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WWF - The Millennium of Attitude

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WWF: The Millennium of Attitude

The Year 2000, on the Road to Anaheim

Last Results:

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WWF Smackdown!

December 30th, 1999

2 on 1 Handicap Match: Big Bossman & Prince Albert def. Test

• Kurt Angle def. Rikishi

• Jeff Hardy def. Al Snow

• The Holly’s def. the Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young

• The Rock def. Kane

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chyna draw. Chris Jericho © – both are named co-WWF Intercontinental Champions.

• Faarooq def. Buh Buh Ray Dudley – via Disqualification

• Viscera & Miss Jacqueline def. Gangrel & Luna

Non-Championship Match: X-Pac def. the Big Show

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RAW is WAR – Preview

January 3rd, 2000

It’s a New Year in the WWF as the McMahon-Helmsley era rides into Tampa, Florida for the first RAW is WAR of 2000!

With the New Year comes one massive main-event match – courtesy of the McMahon-Helmsley regime…with the WWF Championship on the line when the Big Show defends against Triple H. HHH seemingly has it all at the moment…but still wants the main crown in the business – will Monday night be his night?

Last Thursday night on Smackdown! we saw a new WWF Intercontinental Champion crowned…well sort of. Chyna drew Chris Jericho in a stunning encounter to lead to both superstars sharing the championship gold by mutual officials decision. However, there are no plans at the moment it seems to find one true champion as Y2J and Chyna will team up on RAW to face the Holly’s. Can the Co-Champions Co-Exist?

There is also an epic tag team encounter between the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz, while the undefeated Kurt Angle will face an ex-European Champion in D’Lo Brown.

Plus! Kane, the New Age Outlaws, X-Pac and the Rock are scheduled to be in Tampa!

RAW is set to be one brilliant New Year’s show! Make sure to tune in!


WWF Championship

the Big Show © vs. Triple H

Chyna and Chris Jericho vs. the Holly’s

the Dudley Boyz vs. the Hardy Boyz

Kurt Angle vs. D’Lo Brown

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Well TAFKA, I have always been a fan of your diaries, especially the TNA one. Lately you haven't been able to stick with one diary it seems, but I hope you do with this WWF 2000. The roster is pakced with a lot of star power and talent, even without the Radicalz. The main event will be packed with guys like HHH, Big Show, Rock, Foley, and eventually Austin and Taker. The mid card is great looking with talent like Y2J and Angle. Plus you have the best tag team division the WWF ever had- E & C, Dudleys, NAO, Hardys, Acolytes, etc.

You're a great writer, and you have a roster filled with potential to make a great diary. I am interested to see what you do from here, and how you use the McMahon-Helmsley Regime- that main stable will make for great storylines. Good luck with this, Peace.

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RAW is WAR – Results

January 3rd, 2000

Welcome to the Year 2000

RAW is WAR opened with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon leading D-Generation X down to the ring for the first WWF show of the new millennium. When they were in the ring Stephanie took a microphone…

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: I would like you all, every single one of you people right now to stand…stand for MY husband! The Game! Triple H!

Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac all clapped as the crowd booed…

Triple H: Thanks Steph…It’s just a pity that these people in Tampa are so ass backward that they can’t appreciate me (points), you (points), DX (points) or the McMahon-Helmsley Era!

Triple H: We all came out here to introduce everyone to the New Year, to the year 2000…to the year of the Game, to the year of the McMahon-Helmsley Era. Tonight, it begins – and it lasts all the way till the clock strikes midnight on December 31st…tonight I shall move a giant obstacle out of my way when I pin the Big Show to the mat – 1…2…3, and become the WWF Champion. Hell I’ve already eliminated one obstacle in Mankind, Mick Foley. He messed with me (rethinks quickly…) messed with us – and paid the ultimate price. His career is now over, dead, done, finished. And he’s never coming back…

This drew the crowd into even more boos as HHH quickly turned to his associates before continuing…

Triple H: The Year 2000 is just about to start, and this tonight is just the first step to greatn…

“If you smeellllll! What the Rock. Is Cooking!”

The crowd popped as the Rock strolled out in tracksuit bottoms and his “Just Bring It!” T-Shirt, after everyone had calmed down he began to speak…

The Rock: FINALLY…The Rock, HAS COME BACK…to Tampa! But, instead of seeing the people…all the Rock sees is four pieces of monkey crap, and a two-dollar, no, fifty-cent ho standing in the ring!

That got the crowd going as Stephanie pointed at the Rock while loudly addressing her husband…

The Rock: Tonight it’s the New Year, a fresh start for the WWF…and all the Rock sees is the same old sh…crap that’s been going on for the last month! Triple H! You may have made your chance to become WWF Champion here tonight, but as Tampa, and the world is the Rock’s witness – I guarandamntee you that as long as the Rock is around…you will NEVER be the WWF Champion.

This infuriated the Game…but before he could speak Rock got another word in…

The Rock: An’ that’s not all Triple H, because the Rock also guarandamntees that despite your actions the people WILL see Mankind, Mick Foley again in the WWF!

Triple H: Rock! Let me stop you! You fail to understand my power; you fail to understand OUR power (points around the ring). You want to stick your nose in my business? Huh?! Well in that case you will tonight be JOINING your pal Mick Foley on the unemployment line…as you face the WWF Tag Team Champions – the New Age Outlaws in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match…and if you loose! I…(thinks) guarandamntee you that you will be FIRED! Hit my music!

The production truck took notice as HHH’s music fired up moments after his command, he had used his power to book the Rock into a very tricky situation, a 2 on 1 Handicap match against the top tag team in the WWF…and if he was to loose he would be fired. RAW went to a commercial break as the McMahon-Helmsley regime made their way to the back…


-: commercial break :-

Kurt Angle def. D’Lo Brown

The first match of the evening followed the commercial break as the yet undefeated Kurt Angle squared up against D’Lo Brown in singles action. It was a fairly brief affair as the first, and only Olympic Gold Medallist in the WWF took it to the ex-European Champion. Brown though wasn’t someone who just rolled over as he managed to get in a few shots and moves here and there…but ultimately fell short as Angle nailed him with the Angle Slam and made the pin for the three count. **1/4

74% - 75% - 75%

Following the match Angle took a microphone and waited for his music to be stopped…

Kurt Angle: Tonight your Olympic Gold Medallist defeated yet another wrestler, this time an ex-European and Intercontinental Champion. I, Kurt Angle am still undefeated here in the WWF – and in my mind it’s about time I was given a championship shot! I deserve to add more gold to my medals that I won in 1996, and I promise you fans that I will defeat everyone in my way to becoming a champion again! Thank You!

He dropped the microphone and continued his celebrations as the fans booed, Angle was still not popular despite his success…

The Co-Intercontinental Champions

Backstage at this point the Co-Intercontinental Champions were shown in mid-argument…

Chris Jericho: Listen to me Chyna, I am Y2J, and I am the true Intercontinental Champion – that’s why I should carry the belt to the ring tonight.

Chyna turned her head before responding…

Chyna: Chris, I pinned you FAIR and SQUARE last Thursday night – so I SHOULD carry the Intercontinental belt to the ring tonight.

The argument got more heated as then the Holly’s walked into shot. Hardcore and Crash were both carrying scales and both laughing at what was in front of them…

Hardcore Holly: Well, well, well Crash, what do we have here? It looks to me like two long-haired bitches are arguing over that title there (points to the belt).

Hardcore then turned to face Crash while putting down his scales.

Hardcore Holly: What do we think about that?

Crash Holly: (laughs and talks very silently and erratically)

Hardcore Holly: That while you two are arguing amongst yourselves you are allowing ME in. When I pin one of the co-Intercontinental Champions tonight – that makes me another problem for you two. Like it? Good!

The Holly’s then made their exit as Chyna and Jericho looked on, but their attention (of course) quickly turned back to snatching at their championship belt.


the Dudley Boyz def. the Hardy Boyz

The action was then back in the ring as the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz squared off in a tag team match. Buh Buh started the match well for the brothers from Dudleyville as he worked over Matt Hardy with some vicious elbows. But when Jeff Hardy found his way into the match the momentum switched to the brothers from North Carolina. Jeff eventually caught D’Von with the Twist of Fate but didn’t manage to get the pin as from nowhere Edge pulled him off from the outside! Jeff looked over and went for Edge as the referee attempted to hold him back, however this allowed Christian then to nail Jeff from behind with a Reverse DDT! D-Von stumbled down into a cover as Edge and Christian bailed! The referee’s hand slapped the mat for the three as E&C jumped up and down on the ramp in celebration! They had screwed the Hardy’s! Terri crawled in to help her two boys…as the Dudley’s were shown not looking happy…they stared a hole through both men, the men that had helped them win the match, But they obviously felt they didn’t need any help…***

84% - 75% - 95%

-: commercial break :-

Royal Rumble Promo Video

An advert for the Royal Rumble was shown as RAW returned from the break…


The Holly’s def. Chris Jericho and Chyna

But then it was back to the in-ring action of the first RAW of the New Year as the Holly’s faced the co-Intercontinental Champions: Chris Jericho and Chyna. Jericho and Chyna argued from the word go, even during their entrance as both ended up STILL attempting to grab the belt off each other. This lack of teamwork didn’t help their cause at all as they quickly broke down into fighting each other! Chyna caught Jericho with right hands and then nailed him with the Pedigree – before allowing Hardcore to pull him up and nail the Falcon Arrow for the three! It was a total trainwreak for the Intercontinental Champions…but Chyna had the last laugh in this case. She grabbed the IC belt and made her exit from the arena, Jericho watched the titantron as Chyna drove away from RAW with the gold…and he was not happy! The match lasted under three minutes – but Jericho’s feelings at that point looked like they could last a lifetime! *

71% - 75% - 64%

-: commercial break :-

2 on 1 Handicap Match

The Rock def. the New Age Outlaws

It was then time for the 2 on 1 Handicap Match made by Triple H earlier that evening, it saw the Rock square up against the WWF Tag Team Champions of the New Age Outlaws – and Rock defiantly held his own in this one. The People’s Champion started the match before the two D-X members could even finish their introductions and knocked both to the outside of the ring with authority. From there he exchanged attacks on both men as the brawl escalated, Billy Gunn eventually though became the weak link as Rock threw him over the announcers table and climbed back into the ring with the Road Dogg. Dogg attempted to hit his “Shake, Rattle and Roll” move set – but came unstuck at the last hurdle as Rock popped up and nailed the Spinebuster! That was followed up by the People’s Elbow for the three – and that was that! Easy! Even the crowd seemed surprised that the Rock found it so easy, but he wasn’t finished as he dumped Road Dogg out of the ring onto his (now standing) partner and called for a microphone. *1/4

The Rock: Triple H, I said it before – and now I’m gonna say it again. That win right there was for Mick Foley – and Mick WILL be back in the WWF someday. You won the first battle with Mick – but you won’t win the war! And that’s a message from the man himself! IF YOU SMELLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!

