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World Wrestling Federation 2002


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Prior to No Way Out 2002, the wrestling world, well, the World Wrestling Federation, was about to undergo a potential major transformation. Years prior, in Atlanta, Eric Bischoff adapted an idea which ran in Japan about a band of malicious degenerates who had the intent of dominating their respective promotion.

The beginning.

Scott Hall (former WWF Intercontinental Champion “Razor Ramon”) crashed an episode of World Championship Wrestling’s Nitro and claimed that he was going to “invade” WCW. A week later and he was joined by Kevin Nash (former WWF World Heavyweight Champion “Diesel”), who promptly intimidated WCW announcer Eric Bischoff. At the Great American Bash 1996, Hall and Nash continued to display their callousness, when Nash powerbombed Eric Bischoff off the stage.

Then, the velocity of the earthquake promptly shot up the Richter Scale.

At World Championship Wrestling’s Bash of the Beach pay per view in 1996, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash teamed up to take on Sting, the Macho Man Randy Savage and Lex Luger, when the legendary, immortal Hulk Hogan turned his back on World Championship Wrestling, the fans and everything he ever stood for to join Hall and Nash in the “New World Organisation”, as he dubbed it on that fateful night when he told Mean Gene and the fans to “stick it”. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall formed a New World Order.

The domination ran into Hog Wild 1996, when Hogan defeated The Giant to capture the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Hall and Nash defeated Sting and Lex Luger to capture the Tag Team titles on the very same night. The poison was well and truly taking over WCW’s bloodstream, infecting individuals, turning them black and white. Ted DiBiase, The Giant, Scott Steiner, Syxx and even the Macho Man Randy Savage all became members of the notorious faction, until it bled WCW dry. The New World Order’s dominance was signified by the fact that they, at one time or another, held each of WCW’s championships. No one could stop them.

Eventually, they disbanded. World Championship Wrestling closed its doors in 2001. The New World Order’s legacy was buried along with the deceased promotion – or so we thought.

Black in black … and white.

We’re now in 2002. Vince McMahon and Ric Flair engaged in a bitter power struggle over the control of the World Wrestling Federation. Out of spite, Vince told Flair that if he couldn’t have full control of the WWF, then the Nature Boy couldn’t have it – they would both go without. Vince injected his own promotion with a “cancer”, with “poison”. Flair refused to sell his stock to Vince McMahon, who then informed the world that the New World Order would be at the No Way Out pay per view. They were.

Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were back. They claimed that they weren’t in the WWF to cause any trouble; they even tried to “befriend” some of the WWF superstars. However, at the end of the night, it all changed. Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin went at it in the main event, and Austin looked as though he had the World Title won and even made Jericho tap out to Jericho’s own submission move, the Walls of Jericho, but the referee was out. He then even hit Y2J with the Stone Cold Stunner, but Hogan, Hall and Nash were quick to spoil the party. They beat the hell out of Austin, allowing Jericho to pick up the win, before beating the Texas Rattlesnake down some more. Hogan and co then sprayed the initials “n.W.o” on Austin’s back to close the show.

The New World Order were back in business.

The “Road to Wrestlemania 18”

The New World Order’s notoriousness continued, as on Raw, they destroyed The Rock in the ring after he challenged Hogan to a match at the “Grand Daddy of ‘em all”. They then hijacked the ambulance which The Rock was in, and rammed into it with a diesel truck, leaving The Rock for dead like a pack of savage dogs, picking away at their pray.

Not known for their inter-person skills, the New World Order found an arch-nemesis in Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin stalked the n.W.o on the following weeks SmackDown, after they hade made a “sincere” apology over what they did to The Rock, and eventually caught up with Scott Hall, before beating him down and gaining a measure of revenge by spray-painting “n.W.o” on his back.

On the March 11th 2002 edition of Raw, the New World Order made their way to the ring, and defeated The Rock and Steve Austin in a handicap match, when Hogan pinned The Rock after a Hollywood Leg Drop. Wrestlemania was about to hit the airwaves with Scott Hall scheduled to take on Steve Austin, and with a dream match between pro wrestling icon Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the man who took his place at the top of the professional wrestling mountain, The Rock.

Wrestlemania 18 Results – 17th March 2002, from the Toronto Skydome

  • Rob Van Dam defeated William Regal to become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion after hitting the Five Star Frog Splash.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Christian to retain the WWF European Title. After the match, Christian threw a temper tantrum.
  • Spike Dudley interfered during the Hardcore Title match between Goldust and Maven, using the “24/7” rule to his advantage, to capture the gold.
  • After the live performance from the band Drowning Pool, the Hardcore Title situation resumed, with The Hurricane winning the title.
  • Kurt Angle defeated Kane.
  • The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair to take his Wrestlemania tally up to “10-0”, despite Arn Anderson’s attempts to help Flair out.
  • Edge defeated Booker T.
  • The Hurricane’s sidekick, Mighty Molly, turned on him and hit him with a frying pan to take the Hardcore Title!
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Scott Hall
  • Billy and Chuck defeated the APA, The Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boys in a Tag Team elimination match to retain the WWF Tag Team titles.
  • Christian pinned Molly Holly to take the WWF Hardcore Title.
  • The Rock defeated Hollywood Hogan. However, the celebrations didn’t last. Hogan extended a hand to The Rock and decked him with a clothesline! Hall and Nash joined in the assault in the ring, with a bitter Hogan decimating the People’s Champion. Hogan then sprayed the initials “n.W.o” on The Rock’s back after displaying a kind of ruthlessness we haven’t seen of them, at least in the WWF, before.
  • Jezz defeated Lita and Trish Stratus to retain the WWF Woman’s Title.
  • Backstage, Maven found Christian and ended up pinning him to take the WWF Hardcore Title back, before quickly leaving in a limousine.
  • Triple H defeated Chris Jericho to capture the WWF Undisputed Championship.
Edited by LK.
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Yay, a 2002 diary! One of my favourite wrestling years ever. I like how you changed the Rock v Hogan ending. Can't wait to see where this will go.

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March: Continued

WWF Raw – Monday 18th March 2002

The show was one of surprises, as you would expect from the fallout of Wrestlemania. Triple H came down to the ring to start the show, with the Undisputed Title in his grasp, but Jericho soon interrupted the party. Jericho ambushed Triple H with a chair shot before heading to the hills. Jericho said that he felt empty without the WWF Undisputed Title, he needed it; it was symbiotic to him. He needs it back. Jericho went onto tell Stephanie McMahon that he didn’t need her help in the main event – and lived to regret it. Triple H defeated Jericho in the main event, with the Pedigree, to retain the title – solidifying his status as the top gun in the World Wrestling Federation.

Maven defeated Christian to retain the WWF Hardcore Title, in a match which saw the The Hurricane, Spike Dudley, Crash Holly and Mighty Molly all try to capture the gold off the champion. Eventually, Maven pulled through and hit the cross body on Christian for the win. After the match, Christian threw a temper tantrum. The WWF European Champion Diamond Dallas Page tried to calm Christian down, but ate an unprettier, before swallowing the news that Christian wanted a European Title shot on SmackDown.

Billy and Chuck retained the WWF Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania, but the flamboyant tag team weren’t as fortunate when they faced the Hardy Boy’s on Raw. Matt and Jeff did it all and ended up winning the gold after Jeff levelled Chuck with the Swanton Bomb. After the match, Paul Heyman returned to the WWF with a monster named “Brock Lesnar” by his side. Heyman set his beast on The Hardy’s, as the new Tag Team Champions were left to celebrate in a broken heap in the middle of the ring, feeling the wrath of “LESNAAARR!”

Linda McMahon said that in order to settle the dispute between Flair and Vince, there would be a “brand split” to occur on the last Raw of the month, with Flair and Vince drafting superstars to each of their shows, as they were 50/50 owners of the WWF. Flair would be controlling Raw while Vince took SmackDown. The Undertaker found Flair backstage and warned him about choosing him, promising the Nature Boy another beating of a lifetime if he ended up on Flair’s show.

The Rock came down to the ring and laid some “verbal SmackDown” on Hogan, calling him a bitter old man for the ambush he endured after the match at Wrestlemania. Hogan, Nash and Hall came down and began to beat on The Rock, until the glass shattered and Stone Cold Steve Austin ran down to the ring to make the save. Rock and Austin didn’t retain control, as The Big Show entered the ring and stacked the numbers back on the New World Order’s side, joining forces with Hogan, Hall and Nash to become the notorious faction’s newest member.

Quick Match Results

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Maven © defeated Christian
  • WWF Tag Team Titles: The Hardy Boys defeated Billy & Chuck © to become the NEW champions.
  • Edge, Kane and Rob Van Dam defeated Booker T, Kurt Angle and William Regal by disqualification when Regal hit Edge with the brass knuckles.
  • WWF Undisputed Title: Triple H © defeated Chris Jericho
WWF SmackDown! – Thursday 21st March 2002

Vince McMahon came down to the ring with the New World Order to open up the show. He said that he doesn’t tell lies. He said that he unleashed the n.W.o because Flair wouldn’t hand him his stock back, and now it looks as though Flair is going to leech Vince’s creation, Raw. Vince says that it won’t happen. He says he and the New World Order are going to kill the World Wrestling Federation – the cancer is spreading and there is no cure. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and The Big Show will dominate the World Wrestling Federation – they WILL takeover.

Vince didn’t lie. The main event for the night was set, with the four New World Order members taking on Steve Austin, The Rock and Spike Dudley in a handicap match. Vince said he would even up the odds a little for Austin and The Rock, and introduced Spike Dudley as their third partner. The domination ensued, with the New World Order using the numbers advantage to take down their opponents. However, the pyros exploded and Kane came out to even up the odds. Once again, the New World Order used the numbers to their advantage, until in a shocking turn of events, none other than The Undertaker came down to the ring to lay a beating on Hall, Nash, The Big Show and Hogan. The Undertaker took a microphone and said Vince and Flair could both shove it, because this is his yard, and he’ll be damned if anyone, including the New World Order, takes it away from him.

Diamond Dallas Page once again pushed Christian over the edge, defeating him to retain the European Championship. Christian managed to keep composed, for a few seconds, before throwing another temper tantrum. Lance Storm came out and managed to calm Christian down.

Paul Heyman once again unleashed his monster Brock Lesnar onto several unfortunate WWF superstars – this time, the APA. The APA were in the ring, in the middle of a Tag Team match with Billy and Chuck, but Lesnar hit the ring and destroyed all. Heyman said that Lesnar is the hottest, most ruthless commodity in professional wrestling, and he’s here to make an impact.

Chris Jericho didn’t take too kindly to his defeat against Triple H. He demanded that Ric Flair was to make sure he stayed on the same show as Triple H, so he could take his title back. Flair said that the WWF Undisputed Champion and the WWF Woman’s Champion would appear on both shows, to give everyone an equal opportunity. Flair then told Jericho that he would make it up for him by giving him a shot at Rob Van Dam’s Intercontinental Title – if Y2J could get past Kane. He failed. Kane beat Jericho after two chokeslams.

