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WWF 1998

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1998 was arguably the most exciting year in professional wrestling history. Ratings, merchandise sales and mainstream recognition all skyrocketed. Not since the 80s had wrestling been so popular. 1998 was the year that Vince McMahon's WWF finally beat WCW in the ratings war after 82 (or 83, or 84) consecutive weeks of being second best to Eric Bischoff and Monday Nitro. It was the year Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley and Bill Goldberg all captured their first World titles. It was the year that saw Mankind damn near kill himself in a Hell in a Cell match, and Kevin Nash damn near kill WCW with his self-serving booking. It was the year that saw the Big Two become the Big Three, as ECW expanded and improved. Nothing illustrates their success more than the number of ECW stars that jumped ship over the course of the year, not to mention how much Messrs. Bischoff and McMahon were influenced by the ECW product.

Primarily, though, 1998 was the year of WWF Attitude, and WrestleMania XIV was the turning point.

Wrestlemania XIV: D-X Raided

LOD 2000 won a 15-team Battle Royale

Accompanied by Sunny and sporting a new look, the Legion of Doom returned to earn themselves a Tag Team Title shot at WWF Unforgiven, last eliminating Jim Cornette's New Midnight Express. They will go on to either face The New Age Outlaws, the team that took credit for splitting the Road Warriors up, or Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie.

TAKA Michinoki defeated Aguila

TAKA retained his WWF Light Heavyweight strap in a high-flying affair and raises Aguila's hand afterwards.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeated Owen Hart

'Triple H' retained his WWF European Title against the 'Black Hart' in a match which saw Chyna handcuffed to Sgt. Slaughter at ringside. This didn't stop her from interfering, throwing powder in Slaughter's eyes and delivering a low blow to help her fellow D-Generation X member pick up the win.

Marc Mero and Sable defeated The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust and Luna Vachon

As the bizarre storyline involving these two odd-couples came to a head, Sable pinned Luna after a TKO.

Rocky Maivia defeated Ken Shamrock

'The World's Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock made the WWF Intercontinental Champion tap out, but after attacking Maivia's fellow Nation od Domination members and a bunch of referees, the decision was overturned and 'The Rock' won by DQ, retaining his belt.

Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie defeated The New Age Outlaws

Cactus and Chainsaw won the WWF Tag Team titles in a dumpster match against 'Road Dogg' Jesse James and 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn. Terry Funk used to a forklift truck to drop the Outlaws in a dumpster and then block the lid.

Kane defeated The Undertaker

Kane attacked Pete Rose pre-match but he couldn't beat his brother The Undertaker in their ever first match. It took three Tombstone piledriver, but The Undertaker finally pinned Kane. Kane gained some measure of revenge after the match with a Tombstone onto a chair.

Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels

'Stone Cold' lifted his first WWF Title and 'The Baddest Man on the Planet' Mike Tyson counted the fall. Tyson, who had sided with 'The Heartbreak Kid' in the weeks before went nose to nose with Michaels after the match, and ended up flooring him with a single punch.

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RAW is WAR. Albany, NY. March 30th 1998.

The opening video features the new 'scratch' logo we saw at WrestleMania XIV, and showcases some of the 'risque' stuff of the past few months. The pyros go off, sending the crowd wild, as the commentary team welcome us to RAW is WAR.

Ross: "Ladies and gentleman I'm Jim Ross, alongside Jerry Lawler, welcome to RAW is WAR coming to you LIVE from Albany, New York."

King: "Well J.R., WrestleMania was a night to remember, but tonight could be even bigger! Just before we came on the air it was confirmed that Hunter Hearst-Helmsley will defend his European title against Owen Hart TONIGHT in a rematch from last night!"

Ross: "And in our main event, Faarooq of the Nation of Domination takes on Ken Shamrock the man that, in my opinion, should have walked out of Boston with the WWF Intercontinental Title."

King: "Well he didn't, he let his temper get the better of him and that means The Rock is STILL The People's Champion."

Ross: "Oh gimme a break..."

The familiar sound of breaking glass fills the arena, sending the crowd into a frenzy. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin storms out to the ring, WWF Title over his shoulder. He climbs each turnbuckle in turn, playing to the crowd, before grabbing a microphone.

Austin: "If you think 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin kicked Shawn Michael's ass last night, gimme a Hell Yeah...(the crowd obliges). Last night ol' Stone Cold raised hell and beat the hell out of that sorry piece-of-crap Shawn Michaels. I showed up this morning and someone comes up and tells me that Shawn Michaels isn't here tonight, that he's taking some time off. Shawn Michaels, I know you're sittin' in your little armchair up there in San Antonio watching Monday Night RAW on your fancy big screen TV, well this is just for you..."

Austin walks up to the camera and flips the double bird.

Austin: "...and that's all I've got to say about that! Now since HBK isn't here, I'm gonna have to whip somebody elses ass. I might just walk backstage right now, find that burnt-up sumbitch Kane and give him a seven-foot Stone Cold Stunner. Then I'll sit my ass down, and drink a little beer. Then I might go to the DX locker room and give Shawn Michaels' big-nosed boyfriend a Stone Cold Stunner too. And then I might sit my ass down, and drink another beer. And then ol' Stone Cold might go and find Vince McMahon himself and Stunner him right out of that cheap suit he's wearing. And then I'll sit my ass right on Vince McMahon's little desk and drink a whole case of..."

Before Austin can continue, The Rock's music hits and the Intercontinental Champion swaggers out onto the stage. The fans sound their disapproval as Austin stares a hole through The Rock.

The Rock: "Woah, woah, woah, woah, WOAH! The Rock doesn't wanna hear your little fantasies, and neither do all The Rock's People. Last night you won the WWF Title. Congratulations, you got lucky. See last night, The Rock retained his WWF Intercontinental Title and he didn't need a fast count from some ear-biting degenerate to help him do it. For the second year in a row, The Rock walked into WrestleMania with this belt and he walked out of WrestleMania with this belt. Now you can give out all the Stone Cold Stunners you want and you can drink all the beers you want, but once The Rock is done beating..."

Austin: "If you think The Rock needs to quit running his mouth, gimme a HELL YEAH! I saw your match last night at WrestleMania, and I saw you tap out like a jackass. Now if you want a piece of me, why don't you step inside this ring right now and I'll give you a "People's" ass-whipping."

The crowd are buzzing, as The Rock takes off his shades and removes his Nation t-shirt...then smirks and walks into the back. The crowd boo him, but those boos turn to cheers as Austin grabs his belt and starts up the ramp after him. He doesn't get veyr far, as Vince McMahon - flanked by security - meets him on the stage.

McMahon: "Austin...Austin if you're thinking about going after The Rock then you'd better think again. You're not scheduled to wrestle tonight, so I suggest you go home, drink a beer or two and sit back and enjoy the rest of the show. That said, I understand that you want to face The Rock, and it would seem that this crowd want to see it too...so next week here on RAW we will see The Rock vs. Steve Austin in a non-title match."

The crowd cheers, as Vince makes his way to the back. Austin toasts the crowd as we go to a commercial break.

Ross: "Welcome back to Monday Night RAW. If you've just joined us, Vince McMahon just booked a huge main event for next week, WWF Champion Steve Austin vs. Intercontinental Champion The Rock. I'm sure Stone Cold will be happy with that King, but I'm not sure The Rock will be looking forward to it."

King: "The Rock isn't scared of Steve Austin, J.R. He beat him for the Intercontinental Title and he beat Ken Shamrock last night too."

Ross: "He didn't beat Austin, Austin was forced to forfeit the belt. And he didn't beat Shamrock either, Shamrock was disqualified after making The Rock submit."

The Legion of Doom vs. The New Midnight Express

"What a rush..."

The Legion of Doom, accompanied by the lovely Sunny, make their way down to the ring. LOD 2000 are decked out in their new design shoulder pads and crash helmets.

Ross: "Well Hawk and Animal returned last night at WrestleMania to win that 15-team battle royale to earn themselves a title shot at Unforgiven next month. It came down to the Legion of Doom and The New Midnight Express, and these two teams will go head to head tonight."

King: "I didn't know Sunny was into paleontology J.R., but she's obviously found herself a couple of fossils!"

Ross: "You're a riot, King"

Jim Cornette leads the New Midnight Express to the ring to a chorus of boos. Cornette glares at Sunny as his proteges step into the ring and square up against the LOD.

Animal and Bart Gunn lock up and Animal overpowers 'Bodacious Bart' with a trifecta of clotheslines and a powerslam for two. Cornette distracts the referee allowing the Express to double team Animal. Bob Holly tags in and lays into Animal with chops in the corner. He goes for a whip but it's reversed and Animal hits a running clothesline in the opposite corner. Hawk gets the tag and nails a DDT for a two count. Hawk sets Bombastic Bob up for a suplex but Holly slips up and inadvertently catches the referee with a stray boot. Bart Gunn enters the ring, and exits it via the top rope as Animal hits him with a clothesline to the outside. The LOD set Holly up for a Doomsday Device, but Dan Severn runs down to the ring and shoves Hawk off the top rope to the floor below. The NWA contingent triple-team Animal...until the sound of a chainsaw alerts them to the oncoming duo of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. The tag team champions clear house, helping out their opponents for Unforgiven.

King: "Cactus and Chainsaw cleaning house!"

Ross: "The tag team champions coming to the aid of the Legion of Doom, but there won't be any friendship when those tag team titles are on the line next month."

We cut to a video package of highlights from WrestleMania, specifically the main event which saw Shawn Michaels lose his WWF Title and then suffer a knock-out punch at the hand of Mike Tyson.

Flash Funk vs. Jeff Jarrett

We return to see Flash Funk in the ring awaiting his opponent, who struts out onto the stage accompanied by Tennessee Lee. Jarrett asks the fans "Ain't I Great?", to a unanimous response before sliding into ring.

Ross: "Jeff Jarrett, the son of wrestler and promoter Jerry Jarrett, and current NWA North American champion. He'll face off against Flash Funk. Jarrett has that acoustic guitar with him, but something tells me he won't be playing it."

King: "I hope not J.R. I heard him singing backstage, I thought Ken Shamrock had him in the ankle lock!"

Jarrett is quick out of the blocks, hitting Funk with a dropkick but missing an elbow. Funk shows off his dropkick and gets a two count from it. Jarrett regains control with a knee to the midsection and a snap suplex. A piledriver gets him a two count, which he complains to the referee about. Funk recovers and hits a dropkicked, followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Funk heads up North looking for the 450 Splash, but Tennessee Lee grabs his foot. Funk shakes im off but the 450 misses the mark. Jarrett drags Flash Funk to his fit and drives him to the mat with side Russian Legsweep. He struts, to the delight of Tennessee Lee, then locks in the Figure Four Leglock. Funk struggles but eventually taps out. After the referee raises his hand, Jarrett grabs his guitar and smashes it over the head of Flash Funk.

Ross: "The match is over damn it, what is wrong with this kid? Jeff Jarrett with a hellacious guitar shot to Flash Funk."

King: "He already picked up the win J.R., now he's just putting the exclamation point on it."

Ross: "Jeff Jarrett with the win thanks to Tennessee Lee, and last night we saw Triple H retain his European title with a little help from Chyna. Up next Triple H takes on Owen Hart in a WrestleMania rematch. No love lost between these two folks, this one could get ugly."

King: "Speaking of ugly, Sgt. Slaughter has announced that Chyna is BANNED from ringside for the European Title match. Where's the justice there J.R.?"

Ross: "He was handcuffed to Chyna last night in an attempt to stop her from interfering in the match."

King: "I'm sure that's not the first time she's been handcuffed."

Intercontinental Title Match

Triple H (champion) vs. Owen Hart

Triple H walks out sans-Chyna, but with his European Title around his waist. He crotch chops the disapproving fans, who go crazy as Owen Hart's music hits and the Black Hart comes charging down to the ring.