Rock’s music burst into life as the crowd cheered further, Rock was pushing Foley’s cause right here – and the People were loving it!

The cameras then switched to show Triple H watching on a monitor…who wasn’t as happy as the people, he grabbed at his hair with a look of anger spread over his face.

Triple H: Argh!!! How in the hell can he do that?!!

He threw the TV off the table and into the wall…

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Hunter! Hunter!

Triple H: Steph, tell security I want this building on standby, I want the Rock monitored – I want them to look out for that piece of trash Mick Foley. If he is here, or is coming here he won’t be able to ruin my night! Tonight is my night to become champion again – and neither Foley, Rock or Big Show are gonna stop me!

74% - 78% - 66%

Kane def. Viscera

Triple H stormed out of the room as the action went straight back to the ring as the “Big Red Machine” Kane faced Viscera…and for once Kane looked at a disadvantage on the statistics sheet. He though didn’t let this affect him as he rocked Viscera with right hands – but ultimately couldn’t take the massive man off his feet. Viscera managed to keep himself in the contest as Kane continued to work in what (sometimes feeble) offence he could. But then came the turning point as Kane grabbed Viscera around the neck and managed to nail a HUGE chokeslam! It came from nowhere and made the crowd just spring into life! He made the cover as….the Mean Street Posse’s music hit! Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs were lead out from the back by the British Bulldog as Kane stood up and broke his pinfall on Viscera. Bulldog pointed at Kane as the Big Red Machine looked on, transfixed by the four men standing at the bottom of the ramp. But then – from behind Kane was caught by a steel chair shot! It was X-Pac! The bell sounded as X-Pac turned and caught Kane over the forehead with a second chair shot that sent the Big Red Machine down onto the mat with a thud…and also drew his girlfriend Tori down from the back! She tried to push her way past the Posse but was held back by the Bulldog as X-Pac stood over Kane and taunted into the final commercial break. DUD

60% - 64% - 53%

-: commercial break :-

Future Matches

RAW returned from the break with JR and King at ringside, they summarised the events of the evening before announcing that Thursday night on Smackdown - Kane would face the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse in a 4 on 1 Handicap Match – by order of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime…

But that wasn’t all as it was announced that at the Royal Rumble the Intercontinental Championship would finally have one owner – Jericho vs. Chyna being that deciding match for the belt.

Both announcers then paused before announcing that it was time for the main event of the evening – and that Kevin Kelly was backstage with the WWF Champion.

Interview with a Giant

The action went to the back as Kelly was shown – and indeed, he was standing alongside the WWF Champion, the Big Show.

Kevin Kelly: Big Show, just moments away you are going to defend your WWF Championship against Triple H, but before I get to that…I gotta ask you…is, is it easy being the WWF Champion right now? What with Triple H and Stephanie being in control…

Show looked slightly angered by the question…

the Big Show: Kevin – do YOU think it’s easy being WWF Champion right now? The McMahon-Helmsley era is running the show…and I’m a 7 foot tall, 500 pound road block in their path. Triple H wants to be the champion as well as the boss, without this title (holds up the WWF Title belt) he cannot have all the control he wants…and because of that I’m one huge target. One huge target that everyone behind the Regime wants removed…

Show paused as he held his chin in his massive hand.

the Big Show: But I won’t fold to the McMahon-Helmsley Regime, I won’t give in. As long as I am standing on my feet, as long as I have a…breath in my body I will be the WWF Champion. I won’t let myself, as a target – be hit.

Show then looked towards the entranceway as HHH’s music hit around the arena…

the Big Show: It’s Show time…

The WWF Champion then lumbered off towards battle – leaving a rather relieved Kevin Kelly…


WWF Championship

the Big Show © def. Triple H

It was then time for the main event of the evening as Triple H faced off against the Big Show for the WWF Championship, it was never going to be a walkover – and HHH discovered that from the word go as Show didn’t give the Game any time to settle. He took the fight to the ringside area before sending Triple H into the ring steps and then into a nearby barricade. The action eventually returned to the ring as HHH remained very much on the backfoot – it took a decisive low blow to give him his chance to get on top of the Big Show. Show was rocked by this as the Game ran off the ropes and caught a knee into the face of the WWF Champion, he then caught a second and a third to take Show down to the mat for the first time. This resulted in HHH making the first cover of the match for a two. Show though wasn’t down and out, he was very much still in the fight – as he proved by catching the Game out with a big boot off the ropes, and then a massive sidewalk slam! Show got his first cover – and that was also a two. The normal submission period followed as Show and then HHH both locked in headlocks. But following the Game’s attempt he found himself pulled up into the air and slammed down into a chokeslam! The cover though only managed a two as Hunter just managed to get his shoulder off the mat! Show took some time out to rest as Triple H got back onto his feet, the challenger stumbled over to the corner of the ring – and trapped the Big Show! He sidestepped the monster as he ran at him! Show crashed into the turnbuckles and stumbled backwards into the Pedigree! HHH made the cover!



“SMASH!” – The sound of a car crash!

Triple H sprung up as Mankind’s music hit! It couldn’t be Foley?! Surely!? The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac came out onto the ramp as the music continued, but there was no sign of Mankind! However it allowed Show to run off the ropes and catch Triple H with a clothesline! X-Pac went to run down to aid the Game, but only ran into Kane – who was now out on the ramp with the Rock! Punches were being thrown everywhere as the British Bulldog also came out and piled in! Referee Earl Hebner had seen enough from in the ring and ran up the ramp in attempt to break it up…


Foley ran through the crowd with a steel chair! Triple H had just taken down Show with a DDT – but didn’t see this coming! He turned around…!


Triple H was nailed – and he stumbled back around into the vice-like grip of the Big Show as Foley bolted out of the ring! Chokeslam to the Game! Show made the cover as Hebner ran back towards the ring – he made the count, 1…2…3! The Big Show retained the WWF Championship! ¾*

77% - 86% - 57%

The Return…

Foley then quickly grabbed a microphone as HHH lay prone in the ring…

Mick Foley: (pause) Triple H! HAVE A NICE DAY!

The music then started up again as security finally rushed in to take him away! The first RAW of 2000 had ended – and the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley had stuck two fingers up at the McMahon-Helmsley Regime! Despite being fired he had made an Impact!


Overall: 75%

6.43 Rating

7,044 Attendances

$281,760 from Ticket Sales

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IPB Image

Smackdown – Preview

January 6th, 2000

Following the first RAW is WAR of 2000 this Thursday will see the first Smackdown! of the New Year…and no doubt Triple H and the McMahon-Helmsley Regime will be looking at having a much better night than last Monday.

Triple H has already announced he will open this week’s show as he looks to address the situations surrounding the WWF Title, the Big Show, the Rock and Mick Foley. All four of these factors were involved in his terrible evening on RAW – and no doubt he will want to set things right in his own mind.

Meanwhile “The Big Red Machine” Kane will have a mammoth task on his hands as he faces the British Bulldog and Mean Street Posse in a 4 on 1 Handicap Match. The Posse stuck their nose in Kane’s business alongside X-Pac and no doubt there will be hell to pay, well if the Big Red Machine has his way…

Kurt Angle also looks to continue his undefeated streak in the WWF as he faces Val Venis one-on-one.

Also! X-Pac, the New Age Outlaws, Acolytes, the Kat and others are scheduled to be on Smackdown!

Tune in on Thursday Night!


4 on 1 Handicap Match

Kane vs. the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse

Kurt Angle vs. Val Venis

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Solid work thus far. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw that the segments were quite brief, but you give enough information to give a good idea and use the extra length when necessary - it makes for a good, easy read. The promos are spot on and I'm enjoying the storylines you've got going. I was a fan at the time but, for the life of me I can't remember much of what was going on - so this is all new to me :lol:

Keep it up, mate, you've got a reader in me.

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I am liking the change in history with Big Show retaining on Raw. Interested in what else you decide to do because the beginning of 2000 was quite a good period for the WWE in terms of the quality of angles and matches.


Make sure Taka and Funaki keep running in during the Royal Rumble, that was hilarious especially when Taka took that sick bump to the outside and got injured.

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IPB Image

Smackdown – Results

January 6th, 2000

The Game’s Announcements

Smackdown opened as Triple H’s music hit around the arena – as the man himself made his way down to the ring and took a microphone. His face was one of pure anger…and it seemed rather obvious already as to why he was angry.

Triple H: Tonight was meant to be my night of celebration…my first night as WWF Champion!

Boos were all that could be heard as HHH finished those words…

Triple H: But then three men screwed me! Three men who are employed under ME. They went out and screwed the boss – which is something you NEVER do. Those three men being, the Big Show, the Rock – and…Mick Foley.

Triple H: So tonight, it’s payback time! Tonight those three men will step inside this ring with me…and the New Age Outlaws in a 6-Man Tag Team match. Where I can extract the revenge I deserve…and yes Mick, I know you must be around here somewhere…you are re-instated, back on the active roster. Instead of me ending your career by sending you home…I’m going to end it inside the ring – and FORCE you to spend the rest of your days watching me on the top of the ladder…wondering why you ever messed with the Game.