The Undisputed Title situation became increasingly more interesting too, as Kurt Angle challenged Triple H to defend the gold against him. No answer was given, but a brawl ensued, with The Game sending the Olympic Gold Medallist running to the hills.

Match Results

  • Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & The Big Show versus The Rock, Steve Austin and Spike Dudley went to a no contest.
  • Kane defeated Chris Jericho.
  • The APA versus Billy and Chuck went to a no contest.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Christian to retain the WWF European Title.
  • Jazz and Ivory defeated Lita and Trish Stratus
WWF Raw – Monday 25th March 2002

This edition of Raw was focused on the draft lottery, with the matches secondary. Nothing of note happened within the matches, with the shows main event being The Big Show versus Stone Cold, with the stipulations being that if Austin won, the New World Order would be separated and shuffled around the Raw and SmackDown brands. However, they didn’t lose. The match ended in disqualification, with referee Nick Patrick disqualifying Steve Austin for the “use” of a steel chair, when in reality, he didn’t even touch it. Hall threw the chair into the ring, as Austin hit Show with the stunner. The referee woke up and saw Show out and jumped to conclusions; awarding the Big Show an impressive victory, meaning that the New World Order were to stay together.

The results of the draft lottery were as follows:

Superstars drafted by Vince McMahon for the SMACKDOWN! Brand:

  • The Rock
  • Kurt Angle
  • Rob Van Dam (WWF Intercontinental Champion)
  • Chris Jericho
  • Chris Benoit (currently injured)
  • Rikishi
  • Booker T
  • William Regal
  • Tajiri (WWF Cruiserweight Champion)
  • D-Von Dudley
Christian, Mark Henry, The Hurricane, Ivory, Justin Credible, Maven (WWF Hardcore Champion), Lance Storm, Terri, The Big Boss Man, Steven Richards, Torrie Wilson, Crash Holly, Billy Kidman, Perry Saturn, Jacqueline, Spike Dudley and D’Lo Brown were all drafted to the SMACKDOWN brand as a part of a ‘random’ lottery after the show, with the results displayed on WWF.com.

Superstars drafted by Ric Flair for the RAW brand:

  • Steve Austin
  • New World Order (as a unit; Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & The Big Show)
  • The Undertaker
  • Kane
  • The Hardy Boys (WWF Tag Team Champions)
  • Edge
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Diamond Dallas Page (WWF European Champion)
  • Bubba Ray Dudley
  • Billy & Chuck (were drafted as a unit due to a granted favour by Vince McMahon)
Mr Perfect, Al Snow, Test, Albert, Lita, Raven, Goldust, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hardcore Holly, Trish Stratus, Rhyno (Currently Injured), Faarooq, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly, Val Venis, Bradshaw and Tommy Dreamer were the superstars randomly selected in the lottery to appear on the RAW brand.

WWF SmackDown! – Thursday 28th March 2002

The last ever SmackDown with a conjoint WWF roster. The night saw The Dudley Boys team up for what would be the last time, when they were defeated by The Hardy Boys in a Tag Team Title match. After the match, The Dudleys shook hands with the Tag Team Champions and received a round of applause from the fans.

In the main event of the evening, we saw Big Show, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall team up to take on The Rock, Steve Austin and Kane in what would have been a huge match up, until X-Pac made his return to the World Wrestling Federation, to waffle Kane over the head with the steel chair – awarding the match to the good guys by disqualification. After the match, Nash and X-Pac joined their fellow New World Order members and put a beat down on Austin, Kane and The Rock, until The Undertaker came out and cleared the ring.

The rest of the show was made up of hype for the brand split. A video hyping Ric Flair’s “new and improved” Monday Night Raw with Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” playing in the background aired, with Michael Cole and Tazz questioning whether the Nature Boy could contain the New World Order or not. This was the main focal point of the show: the brand split.

Match Results

  • Steve Austin, The Rock & Kane defeated Hulk Hogan, Big Show & Scott Hall by disqualification when X-Pac interfered on the New World Order’s behalf.
  • The Hardy Boys defeated The Dudley Boys to retain the WWF Tag Team titles.
  • Maven defeated Crash Holly to retain the WWF Hardcore Title.
  • Triple H, Edge, Rikishi & Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Jericho, Booker T, Kurt Angle & William Regal
Roster Split: The Cuts

With the roster split came the end of the World Wrestling Federation careers of a number of superstars, who were deemed surplus to requirements by the head honcho’s in Connecticut.

  • Chad Collyer
  • Chris Kanyon
  • Debra
  • Hugh Morrus
  • Kenny Bolin
  • Mr Black
  • Ron Waterman
  • Steve Blackman
  • Steve Bradley
  • Synn
  • TAKA Michinoku
  • The Damaja
The 1st of April 2002 would witness the beginning of a new era. A era, where for the first time in professional wrestling history, a wrestling promotion would be divided into two seperate entities. The brand extension was ready to begin. Edited by LK.
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WWF Champions

Exclusive to BOTH brands

IPB Image

WWF Undisputed Champion

Champion: Triple H

Defeated: Chris Jericho

At: Wrestlemania 18

Date: 17th March 2002

#1 Contender: Unknown

IPB Image

WWF Women’s Champion

Champion: Jazz

Defeated: Trish Stratus

At: Raw

Date: 4th February 2002

#1 Contender: Unknown

Exclusive to the RAW brand

IPB Image

WWF European Champion

Champion: Diamond Dallas Page

Defeated: Christian

At: SmackDown!

Date: 31st January 2002

#1 Contender: Unknown

IPB ImageIPB Image

WWF Tag Team Champions

Champions: The Hardy Boys

Defeated: Billy & Chuck

At: Raw

Date: 18th March 2002

#1 Contenders: Unknown

Exclusive to the SMACKDOWN brand

IPB Image

WWF Intercontinental Champion

Champion: Rob Van Dam

Defeated: William Regal

At: Wrestlemania 18

Date: 17th March 2002

#1 Contender: Unknown

IPB Image

WWF Hardcore Champion

Champion: Maven

Defeated: Christian

At: Wrestlemania 18

Date: 17th March 2002

#1 Contender: Everyone.

IPB Image

WWF Cruiserweight Champion

Champion: Tajiri

Defeated: Billy Kidman

At: Raw

Date: October 22nd 2001

#1 Contender: Unknown

The Brands

IPB Image

WWF RAW brand owner: Ric Flair

Talent Roster:

Al Snow


Big Show

Billy Gunn


Brock Lesnar

Bubba Ray Dudley

Chuck Palumbo

Diamond Dallas Page




Hardcore Holly

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Jeff Hardy


Kevin Nash


Matt Hardy

Molly Holly

Mr Perfect



Scott Hall

Scotty 2 Hotty

Stacy Keibler

Steve Austin


Tommy Dreamer

Trish Stratus


Val Venis


IPB Image

WWF SMACKDOWN! brand owner: Vince McMahon

Talent Roster:

Billy Kidman

Booker T


Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


Crash Holly

D’Lo Brown

D-Von Dudley




Justin Credible

Kurt Angle

Lance Storm

Mark Henry


Perry Saturn


Rob Van Dam

Spike Dudley

Steven Richards



The Rock

Torrie Wilson

William Regal

IPB Image

OHIO VALLEY WRESTLING head booker: Jim Cornette

WWF Development Talent:

Bull Buchanan

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero Jr


David Flair

Dough Basham

Eric Angle

EZ Money



Jamie Knoble

Johnny The Bull



Mark Jindrak

Matt Morgan

Mike Awesome

Mike Sanders

Nick Dinsmore


O.G Ekmo


Queen Victoria

Randy Orton

Redd Dogg

Rico Constantino

Rob Conway

Sean O’Haire


Shannon Moore

Sharmell Sullivan

Shelton Benjamin

The Prototype

Next up: WWF Raw, 1st of April 2002, preview.

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IPB Image

1st April 2002

Raw Preview: The beginning of a new era

On the 18th March 2002 Linda McMahon dropped a huge bombshell: the World Wrestling Federation was set to be split into two separate brands; two separate entities. A week later and it was. For the first time in professional wrestling history we witnessed a “draft” which divided the conjoint WWF roster into two, with some superstars gaining a spot on Ric Flair’s Raw roster, and with others gaining a spot on Vince McMahon’s SmackDown roster. This is truly the beginning of a new era, and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has promised us a whole new Monday Night Raw – one with a bang.

The Nature Boy has promised us that he will announce a number one contender for Triple H’s Undisputed Championship – one which will be named on this weeks Raw. The Nature Boy has also announced a European Championship match which will pit the champion Diamond Dallas Page up against Mr Perfect, in a match which has the premise to be one to remember. The Nature Boy has also promised to cement Raw’s status as the “number one show”, but will he be able to live up to his promise?

Raw has its host of top WWF talent, with Ric Flair gaining the impressive capture of former WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, with his first draft pick. Flair also managed to secure the services of his enemy, The Undertaker and the notorious pack of hounds known as the New World Order. The question is, will Flair be able to contain Austin and the New World Order? It is evident that the Rattlesnake has a reputation for doing whatever he wants, when he wants … and the nWo are the nWo, a faction which is almost impossible to control, especially as of late. What does Flair have in store for the New World Order? Or is it, what do the New World Order have in store for the Nature Boy?

In other action, Ric Flair has made Raven versus Tommy Dreamer – two men who have a horrific, brutal past with each other in the now defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion. For one night only, the rivalry will be renewed as these two hardcore icons collide in the middle of the WWF Raw ring!

Whole this and a whole lot more is set to go down on Raw, as Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler call the action live on Monday night, on TNN.

Confirmed Matches:

  • European Title: Diamond Dallas Page [c] vs. Mr Perfect
  • Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer
Edited by LK.
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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation RAW

Monday 1st April 2002

Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler call the action.

1. The beginning of a new era.

We start things off with a video package, displaying highlights of the “draft lottery” which occurred on last weeks Raw. The footage suddenly explodes into one of high-octane action, with Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” playing in the background. We are shown clips of Raw exclusive superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Edge in action, hitting their big moves. Eventually, the production stops and the pyrotechnics begin. This is Monday Night Raw. (OR: 88%)

2. The Nature Boy struts his stuff.

We get straight into things, with Jim Ross telling us that WWF 50% owner, and the head of the Raw brand, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is gracing us with our presence in the ring. Flair stands suited, with a microphone in hand. The fans react warmly to the Nature Boy’s presence.

Flair: “The beginnin’ of a whole new era. (Fans pop) The era of the new and improved Monday Night Raw, baby! The number one show in the WWF! The era of the Nature Boy’s Raw, woooooooo!”

He nods his head firmly, smiling, as the fans start with the “wooo” chants, imitating Big Naitch.

Flair: “And ya see, ‘cause this is the begginin’ of a new era, we need a number one contender! Monday Night Raw needs a challenger for Triple H’s Undisputed Title! And ya know what? We’re gonna find that number one contender TONIGHT on Raw!”

