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Monk . Anyone watch it ?


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anyone else watch this show ? I've seen every episode. it was kinda wierd without Sherona at first but the Natalie character fits quite nice. imo this is one of the best series to date I love and there hasn't been an episode that I didn't laugh at least once.

And does anyone know if House was cancelled ? I thought it came on tuesday nights but American idol has been on / I hope it hasn't been scrapped because that is an awesome show as well

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I hate House, but it does really well so I doubt it was cancelled. Monk is awesome, i've been watching since like the season before Sharona left. I thought it'd be weird with another assistant too, but Natalie is ten times cooler. I never really cared for Sharona anyway, I just saw her as a necessity.

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1) As far as Monk goes, it's a great show, but I liked Sharona better. Plus Tony Shaloub is from Green Bay, so that's cool.

2) House, in my opinion, is the best show on TV, and it hasn't been cancelled, it's just that American Idol is taking over the timeslot for the time being. So no new House unless they move it.

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I hope that when they finally do decide to end the series they do it ona high note. I think he should eventually find the guy that killed his wife and eventually get back on the force full time . I'd like to see Natalie and Monk get together but I doubt that will happen cause in the episode where he had amnesia she was really concerned for him but in a more of sisdterly way. at least thats my take on that episode.

I loved the part in last nights episode when the mouse was in his coat pocket and the how he made Natalie take 3 cents from the pool or it would haunt him lol

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