Triple H shoved down the microphone as his music hit again around the arena, he had sent a message loud and clear to the Big Show, the Rock and Mick Foley – he wasn’t happy, and was going to make sure that tonight each of them paid the price for their actions…


-: commercial break :-

Kurt Angle def. Val Venis

The commercial break ended as Kurt Angle was shown making his way down to the ring, the currently undefeated Olympic Gold Medallist was opening Smackdown’s 2000 wrestling action – as he did the previous Monday on RAW. His opponent was the current WWF European Champion…Val Venis, however in this case the European Title was not on the line – but a win for Angle would obviously put him in line for a shot at that championship. However, the Big Valbowski didn’t make things at all easy for Angle as he started the match by taking him down with a couple of clotheslines and a heavy Scoop Slam. Angle though being an Olympic Athlete had that stamina to carry on, to continue and not give up…and ultimately this was the undoing of Val. He went for the Money Shot off the top rope – only for Angle to roll out of the way and then roll him up from behind for the three. Angle pointed towards the announce table and taunted to Val that he wanted his belt around his own waist as his music burst into life. Angle had won again, his undefeated streak continued – and now he had to be the number one contender to the European Title. **3/4

78% - 77% -79%

Matt Hardy Backstage

Angle continued to celebrate in the ring as the action then went backstage. Matt Hardy was shown walking alone across the car park…when he was nailed from behind by D-Von Dudley! Buh Buh then came into shot as he stomped down on one half of the Hardy Boyz. The assault continued until Terri came into the picture and turned Buh Buh around…and he didn’t look best pleased. There was no sign of Jeff and Matt was laid out! Terri was in trouble – and the Dudleys were advancing towards her…but then she was saved as Bradshaw ran in from behind Buh Buh and took him down with a clothesline, Faarooq also ran in and took down D-Von! The Acolytes stomped down on the Dudleys before pulling up Matt and leading Terri away from the scene of the assault. Faarooq and Bradshaw had without a doubt saved Matt Hardy and Terri right there…


Rikishi def. the Godfather

Back out at ringside it was time for the second match of the evening as Too Cool’s Rikishi went up against the Godfather one-on-one. It was a battle of the crowd favourites as both men were cheered throughout the match, however Rikishi’s size just edged this one as he took down Godfather with the Rikishi Driver after sidestepping a high-kick attempt. The three count was made – and then the celebrations began as Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay ran down the ramp to dance with Rikishi. They began to dance as the Godfather helped himself back up…and called down his Ho’s to dance with Too Cool! Despite his loss Godfather and the Hoes danced away with Rikishi, Scotty and the Grandmaster – but it wasn’t finished there. Just as the dancing reached a fever pitch the music was cut suddenly and the lights came up. The surprise was evident in the ring as Too Cool and the Godfather just looked at each other – not knowing what was going on. Smackdown went to another break as Godfather suggested to his Hoes that they go to the back…whatever had happened, it was defiantly strange, very strange. *1/4

61% - 64% -57%

-: commercial break :-

Women’s Troubles

Smackdown returned with a close-up on the Women’s Championship belt, the shot focused out to reveal the Kat sitting up at a makeup table with the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young standing alongside.

The Kat: Hey Mae, Moolah! What do you think?

Kat turned around to reveal a very small, gold lined bikini top – that didn’t leave much to the imagination…she then grabbed her Women’s title belt.

The Kat: Gold…with Gold! Huh!?

Moolah and Mae smiled and nodded as the sound of a nearby door being slammed open was heard, it was Ivory. She walked over towards the Kat…

Ivory: Well, MISS KITTY. What do we have here? Gold…with Gold huh?! You see, it’s more like Gold…with OLD (points at Moolah and Mae and laughs).

Moolah: Hey!

Ivory: Oh shut up you old Dinosaur! I didn’t come here to see you, I came here to get myself another shot at MY Women’s Championship! Because. Well. Let’s be honest here honey (turns to Kat) Gold…really doesn’t suit…a skank!

Kat had heard enough and slapped Ivory across her face! Mae and Moolah then went to action as they got down and started to attempt to beat up Ivory! She squirmed as Mae took her scarf and suffocated her with it! Security then piled into the locker room as Ivory was dragged away…

Ivory: I can beat you Kat, I can beat you and your old Dinosaurs, you skank! SKANK!

Kat helped Mae off from the floor and just shook her head as the action went back to the ring…


the Dudley Boyz def. the Acolytes

For a match that was a direct result of the Acolytes saving Matt Hardy from a Dudleyville-style beating earlier on in the evening. It was the Dudley’s against the Acolytes – with Terri, and it was what it always looked like being – a non-technical brawl between two physically dominant teams. Bradshaw and D-Von started the match with the former taking down the later with some power moves. Eventually Buh Buh and Faarooq made it into the match as it wound towards it’s conclusion – with Faarooq proving very difficult for Buh Buh to overcome. But, despite that Bradshaw found himself knocked off the apron at the end and thus in no-man’s land as the Dudleys nailed Faarooq with the 3-D! Buh Buh made the cover for the three as Matt Hardy limped down the ramp…but it was too late, Terri held him back at the bottom of the ramp as then…what?! Edge and Christian slid into the ring with Steel Chairs! They caught D-Von with a con-chair-to and then done the same to a stunned Buh Buh! E&C shoved the chairs down before quickly scampering away through the crowd as the Acolytes climbed back into the ring! It was absolute tag team mayhem on Smackdown! ***1/2

81% - 74% - 89%

-: commercial break :-

The Second Confrontation

Smackdown returned from the commercial break with the figure of Chris Jericho stalking around backstage – looking for someone…or something. His face then lit up as he did see that something, the camera turning…to reveal the Intercontinental Championship belt just lying on a table. He walked over and picked it up – only to have a hand shoved down on top of it from out of shot. It was revealed to be the hand of the other co-Intercontinental Champion…Chyna.

Chyna: Looking for something…Chris?

Chris Jericho: Yeah – and it just so happens that I found it!

He pulled at the championship belt – and Chyna pulled back. A tug of war broke out over the belt, until…

Voice: Wait, wait just a damn minute!

Senior Official Earl Hebner walked in between the two champions and quickly snatched the belt away from them…

Earl Hebner: If you two wanna argue over who holds this belt, over who gets to carry this belt around, then we had better not wait until the Royal Rumble for you two to get it on! Monday on RAW…you Chris Jericho (looks to his right) and you Chyna (looks to his left) will go one-on-one in a preview for the Rumble, and the winner will get to hold the belt until that event – when we will finally have one Intercontinental Champion.

Earl wasn’t even waiting around to hear what either Y2J or the “Ninth Wonder of the World” had to say as he walked out of shot carrying the belt. Jericho went to walk after him – but was held back by Chyna. She moved her face closer to his…

Chyna: Looks like you’ll have to wait till Monday to even see that belt again…Chris.

Jericho moved away and quickly made an exit as Chyna smiled. She seemed happy enough with the arrangement. Next Monday’s RAW would now see a preview of the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho against Chyna one-on-one, to see who holds their championship up until the Pay-Per-View match itself.


WWF Hardcore Championship

Al Snow def. the Big Bossman ©

Back out at ringside it was time for the first Hardcore Championship defence of the New Year as the Big Bossman defended against Al Snow. Snow was accompanied out by “Head” while the Bossman had something a bit more…real, in the form of Prince Albert. The match began with Snow’s “Head” meeting Bossman’s head as the champion was taken down by the mannequin. Snow used that to continue his assault – oh, and some more weapons of course. Bossman was taken down via a chair shot, cheese grater shot – and a bowling ball to the…erm, unmentionables. But when Albert threw his associate his nightstick the tide half turned. Snow leaned over and got knee-capped by the black stick – before also getting chocked out by it. Bossman then took the battle ringside and set up a table, but (sadly) it was never used as the fight went back into the ring. From there Snow pulled himself back into the match and nailed the Bossman over the head with his bowling ball! Michael Cole commented on how he had “hit a strike!” as Snow hooked the leg, 1…2…3 – and became the new Hardcore Champion! The bowling ball shot to the skull had done it, and the first Hardcore Title match of the New Year yielded a NEW Champion! *

63% - 63% - 64%

-: commercial break :-

4 on 1 Handicap Match

British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse def. Kane

Kane was shown making his way down to the ring ready for 4 on 1 Handicap action as Smackdown returned from it’s final commercial break. He wasn’t accompanied by his girlfriend Tori either – who was shown watching on a monitor out back as he got ready to face the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse. When those four men had made it down to the ring the match began with Kane beating down on Joey Abs. The advantage for the Posse though was that they were able to make quick exchanges throughout the match…and after around five tags Kane was looking very tired. This allowed Rodney to take the Big Red Machine down for a rollup – for a two count, and then also allowed him to lock in an armbar before making the tag to Pete Gas. Kane however did fire his way back into the match at this point, he took down all three members of the Posse and went to give Gas the Tombstone! But unfortunately for Kane as he picked Gas up he was just close enough to allow the British Bulldog to tag himself into the match for the first time. Kane turned around ready to nail his finishing move…but was given a stiff punch to the face! The Bulldog then pulled up Kane and hit a Running Powerslam! He hooked the leg for the three as the Posse pulled Pete Gas to the outside. The Bulldog had pinned Kane – and now X-Pac was back! Just like on RAW Monday Night he was going after Kane. But the Big Red Machine managed to sit up as X-Pac slid into the ring…and this scared the member of D-X into rethinking what was doing – and thus backing down and heading back up the ramp with his new associates. Kane despite loosing still looked incredibly strong as Michael Cole and Jerry “the King” Lawler sent it backstage to the Rock and the Big Show… *1/4

66% - 67% - 66%

The Rock and the Big Show

Both men were shown standing alongside each other, Show admiring his WWF Championship belt, and Rock jumping up and down on the spot.