This draws a massive pop from the fans.

Flair: “Ten man battle royal, baby. In the middle of this very ring, right here on Raw. Ten of Raw’s finest superstars go at it; winner takes on Triple H at Backlash. It’s a done deal, and it happens tonight on Raw.”

Flair nods his head contently. However, the party is soon crashed as the porno-esque music of the New World Order is filtered through the sound system. The black and white strobe lighting effects kick in as Hollywood Hogan (playing the air guitar), Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac and the Big Show all step out from the back, wearing the black and white we are accustomed to seeing them in. Hall has a microphone in hand. The music cuts. The fans jeer.

Hall: “Hey yo.”

He stops for a moment, chewing his toothpick.

Hall: “Big Naitch, Ric Flair, the Nature Boy. Whole new era? Damn straight. We’re takin’ over, chico. Da Bad Guy, Big Kev, Hollywood Hogan, X-Pac and the Big Show are takin’ this crib over – and if that means we have to remove you, then so be it old man, it’s time for the New World Order to rise once again.”

Hogan takes the stick.

Hogan: “That’s right, BROTHER! Ya see Flair, you might go on and on about how this is a new era, but nothing has changed, DUDE. Ya see Naitch, the Hulkster dominated wrestlin’ in the past, and he’s dominatin’ it now. Bring guys like The Rock and they fall. I wasn’t the loser at Mania – I wasn’t the one who was carried out on a stretcher, BROTHER!”

Hulk nods his head as the other New World Order members laugh.

Hogan: “And Flair, you might be the official boss-man around here, but face it, we run the damn show. We poisoned WCW, we were injected into the WWF by Vinnie Mac, and you just carried the cancer over to Monday Night Raw, brother! Raw will NEVER be the same again, and that’s startin’ from tonight, when I win that battle roy—“

Flair: “Wait a minute, Hogan. Don’t get carried away. Ya see, you’re right, you weren’t the loser at Mania. Oh no. Each and every one of these fans were. Ya see Hulk, your ego couldn’t handle defeat and you and your pack of animals here ambushed The Rock. Why? ‘Cause he’s better than you BROTHER! WOOOO! He beat your sorry ass ONE-TWO-THREE! And as for the battle royal? Ha! You think you’re takin’ over? I know what you’re like – you’d do ANYTHING to tip the odds onto your side, that’s why only one of ya are enterin’! Yeah Big Show, get ready, ‘cause you’re representin’ the ENN-DUBBYA-OHH! The pressure’s on, big man.”

The fans pop. Flair has got one over on the New World Order here.

Flair: “Don’t look so disheartened X-Pac, ya see, you have a match too. Remember your former partner? Remember the man you screwed over in the past?! Remember KANE?! WOOOOOOO! THAT’S RIGHT PARTNER! You and Kane… TONIGHT!”

Flair begins to strut around the ring. X-Pac is speechless. Flair has certainly flexed his muscles tonight, and Raw has only just begun! He stops at the side of the ring which faces the ramp and…


Flair’s music hits and we go to the commercials, with the New World Order looking increasingly pissed off by the head of Monday Night Raw, the Nature Boy. (OR: 95%)

3. WWF European Title: Diamond Dallas Page [c] defeats Mr Perfect

Ross and Lawler are too pre-occupied with the events prior to the match, with Flair and the New World Order, to even give a damn. Perfect mounts some offence, but never looks like winning. The closest he comes is within two minutes of the match, with the Perfect-Plex, but he fails to hook the bridge immediately, giving DDP the opportunity to muster up his strength and kick out after ‘two’. Perfect goes for another Perfect Plex, but DDP quickly spins out of the move and connects with the Diamond Cutter from out of nowhere to get the three count to retain the European Championship. (OR: 72%)

4. 3D: Don’t Disrespect a Dudley.

We go backstage to the APA’s office, with the door randomly placed in the centre of the room, to where we see a number of WWF wrestlers sitting around the round table, drinking beer and playing cards. Bradshaw, Faarooq, Bubba Ray Dudley, Test, Scotty 2 Hotty and Hardcore Holly are all present.

Bradshaw: “What’ve ya got, Bubba? You gonna’ bust again?”

Bradshaw laughs. Bubba glances at his cards before looking up at Bradshaw, sneering.

Bradshaw: “C’mon big man, what’ve ya got?”

And bam! Bubba slams the cards down onto the table. He climbs to his feet; the look in his eyes is nothing short of intense. He’s angry. Suddenly, Bubba flings the table into the air, across the room! Everyone is shocked. Each of the wrestlers raise to their feet, separating Bubba Dudley and Bradshaw, as they are clearly ready to go at it.

Bradshaw: “What’s yer damn problem?!”

Bubba: “I’ll see you in the ring, Bradshaw. Don’t disrespect a Dudley.”

Officials enter the scene and escort Bubba away as we go elsewhere. (OR: 63%)

5. Raven defeats Tommy Dreamer

Ross and Lawler briefly go over Dreamer and Raven’s history from ECW, in a few mere sentences. The two just went at it, with the fans not particularly interested. The match screamed “filler”. The two just brawled back and forth for a while, until Dreamer took control and connected with a Dreamer DDT in the middle of the ring. Raven kicked out on “two” on the resulting cover. Dreamer turned to the referee to question the count, but Raven scored with a quick roll-up to get the three count and the victory.

Raven climbed to his feet to celebrate the win over his former, forgotten arch-nemesis until Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar make there way out from the back. Ross and King go berserk, hyping up Lesnar, as he enters the ring and tosses Raven around like a rag doll. The fans actually applaud the big man as he delivers the F5 to Raven. Dreamer suffers the same fate and also eats an F5. Heyman simply cackles on the outside, like the evil genius he is, as his monster stands tall over the two broken bodies. (OR: 68%)

6. Bubba Ray Dudley defeats Bradshaw

After a commercial break, we are straight into the next match up. Bradshaw and Bubba, neither of them “lightweights”, smack the crap out of each other for a few moments with heavy, vicious looking blows. Bradshaw looks for a fallaway slam, but Bubba manages to tip the Texan over and land on him, but only gets a two count. Bubba keeps on top of things for a moment, hitting an ace crusher on Bradshaw, but can’t put the big man away. Bradshaw fights back and knocks the Dudley down with a big boot to the face. Bubba returns to his feet, turns and somehow ducks a Clothesline from Hell, which sees Bradshaw plough into the referee! Bradshaw looks shocked. He turns to Bubba and ducks a clothesline, and then nails the Dudley with a Clothesline From Hell! Bubba hits the deck as a huge man slides into the ring, a “hoss” as JR puts it. The huge superstar lifts Bradshaw up and slams him down hard with a sit-out Spinebuster before sliding out of the ring. Lawler claims to recognise the big man, dubbing him Morgan Dudley, Bubba’s “little” brother! Bubba crawls over Bradshaw as a referee rushes down to the ring to count; …1…2…3.

After the match, the two Dudleys look to lay a beating on Bradshaw, but Faarooq races out from the back to save his partner from further punishment. The Dudleys head off up the ramp, both smirking big-time, having got one over on the APA. We go straight to a package to hype up this months pay per view event, Backlash. (OR: 66%)

7. X-Pac defeats Kane

X-Pac enters the ring first, looking rather sheepish, with none of his New World Order buddies accompanying him to the ring. The pyros then hit with a BANG as Kane makes his way down to the ring, adjusting his glove with the mask on. The match is obviously tipped in Kane’s favour, with X-Pac’s speed and variation of martial arts kicks doing him no favours, as he is simply tossed around the squared circle like a rag doll. Kane takes X-Pac down with a big boot and goes up top as the fans cheer, getting behind the Big Red Machine. Kane flies with a clothesline and knocks X-Pac straight back down to the canvas. He gets up and looks for a chokeslam, which X-Pac walks straight into, but escapes with a low blow! Kane falls to his knees giving X-Pac the opportunity to connect with the X-Factor! X-Pac looks to cover, but Kane sits straight back up! The fans give this a roar of approval as Kane angrily returns to his feet. Suddenly, Scott Hall leaps up onto the apron. Kane decks X-Pac with a big boot as the referee tries to contain Hall, who tries to enter the ring. Meanwhile, Kevin Nash enters the ring behind Kane and levels him with a massive chair shot to the skull. Kane hits the deck but sits back up! Nash can’t believe it. Nash levels Kane with another massive chair shot, which takes him clean out. Hall drops off the apron and Nash heads to the hills as X-Pac crawls into the cover. Referee Charles Robinson counts; …1…2…3! X-Pac steals it! (OR: 68%)

8. Who’s the boss?

Space Odyssey hits for the second time of the night and Ric Flair returns to the ring. The smug look which he had on his face earlier on in the night has disappeared. He looks somewhat pissed off. Flair enters the ring, takes a microphone as the fans chant “wooo” at him. Flair nods his head and begins to speak.

Flair: “The New World Order found out who was the boss, who calls the shot – me! Ric Flair! I call the shots! However, one man has decided to take my authority and PISS IT straight down into the damn toilet! One man has a complete disregard for authority ‘cause no-one can contain him, and because he gets away with it! No more! Ya see Stone Cold Steve Austin…”

The fans pop BIG-TIME for the Texas Rattlesnake, interrupting Flair.

Flair: “Ya see Stone Cold, I drafted you to Raw ‘cause I like ya. I respect ya, but damn, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna let’cha walk all over me.”

He nods his head.

Flair: “Austin, things have changed around here, pal. Vince McMahon is no longer here to screw around with ya, to screw you over – it’s time to start afresh, so don’t disrespect me. I’m the boss, Steve. The Nature Boy is the boss around here, WOOOOOO! And no one can tell me otherwise, including YOU!”

He’s getting carried away here. #GLASS SHATTERS# The fans go WILD as Stone Cold Steve Austin storms out from the back, cursing as he rushes down to the ring. The music plays as the Rattlesnake climbs onto each of the turnbuckles, “saluting” everyone with the fingers. He climbs down off the last one and turns to Flair, smirks, and takes a microphone. The music cuts.

Flair: “Glad ya finally showed up, Steve. It’s about time.”

Flair smirks.

Austin: “Ric Flair, ya should count your lucky stars son, ‘cause if you were Vince McMahon, you’re ass would be on that damn canvas faster than you could say ‘stunner’.”

KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! Oh my god! Stunner to Flair! Austin just levelled Ric Flair with the Stone Cold Stunner! The fans are going wild! Austin picks the microphone up as Flair lies on the canvas, out of it. Austin holds the microphone to his mouth, hovering over Flair.

Austin: “No one tells ol’ Stone Cold what ta’ do!”

He leaps to his feet, storms around the ring, and…

Austin: “That’s tha’ bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold SAID SO!”

