68%

Crowd Reaction: 58%

Match Quality: 79%

The ECW Television title has gained in image.

Watch Your Back

- Jason Knight fresh off of his Television Title defense was walking around the ringside celebrating his victory when from the crowd came an unknown man dressed in dark pants and a hodded sweat shirt. No one at ringside knew who this man was, but one things for sure, he was a monster. The mystery man attacked Jason laying him out with a powerbomb into the guardrail and then picked up the Television championship. The mystery man swung the belt and smacked Jason Knight across the face with the metal plate then took off through the crowd with the belt.

Overall Rating: 84%

***** ******** gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Jason Knight gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Tag Team Championship Four Corners Mayhem

Pitbulls vs. Headhunters vs. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed

- Carnage. This match involved it all, Tables, Ladders, Chairs ... everything you could think of. Public Enemy put Axl Rotten through double tables near the very beginning of the match and them sandwiched Ian Rotten with two chairs on the outside. In the ring both Headhunters were busy with their double moonsault act on the Pitbulls, again through tables. That left Public Enemy and the Headhunters to battle. Headhunters are massive men who've gained fame in the Orient, and they brutalized the Public Enemy with yakuza kicks and steel chairs. Out of now where Pitbull Gary Wolfe ran into the ring, hit a t-bone suplex on Rocco Rock and then made the pinfall.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Pitbulls via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 55%

Crowd Reaction: 50%

Match Quality: 60%

The ECW Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Speaking His Mind

- The fans were a buzz after the tag team championship match but the next man was the money maker. From the back came Woman, followed closly by Shane Douglas. Carrying a microphone with him Shane Douglas got into the ring and began to speak.

Shane Douglas: "Look whose left in this place? The Tazmaniac has left. The wild man Sabu has left. Cactus Jack has left. Hell even Tommy Dreamer has left."

The fans began to boo the departed men who they had wished were here tonight. Shane stuck his nose to the air and kept on speaking.

Shane Douglas: "Do you know why all these pieces of shit have left? That's because they are all scared of the Franchise. The old bastard Terry Funk is the only one left. It's not because he's brave, it's not because he thinks he can beat me. It's because he's to stupid to realize when his time has past."

The fans began to boo louder, this time the boo's were directed towards Shane Douglas who as disrespecting a man the fans had grown to love in Terry Funk. Shane rubbed his World Championship and kept speaking.

Shane Douglas: "Terry Funk like all of those before him will die. Terry Funk will not last past this evenings main event. You see Terry Funk like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and all the rest of the pieces of shit this industry has had to put up with for the past 20 years needs to realize that his time is past. Terry Funk ... tonight is the night THE FRANCHISE proves to the world that last month wasn't a fluke. Tonight Terry Funk I will write the final chapter of your career and truly begin mine."

The fans continued to boo as the theme music for the Double Cross Ranch native Terry Funk began to play and he made his way to ringside carrying his branding Iron. The referee goaded him into the ring and the main event was on.

Overall Rating: 79%

ECW World Championship Match

Shane Douglas © w/ Woman vs. Terry Funk

- Terry Funk climbs through the ropes and is immediatly attacked by Shane Douglas with a barrage of stomps and punches. Funk is on the canvas and the fans are rabid. Shane whipped Terry into the ropes but it's reversed and Funk clobbers Shane with some left jabs followed by his right hook. Both men battled inside and outside of the ring using chairs and even a table before getting back into the ring. The fans were eating the action up when from the back came The Sandman carrying a signapore cane and a beer can. Sandman chugged half the beer and then smashed the can against his head before sliding into the ring and canning Shane Douglas in the face. Terry Funk looked around at the crowd and then Sandman caned him aswell. The fans were going nuts throwing garbage into the ring. Woman came up from behind Sandman and tried to cheapshot him, Sandman turned around and grabbed her by the hair. The fans were on their feet as Sandman pulled her skirt up around her waist, bent her over and caned her on the ass. Douglas was back to his feet and had the World Title in his hands and nailed Sandman in the face cutting him open. Shane Douglas lifted his championship into the air with blood dripping off of it as the referee rang the bell to signal this match a no contest.