Kevin Kelly: Rock, Big Show. Up next you face a man who you both…upset last week…

The Big Show: Upset? Don’t let him fool you Kevin Kelly…he’s actually pretty happy about the whole ordeal isn’t he?!

Kelly shrunk back away from Show’s sarcasm as the WWF Champion re-ajusted his belt and continued…

The Big Show: It just so happens that on Monday night, on RAW – he just wasn’t good enough to beat me. To be honest…he won’t EVER be good enough beat me, and tonight will prove that as I pin the Game to the mat…one, two, three.

Kevin Kelly: Thanks Show, now Rock…you and the Big Show are here ready for action, but where is your other partner? Where is Mick Foley?!

Rock thought for a moment before answering…

The Rock: Kevin Kelly, the Rock knows that Mick Foley – AS WE SPEAK! Is on his way here to Providence, Rhode Island…Mick Foley last Monday didn’t let the Rock or the Big Show down, and there isn’t a chance in hell that he will let us down tonight!

The Rock: Mick Foley will be here, the Rock guarantees everyone that…

Rock then walked away towards the ring, looking deadly serious for one of the first times in his career – leaving the WWF Champion behind.

The Big Show: It’s Show Time…


3 on 2 Handicap Match

The Rock & Big Show def. Triple H and the New Age Outlaws

It certainly was. Show and Rock went up against it without partner Mick Foley as they faced Triple H and the New Age Outlaws in the main event. Throughout the match the main question was still there however as to if Foley was even going to show up, Rock kept checking back up the ramp from his place on the apron as the Big Show took over the first period of the match, he tossing the Road Dogg – and then Billy Gunn all over the ring. Rock then got into the ring to face HHH and found that his distracted mind set him at a disadvantage…well he walked into the Pedigree of all things. This allowed the Game to get a cover, but Show broke it up before the three. Triple H and the Outlaws then all joined in on a triple assault on the WWF Champion…eventually knocking him over the top rope to the outside! Rock though managed to get back up and duck both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn over the top rope (behind him) as they went for a double clothesline. HHH then was pulled up ready for the Rock Bottom! But the Game countered into a DDT and a cover for a two. The crowd booed as HHH stood over the Rock and decided to mock the People’s Champion…he was signalling he was going to nail him with his own People’s Elbow – and he came close to doing so. However as he jumped over the Rock for the first time…he was taken down by Mick Foley! Foley had come through the crowd for the second time in two weeks! He then grabbed Triple H and pulled him up into the Double Arm DDT! But it wasn’t over yet as Rock got up and told Foley to give him the Mandible Claw – before going to the outside of the ring and joining Show in eliminating the WWF Tag Team Champions. Foley pulled out from his pants Mr. Socko…and shoved it down Triple H’s throat! It didn’t take long until the Game was tapping all over the place! Referee Tim White called for the bell as Foley’s music hit! The Rock, Big Show and Mick Foley had won the main event – and Foley had kept the Rock’s word, he had made his impact. **

But as the three men celebrated up the ramp Triple H crawled along the mat and called for a microphone…

Triple H: MICK! I’ve had enough of you! You have messed with the Game twice too often now, and you are going to pay! Next Monday, on RAW it will be me against you – INSIDE a FIFTEEN FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE!

The crowd were stunned as the camera zoomed in on Mick…who himself didn’t look best pleased.

Triple H: MICK! I will make you bleed every drop of blood in your body! I WILL END YOUR CAREER MONDAY NIGHT…and I promise everyone that!

Smackdown ended as Triple H pulled himself up on the ropes and smiled…he had made a massive main event for RAW next week, and had also promised that Mick Foley would have his last match…

76% - 82% - 64%

Overall: 69%

5.54 Rating

7,045 Attendances

$281,800 from Ticket Sales

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WWF – The Weekly Roundup

January – Week 1

by Marcus Stein

The main news heading into the second week of the New Year is that which confirms the rumours that four main WCW superstars are headed to the WWF in the near future. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko all had signed pre-contract agreements with the World Wrestling Federation – but ultimately found themselves all released from WCW earlier this week, two months before their contracts actually expired. This has now lead to rumours that the Radicalz could be expected to debut any time from now…maybe even at the Royal Rumble.

Jeff Hardy this week was sent to rehab after admitting he had a drug and alcohol problem. His brother Matt was said to have no idea of the situation…and as a result Jeff will not be appearing on WWF Television for the next few months at least, but of course all depends on how well Hardy adjusts to rehab. There is no news on how Matt is going to be used in Jeff’s absence.

Backstage at the Smackdown tapings it was acknowledged that the Dudley Boyz were unhappy about how stiff the Acolytes worked against them. Bradshaw and Faarooq are notoriously stiff workers – and apparently a lot of management was surprised about the complaints from two men who worked within the Extreme confines of ECW for so long…

Kurt Angle also this week made it known that he in the near future would like a program with Chris Jericho, as to when or if that will happen there is currently no information.

The Royal Rumble has started to shape up this week with the announcement of Chris Jericho and Chyna facing off to decide one true Intercontinental Champion, both of course currently being co-champions. Interestingly enough it is true that both of these wrestlers will face off this Monday on RAW to see who will hold the belt to the Rumble, but rumour is it won’t be a spectacular match and will just be used for storyline progression, the WWF not wanting to take away anything too much from their RR encounter.

Other Royal Rumble matches currently rumoured are: Kane against X-Pac or the British Bulldog, the Dudley Boyz against Edge and Christian, and the Kat against Ivory for the Women’s Championship. However there is no news as to a WWF Championship match, or to any main event match. That suggests that the WWF themselves are currently undecided as to what avenue to take – although if there was a guess I would say it will be Big Show against Triple H again.

Looking forward in time there are now some Wrestlemania prospective matches emerging. The ideas being tossed around at the moment are…having a Fatal 4 Way for the WWF Title with HHH, the Rock, Big Show and Mick Foley, or two main matches of – the Rock vs. Mick Foley for the WWF Title and Triple H vs. Shane McMahon.

Finally, here is this week’s Sunday Night Heat results:

WWF Heat

January 9th, 2000

• Crash Holly def. Essa Rios

• Too Cool def. the Headbangers

Promo Video – a video was shown hinting of a “Golden Return” at the Royal Rumble.

• Test def. Prince Albert

• Chris Jericho def. Hardcore Holly

Overall: 64%

1.72 Rating

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IPB Image

RAW is WAR – Preview

January 10th, 2000

RAW this week comes from Birmingham, Alabama as a night of Championship gold…and careers will unfold.

The main event will see Triple H attempt to extract some personal revenge on Mick Foley – after Foley cost him a big win over the Rock and Big Show, and the WWF Title over the course of last week.

The match itself will take place inside a fifteen foot-high steel cage, and the promise has been made by the Game that he will make Foley bleed…and ultimately end his career Monday Night. What will go down inside the barbaric steel? Will HHH’s prophecy become reality? There’s only one way to find out!

Two Championships will also be up for grabs this Monday as Kurt Angle gets his shot against Val Venis for the WWF European Title, and Ivory gets her shot at the Kat for the WWF Women’s Championship. Angle defeated Venis in a non-title affair on Smackdown this past week to set up his first shot at the gold – while Ivory got into a scuffle with the Kat, Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah to set up her contest. Will there be two new sets of champions? Tune in to RAW to find out!

Also! The argument over who holds the WWF Intercontinental Championship belt will be decided as the co-Champions face each other in a preview of the Royal Rumble. The winner of this match will have the right of holding the belt until the Pay-Per-View (when the actual champion will be decided). This match will prove very interesting.

The Rock, the Big Show, Kane, X-Pac and new WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow are all expected to be in the house this Monday Night.

RAW is set to be one hell of show this week! Make sure to tune in!


Steel Cage Match

Triple H vs. Mick Foley

Chris Jericho vs. Chyna

WWF European Championship

Val Venis © vs. Kurt Angle

WWF Women’s Championship

The Kat © vs. Ivory

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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Random Thoughts:

Jericho had better win at the Rumble. Losing to Chyna is just...well wrong. And I'm thinking you're looking to rectify the mistakes made in the past by the bookers.

How does it go from having Triple H vs The Big Show, to Triple H vs Shane McMahon and The Rock vs Mankind. Where did Show go in all that thinking?

Women's title match. I'm hoping you get some accomplished women wrestlers and not just eye candy because while it kind of works in real life, it doesn't work in diary life cause we can't see them.

It would appear that you're going with Angle winning at Raw, even though I'm hoping something happens and he doesn't. I've always been a fan of Venis's work rate and thinks he deserves more then he gets in real life. This could be the platform for that.

How did Earl make a match for the rumble? He has no real power....

Who is Terri with? The Hardy's? And did this happen in real life because I honestly don't remember it and I did watch this entire era.

Poor Hardy. He just can't catch a break. Rehab, drug problem, Hardy? NOOOOOO.

GOLDUST! GOLDUST! GOLDUST! Sorry, just getting my mark uniform on for when he returns.

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A good two shows to start off the diary. I like the layout of your results, they're easier to read, well to me anyway.

I'm glad you didn't have Big Show lose the title to Triple H on Raw. Give Big Show more of a chance as champion. Though the only match I see happening at the Royal Rumble is against Triple H.

Jericho really does need to be the only holder of the Intercontinental title. Looking for him to win at the Rumble.

The content of your shows is fantastic. Keep up the good work TAFKA. I'm reading for sure.

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This is just a post to respond to the comments made, hope this clears up some stuff and gives some more information into my thinking. (Y)

How does it go from having Triple H vs The Big Show, to Triple H vs Shane McMahon and The Rock vs Mankind. Where did Show go in all that thinking?

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IPB Image

RAW is WAR – Results

January 10th, 2000

The Steel Cage

RAW opened as the Steel Cage was shown surrounding the ring, the camera circled it and the silent crowd for a few times before Mick Foley’s music hit…it seemed rather than just ending the show for once Foley was going to open it. The crowd erupted as he walked out from the back with a microphone and made his way down to the ring, his face though wasn’t full of his normal joy – Foley for once seemed rather nervous as he climbed inside the Steel Cage and shut himself inside…He then looked around at the structure surrounding him before speaking…

Mick Foley: I thought I would come out here and speak with you great fans tonight, before what is a massive match of my career…here inside this fifteen foot-high Steel Cage.