He tosses the microphone down and calls for a few beers as the fans continually cheer him. Who’s the boss, Flair? Austin doesn’t care. Austin downs the beers and puts one next to Flair’s head, on the mat, as we go to Jim Ross and The King who both quite can’t believe there eyes. They put over Austin’s complete disregard for authority, saying that the Bionic Redneck quite frankly doesn’t give a damn. (OR: 92%)

9. The Undertaker defeats The Big Show, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Albert, Test, Hardcore Holly, Goldust, Al Snow & Diamond Dallas Page to become the new #1 Contender for the Undisputed Title.

Al Snow is immediately eliminated by The Undertaker, who simply knees him in the gut and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside. Goldust is the next to go when Albert knocks him against the ropes, allowing Test to follow up with a Big Boot, to send the Bizarre One tumbling over the ropes and to the outside. With Test caught off-guard, Albert takes the opportunity to grab him by the legs and tip him over the top, but Test holds on! Albert doesn’t notice this and eats a Diamond Cutter from Diamond Dallas Page. Page flashes the Diamond Sign but gets clotheslined over the top and to the outside by The Big Show. Test, Albert and Hardcore Holly all team up to try and take The Big Show out as Edge and The Undertaker go at it. Jeff Hardy is left in limbo, trying to help Edge against Taker. Show fights the three men off and tosses Holly over the top and to the outside. Albert is the next to feel the wrath of the Big Show, via the force of a huge Chokeslam! Albert climbs to his feet and falls back into the ropes. Jeff Hardy runs at him and launches himself at him, using himself as human missile, but ends up falling over the top with Albert – eliminating himself in the process! Meanwhile, Edge levels The Undertaker with a spear. He gets up, turns around and gets a Big Boot to the jaw from Test! Test tries to fight The Big Show off, but Show knees him across the gut before chokeslamming him over the top rope and to the outside! Edge is the next to face elimination, with Taker gaining a measure of revenge for the spear he ate earlier. The American Bad-Ass takes Big Show down with a Big Boot before kicking Edge in the gut and connecting with the Last Ride in the middle of the ring. Taker immediately pulls Edge up and throws him over the top rope and to the outside, to dispose of him. It’s now down to two. Show returns to his feet and begins to brawl with Taker, but Taker hits a sucker punch on Show and knocks him into the ropes. Taker runs across the ring and on the return he connects with a massive boot to the jaw of Big Show, sending him over the top rope and to the outside floor! The Undertaker is the new number one contender! (OR: 67%)

10. The Undertaker versus Triple H, Undisputed Title, Backlash.

The referee raises The Undertaker’s arm high into the air, proclaiming him the victor, as Jim Ross goes on hype mode for the ten-year-plus WWF veteran. As he does, Triple H emerges from the back with the Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. The Game looks at Taker and smirks as Raw fades to a close. (OR: 74%)

Segment Rating: 74%

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I'm really liking this diary. The nWo was grossly mishandled IRL, but you've made up for the WWF's mistakes and fixed the 'slide' without changing the results of Wrestlemania TOO much. Your rosters are also quite good, and it's hard to tell, at least at this point, which roster has more 'star power', as it were (something you also did better than the WWF IRL).

I can't wait to see what you do with Smackdown!

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IPB Image

4th April 2002

SmackDown! Preview: The number one brand?

On Monday night we saw the debut of a whole new Monday Night Raw, headed by WWF co-owner Ric Flair. On Thursday night, we see the debut of the individual SmackDown brand, headed by Vince McMahon. On Raw, Flair claimed that Raw was the number one show in the WWF – so you can be sure that Vince McMahon is raring to out-do his counter-part, with a top draw episode of SmackDown! We at WWF.com caught up with Vince yesterday, to ask him his thoughts on the sole Raw effort, but Vince simply said, with confidence, “SmackDown WILL be better”. Will it? Will Vince McMahon get one over on Ric Flair and out-do him in the ratings war, to back up his claims and make SmackDown officially the number one brand? One thing is for sure, Mr McMahon is ready to pull out all of the stops.

It has been already confirmed that the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H will be on this Thursday night’s SmackDown, but why? The Undertaker, from Raw, has already been named the number one contender and will gain a title shot at Backlash, so why is The Game appearing on SmackDown this week? Vince McMahon must have something up his sleeve for the Undisputed Champion, but what? Find out on SmackDown!

Two matches have been confirmed for the event. The Women’s Championship will be defended by Jazz as she goes up against Jacqueline, who is a former WWF Women’s Champion. Jazz has been dominant since beating Trish Stratus to capture the title all those months ago on Raw, but will Jacqueline, who is a rather impressive female athlete, be the one to dethrone her as champion? Both of these women will be desperate to walk out of SmackDown with the gold, so who will be the victor? Tune in this Thursday night to find out.

In other action, Billy Kidman and Crash Holly team up to take on the Canadian tag team of Lance Storm and Christian, in what should be a high octane match up. All four men are tremendous athletes, with Crash Holly being a multi-time former Hardcore Champion, with Kidman being a former Cruiserweight Champion, Storm being a former Intercontinental Champion and with Christian being a former multi-time Tag Team champion with his brother Edge – so with all this in mind, SmackDown has the workings of a HUGE match-up between four excellent athletes. You’d be insane to miss it.

As well as this, Vince McMahon has done his part to confirm a number of superstars for this Thursday night’s event, including The Rock, William Regal, WWF Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. With these superstars set to appear, the first SmackDown of the draft lottery will be one to remember – and if you happen to miss it? You’ll regret it. SmackDown will be off the charts!

All this and a whole lot more is set to go down this Thursday night on UPN as Michael Cole and Tazz call the action.

Confirmed Matches:

  • Women’s Title: Jazz [c] vs. Jacqueline
  • Billy Kidman & Crash Holly vs. Christian & Lance Storm
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Well, You LK. are perhaps my favourite diary writer currently here on EWB, Right up there with reversefigure4 and Baby Hewey. I also probably will soon start a diary on another board about an aspect like this - The roster split 2002 - So, I am excited about this.

Interesting to see a few changes in tha roster, Compared to what the WWF did IRL. Monday Night Raw was really good, It seemed like a "real" WWF broadcast, But on the other hand it also had some twists of it's own. I can't wait to see what you do with SmackDown - And just how drunk will Vinnie Mac be of power?

Keep this thing up. And I hope you'll continue your ECW diaries too. They are good.

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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation SMACKDOWN!

Thursday 4th April 2002

Michael Cole & Tazz call the action.

1. Whatever you can do, I can do better.

We open things up backstage in the VIP suite. Vince McMahon is setting on his leather couch, eyes firmly focused on the camera.

Vince: “So Ric Flair, Nature Boy, you’re going to announce the number one contender for the WWF Undisputed Championship without even consulting your business partner? You’re going to name a RAW brand superstar the number one contender without giving MY SHOW, SmackDown, a shot? I don’t think so, Ric.”

Vince smirks.

Vince: “Ya see Flair, I’ve got a number one contender in mind. He’ll reveal himself later on tonight. But as for your ‘beginning of a new era’, a ‘number one’ show, as you put it. Well Flair, it was good, I’ll give you that – but whatever you can do, I can do better. Ya see Ric, tonight in my SmackDown ring, the Undisputed Championship WILL be on the line!”

The fans pop.

Vince: “A Wrestlemania 18 rematch, in fact. Triple H defends the Undisputed Title against the man who he defeated at the ‘grand-daddy of ‘em all’, Y2J Chris Jericho! And it happens TONIGHT on SmackDown!”

Cole lets out a “whoa!” as Vince nods.

Vince: “Enjoy the show.” (OR: 97%)

2. Christian & Lance Storm defeat Billy Kidman & Crash Holly

The two Canadians take it to their cruiserweight opponents from the start. At one point, Crash knocks Storm out of the ring and follows, with Kidman going up top to fly with the Shooting Star Press. However, Christian gets his knees up and Kidman eats them, with a face-to-knee connection. Kidman, who is bloodied, climbs to his feet and eats an unprettier from Christian. Holly enters the ring and knocks Christian down with a forearm smash, but then eats a superkick from Storm, who then drops down into the cover for the inevitable three count in a match which was obviously thrown together to put Christian and Storm over as a cohesive unit. (OR: 67%)

3. The number one Tag Team in the WWF.

Straight after the match, with Cole saying that Storm and Christian looked impressive as a team, Christian takes a microphone from the ring announcer and begins to speak, with the Canadian Technician Lance Storm standing by his side.

Christian: “Hey Lance, guess what, chief?”

Storm just looks at Christian.

Christian: “We were screwed! Linda McMahon and her pathetic little draft lottery screwed us over!”

He nods his head firmly. Storm agrees.

Christian: “We’re the number one Tag Team in the WWF, but we won’t get our shot ‘cause Linda McMahon decided to throw her weight around! If the mega-dork idea of a draft lottery wasn’t implemented, then we’d get a shot at the Tag Titles to prove that we’re number one – but we can’t. Ya see Lance; The Hardy Boys are on Raw DUCKING US!”

Storm nods his head in agreement with his partner. He takes the microphone to a resounding round of jeers from the fans.

Storm: “If I can be serious for a minute.”

The boos get louder.

Storm: “If myself and Christian were on Raw, we’d be the Tag Team Champions. If we got our shot, we’d take it. We’d beat Jeff and Matt Hardy with ease. The Tag Team titles would belong to us. However, the WWF regime decided to throw us onto the ‘B’ show, we’re we fight jokes like Billy Kidman and Crash Holly. Sure, they have talent, but they aren’t as good as myself and Christian. They’re ‘B’, we’re ‘A’. They’re ‘SmackDown’, we’re ‘Raw’. Myself and Christian are the two most technically gifted athletes in this company – but because of some pathetic idea, we’ve been stuck with no shot. We’re stranded on a river with no paddle. We won’t get our Tag Team title shot because The Hardy Boy’s are cowards – they won’t defend their title son both shows, and because of the rules and our contracts, we can’t compete on Raw unless Vince McMahon and Ric Flair give it the go ahead. If you’re listening guys, we want our shot. Make it happen. Vince, we don’t disappoint.”

He hands the microphone to Christian, who smirks.

Christian: “Wow man, you were on a ROLL!”

Storm nods, smirking.

Christian: “We’re on a roll, chief. When we get our shots, we’ll be the champions. No one can stop us. Not even Linda McMahon and her petty attempts to stop us from claiming OUR goldage! Ain’t that right, Lance?”

Storm: “Correct.”

Christian nods his head and slaps Storm on the chest, before dropping the microphone. Cole comments on the size of Christian and Storm’s egos, and their pathetic claims of conspiracy theory. Why would Linda McMahon go out of her way to make sure Storm and Christian don’t get their Tag Team title shots? It doesn’t make sense. Then again, when did Storm and Christian EVER make sense? (OR: 79%)

4. The Rock and Vince McMahon: The conflict of the egos.

We return from the commercials and go backstage, to where Vince McMahon is walking through the corridors, smirking from ear-to-ear for no apparent reason. Suddenly, he bumps into The Rock, who steps out from his locker room. Rock looks up and down at Vince, who steps back, out of The Rock’s way.

Vince: “Well, well, well, look who it is … The Great One.”