Winner: No Contest via Interference.

The ECW World title has gained in image.

Overall Rating: 82%

Crowd Reaction: 86%

Match Quality: 74%

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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Guest Jorden Vandal

Television Deal!

- October 1994.

Extreme Championship Wrestling fresh off of a huge Super Card is proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with a local television station in the Philadelphia area to air a show titled Extreme TV on Friday Nights in a prime time spot.

As the need to really give a ground breaking show is important, we would like to announce a tenative lineup for the very first television broadcast.

Extreme TV!

Friday Nights 8pm - Local Network

Television Title Singles Match

Debut of Japanese sensation!

Jason Knight © vs. Yuji Nagata

Tag Team Tables Match

For Number One Contenders

Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed

Main Event

Falls Count Anywhere

Terry Funk vs. The Sandman


Shane Douglas will be in the house with his World Championship and a microphone to speak on the dasterdly attack he suffered from the hands of The Sandman aswell as his match with Terry Funk at WrestlePalooza. Also Shane will reveal his plans for the next ECW Supercard, Barely Legal!

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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really good first show just disagree with KS and Abby in opener of main show as both were still good draws in 94 and also looks like alot high profile matchs on Extreme TV hoping just becuase it is debut show but looking good so far.

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Couple Things:

1. The first show is so stacked because it's the debut.

2. Anyone have any ideas who attacked Jason Knight?

- Won't be revealed until Barely Legal.

3. Abby vs. Sullivan was put there as a way to get the crowd into the show, not a slight on either man as I'm a big fan of both.

4. God I miss having Sabu, Jack, Taz, and Tommy in this ... fuckin' WWE and WCW.

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Guest Jorden Vandal

Extreme TV

- Friday October 7th, 1994

Announcers: Joey Styles and Greg Gagne

Overall Rating: 67%

Attendance: 188

Ticket Sales: $2,820.00

Television Rating: 0.48

Singles Match

Christopher Daniels vs. Mike Awesome

- Christopher Daniels is a worker from the Canada area whose known to be a pretty decent technical worker. Daniels was brought into to put Mike Awesome over and that's exactly what he did. Mike hit an "Awesomebomb" from the top rope ending a short squash match.

Winner: Mike Awesome via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 59%

Crowd Reaction: 38%

Match Quality: 80%

Singles Match

Homicide vs. Johnny Hotbody

- Johnny Hotbody is an ECW regular who was going up against a new wrestler by the name of Homicide. Hotbody was against the match but Homicide was really trying his hardest. Homicide battled with Hotboddy mainly inside the ring proving he had what it takes to chain wrestle. Homicide ended the match with his finishing move 'The Cop Killer', to pick up his first win here in ECW.

Winner: Homicide via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 57%

Crowd Reaction: 43%

Match Quality: 71%

Johnny Hotbody lost 2 points of overness from this match.

Homicide gained 2 points of overness from this match.

Television Title Match

Debut of Japanese Sensation

Jason Knight © vs. Yuji Nagata

- Tonight was the debut of Yuji Nagata, a wrestler from Japan whose made a name for himself in the Juniors Division there. Jason Knight started the match running from Nagata and absorbing some stiff kicks. Knight fired back with a thumb to the eye and took control. Knight hit a bodyslam and a sidewalk slam then taunted the crowd. Nagata got to his feet and pulled a firemans carry out before applying his 'Nagata Lock'. Jason Knight was able to get to the ropes and the referee called for the break. Nagata came towards Jason Knight to once again maintain control but was caught off guard with a cheap shot to the genitals. Jason Knight picked up the dirty victory.d

Winner: Jason Knight via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 64%

Crowd Reaction: 46%

Match Quality: 83%

The ECW Television title has gained in image.

Singles Match

911 vs. JT Smith

- 911 is a dominating big man who walked right through JT Smith. 911 tossed Smith around the ring with choke throws and powerslams. 911 lifted JT Smith into the air and chokeslammed him from inside the ring to the outside. The referee called for the KO victory.

Winner: 911 via KO.