The crowd clapped in respect to the Hardcore legend as he paused before continuing…

Mick Foley: Throughout my time here in the WWF I have faced many obstacles, Hardcore matches, I Quit matches…the Hell in a Cell match. But this tonight feels of more importance. This Cage tonight holds more importance than anything I have ever done…because it could end my career.

Mick Foley: As you all know, I am not a man who is easily intimidated…but I believe what Triple H said last Thursday on Smackdown. He wants to end my career inside this Cage tonight…and he is more than capable of doing that, Triple H can defeat me, he can finish me.

That brought boos from every side of the arena as Mick nodded in honesty; he truly felt Triple H might have his number here.

Mick Foley: But I have been through challenges, battles, wars…and while tonight is the end as far as the Game – Triple H is concerned…This is the beginning of the war for me! Triple H I may be slightly afraid of what could happen tonight…but I was afraid of my I Quit match against the Rock, I was afraid of my Hardcore matches against legends like Terry Funk…and I was afraid of the Hell in a Cell…AND that STILL didn’t stop me!

Mick Foley: TONIGHT is destiny, tonight I will bleed, tonight I will suffer, TONIGHT I will have the living crap beaten out of me…BUT I’ll get back up! AND BACK UP! AND BACK UP! AND BACK UP!!!!

The crowd cheered louder ad louder as Foley got more animated in the ring…

Mick Foley: One thing I can guarantee you Triple H! Is that no matter what happens inside this Cage tonight! YOU WILL NOT HAVE SEEN THE LAST OF ME! I will not die! HAVE A NICE DAY!

Foley’s music then burst into life as he slammed the microphone down after what was a powerful and emotional promo. He had poured his thoughts out about tonight to the viewing audience…and obviously knew how tonight could be the biggest match of his career…hell, he knew it could even end his career…


-: commercial break :-

WWF European Championship

Kurt Angle def. Val Venis ©

Following the break it was time to see if the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle could take his WWF career a step further as he faced Val Venis for the European Championship…and following his win over Val on last week’s Smackdown he looked the favourite for this contest. The Big Valbowski however wanted to keep hold of his title and attempted to start the match with control over his opponent, but Angle wasn’t having any of it. Angle ducked the first punch of the match and came back with a load of his own – knocking Val over the top rope to the floor. From there Angle threw the European Champion over the barricade and into the fans – which drew a massive pop if anything! The bump seemed to take everything out of Venis as he was thrown back into the ring and slammed around all four corners – until Angle got a quick cover, and a quick two count. The match continued as Angle for a moment lost his control and was almost pinned following Val nailing the Money Shot off the top rope…but he did manage to get his shoulder up after two. The Big Valbowski then went for a second attempt at finishing off his opponent…but Angle rolled out of the way and rolled up Val with a load of trunks in his hand! 1…2…3! Angle won the European Championship – but it was hardly the clean victory that he got in the Olympics when he won his last gold! Val couldn’t believe it as Angle rolled out of the ring and grabbed his new championship, he had done it. Angle held his belt tight as he made his way to the back… **3/4

78% - 77% - 80%

Inside the Mind…of Edge and Christian

And that’s where the action went next as Kevin Kelly was shown standing by with the dynamic tag team duo of Edge and Christian…

Kevin Kelly: Edge and Christian. The last few weeks you both have made yourselves involved with the Dudley Boyz…

Edge: (looks at Christian) You know what Christian? I think that it would be totally cool if we both tonight went out and enjoyed the Windy City!

Christian grunted slightly before answering…

Christian: Dude, judging by these people here tonight in the arena…I don’t wanna step one foot out there!

This drew the crowd into boos as Edge smiled…and Kevin Kelly looked bewildered.

Edge: That’s a good point Christian. These people don’t reek of awesomeness like you and me, the only thing these people reek of…is crap!

Christian: (laughs) Totally!

Kevin Kelly: …Okay, but Edge, Christian – what about the Dudley Boyz? Why have you both aided them to two victories over the past week?!

Both Edge and Christian seemed to ignore Kevin Kelly again as they continued with their own conversation…

Edge: You wanna go get some Salad?

Christian: Yeah dude, Salad is totally cool…

Jerry “the King” Lawler could be heard saying, “Salad?!” as E&C both walked out of shot. It seemed neither man wanted to comment about their association with the Dudley Boyz – in what was one of the strangest interviews ever.


-: commercial break :-

WWF Women’s Championship

the Kat © def. Ivory

The second break of the night ended as it was time for the second of three championship matches on this episode of RAW. It was the Women’s Title that was on the line as the Kat defended against Ivory…and following their confrontation on last week’s Smackdown it was not going to be pretty. The hair pulling started from the word go as Ivory took the Kat down to the mat and started to slap her across her face. But Kat then reversed it – and provided some slaps of her own! The brawling just continued to escalate between the two women as Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah looked on from ringside – cheering for the Kat, and that didn’t please Ivory. It ended pretty prematurely as Kat took down Ivory with a rollup out of the corner of the ring for a three count – and to retain her Championship. However Ivory was not amused as she attacked Moolah and Mae as they celebrated with Kat in the ring…despite the 3 on 1 disadvantage she took down the two older females before deciding to back away from Kat’s advances. She then grabbed a microphone and challenged Kat, Moolah and Mae to a 6-Woman Tag Team Match for the Women’s Title at the Royal Rumble – and said she had two partners lined up who would be perfect for her. At that point Luna and Jacqueline ran through the crowd and jumped Kat, Mae and Moolah from behind – much to the crowd’s disgust. The heels beat down on the faces until Ivory decided it was time for her and her associates to make their exit…with the damage done. -**

47% - 57% - 27%

Help Wanted

Backstage there was another women being shown, this time Terri. She was walking alone backstage and seemingly looking for someone…she then turned a corner and walked into the Acolytes.

Terri: Hey! Faarooq, Bradshaw…I was just looking for you.

Bradshaw and Faarooq looked at each other before answering…

Bradshaw: And what can we do for you little lady?

Terri smiled innocently before continuing.

Terri: I came to you because I need protection…Last week I was close to being assaulted by the Dudley Boyz and I don’t trust Edge and Christian either, with Matt and Jeff both out I…I’m scared…

Faarooq: Okay…so you want protection?

Terri: Yeah

Bradshaw: Well you can hang low with us for a while, play some cards…drink some beer – and we’ll take care of the Dudley Boyz (laughs) we’ve got our own score to settle with those boyz.

Terri smiled before asking the crucial question…

Terri: Great, so what card games do you guys play?

Bradshaw quickly thought…before giving what wasn’t a surprising answer.

Bradshaw: Strip Poker.

Faarooq: (surprised) Strip Poker?! ….

He looked at Terri…

Faarooq: ….Damn!


-: commercial break :-

WWF Hardcore Championship

Al Snow © def. Prince Albert

The final championship match of the evening saw the new Hardcore Champion Al Snow defend his recently-won belt against Prince Albert…who of course was alongside the ex-champion – the Big Bossman. The match started with both men beating down on Snow as they made the most of the Hardcore Rules available to them, however despite the legality of what was going on the referee managed to push the Bossman to the outside – to allow the one on one contest to take place. Snow from there fought from his underdog position and took down Albert with a massive clothesline off the ropes, then…the weapons started to flow. Snow pulled up the ring apron and pulled out a table and a trash can, he set up the table on the outside and slammed the trash can over the Bossman’s head – before being dropkicked by Albert from under the bottom rope. The massive man then beat Snow all over the outside of the ring before they both got back into the ring. Snow managed to counter his way back into the match – and through this process managed to backdrop Albert over the top rope through the table that was set up! Snow dropped down with an elbow from the apron and made the cover as the Bossman looked on in shock. It was enough to give him the victory – but not enough to stop the Bossman taking him down following the match with a flurry of fists. With the champion down Bossman helped up Albert and they made their way to the back. This issue surrounding the Hardcore Championship was far from over. ¾*

61% - 61% - 62%

Royal Rumble Advert

Then an advent for the Royal Rumble aired, it showed highlights of the past Royal Rumbles over the years before flashing up with this year’s logo. The ordering information followed before the cameras went back to Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler at ringside. They announced that it was confirmed that at the Royal Rumble the Women’s Title would be on the line in a Six Woman Tag Team Match. They also announced that on this week’s Smackdown Kurt Angle would have his first European title defence…against the man who he defeated earlier that evening, Val Venis.

Chyna def. Chris Jericho

With that Chyna’s music hit…and the ninth wonder of the world came down to the ring ready to fight for the right to hold the Intercontinental Title belt over the coming weeks before the Royal Rumble. Chris Jericho then made his way down into the ring as Earl Hebner passed over the IC belt to Teddy Long – who would be the official of the contest, what with Hebner referring the main event. The match itself began with Chyna and Jericho exchanging heavy slaps, and from there Y2J took to attacking Chyna’s right leg with submissions in an attempt to demobilise her. Jericho went at this for a good few minutes as Chyna struggled in pain…but refused to tap out, or give up. Then Chyna did manage to get a few shots in of her own…but was ultimately turned down into the Walls of Jericho pretty promptly! Y2J locked on his finishing submission for a few minutes as Chyna refused to give up – despite the obvious pain that her right leg especially was causing her. This seemed to drive Jericho over the edge as he released the hold and went to the outside of the ring…to seemingly grab a steel chair?! Chyna’s passion and desire had kept her in this thing! Long helped Chyna up in the ring as Y2J slid back in…and smashed her over the back of the head! That drew the disqualification as Jericho then smashed the chair over Chyna’s right leg – over and over until she was rolling about in agony! Security quickly intervened and dragged Jericho to the back before he could do anymore damage, but Chyna – despite winning the match was not in any condition to celebrate. She was passed the Intercontinental belt before being aided up the ramp by a group of referees. Jericho had snapped in this preview of the Rumble…and would now have to wait till the 23rd itself to even touch the championship again. *1/2

68% - 73% - 53%

-: commercial break :-

The Truth Burns…

Following the break X-Pac’s music hit around the arena, and the man himself walked out from the back onto the stage…and down into the ring. When there he took a microphone…

X-Pac: I’m out here right now because I have to address a certain person in the back, a person who I used to be close with, who used to be like a brother to me…but who now is being cheated, being lied to.