He chuckles to himself.

The Rock: “Well, well, well, look who it is … the Mac-Daddy, the Genetic Jackhammer, the man who has done his all to screw The Rock over time-and-time again. The man who drafted The Rock to SmackDown to screw him some mor—“

Vince: “Hold it there, Rocky. I brought you to SmackDown, not because I like you, but because you move merchandise. The ‘people’ love you. I don’t. But you’ll make me money, a lot of money. I can put your name up in lights, in Hollywood, and rake in the cash. That’s why I drafted you to my SmackDown brand.”

The Rock: “Save it, Vince. Save it, turn it sideways, and stick it right up your candy ass, Vinnie! The Rock doesn’t give a damn.”

And with that, The Rock walks away, leaving Vince standing with a smirk on his face. The fans were electric throughout The Rock and Vince’s interaction, despite the lack of longevity. Suddenly, Justin Credible bursts into view, wearing his cut jeans, standing t-shirt-less.

Credible: “Vince, Mr McMahon… I wanna make an impact. I’ll do anythin’, ANYTHIN’ to hit it big here Mr McMahon. Just give me a chance.”

Vince looks at Credible and sneers.

Vince: “Take The Rock OUT!”

The fans boo loudly as Credible nods his head contently before walking away. (OR: 100%)

5. WWF Women’s Title: Jazz [c] defeats. Jacqueline

Cole and Tazz remind us that the Women’s title can be defended on both Raw and SmackDown. The match is short and straight to the point, displaying Jazz’s dominance. Cole and Tazz attempt to put Jacqueline over, as she is a former WWF Women’s Champion, but after three minutes or so, that’s irrelevant. Jazz basically slaps Jacqueline around the ring for a few moments, but eats a DDT from out of nowhere. The champion kicks out on two from the resulting cover. Jazz inevitabely fights back and connects with the Jazz Stinger for the three count, to retain the Women’s Title. (OR: 46%)

6. Your days with the belt are numbered, Rob.

We go backstage to where we see Rob Van Dam stretching. The Intercontinental Championship lies across a bench behind Van Dam, who reaches down to touch his toes. Suddenly, William Regal steps into view, sneering. Rob gets up and into Regal’s face.

Regal: “I never said congratulations, sunshine. I gave you a good pat on the back for out-besting me at Wrestlemania, did I, Rob?”

Van Dam shrugs nonchalantly. He doesn’t care. Hell, he’s the champion, why should he?

Regal: “Well lad, I spoke to Mr McMahon and he informed me of a stipulation I had in my contract. A rematch clause. Next week Rob, I take that Intercontinental Championship from you and reinstate myself as the champion. That sounds rather bloody good, doesn’t it?”

Rob shrugs once again. He looks somewhat out of it.

RVD: “Yeah, sure dude. Whatever.”

Regal: “Count down the days sunny-jim, because in one weeks time, I’ll be the champion.”

RVD: “Yeah cool, sounds good.”

Regal: “Are you even listening, you ungrateful little tw—“

Van Dam smirks.

RVD: “Whoa, chill dude. The negative vibes are like, SO killin’ the moment. Show me what you can do in the ring, next week, alright? Just take a few deep breaths in-between now and then, get ready, ya know?”

The Brit looks confused.

Regal: “Get ready for wha—“

RVD: “To lose to the (thumbs) WHOLE – DAMN – SHOW!”

Van Dam smirks as Regal storms off, fuming. Rob Van Dam and William Regal will go at it for the Intercontinental Championship on next weeks SmackDown! (OR: 81%)

7. The Return of Law & Order

A video package plays, showing some black and white quick highlights of the notorious corrupt law enforcer known as the Big Bossman in action. The footage ends with a black screen, white text, “law & order will return to SmackDown!” (OR: 57%)

8. The Rock defeats Justin Credible

Credible looks to make an impact, ambushing the Great One as he entered the ring, without allowing him to go up top to do his usual entrance pose. Credible lays Rock out with a DDT but Rock kicks out on the resulting cover with ease. Rock climbs to his feet and eats a Superkick from Credible, who displays some of the callousness which Tazz says he is capable of, but which we’ve never seen before here in the WWF. Credible loses momentum and ends up running into a Samoan Drop from the People’s Champion, who then kips up as Credible slowly returns to his feet. Credible walks into a Rock-Bottom to a huge pop from the fans, who chant “Rocky!” Rock kicks Credible’s arm to his sides, runs at the ropes and on the return he drills Credible with the PEOPLE’S ELBOW~! The Rock covers the former ECW champion, as the fans chant in unison with the referees count – “one – two – three!” (OR: 78%)

9. Monday Night Raw

We are shown a video package which highlights the events which took place on last Monday Nights Raw. We see Austin levelling Flair with the Stunner, The Undertaker winning the battle royal and engaging in a stare down with the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H, amongst other happenings. (OR: 87%)

10. WWF Undisputed Title: Triple H [c] defeats Chris Jericho

The match is back and forth from the start, with near falls aplenty. Jericho connects with a bulldog and looks for the Lionsault, but Triple H gets his knees up, but unfortunately for the champion, Jericho lands on his feet and quickly locks Triple H in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho tries to turn the champion around but gets kicked into the ropes. Triple H then leaps to life and connects with a knee to the jaw of Jericho, as the fans begin to get behind up, willing him on to retain the title against the egotistical former WWF champion. Triple H looks to end it with a Pedigree but Jericho counters with a massive back body drop. Triple H climbs to his feet and Jericho looks for the “breakdown” and connects, driving Triple H face first down into the canvas. Jericho covers; …1…2…, kick out. Jericho begins to lose his cool with the referee and foolishly turns his back on Triple H. When he turns back to the champion, he takes a kick to the gut followed by the Pedigree! Triple H covers straight after hitting the Pedigree and gets the three count, to retain the Undisputed Championship at the hands of Chris Jericho. (OR: 69%)

11. The #1 Contender reveals himself.

The referee hands the belt to The Game and raises his arm high into the air, declaring him the victor. Cole and Tazz go over Triple H’s credentials and how he won a hard fought battle to retain the gold. Suddenly, Kurt Angle floors Triple H from behind! The fans immediately jeer loudly as the Olympic Gold Medallist begins to pound on Triple H with a series of stomps! Triple H tries to fight back, but Angle takes the belt and levels him with it! Triple H is down and out! Angle lifts The Game up and plants him with the Angle Slam! At this point, the jeers are absolutely deafening. Angle reaches down and slaps Triple H in the Ankle Lock! Triple H screams … he taps out! Triple H is tapping! EMT’s and Road Agents rush out from the back, but Angle won’t break the hold, but he is as sure as hell breaking Triple H’s ankle!

SmackDown goes off the air, with Cole and Tazz going over how vicious Angle was with that calculated, well-planned, and even cerebral assault. (OR: 84%)

Show Rating: 74%

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You are a fantastic writer. Every character seems to be portrayed perfectly. I absolutely loved William Regal. The Storm and Christian angle seems to be pretty cool. Hopefully it somehow leads to a Tag Team championship run. I am surprised that Triple H - Jericho was as bad as it was.

Good diary - Morgan Dudley, though. Is that Matt Morgan?

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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation JAKKED

Saturday 6th April 2002

Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly call the action

1. A whole new SmackDown!

We are shown a video package to hype up the beginning of the roster split, which began on last weeks Raw. We see both Flair and Vince in full flow, doing their all to hype up their respective shows. The footage concludes with Vince McMahon speaking on SmackDown on Thursday night, with him saying “enjoy the show”. (OR: 90%)

2. Lance Storm defeats The American Dragon

The American Dragon is a local worker. Dragon gives it his all, trying to match up the ring veteran, but never quite succeeds. The closest to victory the American Dragon comes is when he plants Storm with a DDT from out of nowhere – but Storm kicked out on two. From that point onwards, there was only one winner. Storm connected with a superkick before making Dragon tap out to the Half Boston Crab for the win. (OR: 73%)

3. The Great One

We are shown footage of this previous Thursday nights SmackDown with The Rock and Vince McMahon bumping into each other backstage. The footage quickly turns to that of The Rock versus Justin Credible, which also occurred on SmackDown. The Rock wins the match with the People’s Elbow with the referee and fans counting the fall in unison. Cole and Kelly go over how impressive The Rock was on SmackDown, but question whether Vinnie Mac and the Great One will ever be able to see eye-to-eye. (OR: 99%)

4. WWF Hardcore Title: Maven [c] defeats Erik Watts

Maven makes an open challenge, saying the title is defended “24/7”. Local worker Erik Watts, the son of Cowboy Bill Watts, comes out and accepts the challenge. The match includes a few weapon spots, with a stop sign and a steel chair being used. Maven dropkicks the chair into Watts’ face and covers for the three to retain the gold. (OR: 63%)

5. Another #1 contender? Kurt Angle.

We are shown footage of Vince McMahon announcing that SmackDown will have its own number one contender at the beginning of last Thursday night. We then join some in-ring action, with Triple H defeating Chris Jericho to retain the Undisputed Championship. After the match, Kurt Angle comes out and lays a beating on Triple H, putting him in the Ankle Lock. We return to Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole, and the duo announce that Kurt Angle was Vince McMahon’s hand-picked number one contender to face Triple H at the pay per view. (OR: 92%)

6. Booker T defeats Spike Dudley

The Bookerman takes on the runt of the Dudley litter. The former FIVE-TIME WCW Champion lays a beating on Spike, until the smallest man on the WWF roster counters an attempted suplex by landing on his feet, kicks Booker in the gut and runs up the turnbuckle and connects with the Dudley Dog! At this point, the fans begin to get behind Spike. However, the celebrations don’t last forever as Booker fights back and connects with the Scissors Kick, does the spinaroonie, and then connects with the Book-End for the three count. The show fades with Booker T’s music playing in the background, with the Bookerman celebrating his victory. (OR: 69%)

Show Rating: 69%

Edited by LK.
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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation HEAT

Sunday 7th April 2002

Jonathan Coachman & Raven call the action

1. A whole new Raw!

A similar package to the one which opened up Jakked is shown. This time it focuses on Ric Flair and Monday Night Raw, and the “whole new era”. (OR: 92%)

2. Al Snow defeated Ace Steel

Al came out from the big with a newly found friend, well, a returning friend, Head. Snow beat down “local worker” Ace Steel for a few moments but lost momentum midway through the match, with Steel almost scoring a near fall after connecting with a superkick. Storm inevitably fought back and won the match with the Snowplow. After the match, Snow celebrated with Head. (OR: 59%)

3. A new look Dudley Boyz?

A video played showing clips of what happened on Raw last week, with Bubba Ray Dudley losing his cool with Bradshaw. We then see the ending of the Bubba Dudley versus Bradshaw match, with Morgan Dudley coming out to aid his “half-brother” on his WWF debut. Coach continuously put over Morgan’s sheer physical presence, questioning whether the “new look” Dudley Boyz could match the credentials of which Bubba and D-Von did before the brand extension. (OR: 63%)

