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Ember And The Infernos.


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Now... I was under the impression that Trivium ONCE played a gig under the name Ember And The Infernos, after they were famous, to recapture the energy that comes from playing a small venue, to a selection of devoted fans (Ie the ones obsessed with Trivium enough to know that they are one and the same)

However... I just found out that Ember and The Infernos are playing Brixton... which is fucking massive... and seetickets.com, and ONE other website claims that they are a cover band...

Although... the tickets are a bit pricey.. almost as much as tickets to see Trivium... and Triviums official tour ends one day before this gig.

so.. all the evidence seems to point to this being Trivium.. except that seetickets specifically says it's a cover band..

Are they allowed to say it's a cover band even if it's not? OR by playing under the name Ember and the Infernos... does performing Trivium songs count as covers?

Anyone shed any light on this?

Fuck it. I'm buying a ticket anyway.

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