Hart goes straight for Helmsley, who slides under the bottom rope to recover. He slowly gets back in the ring, as Owen circles him. The two lock-up and Helmsley overpowers Hart, getting him in a headlock. Hart sends him off the ropes and takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Hart continues the fast pace with a cross body off the ropes for a two, before Helmsley slows things down with a chop block. HHH grounds Hart with a DDT, then goes to work on the legs. Hart struggles in an Indian deathlock, but manages to reach the ropes. Hunter reluctantly releases the hold, but continues to go to work on the injured knee of Owen. He hits a leg breaker and goes for a pin, but Owen kicks out at two. Owen reverses a suplex into one of his own, and goes for the Sharpshooter. Triple H kicks Hart off and slides to the outside. Owen climbs to the top turnbuckle...and takes HHH out with a flying crossbody block! Both men are down as the referee starts his count. Owen's back in at 6. Realising that a count-out won't win him the belt, he rolls Hunter back into the ring too. He plants Triple H with a Frankensteiner and hooks the legs. 1..2...kick out at the last second. Owen gets another two count from a Northern Lights suplex and a moonsault. Hunter gets to his feet, blocks a crescent kick but gets nailed with an enziguri. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter...and gets it locked in! Hunter reaches out for the ropes, but can't quite reach. Before he can tap, Chyna comes back out onto the stage. Slaughter chases after her and stops her from walking down to the ring. They argue, distracting both Owen and the referee. From nowhere, the New Age Outlaws slide into the ring. Owen turns around...into a vicious chairshot from Billy Gunn. Road Dogg drapes HHH's arm across Owen's chest, and The Outlaws scramble out of the ring as Slaughter finally manages to drag Chyna away from the ring. The referee turns to see the cover and makes the count. 1...2...3! Triple H steals one. The Outlaws get back into the ring and raise Triple H's arm. The three stalk Hart as he recovers from the chairshot...but are soon sent scrambling as a figure comes through the crowd and slides into the ring with a chair. Triple H and the Outlaws back up the ramp as the man helps Owen to his feet.

Ross: "King, that's...that's Lance Storm!"

King: "What the hell?!"

Ross: "Lance Storm, a friend of the Hart family coming to Owen Hart's aid."

King: "We saw Owen get outnumbered at WrestleMania and again here tonight, but I guess he has some backup now!"

Ross: "Folks, we'll try to find out exactly what's going on here, stay tuned!"

As we return from a commercial break we see The Rock walking backstage. He stops, and the camera turns to reveal Faarooq and the rest of the Nation.

The Rock: "Hey Faarooq, brother, what's up?"

Faarooq: "What's up? While the rest of us were backstage talking about my match with Ken Shamrock, you're out there showing off your title, arguing with Steve Austin. What's going on, Rocky? We're a team, we're supposed to stand as one."

The Rock: "You think The Rock needs your permission to go out there and talk to his People? You think The Rock needs you to hold his hand? You focus on your match tonight, and The Rock'll focus on being The Rock, the Intercontinental Champion, The Great One."

The Rock walks off, leaving Faarooq looking pissed off. We go back to the ring where TAKA Michinoku is standing, Light Heavyweight Title in hand, alongside Jimmy Snuka and Jim Ross.

Ross: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd firstly like to introduce to you the legendary Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, who has joined the World Wrestling Federation as a global ambassador of the company. I would also like to announce that the World Wrestling Federation is dedicated to improving its Light Heavyweight division and providing you, the fans, with more high quality Light Heavyweight wrestling action. The WWF will strive to bring in the finest athletes from around the world to compete for the WWF Light Heavyweight title, currently held by TAKA Michinoku. To that end, next week will mark the beginning of the WWF 'Superfly' Invitational, a tournament which will bring together competitors from all around the world to determine the challenger to TAKA Michinoku's title next month at Unforgiven."

"Well that's just great..."

An unfamiliar figure walks out onto the stage, dressed in a WWF t-shirt with his long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Seriously, I'm glad you're taking the time to improve the division, because right now it SUCKS. If that is the best you've got, then no wonder you're looking to bring in some fresh blood. Now you can talk about scouring the globe for competitors, but let me save you a little time and effort. I'm right here. I'm what this division needs, and I'm officially entering myself into the Superfly Invitational next week so that I can restore a little prestige to that belt. What you're looking for, gentlemen, is a little Vitamin C, and I've got that right here..."

The figure smiles and walks to the back, leaving the three men in the ring looking confused.

King: "Well folks, I have no idea who that guy is, but I like him! Maybe J.R. can fill me when he gets back here."

As TAKA and Snuka head to the back and J.R. retakes his position at ringside, the sound of motorbike engines signals the entrance of Chainz, Skull and 8-Ball, the Disciples of Apocalypse.

King: "J.R., who the hell was that guy?"

Ross: "I have no idea King. Seems like they're all coming out of the woodwork tonight. First Lance Storm and now this 'Vitamin C' character. In any event, we have tag team action for you right now, the D.O.A. take on the Truth Commission."

Disciples of Apocalypse vs. The Truth Commission

The Jackyl leads his troops to the ring, Kurrgan the Interrogator towering over Sniper and Recon.

The D.O.A. charged at the Truth Commission as they got into the ring, sending Sniper and Recon to the floor. The three bikers team up on Kurrgann, but still can't floor the monster. Chainz comes off the ropes, but Kurrgan takes him down with a big boot. The twins then get taken down with big boots of their own, and Kurrgann locks The Paralyzer on Chainz. On the outside, Sniper and Recon grab 8-Ball and send him crashing into the Titan Motorcycles at ringside, and then nail Skull with a bike chain. Back in the ring, Chainz breaks free of the claw with a low blow, but falls victim to a bear-hug slam and Kurrgan gets the three count.

Ross: "The monster Kurrgan getting the pin and making short work of the D.O.A."

King: "He's a mosnter alright. He's so ugly that his mother had morning sickness after he was born!"

Kurrgan grabs Chainz and drags him out of the ring and up to the stage. The Jackyl gives the signal...and Kurrgan throws Chainz from the stage to the concrete floor below. The Jackyl slaps Kurrgan, then directs him into the back as Sniper and Recon follow.

Ross: "We need to get someone out here to check on Chainz. What a brutal, heinous attack at the hands of the Truth Commission.

King: "Well The Jackyl obviously the puppeteer in this whole situation, he'd just better hope his puppet stays on his strings!"

We cut backstage to the parking lot where we see Triple H, Chyna and the New Age Outlaws heading towards a limo. Laughing and joking about Hunter's title defence, they soon stop as the bump into Sgt. Slaughter.

HHH: "Listen, Sarge, if you're here to slap my wrist and tell me I'm a bad boy, you can save it. I beat Owen Hart at WrestleMania, I beat him again tonight. I'm done kicking his ass, so don't even think about booking another rematch. Me, Chyna and the two newest members of D-Generation X have some celebratin' to do.

Slaughter: "I'm not here to put you in a match against Owen Hart, but I am here to book you in a match next week. Since you like to run with your little buddies here, I'm booking you in an eight-person tag team match. Triple H, Chyna and the New Age Outlaws against Owen Hart, Lance Storm and two partners of their choosing. Have a nice night...

Slaughter walks off, leaving D-X to contemplate next weeks match.

Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq

Back in the ring we have the main event, and Ken Shamrock is first out. 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' comes down to the ring looking intense, as referee 'Fighting Irish' Tim White looks slightly cautious.

Faarooq comes out next, flanked by Mark Henry, D'Lo Brown and Kama Mustafa...but with The Rock nowhere to be seen. The Nation stand at ringside as Faarooq slides into the ring and goes straight after Ken Shamrock.

Faarooq takes the upper hand early on, laying into Shamrock with boots and keeping him grounded. He sends him off the ropes and plants him with a high-impact spinebuser. Faarooq covers but gets a two count. He sends Shamrock off the ropes again, but Shamrock ducks a clothesline and trips Faarooq. He goes for the ankle lock but Faaroqq fights him off with a boot to the head. Shamrock takes Faarooq over with a belly-to-belly suplex, following up with an armbar submission. He backs Faarooq into the corner and tries to set him up on the top turnbuckle, but Faarooq counters with right hands and then a shoulder block to take Shamrock down. At this point, The Rock makes his way down to the ring. He ushers the rest of The Nation backstage telling them "The Rock's got this, The Rock can take of this". Faarooq, distracted by this, falls victim to a back suplex from Shamrock which gets a two count. Shamrock applies a Butterfly Lock and drives his knee into the midsection of Faarooq, as The Rock watches on from ringside. Shamrock hits a butterfly suplex, bridging to get another two-count. Faarooq stages a comeback, hitting a snap powerslam on Shamrock and goes for the Dominator. Shamrock slips out the back, trips Faarooq and applies the Ankle Lock! As Faarooq reaches out for the ropes, The Rock taunts him from ringside. He eventually slides in the ring, IC title in hand and nails Shamrock between the eyes. The referee calls for the bell as The Rock lays into Shamrock.

Ross: "Well Shamrock wins by DQ, but The Rock isn't done here. He's laying into Shamrock after the bell."

King: "I don't think Faarooq's going to be too happy with The Rock getting him disqualified, J.R."

The Rock lifts Shamrock to his feet and drills him with a Rock Bottom. He turns his attention to Faarooq...and gives him a Rock Bottom too. He positions Faarooq in the middle of the ring and signals for The People's Elbow. The sound of breaking glass makes him think twice, as Steve Austin races down the ramp towards the ring. The Rock meets him with rights and lefts, but Austin ducks the last one and hits the Stone Cold Stunner!

The lights go out! They come back with an explosion, as Kane and Paul Bearer make their way towards the ring. Paul Bearer signals towards Austin and his title belt as the seven-foot Kane steps over the top rope and goes face to face (almost) with 'Stone Cold'. Austin is undeterred, and lays into Kane with right hands that barely register with the monster. Kane grabs Austin by the throat and...the lights go out again! The familiar death bell tolls, signaling the presence of The Dead Man. As the lights come up...

Ross: "Wait a minute...where the hell is Kane?"

King: "What?! He was standing right there in the ring?! J.R., Kane just disappeared into thin air"

Ross: "How does a seven-foot monster like Kane just disappear into thin air? Fans, we're out of time. We'll see you next week!

King: "But will we see Kane next week? What the hell is going on J.R.?"

Paul Bearer is distraught and Austin is confused, as RAW comes to a dramatic close.

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Shotgun Saturday Night. Tucson, AZ. April 4th 1998 (taped)

Jason Cage vs. Aguila

Jason Cage, who made his debut on RAW is WAR, pinned Aguila after an inverted DDT. Decent match. Cage tried his best to get the crowd going, but they were still pretty quiet.

After the match Cage got on the mic and ran down TAKA Michinoku. The crowd livened up a bit for this, chanting TAKA's name.

Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull & 8-Ball) vs. The Truth Commission (Sniper & Recon)

Sniper and Recon weren't accompanied by The Jackyl or Kurrgan, and they fell victim to a spike piledriver. Some decent brawling, but a pretty dull match.

Martyr vs. Flash Funk

Martyr made his debut, beating Flash Funk with an elevated DDT. Martyr is David Heath, previously known as Apocalypse and Vampire Warrior. He's also married to Luna Vachon. He attacked Funk post-match and hit another elevated DDT on the ramp.

Sniper and Recon, hurting from their loss to the DOA, found Jackyl and Kurrgan backstage. They asked why neither had been at ringside for their match. Jackyl said they should have won the match by themselves. He walked off with Kurrgan, leaving the Truth Commission looking unamused.

The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust vs. Lance Storm

Lance Storm gets a clean victory over TAFKA Goldust in his in-ring debut. A very good back-and-forth affair with Storm making Goldust tap to a Sharpshooter.

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RAW is WAR broadcasts LIVE from Anaheim, California with an action-packed show.

Following their confrontation next week it will be Champion vs. Champion as the WWF World Champion 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin takes on Intercontinental Champion The Rock. Neither title is on the line, but there is plenty of bad blood between these two. After he attacked Faarooq last week, it remains to be seen whether The Rock will have The Nation of Domination in his corner.

In contrast to the dissension in the ranks of the Nation, D-Generation X gets stronger and stronger. The New Age Outlaws joined the group last week, and they will team with Triple H and Chyna to take on Owen Hart and his new ally Lance Storm, along with two other partners as yet unnanounced.

In addition to this, we'll see Jeff Jarrett face 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn makes his in-ring debut against Marc Mero.

RAW is WAR also sees the beginning of the Superfly Invitational Tournament. Eight superstars are fighting to win a WWF Light Heavyweight title shot at Unforgiven later this month and we'll see two first-round matches tonight.

Last week finished on a bizarre note with Kane seemingly disappearing into thin air. The seven-foot monster hasn't been seen since, and not even his mentor Paul Bearer knows where he is. Bearer will be on RAW...but will Kane?

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I enjoyed Raw Is War. You seem to have pretty good knowledge from this time era. Except for a few minor mistakes, (Lawler wouldn't have made fun of Double J's singing, Since he was always prasing Jarrett. Why didn't Rocky mention Faarooq ditching him at Wrestlemania?) I'm glad you're giving the Light Heavyweight division a nice push. It'll be interesting to see who will be involved in the tournament. Are you going to be bringing back HBK into ring action or just have him retire from the ring? Glad to see the outlaws join HHH and Chyna with DX, But I wish Storm hadn't ran in and made the save for Owen, It kinda overshadowed the new DX members. I wish you would have kept Lee around, He's a pretty decent hoss. I enjoyed the ending to Raw, Very chaotic stuff.