4. The New World Order.

A video plays showing the Flair / New World Order confrontation on Raw. We then see some of the Kane versus X-Pac match, which X-Pac won after interference from Hall and Nash. (OR: 91%)

5. Morgan Dudley defeats Mikey Whipwreck

Morgan Dudley absolutely dominated this match, tossing Whipwreck around like a rag doll. Morgan won after around two minutes of domination after connecting with a sit-out Spinebuster. Whipwreck didn’t even get a shot in on his opponent, with Morgan decimating the former ECW World Champion, who was reduced to a sheer “local worker” by the newest Dudley boy. (OR: 48%)

6. You can’t tame a rattlesnake, Flair.

Coach again introduces us to some footage. Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin. We are shown what transpired on Raw last Monday night with Flair attempting to throw his weight around, only to receive a stunner from the Texas Rattlesnake. “No one tells ol’ Stone Cold what ta’ do!” (OR: 88%)

7. Billy & Chuck defeat Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty

Billy and Chuck, afresh with matching attire, beat Scotty 2 Hotty and the “Hip Hop Hippo” in a close encounter. Albert almost gets the three count after hitting Chuck with the Baldo Bomb, but Gunn rescues the match. Billy disposes of Scotty with the Fame-Asster as Chuck hits Albert with the Jungle Kick from out of nowhere. Billy covers Scotty for the three count to close up this weeks edition of Sunday Night Heat. (OR: 70%)

Show Rating: 65%

WWF news & notes

- Although the American Dragon impressed in his match with Lance Storm, it is unlikely the rookie will be offered a WWF contract. Former WWF Champion and Commissioner Shawn Michaels mentored the Dragon back in Texas and expressed his delight with the American Dragon’s debut on a WWF.com column. However, it is understood that some of the “higher ups” feel that Dragon is “too small” to progress in the WWF at a high level, and would be “enhancement talent” at best.

- Erik Watts’ match with Maven was indeed a tryout match, not just one to put Maven over. However, WWF officials were apparently disappointed with the way things went down, and will not be taking a further look at the son of former WCW booker Cowboy Bill Watts.

- Mikey Whipwreck's appearance on Heat was indeed a one-off. He won't be appearing on WWF television again, especially after his apparent refusal to sell Morgan Dudley's power moves.

- On Raw we saw the debut of Morgan Dudley. Remember Matt Morgan from Tough Enough? That’s Morgan Dudley. It is expected that Morgan will follow the same suit as D-Von and Spike, being Bubba’s on-screen half brother.

- SmackDown! drew a 5.9 rating on UPN this Thursday night. Raw got a 6.49 on TNN. Higher ups were pleased with these ratings, feeling that they offered a fair reflection on the shows in question; with the amount of hype they received with them being the “beginning of a new era”.

- The current feeling in the WWF is that the brand extension was a success, having drawn somewhat of a boost in the ratings this week. The initial feeling was that Raw had more “star power” with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Hollywood Hulk Hogan being exclusive to that show. However, the feeling has seemingly subsided with a more positive one taking its place. Many higher ups feel that Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit (when he returns from injury) are all capable of big things in the future, and could very well be the “future” of the WWF, on the SmackDown side of things.

Edited by LK.
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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation RAW

Monday 8th April 2002

Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler call the action.

1. If you’re not with me, you’re against me.

We open up the show with Ric Flair standing in the ring. No introduction, no video, no music. Flair stands, neck brace on, microphone in hand with a solemn look on his face. He looks as if he’s hurting; obviously still feeling the effects from the stunner he received last week from the “Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Flair: “Stone Cold, I don’t appreciate what’cha did last week, pal.”

He nods his head, but feels a twinge, and promptly cringes with the pain.

Flair: “Ya see Steve, I’m the boss-man around here – and I don’t appreciate being attacked! Sure, you’re a rebel, you’re a bad-ass, and quite frankly, you don’t give a damn … but we coulda’ worked together, Steve. It doesn’t have to be Austin versus Vinnie Mac version two, it can be Austin and Flair … an alliance!”

He pauses for a moment.

Flair: “We can work together Steve, for the good of Ric Flair’s Monday Night Ra—“

#GLASS SHATTERS# The fans explode with a HUGE pop as Stone Cold Steve Austin storms out from the back, with his cut jeans and vest on. Austin, as usual, doesn’t acknowledge the fans; he just enters the ring and goes up onto each of the turnbuckles to “salute” everyone. He hops down and calls for a microphone as Flair steps back.

Austin: “What? You think you an’ I could be good ol’ buddies, eh Flair?”

Flair gives Austin a thumbs up.

Austin: “AH-AH! When you decided ta’ take me out of that Undisputed Title battle royal last week, when you replaced me with Big Show, we stopped bein’ buddies!”

He nods his head, storming around the squared circle.

Austin: “Ya see Flair, I don’t gi’ a RATS-ASS about the n-W-o! I don’t care! Ah-AH! Ol’ Stone Cold don’t care! See, I want the Undisputed Title! I wanna be the Undisputed Champion, Ric. I know you wan’ me ta’ open a can-a-whoopass on Hogan and co, but it ain’t happenin’! I ain’t doin’ your biddin’, Flair. If the New World Order cross me, they’ll get their asses kicked! If they don’t … I won’t strike!”

Austin nods his head, but Flair quickly fires back out of desperation.

Flair: “Steve, Steve … I forgot to tell ya your match for tonight.”

Austin looks at Flair, looking a bit confused.

Flair: “It’ll be you and Kane against … Kevin Nash and Scott Hall of the nWo!”

Ross comments on how it seems as though Flair wants Austin on his side to combat the New World Order.

Flair: “Woo—“

Austin snatches the microphone away from Flair. The tension is noticeable. Both men stand face to face for a few moments, silently. Austin then gives Flair the middle fingers – it’s all still silent. No word is spoken. We go to the commercial break. (OR: 89%)

2. Brock Lesnar defeats Raven & Tommy Dreamer

Brock came down to the ring with Heyman and went on “kill-spree” mode. He dominated Raven and Dreamer for a few moments with powerbombs, suplexes and every other move you can think of, until he hit Dreamer with the F5. Raven escaped to the outside, not wanting anymore of Heyman’s fierce rookie, as the big-man finished Dreamer off with another F5 for the three count and the victory. (OR: 69%)

3. That’s SO not your colour!

We go backstage to the locker room area, to where we see Billy and Chuck standing with each other. Billy is parading around in an increasingly tight pair of blue wrestling tights. Chuck has his hand on his head, thinking “oh my.”

Chuck: “Dude, that’s SO not your colour! Blue like, SO doesn’t justify that butt of yours.”

Billy: “Why not, Chuck? It’s GREAT! It brings out the best in me. Hell, Mr Ass is back, son! Look at it!”

Chuck: “Man, your fashion sense as SO gone down lately. The colours are WRONG, man, wrong!”

Billy can’t believe what he’s hearing. He looks shocked.

Chuck: “Listen Billy, no offence, but I’ve hired us someone who could help us BOTH out. Ya know, a stylis—“

“Heeeyyy BOYS!”

Suddenly, a man with wolverine-esque sideburns flamboyantly enters the room, hands on hips, limp-wristed and all of that. The man wears a tight leopard skin suit, with no shirt underneath.

Chuck: “Billy, this is Rico!”

Rico begins to eye up Billy’s ass.

Rico: “Yeah Chucky-poo, I see what you mean … blue is SO not Billy’s colour!”

Suddenly, Rico slaps Gunn’s ass, with Gunn leaping up into the air, looking shocked. Chuck just laughs a little as Rico continues.

Rico: “Red would do that FINE, cute, PERFECT butt of yours more justice, okay?”

Billy sheepishly nods as we go elsewhere. (OR: 57%)

4. The X-Rated Superstar.

We go to the corridors to where we see Val Venis standing by with The Coach. Venis looks dead serious.

Coach: “You wanted to spea—“

Venis quickly snatches the microphone off Coach, pushing the announcer out of the way.

Venis: “Yeah, I wanted to speak. Ya see, the adult movie industry as done NOTHIN’ but hinder my career. It’s held me back. Instead of winnin’ titles, I was winnin’ women. They didn’t care about my wrestling ability, they cared about my repertoire. They didn’t care about Val Venis the wrestler; they cared about Val Venis triple-X super-stud.”

He shakes his head.

Venis: “Not anymore. I’m all about business. I don’t care who I have ta’ stop, who I have ta’ beat or who I have ta’ bloody … it’s all about wrestling. I mean business. I’m Val Venis, the X-Rated superstar: brutal, violent and uncut! Monday Night Raw, get your damn censors ready, ‘cause a new and improved Val Venis is back…”

He waits for a moment.

Venis: “With a BANG!”

Venis walks away, with Coach looking a little puzzled, as we go back to the ring for the next match-up. (OR: 68%)

5. Val Venis defeats Test

The match is back and forth until its climax. Test misses with the Big Boot, which Venis ducks, before planting the big man with a quick DDT. Venis then goes up top and flies with the Money Shot, but Test gets the knees up. Venis falls back and Test looks for the Test Drive, but Venis counters with a school boy roll up, and throws his feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee doesn’t notice and counts the three, giving Val the cheap victory. The referee raises Venis’ arm high into the air as we go to another commercial. (OR: 62%)

6. Thou shalt not mess with Morgan Dudley

We go backstage to where Bubba Ray Dudley is standing by, sadistic look in his eyes, with his big little brother Morgan Dudley. Bubba stands in front of Morgan, eyes focused on the camera, with Morgan standing in the background, with an old school purple-esque trance Dudley Boyz sleeveless t-shirt on. Bubba grins as Morgan gets himself pumped.

Bubba: “Bradshaw, Faarooq … the Acolyte Protection Agency. Fact is, no one’s gonna’ be protectin’ either of ya tonight when my little brother, the monster Morgan Dudley hits the ring to kick some ass. Ya see, Morgan is an animal and tonight Faarooq, he’s gonna be UNLEASHED onto you!”

Bubba smirks.

Bubba: “When we were kids, Morgan was left at my pop’s house, in the basement, ‘cause they said he was insane. They said he didn’t have the marbles. See, my mother got around – they were seven of us. Morgan was the forgotten half-brother. They tried to tranquilise him with pills, they tried ta’ put him in a padded cell … but damn, not anymore.”

Morgan nods his head, grinning.

Bubba: “He’s back and he’s bad, he’s ready to make the kill. Faarooq, it’s your unlucky night. Don’t disrespect the Dudleys. Don’t disrespect me, don’t disrespect Morgan. Don’t mess with me, don’t mess with him…”

He cackles.

Bubba: “Faarooq, though shalt not mess with Morgan Dudley.”

Another pause.

Bubba: “Thou shalt not mess with the Dudleys!”