The crowd seemed confused at what seemed like…a caring, compassionate side to X-Pac.

X-Pac: Kane, I’m talking about you. I want you to come down here now so I can show you something, so I can show you the truth…

There was a lengthy silence…before the fires of hell erupted around the titantron, and Kane made his way down to the ring alongside his girlfriend Tori. When in the ring he just stood and looked at X-Pac, who had his hands raised in innocence…

X-Pac: Kane, you and I have a long history. From the days of partners, tag team champions – to the days of being bitter enemies, fighting each other, hurting each other. But now instead of me hurting you – like I have been in the past, I’m here to help you.

Kane looked on with a cold stare as Pac took a brief breath.

X-Pac: This past weekend Kane, I was out on the road with the Posse and the British Bulldog…and we stayed at a motel. Now we decided to take some film of each other…and…accidentally (he said rather sarcastically) caught something else, something surprising, something NONE of us expected to see…roll the tape.

JR and King questioned about the tape as the titantron showed X-Pac, Pete Gas, the British Bulldog and Rodney standing in the car park of a sleazy motel. They were loading up their car when the cameraman (presumably Joey Abs) pointed up towards a room, where a door was open – with Kane’s girlfriend Tori standing there…This already had trouble wrote all over it as Tori could be seen squirming in the ring. Then from inside the room came a figure, a figure of a man. Kane looked on, eyes fixed on the images being played on the screen. The man and Tori then kissed…a passionate kiss that made Kane immediately turn to face Tori! She had been cheating on the Big Red Machine!

Tori was attempting to apologise as Kane advanced towards her, but then – from behind came the British Bulldog and the Posse! They all beat down on Kane as X-Pac barked out orders from the corner of the ring. Kane was then kicked into the corner as Joey Abs got close to Tori…

X-Pac: That’s not all Kane, roll the rest of the footage!

The footage then continued to play from where it left off…where it was revealed that the man who Tori was kissing was Joey Abs!! He wasn’t the cameraman after all! The Posse were then showed laughing as Tori made her exit from shot, at the time she obviously had no idea she was being filmed…

Back in the arena X-Pac threw down the microphone and nailed Kane with the X-Factor as he stumbled back to his feet! Kane had been laid out, Tori had been trapped in a cheating web, everything was going wrong for the Big Red Machine! The crowd just booed as Tori stood over her fallen boyfriend…if she was still his girlfriend after this. X-Pac then decided enough was enough as he grabbed Tori by the hair and dragged her to the back as his music hit…

The arena seemed stunned as the action followed the Posse, X-Pac and Tori backstage – where they dragged Tori into their limo and made their exit from the arena. It was a horrific moment…and Kane was going nuts in the ring as a mass of security attempted to calm him down.


Triple H Interview

With Kane being calmed down in the ring the action went backstage, to Kevin Kelly – who was standing alongside the Game, Triple H.

Kevin Kelly: Triple H, we are moments away from the main event, from your match against Mick Foley inside the Steel Cage. What are your thoughts?

Triple H took a deep breath and moved his head backwards before speaking…

Triple H: My thoughts Kevin Kelly surround one thing, and one thing alone. The fact that I am going into this match tonight to not win titles, to not win the match, but to end Mick Foley’s career…to stop Mick from meddling in the WWF, to stop him messing with the Game and the McMahon-Helmsley Regime any longer.

Triple H: Mick could have just stayed at home, enjoyed being paid the rest of his contract, been with his wife and children…but no, he came back. He came back and screwed with me, he screwed with the Game…and I was never going to let that lie.

Kelly nodded as HHH finished up…

Triple H: The people here tonight are going to see history being made, the final match of Mick Foley’s career, and once Mick’s out of the way…I will be that much more unstoppable.

Triple H then stalked off – his mind stuck on ending Mick Foley’s career inside the Steel Cage. The Game was focused as RAW went into its last commercial break…


-: commercial break :-

Steel Cage Match

Mick Foley def. Triple H

The main event was then upon us…Mick Foley and Triple H both stepped inside the Steel Cage in what was ultimately proven to be a brutal and bloody encounter. The door was shut and locked by referee Tim White on the outside of the ring – while Senior Official Earl Hebner took control from the inside…and called for the bell as Foley and HHH charged into battle. Both men beat each other all over the ring as the match got underway – and it was Foley who took the early advantage as he whipped Triple H back-first against the Steel Cage. This sent the Game crashing down to the mat holding his spine. Foley though wasn’t going to allow any rest bite in this contest as he pulled up Triple H and replicated the previous assault before making a cover. Hebner made the count as HHH managed to get his shoulder up after the two, it was of course either via pinfall or escape that the match could be decided. Foley then locked in a standing headlock as HHH stumbled around trying to get himself back into the equation…he eventually broke free and threw Foley face-first into the Cage! Every time the structure was used as a weapon it created a horrific sound that rung around the arena…and that wasn’t as brutal as it got. Triple H then settled in to his own period of control as he took down Foley with move after move – and punch after punch. He then kicked Foley in the gut and pulled him up for the Pedigree! He did nail it! But Foley still managed to get his shoulder up after two, HHH had hit it far too early, Foley still had lots left to give here. Triple H then leant down and got given a low blow! Into the Double-Arm DDT from Foley! Both men had hit their finishing moves in succession…and both men had managed to kick out after two – Triple H alike Foley wasn’t done with yet.

Then the match took a sudden turn as Triple H removed a top turnbuckle pad – and busted Foley’s head open on it. The blood immediately flowed as the Game repeatedly threw his head against the exposed steel…until Foley’s body crumpled down onto the mat. The crowd booed as HHH smiled and looked towards the back…before then calling for someone or something to come down. The New Age Outlaws being those who the Game wanted – and they both had steel chairs. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn took turns at trying to throw their chairs inside the ring as referee Tim White attempted to halt them. Hebner got into Triple H’s face as finally Gunn got his chair over the top of the fifteen-foot high structure, the D-O-Double G’s chair soon followed before both men were sent to the back. This left Triple H standing over a battered Foley with two steel chairs…he grabbed one and quickly smashed Foley over the head twice as the Hardcore Icon attempted to climb back to his feet. This laid him out and allowed the Game to manoeuvre both chairs into the middle of the ring, one on top of the other. Triple H then pulled up Foley and signalled he was going to finish Foley off…with a Pedigree onto BOTH of the chairs! The crowd booed as Foley started to fight back! He shook and scooped HHH up with his neck…and slammed him over onto the two chairs! Triple H stumbled back onto his feet as Foley grabbed one of the chairs…and smashed Triple H’s skull open! Blood was now also flowing from the Game as he dropped the chair and nailed him with the Double Arm DDT for a second time! Foley made the cover, 1…2…and Triple H still kicked out! Foley knelt in disappointment as Hebner confirmed to him that the match still wasn’t over…and that Triple H was still in this thing.

Foley though didn’t dwell and turned to look up at the structure surrounding him…he was going to attempt to climb out. The crowd cheered as Foley pulled himself up the Cage, hand over hand – until he was touching the top bars. Triple H by then was back up…and quickly following Foley up to the top of the Cage! Foley sat up on the top of the structure as he finally made his way over the peak…but looked surprised to see that HHH was right with him and pulling himself up alongside him! Foley nailed some right hands as Triple H managed to sit up opposite his opponent. The Game took the punches before eventually getting a block in and replying back with some fists of his own. Then though the match took a sudden horrible turn…both men pulled themselves up to a standing position on top of the Cage and continued to throw right hands – it was only a matter of time before something happened…and then it did. Triple H caught Foley with a massive right hand that made the Hardcore Legend fall from the top of the Cage! He fell to the outside of the ring…and crashed through the Spanish Announce table as Triple H pulled himself back down to a seated position. Tim White called for the bell while rushing over to help the fallen solider in the mangled mess…it was over, Foley had won…but Triple H looked more of a winner as he raised his arms and looked down at the mess that was Mick Foley… **1/2

84% - 94% - 73%

The End of a Career?

The EMT’s finally came down from the back as Jim Ross continued to call for help…Foley had not moved since the fall. Lawler was away from the announce position attempting to help the fallen legend as much as he could…but he didn’t seem to be getting through to Foley. Triple H meanwhile had dropped down inside the ring to celebrate what he had done…the then Cage rose as Foley was stretchered off to the back. The Game looked over the rope and spat down on Foley as he was wheeled away to the hospital, this felt like it could be the end for Mick Foley.


Overall: 72%

6.06 Rating

6,510 Attendances

$260,400 from Ticket Sales

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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I like the way this is headed. Hunter was fantastic in 2000, I could see him and Foley again at the Rumble.

BTW, E&C weren't heels and didnt talk like that until after mania

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IPB Image

Smackdown – Preview

January 13th, 2000

This week’s Smackdown comes from Albany, NY as the WWF roster is still in the shadow of perhaps the most brutal Steel Cage match of all-time.

Mick Foley’s career looked over as RAW went off the air on Monday, he had won the Steel Cage match after falling from the top of the structure through the Spanish Announce table…but looked to have paid the ultimate price as he left the arena in an Ambulance. Foley is not scheduled to be on Smackdown this week…but no doubt Triple H will have some things to say about last Monday.

Another man who had a terrible RAW was Kane, he was last seen in a rage in the middle of the ring following the discovery that he had been double-crossed by his own girlfriend Tori. The setup by X-Pac, the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse sent shockwaves through the audience on Monday…and now leaves what truly is a very messy situation. How will this progress…and how much revenge is Kane going to extract? Find out Thursday!