Looking forward to Raw Is War (Y)

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"Later today" ended up being a week later. Future updates won't take so long, I was swamped.

IPB Image

RAW is WAR. Anaheim, California. April 6th 1998.

We get the RAW opening video followed by a re-cap of last week. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside, but before they get a chance to introduce themselves...

"Are you ready?"

Ross: "Well, D-Generation X about to make their presence felt. I guess the schedule goes out of the window when D-X decide to show their faces."

King: "When D-X have something on their minds, they let it be known J.R."

Triple H leads the way to the ring, with Chyna and the New Age Outlaws in tow. The fans aren't shy about voicing their disapproval, but D-X seem to revel in it. Triple H gets on the mic first...

HHH: "Last week, I beat Owen Hart for what feels like the 100th time. I kicked his scrawny little Canadian ass and I pinned him 1, 2, 3 to retain my title. That should have been the end of the story, but Sgt. Slaughter decides that he wants to put Owen Hart through hell one more time. Hell, if I was Owen I'd be begging Slaughter not to put me in another match. After tonight, I'm done beating the hell out of you. Now for those of you wondering where Shawn Michaels is, well...it's the damndest thing...seems that Shawn lost his smile again. Yeah, he's sitting at home in San Antonio, probably looking for it in the medicine cabinet, or at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels. I'll level with ya, I don't know and I don't care. This is the NEW D-Generation X. Shawn Michaels dropped the ball, he lost his title to 'Stone Cold'. Out with the old, in with the new...and that started last week with the New Age Outlaws..."

Road Dogg: "Llllllllllllllllladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. D-Generation X proudly presents to you the former TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOORRRLLLDD...The 'Road Dogg' Jesse James, the 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn, the New...Age...Outlaws!"

King: "Ha! I love it when he does that."

Ross: "Well in case you missed it, he said former Tag Team Champions, they lost their belts at WrestleMania."

Road Dogg: "It's good to be here in Anaheim...who am I kidding, Anaheim sucks! Anaheim is just another stop on the D-X Express and we can't wait to get on that bus and roll right on out of California. There's just the small matter of beating the Nugget and his little Canadian friend Lance Storm - but that shouldn't be a problem for the New Age Outlaws. We've beaten the best in the business, and the sooner you realise that you just can beat D-Generation X, we can reclaim our WWF Tag Team Titles."

Billy Gunn: "...and if you don't like that, we've got two words for ya...SUCK IT!"

Ross: "Well, D-Generation X obviously confident going into their match tonight, but I think deep down they might be worried about who Owen Hart brings in as his tag team partners."

King: "As usual, J.R., you're way off the mark. It doesn't matter who they face, D-X aren't scared of anybody. Like they said, they've beaten the best."

Ross: "Well they've never beaten Lance Storm. Storm was trained by Stu Hart in the Hart Family Dungeon, he's also wrestled in Japan. D-X don't want to underestimate him."

Superfly Invitational Tournament

Jason Cage vs. Jody Fleisch

As D-X make their exit, a brief video airs advertising WWF Unforgiven, coming to you live from on Sunday April 26th from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jimmy Snuka comes out onto the stage to introduce the competitors.

Snuka: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first round match in the Superfly Invitational Tournament. Introducing first from London, England...Jody Flash."

The 19-year old Jody Flash runs out onto the stage, shakes hands with Snuka and races down to the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and backflips into the ring, to little reaction from the crowd.

Snuka: "And his opponent, from Ontario, Canada...Jason Cage."

Jason Cage comes out onto the stage and, as the crowd recognise him, is showered with boos.

Ross: "25-year old Jason Cage who made his first appearance for the WWF last week, interrupting the announcement of this tournament. He'll take on 19-year old Jody Flash who's all the way from England. Both these men hand-picked by 'Superfly' Snuka, as are the other six competitors in the tournament."

King: "Well we know who you're rooting for J.R., you've been complaining about Jason Cage interrupting you all week."

Ross: "I don't appreciate that kind of arrogance, King. We'll see if he can walk what he talks."

The two lock up in the centre of the ring, Cage overpowers the Englishman and throws him to the mat. He stomps away at the legs of Flash, then picks him and hits a knee-breaker. Cage heads to the high rent district and goes for a frog splash, but Flash rolls out of the way. Flash springboards off the second ropes and hits a senton on the prone Cage. He picks him up and attempts a tornado DDT, but Cage dumps him over the top rope to the apron. He sets him up for a suplex back into the ring, but Flash breaks out of it. Cage instead drives Flash's head into the turnbuckle, then knocks him to the floor with a dropkick. As Flash recovers, Cage leaps to the second rope and hits a plancha over the top onto Flash at ringside. Cage then plays to the crowd, (literally) patting himself on the back. He throws Flash into the ring and pins him with one foot, which gets just a one-count.

Ross: "This Jason Cage needs to learn to get the match won before he celebrates. A pin like that isn't gonna get you anything."

King: "He's still in control of the match, J.R., it's a matter of time until he gets the win."

Ross: "Well I wouldn't underestimate this young kid Jody Flash."

King: "Come on J.R., look at him. I've eaten steaks bigger than this kid."

Ross: "He might be small, but he's quicker 'n a hiccup, let me tell you that."

Cage takes Flash down with a suplex and floats over for a pin - just a two. He signals for the end and sets him up for an inverted DDT, but Flash breaks it with right hands to the head. He bounces off the ropes, ducks an elbow and springs off the second rope with a crossbody. 1...2..kick out. Cage gets to his feet...and turns right into a Frankensteiner. 1...2...kick out! Cage gets to his feet and Flash tries to capitalise. He sets him up for a DDT, but gets backed into the corner. Cage hits a bulldog, heads to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Flash gets to his feet...and gets dropped with a missile dropkick! Pinfall; 1...2...kick out. Cage nails him with a belly-to-back suplex and goes back to the legs of Flash. Cage lets Flash get to his feet, limping, then drops him with an inverted DDT. He again pats himself on the back, grabs Flash's legs and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Flash quickly submits. The referee calls for the bell, but Cage keeps the move locked in.

Ross: "Release the hold damn it, the match is over."

The crowd's cheers alert Cage to the arrival of TAKA Michinoku, and Jason Cage wisely slides out of the ring. TAKA checks on Flash as Cage signals that the Light Heavyweight belt will soon be around his waist.

Cameras cut to the back where we see a car pull up. The doors open and Paul Bearer exits, looking worried. He walks into the arena.

Ross: "Paul Bearer has arrived, but no sign of Kane. After his disappearance last week nobody seems to have seen him, King."

King: "Well I don't think to many people have been looking for him, Paul Bearer's probably the only one not glad to see him gone."

Dan Severn vs. Marc Mero

Marc Mero comes to the ring accompanied by Sable, wearing a very revealing little number. Sable draws wolf-whistles from the crowd, and a jealous look from Mero. Nevertheless, he warms up in the ring as his opponent makes his way out. Dan Severn is accompanied by Jim Cornette, who is thankfully fully-clothed. Cornette does have his trusty tennis racquet in hand. Severn is quick into the ring, and immediately takes Mero down. He lays into 'Marvelous' Marc with forearms and knees, before the referee admonishes him for the use of a closed fist. Severn picks Mero up and plants him with a belly-to-belly suplex. He tries to lock in a wakigatame armbar, but Mero blocks it and takes 'The Beast' down with a dropkick. Mero follows up with a neckbreaker and goes up top. He attempts a Merosault, but Severn avoids it. Severn locks in a front face-lock and drives his knee into the midsection of Mero. He follows up with a gutwrench suplex and pins Mero. 1...2...kick out. At this point, Cornette starts arguing with Sable at ringside. He protests about her costume and tries to cover her up with his tennis racquet and then his sports jacket. In the ring, Severn picks Mero off the mat...but Mero hits a Frankensteiner out of desperation. He gets back up, grabs Severn and sets him up for the TKO. As he turns he sees Cornette and Sable arguing. He releases Severn and shouts at Cornette to get away from Sable. Severn comes from behind and locks in the Beast Choker, sinching it in and locking in a waistlock. Mero struggles in the hold...then taps out! Severn releases the hold and leaves, Cornette in tow. Sable climbs in the ring to help Mero up, but Mero shoves her away shouting "You cost the match". Mero storms off to the back, while Sable stands in the ring, hands on hips.

We cut backstage to see Paul Bearer frantically searching the arena, presumably for Kane.

Ross: "Well Paul Bearer still having no luck in finding Kane. Personally I'm glad to see the back of Kane, and I'd be even happier to see the back of that slimy Paul Bearer.

King: "Well the back of Paul Bearer can't look any worse than the front!"

Ross: "In any event, we still have a huge eight-person tag team match and our main event, The Rock vs. Steve Austin. Up next, though, Ken Shamrock takes on Jeff Jarrett."

Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett is accompanied to the ring by Tennessee Lee, both men drawing heavy boos from the sell-out crowd. Shamrock is second out, and wastes no time in racing to the ring and going after Jarrett before he can even remove his robe and hat.

Shamrock knocks Jarrett down with a clothesline and then takes him down with an armbar submission. He cinches it in tight, but Double J manages to reach the ropes to break it. Shamrock takes Jarrett over with an armdrag, following up with another and again locking in an armbar. Jarrett again manages to reach the ropes. Frustration starts to show on Shamrock's face. Jarrett begs off, but gets a stiff kick to the chest from Shamrock. Shamrock shoves him back into the corner and rocks him with a series of right hands. Irish whips to the opposite corner - Jarrett comes stumbling out of the corner and walks into a belly belly suplex! 1...2...kick out at approximately 2.5

Ross: Jarrett reeling here, he needs to find a way to stop Ken Shamrock."

King: He'll have something up his sleeve, J.R., don't you worry."

Shamrock 'knuckles up' and goes for the ankle lock. Jarrett is quick to react, and rolls away, sliding to the outside. Shamrock follows Double J to the floor and charges after him. Jarrett has his wits about him and hits a drop toehold. Shamrock's head bounces off the steel steps and JJ decides that it's time for his little scissor-fingers strut. He rolls into the ring as the referee reaches 5 on his count. Shamrock's in the ring at 8, and Jarrett's gets on him immediately, stomping away at the former UFC fighter. Jarrett works on the legs of Shamrock, driving the knee hard into the mat. He picks him up and hits a side Russian legsweep for a near fall. Jarrett goes for a figure four, but as he goes for the step-over Shamrock quickly grabs the leg and locks in the Ankle Lock! Jarrett squirms in pain...and has no choice but to submit!

Ross: "Ken Shamrock with the Ankle Lock from out of nowhere, Jarrett with no option but to tap."

King: "That Ankle Lock should be illegal J.R., he could have snapped his ankle right off!"

Shamrock celebrates on the second turnbuckle...but soon collapses into the ring as Jarrett smashes the 'acoustic equaliser' over his head. Jarrett trash talks and then follows up with a strut.

Ross: "Jeff Jarrett with a brutal attack after the bell, we saw the same thing last week. Somebody needs to teach this guy a lesson, King."

King: "Well Shamrock may have won the match, but Shamrock's gonna be the one picking the splinters out of his hair."

We return from a commercial break to see Paul Bearer in the ring. The fans chant The Undertaker's name as Bearer gets on the mic.

Bearer: "Undertaker! Undertaker, last week you took away my Kane. You took my Kane away from me Undertaker, and I want him back. He's your brother Undertaker, your own flesh and blood. I know you're here Undertaker, I can feel your presence. What have you done with my Kane!?!"

The lights go out...and the funeral bell tolls! The Undertaker appears in front of Paul Bearer, as he looks on in fear.

Undertaker: "Kane...is in a better place now."

Ross: "What? What does The Undertaker mean by that?"

Paul Bearer shouts at The Undertaker who turns away...and then grabs Paul Bearer by the throat! CHOKESLAM to Paul Bearer! The Undertaker leaves a prone Paul Bearer lying in the ring as his music hits and he slowly walks up the ramp and into the back.

We cut to a promo video for Shotgun Saturday Night, and as we return we see Paul Bearer being stretchered out of the ring. As he's carried up the ramp, he's passed by Jimmy Snuka who is out to introduce the next match.

Snuka: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have another first round match in the Superfly Invitational. Introducing first from Maine, USA, Scott Taylor..."