Overall Rating: 52%

Crowd Reaction: 49%

Match Quality: 56%

JT Smith lost 1 point of overness from this match.

911 gained 2 points of overness from this match.

Down and Out

- ECW has employeed the use of a screen for their weekly television programming. Basically for things like this, backstage there was a crowd of medical workers surrounding Jason Knight who had been laid out by aparently an attacker. Knight had blood pouring from his head and a steel chair was only a few feet away. His television championship belt was no where to be found. Paramedics loaded Knight into an ambulance and took him away.

Overall Rating: 81%

Jason Knight gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Tag Team Tables Match

Winners are the number one contenders.

Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed

- This match was a brawl from the get go. Rocco Rock and Axl Rotten battled inside and outside of the ring while Johnny Grunge and Ian Rotten took it to the crowd. A couple highspots in the match were Ian Rotten falling from the balcany called the 'Crows Nest' where he crashed through a table eliminating him. Back in the ring Rocco Rock was battling Axl Rotten when out from the back came Team Dangerous! who were Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy and 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams. Both got into the ring and sent Rocco Rock to the outside with a double clothesline. Williams lifted Axl into the air for a powerbomb and threw him through a table. Gordy went up top and hit a HUGE splash on Axl who was unconscious on the table. The Public Enemy got back onto the ring and threw rights and lefts at Team Dangerous and this match had errupted into a total brawl.

Winner: Public Enemy via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 58%

Crowd Reaction: 62%

Match Quality: 52%

Issuing The Challenge

- At WrestlePalooza Shane Douglas defended his ECW World Heavyweight Championship even in the face of adversity. The Sandman made his presence felt when he brutally attacked Shane Douglas and Terry Funk near the end of the match. Shane was in the middle of the ring, fuming. Next to him was Woman, his manager who also got attacked with the signapore cane. Shane had a microphone.

Shane Douglas: "That son of a bitch Sandman thinks he can put his hands on me and get away with it? Sandman do you realize who you are fucking with? I'm 'THE FRANCHISE' and I built this fuckin' place."

Even though he was a cocky piece of shit most of the fans truly believed most of what he was saying. With the exception of leaving Terry Funk out Shane Douglas truly did build ECW.

Shane Douglas: "Then you have that old washed up Terry Funk. I told you that you couldn't beat me Terry. You had to go enlist the help of your buddy The Sandman. Hell your drunk piece of shit friend turned his back on you too."

Anytime that Shane Douglas had something to say about Terry Funk the fans resented it. Hell they down right hated him for it. Terry Funk was a legend and Shane Douglas hated it because he wanted that spot. Shane Douglas was going to have to earn it.

Shane Douglas: "Barely Legal. The next super card for ECW and I've got an idea. Shane Douglas will take on just one opponent. You guys have the next four weeks to beat eachother to death and decide who my opponent is. If neither of you make it to Barely Legal then that's just better for me. Boys, I believe you've got a match to do."

Shane Douglas threw the microphone down in the center of the ring and raised the championship belt over his head. Douglas climbed out of the ring and sat down next to Joey Styles and Greg Gagne to do commentary for this match.

Overall Rating: 86%

Falls Count Anywhere Main Event

The Sandman vs. Terry Funk

- The Sandman and Terry Funk were set to wage war and that they did. Both men beat eachother with stiff shots to the face before finally battling to the outside of the ring. On the outside they came close to the announcers table and Terry Funk slapped Shane Douglas in the face. Douglas threw a shot back but hit The Sandman. Then all three men errupted into a brawl that spilled out over the rail and into the crowd. Shane managed to escape the battle and hightailed it backstage leaving The Sandman and Terry Funk to battle it out. The Sandman threw Terry Funk threw a table that was leaned up against a wall and the fans went crazy. Sandman drug Terry Funk back to ringside and eventually into the ring. Terry Funk battles back with his left and right combo and looks to have The Sandman under control. Shane Douglas comes running from the back and nails Terry Funk in the head with the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Funk is down and out, The Sandamn covers him for the pinfall. The Sandman gets up and just stares at Shane Douglas, confused. Terry Funk gets to his feet and has his branding iron, Funk cracks the branding iron over the head of Douglas and The Sandman. The show ends with Terry Funk holding the ECW belt in one hand and his branding iron in the other.