Also! The new WWF European Champion Kurt Angle has his first title defence…as he has the rematch from RAW against Val Venis. Val was not happy about the way he lost the gold last Monday, and will be looking to win back the championship. Will he be the first man to defeat Angle? Tune in to Smackdown!

There are also two tag team matches as the Acolytes (with Terri) face the Dudley Boyz, and Al Snow and Head face the Big Bossman and Prince Albert in a Hardcore Tag match.

Tune in to Smackdown this Thursday on UPN for what will be a massive show!


WWF European Championship

Kurt Angle © vs. Val Venis

Hardcore Tag Team Match

Al Snow and Head vs. Big Bossman and Prince Albert

Tag Team Match

Acolytes with/Terri vs. the Dudley Boyz

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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Ye I loved them as well. oh and Please push Too Cool & Rikishi as well, I loved those guys, Too Cool deserved a much longer tag titles reign

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Well TAFKA I have to admit that it has been a while since I've seen you sticking with something you start since the TNA Diary, but you seem to be having fun with this and it shows. I like the way overall this is heading in you have the main story with HHH and his regime and the players like Show, Rock and Foley, yet your undercard is solid with Chyna/Jericho, Pac/Posse/Bulldog/Kane, the women, and even the Hardcore stuff.

On a side, keep using the Bulldog in the way that you are, if not in more of a major role. I always thought he was going to be WWF Champion before his final run ended, but sadly it never happened.

Keep up the good work my man.

Edited by Idolized
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IPB Image

Smackdown – Results

January 13th, 2000

WWF European Championship

Kurt Angle © def. Val Venis

Smackdown opened with in-ring action this week as Kurt Angle and Val Venis squared off in a rematch of their match on last Monday’s RAW. It was Angle’s first title defence and Val was adamant that he was going to win back his championship in this encounter. It started though where the previous match ended off as Angle twice went to roll up Val and steal an early win, however the Big Valbowski had already been done one too many times by that move – and certainly wasn’t going to be done again! His anger spilled over as he took down Angle and started to nail a huge amount of right hands. The Olympic Hero couldn’t get into Val’s brawling technique and this put the champion at a strong disadvantage in the early going! Something which no one in the crowd could seem to understand, Val was putting in the performance of his life! It all peaked as Val caught Angle with his own finisher! He nailed Kurt with the Angle Slam and hooked the leg as referee Teddy Long made the count, 1…2…The shoulder just came up! That was explosive and brought everyone to life. But Val couldn’t just take it that step further as Angle worked his way back into the match and took down the ex-champion with a German Suplex. Then as the match reached the eight minute mark Angle overstretched himself and found himself on the bad end of a rollup himself! Val grabbed the ropes as the count was made, 1…2…3! But wait, no! Referee Long had just noticed as he made the three count that Venis was holding onto the ropes…and threw his own decision out, the match continued. This then lit a fire under Angle as he countered a Russian Legsweep attempt and caught the Angle Slam! 1…2…3! Angle pinned Val and retained the European Championship in a ten minute wonder match. Val held his head in his hands as Angle had his arm raised in victory, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t been the first man to defeat Angle…but especially couldn’t believe he hadn’t won the title back. Val went to the back as Angle took a microphone… ***

Kurt Angle: (sounding slightly puffed out) People, your Olympic Gold Medallist has once again proved himself to be a winner here in the WWF. I am still undefeated, I am an undefeated European Champion! So, at the Royal Rumble I am announcing an open challenge to anyone, anyone who fancies their chance can come to the Rumble and face me one-on-one! And I shall remain undefeated! Thank You!

70% - 77% - 80%

Triple H’s Arrival

The action went backstage as Angle’s music hit around the arena…where Triple H was shown arriving alongside the rest of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. Kevin Kelly approached a battered looking Game as he gingerly headed towards the locker room…

Kevin Kelly: Triple H, last Monday…

Triple H: (While interrupting and coming to a stop) Last Monday I went through hell Kevin! I was locked inside a fifteen-foot high Steel Cage with Mick Foley…and I did what I said I was gonna do…I ended his career!

X-Pac and the Outlaws all agreed in the background as Triple H took a breath.

Triple H: But that’s now over. I am here hurt tonight, but victorious – as I reached my goal. I didn’t win the match…but I reached my Goal. As for tonight…the Game moves forward, tonight the McMahon-Helmsley Era moves forward…and with Mick Foley out of the way that leaves only two more people in our path…the Rock and the Big Show.

Triple H: Starting tonight they will be…taken care of, because tonight they will face the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac in a three on two Handicap match…but that’s not all, as I will also tonight make my decision about the Royal Rumble…

Smackdown went to a commercial break as Cole and King questioned what decision the Game had to make about the Royal Rumble…


-: commercial break :-

6-Man Tag Team Match

Too Cool and Rikishi def. Viscera and the Holly’s

Following the break it was time for 6-Man Tag Team action as Too Cool and Rikishi went up against a “Super Heavyweight” team of Viscera, Crash and Hardcore Holly. The dancing trio got a massive pop throughout the match as their fun outlook on the contest made them more and more popular with the crowd…and less and less popular with their three opponents. Grand Master Sexay started off the match against Hardcore Holly but quickly tagged in Rikishi – who squared off in turn against the massive Viscera. They battled all over the ring before ‘Kishi managed to Superkick his even larger opponent over the top rope to the floor! Hardcore and Crash went to help up their partner as Rikishi shook his “booty” around the middle of the ring in celebration! It didn’t get any better for the “Super Heavyweights” either as Crash tagged himself into the match…only to run (rather comedically) straight into the Rikishi Driver. He hooked the leg as Grand Master and Scotty ran in to stop the cover being broken up – and it was enough as the three count was made, and the victory was Too Cool’s! The Holly’s and Viscera made their way to the back disgruntled as the Grand Master, Scotty and Rikishi started to dance in the ring. The hat and the glasses were out as the lights dimmed and the crowd got really into what they were seeing. But then, alike last week the lights came up and the music stopped dead. It was the second week running that this had happened now…and Too Cool looked even more surprised than before. ¾*

57% - 65% - 62%

Chris Jericho Interview

Kevin Kelly was shown once again backstage as the action left the ring, he was standing alongside the Co-Intercontinental Champion – Chris Jericho.

Kevin Kelly: Chris, on Monday you got yourself disqualified in a match setup to decide who out of you and Chyna would hold the Intercontinental belt up until the Royal Rumble…why, why did you get yourself disqualified?

Chris Jericho: It’s easy Kevin Crapelli, I, Y2J don’t need to hold the belt until the Rumble, because following the Rumble I will be holding the belt for a loooong, long time. I gave Chyna her chance at the limelight…but typically she isn’t even here this week (laughs).

Kevin Kelly: …but that’s because you as good as shattered her right leg Chris.

Chris Jericho: What’s that saying Kevin? The one which suits Chyna quite well…? Oh, yeah…If you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen BITCH.

Jericho then shoved his way past Kelly as Cole and King informed everyone that Chyna’s right leg was injured following Jericho’s antics on RAW…and that while she would be back before the Rumble it was unknown when she would be back on WWF TV for the meantime.


-: commercial break :-

Tag Team Hardcore Match

Al Snow and Head def. the Big Bossman and Prince Albert

The second break ended as the WWF Hardcore champion – Al Snow was making his way down to the ring with Head ready for Hardcore tag team action. The Hardcore title itself wouldn’t be on the line as Snow and…“Head” went up against the last champion – the Big Bossman and Prince Albert. Snow (unsurprisingly) started the match against Albert as the Bossman looked on from the apron. Albert took control as Snow as taken down with a massive clothesline and then an atomic drop. Bossman threw his partner a Steel Chair as Snow struggled back to his feet…but, of course he was soon back down as Albert smashed the chair over the Hardcore Champ’s spine! He then hooked the leg for a two as Bossman called for the tag. It was made as Snow crawled over in attempt to tag Head into the match – who was nicely situated on the ring apron. However Bossman ran across and kicked Head off the apron, before then dropping an elbow down onto Snow and making a second cover – this one also gaining a two count. The match then continued with Bossman attacking Snow with numerous weapons that Albert threw into the ring; however Snow was never a quitter…and wasn’t going to start now. He fought his way back into the match and eventually got himself into a dominating position. He threw Albert off the apron into the announce table face-first before grabbing his bowling bag from under the ring. Snow removed the Bowling Ball and climbed back into the ring as he angled up the Bossman. However he then had a change of heart as he went to the outside of the ring again and placed Head onto the top turnbuckle – where he made the tag! Snow then turned around and decked Bossman with the Bowling Ball! That had been enough in earlier contests to end it! Snow placed Head on top of the lifeless Bossman as the count was made! 1…2…3! Head had pinned the Bossman!! Snow’s music hit around the arena as he and Head celebrated a massive win…however the Bossman and Albert were not best pleased as both men argued with each other as the action was directed backstage. ¾*

54% - 56% - 65%

It’s not the Posse’s Night

Where the Mean Street Posse pulled up in a smart Sports Car. Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs all drove into the parking lot dressed up, with the roof of the car down – looking the part of McMahon-Helmsley associates. Gas parked up the bright red car as Rodney and Joey Abs jumped out and grabbed their bags…but they weren’t far from that when they were both jumped from behind with a massive double clothesline. It was Kane! Abs and Rodney both hit the concrete face-first as Pete Gas nearly crapped himself in the car; his face was one of absolute terror as Kane climbed up onto the hood…and dragged his target up over the windscreen. Gas screamed as the Big Red Machine twisted his body up…and delivered the most horrific Tombstone onto the hood of the vehicle. Gas went limp as security all turned up at the scene, but it was too late as Kane freaked out and punched his fist through the car windscreen. The damage was done to the Posse as security attempted to drag Kane away, however Kane flung them all off and even nailed one of the security members with a Chokeslam onto the hood of the car! The Big Red Machine had taken out both the Posse and the Smackdown security as the show went to a break…

-: commercial break :-

Following the break two Ambulances were shown alongside the (now) stricken Sports Car. There were an uncountable amount of medical staff working on a huge amount of injured WWF personal…it was a scene of disaster. The camera panned out to show X-Pac and the British Bulldog in conversation…

X-Pac: What the hell happened Bulldog?! You were supposed to be with these guys, to protect them, to back them up against that Big Red Retard – and now look what’s happened!