Scott Taylor enters and makes his way to the ring. The crowd aren't sure how to react, not knowing whether to boo or cheer.

Snuka: "...and his opponent, from Hidalgo, Mexico..."

Snuka is interrupted by the appearance of the Mexican, who asks for the microphone. Snuka obliges.

"Everyone knows who you are - you're Jimmy Snuka - I want to let them know who I am. You are the SSSUUUPPPEEERRR FLY, but I am SSSUUUPPPEEERRR CRRRAAAZZZYYY!"

Super Crazy hands the microphone back to Snuka, who smiles. Crazy runs down to the ring, flips over the top rope and plays to the large Mexican contingent in the crowd, who reciprocate with cheers.

Superfly Invitational Tournament

Scott Taylor vs. Super Crazy

Ross: "Well this kid from Mexico, Super Crazy, set to face off against Scott Taylor. You might remember Super Crazy from the original tournament to crown a WWF Light Heavyweight champion, which TAKA Michinoku won. Super Crazy lost to Aguila, he'll be hoping to fare better this time around."

King: "I can't see it happening, J.R. I just hope he didn't burn his bridges at Wal-Mart."

Taylor attacked Crazy from behind before the bell sounded, laying into him with chops in the corner. Crazy reversed, putting Taylor in the corner and unloading with chops of his own. He hits a monkey flip out of the corner and a leg drop from the second rope for a two count. He performs a vertical suplex on Taylor and attempts a moonsault from the top. Taylor rolls aside, and Crazy eats canvas. Taylor picks Crazy up and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Crazy counters and leaves Taylor on the top rope. He climbs up with him...and hits a superhurricanrana! He makes the cover...1...2.......NO! Taylor gets a shoulder up. Crazy goes for a Tornado DDT of his own, but Taylor counters it with an inverted atomic drop. He hits a spinning DDT for a two-count. Taylor heads up top and looks for a Tennessee Jam, but Crazy avoids the move. He picks Taylor up...and hits a brainbuster! Crazy goes to the top rope and hits a perfect moonsault! 1...2...3!

Ross: "Super Crazy defeats Scott Taylor, he'll advance to the next round."

As Crazy celebrates, Taylor's tag team partner Brian Christopher runs in, attacking him from behind. He sets him up for a piledriver, but Super Crazy backdrops 'Too Sexy'. He picks him back up...and Crazy nails him with the Brainbuster! Super Crazy leaves Too Much laid out in the ring, as he heads to the back.

Ross: "Your boy took a little beating there, King, how do you feel about that?"

King: "I don't know what you're talking about, J.R., but Super Crazy had better hope he doesn't get Brian Christopher in the next round."

Ross: "That's assuming Christopher reaches the next round, he'll face Aguila on Shotgun Saturday Night this coming Saturday."

"Are you ready?"

D-Generation X's music hits, and Triple H leads his troops to the ring. D-X play to the crowd, giving them their patented 'crotch chop'.

Ross: "Well folks, we have a big 8-man - sorry, 8-person - tag team match here. D-Generation X will take on Owen Hart, Lance Storm and two as-yet unnamed partners."

King: "You know why they're unnamed J.R.? Because Owen Hart couldn't find anyone to team with him! Who'd want to team up with that little runt?"

Hart and Storm come out onto the stage together, but stop before making their way down the ramp. They look towards the back...

Ross: "We'll find out who wanted to team up with Owen Hart right now..."

Cactus Jack's music hits, and the WWF Tag Team Champions come out onto the stage! Cactus has a trash can in hand, and Chainsaw Charlie is waving his chainsaw around like a maniac. The New Age Outlaws slide out of the ring to meet them...and both get trash can shots to the head. Charlie comes after The Road Dogg with his chainsaw, but Jesse James avoids it and Charlie ends up chainsaw-ing the ring steps. Owen Hart and Lance Storm slide into the ring and go after Triple H. Helmsley ducks an Owen Hart clothesline...but gets nailed with a standing sidekick from Storm! The referee tries to get Hart out of the ring, allowing Chyna to hit a low blow on Lance Storm. With The Outlaws and the Tag Team Champions in their respective corners, and some some measure of order restored, the bell rings and Triple H starts off against Storm.

Triple H, Chyna and The New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart, Lance Storm, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie

Triple H takes control, with Lance still feeling the effects of Chyna's interference. He sends Storm off the ropes and drops him with a high knee. He follows up with a kneedrop and tags in Billy Gunn. The 'Bad Ass' rocks Storm with some sharp jabs, then comes off the ropes with a clothesline to take the Canadian down. He picks Storm up and comes off the ropes, looking for a rocker dropper...Storm avoids it and hits a back suplex to take Gunn down. Storm tags out to Hart, who gets a big cheer from the fans as he works over Billy Gunn's legs. He drives Gunn's knee into the mat and locks in a grapevine. Helmsley gets in the ring to interfere, and is immediately set upon by Owen Hart! Hart with closed fist punches to the head of Triple H as the referee tries to separate them. The Road Dogg drags Owen Hart to the outside and whips him into the steel steps. Billy Gunn joins him on the outside and they double team Hart. Cactus and Chainsaw make the save, attacking the New Age Outlaws from behind and drawing them away from Hart. Gunn and James manage to shove Funk away...but Foley locks in the double Mandible Claw! Chainsaw Charlie climbs to the apron...MOONSAULT! "Middle-aged and crazy" Terry Funk hits an Asai moonsault to the outside, taking out all three men!

Ross: "Terry Funk...my God in Heaven he's insane! Four men down on the outside, Terry Funk may be knocked out cold, King!"

King: "

Helmsley and Owen Hart are going at it in the ring, with Triple H in control. He works over the arm of Hart, locking in a standing armbar and slapping Hart across the face. He sends him into the ropes and drops him with a high knee. Owen gets to his feet as Helmsley mocks, telling him to 'suck it'. They lock up and Helmsley shoves Owen to the mat. He looks for a kneedrop, but Hart rolls out of the way. Hart catches HHH with a spinning heel kick to take him down. He connects with an enziguri and makes the cover. 1...2...Chyna breaks it up. Lance Storm comes into the ring and squares off against Chyna...the referee separates them, ordering them back to their corners. Chyna heads back to her corner...and walks into a Mandible Claw! Triple H tries to break it, but Cactus Jack gets the claw on him as well! Cactus shoves Helmsley towards Owen Hart, who sweeps the legs and locks in the Sharpshooter! The New Age Outlaws slide back into the ring and break the hold as the referee struggles to regain control over the match. Cactus Jack Takes Chyna - and himself - over the top rope with a clothesline, Lance Storm and Owen Hart brawl with the Outlaws and spill to the outside. Triple H gets to his feet just as Chainsaw Charlie slides into the ring. Charlie avoids a clothesline and hits a series of right hands. He drops Triple H with a piledriver and signals for the top rope! Charlie heads to the high rent district...but gets shoved off the top rope!

Ross: "That's Hawk and Animal, that's the Legion of Doom! What in the hell are they doing out here?"

With the refreree distracted, the The Legion of Doom put the boots to Charlie and roll him back into the ring. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley picks him up, drives him back down with a Pedigree and makes the cover. 1...2......3.

Ross: "D-Generation X steal one, thanks to the L.O.D."

King: "I think the Legion of Doom were sending a message to the WWF Tag Team Champions, J.R."

Ross: "Well, they will meet Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie later this month at Unforgiven. I just don't know what's gotten into them, King. Cactus and Chainsaw came to their aid last week."

Cactus helps his partner up, D-Generation X regroup and head up the ramp, victorious, as we cut to backstage where Kevin Kelly is with The Rock.

Kelly: "Rocky, if I can ask you about last week..."

Rock: "Rocky? Who do you think you're talking to? The Rock isn't one of your little teeny-bopper buddies, The Rock is the WWF Intercontinental Champion. You refer to The Rock correctly, or The Rock will take that little microphone and shove it straight up your amply-sized ass. Now go ahead and ask The Rock a question."

Kelly: "Well, Rock, last week you..."

Rock: "Actually, you know what, The Rock doesn't even need you to ask him questions. The Rock knows what The People want to hear, The Rock knows what questions The People want answered. The People want to know why The Rock attacked Faarooq last week on RAW. Let The Rock ask you a question, Kevin Kelly, you saw WrestleMania right? Were you at WrestleMania, or were your just sitting in your little trailer home with your pants around your ankles watching The Rock retain his Intercontinental Title? It doesn't matter Kevin Kelly, all that matters is that you saw it, that The People saw it. The People saw Ken Shamrock put The Rock in the ankle lock and refuse to let go. The People saw The Rock reach out to The Rock's friend, The Rock's brother Faarooq...and The People saw Faarooq walk away. Faarooq left The Rock to suffer, and The Rock decided to get a measure of revenge. Now as far as The Rock is concerned, the issue is done with. It's over. It's finished. The Rock has turned his attention to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and the WWF Championship. The Rock has a non-title match here tonight, but when The Rock beats Steve Austin's bald country ass in this ring- 1, 2, 3 - The Rock will be the number one contender for the WWF Title. And that's the bottom line, if you smell what The Rock is cooking.

The Rock walks off, leaving Kevin Kelly looking sheepish. We return to the ring, and the sound of shattering glass as the main event gets under way.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Steve Austin makes his way to the ring, title belt over his shoulder, to the roar of the fans. He slides into the ring and poses on each turnbuckle in sequence, then turns his attention to the ramp in anticipation of his opponent.

"Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?"

The Rock comes out with his Intercontinental Title, races down the ramp and is met halfway by Austin. The two trade blows and Stone Cold gets the upperhand. He throws The Rock into the ring and follows in, but gets stomped to the mat by The Rock. 'The People's Champ' lays into Austin with boots, picks him up and sends him off the ropes. Maivia telegraphs a back drop and Austin hits him with a DDT. Austin takes over with some vicious rights and lefts and a clothesline knock down. He hits the ropes and comes off looking for a an elbow, but The Rock rolls under the bottom rope and heads up the ramp.

Ross: "Now where in the hell is The Rock going? It's the middle of a damn match."

King: "I think The Rock's had enough, J.R. I think he's hoping to catch an early flight out of Anaheim."

The Rock walks up the ring, telling Austin that "The Rock doesn't need this". He reaches the top of the ramp, only to turn and see Faarooq and The Nation on the stage, blocking his path.

Ross: "Well he's not going anywhere, not if The Nation has anything to do with it."

The Rock jaws with Faarooq, who points back towards the ring. The Rock turns...into a Lou Thesz press from Austin! Stone Cold lays into The Rock on the ramp, stomping a proverbial mudhole in the Intercontinental Champ. He picks Rocky up and attempts a Stunner. The Rock shoves him away...and clocks him with the Intercontinental Title belt. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies The Rock. The Rock doesn't seem to care, taunting the prone Austin. He gets spun around and attacked from behind by Faarooq, who drops him with a spinebuster onto the steel ramp. Faarooq picks up The Rock's Intercontinental Title, signalling that it will soon be around his waist, before leaving with The Nation. Austin is back up, and waits for The Rock to get to his feet...before flipping him off and hitting the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin's music hits and he taunts The Rock, plays to the crowd and leaves to the back. The camera zooms in on an unconscious Rock before fading to black.

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IPB Image

Shotgun Saturday Night. San Diego, CA. April 11th 1998 (taped)

Sho Funaki vs. Willow the Whisp

The opening match was a Superfly Invitational Tournament match. Willow came out with a really goofy mask on, playing to the crowd. Funaki played the heel. Funaki got the clean win after a Tornado DDT. The crowd were quite into it, and actually got behind Willow The Whisp due to some good high flying offense. Funaki goes through to the next round of the tournament.

Michael Cole interviewed Owen Hart, who said that he was tired of being the Sole Survivor, so he brought in Lance Storm. He said that he was gunning for Triple H's European Title, but could set his sights on the WWF Tag Team Titles again.

Martyr vs. Steve Blackman

Martyr beat Steve Blackman in a poor match. He finished Blackman off with an elevated DDT. Martyr attacked Blackman post-bell with Blackman's kendo stick, busting him open.

Brian Christopher vs. Aguila

Another Superfly Invitational Tournament match. Brian Christopher picked up the win in a back-and-forth affair. He got the pin with a quick rollup, both feet on the ropes.

Tennesse Lee joined Michael Cole and Vince Russo. Lee said that Jeff Jarrett was a much better musician than The Eagles, and that he should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ken Shamrock came out and threatened Lee and told him that when he got his hands on Jeff Jarret that he was going to snap him like a twig.