Winner: The Sandman.

Overall Rating: 73%

Crowd Reaction: 74%

Match Quality: 71%

The Sandman gained 1 point of overness from this match.

The Sandman's turn was completed, and he is now a heel.

The Sandman gained 5 points of overness from this turn.

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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Guest Jorden Vandal

Backstage Discussion

- Backstage in the ECW Arena

The first weekly show for Extreme Championship Wrestling was off without a hitch. The rating was an astonishing 0.48 which is almost as high as they could have possibly hoped for with the network predicting a .50 as the highest possible. Extreme Championship Wrestling was doing great, they were becoming more known on a global level and they were bringing in new talent thanks to the departure of some of the more well known stars.

Paul Heyman: "As the two of you know our show was a huge fuckin' success."

Todd Gordon: "That's good news considering we need to really be on the next level. Getting guys on written contracts is the most important thing for us at this point and right now since we are still so small no one wants to agree to a written contract."

Shane Douglas: "Were working on it, we're getting better. It takes time and good ass stories to get people involved."

Paul Heyman: "We've got big plans for the World Title Shane, how does it sound wrestling Sandman this month at the super card and then the following defending against both Sandman and Funk?"

Shane Douglas: "I was thinking along the lines of something else. Continue dodging them and put them into a barbwire match and let me sit the show out."

Todd Gordon: "Not have the champion on the super card?"

Shane Douglas: "It's called heat Gordon."

Paul Heyman: "Bicker later girls, we'll draw something up. But our Television Title is going to be a hot feud. We've got Jason getting attacked weekly and then we've got Chris Jericho coming in at the end of the month."

Todd Gordon: "Jericho is getting the rub for the Television Title, right?"

Paul Heyman: "Possibly, but we have to keep working on the attacker angle."

Shane Douglas: "Whose that going to be?"

The three men continued to talk about the plans for the next shows as many other storylines would be brought up and probably argued over. Heyman was the man with the plan and ultimatly his word was the one that ruled over all. Time would only tell what the plans for the shows were. We'll see.

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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Guest Jorden Vandal

Extreme TV! Preview

- Friday 8pm on the Local Network

Opening Match

Homicide vs. Yuji Nagata

Singles Match

Kevin Sullivan vs. Johnny Hotbody

Tag Team Debut Match

Team Dangerous! vs. Public Enemy

Main Event

Abdullah The Butcher vs. The Sandman

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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Guest Jorden Vandal

Extreme TV

- Friday October 14th, 1994

Announcers: Joey Styles and Greg Gagne

Overall Rating: 68%

Attendance: 181

Ticket Sales: $2,715.00

Television Rating: 0.46

Singles Match

Yuji Nagata vs. Homicide

- Yuji Nagata was fresh off of his loss last week in his Television Title match and Homicide got a suprising win. Both men had something to prove here and started the match out with strong style stiff kicks. Homicide hit a koji cutter midway through the match and almost managed to get a three but the 'fighting spirit' of Nagata wouldn't let him stay down. Nagata busted his 'Nagata Lock II' out of no where for the victory around nine minutes into the match.

Winner: Yuji Nagata via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 62%

Crowd Reaction: 26%

Match Quality: 99%

New Alliance?

- Last week The Sandman beat Terry Funk in their match and earned himself a shot at Shane Douglas' World Title. The suprising twist was Douglas not attack The Sandman almost looking as if some alliance had been formed. The Sandman didn't show the same reaction and was quite confused. The camera panned out on the door of The Sandman's locker and Shane Douglas was standing there polishing his title.

Douglas looked both ways to see if anyone was coming and then entered the locker without ever knocking on the door. Douglas slammed the door behind him and quite a few questions were about to be asked. What did this mean for Terry Funk?