Bubba slaps Morgan on the chest and the duo walk, heading to the ring for the upcoming match. (OR: 61%)

7. Morgan Dudley defeats Faarooq

Faarooq takes it to his larger opponent with a series of clubbing blows. He gets the upper-hand with a running DDT, but Bubba leaps onto the apron for the distraction, preventing Faarooq from getting the cover. Bradshaw rushes to the ring and takes it to Bubba on the outside as Morgan raises to life. Faarooq turns and takes a kick to the gut, followed by the sit-out Spinebuster for the three count. Meanwhile, on the outside, Bradshaw connects with the Clothesline From Hell on Bubba, taking him out as we go to a commercial break. (OR: 57%)

8. The New World Order are ready, are you?

We go backstage to the New World Order’s locker room, to where we see Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Big Show and X-Pac all hanging out, doing different things. Hall and Nash are talking.

Hall: “Kev, it’s time.”

Nash: “The Outsiders are back in business, baby!”

Hall: “Damn right, chico. And tonight, we’re gonna’ be chalkin’ one up for da bad guys!”

Both men share a laugh as Hogan joins in the conversation.

Hogan: “That’s right BROTHERS! Tonight is the night when the New World Order get back into the swing of things – tonight is the beginnin’ of n-W-o DOMINATION! Screw Flair, screw Kane, screw Austin… we’re takin’ over!”

Hall and Nash nod their heads. Show stands up.

Big Show: “And no one’s gonna stop us.”

The New World Order members laugh as we go to the ring. (OR: 85%)

8. The Undisputed Champion of the world.

Motorhead’s “The Game” plays as Triple H steps out from the back, to a huge pop from the fans. The heavy guitar plays in the background as the lights flash. Triple H climbs onto the apron, belt around waist, and spits the water in trademark fashion before entering the ring. The fans keep chanting for The Game as he takes a microphone from Lillian Garcia. The music cuts.

HHH: “I’m the man everyone wants.”


HHH: “I’m America’s Most Wanted. I’m the man each and every WWF superstar is gunning to takedown. Kurt Angle, The Undertaker – they both want to take me out and take the only thing which matters away from me. They want to take MY Undisputed Championship.”

He nods his head.

HHH: “Thing is, it ain’t happening.”

He laughs.

HHH: “This belt is staying with me, where it belongs. The Undertaker might have a decade of destruction under his belt – but the fact of the matter is, I’m the number one superstar in the business right now. Same for Kurt Angle and his Olympic Gold Medals… past accolades don’t matter when you’re in the ring with The Game because I am that damn good.”

He nods his head firmly. The fans are eating his words from the palm of his hands.

HHH: “And at Backlash, we collide. It’s Triple H, the Undisputed Champion of the world, versus Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. Triple threat match… three men, one winner. Me.”

#Deadman walkin’…” The fans respond with a mixed reaction, leaning towards more of a pop, as The Undertaker surges out from the back on his motorcycle. The roaring engines come to a halt at the bottom of the ramp. Taker climbs off the motorcycle and enters the ring, after taking a microphone. The American Bad-Ass goes face to face with Triple H, wearing his beanie and sunglasses, before beginning to speak.

Undertaker: “You’re the top dog, huh Hunter?”


Undertaker: “You’re the big dog in The Undertaker’s yard, right? You’re the king, you’re the pitbull and me and Angle are the annoyin’ little terriers, right? We’re bitin’ at your ankles lookin’ to take control, but you’re shruggin’ us off ‘cause we’re small – right?”

Triple H confidently nods his head. “Oh yeah.”

Undertaker: “Thing is Hunter, the big dog might have the bark … but he ain’t always got the bite.”

Taker smirks. This gets a pop from the fans. The Cerebral Assassin quickly responds.

HHH: “I can assure you Taker, I’ve got the bite. I beat Jericho for the Undispu—“

Undertaker: “You beat Jericho, but you ain’t beat me, son.”

The pop is THUNDEROUS! The Undertaker wants that Undisputed Championship and he wants it bad!

HHH: “Yeah, but I will. At Backlash Taker, that title won’t be goin’ up with you or Angle … it’ll be leavin’ with me.”

Undertaker: “It’s the whole bark thing again, Hunter. Actions speak louder than words, and that title, hold it champ … hold it real close, ‘cause at Backlash, it’ll belong to me. You’re reign will be dead, gone. You’ll be the terrier and I’ll be the big dog in the yard once again.”

He cackles before getting close into Triple H’s ear and whispering.

Undertaker: “Keep the title close, ‘cause it’s comin’ home at Backlash.”

Taker drops the microphone. He’s confident. Who will walk away with the gold at Backlash – the champion, Kurt Angle or The Undertaker? JR goes on hype mode for the event as the production team take over. (OR: 81%)

10. Laying the SmackDown!

A video takes over Raw, hyping up SmackDown by showing clips from last weeks episode. We see Angle attacking Triple H, The Rock beating Credible and Christian and Storm beating Kidman and Crash amongst other things. We are reminded to tune into SmackDown this Thursday night for the “best action in Sports Entertainment”. The video ends with “the #1 brand”. (OR: 95%)

11. The Outsiders versus Edge & Kane goes to a no contest.

Ric Flair comes to the ring, with a microphone in hand, looking increasingly pissed off. Kane stands behind him, adjusting his glove. The fans “woo” as Flair stands in the ring. Flair announces that Austin left the building, so Kane will have a replacement partner … Edge! “Never Gonna Stop” hits as the King of the Ring 2001 winner makes his way out to the ring to partner Kane for this match up.

The New World Order are out next with the strobe lighting effects in full-flow. Blows are quickly exchanged between the two teams, with the referee never gaining authority over the competitors. The match is a brawl until from out of nowhere Edge lays Hall out with a spear in the middle of the ring. The fans pop big-time as Edge leaps to his feet, ready to level Nash, but Nash gets there first to connect with a big boot to the face of Edge! Nash turns straight into a chokeslam from the Big Red Machine! Kane is the only man standing! Kane looks to cover, until X-Pac leaps onto the apron! Kane grabs X-Pac by the hair and throws him over the top and into the ring. X-Pac climbs to his feet and takes a chokeslam from Kane! Suddenly, Big Show hits the ring and clubs the referee down. Kane turns … chokeslam from the Big Show! Hulk Hogan joins in the party, wearing the black and white New World Order colours, as a beat-down ensues. Hall, Nash, Big Show, X-Pac and Hogan beat Kane and Edge down in the ring. Suddenly, X-Pac reaches down and PULLS KANE’S MASK OFF! Kane gets his hands over his face and scrambles to the outside, running off up the ramp to hide his face. The fans can’t believe it. They jeer loudly as JR puts the nWo over as savage animals.

Hogan and co continued to put a beat-down on Edge as X-Pac paraded around the ring wearing Kane’s mask to loud jeers from the fans. The show faded to a close with the announcers silent, with the New World Order standing tall. (OR: 80%)

Show Rating: 73%

Edited by LK.
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This is great so far. Awesome opening segment between Flair and Austin. Val Venis’s new gimmick looks cool. I love Morgan Dudley, something different than the regular Dudley Boys. I think it’d be cool to see D-Von and Spike team together on Smackdown. Again, Undertaker and Triple H are written perfectly. Austin rebelling against Flair is great. The mask coming off was a nice touch, too. The nWo is an awesome stable, so far. Looking forward to Smackdown.

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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation SMACKDOWN!

Thursday 11th April 2002

Michael Cole & Tazz call the action.

1. WWF Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri [c] defeats Billy Kidman

We kick things off with some high-octane World Wrestling Federation Cruiserweight action. Tajiri, along with Torrie who for some reason or another doesn’t look too pleased, takes on the former champion Billy Kidman. The match is fast-paced, back and forth with Kidman gaining a near fall after connecting with the BK-Bomb. However, Tajiri is wise and shows his ring experience by getting his foot on the bottom rope. There is obviously tension between Torrie and Tajiri, because of Cole’s constant rambling about it, and with Tajiri often stopping at points to give Torrie a mouthful in Japanese. Torrie climbs onto the apron and Tajiri whips Kidman into her, knocking her off and down onto the outside floor to jeers from the fans. Kidman looks down, trying to get Torrie some help, but Tajiri sneaks up and capitalises with an inside cradle roll-up for the three count. (OR: 62%)

2. Making things more interesting.

We go backstage to the VIP suite where Vince McMahon sits by, in a similar position to where he was sitting last week, staring directly into the camera. The fans boo at McMahon’s presence. The boss just sneers and begins to speak, with his hands clenched together.

Vince: “What did you see on Ric Flair’s Monday Night Raw? A garbage, crap-fest of a main event. You didn’t even get a winner.”

He laughs to himself.

Vince: “But ya see, I’m a fair man, and all in good competition, I want to outdo the ‘Nature Boy’. That’s why I’m gonna’ make things a little more interesting with tonight’s main event.”

He nods his head contently.

Vince: “Ya see, I spoke to both Rob Van Dam and William Regal earlier and they both agreed – they didn’t have a choice. I’m going to add a little stipulation, well, depending on if RVD’s representative can beat Regal’s representative, or visa-versa. Ya see, Rob Van Dam has chosen Rikishi to represent him … while William Regal has chosen Kurt Angle. Why? Because the winning representative gives their ally the right to choose the stipulation for the main event. The Intercontinental Championship match will be decided with a special stipulation.”

He cackles to himself.

Vince: “Hey, it’s all in the interest of fairness. Enjoy the damn show, dammit.” (OR: 95%)

3. Christian & Lance Storm defeat Perry Saturn & Spike Dudley

A nice little squash match here. Storm and Christian never looked like losing, as they continued their “#1 Tag Team” shtick during the match. The climax eventually came around the six-minute mark after Storm knocked Saturn to the outside with a clothesline, leaving Christian and Spike in the ring. Spike went for the Dudley Dog but Christian held on and planted Dudley with a reverse DDT. Christian lifted him straight back up and hit the Unprettier for the inevitable three count. (OR: 77%)

4. Raw hype.

A video package plays, well put together by the production team (kudos to them) highlighting the key events which took place on last Monday night’s Raw event. The footage finishes with X-Pac parading around the ring with Kane’s mask, after the main event which went to a no-contest between The Outsiders, Edge and Kane. (OR: 93%)

5. You want a title shot? You’re not getting one while Triple H is the champ!

We go backstage to where we see former WWF Undisputed Champion Y2J Chris Jericho standing by with snot-nosed interviewer Kevin Kelly. Jericho stands with his hands on his hips, not looking too enthused.

Kelly: “Chris, rumours have been circulating that due to a clause in your contract, you will not be able to receive a Undisputed Title shot while Triple H holds the title – is that true?”

Jericho looks up and down at Kelly and sneers.

Y2J: “It’s none of your damn business, junior. Ya see, Triple H can keep on duckin’ and runnin’, but his time will come. Ya see, I’m hungry for that gold, I NEED that gold … and damn, forget the contract, I’ll get it back one day … one day real soon.”

Kelly: “But if Triple H retains the title at Backlash, you won’—“

Jericho snatches the mic off Kelly, looking furious.