The Nation (Faarooq, D'Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa and Mark Henry) vs. Los Boricuas (Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada Jr. and Jesus Castillo)

The newly-turned Nation picked up the win when Faarooq pinned Savio Vega after a Dominator. Fans cheered Faarooq but were lukewarm towards the rest of the Nation. Figures, since they haven't actually done anything to make the fans cheer them. The Nation celebrated and Faarooq again signalled that he'd soon have the Intercontinental Title around his waist.

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IPB Image

The WWF comes to Pennsylvania for this week's unmissable RAW is WAR.

Less than two weeks away from WWF Unforgiven, WWF Chairman Vince McMahon will make an announcement on the main event of Unforgiven, which will take place on April 26th live on pay-per-view from the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. WWF World Heavyweight Champion 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has no shortage of possible challengers for his title, with WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock putting himself at the front of the queue. 'The Rattlesnake' isn't the only looking to get his hands on The Rock, though. Former ally Faarooq also has a score to settle with the self-proclaimed 'People's Champion'.

We'll also see the first of two semi-finals in the Superfly Invitational Tournament, as newcomer Jason Cage squares off against Japanese sensation Sho Funaki. The winner of this match will get a chance to earn a shot at TAKA Michinoku's WWF Light Heavweight Title at Unforgiven, so TAKA will undoubtedly be interested in the outcome of this one.

The WWF Tag Team Titles will also be on the line at Unforgiven, as champions Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie take on The Legion of Doom, who won a shot at the belts at WrestleMania. Hawk and Animal showed a mean streak last week when they attacked the champions, and they'll have to watch their backs when they take on former Tag Team champions The Headbangers on RAW.

RAW will also see D-Generation X in action, with Triple H taking on Goldust in a non-title match, and Billy Gunn taking on Owen Hart.

The main event of RAW sees 'the Phenom' The Undertaker step into the ring for the first time since defeating his brother Kane at WrestleMania XIV. His opponent - or rather, opponents - on Monday Night will be Jim Cornette's New Midnight Express. Can the Deadman overcome the odds and emerge victorious? The Undertaker's former mentor Paul Bearer will be in the arena, and will no doubt be looking to find the whereabouts of the missing Kane.

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I forgot to comment on the last show when I read it, I'm enjoying the Superfly Invitational tournament. I really like a face Faarooq, And I'm so glad you kept Rocky heel. The main event on Raw was chaotic, But I don't see either Rock or Faarooq facing Austin for the title. Actually, I have no idea who Austin will face. DX is doing pretty well, And I am glad that they won the six men tag, But I think LOD needs to speak up on why they attacked Chainsaw and Jack. Because if you're not turning them heel after that, The fans would need to know why LOD laid out the champions. I'm also interested in seeing what will happen with Bearer/Undertaker/Kane next. I'm assuming Martyr is Gangrel (I forgot) and I hope you'll have him wrestle on Raw soon. Keep up the good work (Y)

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This is going to be the last RAW I post in this writing style. It's taking me far too long to write shows. I'm gonna switch to a recap style. More detailed that the Shotgun match results, but less detailed than this. Hopefully that'll let me update this a lot more often.

Martyr is indeed Gangrel.

IPB Image

RAW is WAR. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. April 13th, 1998.

Pyros galore as the cameras pan around the sold out Civic Arena focusing on the crowd signs. "Austin 3:16" and "D-X SUX" seem to be popular choices. We're welcomed to Monday Night RAW by Good Ol' J.R. and Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside.

Ross: "Fans, we've got a big show for you here tonight, right here in the Pittsburgh Civic Arena."

King: "It's The Igloo, J.R., get it right!"

Ross: "Fans, we're 13 days away from Unforgiven, and Vince McMahon will have a big announcement about the main event at Unforgiven right here tonigh. We'll also get to see another match from the Superfly Invitational, one man will get a step closer to a WWF Lightheavyweight Title shot at Unforgiven."

King: "And what about the main event for tonight, J.R.? The Undertaker takes on both members of Jim Cornette's Midnight Express, NEW Midnight Express, in a handicap match!"

Ross: "Seems to me that maybe Paul Bearer's been throwing his weight around backstage and somehow he's gotten The Undertaker put in a two-on-one match."

King: "Well, Paul Bearer has got a lot of weight to throw around, but that's another issue."

Ross: "Paul Bearer isn't here tonight, as we understand he is still trying to find Kane. Personally I can't say I'll miss him, but there you go."

"Oh, you didn't know?"

Ross: "Well, it seems as though we're going to be joined by the New Age Outlaws here. This isn't on the schedule..."

King: "Are you kidding me J.R.? These guys don't care about schedules."

Ross: "I shudder to think what these two are going to do out here. Billy Gunn scheduled to face Owen Hart later tonight, a lot of bad blood between Hart and D-Generation X.

Road Dogg: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...D-Generation X proudly presents to you the former Tag Team Champions of the Wooooooorld...ya know, that still doesn't sound right to me. Former Tag Team Champions of the World. But me and Billy haven't forgotten about those Tag Team titles, and no matter who has the belts coming out of Unforgiven - whether it's Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie or the Legion of Doom - we'll be coming to get our belts back. We might not have those belts around our waists, but we're still the best damn tag team on the planet. Unfortunately, you don't get a title shot around here without proving yourself, so we're out here to lay down a little challenge. Owen Hart and Lance Storm versus me and the 'Bad Ass' here, in a Tag Team match at Unforgiven."

Billy Gunn: "Owen, Lance, you may have trained up there in Calgary at the Hart Dungeon, but that ain't gonna help ya when you step in the ring with the greatest Tag Team in WWF history. Owen, tonight I'm gonna give you a lesson in wrestling New Age Outlaws style, courtesy of the DX dojo. And if you don't like that, I got two words for ya...SUCK IT!"

The Outlaws pose some more as Jim Ross and The King run down the card for Unforgiven.

Ross: "Well fans, The New Age Outlaws laying down the challenge for a match at Unforgiven, and what a pay-per-view that is shaping up to be. We'll see TAKA Michinoku defend his WWF Light Heavyweight Title against the winner of the Superfly Invitational Tournament, whoever that may be, and we'll also see the WWF Tag Team Titles defended, as Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie take on The Legion of Doom."

King: "Plus, Vince McMahon has a big announcement regarding the main event of Unforgiven right here tonight."

The Headbangers vs. LOD 2000

The Headbangers try to get the crowd behind them as they slam dance around the ring. Their music dies out and "Ohhh, what a rush!" sounds the arrival of LOD 2000. The Road Warriors get a mixed reaction as they are led to the ring by Sunny. Hawk and Animal slide straight into the ring and attack Mosh and Thrasher, as Sunny picks up the spare headset at the commentary position.

Ross: "We're joined at ringside here by Sunny as The Legion of Doom..."

Sunny: "That's LOD 2000, J.R."

Ross: "...sorry, LOD 2000, they take on The Headbangers in tag team action."

King: "Well Sunny, everyone wants to know why your boys attacked Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie last week. Personally, I don't think you need a reason to attack those hardcore idiots."

Sunny: "We're heading into a new Millennium, King. I explained to Hawk and Animal that they need to move with the times. Look at the WWF Champion Steve Austin, look at the Intercontinental Champion The Rock, look at the European Champion Triple H. Hell, look at the Tag Team Champions. None of them are afraid to break the rules. The old Legion of Doom belong in the past. My new LOD 2000 are a team for the new Millennium, and they will be WWF Tag Team Champions going into this new Millennium."

The "team for the new Millennium" take control in the ring, as Animal overpowers Mosh. He takes him over with a big powerslam, before laying into him with blatant closed-fist punches. The referee admonishes Animal, who blanks him and tags out to Hawk. Hawk stands over Mosh, before continuing where Animal left off with vicious blows to the forehead. He drags Mosh to his feet and takes him to the corner, where he chokes him. The referee warns Hawk, giving Animal a chance to choke Mosh himself.

Ross: "LOD 2000 displaying their attitude adjustment here against the Headbangers. Personally I think it's a shame that these two seems to have 'sold out'. They've gone against their tradition, their history and their values."

Sunny: "They were living in the past, Ross. This is 1998, the time for 'heroes' is dead. Nobody wants to see clean-cut, eat-your-vitamins 'good guys' any more. This is the WWF, if you want to see washed-up has-beens stuck in a timewarp...well you know where you can go to see that, Ross."

Animal is back in against Mosh, who by now has started to bleed from the forehead. The crowd get on Animal's back as he continues to pound away at the head of Mosh. He whips him into the corner and face-first into the outstretched boot of Hawk. Animal sends Mosh into the ropes and looks for a clothesline, but Mosh ducks and manages to make the tag to Thrasher. Thrasher takes down Animal with a dropkick, and knocks down Hawk with another as he enters the ring. Thrasher hits a body slam on Animal and heads up top. He looks for the Stage Dive, but Hawk knocks him from the top rope to the outside. Animal gets to his feet and grabs Mosh, setting him up for the Doomsday Device. Before Hawk can scale the turnbuckle, Cactus Jack's music hits and the crowds boos turn to cheers. The Tag Team Champions charge to the ring, Charlie with a trash can in hand, Hawk drops off the apron and gets cracked with a trash can shot. Jack slides into the ring to meet Animal, who lays into him with stiff right hands. Animal takes control and clotheslines him to the outside by the commentary position. Sunny stands up and starts directing traffic, until Foley grabs her in the Mandible Claw!

Ross: "Mandible Claw! Mandible Claw on Sunny!"

King: "Do something J.R.! I can't believe Cactus Jack just shoved those filthy disgusting fingers down her throat!"

Animal follows Cactus to the outside and drags him off Sunny. He grabs Sunny's headset, rips it out of the console and starts choking Jack with it. Meanwhile, Funk and Hawk have battled over by the commentary position themselves, Hawk gaining the upper hand. They brawl over by the Spanish announce table, sending the commentators scrambling for cover. Foley manages to break free of Animal's chokehold and sends him crashing into the steel steps, following up with a running knee. Funk blocks an attempted piledriver through the table with a low blow and quickly rolls off the table. With a crazy look in his eyes, he climbs up to the apron. J.R. begs him not to, but Funk comes off the ropes with an Asai moonsault onto - and through - the Spanish announce table. As paramedics rush to ringside, we go to a commercial break.

Back from commercial we see Funk's furniture-destroying moonsault again, before cutting to an "Earlier Today" video. The cameras are at the local college campus, where we see a sign promoting an appearance by a top WWF superstar. We cut inside to a crowd looking apathetic as we hear some mediocre country and western music coming from the stage. The camera pans to show Tennessee Lee and Jeff Jarret, the latter playing his six-string and the former cheering him on. The boos from the crowd become too much for Jarrett, who stops.

Jarrett: "What's the matter with you people? You don't appreciate good music? That's the problem with you morons, you spend too much time listening to your punk rock and your grunge music, you don't know what music's really about. I tell you what, you idiots can just sit tight and listen, I'll play you some real music...

Jarrett starts strumming his guitar again as the crowd renew their chorus of boos, until a cheer erupts as Ken Shamrock appears behind him. Lee alerts Jarrett, who leaps to his feet. Shamrock threatens him and he backs down, before swinging his guitar at 'The World's Most Dangerous Man'. Shamrock ducks and lays into Double J with right hands. He grabs the guitar off him and looks to break it over JJ's head, but Lee manages to drag him away in time. We cut back to ringside.

Ross: "Well fans, as we understand, the match has been made for Unforgiven on April 26th, Jeff Jarrett will take on "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock. This all stems from that shot with the guitar a couple of week's back, Shamrock has been trying to get his hands on Jarrett who's managed to evade him thus far."

King: "I don't know about that, J.R., Jeff Jarrett's a very busy man. He has album signings and gigs to do. He's out there giving the fans what they want."

Ross: "Nevertheless, he won't be able to avoid Ken Shamrock for much longer, they'll go one-on-one at Unforgiven."

Billy Gunn vs. Owen Hart

The New Age Outlaws make their way out to ringside first. Billy Gunn slides into the ring, while Road Dogg heads over to the broadcast position.

King: "I think Road Dogg wants to join us on commentary, take a seat!"

Ross: "Well we're a headset down after that brawl out here earlier tonight. I don't think we have any spare headsets left, so he might just have to..."

J.R. gets cut off as Road Dogg takes a seat and 'borrows' J.R.'s headset and cowboy hat.

Road Dogg: "Well thanks J.R. for lending me your headset, I'll can handle your duties for this match. 'Welcome to Monday Night RAWWW, we've got a Slobberknocker of a match for you right here in , home of the '!"