Overall Rating: 86%

Singles Match

Johnny Hotbody vs. Kevin Sullivan

- Kevin Sullivan was in need of a win and he was booked to wrestle a jobber in Johnny Hotbody. Sullivan beat Johnny Hotbody around the ring for a good four minutes before hitting him with a stiff clothesline and then a piledriver. Sullivan got the quick victory.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 53%

Crowd Reaction: 46%

Match Quality: 60%

He Strikes Again

- Jason Knight had been searching all week for his championship. He defened it last week and then was brutally attacked by a mystery man. This week he couldn't find the belt anywhere backstage. Jason Knight rounded the corner to the sound of someone 'snarling'. The noise grew louder as he neared the next corner.


Jason Knight turned the corner to a chair shot to the face. Theman dressed in all black with a black hoodie that covered his face stomped away at the Television Champion before lifting his shirt to reveal the belt wrapped around his waist. Then the assilant ran off without anyone yet knowing who he was.

Overall Rating: 85%

Jason Knight gained 3 point of overness from this segment.

Singles Match

Stan Hansen vs. Christopher Daniels

- Stan Hansen was a bad ass mother fucker and under no uncertain terms was an upstart rookie like Christopher Daniels going to get an upset over him. Hansen bodyslammed, choked, kicked, punched and shoulder tackled Christopher Daniels for the better part of four minutes before taking his head off with the dreaded "Lariet". Hansen got the victory in short order.

Winner: Stan Hansen via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 62%

Crowd Reaction: 53%

Match Quality: 72%

Tag TeamTables Debut Match

Team Dangerous! vs. Public Enemy

- Team Dangerous made up of Terry Gordy and Steve Williams were taking on Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge based off of the interference from last weeks match. Grunge and Gordy battled on the outside while Rock and Williams battled in the ring. Both teams were brawlers so there wasn't many classic wrestling holds here. Gordy and Williams both were powerful men who could hit a neck drop or back breaker at any second which was something Public Enemy had to be aware of. Out of the crowd came the tag team champions, The Pitbulls. Both Pitbulls hit the two men in the ring with shoulder tackles. Pitbull #1 hit a t-bone suplex on Rocco Rock through a table in the ring. On the outside Terry Gordy was being beaten down by Pitbull #2 and Johnny Grunge until Pitbull #2 turned his attention to Grunge and powerslammed through a table at ringside. The referee called for the bell and through all the carnage Team Dangerous! had pulled out an upset victory.

Winner: Team Dangerous via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 63%

Crowd Reaction: 67%

Match Quality: 57%

Old Friends

- Terry Funk is walking backstage when he walks directly into his good old hardcore friend Abdullah The Butcher. Funk strikes up a conversation.

Terry Funk: "Hey Abbs, thanks for taking on The Sandman tonight. That bastard is trying to steal my spotlight and I just know he's working with Shane. Those young boys need to be taught a lesson."

Abdullah The Butcher: "Lesson? I'll fork those little fuckers."

Abdullah was a man of few words and right after talking he headed to the ring for the main event.

Overall Rating: 58%

Terry Funk lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

Falls Count Anywhere Main Event

The Sandman vs. Abdullah The Butcher

- The Sandman opened the match up chugging beer and swinging his cane violently. Abdullah The Butcher came charging inbetween swings and stuck his fork in the forehead of The Sandman. Abdullah The Butcher grabbed a steel chair and smacked The Sandman in the face. Shane Douglas came down the aisle watching the match which allowed Sandman to pick up his cane and nail Abdullah in the back. Douglas continued to walk towards the ring as Sandman hit a russian legsweep with the cane. Sandman went up to the middle rope as Douglas slid into the ring and hit Abdullah with the belt and then out the other side. Sandman hit a splash of the middle rope and went for the pin. This match was over and Sandman didn't see the attack from Shane. Sandman was drinking beer as Douglas came back in the ring and started stomping Abdullah. Funk came down the aisle and through the ropes and smacked The Sandman in the face with the branding iron and followed it up with a shot to Shane Douglas. Funk helped Abdullah to his feet and both men celebrated as the fans had to wonder if The Sandman and Shane Douglas were working together.

Winner: The Sandman via pinfall.

Overall Rating: 74%

Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 83%

Edited by Jorden Vandal
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