Y2J: “Hit the bricks, assclown. None of that matters. The fact remains that the Undisputed Title will be comin’ home to the larger than life LIVING-AH LEGEND known as Chris Jeric—“

“Ha, how do you work that one out, Chris?”

It’s Kurt Angle. Angle smirks as he looks at Jericho. The fans boo at the Olympic Gold Medallist, who wears his medals with pride.

Angle: “You’re not gettin’ a shot while Triple H is the champion. It’s a fact. You’ve had your shots, so it’s time to move over and let ME take the gold.”

He nods his head firmly.

Angle: “BUT, I’m a man of opportunity – with the three I’s and whole. What are they again? Oh yeah, Integrity, Intensity, Intelligence. I’ve got ‘em all … and if you had the latter, you’d get your shot sooner rather than later.”

Angle smirks.

Angle: “Think about it, Chris.”

And with that, Angle walks away, leaving Jericho with something to thing about. Was Angle hinting towards assistance from Jericho there? It certainly seemed like it. (OR: 88%)

6. WWF Hardcore Title: Justin Credible [c] defeats Maven to WIN the title!

Maven came out first but was ambushed on the ramp with a cane shot by Credible, who supported a brand new “that’s how you make an IMPACT” t-shirt. Credible pounded away on Maven and tossed him into the steel guard rail next to the ramp. Credible took a steel chair from a fan, in ECW fashion, but ate a dropkick from Maven. Maven looked to capitalise as the match fell back into the ring. Maven threw the chair to Credible, who caught, and went to dropkick the steel into his face – but Credible went under and flattened Maven with a vicious chair shot to the back of the head! Credible then backed off into the corner and stomped his foot as Maven returned to his feet. The Tough Enough champion then ate a superkick which gave Credible the three count and the WWF Hardcore Championship! (OR: 61%)

7. The return of law and order… next week!

The same footage as last week played, hyping the return of the Big Bossman. This time it finished with “Law and Order returns to SmackDown! Next Week!” (OR: 64%)

8. Fame, fortune but no friends.

We returned from the footage to see Vince McMahon and The Rock standing face to face in the ring, holding microphones. Cole informs us that McMahon requested The Rock’s presence in the ring.

The Rock: “And how can The Rock help you, Vinnie-Mac?”

Vince: “It’s simple, Rock. Real damn simple. Ya see, I don’t like you.”

The Rock: “The Rock loves you too, Vince.”

The fans pop as Rock smirks.

Vince: “I’ve never liked ya.”

The Rock: “Ooohhh Vinnie, cry The Rock a damn river. See, The Rock doesn’t give a damn. The Rock doesn’t want your opinion, nor does he want it. The Rock is here on his show, in the SMACK-A-DOWN HOTEL, to lay a beatin’ on some Grade A jabronis! That’s what The Rock does best, and damn, that’s what The Rock’s paid to do!”

The fans pop for this. Vince smirks.

Vince: “Let me finish.”

He takes a pause.

Vince: “I’ve always depended on you to sell me t-shirts, action figures … hell, all kinds of merchandise! You were good for that Rock, I knew you’d make me some valuable profit – that’s why your on SmackDown, not because I admire your ability or anythin’ like that. In fact, I don’t give a DAMN about you! Never have, never will. When the fans were chanting “die Rocky, die” … I sat back and laughed. When Austin beat your ass for the title at Wrestlemania seventeen, hell, I helped him. Why? I don’t like ya!”

He smirks.

Vince: “As I’ve said, you’ve always sold merchandise … in fact, you’ve always sold out.”

Wait a damn minute! D-Von Dudley, Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown all hit the ring behind The Rock. Rock turns … clothesline from D’Lo! The three men begin to lay a beating on The Rock as Vince stands back and cackles away! Henry splashes The Rock up against the corner as D’Lo goes up top. D’Lo flies with a frog splash onto The Rock as D-Von and Vince exchange a few words! The Rock has been left for dead here on SmackDown, and all because of a damn ambush! Why Vince, why? (OR: 75%)

9. Rikishi defeats Kurt Angle

Rikishi uses his size to keep on top of Angle for a small part of the match, until the Olympic Gold Medallist takes control. Angle connects with an Angle Slam and looks to lock in the Ankle Lock, until the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H appears on the ramp, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Angle releases the Ankle Lock and turns to the ramp, to where Triple H just gives him the dead eyes, staring a hole through him. Angle turns and walks into a big Superkick from the Big Kish, who proceeds to drag Angle into the corner. Rikishi goes up onto the second rope and jumps down with the Banzai Drop! Angle kicks the air, he’s down and out. Rikishi covered and got the three, with Triple H’s distraction aiding him greatly. Rob Van Dam will now get to pick the stipulation for the main event Intercontinental Title match! (OR: 80%)

10. The stipulation.

Rikishi’s music plays in the background, but suddenly cuts and turns into that of the WWF Intercontinental Champion’s. Rob Van Dam steps out from the back, title over shoulder, looking confident. The fans do the thumb taunts in unison with the Whole Damn Show and chant “R-V-D!” Van Dam climbs into the ring, smirks, and takes a microphone as the music cuts.

RVD: “I get to pick the stipulation, huh? That’s pretty damn cool, ya know.”

He smirks.

RVD: “Regal, dude, get a ladder … ‘cause tonight, I’m gonna’ give these people the WHOLE – DAMN – SHOW!”

The fans pop big-time!

RVD: “Get your ass out here now, Willy, ‘cause I’m ready!”

Van Dam drops the microphone and waits. It looks as though the title will be defended in a ladder match! (OR: 80%)

11. WWF Intercontinental Title – Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam [c] defeats William Regal

Van Dam knocks Regal down with a ladder shot to the gut to start things off. Van Dam then hits a spinning leg drop on the former WWF Commissioner before setting the ladder up in the centre of the ring. Van Dam goes up top and comes off with a big leg drop, dropping the leg onto Regal’s throat. Van Dam then attempts to climb the ladder to retrieve the belt but Regal musters up the strength to pull himself up and to tip the ladder over, sending Van Dam throat first onto the top rope! Van Dam bounces back clutching his throat and takes a European Uppercut from Regal who then proceeds to drill Van Dam with a butterfly powerbomb! Regal pulls the ladder into the centre of the ring and looks to powerbomb Van Dam onto it, but Van Dam counters with a massive back body drop. Regal runs back towards Van Dam and takes a spinning kick to the face to a huge roar of approval from the SmackDown fans. Van Dam props the ladder up in the corner and lifts Regal up. Van Dam whips him into the corner and follows up, but Regal side-steps and RVD hits the steel! Van Dam staggers forward and Regal runs across and knocks him over with a clothesline. Regal lifts the ladder and begins to climb up it. Van Dam does too. The two men begin to exchange blows on the top, with Van Dam gaining the advantage. Another big right and Regal hits the deck! With Regal down, Van Dam looks around knowing that he can retrieve the belt, but instead he opts to fly with the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH, FROM THE LADDER AND ONTO REGAL! The fans pop big-time, chanting “R-V-D!” as the Whole Damn Show returns to his feet, clutching his chest in agony. Van Dam begins to climb the ladder once again and this time he is able to grab the belt and unclip it! Van Dam retains the gold here on SmackDown!

Cole and Tazz hype the victory up as Van Dam sits on the top of the ladder, holding the belt into the air with glee, as SmackDown fades to a close. (OR: 80%)

Show Rating: 74%

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I'm not sure about Rikishi going over Angle when Angle's a #1 contender from Smackdown. Other than that, everything looks terrific. I'm especially psyched to see what happens to the Rock. Morgan Dudley is a great idea as well, and I can see Matt Morgan playing that role very well.

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IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation JAKKED

Saturday 13th April 2002

Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly call the action

1. Ivory defeats Jacqueline

A typical woman’s match up. The two women pull each others hair and generally roll around the ring for a few minutes, scrapping. Jacqueline looks to finish Ivory off with a suplex but Ivory drops down, slaps Jacqueline and drills her with a DDT. Ivory covers and throws her feet onto the ropes for leverage, with the referee not looking, to get the three count. (OR: 46%)

2. The champion and the #1 contender.

A video package plays with Cole and Kelly doing a voiceover, highlighting the happenings between Kurt Angle and Triple H last week on SmackDown! The package shows Rikishi defeating Angle due to Triple H’s distraction, with Triple H smirking smugly, holding his Undisputed Championship. (OR: 89%)

3. Maven defeats Justin Credible

A non-title re-match from this Thursday nights SmackDown! The match doesn’t follow hardcore rules, instead it’s a simple singles match-up. Credible thinks he’s got it won after a superkick, but Maven gets his foot on the ropes. The Tough Enough champion shows that he is indeed tough enough by mounting a fight back, and eventually winning the match after a huge cross body from the top rope, flattening Justin in the ring. (OR: 62%)

4. Highlights: Rob Van Dam versus William Regal

We are shown footage of last weeks SmackDown with RVD announcing that the main event Intercontinental Championship match would be contended in a ladder match. We are shown some clips of the match, with Van Dam prevailing by retrieving the belt from the hook above the ladder, to retain the Intercontinental Championship. (OR: 68%)

5. The Bookerman is angry!

We return from the footage to where we see a very angry looking Booker T standing in the middle of the ring, in his wrestling attire with a microphone in hand. The Bookerman isn’t too pleased.

Booker T: “What’s crackin’, suckas?! See, the Bookerman has a problem! See, I’m a five time WCW champion SUCKAS! FIVE TIME!”

Booker holds his hand up, staring at the four fingers and thumb, to represent his WCW title reigns.

Booker T: “And ya see, despite ‘dat, I ain’t even been booked to appear on SmackDown yet! I’m here, rottin’ away in the minor leagues, while chumps like Maven an’ Billy Kidman walk around on SmackDown, like they own the damn place! They ain’t done nothin’!”

He nods his head firmly as the fans boo.

Booker T: “Things are about ta’ change! Once I beat the crap outta’ Hurricane, I’m movin’ onta’ each and every other SmackDown ‘superstar’! The Bookerman is gonna’ take SmackDown by storm, like it or not!”

He pauses, grinning.

Booker T: “Now can you DIG THAT?! SUCKAA—“

Stand back! There’s a Hurricane comin’ through! (OR: 85%)

6. Booker T defeats The Hurricane

The match starts with Hurricane taking it to Booker, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long for SmackDown’s very own superhero. At around the five minute mark Booker connects with a high kick to Hurricane, knocking him down. Booker then backs off into the ropes and looks for the Scissors Kick, but Hurricane evades. Hurricane kicks Booker in the gut and puts him in place for the “Eye of the Hurricane”, holding him in the reverse DDT position, but Booker twists out of it and ends up slamming Hurricane down hard with the BOOK-END! Hurricane groggily climbs to his knees and eats a scissors kick from the former Five Time WCW Champion, followed by a spinaroonie and the cover, for the three count.

Jakked fades with Booker celebrating in the ring, busting out another spinaroonie as The Hurricane is helped to the back. (OR: 79%)

Show Rating: 62%

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