Owen Hart makes his entrance, flanked by Lance Storm. Hart wastes no time in hitting the ring, being met with the right hands of Billy Gunn. Lance Storm takes up position at ringside as the bell sounds the start of the contest.

Billy Gunn sends Hart off the ropes and connects with a big back bodydrop, following up with legdrop across the chest which earns him an early two-count. Hart kicks out and gets to his feet, but Gunn sets him up for a delayed vertical suplex, driving him back to the mat. Billy Gunn pulls Hart back to his feet and hoists him in the air once again with a Gorilla Press Slam. He drops Hart to the mat and poses, drawing boos from (most of) the fans.

Road Dogg:

"What an athlete this Billy Gunn is. They must have chiseled that physique out of stone, and I think they probably used what was left to make Owen Hart's nose. BAH GAWD LOOK AT THAT NOSE, KING!"

King: "Ha! This is great! Can you stay out here all night?"

Owen Hart is pulled to his feet once again, but he reverses an Irish Whip into the corner and takes 'Bad Ass' Billy to the mat with a leg lariat. He goes after the legs of Gunn, locking in a half-crab. Lance Storm cheers on Hart from ringside as Hart pulls back in the hold, before releasing it and stomping away at the knee he was just working on. Hart continues the offense with a series of kicks and stomps. He picks Billy Gun up and takes him straight back down with a snapmare. Dropkick to the back of the head from Owen Hart. 1…2…kickout! Hart heads quickly to the corner and climbs up to the top. Gunn gets to his feet just as Owen flies off the top with a MISSILE dropkick. Billy Gunn avoids it! Hart lands hard and clutches his knee. Billy crotch-chops in Hart's direction, then grabs Owen's knee and drives his elbow into it. He delivers a second elbow, and a third, before picking Hart up to his feet. He jabs away at Hart, who manages to block one of the punches and goes for a kick. Billy blocks the kick and takes Owen down with a clothesline. He picks Hart back up and again lands a series of right hands. Hart again blocks a bunch, Gunn again blocks the ensuing kick - ENZIGURI! Owen plants Gunn with his bad leg, both men are down.

Road Dogg: "Those educated feet of Owen Hart. Finely educated. You know, Owen Hart's feet are the only members of the Hart family to finish high school. BAH GAWD, EDUCATED FEET, HE'S BROKEN IN HALF!"

King: "You know what, I think J.R. might be out of a job here! You're better than the real thing!"

Both men are back up and brawling, with Gunn's power giving him the advantage. He looks for a piledriver, but Owen sweeps the legs and looks for the Sharpshooter. Gunn kicks him off into the corner. He charges in after Hart, but Owen lifts himself up using the ropes and rolls Gunn up in a Sunset flip. 1...2...kick out at two and a half. Owen heads up top, Gunn climbs back to his feet...and side-steps the missile dropkick. Gunn signals for his Rocker Dropper finisher. He hits the ropes, but gets caught with a spinning heel kick! Owen grabs the legs again and goes for a Sharpshooter. This time he manages to turn Gunn into the hold, and the 'Bad Ass' starts writhing in pain. Road Dogg leaves the announce position and hops onto the apron, causing Hart to break the hold. Lance Storm pulls him off the apron, though, and takes it to the former tag team champion with hard right hands. He lays him out at ringside with a superkick. Owen Hart turns, into a low blow by Billy Gunn. The referee misses it, his focus being briefly on the action at ringside. Gunn hits the Rocker Dropper and covers...1...2...3! Billy Gunn rolls to the outside, favouring the leg, and is joined on the ramp by his tag team partner. Lance Storm hits the ring, complaining to the referee and helping Owen Hart to his feet as we head to a commercial break.

As we return, we go live to the ring where Vince McMahon is stationed, flanked by Sgt. Slaughter, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. The fans greet him with boos and a 'you screwed Bret' chant, which he acknowledges with looks of disdain. He waits for the chants to die before getting down to business.

McMahon: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement regarding the main event of WWF Unforgiven. Last week's main event of The Rock vs. Steve Austin was unfortunately cut short. As such, I have decided to make a rematch for Unforgiven on April 26th. The main event of Unforgiven will be The Rock vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (the fans show their excitement for the match). However, a pay-per-view like this deserves a pay-per-view calibre main event. Therefore, unlike last week's match, the match at Unforgiven will not be a non-title match. Now since both men hold titles, there's the matter of who's title will be on the line in that match. I've thought long and hard about this, and I've come to the decision that..."

An unexpected entrance theme hits, as Faarooq makes his way out to the ring. He grabs the microphone from Vince, who doesn't seem impressed.

Faarooq: "Now hol' up just a second there Vince. I know Stone Cold has problems with The Rock, but me and Rocky got some unfinished buisness to take care of too. Now if you don't give me a opportunity to get my hands on him, I'm liable to come down to that ring and mess up your nice lil' main event."

McMahon: "Wait just a damn minute. I will not be bullied into making matches. I call the shots here, and if you address me like that again then I'm liable to fire you on the spot. I understand that you have some unfinished business with The Rock, so here's what's going to happen. Next week, you will take on The Rock in a one-on-one match for the WWF Intercontinental Title. After that match takes place, we will decide which title will be on the line at Unforgiven."

Faarooq: "I'm gonna save you that trouble McMahon, I'm gonna kick The Rock's ass next week on RAW and I'm gonna take his Interconti..."

From out of nowhere Faarooq is taken out by The Rock, who nails him from behind with a steel chair. Sgt. Slaughter tries to intervene, but The Rock gives him a chairshot as well, sending McMahon scrambling for cover. The Rock trash talks Faarooq, picks him to his feet and nails him with a Rock Bottom onto the chair. The Rock trash talks Faarooq, until the rest of the Nation come running down to the ring to make the save. The Rock slides to the outside and heads to the back, as Faarooq comes to his senses and we switch to a video re-cap of last week's Superfly Invitational Tournament action.

Jason Cage vs. Sho Funaki

We're back from VT and we kick off the War Zone with a 'Superfly' Invitational Tournament match. Sho Funaki is already in the ring, as Snuka introduces the cocky young Jason Cage. Cage swaggers down towards the ring, and is met by a baseball slide, knocking him backwards onto the ramp.

Ross: "Funaki attacking Cage before he can get into the ring, knocking him down with a baseball slide."

King: "That was a cheap shot, J.R., he didn't even give Jason Cage a chance to take his shades off!"

Funaki slides to the outside after Cage and rolls him into the ring. The bell rings and Funaki takes control with a dropkick to the knee, keeping Cage on the mat. He picks Cage up and bounces off the ropes, connecting with a bulldog. He covers for a two count. Cage blocks a kick to the midsection, sweeps the standing leg and looks for his Texas Cloverleaf. Funaki kicks him off and takes him back down with a spinning heel kick. He makes a cover but gets a two-count. Cage sidesteps a dropkick and grabs the left leg of Funaki. He uses his foot to drive the knee into the canvas, repeating the process until Funaki manages to roll away. Funaki gets to his feet, favouring the left knee. Cage targets the knee again with a dropkick and grabs the legs. He looks for his Cloverleaf finisher, but Funaki rolls him up with a quick small package, nearly getting a three count out of it.

Ross: "Funaki looking to end this one early. As much as I can't stand this kid Jason Cage, I think it's gonna take more than that to beat him."

King: "It doesn't matter whether or not you like him, once he wins the WWF Light Heavyweight Title then you're gonna have to respect him."

Ross: "Speaking of the Light Heavyweight Title, it looks like TAKA Michinoku is heading down to the ring to get a closer look at the action."

TAKA positions himself at the bottom of the ramp as Funaki continues the offence with a snap suplex and a second-rope senton, for another near-fall. Sho Funaki yells something in Japanese and grabs Cage for a Tornado DDT. Cage fights back, dumping Funaki over the top rope to the floor. Funaki lands awkwardly on the left leg and stays down. The referee starts his 10-count nonetheles and Funaki, realising the importance of fighting through the pain, gets to his feet. Cage is waiting on Funaki, though, and leaps to the second turnbuckle, dives over the adjacent ropes and lands on Funaki, sending him crashing back to the floor. Cage gets to his feet, with the help of the apron, and says something to Michinoku. Michinoku squares up against him and the two get into a shoving match. The referee tries to come between them, and orders TAKA to the back. With Tim White distracted, Cage grabs hold of Funaki and hits him with an obvious low blow. He rolls him back into the ring and shouts for the referee to come back.

Ross: "Cage looking to steal one here, what a cheap way to advance in the tournament."

King: "It doesn't matter how you get there, all that matters is reaching the final and getting a shot at that WWF Light Heavyweight Title."

Cage covers and the referee slides in to make the count. 1...2...KICK OUT! Cage can't believe it and argues with Tim White. He takes the recovering Funaki down with a scoop slam and heads up top. He hits an impressive looking moonsault, but Funaki manages to roll aside. With both men down, the referee starts his 10-count. Funaki is back to his feet at five. He waits for Cage to get to his vertical base, measures him up and attempts a hurracarana. Cage has enough strength left to block it, and drops Funaki with a modified powerbomb. He grabs the legs and turns it straight into a Texas Cloverleaf. Funaki struggles bravely, but eventually succombs to the submission hold and taps out.

Ross: "Jason Cage progresses, he'll face either Super Crazy or Brian Christopher next week on RAW is WAR, be sure to tune in to Shotgun Saturday Night to see the other semifinal match and to RAW next week for the finals."

King: "I think this Jason Cage is gonna go all the way, J.R., and I think he's got TAKA Michinoku's number too."

Ross: "Well fans, I understand Kevin Kelly is backstage with The Rock, WWF Intercontinental Champion, we'll get his thoughts on Mr. McMahon's announcement earlier tonight."

The Rock is indeed backstage with Kevin Kelly, who looks a little wary.

Kelly: Rock, Mr. McMahon announced earlier that you would face Faarooq next week for your WWF Intercontinental Title, and then you would face 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin at Unforgiven.

The Rock: "Is that all Mr. McMahon said? Maybe he could put The Rock in a match against The Undertaker on Shotgun Saturday Night, would you like to see that Kevin? What about making The Rock wrestle the whole starting line-up of the Steelers right here tonight, how about that? The face of the matter is this, Mr. McMahon can put The Rock up against anyone and The Rock will still...overcome. The Rock's had to overcome a lot of things in his life, The Rock has had to struggle to get to this position. That's why The Rock is the WWF Intercontinental Champion, and that's why The Rock is the...People's Champion. Next week against Faarooq, The Rock will show everyone why The Rock doesn't need to hide behind The Nation. The Rock is bigger than The Nation, and next week The Rock is fixin' to beat the crap out of every one of those kufi-wearing son-of-a-bitches. But The Rock is focused. The Rock is focused on winning the WWF Title at Unforgiven. But this match against 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin isn't just about title belts, no, it's about more than that. On the one hand, you have The Rock. The Rock who represents all the honest, hard-working People out there, who work hard to make a living. Everyone who's holding down two jobs just to put food on the table for their wife and kids...just like The Rock. Sure, The Rock might be eating fresh lobster instead of TV dinners, but the principle is the same. Now on the other hand, you have 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, a man who represents everything that's wrong with society. He represents those people who leech off of hard-working folk like The Rock, who live in their trailers, scrounging off welfare, drinking cheap domestic beer and watching monster truck rallies. He represents the people who get drunk in bars and pick fights with people. This isn't just about wrestling, this is political. The Rock is a man of The People and with The People behind him, The Rock will defeat 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin at Unforgiven and give The People a worthy WWF Champion."

The Rock raises his eyebrow and walks off-camera, leaving Kelly to send it back to ringside

Ross: "Well, The Rock is certainly confident that he can get the job done at Unforgiven, but he's gonna have a big test next week when he takes on former friend Faarooq for the WWF Intercontinental Title."

King: "Of course he's confident, J.R., he's The People's Champion!"

Ross: "Oh would you stop? The people can't stand The Rock."

Triple H vs. Goldust

Triple H enters with his European Title, which is not on the line in this contest. Chyna is, as always, at his side. He taunts the fans with the D-X gesture.

Ross: "WWF European Champion Triple H, he'll take on Goldust in this non-title contest.

King: "And what a European Champion he is. You know, they love him in Europe, J.R. I hear he's the Royal Family's favourite wrestler."

Ross: "I can't imagine Queen Elizabeth telling anyone to 'suck it', but I'll take your word for it, King."