British Bulldog: Hey, I’m sorry X-Pac. They said they could handle themselves…

X-Pac shook his head…

X-Pac: Well obviously they couldn’t pal!

British Bulldog: Don’t worry, I can still take down Kane for you. Give me him at the Royal Rumble – and I’ll do the job.

X-Pac: You want Kane? One on one at the Rumble? (X-Pac looks surprised and hardly very confident) Screw it, you reckon you can take him out you go for it! You got him.

British Bulldog: Good.

The Bulldog then looked around before speaking again…

British Bulldog: Where the hell is Tori anyways?

X-Pac smiled to himself before answering…

X-Pac: Don’t worry about her Bulldog…she’s in a safe place.

X-Pac laughed as he walked out of shot…leaving the Bulldog standing in front of the mass of carcasses that littered the car park.


the Acolytes def. the Dudley Boyz

Back in the ring it was then time for the tag team rematch from last week’s Smackdown as the Dudley Boyz faced the Acolytes…and alike last week Faarooq and Bradshaw were accompanied down to the ring by Terri. The match itself was a VERY short affair as Edge and Christian quickly ran down through the crowd and nailed both members of the Acolytes. This drew the disqualification as Edge nailed Faarooq with the Spear and the Dudley’s downed Faarooq with the 3-D! This time there was no question about the relationship of the Dudley Boyz and E&C! They were both working together in beating down on the Acolytes – as Terri looked on from the outside in horror. Christian hit the exclamation point on the situation as he caught Bradshaw with the Reverse-DDT…but the attention was soon shifted from the Acolytes as Buh Buh Dudley clamped his eyes on Terri. He chased her around the ring before she slid into the squared-circle in attempt to escape…it was defiantly not the place to go as D-Von grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. But before the Dudleys and E&C could extract anything on Terri the crowd were cheering…and Matt Hardy was shown running down from the back. He jumped into the ring and took down everyone quickly – before grabbing Terri and making his escape up the ramp. Matt’s return had come at the right time, he had certainly save Terri from a difficult situation… **1/4

71% - 73% - 76%

Mae’s In-Ring Return…

Backstage the Kat was walking down a corridor alongside Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah. They were chatting among themselves when they then turned a corner…and literally bumped into Ivory, Luna and Jacqueline. Kat immediately started to argue with Ivory intensely as the camera moved away to concentrate on a heated confrontation between Mae and Luna…

Luna: What are YOU looking at! You old BITCH!

Luna’s rasping voice was at full stretch as she shouted down at Mae – who in response just pushed Luna down onto the floor! Mae dived on her and started to smash her head into the ground as security ran in and split them and all the others up. Luna screamed at Mae as she was being dragged away…

Luna: I’ll see you in the ring! IN THE RING on RAW! You old BITCH!

Mae was helped back onto her feet by security as Smackdown went to it’s final commercial break of the evening.


-: commercial break :-

Mick Foley Update

The cameras were focused down on Michael Cole and the King as Smackdown returned, Cole had a statement in his hand and was standing up with a microphone in hand…

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen…I have in my hand right now, a statement from a medical facility of which Mick Foley is currently situated. Now, as you know Mick was taken away from the brutal Steel Cage match Monday night in an Ambulance. He was examined at the Medical Facility and has suffered a broken leg…

The crowd booed this announcement as Cole waited for a moment…

Michael Cole: Mick himself hasn’t released a statement…and it does seem folks that his wrestling career could be over.

Cole then sat down as the crowds booing became even louder, they were not happy by this whatsoever…it seemed Mick Foley would not be returning to the ring. It all seemed very final as the New Age Outlaw’s music hit…and it was time for the main event.


3 on 2 Handicap Match

the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac def. the Rock and the Big Show

The match started with Road Dogg squaring off against the Rock one-on-one. The D-O-Double G however couldn’t establish himself in the match as the Rock’s passion spilled over into a dominant performance. He knocked the Road Dogg down all over the place – before finishing off his period of the match with a huge Spinebuster. Dogg tagged in X-Pac as Rock tagged in the Big Show…to create a battle of David vs. Goliath. Pac attempted to knock the WWF Champion off his feet with a few runs and clotheslines off the ropes…but couldn’t get enough power behind his arm to take him down. Show then got into his groove…and X-Pac was thrown all over the place like a ragdoll. Pac’s attempts to make a tag were unsuccessful as Show eventually culminated his attack by nailing a monstrous Chokeslam. However Show failed to make a cover as he was tagged on the back by the Rock – who then allowed a hurt X-Pac to tag Billy Gunn into the contest. They then went at it, back and forth, fist against fist – with neither man gaining a true momentum. But then the turning point came, Rock caught “Mr. Ass” with a Rock Bottom before making a cover…1…2…X-Pac broke up the count! The ring then filled with everyone as the 3 on 2 Handicap match broke down into a mass melee! Referee Earl Hebner in the confusion watched Show take Dogg and X-Pac to the outside before the Giant threw them both into the barricade…and this allowed Triple H to run down and change the face of everything. The Game slid into the ring with a Sledgehammer in hand…he turned and nailed the Rock over the head as Billy Gunn staggered back onto his feet. Rock himself staggered around momentarily…before getting caught with the Fameasser! HHH made his exit as Gunn made the cover, 1…2…3! The Outlaws and X-Pac had defeated the Rock and the Big Show, but it certainly wasn’t over yet! *1/2

65% - 77% - 67%

One Step Closer…

Triple H climbed back into the ring to celebrate with Billy Gunn as the fires of hell exploded on the stage! Kane was running down the ramp – he was going after X-Pac! Pac jumped out of his skin as he turned to see the “Big Red Machine” running towards him…and unsurprisingly he bailed through the crowd. Kane though was in pursuit and as the cameras lost track of both men it was obvious that Kane was not a happy bunny.

The action then turned back to Triple H as he stood in the ring – with a Sledgehammer and Microphone in hand. The Game turned to see the Rock laid out in the ring, and the Big Show out against a barricade on the outside…before his face displayed a huge smile.

Triple H: I knew tonight that I had some decisions to make. I knew tonight here on Smackdown that it would be MY night, MY night to shine…and I was damn right.

Triple H quickly stomped down on Rock for a moment before continuing…

Triple H: But now, I look forward. I look forward to this coming Monday – where the final two road blocks in my path of glory shall be destroyed. Because this coming Monday, RAW is WAR – The Rock and the Big Show…will go one-on-one. However, this ain’t no normal one-on-one, both men will have reason to beat the living hell out of each other!

Triple H: Because for the Rock – this is his one and only chance to get into the Royal Rumble match. Rock, if you want in – you have to beat the Big Show. But Big Show, if you want to be guaranteed your long term future in the WWF…you shall have to win. Because Show…I was checking over your contract details last night (He holds up a contract) and it seems that you have two months left on contract.

Triple H smiles some more as Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg work over the WWF Champion some more on the outside…

Triple H: An’ the only way Show you are getting a new contract…is to beat the Rock this Monday. You don’t defeat the Rock on RAW? You will be finished even before Wrestlemania rolls around…Screw it! Rock, Big Show, you’ll both be finished anyway – I am the Game, I am that damn good…and I will finish you both like I did Mick Foley!

Rock was stumbling to his feet at this point…but unfortunately for him Triple H had spotted him. The Game dropped his microphone and planted a kick to the gut of the People’s Champion as the crowd continued to show their displeasure. He then nailed the Pedigree to the Rock as his music hit. The Game had ended Smackdown like he said he would…it was his night!


Overall: 68%

5.54 Rating

6,511 Attendances

$260,440 from Ticket Sales

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WWF – The Weekly Roundup

January – Week 2

The main news at the end of week two of 2000 was surrounding the non-appearance of the Rock and Big Show on last Monday’s RAW is WAR. Neither man was booked on the show by the booking committee in what was a surprising move. Rumours were circulating that neither Rock nor Show were particularly happy backstage with the way things were going creatively – so the decision was taken to allow them the first half of the week off in order to get them “back on side” so to speak. It apparently helped a lot as both men seemed much more upbeat backstage on Smackdown – and also with the Triple H/Mick Foley Steel Cage booked didn’t affect the RAW ratings too much.

Someone else who was unhappy this Monday Night was Chris Jericho. Y2J was allegedly unhappy at hearing that he would be loosing to Chyna so that she would hold the belt until the Rumble. Originally Jericho was going to loose the match clean – but plans were quickly re-arranged to the disqualification ending after he protested, funnily enough some people even believe the leg injury angle could work better in the long term for the booking of this feud.

To update on Mick Foley – he was fine backstage following the Steel Cage match with Triple H. The Spanish Announce Table was padded on the inside in attempt to make the impact less painful, and lower the chance of injury. It seemed to work as Foley once backstage was up walking around and being congratulated by everyone for a good match. He is expected to return for the Rumble, if not then he will be back for Wrestlemania.

Rumours this week are circulating that Matt Hardy’s future could be taken away from his brother’s side as Jeff remains in rehab. Some insiders are talking that Hardy following his current program with Terri, the Dudley’s, Acolytes and E&C could go on a singles run, however in my opinion it will all depend on when Jeff makes it back from rehab.

Finally this week surrounding talent – the Undertaker has been in discussion with the WWF about a return to the ring and rumour has it…that a date has been set. However this date is unknown and there are no names being linked with working a program with Taker in the near future. That gives the view that the Deadman’s return will happen a few months down the line yet.

WWF Heat

January 16th, 2000

• D’Lo Brown def. Gangrel

• Test def. the Godfather

• Kai en Tai def. the Headbangers

• Val Venis def. Mark Henry

Overall: 64%

1.72 Rating

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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