As Triple H and Chyna talk tactics in the ring, we go to widescreen and Shattered Dreams Productions presents to us The Prince of Perversion, Goldust. Goldie comes out, wearing his classic gold attire, blonde wig and gold Ric Flair robe. He saunters down to the ring, watching Hunter and Chyna all the time. He slides into the ring, and crawls along the mat towards Hunter. Triple has had enough of the theatrics and attacks Goldust. He rips his wig off and removes his robe, choking him with it in the process. Eventually the referee takes it off him and signals for the bell to start the contest. The European champion starts off in the driving seat, taking Goldust to the corner and punishing him with knife edge chops. Goldust infuriates Triple H, though, rubbing his chest and asking for another chop. Hunter responds with right hands to The Gold One, before taking him down in the centre of the ring with a snap suplex. Triple H picks him up and whips him off the ropes, looking for a backdrop. Goldust drops to one knee and hits a chop to the throat, sending Triple H reeling. Goldust follows up with a series of European uppercuts before knocking Triple H to the outside with a clothesline.

Ross: "Goldust taking control in this match, I think Triple H may have underestimated him here, King."

King: "Well it's not easy to face someone like Goldust, he's unorthodox to say the least. Most wrestlers have personal trainers, Goldust is the only wrestler I know with a personal make-up artist."

Triple H converses with Chyna at ringside, as Goldust fondles himself, and finally rolls back in at the count of eight. They lock up and Goldust gains the advantage. He sends Triple H off the ropes, hits the opposite set and hits HHH with a clothesline, dropping to his knees in the process. He makes a cover but only gets a one. Goldust maintains the advantage, stomping away at HHH. Helmsley climbs to his feet and hits a thumb to the eye. He takes Goldust over with a vertical suplex, hits the ropes and drops a knee to the head of 'Dust. Hunter grabs a side headlock, but Goldust shoves across to the opposite set of ropes. Goldust looks for a backdrop, but HHH instead sets him up for the Pedigree. Goldust sweeps the legs and goes South with a shot to the groin. The referee admonishes Goldust, who blows him a kiss. Jimmy Kordaris looks unimpressed. Goldust picks Hunter back up and drills him to the mat with a side Russian legsweep. Lateral press gets a two-count. Goldust sets Hunter up for the Curtain Call, but Triple H fights out and backs Goldust into the corner. He lights him up with a couple of chops, but Goldust turns the tide and puts Triple H in the corner. He hits a ten-punch combo, doing his heavy breathing schtick. Triple H shoves him down to the mat and rolls to the outside again and looks visibly frustrated. Goldust slides to the outside behind Helmsley and knocks him down from behind with a clothesline. Goldust picks him up, but Triple H hits a Manhattan drop and knocks Goldust down with a clothesline of his own. He climbs back into the ring, and interrupts the referee's count. With Kordaris distracted, Chyna sneaks up behind Goldust. She hits him with a low blow, but Goldust no-sells it and instead plants a kiss on Chyna!

King: "Goldust just planted one on Chyna! We need to get a sick bag out there, J.R.!"

Ross: "Goldust with a Greco-Roman liplock. I don't think Triple H is too impressed, but Chyna might've liked that."

King: "Are you kidding me? Who knows where that tongue's been!"

Chyna manages to push Goldust off her, and it's his turn to taste gold as HHH nails him with the European Title belt. The referee calls for the bell as Triple H stomps away at Goldie on the outside. He and Chyna make their way up the ramp, Triple H clearly infused. Goldust gets to his feet and blows Chyna - or possibly Hunter - a kiss.

We return from the final commercial break of the night to find The Undertaker backstage with Michael Cole.

Cole: "Undertaker, up next you'll take on both members of the New Midnight Express in a handicap match, what are your thoughts on being at a disadvantage in this match?"

Undertaker: "Cole, you're wrong to assume that I'm at a disadvantage. I may be outnumbered in the ring, but all my creatures of the night will be behind me. Tonight, The New Midnight Express will face the wrath of the Deadman."

Cole: "And what about Paul Bearer and his search for Kane?"

Undertaker: "As I said last week, Kane is in a better place now. I am forcing him to face his deepest fears. If he can overcome his inner demons, then maybe he will return. But it will not be until I have drained every drop of the poison Paul Bearer injected into his mind. Paul Bearer, accept that you have no place in Kane's life, nor in mine. Continue to follow the path you are treading. I guarantee you will not like what you find at the end of it."

The Undertaker leaves, in the direction of the ring, as Cole sends us back to ringside.

The Undertaker vs. The New Midnight Express

Ross: "Cryptic words from The Undertaker, there."

King: "I don't like the sound of what he's done with Kane, J.R."

Ross: "Well I don't like what Kane's done here in the WWF so far, but I hope the Undertaker can undo whatever it is Paul Bearer's done to the kid."

The New Midnight Express come to the ring, Jim Cornette and tennis racquet in tow. The three stand at ringside, seemingly discussing tactics. The lights dim at the funeral bell tolls, signalling the arrival of the Phenom. The Deadman heads to the ring, and is met head-on by "Bodacious" Bart. A big boot takes Gunn down. Bob Holly charges at the Undertaker, who knocks him down with a clothesline. Cornette sneaks up behind The Undertaker, but the Phenom turns and sends Cornette scrabbling away. Gunn and Holly double-team The Undertaker and throw him back into the ring. The bell rings, and both members of the New Midnight Express stomp away at The Undertaker.

Ross: "A handicap match here with tornado rules. Both members of the New Midnight Express can be in the ring at the same time against The Undertaker."

King: "I don't care what The Undertaker said, I don't care how good he is, he's at a big disadvantage here J.R."

Ross: "The Dead Man will have his hands full, no doubt about that. Not only is he in the ring against two men, but he'll have Jim Cornette at ringside too."

Bart Gunn sends The Undertaker off the ropes and drops him with a drop toehold, Holly follows up with an elbow to the back of the head. The Midnight Express pick the big man up and bounce him off the ropes. He ducks a double clothesline and comes off the opposite ropes with a flying double clothesline of his own. "Bombastic" Bob is the first one up, and he walks into a chokeslam. Bart Gunn swings a haymaker, but The Undertaker blocks it. He applies an armwrench and climbs to the top rope. He flies off the middle of the top rope, driving his elbow into Gunn's arm. Bob Holly gets to his feet and is immediately launched over the top rope to the floor below. The Undertaker grabs Bart Gunn, who hits a right hand to the midsection. He takes The Undertaker down to one knee with clubbing blows to the back. Gunn comes off the ropes, but the Phenom springs to life and wraps his hand around Gunn's throat. He hoists him up and gives him a chokeslam. He signals for the Tombstone and sets Gunn up for it...the lights go out!

Ross: "We've been plunged into darkness here, could it be...?"

King: "It's gotta be Kane, J.R., Kane has returned!"

The lights come back up to reveal The Undertaker laid out in the middle of the ring, the masked man responsible standing over the Phenom's prone body.

Ross: "It's Vader! Vader, King!"

King: "The Man They Call Vader, what's he doing here?!"

Jim Cornette climbs into the ring and raises the hand of Vader, who stares intently at the demolished Phenom. The Deadman isn't quite dead yet, though, and he sits upright eliciting a roar from the crowd. Vader lays into the Undertaker with stiff forearms, knocking The Undertaker back down. Vader drags him over to the corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle and crushes the former WWF Champion with a Vader Bomb.

Ross: "My God, King, Vader just demolished The Undertaker. What in the world is going on here?"

King: "We might be about to find out, J.R., Cornette's grabbed that microphone."

Cornette: "I know you can hear me Deadman, I know behind that blank expression you're listening, well listen up Deadman, Paul Bearer isn't the only one looking for Kane. Vader's back Deadman and he's looking for your little brother, you can't hide him away forever Deadman, you've got seven days to give us some answers, seven days..."

Cornette drops the mic and leads Vader up the ramp. They stop on the stage area, where Cornette again raises Vader's arm and we fade to black.

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I really like this diary. It's the first one I've read where I've REALLY anticipated the next show. This Undertaker and Kane thing is going somewhere, as is the Rock/Faarooq/Austin feud. You're really good at writing promos for these guys, keep up the good work.

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Raw Is War was a pretty good show and it helped hype up Unforgiven. I'm interested in seeing what will happen with the main event, Though, I'm hoping it'll be a three way between Rocky/Faarooq/Austin. The Undertaker angle is interesting, But I hope Kane returns still being a heel. He was much better as a heel back then. Outlaws versus Owen/Storm should be a good match, But I hope Owen doesn't get stuck in the tag team division. Jarrett/Shamrock is going well, But I'm hoping Shamrock moves onto better things. LOD/Chainsaw/Jack was really wild on Raw, And I looking forward to seeing what will go down at Unforgiven. Vader's return as big, And I like the angle with him also wanting some of Kane. Should be interesting to see what will go down.

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IPB Image

Shotgun Saturday Night. Philadelphia, PA. April 18th 1998 (live)

Brian Christopher vs. Super Crazy

Shotgun kicks off with a Superfly Invitational Tournament semi-final, the winner facing Jason Cage on RAW for a shot at TAKA Michinoku's Light Heavyweight Title. A strong, closely-fought contest with a string of near falls. The finish came when Christopher missed the Tennessee Jam and Crazy hit an Oklahoma roll to get the quick pin. Jimmy Snuka came in the ring afterwards to congratulate Crazy. This drew out Jerry Lawler who complained about the decision, accused Snuka of favouritism and set up a tag match for next week's Shotgun; Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler vs. Super Crazy and Jimmy Snuka.

Willow the Whisp vs. Kurrgann

Willow again got a decent reception, despite the costume. The Jackyl accompanied Kurrgann to the ring, no Truth Commission. Kurrgann won in a glorified squash, getting the win with his Face Claw. The Jackyl slapped him round the face (as you do) and led him off backstage.

We got an elaborate hype video for Unforgiven and Michael Cole and Vince Russo led us through the card so far:

WWF Light Heavyweight Title

TAKA Michinoku vs. Jason Cage OR Super Crazy

The New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart and Lance Storm

Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett

WWF Tag Team Titles

Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. L.O.D. 2000

WWF World Heavyweight Title/WWF Intercontinental Title

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Martyr vs. Steve Blackman

A rematch from last week, and Martyr came to the ring carrying Steve Blackman's kendo stick. They brawled in the aisle before the bell and the match eventually ended in a DQ when Martyr destroyed Blackman with the kendo stick again.

Lance Storm vs. Marc Mero

Marc Mero dragged Sable down to ring with him for his match against Lance Storm. Unsurprisingly it led to his downfall. Mero was distracted by the sight of Sable talking to a fan at ringside, allowing Lance Storm to roll him up and apply the Sharpshooter for the submission win. Mero and Sable argued after the bell.

After missing RAW due to illness, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin joined Cole and Russo to address Unforgiven. He said he didn't care what title was on the line, but thought that it would be the WWF Title since Vince was bound to stack the odds against him. He went on to say that he was going to "open a whole case of whoop ass" at Unforgiven, on The Rock, Faarooq, Vince McMahon or anyone else that got in his way. Vince Russo questioned that, pointing out that he wasn't on RAW to hand out any Stone Cold Stunners. Austin said he'd make up for that right now, and gave Russo a Stunner. The fans went nuts, Austin asked for (and got) a 'Hell Yeah' and drank a couple of beers.

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IPB Image

The WWE Superstars travel to Uniondale, Long Island, New York for RAW is WAR, just six days away from WWF Unforgiven.

The Rock will have one eye on Unforgiven as he defends his WWF Intercontinental Title against former ally Faarooq . At Unforgiven it will be The Rock vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and The Rattlesnake will be particularly interested in the outcome of The Rock vs. Faarooq. Will 'Stone Cold' get a chance to regain the WWF Intercontinental Title at Unforgiven, or will it be his WWF World Championship on the line?

One title which will definitely be on the line at Unforgiven is the WWF Light Heavyweight Title. TAKA Michinoku will defend his title against the winner of the Superfly Invitational Tournament final. Both have defeated two men to get to this point, but will it be the cocky Canadian Jason Cage or Jimmy Snuka's personal pick Super Crazy who will win a shot at the WWF Light Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven?

After picking up a non-title win last week, Goldust might be looking to get a shot at Triple H's WWF European Title at Unforgiven. He'll team up with Owen Hart and Lance Storm to take on the European Champion and former Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws. Hart and Storm will square off with Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at Unforgiven, and we'll get a preview of that on RAW.

The big shock from last week was the return of The Man They Call Vader. Vader returned after almost a month to attack The Undertaker. With Jim Cornette at his side, Vader is seemingly returned looking for The Undertaker's younger brother - and the man that put Vader out of action - Kane. Cornette gave The Undertaker one week to provide some answers, what will The Deadman have to say?

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Trying out this new format. If you read the results, please let me know how you think I could improve the format, what was good/bad etc. Personally, I found it a lot easier to write like this. I hope I didn't lose too much detail. I'll be doing the PPVs in full-detail, as with the previous RAWs.

IPB Image

RAW is WAR. Uniondale, New York. April 20th, 1998.

Clips from last week's RAW is WAR show Vader's dramatic return, annihilated The Undertaker and demanding some answers. Will he turn over the whereabouts of Lil' Brother Kane? I guess we'll find out.

We're in the Nassau Coliseum, and so are 15,000 rabid wrestling fans. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler have the best seats in the house and they welcome us to the show, reminding us that Unforgiven is 6 days away.

The show kicks off, as it usually does, with someone coming to the ring for an unscheduled rant. This week it's James E. Cornette, and he's flanked by Dan Severn and the New Midnight Express. No sign of Vader. Cornette gets on the mic. "Last week was another example of the formation of a new force in professional wrestling. Call it Camp Cornette, call it what you want, but it's here and it's going to take over this company". Cornette says that the first step was getting rid of the old - namely Barry Windham and The Rock & Roll Express - and the next step is bringing in the new. He says he has a new superstar "ready to continue the tradition of the SPORT of professional wrestling. Ready to walk in the footsteps left by Buddy Rogers, Harley Race and Tully Blanchard". He proceeds to introduce his new client, Steve Corino. Corino comes out in a black Tully Blanchard-like robe, brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Corino looks for a response from the fans, who boo the newcomer. He climbs into the ring and shakes hands with Cornette. Cornette says that Corino is "a future World Champion, a legend in the making" and that under his tutelage he'll be heading straight to the top. He then introduces the man who he says is "the most dominant monster on the planet" Vader. The big man comes out, getting a lot of boos. Vader scales the turnbuckles and beats his chest. Cornette says that The Undertaker has yet to show up, but that Camp Cornette will find him and, if they have to, beat some answers out of him. He confirms the inevitable and says that he went to Vince McMahon earlier and got a match signed for Unforgiven; The Undertaker vs. Vader. He then said that Vader was going to prove tonight that he was just as tough as The Deadman and would compete in a handicap match against The Disciples of Apocalypse. Cornette and company leave as Ross and Lawler discuss the latest addition to the Unforgiven card, and whether or not The Undertaker - or Kane - will show up tonight.

SUPER CRAZY vs. JASON CAGE in the finals of the Superfly Invitational Tournament

Jimmy Snuka introduces the competitors for the match. Super Crazy flashes him the "hang loose" gesture. Jason Cage is less impressed, telling Snuka to watch him. We head to commercial break before the bell sounds.

Back from the break, and JR informs us that TAKA Michinoku has come to ringside for the match too. The two cruiserweights put on a hell of a match, full of near falls and false finishes. Crazy hits a big tope to the outside which almost results in a double count-out. The action slows down between spots with some nice lucha-style chain wrestling. Cage gets a two from a reverse DDT, Crazy comes back and gets a near-fall from a Tornado DDT. A big superplex from the top wipes out both men, Cage is first up and covers for another close call. Crazy knocks Cage down and goes for a Moonsault, but Cage avoids. He mocks Snuka and heads up top for a Superfly Splash. Crazy crotches him and takes him of the top rope with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring...Super Crazy gets the win! Super Crazy goes...well, crazy. Snuka raises his hand and TAKA congratulates him. Jason Cage is shellshocked. He attacks Crazy from behind, but TAKA makes the save and sends him fleeing to the back. As good a cruiserweight match as we've seen all year.

Backstage, we see new-boy Steve Corino wandering around backstage. He asks the Headbangers if they've seen The Undertaker, they say no. He comes across Barry Windham who's on the phone. Apparently he's been given some unbelievable news...when he won't acknowledge Corino, Corino grabs the phone from him and tosses it away. Windham tells him that he'll regret that, and suggests they take it to the ring. Corino laughs it off. "I'm out of your league, Windham. I didn't come here to climb my way up the ladder, I'm talking a shortcut right to the top". He walks off, leaving Windham looking angry. He picks up his phone and gives off a wry, knowing smile.


Ross and King talk about who Windham was talking to. We see some footage of the Jeff Jarrett/Ken Shamrock rivarly up until this point, and a reminder that they'll square off at Unforgiven. Shamrock comes to the ring looking focused, punching himself in the head. We also see some footage of Marc Mero's paranoia about Sable as he drags her down to the ring. The match is short, with Shamrock dominating. Every time Mero manages to turn the tide, he's distracted by Sable at ringside. Mero manages to knock Shamrock down and head up top for the Marvelocity (Shooting Star Press) but again he turns his attention towards Sable. Shamrock is back up and takes Mero down with a Super-Belly-to-Belly Suplex. He makes the pin and gets the three. Before he can celebrate Jeff Jarrett has hit the ring and starts laying into Shamrock from behind. He grabs the acoustic guitar and nails Shamrock with it. Shamrock no-sells it and just lets out a primal scream. Double J looks terrified and runs off, Shamrock in pursuit.

Sable gets into the ring and checks on Mero, who pushes her away. He grabs the mic and says that he's sick of Sable costing him his matches. He says she's good for nothing and that he's found a replacement. A brunette in a little red dress and fur coat (sable?) comes down to the ring, chewing gum and trash talking with some of the fans. She introduces herself (in a thick New York accent) as 'Cookie'. She puts herself over as Mero's new valet and then slaps Sable round the face. Mero and 'Cookie' make a sharp exit before Sable can recover. Cookie gives Sable a little wave before disappearing into the back.

To top off the first hour we're gonna get the Intercontinental Title match, after a commercial break

THE ROCK (champion) vs. FAAROOQ for the Intercontinental Title.

We come back with both men in the ring. The Nation are barred from ringside, according to JR. Lawler puts The Rock over as a "man of the people".

Faarooq goes to kick things off, but The Rock stops him pointing out that he still has his shades on. Faarooq rips them off his head and steps on them. When they do get underway, Faarooq overpowers the Champ. He punishes him with a powerslam and a press slam, but doesn't look like going for a cover. JR says that he wants to get some revenge on The Rock. Lawler claims that Faarooq is probably in league with Austin, calling it a conspiracy against The Rock. The Rock takes control after Faarooq misses a shoulder charge. Quick offence from the champ, going for covers after a Samoan Drop and a DDT. Rocky clearly wants to get a quick pin. They brawl back and forth, heading to the outside and bringing the steel steps into play. Faarooq rolls The Rock back into the ring to avoid a count-out. Looks for the Dominator, but The Rock slides out. The Rock hits a spinebuster and attempts his fake-leg-drop-into-an-elbow drop, which Lawler calls "The People's Elbow". Faarooq rolls out of the way and takes control again. An Arn Anderson-like spinebuster at the 8:00 mark gets Faarooq his first near-fall. He looks for the Dominator again, but The Rock backdrops Faarooq out of it and takes a powder on the outside. He grabs his belt and walks up the ramp. The bell rings for a count-out, not appreciated by Faarooq, or the fans. They pipe up though when 'Stone Cold' charges down the ramp to attack Rocky, knocking him down the ramp. He throws him into the ring. The Rock stumbles into Faarooq, turns to flee and comes face to face with Austin. Rock throws a clothesline in Austin's direction, which is ducked. Stone Cold looks for the Stunner but The Rock shoves him towards Faarooq, who gives Austin a spinebuster. Faarooq charges at The Rock, but the Intercontinental Champ high-tails it. Faarooq stares a hole through The Rock, then turns into a STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin leaves Faarooq down and heads backstage.

Back from another break and we're now in the War Zone. The New Midnight Express are backstage, also looking for The Undertaker. They bump into Chainsaw Charlie, who has his ribs taped up after last week. Bob Holly tells Funk that he stands no chance at Unforgiven. Funk offers to fight both of the Express. A brawl breaks out, and Cactus Jack makes the save with a trash can. Foley and Funk lay out the New Midnight Express, tell the LOD (via the camera) that they'll do the same at Unforgiven, and then walk off. Foley leaves Holly with some words of advice; "I liked you better as a Sparky Plug, BANG BANG!"

Vince McMahon is in the ring alongside Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter first announces that after his win over Triple H last week, Goldust will get a European Title shot at Unforgiven. He hands over to Vince McMahon, who confirms Cornette's Vader/'Taker announcment from earlier and says that he's made a decision about the Austin/Rock match. He says that BOTH titles will be on the line. He then announces that, since The Rock walked out on his match earlier that the main event of Unforgiven would be a LUMBERJACK MATCH with Faarooq's Nation as lumberjacks. Lawler calls that a disadvantage for The Rock, but JR points out the Stunner Austin gave Faarooq earlier. McMahon then says that there will also be a big surprise for everyone at Unforgiven. He said that in the "war" the WWF is engaged in there have been some major blows struck, but that Unforgiven will be the biggest of them all. He claimed that he would be striking at the heart of the enemy. Interesting...


The big six-man tag match is next up. D-X make their entrance together, Chyna accompanying them. JR goes off on a tirade about D-X's "lack of respect" for athletes like Owen Hart and Lance Storm. The two Canadians come down to the ring together, and wait at the bottom of the ramp. Goldust's music hits, but there's no sign of him. Once his music stops D-X seize the opportunity to attack Owen and Lance. They outnumber Hart and Storm for a good few minutes, until the referee gets them into the ring and the match starts, without Goldust. The Outlaws take turns beating on Lance Storm, making quick tags and sneaky double teams. Hart has to break up a pin following a Hart Attack, which draws boos from the fans (the move, not the breaking of the pin). Triple H tags in and goes to work on Storm, taunting Hart all the time. Storm fights back, though sweeping Hunter's legs on a Pedigree attempt and slingshotting him into the corner. Lance drops HHH with a Superkick and crawls to his corner. He manages to make the hot tag to Owen, but both Outlaws storm the ring and double team Hart until they're forced out of the ring by the ref. HHH capitalises, going to work on Hart's head and neck. A stiff DDT gets a two count. At this point, Goldust walks out onto the ramp. As if he's not freakish enough, he's now dressed like Chyna. Lawler pretends to vomit on commentary (at least, I hope he was pretending). He makes his way down to the ring, to confront the real Chyna. The distraction lets Owen hop onto his shoulders and Victory Roll him for a quick three count. Owen and Lance regroup on the outside, as Goldust returns to the back, satisfied with his mind games.

Paul Bearer is backstage somewhere. Somewhere dark and empty. He tells The Undertaker that he hasn't been able to sleep. Everywhere he looks he sees Kane, everytime he closes his eyes he sees Kane. He was afraid to show up tonight because he thinks Vader is looking for him, but he wanted to hear Undertaker's answers. He begged the Undertaker to return Kane to him. He said that unlike Vader, he didn't want to hurt Kane. He wanted to make sure Kane was OK, and didn't want Cornette and Vader to find him first. He pleaded with Undertaker to protect Kane from Vader, then got angry and threatened him. He said that he'd do whatever it takes to get Kane back. Bearer fades to black and we head to commercial.

VADER (with James E. Cornette) vs. SKULL & 8-BALL

Back from commercial and the D.O.A. are in the ring, signalling that it's time for the main event. Vader comes to the ring accompanied by Cornette, Lawler says that the rest of Camp Cornette are looking for The Undertaker. 'The King' says that Undertaker must be too scared to show up, but that not showing up would only make him angrier.

Vader dominates from the off, knocking down anything that moves. He throws one of D.O.A. over the top to the floor, where Cornette taunts him. The other brother gets a Stan Hansen-like lariat and a Vader Bomb. The three count is inevitable, and Vader celebrates by hitting ANOTHER Vader Bomb, then heading to the outside after the other Harris twin. He grabs the steel steps and drives them into - let's say Skull's - skull. Dan Severn, The New Midnight Express and Steve Corino come to the ring. Corino tells Cornette that there's no signs of the Deadman. On queue, the lights go out. A big explosion on the stage, fire at the top of the ramp...and there's KANE!!! Vader charges up the ramp, The NME and Severn in tow. Before they get there, the lights go out again, and when they come back on Kane is gone...and The Undertaker is in the ring! He grabs Cornette by the throat, but Corino makes the save. 'Taker turns his attention to Corino, and plants him with a Chokeslam. 'Taker grabs the mic. He says that he's got the answers for Cornette, but Cornette won't like them. He says that if Vader wants to find Kane so bad, he'll take him straight to him. He then tells Vader that Kane is in hell. "At Unforgiven, I'll send you to Hell too."

JR frantically reminds us to watch Unforgiven this Sunday, as we fade out to black.

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